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Spinoman1 Fan Made Jurassic Park IV- Waterworld Logo
"Life found a way! I warned you, Tim Murphy, that this was a bad idea, a very bad idea" - Dr Ian Malcolm to Tim Murphy once they got to Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld

Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld

Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld is Starscream7's idea of what Jurassic Park IV should be about. Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld is set in between Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World.

It is mostly set on Isla Sorna and it's coastlines. The story was started by Starscream7 and is his idea but has been added to by Spinoman1. Minor Edit's may have occurred from other Wikia users. Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld includes classical character's and some newer ones but none from Jurassic World other than Simon Masrani and Vic Hoskins who play very minor roles. The following pictures are fan made Jurassic Park IV logos. The top one was created by Spinoman1 and the bottom one was used in the trailer for Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld which is shown below.


A two years after the Isla Sorna plane crash, top paleontologist Alan Grant, paleobotanist Ellie Sattler and mathmetician Ian Malcolm are summoned by Tim Murphy, who is now twenty-one and has inherited InGen since his grandfathers death, whom has hopes for making attracting more tourists by making a newer, more advanced version of Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: Waterworld. In the new version, marine reptiles would be added. Murphy states that a fleet of ships called the InGen Voyagers have been sent out toward the far-out coasts of Isla Sorna. Murphy also asks for the trio to go with him to the largest ship in the fleet - which currently housed a giant Icthyosaur tank. Grant asks how the reptiles were created - and Murphy states that modern day reptiles ... such as alligators/crocodiles, komodo dragons and salamanders were all "mutated" with a morphed DNA code. They sat in a cell for approximatly five years (1998-2003) before they were released onto the coast of Isla Sorna. Murphy also noted that the population included Plesiosaurs, Icthyosaurs, Ammonites - prehistoric sharks/fish and a gigantic, 80-foot long Liopleurodon. Pterosaurs were also added to the coast (some were from the Aviary. Grant decided that he would go, seeing that with such a big ship (which was nearly a half-a-mile in length), nothing could go wrong. Sattler soon decided to go as well - and Malcolm decided to as well ... though he said that he would take heavy caution after the two past incidents that he had witnessed. Nick Van Owen, Billy Brennan, Richard Levine, Sarah Harding and Roland Tembo were all invited to join the crew - and all eagerly decided to participate. Newcomers Brandon, Fredrick Williams, Jonathan Carter, John Tembo (Roland's son who is thirteen years old), Jackson Avery and Michael Carson came as well.

The following day, the crew of around 15 flew in a helicopter to the fleet, and they landed on the main largest one. Once the crew got out, they were greeted by the man in charge of the deck, Roger Carson. He is Michael Carson's brother. Carson showed them around the deck, introduced them to the other 30+ crew members and he let them see all of the ship's hidden weapons and marine captives (Icthyosaurs). At that point, it was nearing dawn, and the crew was settling in for the night.

Near midnight, Grant is one of the only ones awake on the ship. He is startled when he hears an eerie "roaring" noise that sounded like an echoing groan. He began to sat up - yet lay back down when he heard a loud splash. Peaking out of his room's window, he heard a loud screech as something scraped the hull of the ship. Running out of his room, Grant reached the deck - only to see a black and white hump sticking out of the water partially, nearly 200 meters away from the ship. Suddenly, the hump dissappeared, and Grant began to slowly back up. As his feet reached the stairs, the ship was rocked with a sudden thrust. Grant ran back to his room, and waited several more minutes before going to sleep without hearing any more noises.

The next morning, the crew was on deck - with many people preparing for a dive into the ocean. Nick Van Owen was extremely eager, camera in hand, ready to take shots of whatever might be down in the sea. Nick, Sattler, Avery and four other men dove into the sea with chain-mail suits on, as well as water-proof tasers. At this time, the other ships began to move back toward land - which was approximately twenty miles away.

This scene went on and on, as the divers swam with a group of Hesperonis and followed an Archaleon turtle before stopping next to a Leedsicthys. Suddenly, a stream of blood neared the group, and the colassal fish began to turn quickly. The group swam away from the fish - yet Owen and another camera man neared it, hoping to get a video of whatever was causing the blood flow from the fish. However, thier luck ran out when a Mosasaur - one 40 feet in length - dove over and nearly bit Owen's head off. The mosasaur struck again, eating the camera man and sending his camera floating to the surface. Owen swam away and barely escaped with his life. The ship's crew retrieved the camera, Nick and scared away the marine reptile.

Grant immediately pulled Murphy aside, saying that they needed to release all of the captive creatures. Murphy denied this and walked away. Yet Grant took matters into his own hands by traveling into the ship's interior with Sattler, Malcolm, Billy and Levine close behind. There, they began to view the underwater scenery through a large glass window - and the furious Liopleurodon suddenly stormed upwards and smashed open the window, allowing tons of water to flow in. Everyone began to flee the flooding room and locked up the steel doors to prevent a flood. However, several mosasaurs began to swim through the shattered room and rammed into the doors. Quickly, everyone began to run away, which was a wise choice as the doors burst apart and several mosasaurs flowed through twenty seconds after they began running.

Back on the desk, Roger told Murphy that there was a pressure failure down in one of the tunnels of the ship, which Murphy was not pleased about. Immediately, he decided that they needed to find the safest way to get everyone onto the deck of the ship. But Roger and his brother said that the ship's complex tunnel systems was too hard to get through before they would flood out - which lead to the next thought: the deep sea beneath them would surely swallow the ship whole once it began to sink enough. Roger declared that he and his brother were going to head down and through the ship to find the others. Roland, and Avery came as well. Murphy remains on the deck with John.

Inside the ship, Grant lead the others down a corridor that had a small trickle of water heading down it. As they began to move down it, they heard a rumbling from behind them, and water began to storm down the hall toward them. The four sprinted down the corridor and made a right turn. They ran up another corridor and proceeded to a left one - but another storm of water sent them flying off their feet. Grant frantically attempted to reach the surface, and when he did, realized that the eight-foot high hallway had seven feet of water of it - and it kept coming. Grant lead the four down the corridor, and when he resurfaced, he found an escape vent. He opeJohn the hatch leading to it and crawled inside with the others - but the only problem was that the hatch was sideways, although there was a ladder inside it - if they slipped, they would plunge back into the water. With Grant in the lead and Levine in the back, they climbed as the water continued to rush through the hallway. Suddenly - a mosasaur sprung out of the water and shot into the hatch, barely missing Levine. Luckily, everyone made it out alright. Grant closed a heavy steel hatch that was on top, which would hopefully seal off the water for now.

In the meantime, Roger Carson walked down a stairwell with everyone close behind him. They all carried harpoons, rifles, and weapons like these. Looking at the map, they determiJohn where the pressure failure had been, and where they may have gone to escape. From there, they could predict their approximate location in the ship. They began to search for them.

Grant decided that they needed to find any stairwells so that they could at least get closer to the surface, where less water would be - although Malcolm begins disagreeing with how this could possibly happen, and how the effects of the flooding ship would surely overcome them all before they could reach the surface. Ignoring Malcolm's speculation, Dr. Grant heads down the hallway to where a stairwell is. As he does so, he realizes that there are windows on the side of the stairwell - which terrifies him, knowing that they're directly next to the sea monsters lurking in the deep. Just then, an explosion of water comes down the hall, and they begin to climb the stairs. It is then that one of the smaller mosasaurs that had snuck inside the ship earlier began to swim down the hall and toward the stairwell. The pressure building underneath the ship began to become too much, and the windows began to crack. More water began to rush down the hall, allowing the mosasaur to swim up the stairwell. Two others accompanied it. As the water reached the windows, they shattered apart.

Grant's group was still climbing the stairwell, although the water was coming in very quickly. They managed to make it to the next floor as the water continued to rise. Finally, Grant found a map mounted on the wall. Apparently, they were about thirty feet beneath the surface, and the boat was sinking, sending them deeper into the ocean. Suddenly, the Liopleurodon's head crashed through the side of the ship, its jaws thrashing in front of Billy and Levine. As water began to shoot into the area - Grant, Sattler and Malcolm began heading up without them, and Billy and Levine were forced down the stairwell by the water. The weight of the Liopleurodon brought down a huge section of the stairwell well - causing it to collapse, blocking Billy and Levine from Grant and the others. As the two stood still while staring at the huge mount of debris, water slowly began to creep through. Realizing that the water would build up and bust out soon enough, Billy and Levine began to run down the hall. Above, the water began to rise and flow rapidly down the hall Grant, Malcolm and Sattler were escaping in. Billy and Levine had run sixty feet before the debris burst apart and water shot through. They found a working elevator, went up one floor, and found the others running. Grant, Sattler and Malcolm leapt into the elevator just as the water began to flow down the hallway.

In the meantime, Roger Carson lead his group down a hallway with water up to their chests. Looking around cautiously, they kept a careful lookout for the others. To be aware if anything was in the water, Avery ducked his head down and looked around. He saw nothing - but when he looked up and out of the water, he saw the dark form of a mosasaur speeding toward them forty feet away.

As the elevator continued rising, it suddenly stopped and jerked to the side. Water started flooding the elevator quickly, forcing Billy, Levine, Grant, Sattler and Malcolm towards the top. Together they managed to push the vent on the elevator's roof off and swam out. Realizing that they are now sixty feet beneath the boat they look down and see the elevator is stuck in the Liopleurodon's mouth. Together the group try to swim towards the surface, however Grant, realizing that it is the only way to get to the surface before they drown, starts dropping heavy things onto the Liopleurodon to get it's attention, the others notice Grant and start to do the same thing as they swim to the surface. A torch falls onto a thick wire keeping the elevator stuck on the Liopleurodon's tooth. The torch falls in between the tooth and the wire. The Liopleurodon furiously thrashes it's head to get the elevator off, resulting in the torch trying to move and the torch dislodges the wire. The Liopleurodon get's the elevator out of it's mouth then Grant's watch hit's it in the head, the Liopleurodon looks up to see what hit it and begins swimming towards the group.

Meanwhile, Roger Carson and his group started shooting the Mosasaurus however it kills four of Roger's men and Roger himself before Roland shoot's its head resulting in the Mosasaurus' death. Roland, now declaring that he's in charge, orders them to head back to the deck as it is too dangerous and Billy, Levine, Grant, Malcolm and Sattler are all likely dead. Just then a wave of water flood's the hallway and the group run out as fast as they could, fearing the water and what was inside of it.

Murphy, starts to get the helicopter ready seeing that the ship was sinking furiously fast and tried to get John into the helicopter but he wouldn't leave his mother down there. Just then the fittest of the group get back to the group and seeing Murphy in the helicopter run to get inside. Luckily one of them nearly had the Helicopter's licence and started the helicopter. As they were the air, the remainder of the group, including Roland and Avery, got to the deck however the pilot realizing there wasn't enough room for them inside the helicopter and headed straight to Isla Nublar.

Grant get's the group to spread out so it's harder for the Liopleurodon to aim at the group and eat them. The Liopleurodon charges straight at the group but as they move away it get's confused and keeps changing direction to get one of them. By the time it gets to the group it hasn't got someone. Grant gets the others to grab on. The Liopleurodon jumps up in the air with the group hanging on to it, gasping for air.

Roland, feeling water dropping on his back like rain, turnt around to see the Liopleurodon falling towards the ship order the remainder of the group and John to jump of off the ship.

At the last second Grant get's his group to jump off and swim for the ship but when the Liopleurodon comes down it lands on the ship destroying it completely. Grant yells at the others to get on top of a piece of debris and head for the island. Roland and his group go with Grant towards Isla Sorna.

By nightfall the group made it to the island, then Malcolm, Grant and Roland all remember the island. Malcolm and Roland, the only two who know the way off of the island argue whether or not they should risk the journey ahead to escape, remembering the journey and the men they lost then. They decide to get a map out and point out known area's that are dangerous. Eventually they lead towards the same area Grant was in when he was with the Kerby family and tells them that they need to avoid certain area's and once again they change the route to what they believe is the safest way.

Malcolm, Grant, Roland, Billy, Harding, and Sattler lead the group through the island for three days without any trouble however on the third night they camped and hours walk from where the Tyrannosaurus rex' territory and the Spinosaurus' territories collide. They warn the rest to be careful and to report anything to them after that they ordered to set camp and go to sleep.

Afterwards Roland took John away and showed him how to kill a larger dinosaur, first he used a Remington 870 Shotgun and blew up a tree, he told John to use this to shoot at the dinosaurs thigh which will demobilise the dinosaur, then he used a UMP45 Submachine gun to shoot the remaining tree stump, he told John to use this on the dinosaurs head.

That night as everyone was getting to sleep they heard a massive roar which unsettled the group and Malcolm, Grant, Roland, Billy, Avery and Sattler had trouble calming them down and had to have a lookout so the others could get to sleep.

On the fourth day everything appeared to be ok until midday when a Spinosaurus unexpected attacked the group. John fired several times at the Spinosaurus and managed to get it to retreat, however the group survived with fourteen casualties including, Carter and Avery, the group barely managed to escape and they only have fourteen people alive including, Nick Van Owen, Harding, Levine, Brandon, Williams, Carson, Malcolm, Grant, Roland, Billy, John, Sattler and two other men. Roland was disapointed with John as he did not do as he told him. They now moved a lot quickly knowing that they were being hunted by the Spinosaurus. One of the two remaining men came up with the idea that they should take a short cut through the T-rex' territory and it will kill the Spinosaurus, however Grant didn't agree remembering how easily and quickly the Spinosaurus killed the juvenile T-rex and going that way the would get closer to the Velociraptor's nest. So the remainder of the group continued with the same route.

Continued for another two days without the Spinosaurus showing up and the same guy stated that they have probably lost the Spinosaurus and everything would be alright, but the others, knowing from experience disagreed. At that moment two adult Tyrannosaurus' appeared forcing the group the way they came and into the Spinosaurus, the two Tyrannosaurus' and the Spinosaurus starting a massive fight and were making it harder for the group to get away. Towards the end however the Spinosaurus was just about to kill the male T-rex when the female went straight for the Spinosaurus' head to kill it but while the Spinosaurus' head was in the female T-rex' mouth it scratched the T-rex' neck forcing the female back, the Spinosaurus left the male to die as it went for the female, a massive fight occurred between the two but just as the Tyrannosaur was about to be killed, the male Tyrannosaurus managed to eventually get up and charged at the Spinosaurus knocking it to the ground, the Spinosaurus landed on it's sail, snapped it and became paralyzed. The two T-rex' starting eating it alive.

The group, now disorientated and lost, decided to head for the mountains, however Grant and Billy warJohn them that near some of the mountains in the area, not knowing which ones, had the Velociraptor nests at the bottom, however Roland stated that it was there only chance and the was fifty percent chance the will go to the wrong mountains.

The group walked towards the mountains and by nightfall they set camp at the foot of the mountains, Roland now stated that we were at the safer mountains and no Velociraptor nests had been found.

The next day they headed up the mountain and spotted the facility where they could call for a rescue team. Grant decided to have a look at the map before the go down to the facility, he notices that the Velociraptor nests were at the foot of the mountains however they were on the other side, the ones that Roland and Malcolm had come across when they originally came, and the ones he was referring to were on the side of the mountain they just came up, Grant now realising that they were stuck in between the two nests told Roland that they should go to the valley and go around, however Roland disagreed and said it would take to long. The group then split in two, Billy, Malcolm, Nick, Sattler and Harding went with Grant into the valley, the rest went with Roland, straight through.

Grant and Malcolm lead there half of the group through to the valley where they met a herd of Ceratopsians, including Triceratops, Styracosaurs and Pentaceratops. The herd didn't seem to be bothered until the T-rex' came the adult Ceratopsians then started defending the herd from the Tyrannosaurs and trampled the group a bit, injuring Sattler and Nick, Sattler received a broken arm and Nick snapped his leg. The group managed to get out and the T-rex' retreated away from the herd. The group went to the river and found a small boat. Malcolm, Billy and Grant managed to get it working again.

Roland took his group down the mountain. Everything appeared safe so the group continued towards the old facility, suddenly a herd of Pachycephalosaurs started running towards them, quickly followed by Velociraptors. One Pachycephalosaur head-butted a Velociraptor towards the group it got up and saw the easier targets. It called out to the rest of the pack who surrounded the group. Roland told the group to get up the tree's and they did so, however two unnamed men died. John barely managed to get in the tree in time as he was too short to grab the branch so he hooked onto it with the submachine gun magazine, swung himself up and kicked the raptor in the throat when it jumped at him. He then climbed up higher and shot at the Velociraptors to scare them away and did so successfully.

Meanwhile, Grant and his group were getting closer to the facility, on one side of the river there were herds of all different species including Brachiosaurus' and Ankylosaurs. The herds then seemed disturbed and Grant told Billy to steer the boat towards the middle of the river. Then the T-rex' appeared on the same side of the river as the facility, walking with the boat following it carefully knowing that they would have to stop at some point in time.

Roland, an hour after the Velociraptor's left, now told the group to get out of the tree's and move as quickly as possible to the facility. Estimating that they will make it before night in a couple of hours Roland rushed them as fast as possible. However not far behind them the Velociraptor quietly stalk the group to the facility, however the men soon forgot about the raptors when, unexpectedly, a Carnotaurus appeared in front of them, changing it's skin to show that it was right in front of them. John dived out of the way and got his shotgun out fumbling the ammo trying to load the gun. He finaly gets it and looks up to see the dinosaur looking down at him two meters away. Shocked he shoot at it's thigh missing as it started walking towards him. He shoot again, hitting it this time and it crumples down. John then gets out the machine gun and started shooting at it's head, killing it. Roland, after congratulating his son for killing the Carnotaurus, rushes the group to get moving towards the facility.

Grant, now next to the facility, carefully waits out the T-rex'. Seeing if they would enter the water to get them, if they do they have a chance of getting to the facility, then they hear shouts, Grant and his group realize it must be Roland and his group. The T-rex' also hear them and go for the other group. Grant then uses this opportunity to get to the facility.

Meanwhile Roland keeps shouting at the rest of the group to hurry up however he doesn't notice that the people who he thinks are slow at the back and not keeping up are actually dead and the men that get a meter away from the group will be killed by the Velociraptors. Then Roland hears a scream and realizes whats happening, and get's the group to move quicker and stay together. Then the surviving six run into the T-rex' and as they are being forced back to the Velociraptors one of them gets eaten. Then there with the Velociraptor's so they run to the T-rex' loosing another man to the Velociraptors. Finally the two meet and the T-rex' fight the Velociraptor pack.

Grant, now gets Sattler and Nick on the roof of the facility where they would be safe and where the helicopters will be, he also gets Sarah and Malcolm to stay with them on the roof. Grant and Billy go down to call the rescue team, however they get ambushed by the Velociraptor's that were going to ambush Roland and his men. When they were about to be forced out of the building Roland and his surviving to men enter. Roland, with his loaded shot gun shoots one of the four raptors killing it, the other three then attack, killing Roland's two surviving men. Grant now gets his harpoon, and shoots one of the raptors, Roland questions why he didn't shoot them before but Grant states he didn't want them to get them angry. Now they climb up the side of the building and Grant tells Billy that he, Roland and John will keep him safe from the raptors while he calls for the rescue. Then they get inside the building and set up for when the raptors come while Billy get's everything working again.

The raptors enter the building and Roland shoots one of them, the last surviving one then calls for the pack and reenters the building then John shoots it. The rest come in after that right when Billy hangs up the phone he turns around to see four raptors on him and seven upstairs on Grant, John and Roland. Grant uses his last ammo but misses his target. Grant, John and Roland, now out of ammo, brace themselves for the raptors. Just when the raptors jumped for Billy, Roland, John and Grant the two T-rex' came and ate the ones attacking Billy and as they did this they destroyed the side of the building destroying the platform Grant, John and Roland were on. The three find there way upstairs onto the roof while the the raptors get eaten by the T-rex'. However John tells Roland that he wants to kill a T-rex for sport and claim it as a trophy like his father did so many years ago and goes back down before Roland can stop him, so Roland goes down to help.

Roland tells John he will take the female, on the far side, and John goes to the closer one, the male, and gets his shot gun out and does exactly what his father told him to do. The two T-rex' go down together and bring the rest of the building down.

The two barely managed to get out of the rubble and both had several broken bones, Grant now yells at them for destroying the building and injury all of the others, who now had at least one bone broken, however before the argument escalated the rescue helicopters arrived and took them from the building and left to Isla Nublar, to the hospital and where they will leave to Costa Rica.

On the flight to Costa Rica Murphy informs them that he will have a water park, in Lake Badwater inside The Death Valley near the Mojave Desert which is on the outskirts of Las Vegas, that will include these dinosaurs and it is currently being built.

Once the team lands at Costa Rica he informs that it is nearly ready and asks of them to review the stability of the park like they reviewed the first one and claims it won't be dangerous because the dinosaurs can't escape. But all of the survivors other than Roland disagree with going to the new park. Tim Murphy offers them a big pay check of Ten Million USD (US Dollars) each if some disaster does happen all of them then agree to go other than Malcolm, Sattler and Grant. Murphy then tells them that he will raise to One Hundred Million USD, the others then reluctantly agree to go. Murphy then informs them that an investor will meet them tomorrow morning, Simon Masrani, and they will leave for the new park, that is ready to be opeJohn in four months, tomorrow not immediately like the others original thought.

That night Grant had a nightmare that the Velociraptors managed to get to Isla Nublar and were killing them one by one, now it was Grant's turn and he watches the handle open and the door swung open, before Grant saw the raptors he woke up and it was morning. He got ready and packed his stuff and left his room for breakfast. When we got out he realized everyone else was awake and were waiting for him. While they were waiting they and Masrani, who had already been introduced to everyone, were feeding the pterodactyls like people feed modern day birds. Grant questioJohn why they weren't attacking them so Murphy explains that these ones were born with humans and this is how they live, they don't attack them for food, they leave them so they can get food. After that Grant reluctantly feeds them while Masrani introduced himself to Grant. They then leave to catch the plane to Costa Rica.

The plane goes over the marine reptiles they were attacked by before and they watch some pterodactyls fly over the water.

Later they land at Costa Rica when Murphy then informs that they will take a plane to Las Vegas and will drive to the park.

Now at the park Murphy shows them to there dormitories where they will sleep for the next week or so. Murphy then gives them a quick tour around the park, showing them the new gates, the Liopleurodon's tank, the Mosasaur's tank, the prehistoric shark tanks, including a Megalodon, and the Ichthyosaurs' tank. He then takes them to a restaurant in Las Vegas for dinner. What Murphy didn't tell them is the he is importing all the species from the original park, other than the Velociraptors because since the first incident he has been scared of them and will not have a single one in his park, they were to arrive and put into there new enclosures that night.

Now the team is in bed, Murphy rushes back to the park to tell the Jurassic Park movement team to put the T-rex into the enclosure at the southern end due to the fact they have spotted cracks in the enclosure and it isn't safe.

The new Jurassic Park movement team, now tired from doing all the herbivorous dinosaurs, now prepare to put the T-rex into it's new enclosure however it's the wrong one. They do so successfully without any worries but as they get it in one worker remembers what Murphy told them and warns the group, but the leader states that it will be impossible to get it back in the cage and move, he also tells him that the T-rex hasn't escaped yet and it never will.

The following morning the team go through checking the park's stability, the first creature they see is the Mosasaurs which they spend very little time with, after that they have a look at the Liopleurodon which Masrani has a rather particular interest in so they spend a long time with the Liopleurodon. After that they headed for lunch.

The team have a rather luxurious lunch, however half way through Masrani got a phone call and left the table. A few minutes later Masrani comes back telling them that he must leave immediately due to some fault in his business. After Masrani left the group and introduced them to his representative, Alex Walton, they continued onto look at the park and that's when everything started to go wrong.

They started to go to the Megalodon tank when the T-rex escapes it's enclosure, which happened to be next to the Megalodon enclosure, and Murphy get's a phone call, but it's too late, the T-rex is already behind them.

The T-rex forces them to back up towards the Megalodon tank, the group completely forgot about it until they fell in, now they were in a worst situation, before they had a small chance, now they have no chance at all. The Megalodon swam towards them at record breaking speeds and took Masrani's representative like a Great White Shark eats a seal. The T-rex, now seeing the much larger predator backs away from the tank. The group get out of the tank as the T-rex moves looks for a different kind of prey, avoiding the tanks, and the Megalodon takes Masrani's representitive down to the bottom of the cage.

The Jurassic Park movement team, now tasked with the job to feed the venomous Dilophosaurus, are shocked when the T-rex smashes into the enclosure, eating a few Dilophosaurus but lets most of the pack escape, now he moves onto the movement team, none survive.

Meanwhile, Murphy takes his group to the visitor centre where they met the staff, who had all heard about what happened, and not soon afterwards they were surround by a pack of Dilophosaurus. Grant got the ones with weapons to go on the outside of the group, so they could get clear shots of the predators, but the Dilophosaurus planned a coordinated attack and were killing of the men and poisoning them. Only a few Dilophosaurus were killed but know they had gotten through the men who had the weapons and exposed Grant and his team, however just as they were about to attack the team the T-rex came in and made short work of the Dilophosaurus pack. Murphy showed the group up to the several helicopters and got everyone inside.

While escaping on the helicopters, Murphy called the police, who had forward the message onto the army, about what had happened, they were asked if anyone was still there and they told them there was no one still alive, the army ordered an airstrike, killing all the dinosaurs in the area, all except the T-rex who was now going to Las Vegas. Murphy takes the helicopters to Las Vegas to warn the people.

Vic Hoskins, now informed that the T-rex escapes, gets three F-18 Super Hornets to take down the creature, once out there a pilot notes how good they would be if they had them in the army, after they struggle to get a clear shot at the creature, Vic agrees on how they would help the army. Then the pilot shoots down the creature.

Murphy, just landing at Las Vegas is told that the creature has been taken down, meanwhile the police take him to court, as he is already being sued.


Due to constant suing, Murphy is now broke and needs to get money and the only way to do so is to sell the park and InGen to someone however he doesn't want to do this because Vic has been hustling Murphy to let the army use the dinosaurs which Murphy doesn't agree with and if sells the company's Vic will move on and start hustling them for the dinosaurs and theres a possibility they will give him what he wants.

Meanwhile, Masrani meets up with Murphy and tells him he disagrees with Vic as well and thinks that the park is a great idea, Masrani and his company makes an offer of Five Hundred Million USD for the park. Murphy, who desperately needs the money, and with that amount money he would also have enough to live on, excepts the deal.

Masrani, who now owns the Park, is having a seminar about his ideas for a jurassic world, many people agree and donate money for the future project, he also get's many investors, one of them is Vic. Masrani now has the money to build the park, however for the people to feel safe they must have certain requirements with what species of dinosaurs they're allowed forcing Masrani to get a lawyer who will determine what dinosaurs they can have.

Masrani, who developed an interests in the Lipleurodon however the lawyer wouldn't allow it, this is one of the many things that have made Masrani hate the lawyer. For the Lipleurodon, Masrani got the genetics team to make a Mosasaur, but make it a hybrid so it had certain traits of the Lipleurodon that Masrani liked, like it's size. The lawyer wouldn't allow Masrani to have a T-rex or Velociraptors which made Masrani even angrier, he then found out that she was trying to find out if the Mosasaur was in fact a hybrid, due to this Masrani stated to the government that she was corrupt and abusing her authority, working for another business and illegally, copy all of there information, giving it to the other business and letting them have the creatures she wouldn't let them have. Masrani then got a mate of his to make up a fake business and gave him all the information he accused her of having, he then got a lawyer to take the job who would let him have everything he wanted, including the Velociraptor's and T-rex.

Masrani, who now had his investor's coming too check out the park and it's stability, was telling the investors how he wanted it to be like the original park, just safer.

After all the investors left, except Vic, amazed by the park, Vic asked Masrani if the military would allow them to have some dinosaurs, however Masrani was already prepared for this and told him no, however Vic managed to argue away into having Masrani have a navy officer train the Velociraptors.


The park has been officially opened with everything all ready to go and the investors happy with the stability. On the first day bookings were available, over a billion people booked up to twelve years ahead, and Masrani's navy officer had arrived, a day before the Velociraptors hatched, so he could develop a relationship early on, his name was Owen and he to disagreed with Vic about the dinosaurs in the military but he didn't know why he was here, he was told Masrani needed someone to train the raptors and that he need to give Vic the progression of the Velociraptors daily.

Movie Posters

The following are all fan made posters by Spinoman1 for Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld

Jurassic Park IV- Waterworld Poster 2
Jurassic Park IV- Waterworld Poster 3


The fan made trailer for Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld made byrianieltube on YouTube (from what I know of) it was uploaded on Youtube on the 31st July 2010.

Jurassic Park 4 Waterworld

Jurassic Park 4 Waterworld

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