I have no plans for working on this anymore, as I've been developing a "sweded"-type video that I can actually make without Graham Chapman. I'm keeping the page for reference though as it was the source of this swede and a large influence.

This fanfiction contains bad language.
It may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

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As I promised you, it's...!

This will be written in script format, and stars all the Pythons!

It is based on the novel, because I thought it would be cool, and because Henry Wu is just too damn cool to appear only as a cameo.

WARNING: I am writing this like a real Python film. For those who are Python fans, you know exactly what I mean. Viewer discretion is advised. OK?

The Script

A black screen. Remain like this for around 2 minutes.
Then fade to a jungle scene. Various bird noises can be heard. Wait for a few moments.
Then, there's a faint crashing noise, like something big moving through the jungle. Just farther away. Then there's a roar.
The crashing becomes louder. And LOUDER. And LOUDER. Going so loud the speakers are gonna blow any minute now. The crashing goes on for about 2 minutes. And suddenly:
The It's Man bursts through the brush. Gasping for breath, he stops. And then:

It's Man: It's---

And then he is promptly pulled from the top by a long, toothy mouth and nearly brought off-screen, so only his legs are dangling.
Animatronic-sculpting spino This fanfiction is not yet complete and is under construction.

And now for something completely different:

Cast (in order of appearance)

It's Man---Michael Palin