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Claire Dearing was the operations manager of Jurassic World. She's one of two main protagonists in The Die Hard Series, the other being Owen Grady. She is portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard.


Early Life

Not much is known about Claire Dearing's life except that she was born in Wisconsin and has an older sister, Karen. In 2004, during her Freshman year of College, Claire was hired to intern at Jurassic World working with Bright Minds Internship. Her fellow intern, Justin Hendricks, whom she fell in love with, was killed by a Velociraptor when they saved twin sibling interns from it and he died in Claire's arms. After Jurassic World's opening, she was hired to be assistant assets manager for the titular dinosaur park, working under Frank Moran. When Heather Cullen's eight year old son Jack was killed by a pack of Compsognathus and sued for her son's wrongful death, Claire helped settled the lawsuit for 7 million dollars and Masrani promoted her to operations and assets manager after Moran was dismissed for negligence that led to the death of Cullen's son.

She and Owen Grady had one date, but never had a second due to their clashing differences and personalities.

Jurassic World: Die Hard

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Personality and traits

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Zach & Gray Mitchell

Owen Grady

Sean Nolan

Claire's relationship with Sean Nolan was also antagonistic. Claire reacts with horror when Nolan had his organization hand-fed the hostages to the carnivores, fueling her animosity towards him. When Nolan threatens her nephews, Claire threatens that she will feed him to carnivores herself.

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