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Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution is a Jurassic Park fan film and the third and final installment in the Jurassic Shark Film Series. A soft reboot, it is the second sequel to the 2012 film Jurassic Shark and the third and final installment in the trilogy. Directed, filmed, written and edited by Scott Pincus, the film is set three years after the second film. New and old allies are forced to come together and destroy an army of corrupt InGen employees and flying mechanical sharks.

After the release of Jurassic Shark in 2012, Scott confirmed that two sequels were in the works. Originally set for release on June 14, 2014, the film's release date was pushed back a year to allow for a longer production. The film stars returning cast members Gabe Sagherian, Russell Parkinson and Jacob Doerr, and introduces Ryan Bowman, Dakota Markle, Austin Brinser and Ian Aston. Jon, Ben and Will Meunier return in cameos, which serve as their final film roles.

Filming took place from April to October 2014, and picked up again from April to October 2015. The film began airing on YouTube on June 19, 2015, with the second and third parts being released in August and November. The last two parts were released in February and December 2016, while the full movie, which had many scenes cut out, was released in January 2018. 


Note: This summarizes the original cut of the film, not the full movie, which was released in January 2018.

Following the Retribution Incident, the Shark Hunters were disbanded. Chase Landon meets with Dan Bruines and Jimmy Clark nd reunites the Shark Hunters. Over the next two years, the employees killed Chase and his allies. The employees built up their forces while Keith Douglas created the Bombshark - a bomb built into a Mako Shark model. The weapon was lost in the woods after Keith betrayed his fellow employees, having had a change of heart. 

In 2017, civilians Owen Hawkins and Logan Shaw stumble upon and battle a Mako and Tiger Shark in the walking trail. Simon Williams, the leader of the corrupt InGen employees, retrieves the models with help from Marcus Callum. Owen and Logan seek out Gabe Reynolds and his step-cousin Russell Griffin for help in fighting the sharks. Though reluctant at first, the two agree to form an alliance. Russell reveals to Owen that his friend Billy Trenton is alive and was abandoned by the employees on Isla Sorna. Owen ventures off to save Billy while Russell, Gabe and Logan hunt down sharks and employees in the surrounding areas.

Owen returns with Billy, who he convinces to avenge Chase and his fallen allies. Keith Douglas meets Russell and Gabe, and tells them of Simon's plan to use the Bombshark. Gabe consults with his allies and agrees to find the Bombshark in the walking trail. Over the next few days, Billy and Owen ransack the employees' facility while Russell makes a failed attempt to kill Simon. Gabe battles numerous employees and eventually finds the Bombshark. Owen and Billy arrive and help Gabe defend the weapon against hordes of employees. After abandoning the weapon when its detonation timer goes off, the trio escapes the woods and saves Logan from Rainer Koffman, who is about to execute him in a reservoir. The hunters split up and head into the woods. Gabe, Owen and Keith are faced with Simon, who denounces them until Billy snipes him in the shoulder. Billy, Gabe and Owen fight against the employees, while Keith deactivates a Lemon Shark and uses its programming to restart the sharks' systems and turn them against the employees. Russell pursues a group of employees as they evacuate Simon, but they're confronted and killed by Rainer, who assumes command of the InGen Separatists. 

After the sharks massacre many employees, the "Shark Hunters" reunite at the Bombshark and ally with several rogue employees. Owen forms a plan to lure the employees and use the Bombshark's detonation to kill them all. As the employees converge on their location, the hunters perform a center peel maneuver against the employees, allowing them to hold up against the army. The tactic works, but Billy is wounded and left to die, while Logan is shot while moving up a slope. After Gabe has the rogue employees escape, Russell is wounded and Keith is riddled by bullets. Gabe brings Russell to safety on a hilltop, and Owen narrowly joins them as the Bombshark detonates. The explosion incinerates Rainer, Billy, and the corrupt employees. 

Six months later, Owen meets with Russell and Gabe, who assure him that everything he did was necessary. Despite losing Logan and Billy, he saved many people from being killed. Feeling confident about what he did, Owen reclaims his weapons and says goodbye to Russell and Gabe, before walking down the sidewalk by himself. 


  • Gabe Sagherian as Gabe Reynolds, the main protagonist and step-cousin of Russell Griffin who returns from the second film. After the Shark Hunters were wiped out, he and Russell went into hiding and tried rebuilding their lives. However, Owen Hawkins convinces them to finish their fight against the employees.
  • Ryan Bowman as Owen Hawkins, a new character and a major protagonist. Owen, along with his friend Logan, involuntarily become involved with the situation and convinces Russell and Gabe to continue fighting against the employees. Owen brings together a group of new allies in a bid to end the InGen separatists.
  • Russell Parkinson as Russell Griffin, a major protagonist and step-cousin of Gabe Reynolds who returns from the second film. Russell was largely responsible for causing the Retribution Incident, and feels guilt for this. With the Shark Hunters gone, he and Gabe have tried rebuilding their lives, but Owen Hawkins convinces him to rejoin the battle.
  • Dakota Markle as Logan Shaw, a new supporting character. Logan is a friend of Owen Hawkins. A strong yet compassionate person, Logan's disbelief of what is actually happening often causes him to crack puns in the midst of combat. Yet this doesn't stop him from being a brave ally.
  • Jacob Doerr as Billy Trenton, a returning character who was believed to have died in the previous film. Billy is the only character from the first film to return in a major role. After being thought dead for three years, Billy finds himself thrust into a changed world. As he stands with new allies, he seeks to avenge his old friends.
  • Scott Pincus as Simon Williams, a returning character from the second film who is the leader of the corrupt InGen employees. He acts as the film's main antagonist. Simon was once an employee at Jurassic World, but was fired for numerous reasons. This led him to lead a life of chaos, where he would create killing machines bent on harming innocent civilians. 
  • Austin Brinser as Keith Douglas, a new character who is a corrupt InGen employee allied with Simon. Keith was a member of the InGen Science Division before allying with Simon Williams. He also developed the designs of all the sharks that the separatists have created, as well as the Bombshark. 
  • Ian Aston as Marcus Callum, a new character who is a a corrupt InGen employee allied with Simon. Marcus worked as a member of InGen's security personnel before being fired and joining Simon. He serves as his advisor and helps him to make decisions and plan out attacks. Marcus was cut from the full movie, which was released in January 2018, as Scott felt he ultimately served little role in the story. 
  • Ryan Bowman as Rainer Koffman, a German, high-ranking, corrupt InGen employee allied with Simon. He was previously a member of InGen's security personnel. Though he initially appears as a minor employee, as the film progresses Rainer's role in the plot becomes increasingly crucial. 

Additionally, Jon, Ben and Will Meunuer make extended cameos as Chase Landon, Dan Bruines, and Jimmy Clark, respectively. Nick Stretch appears in a picture as Nate Williams, and Mitchell Patterson appears in another picture as an older version of the character. Zion Figueroa portrays Zion Jones, a Shark Hunter whose role in the film was once larger before being cut down. Alex Fanelli, Zion Figueroa, Sean Larkin and Chris Lombardo portray rogue employees Calvin, Julius, Hector and Romulus, respectively; they appear in the fifth part of the film. Alex, Zion and Sean portrayed the characters in the spin-off Isarus, which was released earlier that year. 

Gabe Sagherian plays Connor, a corrupt InGen employee and a former ACU trooper who appears in the first and third parts of the film. Ryan Bowman plays Stone, an InGen employee who wears glasses and appears numerous times in the film. Russell Parkinson, Gabe Sagherian, Ryan Bowman, Dakota Markle, Jacob Doerr, Craig Brazzle, Scott Pincus, Michael Robinson, Chris Lombardo, Austin Brinser, Zion Figueroa, Sean Larkin and Mitchell Patterson all make several appearances as unnamed corrupt InGen employees. 


  • CL BS 79, the only shark to survive the second film. It is the original Bull Shark from the Retribution Incident, designation CL BS 79, and has received extensive modifications. 
  • IO MS 15, a Mako Shark that was dispatched to the walking trail near Bradford Cul-De-Sac on a scouting mission. 
  • GC TS 17, a Tiger Shark that was dispatched to the walking trail near Bradford Cul-De-Sac on a scouting mission. 
  • Many Mako Sharks, the largest sharks in the film, although still not as large as the original Hammerhead Shark. The Mako Sharks in the film are blue, like the Hammerhead. The Mako sharks take the role of a heavy unit, being slow and cumbersome (unlike actual Mako Sharks) but extremely hard to take down.
  • Many Tiger Sharks, gray in appearance. The Tiger Sharks are around the same size as the Lemon Sharks. Tiger Sharks act as a main force unit, being inferior to the Bull Shark design but more cost effective.
  • Many Bull Sharks, black in appearance. The design of the Bull Sharks are based off of CL BS 79. Advanced operations sharks, built for front-line use but produced in limited numbers due to expenses and lack of parts.
  • Many Lemon Sharks, yellow in appearance. Lemon Sharks have thinner armor than the others, but are also the fastest and newest models.



Jurassic Shark III: The Revolution was officially announced on September 22, 2012 by Scott, shortly after the first film finished airing on YouTube. It was confirmed alongside Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution as being one of two sequels. The film was originally slated for release on June 14, 2014, although on May 9, 2013, the release date was pushed back a year. Scott said he needed more time to work on the project, and Jurassic Shark II was having a slow time with filming, which would've rushed the third film's production.

Throughout the rest of 2012 and the majority of 2013, little to no information was revealed on the film until December 25, a week after Jurassic Shark II finished airing on YouTube. At the end of the credits, it was revealed that Jurassic Shark III was set for release on June 19, 2015. After the completion of Jurassic Shark II, Russell Parkinson and Gabe Sagherian were confirmed to reprise their roles as Russell Griffin and Gabe Reynolds. The original film's cast members, Jon Meunier, Will Meunier, Ben Meunier, Nick Stretch and Jacob Doerr, were not confirmed for the film at this point due to most of them having lost interest in filming the second film. On December 27, 2013, Ben was confirmed to reprise his role of Dan Bruines


On January 1, 2014, Scott confirmed that the film will feature a Mako Shark as one of its various sharks. On January 3, Scott confirmed that the Bull Shark from the second film will return, and it will undergo several changes to its design. On January 4, Scott confirmed that Chase Landon will not be one of the main protagonists, having been the main protagonist of the first and second films. On January 6, Zion Figueroa was confirmed for the film's cast. On January 10, Scott confirmed that a Tiger Shark and a species of sawfish would be featured in the film. Scriptwriting for the film officially began on January 14. A smalltooth sawfish was confirmed for the film on January 17, though on February 11 it was dropped from the list of sharks in the film. 

On January 29, a "teaser image" for the film was released, featuring three posters of Chase Landon, Russell Griffin and Gabe Reynolds, who have been dubbed as the "Most Wanted" individuals. On February 3, Jon and Will confirmed that they may have interest in returning for the third film as Chase Landon and Jimmy Clark. The script for the film was officially completed on February 9. On February 11, Scott confirmed that the film will feature a Mako Shark, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark and Lemon Shark. 

On February 14, it was confirmed that Cameron Nicholson, who appeared in The EdTech Enterprise, has signed on to play an InGen employee named "Jackman". On March 5, Scott confirmed that the duck tape to be used for the sharks has arrived. Scott also confirmed that due to the late spring and the large amount of snow, the start date for filming on March 22/23 was pushed forward to March 29/30. Construction of the sharks officially began on March 8, beginning with modifications to the Bull Shark. On March 28, Scott officially confirmed that Jon, Will and Nick will not reprise the roles of Chase Landon, Jimmy Clark and Nate Williams, respectively. 

On June 19, 2014, a year before the film's release,  it was revealed that Jacob Doerr would be returning as Billy Trenton. The following day, it was revealed that Ben would not be returning as Dan Bruines, joining the departure of Jon, Will and Nick. He is the only actor from the first film to return in a major role. On October 9, Scott revealed that Zion Figueroa and Cameron Nicholson had dropped out of the film's cast. Zion's departure was due to his absence from what was to be his first two days of filming, which severely diminished his role. Cameron's departure was for various reasons that forced him to leave the project. Zion's character has been cut from the film entirely due to his absences, which were both worked around, while Austin Brinser was swiftly recast in Cameron's role. The character's name was also changed to "Keith Douglas". 

On March 9, 2015, it was confirmed that Jon Meunier will be returning to cameo as Chase Landon in the film. On March 12, it was confirmed that Ben Meunier would cameo as Dan Bruines, and on March 14, it was confirmed that Will Meunier would cameo as Jimmy Clark. On March 20, the last of the duck tape and several ski masks arrived for the sharks and InGen employees. 


2014 Filming

Filming officially began on April 5 and later continued on May 5, with Gabe Sagherian, Russell Parkinson, Ryan Bowman and Dakota Markle being present. Much of the early production was postponed by the two Creepy Guy in the Woods sequels, which were filmed in April, May and June. As a result, filming for Jurassic Shark III picked up over the summer. After a two-month hiatus without filming, it started up again on July 17 and July 18 back-to-back with Gabe and Ian Aston. On July 30, filming continued on with Ryan, Dakota and Jacob Doerr. On August 2, filming took place with Gabe and Ian. On August 16, filming took place with Gabe, Ryan and Jacob; this was the last day of filming over the summer. 

Filming picked up in September, continuing on September 13 with Russell, Gabe and Ryan. Filming later took place on September 20 with Ryan, Gabe and Jacob. Due to Zion Figueroa not showing up for filming on these two days, he was dropped from the film's cast. Filming continued on October 5 with Russell, Gabe, Ryan and Dakota. On October 12, Austin Brinser began filming his scenes, after Cameron Nicholson resigned from his role. The last day of filming for the year was on October 19, with Ryan, Jacob, Dakota, Russell, Craig Brazzle and Chris Lombardo present for filming. 

2015 Filming

On January 3, 2015, a short scene was shot in Ryan Bowman's house, with Ryan, Jacob and Dakota present for filming. With the weather outside still very cold, filming was limited to being indoors for several months. Filming officially continued on February 15, 2015. Gabe, Ryan, Dakota and Austin were all present for filming. The next day of filming took place on March 15, 2015, having been postponed a week further due to nearly a foot of snowfall in the area. Indoor filming for Jurassic Shark III was completed on April 19, with Gabe, Ryan, Russell, Dakota and Austin all present for filming. 

Filming continued on April 26, with Ryan, Jacob, Austin, Chris, Zion, Mitchell Patterson and Sean Larkin all present. Russell and Gabe weren't able to make the shoot due to scheduling conflicts. Filming continued on May 25, with Ben, Jon and Will Meunier present for filming; Nick Stretch was set to attend but was ultimately unable to. Filming continued on May 31, after being postponed a day, with Gabe, Ryan, Austin, Zion and Jacob all present. The same five actors were also present for filming on June 14. Scott filmed several scenes of him as Simon on June 17 and June 19. 

Filming was to take place on June 27 and 28, but due to bad weather on June 27, it was cut down to one day. Ryan, Gabe, Russell, Austin, Zion and Jacob were all present for filming. Filming continued on July 2, with Ryan, Zion, Gabe, Sean and Jacob all present for filming. Filming later took place on July 9, with Ryan, Gabe, Austin and Zion all present for filming. The final shark scenes were filmed on these days. 

Filming was to continue on August 1 and 2. Since only Ryan, Gabe, Zion and Chris showed up on August 1, Jumpa X was shot instead. The four of them, as well as Sean Larkin, were present for filming on August 2. Filming continued on August 13, with Gabe, Sean and Jacob all present for filming. Zion was present for the first two hours of filming, and Dakota returned to film for the first time since April. Filming continued on August 14, but because only Gabe and Dakota showed up, filming was cancelled and they shot The Conundrum Dimension instead. The last two days of filming for the summer took place on August 25 and 26. Ryan, Chris, Austin, Dakota and Jacob were all present for filming on August 25. On August 26, only Austin and Zion were present, though Ryan showed up later on. 

Filming was to continue on September 19 and 20, but the dates were pushed back to September 26 and 27. However, further scheduling conflicts pushed the dates back to October 3 and 4. Due to the effects of Hurricane Joaquin, filming became limited to October 4. Gabe, Ryan, Russell, Dakota, Austin, Jacob, Sean, Chris, Zion and Alex Fanelli were all present for filming. Filming was set to continue on October 17 and 18, but scheduling conflicts pushed it to October 24 and 25. All the cast members from the previous day's shoot were set to return for these two days, although on October 24, only a portion of the cast was present, while the entire cast was present on October 25. Due to Russell being unavailable for filming for some time, the last day of filming took place on February 27, 2016, with Gabe, Russell and Ryan present. 

Filming Incidents

  • On July 18, Ian Aston was injured during a scene that involved him running down a dirt road. While he was running, he tripped and fell, resulting in bruises to his left knee and elbow. Ian was still able to walk, although he left early as a result of the injury. 
  • On July 30, Scott accidentally tripped and fell while portraying an employee in Billy Trenton's house. Later, Ryan tripped on the bushes just outside of the door where Scott had tripped, and had incidentally broken a part of his Famas. Both Scott and Ryan were unharmed, although Ryan was upset that his weapon had been damaged. He later stated that he liked the way it looked after it was broken more than when it was in one piece. 
  • On September 6, 2014, filming had to be halted multiple times for various reasons. Early on, scenes were being filmed in a section of woods that was used because it hadn't been filmed before. However, the cast discovered that it was private property, and Scott, Ryan, and Gabe, who were filming at the time, had to leave at the request of someone living on the property.
  • Also that day, during a fight scene between Ryan and an InGen employee played by Scott, Ryan had to pistol-whip Scott in the face. However, he accidently hit his elbow instead, which gave him a bruise that resulted in a temporary pause in filming. 
  • On June 14, 2015, while filming the scene with Zion Jones and Rainer Koffman, a police car showed up due to the usage of the airsoft guns on the set. Scott explained that they were shooting a movie, and that the guns weren't real. As a result of this, filming was delayed for about ten minutes, resulting in the scene having to be finished quickly because it would appear in Part 1 of the film, which was to be released in less than a week.
  • In October 2015, a brief scene was shot where Ryan threw a magazine to Jacob. In the second take, the magazine hit a large tree root right by Jacob and shattered apart. The shot was completed in the third take, in which Ryan was much closer to Jacob when he threw the magazine. 


The film's official trailer was released on December 22, 2014, featuring all-new footage with a brief flashback to the second film. A 40-second Super Bowl trailer for the film was released on February 1, 2015. The film's second official trailer was released on March 23, 2015. TV Spots for the film began airing on YouTube on April 14.  Originally, they were set to begin airing on April 10, however a large change in Scott's schedule delayed it as well as the next day of filming. 

The first of many new TV Spots for the film was released on May 17. Similarly to what happened to the official trailer for Dr. Troubleshoot, the TV Spot received a tremendous amount of dislikes, gaining 8 likes and 69 dislikes. The third TV Spot was released on May 20, and the fourth and final one on June 12. Scott says that there were set to be many more TV Spots for the film, but ultimately he didn't have the time to make them. 


The official score for the film was composed by Lászlo Vén. Scott sent Lászlo various ideas and themes for the score, some of which are incorporated into it - including a theme that Scott composed himself. The film primarily features music composed by Michael Giacchino and John Williams. Lászlo's score, which consists of two tracks, has yet to be released. 

Farzad Hosseini's score for Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution is also reprised in the film, most notably in Part 3. Farzad was expected to compose a new suite for the film as well that would incorporate new and old themes, although due to scheduling issues he was forced to step down from the role. 



The film received a positive reception, with a score of 88% based on 73 likes and 10 dislikes, as well as many positive opinions from the viewers. When taking the scores of its trailers into account, the film has a rating of 85% based on 151 likes and 26 dislikes. Jurassic Shark III had the largest opening of all the Jurassic Shark films so far, gaining around 150 views within three days of its release. This beats Part 1 of Jurassic Shark, which gained around 15 views within three days of its release, and Part 1 of Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, which gained around 40 views within three days of its release. The film even managed to beat Part 1 of Ninjago, which gained around 100 views within three days of its release, but on August 3 it was beaten by the first part of Ninjago: Rise of the Great Devourer, which gained over 300 views in under three days of its release. 

Jurassic Shark III is currently the most positively-received installment in the series. The first film gained a very mixed rating of 50/100, while the second film had a significant improvement with 70/100, indicating mixed to positive reactions. The third film's rating of 86/100 solidifes its position as the most positively-received film in the series. Also, by June 27, 2015, the first part of the film gained 400 views within a week of its release. This is ten times as many views that Part 1 of the first film gained within a week of its release, as it reached around 40 views, while the first part of the second film gained around 45 views within a week of its release. 

Deleted Scenes / Bloopers

The bloopers were released on February 28, 2019, over three years since filming wrapped, and over two years since the film finished airing. The reel took a month to edit due to the large amount of footage that Scott had to go through. Ultimately, the blooper reel ran at around 44 minutes, making it Scott's longest reel ever. 

The deleted scenes have yet to be released. Despite the film's four-hour running time, Scott confirmed there are many scenes that were cut, most of which were filmed in 2014. He plans to release them in the future. Segments of several scenes were visible in the blooper reel. Known deleted scenes are listed below. 

  • Simon and Marcus confront Owen and Logan (in the final version, only Simon confronts them)
  • Marcus meets with Simon in the woods, as Simon sits in an office chair
  • Keith pretends to kill Gabe, in a bid to fool Simon; Keith also calls Simon while doing so
  • Marcus and Connor film and televise a message from Simon in front of an elementary school
  • Calvin meets with Simon in opening scenes
  • Simon meets with Connor in elementary school parking lot
  • Owen finds out Billy left/stole his donuts (released via blooper reel)
  • Gabe learns Russell didn't eat breakfast (released via blooper reel)
  • Owen meets Russell and Gabe (the scene was refilmed)

Full Movie

The full movie was released on January 3, 2018 - a year after the film finished airing, and two and a half years after it started airing in June 2015. Scott says that it took longer for the full movie to be released because he wanted to shorten it from its 231 minute runtime, and didn't have the time/interest to do it right away. After spending a week re-editing the film, Scott cut it down to 102 minutes.  

Many scenes were removed, including: 

  • Almost all of Simon's opening dialogues
  • All of Marcus Callum's scenes (Scott felt his role ultimately served no purpose)
  • Simon confronting Owen and Logan
  • Russell and Gabe entering Stonegate
  • Logan meeting Keith
  • Russell and Keith send Gabe into woods
  • Gabe vs. the Lemon Shark
  • Billy and Owen examine new weapons
  • Owen, Logan and Keith plan to kill Simon
  • Simon meeting with Keith/Logan and Russell shooting at Simon
  • Owen and Gabe meeting with Russell after gunfight
  • Logan captured/rescued in reservoir
  • Stone escaping Rainer before being shot
  • Logan fighting tactical employee in clearing
  • Rainer fighting Mako and Lemon sharks

Many scenes were also heavily shortened, including: 

  • Owen and Logan walking towards woods
  • Owen and Logan fighting sharks
  • Owen and Logan talking in Stonegate
  • Owen meeting Russell and Gabe/house conversation
  • Keith meeting Russell and Gabe
  • Owen and Billy rescue/conversation near school
  • The six "Shark Hunters" meeting on porch
  • Bombshark gunfight with Gabe, Billy and Owen
  • Simon confronting Gabe, Owen and Keith
  • Shark Hunters meeting rogue employees/planning
  • The final battle gunfight
  • Last conversation with Russell and Gabe

Several scenes were also rescored, including: 

  • Chase gazing down at the cul-de-sac
  • Gabe pulling the pistol on Owen
  • The entire Bombshark gunfight
  • Simon confronting the Shark Hunters
  • Keith meeting with Russell/spotting Simon
  • Rainer confronting and killing Simon
  • Owen's retreat after Keith dies


Ever since production of the film began, Scott assured the fact that the film would be the last installment in the series. He also promised that the third film will be a "satisfying and fulfilling conclusion" to the story as well. Scott later felt that the series' familiarity wasn't as high with his new viewers and subscribers to the channel, as they had gone up over 1,500 subscribers by the time the second film finished airing on YouTube. Various YouTubers requested that they make a fourth installment, or even a prequel or some form of spin-off to the series. Scott adds that the third film took a lot of time and effort to finish, and he doesn't hope to spend so long on a project again. Scott stated: 

"I immensely appreciate not only the fact that people love the series, but that they love it so much they want to direct a film of their own. Despite the support and the enjoyment people have for the series, the story won't last forever. I drew a thick line at the ending of the third film that tells the viewer the story is over. It doesn't leave a door open for another installment. Our goal isn't to leave you wanting more once you finish watching this movie. It's to leave you knowing that it brought things to a comforting close." 



  • Though it was initially the longest film in the series, running at a whopping 231 minutes, Scott re-edited the film in December 2017 and cut it down to 102 minutes - making it forty minutes shorter than the second film
  • Connor, an InGen employee played by Gabe Sagherian who appears in the first and third parts of the film (the latter in which he is killed by Billy Trenton), was originally set to have a bigger role in the film. However, many of the scenes featuring him, Marcus and Simon were filmed yet cut from the final product.
    • Jacob Doerr is also mistakenly credited as playing Connor in the film's credits. 
  • Despite having been characters in the second film, Russell and Gabe meet Billy face-to-face for the first time in this film, specifically near the end of part two - an hour and a half into the film. 
  • This is the first film in the series where the first scene involving a shark battle ends with a shark being destroyed, as Logan destroys the Mako Shark model IO MS 15. 
  • During the gunfight at Billy's house, CL BS 79, which is the Bull Shark that survived the second film, was set to return and attack him when he and Owen were exiting the house. Ultimately, Scott decided to not film this, as he felt it would shoe-horn the shark into the scene. 
  • Keith Douglas is the first villain in the series to turn against his allies, as in Part 1, he kills a group of employees transporting a weapon called the Bombshark. As is confirmed in Part 2, he later begins to assist the Shark Hunters, though Owen Hawkins remain skeptical of his motives.
    • He is also the second character to defect to another cause, with Quinn Freeman having become a "neutral" character in the second film after going insane and trying to kill Chase and Dan
  • The shark from the first film, GW 75, makes an appearance near the beginning of Part 1, still in the same place where it died at the end of the first film. This marks the first appearance of the shark since the first film, which finished airing nearly three years earlier. 
  • Unlike most of the other deceased characters in the series, several of the Shark Hunters, including Dan BruinesNate WilliamsDrake MatthewsZion Jones and Sean Fanelli, are all killed by humans and not by sharks. Dan is captured and shot by Marcus, Nate is shot by his own brother, Simon Williams, Zion is shot by Rainer Koffman, and Drake and Sean are both shot by unidentified InGen employees. 
  • Scott kept certain scenes a secret to leave them as surprises for Part 1, including the retrieval of GW 75 and Gabe going to the cemetery to mourn Chase. Various shots of the InGen employees on the move to retrieve GW 75 were featured throughout the trailers and TV Spots, although GW 75 was never actually shown. Gabe walking in the cemetary was shown in the fourth TV Spot, although why he was there wasn't revealed until Part 1's release. 
  • As of part three, the film is the longest installment in the series, with a current running time of 157 minutes. This is nearly twice as long as the running time of the first film, which is 86 minutes, and around fifteen minutes longer than the second film, which has a running time of 145 minutes. 
  • This is the first film in the series to feature the creators of the sharks as major antagonists. 
  • Scott says that the film will not only have an extreme amount of bloopers, but also a large number of deleted scenes, stating that there are many scenes that he cut from the film for multiple reasons. 
  • This was the first full-length LordStarscream100 film to star Gabe Sagherian as the main protagonist. 
  • Scott says that despite Simon and Marcus being the film's two "main" human antagonists, he views the InGen employees as a whole as being the film's main antagonists alongside the sharks, believing that Simon and Marcus are essentially the men behind the madness, but their prominence in the situation extends to a certain degree. 
  • Alex Fanelli, the brother of Sean Fanelli, who made a brief cameo at the end of Jurassic Shark II: The Retribution, plays various InGen employees in the film. Alex initially didn't even know that his brother had made a cameo in the film. 
  • Gabe has continuously starred as the main protagonist in several of Scott's films, such as in The Creepy Guy in the Woods trilogy. He also plays major characters in the Bread's Crumbs series. This is the first time where he plays the main protagonist in a full-length movie. 
  • Similar to how B.D. Wong is the only character from the original Jurassic Park to return in a major role in Jurassic World, Jacob Doerr is the only character from the original Jurassic Shark to return in a major role (the younger cast does make a brief cameo) in Jurassic Shark III. Ultimately, this is all a coincidence. 
  • The film marks the first appearance of Jon Meunier, Ben Meunier and Will Meunier in a LordStarscream100 film in a year and a half, which marked the longest acting hiatus for any of his actors up to a certain point. Cameron Nicholson later surpassed this hiatus. 
  • The Jurassic Park piano theme in the film's Super Bowl TV Spot was played by Scott. 
  • When commenting on the film, Nick S said that the film "definitely looks much more different then the first two movies, with a better quality and a more thought-out plot". 
  • Jacob D's role in the film is set to be his largest one not just in this series, but of any movie Scott has made. His roles in the previous two films were fairly small, especially in the second film.
    • Ironically, he did not appear in Part 1 of the film, but only in a picture. 
  • Nearly all of the older actors Scott had ever worked with up to the film's release appeared in the film, except for Cameron Nicholson, who wasn't able to participate, while David M, Eric Gorbaty, Vishnu Rammohan, Ross Lovell and Brandon Archibald weren't involved either. 
  • Ryan started filming the movie in April 2014, and filmed his next project in late-May 2014 before its release on June 13. By technicality, the film is really Ryan's acting debut, considering some of the scenes featured in it are the first ones he ever filmed.
  • The scene in Part 1 where Owen shouts "Whoa!" is similar to a scene in Creepy Guy 3 where Ryan turned around to see the Creepy Guy standing before him. The scenes were actually filmed within three weeks of each other, and ultimately released over a year apart from each other. 
  • The film marks the acting debut of Ian Aston, and is the only project he has participated in with LordStarscream100. 
  • Originally, the film was going to mark the acting debut of Dakota M, but he appeared in Dr. Troubleshoot four weeks before the film started airing. 
  • The ending of Jurassic Shark II "inadvertantly" set up Gabe's role as the main protagonist in the next film, despite him previously being a supporting character. Scott is thankful for the final scene to have depicted him this way, due to Gabe becoming the main protagonist of the third film and Russell, whose role in the second film was larger than Gabe's, stepping down to become one of the supporting protagonists. 
  • This is the longest production out of any of Scott's films, with filming taking place over a span of around 19 months from April 2014 to December 2015. Technically, it's 22 months if the time for scriptwriting and pre-production are counted, as that started in December 2013. 
  • The film currently features the smallest protagonist cast in a Jurassic Shark film yet. In the previous films, there were an average of about ten protagonists, while in Jurassic Shark III, there are six. There are several minor protagonists, but they each appear for one scene. 
  • Russell Griffin and Gabe Reynolds are the only major characters set to return from the second film. Billy and Simon return as well, although Billy's role was minor and Simon's role was scattered throughout the film with his face only being revealed in the after-credits scene.
  • Initially, the return of the original cast members, including Ben M, Jon M, Will M and Nick S was left uncertain. It was later confirmed that Jon, Will and Nick did not have any interest in returning for the third film. Nick said that he will only reprise the role of Nate Williams if the scenes they film are "cool," having enjoyed shooting several scenes from the second film. After Nick said this, Jon said that he would only reprise the role of Chase Landon if he was in scenes with Nick. By June 2014, the four of them were officially dropped from the cast, though Ben, Jon and Will would later return to cameo in the film. 
  • The Bull Shark is the first shark in the series to appear in two films, having survived the second film. 
  • The film is the first Jurassic Shark film to have its first day of filming postponed, and also the first Jurassic Shark film to begin filming in April instead of March. 
  • Out of all of LordStarscream100's films, this one currently holds the unfortunate record of being the one with the most accidents and incidents. 
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