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This fanfiction contains bad language.
It may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

Jurassic Park IV: Extinction is a story written by Styracosaurus Rider. It was originally written in 2010-2011 and completed in January 2011, but the author has since decided to rewrite the story. The original version can be found here, and an explanation for the rewrite can be found here.

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At the moment, I've placed a quick hiatus on the rewrite due to my being very busy, but I hope the whole story will be completed soon.


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Special content

Author's notes

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The "Author's Commentaries for Jurassic Park IV: Extinction" contains Styracosaurus Rider's commentaries, describing various behind-the-chapters aspects.


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If you are interested in knowing how the progress of the chapters for this rewriting is going, be sure that you will find all this in the official Jurassic Park IV: Extinction Sandbox. However, it is recommend that you take your precautions, as it is likely to have strong spoilers about the story.


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  • Paul Emhart
  • Unnamed boat driver
  • Alan Grant
  • Unnamed dig volunteer
  • Richard Levine
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Beverly


  • Rather like the original version of the story, Jurassic Park IV: Extinction features many elements from both Michael Crichton's novels.