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This is where you will find all the behind-the-chapters content of Jurassic Park: Azores.


Origins and story

Writing process

For the writting, MikeShatter150 would be in charge of writing the first and last two chapters.[1] FlorescentRoses would initially write chapter two, but she abandoned the project, and UnBreakAble127 was chosen as the writer of the chaper.[1] Dinoanime7 was assigned to write chapter three.[1] ZietheZie and Dodorex10023822 would write chapters four and five respectively.[1] However, they dropped out of the project, so MP3-Alt123 and JasmineLovers would write the chapters left behind from the original writers.[1] For the other three remaining chapters, BattleshipMan, Dinosaurus1, and Carnotaur, would be in charge of writing them.[1]

At some point during the release of chapters three, four, and five, MikeShatter150 noticed that the original thread of the story had been thrown aside, causing discomfort on his part.[2] To try to solve this problem, the last three authors set out to include some elements that MikeShatter150 originally wanted for the story.[2][1] Additionally, UnBreakAble127 modified chapter three to avoid contradictions in continuity,[3] while chapter five, which was previously written by the original writer, was completely rewritten by JasmineLovers.[4]

Deleted content

Notes and references

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