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Chapter 1


Dr. Stephen Collins, the current owner of 146 Dinosaurs, is trying to bring Dinosaurs into space. He is not even sure it's completely possible.


Dr. Stephen Collins has brought 7 Dinosaurs into a giant space station named Jurassic Galaxy. As he is hoping to release Jurassic Galaxy to the public this month! 143 Dinosaurs has now been brought to Jurassic Galaxy.


Jurassic Galaxy has been released to the public by Dr. Stephen Collins. He would take care of the Dinosaurs until there was enough security.


The velociraptors escape killing Dr. Stephen Collins (or did they?) and most of the visitors! While they set up Dr. Stephen Collinses funeral.


The velociraptors are forced back into their cages and Jurassic Galaxy Shutdown.


Jurassic Galaxy is reopened. It has been 30 years since Jurassic Galaxy was first made! While they hear something coming from the security-only room.


Dr. Stephen Collins was found alive in the security-only room! Currently 62 years old. But somebody else was already holding ownership! Oh no!


The current Owner Nathan Cole threatens to release the Velociraptors on earth! What shall they do?!


Nathan Cole releases the Velociraptors on earth but they kill Nathan Cole after he releases them. There is a big problem out on earth!

Chapter 2

The year 2115

They send out the security and an army of people on earth to battle the Velociraptors! A month later... After trapping thousands of Velociraptors. There is still one hidden in Area 51. The military force starts shooting it down. Then the Velociraptor dies. They were all sent into their cages.

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