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Freddy Granton was born in Cambridge, US. His father was the ambitious and sinister Alan Granton, His mother died after giving birth to Freddy and Alan had very little information given to Freddy about his mother

Freddy learned that his mother was a Costa Rican palaeontologist with a MIT degree in philosophy, She was also a former InGen scientist. Freddy grew suspicous of his father after he learned that Alan had a obssesive hate for InGen and John Hammond.

Freddy later was given to the care of his Grandfather and Grandmother on his father’s side, He got surprised after his father returned to the Granton Estate in Cambridge where he told Freddy that they are going to Jurassic Park in 2007.

Lockwood’s Fall

Freddy Granton was a center character in Lockwood’s Fall, He acted as a test visitor unknowingly.

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