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Jurassic Park: The Spoof is an upcoming fanfilm by Styracosaurus Rider and others. It will parody the first Jurassic Park novel (and movie to a certain extent).




Initial development

Jurassic Park: The Spoof had a long and complicated development history, and it is likely impossible to pin down its exact origin. Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki user Styracosaurus Rider pondered the idea of a Jurassic Park film as created by Monty Python as early as late 2010/early 2011, while low-budget remakes ("swedes") of Jurassic Park had been posted on the Internet since 2008 or earlier. Most of the cast of the film had been involved in amateur film and drama productions before, covering a wide variety of mediums.

The development of Jurassic Park: The Spoof officially began on March 21, 2012. Over the next week, the main cast was finalized and various aspects of the film relating to production began to be discussed. It was decided that instead of parodying the film, the normal target of Jurassic Park swedes, the novel would be mainly parodied, with some movie scenes included as well. Originally, it was slated for a September release.

However, during late spring and early summer, development hell hit the film due to lack of time for the project in people's schedules. This was the situation for most of the rest of the year. On August 17, Styracosaurus Rider visited Field Station: Dinosaurs and filmed a couple minutes of footage of animatronic sauropods that could be inserted into the movie, but it was ultimately scrapped due to its subpar quality. The Field Station was a location that would be later visited and used for some of the film's scenes.

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern United States, which put the film on seemingly indefinite hiatus. It was noted with some irony that this was a situation faced by the crew of Jurassic Park itself, as Hurricane Iniki arrived in Hawaii when filming was taking place. Due to the much lower budget of the spoof, it was impossible to continue work on the film after the hurricane. The tentative new release date was announced as June 11, 2013, and on December 2, Styracosaurus Rider started work on the first draft of the script.

Development hell continued throughout 2013, pushing the release date back to an unknown point in the near future, and the film has not yet made any considerable progress. It is expected that the script will be completed after discussions and negotiations with the cast, whereupon filming can begin.




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