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The flight of a lifetime...

A world of adventure...

An island of danger.

Chapter 1

It all started with a bet.

"I bet Snowflake will win," Paul Drevin said to his friend, Mark Cray.

"What're you betting on?" Mark asked.

"If I lose, I'll fly you round the world."

"And if I lose?"


"Sounds good to me."

There was a thundering of hooves as the horses started running. At first, Snowflake had a clear lead. But as the race went on, it appeared his strength began to sag, and on the last straight, Stormbreaker overtook him and crossed the line first.

Snowflake, as his name suggested, was pure white, streamlined and beautiful. Stormbreaker, on the other hand, was a silvery grey, with his fur smoothed so that it glinted in the sunlight. They were both excellent racehorses, and had been rivals for years.

"Looks like I'm flying round the world on you," Mark commented.

Not seeming the least bit cross, Paul replied, "Yes, it appears you are. Aren't you lucky."

"Do you think our families could come too?" Mark asked.

"It wasn't on the original bet, but I don't see why not."

"Great! My family have been wanting a trip for a long time, but keeping our research going costs an awful lot, and we haven't had the money."

"Well, when you get home, start packing. We'll leave in a week."