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This fanfiction contains bad language.
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Jurassic Park: The New Era, marketed as Jurassic Park: New Era, is a 2019 science fiction-adventure story, prequel to The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and the third entry (fanonically) in the Jurassic Park franchise. It was written by Maurice Charles, and stars Sam NeillLaura Dern, Alessandro Nivola and Sarah Danielle Madison.





What happened before the rediscovery of the Lost World? What happened a couple of years after the Jurassic Park incident? The answer, however, will be installed in this story to begin devouring it.

Alan Grant, world-famous paleontologist, is invited to an evening at John Roxton's manor, the best friend of Grant. Shortly after starting the evening, meticulously orchestrated by Roxton's grandson, Tyler Lee, old familiar faces meet again, and an intriguing mystery would become the new host. Before the imminent atmosphere of mystery, Grant, accompanied by his old lady-friend, Ellie Sattler, must turn to the past and try to put together the puzzle that has tied them to that meeting. Persecuted by some strange aberrant forms that haunt them, our group will remember all the secrets they discovered about the darkest episodes in InGen's history. Following a trail of clues composed of works of art and enigmatic symbols, they will have few hours to try to uncover Roxton's fascinating research... and its startling revelation about the extinction of dinosaurs.

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