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Welcome to the Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki, the wiki for all your Fan Fiction needs! However, we would like to pont out some things, mainly on when making article.

First things First

This is a Fan wiki. In addition to new stories, characters, and others, some may actually come up with Fanons which change the original storylines, thus making alternate character bios. For Example; Don't create a Page titled "Alan Grant", as someone else might have an alternate Grant to write about. Instead, do this: "Alan Grant (CHF)". CHF stands for "Clonehunter Fanon". Also, "(CH)" would work, as it stands for the username of "Clonehunter". So in other words, thier would be

- Alan Grant (CHF)

- Alan Grant (RRF) (Ranger Rick Fanon that is)

Page Layout

Lets talk about article pages and how they should be setup. Now, for a large Character Page, such as one fighting for the space of Featured Article, it should look like this:

First, start with a summary of maybe three sentances or so describing the article. You can go into detail later. After that, start like this:


Early Life

Only use this if applicable or described in your fanon. We have nothing agianst making up an early life, but you really don't have to use this.

Sub Headings

Sub heading are used like chapters, splitting the article into sections. For example, going back to Grant, we could have a sub heading like "Isla Nublar", or "Jurassic Park", "Isla Sorna", "Return to Jurassic Park", etc...

Personality and Traits

Talk about the characters personality and traits. Simple.


Not neaded, but if the character had any 'Relationships', go into some more detail here.

Abilities/Weapons and Abilities

For Abilities, talk about any 'Abilities' the character had, such as he was strong and thus could scale cliffsides with ease. As for Weapons and Abilities, talk about, agian Abilities, as well as any specific tools or weapons he used, such as Robert Muldoon's Shotgun/Rocket Launcher.

Behind the Scenes

Here, just simply talk about how you created the new character or why, or the inspiration. As for 'alternates', talk about what this is an alternate of (for the reason like instead of Dennis Nedry you have Dave Nedry).

Now all of this isn't needed for one article. Like I said,refer to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. Som articles only need a few things, such as a body and BtS section. Articles that are exceptionally short should be labled with a stub label, by doing this: {{stub}}.

Also, please add Categories to the end of your articles.


A Category categorizes your articles with other articles with the same nature. For example, the Category "Male" should include; "Alan Grant (CHF), Ian Malcolm (RRF) etc...". However, do not make to many un-needed categories, such as "Cyborg" if your fanon includes Scrap Davis, the abandoned action figure character, as he would be the only article there.