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Hotel Isla Nublar is an upcoming prequel to Jurassic Park: The Return.

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Tourism has been declared safe on Isla Nublar, a tropical paradise. A group of construction workers and an architect plan to build a huge hotel for tourists to check into while sight seeing. For a "fair" price, of coarse. When the project begins it seems like a regular lush island with beautiful views and mountain peaks. When the project is half done, something stirs. To the horror of the crew, men start dissapearing and strange noises are heard from the woods. The inhabitants of the island soon will not be so extinct anymore.

This fanfiction is upcoming, it's not planned to be particularly long but is promised to have plenty of action and, of coarse, dinosaurs. " When I started my trilogy, well, not a trilogy anymore with this prequel, I felt Site A was the right place", the creator said. "I plan for this to click into Jurassic Park: The Return just right. And, I've got some great news for spino fans out there. Spinosaurus will be the primary antagonist. There will be a rex but he's going to have a lesser role", These are the things the creator has said about this upcoming fanfiction. Story writing date has not been confirmed.

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