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The full story is to be published September 10th, 2013.

It takes place 3 years after Jurassic Park III, and is set on Isla Sorna.

Chapter 1 - The Giganotosaurus

In the foggy dense forests of Isla Sorna, a small group of Maiasaura are wandering in the forest searching for a nearby stream, suddenly an adult male Giganotosaurus bursts out of the trees and roars. The Giganotosaurus runs towards the group. The Maiasaura herd runs in fear. The Giganotosaurus knocks down a older Maiasaura from the group by slinging its head on it. The Maiasaura falls down on its back and the Giganotosaurus roars and digs into its meal. Not long after that, a pack Velociraptors are attracted by the smell of dead carcass. The male Giganotosaurus gives a single warning by giving a loud roar.  Due to the massive strength and size of the individual, the raptors retreat and the Gignatosaurus roars in victory.

Chapter 2 - The Nightmare

After a long day of work at the fossil site, Alan Grant, famous paleontologist and author was drifting off to sleep in his bed. There had been a thunderstorm for about 4 and a half hours now, and it was keeping him up. But then eventually he fell asleep.

But, eerie thoughts haunted his dreams. That night, he dreamed he was on Isla Sorna again, and was being chased by a pack of Velociraptors. 

Sweating heavily, he ran as fast as he could, but was no match as there was a cliff making a dead end. He jumps and shouts in fear.

Then he finally wakes up from his nightmare, he breathes heavily and then goes back to sleep.