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In 1994, John Hammonds ''Jurassic Park'' opened to the public, It was extremely successful, leading to the construction of a second park in 1996.

One of the Azores Islands, off the coast of Portugal has been chosen as the location for this park, but this task was hard to complete in August of 1996, when the settlers of this small island began to revolt, throwing rocks and everyday items, like lamps at the InGen construction team, in response, they send local security forces to the island, leading to the 1996 controversies, InGen nearly filed for bankruptcy, but John Hammond, the CEO and co-founder of InGen, decided it was a better idea to postpone the construction of this new island until they had enough money to begin, and with the funds coming in from the Isla Nublar Theme Park and Resort, they managed to keep the company steady enough to continue construction on the park, and by 1998, construction was finished.

Transportation of the animals began in late 1998, and the staff were transported soon after, the park was now functional, and opened early June of 1999.

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