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Jurassic Park: T-Rex's Revenge is a fan-fiction film written by XxDinoFlamerxx that will released between March and June in 2015. The film is to be dedicated to the creators of the original Jurassic Park movies and the upcoming film Jurassic World.


Chapter One

The fan-fiction film begins in isla sorna. There was a dead Tyrannosaurus on the ground. Then suddenly, a group of African Jurassic park doctors went curious examining the dead dinosaur and decide to revive him. One of the African doctors pour medical potions like Ex podium Mäcrum (a purple potion that cures neck snapping), Ãxęr Dørlum (a red potion that clears the big wounds), and Überšīn (a yellow potion to give the dinosaur more strength in his muscles and jaws). After that, they wait ten seconds to see if the medical potions worked. They hear a growl and find out the Tyrannosaurus is standing up. He looks at the African doctors and purrs around them. One of the African villagers do their tribal calling and the african doctors bow to the Tyrannosaurus and go home. The tyrannosaurus smiles and walks around the island and finds a group of soldiers grab the tyrannosaurus and put him in the boat. They sail to a place that is brand new and where a paleontologist named Dr. Grant and a group of friends of his live.

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