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This fanfiction contains bad language.
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Jurassic Park: Azores is an experimental open collaboration story where everybody is free to join so long as there are slots open. The creator of the story is MikeShatter150.


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Jurassic Park is one of the most successful franchises of cinema, and that is mainly due to the plot of it: dinosaurs and the chaos that these prehistoric animals generate. One of the attractions of the film's story is the intrigue of seeing an open theme park with these creatures living with humans in an apparent peace.

Now, and after so much waiting, a story will come to calm your eagerness to know what the park would be like if it had not failed in its inspection seen during the events of the first movie.

Being a collaborative story, and with a plot located years after the hypothetical destination where Isla Nublar's park opened its doors, Jurassic Park: Azores takes the reader through a trip full of constant changes and many magnificent concepts that can solve our doubts about this universe 'what if...?'


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Dinosaurs and other creatures

See also: List of creatures in Jurassic Park: Azores

The following is a list of known dinosaurs that are in Jurassic Park: Europe;

❋ - Creatures with this marking beside their names are only mentioned during the chapters, and are not planned to appear in the storyline yet.

Impact and legacy

Jurassic Park: Azores became a featured article for taking stories to a new level.[1][2] In one of the opinions for The Essential Reader's Companion, it is noted that "apart from advances such as Rebuilding Jurassic World, experimental stories were not a completely current activity when Jurassic Park: Azores was released."[3] Until the arrival of Jurassic Park: Azores, having a collaborative history was something that "didn't attract attention" when the Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki began with its first editions (e.g. The Alternate Jurassic Park).[4]

At the time when Jurassic World: Legends of the Ice Age was revealed to the public, Dinosaurus1 observed that Jurassic Park: Azores made several authors want to make their own collaborative stories thereafter.[5] In fact, Dinosaurus1 also joined the "new trend" and decided to make his own collaborative story with the provisional title, Rebuilding Jurassic World Collaborative Fanfiction.[6] There was a project with little knowledge, and it was going to be titled Jurassic World: Act Of Contrition, although this collaborative story was never carried out.[5]


  • Even before being published, both in the first film and in the novel, there is reference that Hammond had planned to build an European park in the Azores after the supposed success of Isla Nublar's park.
    • In fact, the InGen Field Guide (page 9) provides more information about the plans InGen had for Jurassic Park: Europe.
      • A lot of content in Jurassic Park: Azores are from the film canon, where Jurassic Park: The Game belongs. Even though its canonicity is doubtful due to some contradictions, and based on this argument, the InGen Field Guide is canon for films as well as for story.
  • Jurassic Park: Azores contains several elements from other fanfiction stories.

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