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Extinct All Dinosaurs is an anti-dinosaur terrorist organization dedicated to go to extreme lengths to end all cloning production of dinosaurs for good. The organization is led by it's founder Sean Nolan, a former Special Forces soldier whose pregnant wife Emily was killed when the escaped T-Rex trampled on their car in the San Diego Incident. After his wife's death, Nolan founded Extinct All Dinosaurs. Since then, The organization have a large amount of followers who are either loyal to the cause to end dinosaur cloning and have joined the group.

The organization was linked to over ten terrorist attacks against companies who cloned or sponsored the dinosaurs, including the 2006 massacre of the dinosaur dig site in North Dakota where InGen was taking DNA samples, the 2009 bombing of the InGen cloning production facility outside of Los Angeles, the 2010 bombing of the dinosaur DNA facility in San Jose, the 2011 attack on the motorcade containing dinosaur cloning equipment and the 2011 cyber attack on Masrani Corporation and InGen.

They were responsible of the Jurassic World siege at Isla Nublar in Jurassic World: Die Hard.

Jurassic World: Die Hard

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Notable members

Sean Nolan (Founder and leader)
Mike Torres (Second in command)
Heather Cullen (Third in command and hacker)
Dan Smith (Sniper)
Leonid Chernov (Enforcer and interrogator)
Witter (Weapons specialist)
Hawkins (Explosive expert)
Wang (Dinosaur expert)
Moreau (Tracker)

Jurassic World: Die Hard
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