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A Featured Article is an article that the Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki community believes sets the standard of quality for the site. These are the best articles by Jurassic Park Fanon Wiki users.  


Previously, votes were taken to determine which stories could be classified as Featured Article, and all votes were made through the "Featured Articles Candidates" section; however, this was abandoned in 2013. But, in 2019, the Featured Articles have returned in a new way.


At this time, the old way to nominate an article or story as a Featured Article wasn't retaken; however, a new way to classify any story as a featured article can be done here: "Featured Articles Nominations". A list of all Featured Articles has been compiled from 2011 to the present day. Here is the list:


2011 - 2012

2019 - 2020

Nominated articles

While it is true that many stories managed to be a Featured Article, there are others that were nominated but that failed to be a Featured Article and, for those stories that were only nominated, a silver icon is placed. Here is a list of the nominees for Featured Article:

2011 - 2014

Remakes of the first stories

This is a list of remakes that are part of a fanon project. The project consists of writing remakes of the first stories published before the new administration.

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