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The Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki is a place where you can build up and write your Jurassic Park inspired fanfiction or movie, or just your story about you and Jurassic Park. The wiki has 1,885 articles and 4,055 images since February 7ᵗʰ, 2010‎. Anyone can create a fanfiction, but don't edit other’s unless absolutely necessary, as it isn't your story. Also, communicate properly! You can register to keep track of your contributions.

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"Alan Grant is invited to an evening at John Roxton's manor. Shortly after starting the evening, old familiar faces meet again, and an intriguing mystery would become the new host. Persecuted by some strange aberrant forms that haunt them, our group will remember all the secrets they discovered about the darkest episodes in InGen's history. Following a trail of clues composed of works of art and enigmatic symbols, they will have few hours to try to uncover Roxton's fascinating research and its startling revelation about the extinction of dinosaurs."

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"Little time has passed since the tragic events of the Lockwood Manor occurred. The illegal genetic engineering has exploded, and a mysterious disease has caused the American Southwest to be abandoned. Among all this, in a small town called Glen Rose, a man known as Joshua Malchom, Ian Malcolm's nephew, and a rogue Raptor named Ember, will embark on rather turbulent journey that will then force them to survive in a near-apocalyptic hell. All be welcome to the woods..."

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"At the earliest drawings of the fractal curve, few clues to the underlying mathematical structure will be seen. With subsequent drawings of the fractal curve, sudden changes may appear. Details emerge more clearly as the fractal curve is drawn. Inevitably, underlying instabilities begin to appear. Flaws in the system will now become severe. System recovery may prove impossible. Increasingly, the mathematics will demand the courage to face its implications."

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July 28ᵗʰ, 2019
  • A new story has been created, Jurassic World: The Collapse. Read it here.
  • James Carden is now a new character to Rebuilding Jurassic World.
  • The main page, as well as the wordmark, of the wiki has been updated.
  • Diabolusaurus127's experimental project already has an official release date. More information here.
July 29ᵗʰ, 2019
July 30ᵗʰ, 2019
  • Jurassic Park: Azores has already published its first chapters. Read them here.
  • Carnotaur has announced his new short story, Serpent Of The Sea: Can You Draw Out Leviathan? To know more details of the story, check it here.
  • Jurassic Galaxy is a new fanfic in development. See about the proyect here.



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