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Chapter 7

Somewhere in the jungles of Isla Graciosa, on a tour track

Wild native animals called out in the deep wildernesses of Isla Graciosa, with the lush and deep green plants thriving and flourishing in the background. There were two sides of the jungles, with a metal beam straight-line track with tan dirt in between the two sides of the wildernesses. The sky was a bright, light blue color, with clouds flying high above Isla Graciosa.

Just then, some engine sputtering sounds were heard. It grew louder as it approached gradually. Just then, it was a tour vehicle of some sort, which was a light green with a red top and yellow patterns. The driver's side of the vehicle had a circle symbol, which had the skeleton of a T. rex on it, with the words "Jurassic Park: Europe" beneath it.

There were three people inside, a Caucasian woman with blonde hair in her 20's, an African American, and a middle aged Portuguese woman with silver grey neck-length hair who was driving the vehicle.

  • Tracy Hegler: How long until we get there?
  • Anitta Costa: At least about five to ten minutes. We should be getting to the Paleoveterinary Center very soon.

The Portuguese and Caucasian women were talking to each other about their arrival to their destination.

  • Anitta Costa: When we get there, we should meet with a man I know who runs as the Chief Paleoveterinarian. I’m sure he could help us due to his field in experience.
  • George Geraldson: You think we might encounter a dinosaur along the way? There were some breakouts occurring. Remember what happened to your sister, Carlotta.

The Portuguese woman then paused, worried about her younger sister. She was Anitta Costa, the Chief of Park Operations, and the Caucasian woman was Tracy Hegler, and the African-American was George Geraldson. They were in a tour vehicle belong to Isla Graciosa’s Jurassic Park, heading towards a destination which could attempt to solve their problems.

  • Anitta Costa: Now that you say it, how did that male Ojoceratops break out? We locked all the fences, the gates of that park ground, and everything.

Anitta had a somewhat worried tone in her voice, with a redemptional facial expression.

  • Tracy Hegler: I mean, as Malcolm said it, we may have overlooked some shortfalls of the park ground.

Anitta strongly disagreed with her statement, with her being sure that the Treehorns Territory was secured.

  • Anitta Costa: No, no. That animal of that size can’t get out that easily. There’s no way that animal broke out by itself.
  • George Geraldson: What about the virus that’s roaming the island right now?

Anitta then noticed George’s point, and had an idea in mind.

  • Anitta Costa: The disease... George, is the specimen #007 still there at the Paleoveterinary Center?
  • George Geraldson: Yeah?
  • Anitta Costa: You said that the Velociraptor specimen had some problems in her body, and that you gave them a meat of some kind. And I told you that... there was a possibility that the disease comes from that "special" meat.

Tracy and George then heard on as Anitta was figuring out something.

  • Tracy Hegler: I don’t understand what you’re getting at here. If a disease were to ever occur, it would be the bacteria that already was on this island, and yet we have the medicine to cure that from our dinosaurs.

Anitta was worrying, forming a theory which scared her.

  • Anitta Costa: Do you think we’re being hijacked?

George wasn’t instantly sold on the idea.

  • George Geraldson: What? No, that’s not possible. Our security would make our park impossible to sabotage.

Anitta grew with increasing worry.

  • Anitta Costa: Hear me out. The Treehorns Territory was fully secured once those guards double checked, and there was this “special” meat that was given to the raptors and now look what happened. And now, as we speak, more dinosaurs could have been loose, and the disease could already have spread to the other dinosaurs on this island! The T. rex, the Hypsilophodon, the Struthiomimus, and many others! Oh, and with the park open with tourists and guests flooding in right now!

Tracy was concerned with Anitta’s worry of a possible hijack occurring while Jurassic Park: Europe just opened its doors.

  • Tracy Hegler: Hey, hey. Anitta. Relax. It’ll be alright. We’ll figure out what’s going on. We’ll just keep this hidden and we’ll solve it quietly, while the guests won’t know. Okay?

Anitta decreased her worry, growing calm with Tracy’s relieving advice. Anitta gave a deep sigh.

  • Anitta Costa: O-okay. Thanks, by the way.

George looked at the tour vehicle’s GPS, and they were nearing their destination.

  • George Geraldson: We should be there about now.

The tour vehicle Anitta, Tracy, and George were in were driving towards a large white building. It had a green circle on the side with varying shades of green from light nature green to dark forest green, with a T. rex symbol on the center.

The tour vehicle then came to a full stop once it reached the parking space where Anitta, Tracy, and George would exit to get onto the white, marble stairs. There were a lot of stairs, each side having fountains that sprayed up into the air, releasing several dozens of droplets back onto the water. There were also some lily pads on the pools of the fountains on the sides of the stairs of the building.

The trio then reached the door. There were two guards in front of the door, watching whoever arrives to this building. They noticed Anitta, Tracy, and George.

Anitta held up her identification badge, to let the guards know that she is a high ranking member among the park.

  • Anitta Costa: Chief of Park Operations. I ordered these two to come with me.

The two guards acknowledged Anitta's words, and they let the trio through the doors. Anitta took out her ID card and placed one side of it on a scanner on the left well next to the doors, with the scanner's light being from a red to a green, sounding a beep. The doors unlocked, with Anitta grabbing the handles and opening the doors, letting Tracy and George through.

[Inside the Paleoveterinary Center]

The building inside felt almost like a hospital, with the aura of the scent of the air feeling like one. It was white, with some multicolored circles on the floor. There were some white pillars, small green palm trees with their roots in brown vases, and a desk where a woman was working at. Anitta, Tracy, and George were walking to the desk, taking in the medical center-like environment around them.

The desk was an oval white marble stand which was placed at the left side of the large space of the entrance area. There was an African American woman there, wearing glasses and a tropical shirt, sitting on her chair and casually looking at some files, doing her job. She was minding her business until Anitta, Tracy, and George walked up to her.

  • Anitta Costa: Good evening, ma'am. Do you know where Zal Slarker's office is?
  • Desk Occupant: It's at the left wing, by that hallway.

The desk occupant pointed her finger at the hallway, which was at the left in front of her desk. The hallway was rather long, with some yellow lights, leading to some doors that led to examination rooms. The desk occupant noticed Anitta's two other companions, Tracy and George.

  • Desk Occupant: Oh, and ma'am, what is this for?
  • Anitta Costa: Well, this is quite the urgent emergency. We need to contact Zal to conduct an investigation of our dinosaurs.

Anitta was worried, being in a hurry, as she needed to get to Zal to resolve a mystery happening in Isla Graciosa. The desk occupant understood Anitta's situations. She then grabbed her contactor to call someone. She pressed a button, stopping a static noise and turning on a red button.

  • Desk Occupant: Hello? Yes, there are three people that need to see Dr. Slarker.

[Zal Slarker's Office, in the Paleoveterinary Center]

It was a dim room, with desks, drawers, shelves, and stacks of books, anatomy and health magazines, and anatomy blueprints. The only source of light in the room was a black lamp with a bright white light bulb, shining down on a wooden brown desk, which had papers all over it. A black-haired Caucasian man with a white lab coat and black glasses was sitting on a black chair, studying the papers hard. There were essays and essays on the papers, so much and how they were written in such a formal way, it was pretty confusing to read.

There was a knock on the steel sliding door that led to the dim room. The man reading the documents then sighed, stood up from the black chair, and walked towards the steel door. He opened a code lock that was next to the door, opening the cover and entering the code "3-6-4-9-1", before the code lock went from a dim red light to a bright green light. He grabbed the handle and opened the door, letting in bright light from the hallway shine in onto his dim room.

  • Zal Slarker: Yes?

Anitta, George, and Tracy were all standing in front of the door, finally satisfied for Zal to open the door.

  • Anitta Costa: Good afternoon, Dr. Slarker.
  • Zal Slarker: Oh, hello, Mrs. Costa.

The man in the scientist attire was Zal Slarker, the Chief Paleoveterinarian of Isla Graciosa's Jurassic Park. He held his hands behind his back, expressing a stern face and standing in an attemptedly calm and patient manner, awaiting Anitta's case.

  • Anitta Costa: Good to see you as well. Now, for proper introduction, these two are with me.

Zal noticed Tracy and George. He just kept his stern tone.

  • Tracy Hegler: Hello, my name's Tracy Hegler.
  • George Geraldson: I'm George Geraldson. I've been working with Mrs. Costa on the mysterious disease, and we need your assistance on the situation.

Zal then recognized what George was bringing up.

  • Zal Slarker: Ah, yes. The disease that is unfolding right now. I've been doing some observations on this infection, but I need some more samples from the dinosaurs to gain more information.
  • Anitta Costa: That is what we are here for. Now, we don't have much time, but is the Velociraptor Specimen #007 still in the lab?

Zal nodded.

[The Paleoveterinary Center Laboratory]

The laboratory of the Paleoveterinary Center had a technological, sciency vibe to it all. People were in white lab coats, researching and experimenting on things. In the right side of the room, the wall was glass with rectangular beams holding it in place, with the glass letting in light. On a stand, there was a deceased body of a man-sized animal.

It looked dromaeosaurid, had scaly skin, a long flexible tail, long legs with a large hook-like black toe claw on each of its feet, with the other two claws on each foot being black. It had relatively long arms with three fingers ending in black claws. The head was slender, the mouth was curved upwards before going middle in between the head and the jaw, the skull was thin and relatively short in height. It had a pair of pointed circular bumps in between the eyes and the nostrils.

The inside of the mouth was all black, both the roof and the bottom of the jaw, the tongue was a dark blackish grey, and the teeth were all black with only the very tips being a striking and juxtaposing white. The eye was a glowing silver white, with a black slit pupil. There were patterns that were very similar to the eye of the creature on the nostrils, antiorbital fenestrae, and lateral temporal fenestrae.

The coloration of the body was a very dark grey, with erratic patterns of the very dark grey being throughout the whole body of the animal. In the middle was a relatively drab grey, and the underbelly is a grey light rain white. The hands, feet, and the tip of the tail were black.

The door gave way to Anitta, George, Tracy, and Zal, determined to figure out the events on whether they are espionage or not.

  • Anitta Costa: How is the specimen, Dr. Slarker?
  • Zal Slarker: The symptoms have been gradually becoming more noticeable since the last time you and Dr. Geraldson supervised the specimen.

Anitta recalled something while she was inspecting the specimen with Geraldson.

  • Anitta Costa: Dr. Geraldson. I recalled that you gave the animals a "special meat" back in the vehicle, is that correct?

George wondered for a bit about where the special meat came from now that Anita told him about it.

  • George Geraldson: ... I don’t really know how to explain it, but yeah. Did it start the infection in this specimen?
  • Zal Slarker: Whatever kind of meat you gave them, it’s forming in this specimen. Who gave you the meat?

George tried to recall the meat he was given. He then remembered who gave him the meat.

  • George Geraldson: Kajal Lambert, I believe.

Anitta just focused on George and wondered about Kajal Lambert.

  • George Geraldson: The "special meat" was supposed to be tested for their bite force, like Kajal said.

Anita swiftly became concerned, thinking about Kajal. Tracy and Zal grew into concerning interest of the topic.

  • Anitta Costa: So, if Kajal gave the meat... but did she know that they were infected? No, she could have known, there’s no way that the safety procedures we established couldn’t detect the infected meat...

George saw Anitta’s handling of the situation, but thought she was going far.

  • George Geraldson: Anitta, you may be overthinking it. She probably didn’t know, and if she didn’t know, she just didn’t know.

Anitta was running on short patience, trying to figure out ways the infected meat could have been prevented from being given to the meat eaters.

  • Anitta Costa: Dammit, George, you should have known, or at least checked if it was infected!

Tracy spoke up to Anitta over growing concern.

  • Tracy Hegler: Hey, Anitta. It’s okay, we’ll get to the bottom of this. You don’t have to recall how this could have been prevented.

Anitta knew Tracy had a point.

  • Anitta Costa: Okay. Okay... you’re right. But whether the infected meat was an accident from bacteria on the island, or if this was... intentional, we need to investigate this.
  • Zal Slarker: What do you suggest we do?

Anitta thought about her plan.

  • Anitta Costa: I believe... that we can... send out an investigation to see the cause of all this before it gets gradual and affects on the visitors here. I have reason to believe all of this may well be a planned out sabotage by someone for whatever reason, although you can just say the infection really was the native bacteria here on the island that infected our dinosaurs since they were new here. We need to keep this under as much cover as possible, as we cannot have any guest taking notice of the situation and have them label us with a potentially damaging reputation. Is that understood?

The group were well aware of the worrisome and desperate tone in Anitta’s voice, as much as it also sounded concerned in a serious way.

  • George Geraldson: That sounds agreeable to me. How many teams will you send out?
  • Anitta Costa: I believe three is enough, one which will include us and Dr. Slarker.
  • Zal Slarker: Yes, I believe I may help you, Mrs. Costa.
  • Anitta Costa: Thank you. The goal of this expedition is to determine the health of the rest of the species on Isla Graciosa, as well as send the other two expedition teams to ensure the containment of the rest of the dinosaurs... only in case there indeed was a sabotage.

The group understood. Anitta walked out from the lab, as George, Tracy, and Zal followed.

Some surgeons and scientists were observing the deceased, infected Specimen #007 on the table, now that the group left. They saw its drab, soulless body, preparing to investigate it even more for the disease it was infected with. Its physical features, although looking boring and colorless, it gave off feelings of... uneasiness. Almost petrifying and horrific.

[At an Isla Graciosa InGen Base]

At a different part of the island, trucks were stationed as men came to and and by, celebrating the official opening of the park. Some soldiers clapped as the hard work they put into the park was worth it.

Groups of mercenaries shattered around a podium, which one man will head up. A man named Phil Gardner was at a stand, preparing to give a speech as he feels the duty was well done.

  • Phil Gardner: Good afternoon, gentlemen.

The crowd went silent, eager to hear Phil’s presentation.

  • Phil Gardner: I would want to congratulate the men who hav helped regulate this park until its opening day, for all of their hard work and amazing dedication to preserving stability and order on the island. Because of everyone’s involvement, the park will now open to the world.

The soldiers clapped their hands and cheered, proud of their accomplishments. Phil smiled at seeing everyone’s good mood.

Phil’s phone rang. He could feel it vibrating in his pocket, sending tiny waves throughout the fabric which stopped short just at the top of his pants. Phil reaches his hand into the pocket and took out the phone, and put it close to his ear, answering it.

  • Phil Gardner: Hello?

The person calling Phil was Anitta. She had a grave tone in her voice.

  • Anitta Costa (on phone): Mr. Gardner, I need to talk to you now.
  • Phil Gardner: Yes, Mrs. Costa? I’m here with the others over on here while we’re happy the park opened.
  • Anitta Costa (on phone): ... okay, Phil, I really do not want to ruin any good will nor give you a lot of unnecessary tasks, but...

Phil’s expression turned from a carefree look to an attentive and prepared tone, sensing something off.

  • Phil Gardner: What’s wrong?
  • Anitta Costa (on phone): ... well, it’s not... too bad or anything like that, but I’d like if you assembled two teams to investigate anything... odd with the dinosaurs. As in... sick?
  • Phil Gardner: Sick? So wait, now they’re sick? Oh come on, Mrs. Costa, last time I checked, they were perfectly fine.
  • Anitta Costa (on phone): Oh, no. It’s just only double checking, but make sure they’re in their proper paddocks. I’ve been thinking about something which may have affected our security system and the health of our dinosaurs in one way or another. This is urgent, and I don’t have time to explain. I’ll assemble a third team to assist you.

Phil didn’t have a single idea of what Anitta was implying, but she gave the orders to assemble two teams...

  • Anitta Costa (on phone): I’m sorry, Phil. I have to go.

Anitta hung up. Clearly confused, Phil heard the orders from Anitta to set up two teams himself. He went back to the microphone to give the soldiers a new mission.

  • Phil Gardner: Gentlemen, may I have your attention?

The crowd looked at him.

  • Phil Gardner: So it seems that Mrs. Costa has given an update on the dinosaurs and apparently the security system and the animals’ health.

The crowd murmured, wondering what Anitta was talking about.

  • Phil Gardner: She ordered us to set up two teams to investigate the security system, while another team investigated their health.

The soldiers had confused looks on their faces, now facing the fact that their celebration may be delayed.

  • Phil Gardner: I guess we know that means.

Phil smirked, taking this order as just another normal job.

[At the Security Center]

Anitta, Phil, George, Tracy, Zal, and so many other security members met up at the Security Center, so that Anitta can give orders to prepare the three teams. There was a stage, which Anitta was on. Everyone else was at the bottom of the stage, ready to hear Anitta make her statement.

  • Anitta Costa: Okay, everyone, I have some major announcements to bring up.

Everyone paid attention. George, Tracy, and Zal knew what she was going to discuss. Phil looked on in curiosity for more explanation for why Anitta is concerned like she is now.

  • Anitta Costa: After... becoming aware of some possible technical difficulties and health issues from our dinosaurs, I would like to propose that we set up three teams to investigate each sector of our park to observe the dinosaurs and see if there's any issue with them, as well as make sure if our security systems are intact, since I have reasons of suspicion to believe that there may have been a... hijacker.

The crowd murmured at what Anitta said. A hijacker, they heard?

  • Anitta Costa: I understand this may sound bizarre, due to the amount of security on the island, but just in case, we need to make absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong with our security, lest the guests may encounter harm or danger. The first team will consist of me, George, Tracy, and Zal, as well as some security members for backup, the second team will consist of Phil and many other security members, and the third team will have multiple dinosaur wranglers. We will all split up into different sections of the park to see what's wrong, if there is any.

The crowd murmured more, although Anitta noticed this.

  • Anitta Costa: I'm afraid to take up your patience, but it is imperative that we do this.

The crowd murmured again, but heard Anitta's words. They all agreed. Anitta got down from the stage, hoping to address her concerns and solve this issue once and for all. She met up with George, Tracy, Zal, and Phil.

  • Phil Gardner: So, Mrs. Costa. What's this about?

Anitta hesitated, but she addressed Phil. She nervously smiled

  • Anitta Costa: Well... don't take my word for it, but it's just one last double check since tourists came flocking in here.

Phil was not very sure on Anitta's answer, but Tracy cleared it up.

  • Tracy Hegler: So Phil, it was just that her sister, Carlotta, was attacked by a male Ojoceratops, and we're concerned that someone, most presumably Kajal Lambert herself, hacked the security. And thus, we're checking to see if any other dinosaur was released and try to stop the disease from spreading the island.
  • Phil Gardner: Ah, gotcha.

Phil now knew.

  • Anitta Costa: Phil, prepare now.
  • Phil Gardner: Okay. Lets go.

Some time later, the three teams were prepared. They each consisted of two large black trucks holding a large amount of people. The trucks drove off, separating from each other and going into different directions.

[Herbivore Plains]

Two trucks were driving through the plains to investigate an area with herbivorous dinosaurs in it. Their sputtering engines and subtle movements up and down as they roamed the wild terrain gave an impression on their weight.

Inside one of the trucks was Phil, who was in the passenger seat next to another Caucasian man who was driving the truck. Another Caucasian man was in the back between the two in the front. He wore a navy blue shirt with black buttons, black cargo pants, a vest in the shades of green and brown much like the military, and a navy cap. On the rest of the back of the truck, there were about 15 other wranglers, each with proper uniforms.

  • Phil Gardner: So, it’s looking lively today, boys?
  • Adao Guerrero: Yeah, right... especially when it’s opening day, for crying out loud.

The man driving the truck was Adao Guerrero, a comrade to Phil Gardner.

  • Jorge Moore: To be fair, whatever happened, it must be resolved swiftly since the tourists are already here, and—-
  • Phil Gardner: Gee, we get it, Jorge. Don’t need to flex it.

Phil stated his words in sarcasm to the man behind him and Adao, who was Jorge Moore, the “rookie” of the three.

  • Phil Gardner: Honest though, glad to have you two back. I’ve been quite busy on my own.
  • Adao Guerrero: Heh. It’s not the first time me and Jorge had some heck to start with.
  • Jorge Moore: Sure, but may we contact the other teams on their progress?

Phil heard Moore’s request and took out his radio.

  • Phil Gardner: Hey hey, Mrs. Costa coming in?

[Another section of Herbivore Plains]

Anitta was leaning on one of the trucks, as she was in between two trucks, when her radio came on. She noticed it, heard Phil’s voice, and proceeded to pick it up.

  • Anitta Costa: Phil, is that you?
  • Phil Gardner (radio): Just wanted to check how you’re doing. As for us, we’re on our way to other dinosaurs on here in the plains from where you’re at. What’s your current situation?
  • Anitta Costa: Well...

Anitta aimed her eyes to the men outside the truck that were with something.

Stomps were heard, just a little close to Anitta’s team. It was on the grass, due to it being subtle and not too loud, but Anitta knew clearly what’s he was looking at.

Just then, a beak came down to bite the tip blades of the grass. The beak was W-shaped that sported small ridges that went up and down as the beak went along, grasping the blades of grass with some raised tips on the beak. It also has a lump of facial flesh on its snout. The mouth and face beyond the beak of the creature were some subtle reddish rose colors mixed with brown, with a couple of violet spots near the eye. The creature opened and closed its jaws, chewing the green, thin, blades of grass.

The head of the creature led to its full body, where it was hadrosaurid. The body was a warm autumn brown with a tinge of subtle purplish violet with white triangular stripes on its back. The tail had the white stripes convert into black iridescent stripes that cover the tail, with the black stripes somehow shining colors of the rainbow as the sun’s rays rain down on them. The underbelly was tannish white, the and arms legs also has the brownish coloration with a hint of violet but had a few white stripes on them, but the hands and feet were white.

The animal chewed the grass with its W-shaped beak, weighing in 4 tons, and being 10 feet tall and 30 feet long. It sported round midline scales from the neck to the end of the tail, with a streak of protruding scales on the top sides of the back on each side of the body.

Just then, another hadrosaurid rose up in view from behind the shovel-billed hadrosaur, but was much different looking.

The other hadrosaur was about 30 feet in length, weighing 4 tons and 10 feet tall, like the shovel-billed hadrosaur, but it had a long, slight downward curving crest on the back of its head, with a plain smooth-surfaced beak on the top and the bottom. The body was a blend of sandy beige and light grey, a tan underbelly, a few light green spots on the shoulders, some reddish spots around the face and light green patterns on the crest with the bright red color on the top of the crest. Two lines, the bright red on top and the light green on the bottom, streaked from the eye across the body to the base of the tail, where thin vertical red stripes were on the tail.

Anitta looked at the two varying hadrosaurs with an uncertain look, hoping that they were not infected. She paused for a small moment, witnessing the two hadrosaurs grazing. She saw some wranglers keeping their distance from the hadrosaurs, observing any behavioral abnormalities with them.

  • Anitta Costa: I’m here seeing a herd of Parasaurolophus and Aquilarhinus, with some Europasaurus to count.

The shovel-billed hadrosaur was an Aquilarhinus, and the tube crested hadrosaur was a Parasaurolophus, both from the Late Cretaceous. They remained grazing as they didn’t mind the wranglers watching them from a relative distance from them.

  • Phil Gardner (radio): Well, check and see if those animals in your area are alright. Is Zal and the others with you?
  • Anitta Costa: Yes, they are. They’re seeing other individuals and checking up on them as well.
  • Phil Gardner (radio): Well, that’s good to hear. If you need anything, contact me.
  • Anitta Costa: Understood.
  • Phil Gardner (radio): See ya.

Phil’s radio went out, disconnecting from Anitta’s radio.

Anitta kept on watching the hadrosaurs with the wranglers ahead of her, also seeing the hadrosaurs.

A call from a short distance can be heard, as it sounded like the Parasaurolophus. The Aquilarhinus and the Parasaurolophus heard the call, with the latter giving out another gentle call from its tube crest. The Aquilarhinus took notice of the call. The Parasaurolophus started moving to the left in front of the wranglers, following the call to go back to its herd. The Aquilarhinus then followed.

Anitta saw the two moving, signaling to her that she should order the men not far off in front of her to move with them to follow them. The men also also noticed the hadrosaurs moving away, and they slowly walked towards them to maintain distance.

[Where George, Tracy, and Zal is]

A herd of other Parasaurolophus and Aquilarhinus, as well as some horizontal-postured sauropods smaller than the hadrosaurs at 20 feet long and 10 feet tall, as well as weighing about 1,100 pounds.

These sauropods were quite small compared to the more popular view on larger and gargantuan sauropods, but it had a relatively long neck although it wasn’t very long, a long tail, a somewhat bulky body with four legs. It was a dark brown with yellow spots throughout the body, as well as a couple of gold markings on the eye orbit. It also had a peach underbelly.

The sauropods grazed along with the other hadrosaurs, keeping their necks horizontal.

From a short distance, Tracy was taking photos, while George just watched the hadrosaurs and small sauropods to observe any irrational behavior. Zal stood next to them, glaring at the animals like an eagle’s glare.

Anitta walked towards the three to check on them.

  • Anitta Costa: Are the herbivores acting strange?

Zal took one more glance at how the herbivores are behaving, double-checking.

  • Zal Slarker: Well, I do not notice any unusual physiological acts by the animals here.
  • Anitta Costa: Have you checked the Europasaurus? They are grass grazers, and the bacteria disease is most likely to be on the floor, so check that.

Zal was notified to check on the Europasaurus.

  • Zal Slarker: I'll double check...

Zal looked at the brown sauropods with yellow spots, which happened to be Europasaurus, as grazing relaxingly from the distance.

  • Anitta Costa: So, George. Any updates on your part?
  • George Geraldson: Not much. We can be sure the disease spread throughout many parts of the island, but as for here, I don't think so. This herd seems perfectly fine.
  • Anitta Costa: The other team with Phil are heading towards another area where the some of the other herbivorous dinosaurs are located, and the team with Manuel Pablo will be heading towards the backup security monitor located in a bunker in the area in that jungle. So maybe Phil can see if any of the dinosaurs on his part are infected.
  • George Geraldson: The more eyes we have, the merrier, they say. Oh, and about Pablo, the guy the others talk about?
  • Anitta Costa: Manuel is a very skilled staff member and an incredible man who contributed largely to the park as a whole due to his study on the biological aspects of the animals that we've provided on this island. I was confident to have him lead the third team to investigate the security systems.
  • George Geraldson: Yeah, I figured. I'll check on the other hadrosaurs here.
  • Anitta Costa: Okay, I'll update you whenever I can.

George turned his attention to focus on the Parasaurolophus and the Aquilarhinus.

  • Anitta Costa: Tracy.
  • Tracy Hegler: Yeah?
  • Anitta Costa: How are the guests in the meantime? Are proper security guidelines established as I've ordered, as well as to prevent anyone knowing aside from us?
  • Tracy Hegler: Pretty sure they are, but that might cause some suspicion, but hopefully not by too much.

Anitta was moderately concerned, but she had other topics to keep in mind.

Just then, Zal approached Anitta.

  • Zal Slarker: Mrs. Costa?

Anitta knew that when it came to Zal, something of utmost matter needed to be addressed.

  • Anitta Costa: Any news, Slarker?

Anitta clearly was dedicated to ensuring no issues, so she had no doubt listening to what Zal had to say.

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