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"Why don't you come inside?"
—Edward to Joshua(src)

Edward Stevenson is a minor character in the fan-fiction by Carnotaur, Malchom's Woods.


Edward is a minor, supporting character in the novel. He is the first person to meet Joshua Malchom, and is the owner of Alexander.


Early life

Edward’s life is not spoken of in detail. He was born sometime in 1966, and that he is 55 years old. He was born into a small town, where he stayed his whole life.

Life alone in Texas

It is unknown what occurred before Edward met Joshua, except that he took Alexander, a male Microceratus, as a pet.

Meeting Ember an Joshua

Edward met Ember and Joshua while he was prepari breakfas. The Human and Dinosaur pulled up in a Bronco, which caused him to believe they were there to rob and kill him. He then came out the door, having it slam into Joshua. He then held Josh at gun point. Joshua convinced him that they were peaceful, and he let them come inside. Then he gave Joshua the food he cooked, and they sat down to talk.

They had breakfast, and then he tried to stop Joshua from heading west, because he was sure he would die out there. After this, Joshua leaves him some food, and Edward is never heard from again.


Edward is kind, and humorous at times, but he has a short temper, and becomes agitated easily. He treats others well, however, and will protect people who he trusts. He pokes fun at many things, and has a very similar personality like that of Quint from Jaws.


Joshua Malcom

Edward trusts the man, and tried to stop him from going out of Texas.


Since Alexander is was his only companion for over a year, while he survived alone, the Microceratus became a good friend to him, and Edward treats him as family.


  • Edward was in fact, not planned to be in the novel until right after chapter 7 was published.
  • Before he was ever named, he was only refered to as "Him" by Carnotaur.


  • "Why don't you come inside? I haven't spoke with a man in a long time, and I'll finish the food."-Edward to Joshua
  • "Fine, I won't kill you. And no, I wouldn't want to kill a man who meant not harm."-Edward to Joshua
  • “You ain't gonna make it!"-Edward to Joshua
  • “To make it to the grave..."-Edward to Joshua


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