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Chapter 6

New York City

December 11th, 1998

In a Manhattan apartment, Michelle Tunney was coming home after her exhausting shift as a Emergency Department nurse in Bellevue Hospital. As she unlocked the door in her apartment, she opened and got inside.

"Mike, I'm home." Michelle called out as she came inside.

"How the shift go, Michelle?" The man in the living room, Michelle's fiancée Mike Connolly, asked while going over a letter as he sat on the couch.

'Ugh. That was a tough shift, honey. I had a multi-car pile up in that snowstorm." Michelle replied as she put her coat on the coat rack. She had treated victims of the multi-vehicle pile up on the FDR.

"I saw that pile up on the FDR on the news. I figured you had to save lives." Mike said to her as he knew that Michelle had to work to save the lives of the victims of the multi-vehicle crash in FDR during a snowstorm.

"Yes, I had to stay in the hospital to help out." Michelle stated as she sat next to Mike on the couch. Then they passionately kissed on each other.

Michelle remembered how she and Mike first met. When their mutual friends invited them to see the action movie The Rock starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris in a New York theater, Mike and Michelle actually sat next to each other in the theater. After seeing the movie, they had a good time sharing their opinions about the movie, saying that she was a fan of Sean Connery and that he was a real life Force Reconnaissance Marine and that he agrees that those marines on the movie who died in clandestine missions should have been compensated, but the actions of the rogue marines did were wrong. Their friends invited him for a drink, but Michelle says that she has to be home since it's late and she's got a shift tomorrow. Mike went on the train with her. After a few days of hanging out with each other, attending to a New York Rangers hockey game and sharing laughs in restaurants, they kissed each other.

They soon feel in love with each other and moved in together six months after they first met. They were engaged three months ago.

"So, umm, what are you doing?" Michelle asked.

"I'm trying to apply for a job in the Secret Service, like I told you about." Mike replied in a low tone.

"Yeah?" Michelle asked. She already knew Mike was trying to apply for a job in the Secret Service.

"Yes, I'll be trying to work in the New York Office." Mike stated as he went over the letter of application.

"How's that going?" Michelle asked.

"Well, I'll have to wait and find out. Oh, I picked up today's mail. I haven't looked at it yet." Mike said to her.

"Alright, I'll look at the mail." Michelle replied to him.

As Mike went over the letter for a job interview in the Secret Service, Michelle went over the mail. Then she saw a letter that caught her interest. It was from InGen since she remembered that they previously visited Jurassic Park in Isla Nublar. She opened it. As she read it, some thing caught her attention.

"Honey, we got a letter from InGen about an invitation for an advanced tour of Jurassic Park: Europe before the official opening.” Michelle called out to him in shock.

Mike put down the letter down and went to his fiancée. “What? Are you sure?" Mike asked as she handed the InGen letter from him.

As Mike looked at it, Michelle, still surprised, asked in shocked tone, “Do you remember that game we participated in Jurassic Park in that island?" She and Mike did a pair contest in a dinosaur guessing game in the original Jurassic Park and they were among the contestants in that game.

As Mike read the letter, he replied in a equally surprised tone, "Yes, we were in 14th place among the contestants in that game." Then he read it and said to Michelle as he looked with a surprised expression on his face. "We're among the top 25 pair contestants to go on a five day trip to Jurassic Park: Europe on the island out by Portugal before the official opening. We go on December 14th and return home on December 19th."

"Wow. That's three days from now." Michelle exclaimed.

Mike looked at the letter again. Then he looked at Michelle and asked, "Do you want to go over there?"

Michelle was in thought for the moment. Then she added, "Yes...yes, I would go."

"Go. Because I want to go there too."

"Okay, Jurassic Park: Europe here we come." Michelle said with a smirk on her face. Then she leaped up into Mike's arms and they kissed passionately. Michelle squealed in excitement as they won an advanced tour in Jurassic Park: Europe for five days.


In the airfield somewhere in Azores, a plane landed. Then some passengers came out of the plane and walked on the tarmac. Mike and Michelle were among the passengers. The others were couples from Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, London, Rome, Moscow, Sydney and other cities from other countries around the world who participated in the dinosaur guessing contest game in Jurassic Park in Isla Nublar. Some of the other couples have their children with them. They were met by several staff members who will serve as guides. They were other workers with them.

The African-American man with a bald head in his 30s said to everyone, "Hi, everyone, welcome to Jurassic Park: Europe. We are in Graciosa Island in Azores. We want to congratulate you all for being the top 25 winners of the dinosaur guessing contest game in the original Jurassic Park. Now, we're here to give you an advanced tour of the park before the official opening of it. We will give the basic tour of the island and we will let you visit some attractions. We will provide you with tour brochures that will show up the map of this island, the schedule of your five day visit, the menu of each restaurant you'll likely visit, safety precautions and what to do in an emergency situation. Make sure you go over them."

As the guide was making the speech, a Portuguese worker with curly hair in his lower 40s was handing out brochures to the tourists. The guide continued on, "We will split up into four people per guide. We will put you into these vehicles over there." The guide was pointing put to the Jurassic Park jeeps as the worker gave the brochure to Mike. Then the guide stated, "We like to hear your input of the attractions and we like your feedback on the service, the food and such. If there any complaints, you let us know and we will take note to it. Now, you will see many dinosaurs that you haven't seen in Jurassic Park in Isla Nublar, but you will see the few that you already seen there. Listen to what your guide told about the attractions and the dinosaurs for your own safety. Now let us assign you to our guides. You will gave us your names and where your from so we won't forget it. Alright, let's do it."

As the guides were picking out the other tourists, Mike and Michelle waited in silence. They remember the attractions they visited in the original Jurassic Park. They went on a Jurassic Park Safari and saw many dinosaurs on the tour, including the Tyrannosaurus eating the goat. They also visited the Jurassic Park Aviary, saw the Velociraptor enclosure and other areas where some dinosaurs including Triceratops, Gallimimus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and such. They wonder what dinosaurs they might see in Jurassic Park: Europe.

They see different tourists going to different vehicles. Then a woman with brown hair in her 30s came up to Mike and Michelle. She asked politely, "What are your names?"

"Mike Connolly. This is my fiancée Michelle Tunney." Mike said to the guide.

"We're from New York City." Michelle affirmed.

"Welcome to Jurassic Park: Europe, Mr. Connolly, Ms. Tunney. Go to vehicle 7 over there, please." The female guide said to them.

With that, Mike and Michelle went towards vehicle 7.

T-Rex Valley

At the attraction called T-Rex Valley, Mike and Michelle watched from the bleachers, along with the other tourists. The attraction was a relatively large place, but not real large. The bleachers were in a bunker part of the area. In view, there was a vast grassland with some areas in the area. Mike and Michelle were sitting in the front row area of the bleachers. The guide had told them that it will be bloody and that some of the tourists, particularly children, might be disturbed by it.

"Here come the Gallimimus." The female guide said to the tourists.

Then the Gallimimus flock rushed in the grass field. Mike and Michelle watched in amazement on how fast they are. Suddenly, the T-rex family, two adults and a juvenile, came out. They chased the Gallimimus flock, to the amazement of the tourists in the viewing bunker. Then the male T-rex caught one Gallimimus on the leg with it's mouth. While the female T-rex chased one of the other ones and caught that one, the male one coaxed his son to eat the wounded one. Then the juvenile then began to maul the wounded Gallimimus with the proud father purring at it. As the other Gallimimus managed to make their getaway, the female T-rex joined in and proudly watched her son eating that Gallimimus. Mike and Michelle saw this in amazement. The other tourists are either happy by it or disgusted by the bloody attack scene. The children with either cheering or crying by the sight. Although mildly sickened by the T-rex eating the Gallimimus flock, Michelle let out a happy laugh that the juvenile was learning how to eat and his parents were proudly. Mike smiled at that sight to.

"Wow...the baby T-rex. It's learning how to eat." Michelle whispered in amazement.

"Yes...and look at the parents, they're watching him, making sure their child learns to hunt and eat. That's parenting right there for you." Mike said to her in the whisper. Michelle nodded in agreement with a smile on her face.

Then the guide said to them in mild shock, "Wow, that was unexpected." Then she said in a professional tone, "Now, you will see that T-rex and her family will hunt for survival, like any other carnivore would. Now any questions?"

Mike then asked, "How did you get that T-rex family to this park?"

"Well, we had a InGen team, led by a man name Roland Tembo, in Isla Sorna, which is 80 miles from Isla Nublar, capture them with tranquilizers. We brought them over here for one of our attractions in this park." The guide answered.

"Hmm...that's interesting to know." Michelle said with some skepticism because of how they captured and brought the T-rex family from Sorna to Azores.

"Now any other questions?" The guide asked.

While listening on the questions from other tourists, Mike and Michelle were in deep thought about the show. They remember seeing one T-rex eating the goat on the Jurassic Park Safari in the original Jurassic Park, which shocked them. They also remembered the Velociraptors eating a pig in the Raptor Enclosure while in Nublar. Upon seeing the the young T-rex learning how to hunt and eat from his parents, both Mike and Michelle looked at each other and smiled, knowing what they were thinking. But they want to discuss that later.

After the questions were heard and answered, the guide then asked, "Alright. We like your feedback on your thoughts of the show, starting with the ones on the front row." After hearing from the first two ones on their left, the guide then asked Mike and Michelle, "What about you two?"

"Well, we think that was an amazing show and it was really nice to see the young T-rex learn how to hunt and eat to survive, but it is quite disturbing too. I worked as an Emergency nurse, so I think it might be sensitive to some people, including young children and people with health issues, maybe the elderly." Michelle said, giving them her feedback about the show.

"I agree with her. We did see the T-rex eating the goat and the raptors eating that pig in Jurassic Park in Nublar. While it's good that you gave us a warning about how bloody and disturbing the show will be, you should bear what she said in mind about children, elderly and people with health issues." Mike said, concurring to what Michelle said.

"Thank you, you two. We'll keep that in mind." The guide nodded understandably.

Then after hearing the feedbacks from the other tourists, the reception of the show was generally mixed. They see the show was amazing and to see the T-rex family chase and eat the Gallimimus flock, but it was also bloody at the same time. Some of the children cheered at the show, other kids were crying by it. Mike and Michelle listened as one of the tourists criticized that the T-rex family should not attack the Gallimimus because they have cloned and they should some other animals for the feeding shows. The guide took note to that and stated that she will talk with the park's higher ups about it.

"Alright, people. Thank you for your feedback. We will take your thoughts under consideration. Now let's next stop, the place called Dinoland." The guide said to everyone.


At the area called Dinoland, Mike and Michelle looked around after they rode the roller coaster called Quetzalcoatlus Ride. Dinoland was a fairly large, colorful area. It has few attraction-like dinosaur rides, two roller coasters, three ferris wheels, a waterslide, food stands, prize stands, and an indoor area where they are arcade games, electrical games, a maze, shops and a 40 seat theater that shows a 15 minute movie of the history of creating dinosaurs. At night, the colorful lights go on, making Dinoland more attractive at night. Quetzalcoatlus Ride is the biggest roller coaster in Jurassic Park: Europe. The ride has six four-person cars. The front of car has the face of the Quetzalcoatlus while the sides of show the wings of it. The back of the last car has the back of the Quetzalcoatlus. The ride has six hills, one loop and one tunnel.

As they were walking around the area, Mike spotted a carousel ride called Egg Spinner. They see the ride look like huge dinosaur eggs.

"Honey, what do you think of that one?" Michelle asked, pointing to Egg Spinner.

"Let's check it out." Mike replied as they went to the ticket stand. Mike paid for the tickets for the ride.

As they were seated on one ride inside the ride, the Egg Spinner started moving and it was a fast, spinning ride.

After a few minutes, they got out of the ride. Mike said to Michelle, "What a fast ride that was."

"Yes, it was. Whoa." Michelle replied in agreement. Then she added, "I think that roller coaster we rode, Quetzalcoatlus Ride was better, but Egg Spinner was really fast."

"Yes, that roller coaster was better and we can see the view of the island from it." Mike said to her. Then he saw the food stand that had cotton candy. He told Michelle, "Be right back."

Michelle watched as Mike was getting a cotton candy and let out a smile on her face. She knew what cotton candy taste like she and Mike go to New York Rangers hockey games. Then Mike showed up a blue cotton candy and a red cotton candy. Michelle smiled as Mike showed off the cotton candy.

Mike said with the smile, "So, which one?"

"I'll take the red one." Michelle said with the smile as she took the red cotton candy. Then they briefly kissed in the lips. Then Michelle ate her cotton candy. "It's a good one."

"It's like the ones we ate when we attend to the New York Rangers games in Madison Square Garden." Mike replied as he ate his blue cotton candy.

"Yes, I know." Michelle stated in agreement. Then she looked at the indoor building of Dinoland. Then she said, "Let's check inside."

"Alright, let's check it out." Mike replied in agreement. As they were walking towards the building, Mike put his right hand on Michelle's waist as he carry his cotton candy with his left hand. Michelle leaned her head on his shoulder and put her left hand on his upper arm as he carry her cotton candy with her right hand.

At the indoor area of Dinoland, it was a glass enclosed building and it filled with ten arcade games, six electrical games and two gift shops. The maze was located on the west side of the indoor area and it was fill with fake jungle vegetation and mechanical dinosaur heads can come out if you go in the wrong way. The theater was in the north end of the building.

Mike and Michelle came out of the theater. Mike said to his fiancée, "That was amazing how they were getting this park set up and the history of how they got dinosaur DNA."

"Yes, it was. Also, I surprised how they thwarted the plot when their employee...uh...Dennis Nedry was planning to steal the embryos in Jurassic Park in Nublar." Michelle replied.

Mike then said, "Yes, me too. We did see that video from Mr. DNA about how they were able to create dinosaurs from the bug inside amber glass while we were in Nublar, but this video told us more about that history and how a friend of this game warden Muldoon overheard Nedry and this guy Dodgson at this restaurant in Costa Rica and warned Muldoon."

"I know. How about when Betty McDimples replaced Nedry was arrested after his treachery was discovered? That was something." Michelle replied.

"Yes, it's true." Mike stated as he and Michelle went to the arcade area. They found one arcade game called "Dinosaur World: Ground Attack". "What's this game?" Mike asked himself.

Michelle sees that the game has two light gun zappers and looked at the screen that just the storyline of the game appearing. It reads, "An anti-dinosaur terrorist organization, led by brutal, revenge-minded mastermind, Salomon Alem, took control of Dinosaur World, with the intention of unleashing its sinister plans on tourists and employees. But he doesn't expect former Navy SEAL and raptor trainer Chris Moralis and his companion, Mayor Bryce Evans, to ruin their plans and save Dinosaur World from chaos." She thought about it as she looked at the game.

"I think we should try that game." Michelle said to Mike. Then she added, "After all, you were a former Marine."

Mike smiled and huffed a little, "You're gonna start with me on this. Are you?"

Michelle giggled a little and said, "I was just messing with you since you could do all this in the past."

"I know, I know." Mike replied, knowing that Michelle was bringing it up because he was a former Force Recon Marine. Then he kissed her in the lips. Then he said to her, "Let's do it." Then he put quarters into each of the slots where the zappers are at.

The game started playing. The prologue level the players control mastermind Salomon Alem and his right hand man, Mike Solovan, where they start killing security personnel inside a city zoo filled with dinosaurs. Then, in the next level, Mike selected hero Chris Moralis and Michelle selected heroine & Chris's companion City Mayor Bryce Evans. The two hero characters in the game are stopping the threat of bad guys trying to feed the dinosaurs hostages and the heroes have to stop them. They played through every level as Mike used his weapon skills to beat the game with Michelle's help with her own gaming skills. They were about eight levels in the game. The villains they were fighting including terrorists and loose carnivore dinosaurs, but one dinosaur who is a friend was a Velociraptor name Red, who was Chris's pet dinosaur he was training. Michelle was able to beat Michael Solovan with her character while Mike beat the big boss Alem with the game ending with Red finishing off Alem. Mike got the higher score while Michelle got the decent score herself.

"That was a great game." Michelle said, clearly enjoyed playing the arcade game.

"Yes, it was." Mike stated, impressed with the game. Then he added seriously, "But it should best played for older children."

"Yes, same here. I wouldn't recommend it for younger children." Michelle stated in an agreement. Then she said with the smile on her face, "Anyway, you were great, honey. You still got your skills in you."

"You're not so bad yourself, sweetheart." Mike said to her, impressive with her use on the game zapper. Michelle giggled and they kissed on the lips for a bit. Then he said to her, "Let's check out more outside."

"Sure." Michelle replied as they went outside.

After checking out more of Dinoland and eat lunch at the food stand, Mike and Michelle returned to the main entrance, along with many other tourists. After several tourists up front gave their opinions about Dinoland to another guide, a blonde Russian man in his 40s, Mike and Michelle came to him.

"So, what do you think of Dinoland?" The guide asked in a thick Russian accent.

"The scenery is nice." Mike said to the guide.

"Well, you will enjoy it more at night, sir." The guide said to them. Then he asked, "What else can you two say?"

"Well, we rode on two rides; Quetzalcoatlus Ride and Egg Spinner. The Egg Spinner was very fast, but the Quetzalcoatlus Ride was a better ride and you can enjoy the view from it." Mike said, giving his opinions on Quetzalcoatlus Ride and Egg Spinner.

"Yes, he is right about that. Also, the 15 minute movie was enjoyable and we played one of the arcade games, Dinosaur World: Ground Attack. The game was fun, but for our advice. You should put the games that are for ages 14 or above in a separate area in the indoor building so you won't have kids see them." Michelle said to the guide, giving her the feedback of Dinoland and advice for arcade games that are for older children.

"Sounds good. We will do that." The Russian guide said to Mike and Michelle. Then he asked, "Anything else?"

"Well, the food we ate on the stand not far from...uh...the Diplodocus waterslide and the Heavy Stomper ferris wheel was good." Michelle said to the guide. Mike nodded in agreement.

"That is it?" The guide asked.

"Yes, that's it." Mike replied in confirmation.

"Alright, thank you for your feedback, you two. Now wait in this vehicle over there. We'll get you to our last stop for the day." The Russian guide said to them, pointing to vehicle 5.

With that, Mike and Michelle went to vehicle 5 and got in. Then the guide on the driver's seat said to them. "Okay, our last stop is River Cruise."

Lilygear River

At the river called Lilygear River, Mike and Michelle were in a kayak in a tour called River Cruise, The river came from Lilygear Lake. Lilygear Lake was a man made lake so there was the river that can ran in the area where the herbivores would drink water. The river then forks into two, where one ends in Carnivore Woods and the second one leads to the ocean. River Cruise as a kayak cruise that fits two people and a river guide to look around the certain part of the river. They were touring four riverside attractions; Mesozoic Hills, Threehorns Territory, Dilophosaurus Paddock and Herbivore Fields. After Herbivore Fields, there was a small waterfall that leads to Carnivore Woods. That part is restricted for tourists. After Dilophosaurus Paddock, the river splints into two and the kayakers would turn left to see the Herbivore Fields. Mike and Michelle knew how to kayak, but it was awhile since they did so.

Mike, Michelle and their guide are currently at Threehorns Territory and see some Ojoceratops herd from the distance. "What are those? They look like Triceratops, but they look...different." Michelle asked, noticing the three-horned dinosaurs looked different because of the more square-offed frill.

"They are called Ojoceratops. They're a close relative to the Triceratops, but they have a more square-off frill." The guide said to them.

"Ah, nice. We knew that there are dinosaurs who are close relatives to the more famous ones." Mike stated, nodding his head.

"Yes, that is true." The guide said to them. Then he stated, "Alright, we will be coming up on Dilophosaurus Paddock." Mike and Michelle nodded as they continued to stroke towards Dilophosaurus Paddock.

As they were stroking, Mike and Michelle took in every dinosaur that they saw in the River Cruise. They previous saw Mesozoic Hills. It has filled with Apatosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Maiasauria, Corythosaurus, Euplocephalus, Stuthiomimus. They also noticed some Compsognathus in some areas where they kayaked, including in Mesozoic Hills and in between that & Threehorns Territory.

Dilophosaurus Paddock

At the Dilophosaurus Paddock, two keepers were checking out the two Dilophosaurus from the glass observation deck that oversees the enclosure. Then one rookie keeper was about to push the yellow button to open the door to feed them, one veteran keeper saw that one Dilophosaurus was near the door and realized what was going to happen.

"No, No. DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!" The veteran keeper yelled out as he tried to rush towards him.

But it was too late as the young man pressed the button to open the door and the Dilophosaurus jumped on top of him. Then the creature looked at the other two keepers and it's bellowed at them while it's frill popped up.

The veteran keeper saw what was going to happen and yelled out, "GET TO THAT DOOR!" Then he and the other keeper with him went to the door that leads to the tower just as the Dilophosaurus sprayed it's venom and missed them.

The rookie crawled backwards to the exit door. The Dilophosaurus stalked him. Then the young man panicked and ran to the exit door, which allowed the loose Dilophosaurus to follow him. Then he tried to close the door, but the Dilophosaurus pushed the door, causing the rookie keeper to fall backwards. The Dilophosaurus came out and sees that it is free. It purred in triumph and it ran towards the northern direction, leaving the rookie keeper stunned and shocked at the time due to the fact that he was responsible for letting it out.

The two veteran keepers came out and pressed the red button to closed the enclosure door to prevent any more Dilophosaurus from escaping. They see the door open and came out. They saw the rookie keeper in shock and realized what it happened.

Lilygear River

Back in the river, Mike, Michelle and the guide finished looking at the Dilophosaurus Paddock. They were about to turn left on the fork of the river. The guide asked them, "You're ready to see the Herbivore Hills?"

"Yes, sir." Mike replied while stroking the boat gently.

"We're so ready to see the Herbivore Hills." Michelle answered in a less of a second after Mike's answer.

"We're almost to the Herbivore Hill. You'll see it on your left in a bit. I'm sure you'll all will enjoy the dinosaurs over there." The guide said to them.

As the guide said that, the escaped Dilophosaurus lurks in the shadows, hidden so that no one would see them. It walked on a small gate and dam to pass through the river that forked right. The gate and the dam was used to block the kayaks on the River Cruise since it leads to the ocean and it flows downhill to it.

Mike and Michelle spotted herbivore dinosaurs on the left side of the river and the guide said to them, "This is Herbivore Hills."

They see the herds of Europasaurus, Dacentrurus, Cetiosaurus and Diplodocus in Herbivore Hills. Mike and Michelle were amazed by the sight of the dinosaurs in the hills. The guide told them that they are more dinosaurs in the hills. What they didn't know is that the Dilophosaurus came out of the trees and looked at the boat. The creature let out some noises. Michelle heard the noise and saw the Dilophosaurus. After seeing it's frill popped up and bellowed, Michelle realized what was going to happen.

"MIKE, MIKE, ON OUR RIGHT!!" Michelle yelled out as she saw the escaped Dilophosaurus about to spit venom towards them.

Mike and the guide turned right. "What's happening?" Mike shouted. Then he saw the Dilophosaurus with it's frill popped out. "HOLY GOD..." Mike shouted. Then the Dilophosaurus spit venom and it hit the guide in his face, burning his eyes.

After seeing the guide getting hit by the venom, Michelle muttered, “OH MY GOD!” She rushed to check on him. "Don't rub your eyes! Don't rub your eyes!" Michelle said to the guide. Then she tried to get the tar-like venom off the guide with the napkin she had with her.

Mike then sees the Dilophosaurus about to spit again. "GET DOWN!" Mike shouted out. Michelle pushed the guide down as the Dilophosaurus spat again, but missed.

As that was happening, the kayak was getting close to the rock, near the heavy flow of stream. As Mike went up and saw the rock, he cursed and tried to paddle it away from it. But the back end of the kayak hit the rock, causing Mike and Michelle to go off the kayak and they were swept into the heavy stream of current of the river.

The guide managed to get the paddle and, despite the pain in his eyes, quickly paddled back to the dock where the tourists would stop. One of the guides, who helped the couple of other tourists, was coming to him, but was shocked that he had spat of venom in his eyes and rushed to him.

"The tourists with me have swept away in the river and that creature spat on me!" The guide warned his co-worker.

"Medic! We need medic here!" The Hispanic guide yelled out. Then he said to him, "That Dilophosaurus escaped from the paddock! I'll call the control room now!" With that, he went on the radio.

Main control room

At the main control room, Anitta was her office, going over feedbacks by the attractions by the tourists before the official opening. Then there was a quick knock on the door and Cody came in.

"Excuse me, ma'am. But we got a major situation. We need you in the control room now." Cody said to her.

"What is it, Cody?" Anitta asked stood up from her chair, concerned about what was going on.

As they were heading to the control room, Cody sighed and stated in a serious tone, "We have a Dilophosaurus that escaped in the Dilophosaurus Paddock."

"What? A loose Dilophosaurus?" Anitta asked with a worried tone. She was in disbelief when she learned about that.

"It gets worse. A kayak in River Cruise was attacked by it. It spat on the guide and two tourists, a couple, went off the boat and have been swept away in the strong streams of Lilygear River, likely going towards the Carnivore Woods. The guide is tended to right now in the dock." Cody stated with a tone of urgency in his voice. He knew Anitta wouldn't take the news well.

Anitta stopped walking and looked at Cody with a shocked expression on her face. Then she asked, "A couple are in the river?"

"Yes. A couple from New York City." Cody confirmed in a low tone.

After hearing that, Anitta entered the control room as Cody followed her. Then she asked him, "Did you send teams to find them?"

"Yes, we send the team to the river." Cody confirmed.

"I'm gonna make a call. Cody, be ready to send in more teams to find them." Anitta said to him. Cody nodded as he went back to his workstation. Then she called out to every controller, "I want everyone to look over the map and the monitors in the area for that couple. I want armed search teams in the Lilygear River between Herbivore Hills and the Carnivore Woods, non-lethal use on the dinosaurs in the area."

As the controllers went to work, Anitta made a call on her phone.

At one of the Jurassic Park: Europe jeeps, Phil was on his way with some additional security personnel to get to the loose Dilophosaurus when he got the call on the car phone.

"Yeah!" Phil said on the phone.

"Phil, it's Anitta. We got a couple from New York in danger in Lilygear River. They were attacked by that escaped Dilophosaurus and have been swept away in the river. There's a good chance that they get near the fence line of Carnivore Woods." Anitta said to Phil, stressing the situation about the couple in danger.

Phil was shocked to hear about the Dilophosaurus causing a couple to be swept away in Lilygear River. He said in a shocked tone, "Oh my god. I know about the escaped Dilophosaurus, but I didn't know about that couple in that river. What do you want us to do?"

"I want you and Marty to lead the search teams to find that couple now. Send five teams in that area. I want them found before any dinosaurs get to them now." Anitta said in a serious tone.

Phil, realizing the dangers that the couple may face while in the middle of nowhere in dinosaurs, said in a low tone, "Okay, okay. I'll have Marty search for them by air while I'm search on ground with my tranquilizer rifles. I'll have one of our teams deal with that loose Dilophosaurus."

"See to that, Phil. Now find that couple and get them out of danger." Anitta said on the phone.

"You got it." Phil acknowledged as he hung up the car phone. Then he said to the other security men with him. "Change of plans. We got a couple swept in Lilygear River. Head over towards the fence line by Carnivore Woods in that river."

"Yes, sir." The security man driving the vehicle acknowledged as he made an abrupt U-turn and is heading to the area of the river.

Lilygear River

At the river, Mike was in the shoreline as he regained consciousness. He was wet from being swept away in the rough current. As he was on the ground shivering, Mike looked around and saw the jungle wilderness and the river. Then sees a large electrical fence near him.

"God...what the..." Mike muttered hoarsely.

He then remembered what had happened when the Dilophosaurus spat oh them and he & Michelle went overboard and were swept into the river. He searched around and found Michelle down on her left side. Worried about her, Mike crawled over to her. He laid Michelle down on her back and found that she was unconscious. He checked her pulse and was relieved it was strong. But she was also wet from the river.

"Michelle. Honey, honey, wake up!" Mike said to her while gently shaking her. Then Michelle began to regain consciousness as she let out a soft moan.

"What?" Michelle said in a raspy voice as she was regaining her senses. As she sat upright, Michelle put her right hand on her forehead and asked, "What's going on?" Then she began to she fell cold because of the temperature on the river and was starting to shiver.

"Are you okay?" Mike asked his fiancée, concerned about her well-being.

"Yes, Mike. I'm alright. I'm cold though." Michelle replied as she was shivering from the cold.

As Mike held Michelle upright, he asked, "Do you remember what happened?"

"Yes, I do. That Dilophosaurus did this to us." Michelle stated as she remembered how it happened and that she tried to tend to the guide who got hit by the venom.

"I know. We should get out of here. Come on, let's get you up." Mike said as he place both arms on her.

As they slowly got up, Mike and Michelle heard a massive roar from perhaps a large dinosaur. They remember hearing large dinosaurs like T-Rex and Allosaurus in Jurassic Park on Nublar and knew those roars are from a large carnivore. Then they see trees moving in the tree line in front of them on their side of the fence on their right.

"Is that what I think it is?" Michelle asked with genuine concern in her voice, knowing full well what that roar might be.

After listening to the roar, Mike then quietly said to her, " fast as you can. Come on!"

With that, they ran to the trees. Something on the trees began to follow them.

Main control room

Back in the main control room, every controller was looking for that couple. Then one of the controllers spotted Mike and Michelle running on the fence corner of Carnivore Woods.

"There they are!" One of the controllers shouted out.

Cody saw them on the monitor and said out loud to Anitta, "Ms. Costa, we found them. Southeast fence corner of Carnivore Woods, running east."

"Notify all teams." Anitta ordered while looking at the monitor screens.

"All search teams, our missing tourists are running east by the Southeast fence corner of Carnivore Woods." Cody said on the radio.

"Copy that." Marty acknowledged on the radio. Then Cody noticed the camera on the southeast corner fence was trembling.

Anitta saw that camera was trembling and was concerned about it. "What's going on?" Anitta asked in a low, but worried tone.

Cody and the other controllers looked at the monitor. Then what they saw shocked them. A trio of escaped Lourinhanosaurus heading east and are apparently coming after Mike and Michelle.

"Ah, ma'am..." Cody said to Anitta in a low, worried tone as he pointing out the escape carnivores in the southeast corner fence security monitor.

Anitta saw the loose Lourinhanosaurus herd and was horrified by it. "Oh, my god..." Anitta muttered in shock. Then she ordered in a serious, desperate tone, "Warn all search teams! Double time it now! NOW!"

Cody then warned everyone on the speaker radio, "All search teams. Be advised, we got three loose Lourinhanosaurus heading east towards our missing tourists. I say again, we got three escaped Lourinhanosaurus heading east towards the missing tourists."

After a moment, Phil acknowledged on the radio, "Copy that. We got heavy tranquilizer darts with us. We'll deal with them and try our best to rescue those tourists."

Marty then said on the radio, "Got it. We will try to get to that couple before they do."

After hearing what Phil and Marty said, Anitta hoped that Mike and Michelle will be rescued in time before the escape Lourinhanosaurus get to them.

Somewhere on the island

At the island, Mike and Michelle kept running, avoiding trees and bushes. They went to a small hill and ran up on it. As Michelle moved ahead, Mike quickly turned around and saw a trio of Lourinhanosaurus following them. Then he ran faster and went alongside Michelle.

At the helicopter, Marty sees disturbance on the trees and realized something. He said to the pilots and other security guys, "There are the loose Lourinhanosaurus. That means the missing couple are not far from us." Then he called out on the radio, "Phil, this is Marty. I spotted the three loose Lourinhanosaurus. They are east of Carnivore Woods, heading southeast. They must be after that stranded couple."

As Mike and Michelle ran, they heard the sound of the helicopter. Mike realized what the sound of the helicopter means that they are looking for them. Michelle knew that too since she dealt with medical helicopters dropping off patients in Bellevue Hospital.

"How do we get to that helicopter?" Michelle asked, worried about their current predicament.

"We need a tall tree." Mike said to her as he kept an eye out for the escaped carnivores and figure out a plan.

"Where can we...find one?" Michelle asked while swallowing hard and catching her breath.

"We need to climb on top on one to signal and to buy us more time to survive whatever those carnivores are out there." Mike said to her. With that, they began to run towards the direction where the sounds of the chopper are at.

The three Lourinhanosaurus continue following them. They purred as they sensed where Mike and Michelle were heading.

At one of the vehicles, Phil was heading towards the area where Marty spotted the escaped carnivores. "Marty, any sign of that couple."

"No. Nothing yet." Marty said on the radio.

"Go on ahead of those Lourinhanosaurus. We can't let them attack that couple." Phil said to Marty on the radio. He was determined to find Mike and Michelle before the Lourinhanosaurus trio could kill them.

"You got it." Marty acknowledged as the helicopter looked for them ahead where the Lourinhanosaurus are currently spotted at.

The helicopter searched several moments for the couple. Then one of the security guys on Marty's left saw Mike and Michelle running through the wilderness.

"There they are!" The security guy said to them. Marty looked down and saw Mike and Michelle.

On the ground, Mike and Michelle continued to run to where they heard the sounds of the helicopter. Mike spotted a really tall tree. "Michelle." He called out to her.

Michelle looked up and saw the tall tree. She saw how strong the lower branches the tree look. "Looks very sturdy." Michelle replied in a somewhat confident tone despite her anxiety over the situation.

Mike went to the tree. He turned and asked Michelle, "Can you climb?"

"Do I have a choice?" Michelle asked sarcastically as she went to him since she knew they have to climb a tree to warn the chopper. Mike gave Michelle a boost and she grabbed the lower branch while she began to climb. Mike then climb up on the lower branch as he followed his future wife.

At the helicopter. Marty sees Michelle and Mike starting to climb that tree. "Get above that tree now." Marty said to the pilot. The pilot was coming towards the tree.

Mike and Michelle continued to climb on the tree. As they climbed at the middle part of the tree, the couple spotted the carnivores coming towards them. "MIKE!!" Michelle shouted out in terror.

"Keep climbing! Go!" Mike yelled out as they were climbing as fast as possible. The Lourinhanosaurus trio were coming towards them. One of them let out a bellow.

Phil and the security guys with him saw the Lourinhanosaurus herd. As the driver spotted the vehicle, Phil honked the horn, trying to get their attention. Two of them heard the horn as Phil and the other security men came out with tranquilizer rifles. While climbing the tree, Mike and Michelle saw Phil and the guys with them armed with tranquilizer rifles. Phil and one security man fired their rifles at one Lourinhanosaurus. After it was bellowing out after being hit with tranquilizer darts, it collapsed and went down on the ground.

Phil then said to Marty on the radio, "Marty, get to that couple on that tree now!"

"Already on it!" Marty acknowledged on the radio as the helicopter flying closer to that tree.

Mike and Michelle continue to climb the tree with fast pace. While one Lourinhanosaurus was distracted by Phil and his security team, the other one was coming towards them. The couple see the helicopter coming to their side. Marty let out a small ladder.

"COME ON!! GRAB THE LADDER!!" Marty shouted to the couple. Mike was helping Michelle climb to where the ladder is at.

Phil and his guys saw the second Lourinhanosaurus coming towards them and was bellowing at them. Phi loaded the tranquilizer dart quickly and fire the shot at it. Then the two other security men near him fired the darts at that carnivore. Then the Lourinhanosaurus fell to the ground, knocked out by the darts. After seeing that they tranquilized the first two, they ran fast towards the third Lourinhanosaurus who was getting closer to the tree Mike and Michelle are at.

As Michelle jumped on the ladder and started her climb, Mike then jumped and grabbed the ladder. As Marty pushed the button to the ladder winch. As the ladder was moving up, Mike and Michelle held on tight while the last Lourinhanosaurus getting closer to the chopper. Marty helped Michelle get onboard the helicopter. As Michelle saw the approaching Lourinhanosaurus, she was getting terrified. As Mike reached the helicopter, Marty and another security man got him onboard. Then the Lourinhanosaurus grubbed the helicopter's landing skid. Michelle briefly screamed loudly as Mike moved back with her. The Lourinhanosaurus snort held the the skid as the helicopter was starting to strain and the pilot fights for control of the chopper. Marty saw what was going on.

"PHIL, TAKE THAT THING OUT NOW!!" Marty yelled out on the radio. The bulkhead of the landing skid was tore off as the Lourinhanosaurus held on to it.

As Phil and the two men with him rushed over as fast as possible, they pointed their tranquilizer rifles at the last Lourinhanosaurus was holding on to the landing skid of the chopper. As the carnivore lost control of the skid, the chopper finally took off. Phil and the two men fired their tranquilizer darts at the last Lourinhanosaurus. The last carnivore went down and was knocked by the tranquilizer.

At the chopper, The helicopter flew away. Michelle took some deep breaths as the situation was finally over. Mike held Michelle as she was starting to feel emotion. Marty said to them, "Are you two okay?"

"Yes, we're alright. Got swept the river, but we're okay." Mike said to Marty as he held Michelle. Michelle also nodded silently.

"Marty Darin, Jurassic Park: Europe Security." Marty said to them.

"Mike Connolly, this is my fiancée Michelle Tunney." Mike said while shaking hands with him. Michelle also shook hands with Marty.

"How's the guide?" Michelle asked in a low tone as she remembered the Dilophosaurus spat venom on the guy's face.

"He's being treated right now." Marty replied. Michelle nodded in relief. She and Mike then embraced each other as Marty checked in with the control room, "Control, this is Darin, We found the couple. Repeat, we have the couple."

Back on the ground, Phil and the other security men watched the tranquilized Lourinhanosaurus trio. Phil was relieved that they found the missing couple in time before those escaped dinosaurs got to them. They already called for additional men to pick them up and put them back in Carnivore Woods.

"Gardner, go to five. Gardner, go to five." The voice of Adao Guerrero came on the radio.

Phil switched radio frequencies and said on the radio, "I'm on five. Go ahead, Guerrero."

Guerrero and other men looked at the security doors in Carnivore Woods. The doors were partially open somehow. As two men guarded the door to prevent any carnivores from leaving, Guerrero said on the radio."We found out how those things got out." Guerrero said to him on the radio. "Looks like some type of mechanism failure. The doors somehow didn't close all the way. No alarm sounded."

Phil was shocked to hear what Guerrero just told him. Something like that should not have happened. He asked in a concerned tone, "Any idea how it happened?"

"I'm not sure. Looks like a faulty mechanism or something." Guerrero replied on the radio as he looked at the door. He was unsure how it all happened.

Phil was silent for the moment. Then he said on the radio, "Notify control about this, Guerrero."

"Will do." Guerrero acknowledged on the radio.

After changing radio frequency back to the original channel, Phil was absorbing on what Guerrero just told him about how the trio of Lourinhanosaurus escaped from Carnivore Woods. Something was really wrong about that disaster and he thought if they hadn't found that couple in time, they would have been the first victims of the escaped dinosaurs.

Anitta Costa's office

At Anitta's office later that day, Mike and Michelle waited in the office. They were treated earlier for hypothermia due to being in the river, but otherwise, they had no significant injuries. They had a change of clothes after they were released from a medical facility. They stared at each other with smiles on their face, relieved that they made it out of the disaster alive, thanks to their will to live and the timing of the Jurassic Park: Europe Security Division. Then a door opened and Anitta came in to the office. Anitta was actually relieved that both Mike and Michelle made it out of that disaster alive or else the park would be in huge trouble.

"Hi. I'm Anitta Costa, Park Operations Manager." Anitta said as she shook hands with Mike.

"Mike Connolly." Mike said in a low tone

"Michelle Tunney, his fiancée.”"Michelle said in a low tone as she shook hands with Anitta.

Anitta went to her seat and said as sincere as she can possibly get, "Mr. Connolly, Ms. Tunney, we want to apologize for everything that happened to you two. That should not have happened."

"Your men has acted as soon as they could. We're grateful for that and your apology." Mike said while reassuring Anitta.

"Yes, we're really grateful for all that." Michelle stated in agreement.

"This was just the beginning." Anitta said with a smile on her face. Then she said to them, "The park guide will be fine."

"That's wonderful news." Michelle replied in a somewhat relieved tone.

Anitta nodded as he continued, "Also, we captured that Dilophosaurus and demoted the worker who let it escaped. Also for the escaped dinosaurs that chased you, we put them back in Carnivore Woods and are working with the problem to keep them contained right now."

"I hope that doesn't happened again." Mike said in a serious tone.

"Me too." Anitta replied in agreement. Then she asked, "You two want to head back home now after everything that happened?"

"No, We will continue with the tour of the park." Michelle said with determination. Then she added, "We want to give our feedback to this park."

"Yes, we want to finish with our trip." Mike said to Anitta. They both agreed that they will continue touring the park.

Anitta nodded understandably. She then said to the couple, "In that case, we will pay for everything during your stay. Hotel bills, food and such. That's for compensation for the disaster that happened to you."

Michelle smiled and said to her, "Thanks, Ms. Costa." Mike shook his head in agreement as they are pleased that the park will compensate them after everything that happened to them.

"Alright, we will have our shrink talk to you since it's mandatory to speak to someone after an event with dinosaurs." Anitta said to the couple.

Mike took a deep breath as he doesn't like shrinks because of the things he went through as a former Marine. Then he said to Anitta, "We'll see him tomorrow. Right now, we just want to settle some things and head for the hotel." Michelle nodded in an agreement.

"Alright. I have to go over some things about all this. I'll be back in twenty minutes or around there." Anitta stated.

"Yes, we can wait." Mike nodded.

"Yes, we'll wait." Michelle stated in agreement.

"Okay. I will be back." Anitta said to them. She got up from her chair and left the office.

Once the door was closed, Mike and Michelle looked at each other longingly. Then they got up from the chairs and are in respectable distance at each other.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Mike asked Michelle as she looked a little out of it.

"Yes. Long day." Michelle replied in a low tone as it was a long day for both of them.

"It was. But we made it." Mike said, trying to reassure his love of his life. After a moment of silence, he said while trying to figure out what to say to Michelle, "I just want to say that...I don't think I can get through all this without you."

Michelle smiled a little after hearing what Mike just said. She replied to him, "I agree with you, Mike. Ever since all this happened, I figured if we can survive this, we can endure anything that comes in our way." Michelle felt if they could survive what they endured, they will survive anything together.

"I love you, Michelle." Mike confessed in a low tone.

"I love you too." Michelle replied in content.

They kissed passionately. Mike held her by the waist while Michelle moved her hands to the shoulders and to his cheek.

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