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One day Dr.Wu gets in a submarine to head to a island where one of his dinosaurs his feeding on nuclear radiation (the dinosaur is a Gojirasaurus) we get to meet Calvin Tresspasser and Nick Rodriguez the two men who are leading the expedition. The submarine arrives at the island called Godzilla Island Dr.Wu, Calvin and Nick get out they get on their radiation suits. They find a ant that is the size of a bush they also find a bomb that has already been activited on the shore it has a radiation symbol on it. “This is exactly like Godzilla” says Nick they then see the menace Godzilla standing in the forest! Calvin shoots Godzilla with a gun and runs to the sub eventually all of the men are in except Calvin he continues to shoot Godzilla and he uses his atomic breath on Calvin, killing him. The sub drives away and Godzilla follows it. The sub fires a nuclear bomb at Godzilla and Godzilla dies. Then on the island a Baby Gojirasaurus eats nuclear radiation.

Godzilla Park
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