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General Information

Clint West was born in Monterrico, Guatemala. He seved in Guatemalan Air Force untill 1998, Where he deserted his post at Monterrico and fled to Costa Rica with his stolen plane. He landed at San José International Airport, He fled by stealing a vehicle at the Airport.

Clint met Smith Huffs at San José during the return of Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park, Smith Huffs saw potential in Clint West after he heard his story and invited him to the InGen Security Division. Clint officialy joined Jurassic Park in August 4th 2000, There he acted as a Security Officer and later appointed temporarily as ACU third-in-charge.

He was one of the few ACU officers who escaped Jurassic Park with their entire squad. He was part of Operation Predator and was forced to flee from Dr Xhi Tau at the visitor center, He was attacked by a group of raptors and trapped them inside of the aviary. Clint survived for 3 days on Isla Nublar before fleeing using a fisher boat. Clint arrived at Isla Kanate after two days and met Dr. Wu face to face.

Clint then took a vacation, Untill 2006 where he was recalled by Dr. Wu to assist Dr Xhi Tau.

Clint West was born in Guatemala, At age 19 he moved to the US after his parents passed in a incident. He later joined
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