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Anna Shelby was a character in the Jurassic Shark film.

Jurassic Shark

Anna appears at the beginning of the film when she is sitting on Dan Bruines's doorstep, and is encountered by Chase Landon. Chase tells Anna to tell Dan various things having to do with the shark, to which she goes off to find him. Dan goes off to recruit people to go on a hunt for the shark. Anna is briefly seen on the first day of the hunt, yelling to Dan that Chase and Drake were waiting for him at the entrance of the walking trail and that Billy Trenton was not going on the hunt.

On the following day, Anna accompanies Dan, Chase, Drake and Alexa as the hunt continues. Anna is sent off alongside Alexa to find the shark, and they immediately did, to which they called for Chase and Drake. However, the shark quickly escaped. Anna continues on the hunt several days later alongside Chase, Drake and Alexa. Chase splits up from the rest of the group, and is nearly killed by the shark when it lunges out at him, yet Anna manages to pull him back in time. The four of them group together to find the shark again, and when they weren't able to, it lunged at Anna and pulled her to the side. The shark quickly killed Anna and dragged her into the bushes.

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