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The main (only) character of Jurassic Park: Trespasser is a young women named Anne. Anne is a young American women, she is wearing a white top and has a heart-shaped tattoo on her breast. Using guns and her wits she has to survive on Isla Sorna. Raptors are her main enemy in the game. Anne's clothing and situation is very similar to Lara Croft in South Pacific. In the end Anne manages to call for help, and gets rescued.

Not much more is known about her, as a result Trespasser fan fictions can be VERY different since Anne is very different.

I have tried to recreate the most likely character of Anne. I have used everything that we know about her in Trespasser. To fill the gaps I have mixed Anne with Bobby Carter, a young women from the first Jurassic Park novel. I also made allusions to other works of Michael Crichton.

Trespasser Anne Who?

Trespasser Anne Who?

Anne? Anne Who?

Anne's life

Early life

Anne was borne in 1972[1], she grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, near the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.[2]

Anne always had a thing for adventurers. She was a huge fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was released when she was 9.[3] She also liked the comic book series of Jungle Girl, Tarzan, A Journey to the Center of the Earth etc. She and her friend used to play in the woods that they were on a spy mission.[4]

Anne started high school at age 11 in 1983.[5] Anne was very good at learning. Anne is also slightly geeky. She was a fan of The Twilight Zone series, Twilight Zone: The Movie[6], Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle etc.

It was in high school that Anne took a heart-shaped tattoo on her left breast. However, this tattoo started to irritate. Particularly if she was hurt or exhausted. Therefore, she never got another tattoo after this one.

Student time

In September 1989 (age 17) Anne started to study medics at the University of Chicago Medical Center.[7] She started to live at the campus. The shared the house with 6 other students, they had a common living room and kitchen. Two room mates, Jill and Sara, became her best friends.[8]

It was in that summer that the incident in Jurassic Park took place. When she started her education ("was a freshman") she heard the first rumours about the dinosaurs of InGen. Anne was sceptical: "I said it would be nothing... just another cold fusion."[8]

Anne had a hard time finding a boyfriend. She tells she once went to a party with a boy, but it didn't work out well: "You know, I went to the party, I wore the little black dress. It was beautiful. I guess I didn't want to be alone or something. He... it wasn't what I wanted."[9]

Anne finished her pre-health sciences in 1993.


The academic year 1993-1994 Anne took a sabbatical.

Medical school

In 1994 Anne started medical school. The two final years she had to follow internships. Anne took the opportunity to see something of the world. She had always been fascinated by ancient Indian cultures, therefore she followed an internship at the McKinley hospital in Gallup, New Mexico.[10] This town was close to the Navajo Indian reserve. In the weekends, Anne would visit Indian towns and buy objects to take home. Anne also visited the ruins of the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. Anne also had a short relationship with James Wauneka, a local policemen.[11]

The rest of her internships consisted of "gruelling" residency in emergency medicine at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.[12]

Anne couldn't combine her work with the communal living of the student house. Therefore, Anne started to live on her own. Her apartment consisted of a hall, a kitchen, living room and bedroom. [13] However, the house was too quiet for Anne. Therefore she took a dog.[14]

In 1997, a real-life T. rex ran havoc in San Diego! Anne was both horrified and fascinated by this event. InGen really had recreated the dinosaurs... A year later, John Hammond published the book Jurassic Time. Anne immediately bought the book. Hammond told the story of InGen, how the dinosaurs were created, the island "Site B", and what happened in Jurassic Park.

In 1998 Anne graduated summa.[15]

Costa Rica

After her graduation, Anne was offered a job at the emergency room (ER) of the County General Hospital in Chicago.[16] However, Anne was exhausted by her internships. First she wanted to have a more relax job to get back on her feet.

Anne's mother urged Anne to work as a visiting physician in a tropical place. After searching, Anne found a hospital in an isolated fisherman's village were she could work for two months. The village was Bahía Anasco, Costa Rica.

Because Anne hates flying she travelled all the way to Costa Rica by bus and train.

Lara Drowning

In Puntarenas she met a couple of youngsters. During her stay there, she always went to the beach and parties with that group. They all urged her to visit the Galápagos Islands. Then Anne had to tell she was afraid of flying. They all mocked her for that "childish" fear. In the end Anne gave in and booked a flight to Baltra. She was very nervous.

When the plane reached Cocos Island (Site B) a Pteranodon crashed into the airplane. The plane crashed in the sea west of the island. Anne was the only survivor...



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