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This is chapter 10 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, including torture, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 10: Contact


At the helipad, Nolan's helicopter arrived. After the feeding show, Nolan told the horrified and stunned Hoskins not to do anything stupid and help his goons find Owen, Barry, Claire and her nephews or he will expose him as an accessory to one of the worst terrorist attacks in the world. As Nolan got off the the helicopter and went on the helipad, Torres came over to him. "Sean, we got a complication here."

As the helicopter was leaving the helipad, Nolan asked in a firm tone, "What is it this time, Mike?"

Torres stated in concerned tone, "Baker team found out that the Indominus Rex has manage to pull out it's own tracker from his skin, probably a little before the second feeding shows. So we have to track it by drone, which means it can camouflage itself."

After hearing what Torres told him, Nolan knew that the hybrid is a very intelligent creature and remembered where the tracker was on it. He suspects there's more to that creature than they know of already. He then replied in a serious tone, "Let's find out what the hell that thing is made of when we interrogate the good geneticist ourselves. Let's go." With that, he and Torres headed to the elevator.

Control room

Back in the control room, the hostages remained traumatized by the ordeal with four men watching them. Masrani looks at Lowery and asked, "You're okay, Mr. Cruthers?"

Lowery hung his head while somberly saying to Masrani, "Barely. Just barely. Had my shirt taken away, threatened with death, injected with that pain inducing drug... and now, I just gave away my Quadtosaurus code." He was still coping with the deadly situation that he is currently in right now.

Masrani felt a bit guilty over everything that is happening. Masrani then said to Lowery in a somber tone, "I know. They will try to get my code. As long as Claire is out there with Grady and her nephews, they can't activate Quadtosaurus without her code."

Just after he said that, the elevator arrived. Nolan and Torres entered the control room. They were heading to Wu as Nolan asked sternly, "Remember me, asshole?" Nolan had such anger towards Wu for cloning the dinosaurs and felt that because of him, his wife was killed as the result of it.

"Nolan?" Wu asked in shock. He knew Nolan's reputation too well since the San Diego incident when Nolan's wife and unborn child were killed by the escaped T-Rex. Wu also knew that Nolan was responsible for several terrorist attacks against dinosaur cloning facilities and such. As Nolan grabbed onto his jacket, Wu shouted with a trace of fear, "What do you want with me?!"

"I thought I should give you a taste of your own medicine for re-creating these abominations." Nolan sternly said to him. Then he threw a left cross on Wu's face, knocking him back to the wall. Then Nolan punched Wu in the stomach with his left hand and again in the face, knocking him down. As Wu groaned in pain while laying on the ground, Torres kicked him in right side of his chest. Then he grabbed Wu's hair and threw a right cross at his face, knocking him down.

Then Cullen came up to Wu with contempt on her face and grabbed Wu by his jacket. She angrily asked, "Remember me, Doctor?"

Wu had a look of horror on his face when he saw Cullen. Then she pistol-whipped the geneticist in his face, knocking him back down on the floor.

Wang grabbed Wu and tossed him down to another floor. As Chernov, Smith, Wang and Witter were near Wu, they began to beat him down with punches and kicks, beating him to submission. Masrani and the other hostages watched in horror as Wu was being beaten up. Masrani yelled out, "That's enough! You're gonna kill him!"

Nolan ignored Masrani for the moment as he enjoyed Wu getting beaten up. Before his men can beat him up more, Nolan ordered, "That's enough." With that, Chernov and the others stand down. Smith and Witter picked up the bruised and bloodied Wu. They brought closer to Nolan. Nolan then looks him with a smirk on his face and said, "Seems you have something I want to know, Henry."

"What do you want?" asked the bloodied Wu in a quiet tone because of the beatdown he received and he groaned in pain.

"I want to know what origins the Indominus Rex has." Nolan demanded in a firm tone. Cullen turned on the camera to record the interrogation. Wu hesitated for the moment. Then Nolan continued in a even more stern tone, "Hey, Dr. Phil. You give me what that thing is made of or you're gonna have another beatdown from my guys."

Wu was reluctant to reveal such classified information about the origins of the Indominus Rex, but will be forced to under duress as Hoskins warned him. Then Wang asked to Wu firmly as he glared at him in the eye, "What we want to know is how did a dinosaur like that camouflage itself?"

Wu exhaled for moment. Then he said reluctantly, "Cuttlefish genes were added to help her withstand an accelerated growth rate. Cuttlefish have chromatophores that allowed the skin to change color."

"Which allowed that monster to camouflage itself. Right?" Nolan guessed correctly.

Wu nodded silently. Masrani and the other hostages couldn't believe Wu created cuttlefish genes on the Indominus Rex since it can camouflage itself. Then Chernov stated coldly with his thick Russian accent, "We suspect it can hide thermal imaging too, dinosaur creator."

Wang then went up close to Wu's face and stated seriously, "Yes, we checked something out. We found it hid from heat signatures while inside it's old paddock. It happened when we took over this park."

Smith grabbed Wu's right wrist and twisted his right arm, causing Wu to shriek in pain. Wu then stated while in pain, "Tree frogs can modulate their infrared output. We used strands from their DNA to adapt her to a tropical climate. But I never imagined..."

"Imagined that could be used as a weapon?" Nolan stated in a displeased tone, knowing what Wu and the others were doing to the hybrid.

Wu, shocked by what Nolan, was confused and asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't lie to us, jackass. We know you've been working for Hoskins and members of your inner circle to create raptors and hybrids as potential military weapons without consents of the government or Mr. Masrani himself." Nolan said to the captive geneticist in a serious tone. He knew that Wu was working with Hoskins and other conspirators to make hybrids as weapons, including the Indominus Rex.

Masrani was stunned about Nolan's allegations against Wu and Hoskins on creating the Indominus Rex as a weapon. He shouted out in confusion, "What are you talking about?" Then he turned to Wu and asked in confusion, "What is he saying? What were you hiding, Wu?"

Nolan turned to Masrani and had a small smile on his face, realizing that he likely did not know what Wu and Hoskins's agenda was for the Indominus Rex and the raptors. Then he state in a taunting tone, "Masrani, whether you were aware of this or not, Wu, alongside Hoskins, were planning to utilize not just your raptors, but also the Indominus, for militarization."

After listening that Nolan and his group know about their secret plans to militarized the dinosaurs and the Indominus Rex, Wu was shocked and horrified that they know about their plans. He wondered did the terrorists know about that and was afraid to find out how.

Upon hearing what Nolan told him, Masrani was stunned that Wu and Vic Hoskins were planing to utilize the raptors and the Indominus Rex for militarization without his permission. As he was taking in what Nolan told him, he asked Wu with a trace of confusion and shock in his voice, "Wh-what? Henry, is this true?" When Wu hesitated, Masrani added in a more firmer tone, "Is it true what Nolan said?!"

Before Wu can speak, Nolan glares menacingly at him. His glare was a warning for Wu to tell Masrani the truth or else he will be dead, likely being fed to the dinosaurs. Upon seeing Nolan's glare as a death threat, Wu reluctantly answered, ", Masrani. It's true."

After hearing what Wu said, Masrani shouted in anger, "WHAT?!" Then after a moment, he said in a calmer, but angered tone, "If Hoskins is involved..."

"That will be discussed later, Masrani." Nolan said in interruption. Then he nodded and Smith & Witter pushed Wu away from Masrani and the other hostages. They shoved the geneticist to the wall then as Nolan stated in a serious tone, "Now, we want to know more about it's origins, Dr. Wu."

Wang then glares at Wu as he sternly said to him, "You better answer him."

Wu was quiet for a moment. Then he stated in a reluctant tone, "It's skin DNA came from a Carnotaurus. It also has Deinosuchus DNA, which it's why it has extra teeth. It has Pit Viper Snake DNA on it so it can see both daytime and nighttime." He was trying to tell Nolan and his group in the control what they wanted to know to deflect their attention from discovering other things.

As Nolan looked at Wang with a serious expression, he knew what his leader wanted to know and said to him, "The Carnotaurus’s skin has osteoderms on it, which probably enhances the armor of the I. Rex." Nolan took in what Wang told him as he continued, "The Deinosuchus did have several more teeth, which can boost the damage the hybrid can cause with its teeth."

Nolan nodded to what Wang told him and said, "Hmm...All the more reason to know that thing is the weapon these assholes wanted." Nolan knew too well on how Hoskins, Wu and other conspirators would make a creature like that as a deadly military weapon, something he is very opposed of since a dinosaur killed Emily and their unborn child. Then he continued, "I know a Viper can see both daytime and nighttime very well, which means that god damn killer monster has great vision day and night."

"That's correct, sir." Wang replied, confirming Nolan's thoughts of the Viper DNA on the Indominus Rex.

Nolan nodded to his dinosaur expert. Then he turned to Cullen and asked, "Did you get that, Cullen?"

"Yes, we recorded it." Cullen replied, please that they at least got some of the origins of the Indominus Rex.

Nolan was pleased that the interrogation and the revelation of some of the DNA was used to put into the Indominus Rex. He acknowledged to Cullen, "Good. Send it to the world to know what that thing is partially made of." He knew with this being revealed to the public, Wu would lose his credentials.

As Cullen acknowledged and was sending the video for the world to watch, Wu, horrified that he will lose his credentials if his information is leaked to the public, pleaded with the terrorist mastermind, "Nolan, please do not ruin my credentials."

Nolan sternly glares at Wu and asked in a very firm tone, "How can you say 'please don't destroy my credentials to the world' when you were one of the many people responsible for the death of my wife and unborn child?" Nolan felt his anger at Wu seething inside him as he blames the scientist for creating the dinosaurs that led to the death of Emily and their unborn daughter. Then he unhappy continuing what he was saying to Wu, "You will pay the price, especially assisting Hoskins in militarizing these monsters."

Wu, seeing how angry he is over the lost of his family, tried to reason with him, saying, "I apologize for the death of your family, Nolan..."

Nolan interrupted what Wu was saying as he tauntingly asked, "And did I tell you I know Hoskins' secret?" Nolan didn't want to hear apologies from Wu since, in his mind, is one of the people he holds responsible for the deaths of Emily and their child. Also, he wanted to give Wu a shock that he knew their secret also.

Wu was stunned when Nolan knew Hoskins' secret, meaning that he knows about members of the inner circle are involved in trying to militarized dinosaurs, including the Indominus Rex. ".. Nolan..." Wu said, trying to get more words out of that shocking revelation.

Nolan, deciding he had enough, said to Wu in a threatening tone, "You know what, shut up! Or I'll change my mind and torture and kill you myself!" Nolan was fed up confronting Wu about the dinosaurs and such.

With that threat, Wu stayed silent. Then Cullen said to Nolan and everyone else, "Alright, the video is send. Everybody will see it now."

"Good." Nolan acknowledged, feeling pleased that Wu's credentials is now destroyed. Wu was stunned that he just lost his credentials. Nolan smirked upon seeing that since he now got his revenge against Wu for his lost. He then turned to Chernov and Wang and ordered, "Bring him back down to the lab. Chernov, you and Wang, continue with the interrogation."

"Da, Nolan." Chernov acknowledged as he and Wang were bringing Wu to the elevator.

As Chernov and Wang took Wu to the elevator and the elevator doors closed, Nolan turned to Masrani, who glares at him in anger. He ordered his men, "Bring Masrani over here."

"Aye, sir." Smith acknowledged. With that, Smith and another henchman cut the zipties off of Masrani's wrists and grabbed him to force him up

The other hostages in the control room looked on in horror."Oh, Mr. Masrani." Vivian muttered in horror as Smith and the other henchman brought Masrani over to Nolan, who was standing in front of him. Witter pointed his Desert Eagle pistol at Masrani to guard Nolan while Torres point his Beretta 92 at Masrani from behind. Smith and the other henchman stood back a little.

Masrani glares at Nolan as the terrorist mastermind stated in a serious tone, "I want your Quadtosaurus code."

Masrani looks at Nolan's eyes and said in a defiant tone, "I will not."

Nolan, somewhat expecting Masrani to defy him, punched him in the face. Lowery, Vivian and the others watched in horror as Nolan slugged Masrani in the face and knocking him down. "No!" Vivian yelled out in terror.

Torres turned to Vivian and coldly shouted, "SHUT UP!" Vivian, shocked by Torres's tone, stayed silent.

Porter smiled in satisfaction as Nolan assaulted Masrani. Then Nolan knelled down to him and ordered in a harsh tone, "I said give me your Quadtosaurus code!"

Masrani, lip bleeding from the punch he took, glares at Nolan and said firmly, "I won't give it you. You know what Quadtosaurus is and I know what will happen if I do. You will risk everyone's lives." Masrani knew that since Nolan knows about Quadtosaurus, he knew what it is and what it does when activated.

While Witter kept watch on Marsani, Nolan said in a serious tone as he looked down at the owner, "These people will be used to show the world what these monsters really are."

Masrani couldn't believe Nolan would really show everyone in the world more dinosaurs killing hostages and viewing dinosaurs as monsters. He said to him, trying to get him to be reasonable, "These people are innocent. They had nothing to do with you or your deceased family. You're only spreading more sadness and misery to those people and their families."

Nolan slugged Masrani in the face again with his left hand, causing a cut on his lip. Nolan said in an angry tone, "These people are guilty for coming here to Jurassic World, and they will soon learn their lesson when you and Ms. Dearing give me your Quadtosaurus codes."

Masrani was enraged by how Nolan is trying to justify his violent actions and knows he is clearly obsessed with revenge. He asked with a trace of anger in his voice. "How can they 'learn their lessons' when they're dead?!"

Nolan grabbed Masrani's throat with his right hand and brought him back up as he replied in calm yet firm tone, "Exactly. These people deserve it."

"No, they don't, you goddamned maniac!" Masrani said in defiance. He sees Nolan is an insane killer who will stop at nothing to continue to have the dinosaurs kill everyone in the park without compunction.

Nolan then punched Masrani again in the face with his left hand and knocked him down the floor. Then Torres kicked Masrani in the stomach with his right foot, forcing to lay on his back. Lowery, Vivian and the others continued to look on in horror as Masrani refused to cooperate with the terrorists.

As Masrani groaned in pain, Nolan looked down menacingly at him as he said to him in a serious tone, "Listen up, you vile rat. I want your code right now. If you do not give me it right now, you will die when you give me it."

Masrani, while in pain, looks with contempt on Nolan and said with defiance, "Screw you. I don't care if you murder me. I cannot allow you to put these people's lives at risk." He was willing to die protect everyone in the park before he can give the terrorists what they want.

Nolan looks down with some shock and anger. He asked with a quiet, stern tone, "What was that?!"

Masrani looks up with defiance and anger. He then declared in a rather calm tone, "I'm sorry, Nolan, but you are crazy."

Angered by Masrani's remark, Nolan punches him in the face for the fourth time with his left hand. Both Cullen and Porter smiled upon Masrani getting a beatdown from Nolan. The hostages continued to looked on, horrified by Nolan savagely beating down Masrani.

Nolan forces the bloodied Masrani up on his feet and grabbed his throat with his right hand. He unhappily asked, "You know what? How about this, asshole?" Nolan points his gun at Masrani. After a few seconds, he turn his Beretta 92FS pistol and shot two controllers in the head with each bullet, killing them instantly. Some of the hostages, including Vivian, screamed in horror, while Masrani, Lowery and few others were horrified by Nolan executing two of their co-workers in front of them. Masrani intensely glares at Nolan for murdering those two controllers in cold blood. The hostages were expressing heavy emotions over their executed co-workers and the terrorists were barking out orders for them to be quiet, Nolan said intensely at Masrani while holding him by his throat, "That's just to tell you how serious I really am." Masrani said nothing to Nolan and just glares at him with a new-found disgust for him. "Now I'll tell you this, Masrani. If you don't give me your code right now, I will feed everyone in this room, even Wu, to your carnivores!"

Masrani continues to irately glare at Nolan. He said with a trace of anger in his voice, "You will not hurt them, Nolan. And you will not hurt Claire into making her give you her code."

Nolan smirked a little and then stated in a serious tone to the owner, "She deserves it. She's gonna get what is coming to her. Oh, and by the way, I know about her nephews."

After hearing what Nolan said to him, Masrani paused and he was stunned that the terrorist discovered Claire's nephews. Upon seeing Masrani's shocked expression, Nolan smiled a little and said, "Yes, that's right; Zach and Gray Mitchell. Claire's sister's sons. If you want these two kids to live when I get my hands on them, you will give me your code."

Masrani, despite his shock by them discover Claire's nephew are on the island, said in defiance to Nolan, "They're just children and you don't have them..."

Before Masrani can finished his sentence, Nolan pistol-whipped him in his face, causing a bruise on the right side of his face and knocking to the floor. The hostages watched on helplessly as their owner was knocked down. "Mr. Masrani." Lowery called out.

"Be quiet, you goddamn nerd!" Smith ordered in a stern tone. Lowery then kept silent as he watched the brutal interrogation.

As Witter forced Masrani to the wall, Nolan knelled down and point his Beretta 92FS pistol. He quietly, but seriously said to him in a threatening tone, "I may not have them right now, Masrani. But you know what? When I do get them and I will get them, I will tie her nephews up, gag them, and show them not just in front of Claire, but to her sister, their mother and the world so that she can beg for them so that she can give away her code." Masrani was shocked by how ruthless Nolan really was by his threat. The mere thought of everything he said scared him as Nolan continued, "But you must give me your code if you want them to live when we initially capture them right now. Consider this your final warning."

Masrani was contemplating that decision of whatever or not to give Nolan his own Quadtosaurus code for the lives of Claire's nephews, even though they haven't captured them yet. Although he knew that Owen Grady was a former SEAL and is with Claire & her nephews, he wonder if Nolan would keep his word about finding the boys and do what he would do to them as he said. Sensing Masrani's hesitation, Nolan knew he was reaching his peak on his interrogation. He asked the beaten down owner, "What's it going to be, dickhead?"

After a few seconds, Masrani with a deep sigh reluctantly nodded and said to him, "J, 3, S, greater-than sign, 9, R, colon, P."

With that, Cullen type in Masrani's code in the computer and it unlocked the third lock on Quadtosaurus. "We got it, sir." Porter was pleased that Nolan broke Masrani into giving him his Quadtosaurus code.

After seeing that they unlocked the third lock of Quadtosaurus, Nolan looks at Masrani, pleased that they got his code. "Thank you. Consider that a lesson for trying to make John Hammond's legacy to make a park of cloned dinosaurs." Nolan said to Masrani. As he grabbed him, Nolan was moving him to his spot to the wall where the hostages are at. Then they stopped and Nolan sarcastically said to Masrani, "Oh, by the way. Good job flying a helicopter, Simon." Then he violently tossed Masrani to the wall near the hostages, much to their shock and horror. Nolan just looks at Masrani without remorse after he tossed him to the wall and he just walks over to Torres. He said to his second-in-command, "Check in with Moreau. See if he found something on Dearing, Grady and the others with them in the jungles."

"You got it." Torres acknowledged as he went on the radio as Nolan looked on, seeing that despite several problems, everything is going their way so far.

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

At Karen's workplace, two FBI agents are still with Karen in an empty conference room. The female FBI agent asked Karen as sympathetic as possible, "Why did you send your sons to your sister in Jurassic World?"

Karen sighed and said somberly, "I sent them over there because I wanted them to spend time with my sister while me and my husband were divorcing!"

"Hmm...We have some more questions we should..." The male FBI agent said until Karen saw Scott from the window.

"Oh, god. That's my soon-to-be ex-husband." Karen stated as she knew Scott was going to confront her over sending Zach and Gray to Jurassic World which is now overrun by terrorists.

Before Karen can say anything, Scott shouted with a mixture of anger and confusion, "How the hell could this happened?! Why did you send our boys over to that island?!" Scott had been watching the news of the Jurassic World siege and was worried about his sons.

"I never thought something like this would happen! Neither did you!" Karen replied loudly, justifying that there was no way any of them would know a terrorist act like that would happen.

Without thinking and in fear for the lives of Zach and Gray, Scott irrationally shouted to her, "You send our sons over there to that island, which these terrorists now have it in their grasps! You send them what is likely to their deaths!"

"Which wasn't my fault, dammit!!" Karen argued in an strong, angry tone. She was feeling a mixture of anger over her husband's irrational shouting blame on her and fear over her sons' lives.

As Karen was telling Scott what she shouted at him, the FBI agent ordered firmly, "Knock it off!"

Then the female FBI agent stepped between them and said assertively, "Please step outside, Mr. Mitchell! Now, sir!" As she said that, the female agent pointed her finger at Scott.

Scott then shouted in a demanding tone with a trace of fear on his voice, "Wait, wait. I’m her husband and my children are on that island!"

"Sir, I am going to ask you that you step outside. If you do not, we will call backup and have you escorted out of here." The male agent said to Scott.

Karen, seeing that Scott is equally fearful for the lives of their sons, intervened and said to the FBI agents trying to control Scott, "Wait, no, Agent! Please let him stay!"

The FBI agents thought about it for a moment. Then the male agent said to Karen, "Alright, but please do not argue with your husband. That’s an order." Karen nodded. Then the agent said to Scott, "You, you calm down and if you argue with your wife again, we will escort you outside."

Scott nodded as the agents stood back. Karen came towards him and said somberly, "I'm so sorry, Scott. I had no idea that this would happened."

"Our sons...their lives are in danger." Scott stated in a distressed tone. After working to compose himself, he asked his soon-to-be ex-wife in a pleading tone, "Can I just watch the TV with you for a bit?"

"Sure." Karen readily nodded. Then she somberly said to Scott, "I'm so sorry..."

Scott sighed and realized that he should have accused his soon-to-be ex-wife over sending their sons to their deaths when she actually send them over there to spend time with her sister. He somberly said to Karen, "I'm sorry for yelling at you."

"It's alright." Karen reassured sympathetically. Then they hugged each other for a bit, trying to hope for the best for their sons. Then they let go and Karen said to Scott in a quiet tone, "Okay, I have to go finish talking with the FBI for questioning over everything."

"Alright, go. I'll keep you informed of anything important happens." Scott said to Karen. She nodded to him. With that, she went back to the conference room with the two FBI agents as Scott watched the news feed of the Jurassic World siege going on.

One news anchor said on air, "There has never been such a global drama going on around the world over the Jurassic World Siege. The people in the major cities around the world, including New York City, Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Beijing and Jerusalem have gathered around as they awaiting word and watched on the events will unfold and they are hoping and praying for the safe return of everyone that is still alive in Jurassic World." The news screen shows eight split screens that showed people gathered in New York's Times Square, Americans gathered in the National Mall in Washington DC, people in London have gathered in Westminster Abbey to hope for the best outcome of the situation, people are praying in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, people in Moscow have gathered in Red Square, people in Beijing have gathered in various places and people are praying in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Jurassic Park Control room

At the old Jurassic Park control room, Owen arrived from the hallways that lead to the bunker, armed the G36 rifle. Then Zach came out next, followed by Claire and Gray as she gently held her left hand onto his right hand while having her right hand on his upper arm. Barry then came out with his Remington shotgun.

The control room had computers that were abandoned and not used in a long time. The room also had chairs, consoles, a fallen ladder and the walls were filled with green, jungle vegetation. Owen then noticed the room had some generators in the area, which are unusual in the control room. Claire then sees the generators also and knew it was too weird to have generators in the control room. Barry, Zach and Gray also suspect the generators are not supposed to be in the control room.

"What the hell...?" Claire said as she was seeing about six generators in the control room.

As Claire said that, Owen noticed a refrigerator that was plugged into one of the generators that is now offline. Then he noticed a old console had a dust free spot and realized they put a laptop computer on it. Owen thought of something for the moment and then said to the others with him, "They were using this room as a command center before the attack. Those generators were used to power this refrigerator, computers and anything electronic for them."

"They were here too...?!" Claire asked in surprise. After seeing Owen's silence, she took that as a yes and muttered in shock, "Oh my god. How advanced are these terrorists?"

"Probably advanced enough to plan all this and prepare for every contingency. They obviously also have a very good hacker or hackers involved in this group also since they used a laptop here." Owen stated in a stoic tone. He knew there has to be a very good hacker involved in the group based of seeing the laptop that was placed there because of the clean spot where the dust was removed on the console.

Barry checked the generator that powered the refrigerator. He sees that the generator is one of more powerful ones. Barry sees the other generators are powerful, but not as powerful as the one using the refrigerator. He said to the others, "That generator over there that powers the refrigerator is probably the most powerful one of all."

Owen nodded to Barry. As Zach and Gray looked around the control room, Owen came to Claire and asked, "So, Claire? Do you know this place?" Owen knew that Claire never been inside the Jurassic Park visitor center, he hoped she had enough knowledge of it.

Although she haven't been inside the Jurassic Park visitor center until earlier today, she remembered what she read about it, including the layout of it. "Um, yes I do. Lets see... okay, so this is the control room of the original Jurassic Park. They used this place to monitor their assets when it was still active. Also, I know another room, the communications room, which is not far from here."

"Where's that?" Owen asked, hoping she would know where the communications room is.

Claire was trying to remember to approximately where the communications is located at since she knew it wasn't far from the control room. "It's...Umm...over there." Claire said to Owen, pointing out with her right finger where it is at.

"Let's go." Owen said to the others. With that, they followed Owen and Claire to the vicinity to where the communications room is at.

Jurassic Park Communications room

Claire then arrived in the communications room with Owen following her with the G36 rifle leveled. Zach and Gray were not too far from their aunt and Owen. Barry then joined them, carrying his shotgun.

As they entered the communications room, they see it has a large communications console that controls the frequency & signal on the radio. There is also a radio microphone, a chair, a work shelf and an old wall-mounted first aid kit. The console was intact and doesn't have any jungle growth to yet, but it hasn't had any power for years. Claire sees how the communications room looked when she arrived in it. She said to Owen while everyone listened, "Okay, so this must be the communications room, but it has no power unfortunately. I recall Dennis Nedry doing this when he sabotaged the park, shutting down communications, phones, security systems and other things. So we are out of power."

Owen inspected the communications console as Claire was saying that. He said to her and the others, "Yes, I know. The console's intact and it has a 100 mile range, but we need to power it somehow."

After a moment of thinking, Gray thought of something. He then asked Owen and Claire, "What about using these generators?"

Owen and Claire turned their faces to Gray. Barry and Zach also looked at Gray. Gray didn't know what to say. But Owen didn't need him to and said with an approving look on his face, "That actually might work. I recommend listening to your young nephew here, Claire."

Claire smiled a little and said to her youngest nephew, 'Okay, good idea." Then she said in a serious tone to everyone with him, "But we need to connect these generators so that they can power the communications room."

"What about that powerful generator that powered that refrigerator?" Zach asked the others.

Barry then replied to Zach and everyone else, "Yes, it is a powerful generator, but it looked very heavy."

Jurassic Park Control room

Owen, Claire and the others returned to the control room and see how heavy the generator that powered the refrigerator looked. "You got to be kidding me." Claire muttered as she knew that the generator that heavy is a powerful one.

Owen nodded in agreement while saying to everyone half-joking, "That is going be a heavy sucker to lift." He was agreeing with Claire since the generator will be a heavy to lift.

"What about the other generators? They should power the console too." Claire stated as she was not prepared to help lift the heavy generator.

Owen stated in a more serious tone, "Yes, but this is the more powerful one that will help generate much needed power to power the communications room. Because the other generators won't be enough to power it, but we may need them for extra juice."

Claire sighed as she hated to know that Owen was right about what he said in order to power the communications room. "I hate it when you're right." Claire grumbled in annoyance.

As Zach looked at it, he was not too thrilled to help lift such a heavy generator. He stated in a not pleased tone, "Looks like we don't have much a choice. Do we?"

"No, we don't." Owen stated as he unplugged the generator cord from the refrigerator and wrapped the cord on the generator's post to prevent anyone from tripping on it. With that, he, Claire and Zach tried to lift the generator up, but it was too heavy for them. Then Owen asked, "Hey, Barry! Would be lend us a helping hand?"

"Sure thing." Barry replied. Barry then went to Owen's side as they tried to lift the generator while Claire and Zach lifted from the other side. Although they almost lift it, but it was still too heavy for them.

"Oh, come on! This is so heavy." Claire complained since it was a really heavy item.

"We almost lifted it..." Zach said to his aunt as he knew that they almost lift the generator.

After seeing that they need more help moving the generator, Gray said to everyone, "Maybe I can help."

"Probably. Get over here." Zach said to his brother in agreement. Gray went over to Zach and Claire's side. With Owen and Barry on one side, Claire, Zach and Gray are on the other side. With their all their strength and combined effort, they barely lifted the generator off the floor and slowly began moving it towards the communications room.

Jurassic World Aviary

At the Aviary, Hawkins and another henchman finished arming the last set of C4 explosives on the doom of the Aviary. "Armed. We're all set. Go up top, I'll join you shortly." The henchman nodded. As the henchman went to climb back up to the top of the Aviary, Hawkins checked in on the radio, "Nolan. All explosives have been planted."

"Good. Come on back here to Main Street." Nolan replied on the radio.

"Affirmative, sir." Hawkins acknowledged on the radio. Then he started to climb back up to the top.

Jurassic Park Communications room

Meanwhile at the communications room, Owen, Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray were still transporting the heavy generators towards the room. When they got close enough to the room, Owen said while holding on to the generator, "Alright, put it down here." They slowly put the generator down without hurting themselves or crushing their feet on it. Then they were catching their breath from carrying that heavy generator. Owen then said to them while catching his breath, "That's...close enough." Claire put her arms on the generator and leaned down as she was catching her breath. Barry was leaning on the wall as he was catching his breath.

"Whoo...that was...very hard." Zach said while panting as he was catching his breath when he was helping lift the heavy generator.

"But we did it, Zach." Gray said to his brother as he leaned on the wall.

"Come on, we gotta move the other less heavy generators." Owen then stated to them, reminding them of the other generators.

Claire lift her face up and looked at Owen. "They better be less heavy than that one." Claire demanded in a serious tone as she was close of getting her breath back.

"They are." Owen reassured Claire. Then he added in a stoic tone, "Because they are easier to lift than that one."

"I hope so." Claire stated as she did not want to lift something as heavy as that generator again today during the situation they are.

"They are not as heavy as that one." Barry said to her, reassuring her since he saw those generators.

"Come on, let's go." Owen said to the others with that. With that, Owen led Barry, Claire, Zach and Gray back to the control room to get the other generators.

Main Street

Meanwhile at Main Street, the area was surrounded with terrorists driving H1 Hummers armed with M2 Browning machine guns around and terrorists patrolling around Main Street on foot.

At the Mosasaurus stadium, the hostages in there sadly remained seated as they are coping with the violent situation they are in. Among the hostages are a couple, who stayed with their teenage daughter and young son on their seats, comforting them. A Chinese man stays with his wife in the other part of the stadium, trying to comfort each other.

Inside the IMAX theater, the hostages in there somberly coping with their confinement. The teenage girl who lost her father in the Aviary held on to a boy whose mother was killed in the crossfire by one of the helicopters in Main Street. A father stood by his three kids in wall. A mother held her daughter in her arms to comfort her.

Inside the Underwater Observatory, the hostages were also struggling with the traumatic situation. A mother held her teenage daughter in there to comfort her. A black man held onto his teenage son in there also.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan said to Witter, "Witter, check in with our defense teams in Main Street for status reports."

"Yes, sir." Witter acknowledged as he headed for the elevator.

Nolan went to Cullen and Porter. He then asked, "Have the helicopters found anything out there?"

"No." Cullen replied.

"Ground teams said they are still checking the footsteps where they are heading." Porter said to him.

"We likely know they are heading for the Jurassic Park visitor center." Nolan stated, as he knew where Owen, Claire and the others will be going. Then he added with a tone of reason, "They would go to our old hideout because it's the only building in the area."

Cullen acknowledged silently. Then she said to him, "Antonis texted me. He said he's got nothing also."

Nolan said in a serious yet salty tone, "They probably will come over there even if we don't get them soon. But we need Dearing's Quadtosaurus code, Cullen. Tell our search teams to go over to Jurassic Park visitor center. Move. We must get Dearing and her nephews." Nolan wanted to get Claire and force her to reveal her Quadtosaurus code soon.

As Nolan was saying that, Torres heard something on the radio and came towards Nolan. "Sean, it's Moreau. He's said it's important."

Nolan takes the radio from Torres and said in a serious tone, "I'm listening."

At the jungles not far from the Jurassic Park Visitor Center, Moreau said to Nolan on the radio in a serious tone, "Nolan, I have reason to believe that Grady, Dearing, and the others are at the Visitor Center, but I can hear the Indominus Rex's roars nearby. I wonder how we would get it away to prevent approach."

Nolan knew that Baker team was also not far from the Indominus Rex and do have RPG rocket launchers with them. He then said to Moreau on the radio, “Baker team is also not far from the I-Rex, so they can scare away the I-Rex with RPGs."

“That sounds like a good idea." Moreau replied on the radio. He agreed with his leader's idea. Then he asked, "You want me to join them?"

Nolan set on one of the chairs in the control room as he said to Moreau on the radio, "No. After that, I'm gonna send Baker team inside the Visitor Center. I need you elsewhere in case Baker team fails and Grady, Dearing and the others try to escape the Visitor Center."

After hearing what Nolan said, Moreau knew what place he meant. He said to his leader, "I think I know what you are talking about."

"Yes, that's right. I sending you some additional support via Jurassic World vehicles that will meet up with you and others with you. Torres will tell you where to meet shortly." Nolan ordered in a curt one.

Moreau acknowledged in French. Then Nolan turned to Torres and said to him, "Mike, send some men in the Jurassic World vehicles over to that area and have two of them meet up with Moreau and his men."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged.

As Torres went to inform some men on the radio, Nolan went to Cullen and said to her, "Cullen, tell Baker team to use RPGs to scare away the Indominus Rex when it gets close to the Visitor Center and then have them breach the building to find Dearing and the others."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she got on the radio.

Then Nolan checks in on the radio, "Chernov. Chernov."

At the Hammond Creation Lab, Chernov, who was interrogating Wu with Wang assisting him, answered, "Yes?"

"How your interrogation going?" Nolan asked on the radio.

Chernov looks at Wu, who was bloodied and in pain from the interrogations from him and Wang. Then he said to Nolan on the radio, “We got Wu to reveal some more info about how that creature is made. We're having some men hack into Wu's computer for more information now." Chernov sees that two men are working to get into Wu's computer.

"Share it to me when you get all of the origins of that hybrid." Nolan ordered on the radio.

Chernov acknowledged in Russian as Nolan sat down on the seat as he watched everything going on from the control room.

Jurassic Park Communications room

Meanwhile in the communications room, Owen and Barry were carrying the last generator. Then they put it down near some of the other generators. Claire, Zach and Gray also helped gather some of the other generators also. "All the generators are in place." Barry said to everyone with him.

"Great, now we should set them up in the communications room so we can power the console." Owen said to the others.

"Are you sure you can do this, Owen?" Claire asked with some mild concern.

"Yes, we ran some things on generators during military operations." Owen replied as he and his old SEAL team dealt with areas with people have relay on generators.

Claire sighed, hoping that he is right. With that, he and Barry went to work connecting the generators.

As Owen and Barry work on connecting the generators to the communications room, Claire went to check on her nephews, who was sitting on an nearby old bench chair that was still sturdy. Claire walked in front of them. "Zach...Gray..." Claire called out to them softly.

"Hm?" Zach looked up to his aunt.

"Yeah?" Gray asked as he turned his face at Claire.

Claire sniffed a little and asked, "I know I asked this many times, but are you two okay?"

"Not really, Aunt Claire." Zach stated as he was feeling overwhelmed and terrified by their ordeal. Gray didn't say anything because he knew his brother feels somewhat the same way he is now.

Claire sighed. Then she said softly to the Mitchel brothers, "Look, I know you two are scared. To tell you the truth, so am I. But you two got me, Owen and Barry here protecting you and doing all we can to get you out of this island alive." Claire hoped what she told her nephews will be true.

"We hope you know what you guys doing." Gray said softly while somberly looking at his aunt.

"We do. That's why we're here." Claire said to Gray, trying to reassure him. As Claire was saying that, Owen, after connecting the powerful generator to the communications console, then listened in on the conversation while Barry was setting up the other generators to the communications room. Claire then awkwardly explained in a somber tone, "Look... uh...I just wanted to say that...umm...I was just so busy with my career and trying to make this theme park safe for the guests, that I just don't have enough time for you two or your mother."

"Aunt Claire, it's fine..." Zach said to her, trying to tell her they understand she had to work so much for Jurassic World.

"No, it's not." Claire interrupted gently as she shook her head. "It's not." Claire took took a deep breath. Then she said sincerely and softly. "Boys, listen. I'm so sorry for leaving you with Zara. They would have captured you if you two didn't run off and got on that Gyrosphere." She felt bad for leaving her nephews with Zara for work on the Indominus Rex, something she now regrets since that thing is unhinged and it almost killed Zach & Gray. She had tears in her eyes that she tried to keeping it from shedding.

After he heard what his aunt said to him, Gray grabbed Claire's right hand and solemnly said to her, "It's okay, Aunt Claire." Claire looks at her youngest nephew with such appreciation for him trying to reassure her. Then he added, "Thanks for saving us. You and Owen."

Claire smiled and put her left hand on Gray's hand that held her right hand. Then Zach said to his aunt, "It's not your fault, Aunt Claire. Blame it on those suckers. They are the ones who planned this whole thing."

"I know that." Claire stated as she knew the terrorists are the reason all this is happening on Isla Nublar. She then said solemnly to her nephews, "I'm so sorry that creature attacked you guys. It was not my intention to have the lab make a monster that kills on sight. I just want to say this. I did not exactly agree with the idea. I just had to sign off on it because of my boss, the owner Simon Masrani, did agree with it to boost our park's ratings. For what's the worth, boys. I'm sorry and I will have that thing killed when we get out of here." What Claire said to her nephews was true. She was having the Indominus killed, regardless of what the Masrani Global higher-ups would say. It was something she can make it up to her nephews over everything that happened. Claire feels a tremendous amount of guilt over the creature she signed off on almost killed Zach and Gray. She knew if it killed her nephews, Karen would likely disowned her and that was something she could not live with.

Zach can see his aunt feels absolutely guilty about having to sign off on that creature that attacked them. Zach said in a reassuring tone, "Aunt Claire, it's alright. We know that it was not your intention to make something that dangerous. Besides, if the terrorists did fund that project, then you're not entirely to blame for this. It's on them." Gray then nodded in agreement and still held on to his aunt's hand.

Claire had let out a smile and felt that her heart can relax now that her nephews knew that they don't blame her for everyone, including signing off the I-Rex that attacked her nephews. She also felt proud of her nephews for getting away from that monster. Claire had warm tears coming out of the corners of her eyes before they started to slide down on her cheeks. She then said to her nephew with such sincere in her voice, "I love you..." With that, she scooped up both of her nephews in her arms.

Zach and Gray were surprised by what Claire said, but they hugged their aunt tightly. The human contact they had felt good for all of them. Claire had tears in her eyes as she was beamed with pride and her promise to get them off the island safely officially became her main priority.

After hearing Claire and her nephews, Owen felt bad for them for going through a brutal fight for survival against a terrorist siege. He understands that Claire is trying to protect her nephews at all cost and she is relying on him & Barry to do so. Owen also realizes that he must protect Claire and her family from the terrorists whatever they want with her. He made a promise to himself that he will do what it takes to get them off the island alive. "Hey." Barry whispered, which interrupted his thoughts on Claire and her nephews. Barry gave a thumb up, indicating that the generators are set up in the communications room.

Owen acknowledged Barry's gesture and he went towards the embracing Claire and her nephews. He whispered to Claire, "Claire." Claire gently lets go of her nephews and turns to Owen. Then he said to her, "We're all set. Let's get it powered up." Owen was now more willing to protect Claire and her nephews from harm since he overheard Claire making amends to her nephews and holding them in her arms. He hoped he would make his silent promise to them.

"Right." Claire acknowledged. Then she gently said to her nephews, "Come on. We got to get word out to the military that are out there right now."

With all of them in the room, Owen then said to Claire, Zach, Gray and Barry in the room, "Alright. We will start with that powerful generator. It will give out some powerful wattage to feed the console, but it need more wattage from the other five generators. So we need a lot of juice to fully power up the communications console."

"Got that, Owen. I'll turn on the powerful generator." Barry acknowledged. With that, he went to the powerful generator. As he primed the generator, Owen, Claire and her nephews stood by as they hope this will work.

Barry turned the ignition key to the powerful generator and it turned on. The generator then powered up the majority of the communications console as it light displays are coming online, but Owen knew it needed more power to make it more operational since the lights were dim. "Alright, we generating a lot of power to the console, but we need more juice so we can have more wattage to the console. Let's power the other five generators, one at the time." Owen said to the others.

With that, Barry primed all of the five generators and said to all of them, "Got them primed. I'll handle these two generators." Barry stood by two of the generators.

"I'll turn on this one." Claire said with determination in her voice. She went to the blue generator.

"I'll get this one." Gray said as he was near one of the other ones.

"I'll do this one." Zach said and went to the last generator. Then he said to everyone with him. "Okay, let's do this."

Owen was pleased that they're all there to help. Then he said out to Barry, "Alright. Initiate generator 2."

"Powering generator" Barry said as he turned the first five of the generators. The second generator got more power in the console and the display lights were brighter, but there's more power needed on the console.

"Getting more juice. Initiate generator 3." Owen said to Barry.

"Powering generator 3 now." Barry said as he turned the second of the generators. The generator turned on generating more power, but Owen knew there's more power needed on the console.

Owen was pleased that they getting more power on the console. Then he said to Claire, "Alright, we got a little more power. Initiate generator 4."

"Got it. Powering generator" Claire said and she turned on the third generator, which is generating more power on the console. The communications console was getting more juice, but need more to make it more operational.

"Okay, looking good. Fire up generator 5." Owen said to Gray.

"Number" Gray said as he turned on the generator. The console was almost fully powered and Owen hoped the last generator will be enough to fully power the console so they can use it to call the military.

Owen then turned to Zach and said out loud, "Alright, almost there. Power up generator 6."

"Initiate generator" Zach said as he turned on the last generator.

With all six generators on, the communications console was working with full power. "We got it fully working!" Owen exclaimed to them. Everyone cheered upon hearing that.

"Alright, we need to find the military channel and to get a clear signal before we send out the SOS." Owen said to everyone. With that, Owen worked to find the channel that has the U.S. Military by turning the channel knob. As Claire stood by with her nephews near her, Owen continued After searching, he found the channel that has the U.S. Military when he heard the words, "This is USS Lake Erie to USS Truxtun. What's...." on static radio transmission.

"We got the channel. Now we need a very clear signal." Owen said.

"Or a clear enough one anyway." Claire stated as she held her hand on Gray's left shoulder. Zach was leaning against the wall not facing the communications console.

"Okay. I'll find a clear signal." Barry agreed. Then he turned the knob of the squelch to find clear signal. As Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray waited and hope, Barry continued to turn the knob and was able to find a clear signal. "We got a clear enough signal." Barry said to him.

Owen nodded and said to Barry, "Clear enough. They'll hear us. Guard the room in case of those lunatics show up."

As Barry went to guard the door to the communications room, Owen seat on the chair and went the mic. Claire went closer to Owen as he then said out in the radio, "Mayday, Mayday. This is Owen Grady of Jurassic World. Is anyone copying over? Please respond."

USS Lake Erie

At the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Lake Erie, a female communications sailor heard a mayday call as Owen continued, "Mayday, Mayday..."

"This is USS Lake Erie, call in your mayday." The female sailor said on the radio.

"This is Owen Grady. I contacting you from Jurassic World in Isla Nublar." As Owen was saying that, the communications sailor, surprised that he is contacting them in Jurassic World, whistled to her commanding officer and motioned him over to her. Then she put the radio on speaker. The white-haired commanding officer rushed over along with the other officers in the with him in the CIC as they listened on Owen's radio message, "The entire island is been taken over by a well-organized and heavily-armed terrorist group and people on the island are getting killed. They are also actively trying to hunt us down."

"This is Captain Frederick Moss of the USS Lake Erie. Where in the island you are contacting us from?" Captain Moss asked Owen on the radio.

"The old Jurassic Park visitor center at the communications room." Owen replied.

"Stay there for two minutes and keep the channel open. We're gonna patch you to our fleet commander." Captain Moss said to Owen as he was going to patch this radio transmission to Captain Davis on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

"Copy that. Standing by." Owen acknowledged. With that, he, Claire and the others stood by.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis and Commander Kopelson were speaking to each other as Lieutenant Gardner heard something from the USS Lake Erie. Then after listening to the message, Gardner rushed over and went to Davis and Kopelson. He exclaimed, "Captain!" Davis and Kopelson turned to Gardner, who immediately said, "We have contact from inside the island from a man name Owen Grady. The Lake Erie said he is contacting us from the abandoned Jurassic Park visitor center at the communications room."

After hearing what Gardner said to him, Davis was momentarily surprised. Then he ordered, "Let me talk to them." Gardner nodded as Davis, Kopelson, Lieutenant Rodriguez and others came over to the radio. Then Davis ordered the sailor, "Put it on speaker." With that, the sailor put the radio on speaker.

Jurassic Park Communications room

At the Jurassic Park communications room, Owen waited for a moment. Claire stood by near Owen. Zach and Gray stood back on the wall. Barry guarded the room in case of any terrorists come through. As they waited, Captain Davis's voice came on the radio, "USS Abraham Lincoln to Owen Grady. Come in." Captain Davis's voice came on the radio.

After hearing Davis's voice, Owen and the others were relieved. Owen then went to the mic and replied on the radio, "USS Abraham Lincoln, this is Owen Grady."

"Mr. Grady. This is Captain Emmitt Davis of the USS Abraham Lincoln. What's your situation?" Captain Davis asked in the military-like tone.

Claire was mildly surprised that the Navy captain she spoke to earlier is on the radio. "I spoke to him earlier when I was calling the Navy for help." Claire whispered to Owen.

Owen nodded to Claire and then said to the radio mic, "Critical, sir. Are you in charge?"

Davis then replied on the speaker, "In charge of the U.S. Fleet in the area and direct contact to the President himself. We also got ships from Russia, France, China, Great Britain, Japan and Australia also blockading the island."

Owen and Claire was somewhat shocked that warships from other countries have also came to help blockade Isla Nublar since the siege. "Wow. That's amazing." Owen said in shock.

"They got tourists from their respective countries also. That's why they're here also." Davis confirmed to Owen. Then he asked, "Are there any survivors with you?"

Owen replied to Davis, "Affirmative, sir. I have four people with me, two of them being children. I have Claire Dearing, Assets Manager, Barry Sembène, a coworker of mine, and Zach Mitchell and Gray Mitchell, nephews of Claire Dearing."

Davis was surprised to hear Owen mentioned Claire being with him. He stated on the radio, "Claire Dearing? Mr. Grady, I spoke to her earlier. She told me about the siege on the island."

Claire gently tap on Owen's shoulder and said quietly, "Let me speak to him." Owen nodded and got off the chair. Claire then sat down and said on the radio, "Captain, this is Claire Dearing. There's something you should know. The terrorists were using the abandoned Jurassic Park Visitor Center as their base of operations before the attack, probably within the last two weeks." Claire knew that the Navy would know about Nolan and his goons were hiding the Jurassic Park Visitor Center before the attack sooner or later. Owen was pleased that she told Davis about the terrorists hideout.

After hearing what Claire told him about the terrorists were using the Jurassic Park Visitor Center as their base of operations before the attack, Davis was stunned and bit his lower lip. The officers and the crew members nearby were also shocked upon learning that. Davis then asked Claire on the radio, "They used that old Jurassic Park Visitor Center as their hideout?"

"Yes, we saw it in our own eyes." Claire clarified in confirmation.

"How do you guys know about them using that place in two weeks?" Davis asked, demanding a good explanation about how they know about that facility was used as a hideout for Nolan and his organization.

Not knowing what to say, Claire only said with a trace of somberness in her voice, "Late at night, our radar went offline for a hour from what we thought it was a technical malfunction, but we thought wrong. We found traces of a EMP bomb in that visitor center." Claire was silent for the moment. Then she added somberly, "I was about to call the Navy about the radar issue two weeks ago, but my boss, Simon Masrani, told me not to since he thought the problem was solved."

After hearing what Claire said, Davis was more stunned on how these terrorists planned all the siege with such sophistication and without fail. He asked in confirmation, "Did they do all that, ma'am?"

Claire was silent for a moment and replied gravely with a trace of reluctance and somberness in her voice, "Yes..."

Davis was stunned by such unexpected news on how the terrorists got into the island weeks before the attack. He also silently angered that Masrani told Claire not to call the Navy, which likely could have prevented the attack. Davis was also concerned on how smart Nolan and his organization were and tries to think how the military will get into that island. After few moments of silence, Davis said on the radio, "Alright, Ms. Dearing, we will try to lay out a plan without risking any lives. I don’t know if it is going to work, but we will try to plan something."

"Like what?" Claire asked with concern in her voice.

"We’ll think of something. In the meantime, just try to avoid capture by these terrorists as long as possible." Davis said in a military-like tone.

"Yes, sir." Claire acknowledged.

Owen gently tapped Claire's shoulder. As she looked at him, Claire knew he wanted to take over and nodded. As she got up, Owen took the chair and said on the radio, "Captain, it's Owen Grady."

"Go ahead, Mr. Grady." Davis acknowledged.

"Do you and your guys watch their graphic videos to the world?" Owen asked on the radio. Although he knew that they saw the live feeding shows, he asked for clarifications.

Davis took a deep breath, realizing that Owen and Claire know about Nolan feeding the carnivores hostages and streaming it live for everyone in the world to watch. He replied while in a calm yet quiet demeanor, "Yes, we did." Davis felt bad for them to see the feeding shows. He wondered how did they know about it, but he decided that they are more important things to deal with. He asked Owen, "Can you gives the update on the situation?"

"Yes, sir." Owen replied with hesitation. Then he stated on the captain on the radio, "They wiped out our security teams. They moved everyone to Main Street. They have taken control room probably with help from someone inside there. They want Ms. Dearing for reasons we don't know yet. They have commandos roaming the island on ground and on the air, looking for us. They have enough heavy firepower to take out a T-Rex and enough explosives to wipe out a herd of dinosaurs. Looks like they are well-prepared for any military operation that will come at them. Who knows what other tricks they have up in their sleeves. Any team entering the island will have a loud welcoming committee. They intentionally released that hybrid called Indominus Rex. I'm sure you guys saw that."

"That's affirm." Davis replied in confirmation.

Owen then continued to fill Davis in on the situation as he stated, "They shut the power down. They shut down all attraction areas and you can bet they shut off the Monorail. Looks like they have their own underground internet access, probably with tight security to prevent anyone from hacking in."

"What are you? Ex-military?" Davis asked out of curiosity since he has a hunch that Owen is former military, judging by his tone and the intel he has provided for them.

"Former Navy SEAL. SEAL Team 4. Petty Officer First Class. 04-08." Owen replied, confirming his old Navy status.

Davis felt somewhat reassured that Owen was a Navy SEAL who is now on the island working in Jurassic World. He said to Owen in a military-like tone, "Roger that, Mr. Grady. Did you and anyone with you have any contact with the aggressors?"

"We killed 17 of them, Captain. We don't how many we're dealing with, but we know there's a lot of them." Owen said as he remembered that he killed 13 of the terrorists while Barry killed four of them. Then Owen then stated in a serious tone, "Look, the Indominus Rex is a dangerous killer hybrid dinosaur unlike the other dinosaurs on this island. It kills for sport, not because it's hungry like you seen in those feeding shows."

Davis, having saw the video of Wu's interrogation on the origins of the Indominus Rex, said to Owen on the radio, "Yes, we're somewhat aware of this. We saw an recorded interrogation of Dr. Henry Wu that the origins of that thing out there has genetics DNA of Cuttlefish so it can camouflage itself, Tree frog to hide it's heat signatures, Carnotaurus for it's skin armor, Deinosuchus for it's teeth and Pit Viper Snake for it's vision day and night. They likely did that to destroy Dr. Wu's credentials since he after all created those clone dinosaurs."

As Davis told Owen this, he and Claire looked at each other with shocked eyes. They are both equally shocked by the origins of the Indominus Rex. Owen grumbled in frustration, "Unbelievable. That means that thing was a damn weapon."

Upon hearing what Owen said, Claire was clearly upset that Wu likely made that hybrid as weapon rather than an attraction as it originally planned. "Dammit, I should've seen this the moment it killed those people in those feeding shows." Claire hissed in displeasure that was kept from her when they were making the Indominus Rex into a military weapon.

As Owen and Claire were speaking to Davis, Zach checked out the tablet put down as he guarded the room. one of the videos of the siege that came a viewer in Jurassic Traders gift shop. Then he noticed woman firing her M4A1 Carbine. Whatever or not this was relevant to the situation, Zach thought he should tell Owen and Claire about this. "Owen, Aunt Claire." Owen and Claire turned to Zach, who said to them while showing them the tablet, "There's a woman with these terrorists."

Claire looked at the tablet and the video of a woman firing the M4A1 Carbine. Claire noticed she looked very familiar to her. "Wait a minute." Claire said quietly and gently took the tablet from Zach who went back near Gray. Claire looked at the woman and realized who see was seeing on the video. She stated in a surprised tone, "That's Heather Cullen. Isn't it?"

Upon hearing the name, Owen looked at the tablet and also recognized Cullen. He exclaimed while looking at her in the video, "I'll be damn, that is Cullen." He remembered her back in his Navy days.

"Yes, it is." Claire stated in confirmation.

Upon hearing overhearing Owen and Claire recognizing someone name Heather Cullen, Davis was surprised by it. He asked on the radio, "Mr. Grady, Ms. Dearing, who's Heather Cullen?"

Already ready to tell Davis about Cullen, Owen said to him on the radio, "Cullen is a high level Air Force analyst who worked with me and my old SEAL team along with a SAS team on a task force assignment in Nigeria to rescue American and British aid workers from Nigerian rebels in 06. Can you run any files on Cullen?"

"We will." Davis replied in confirmation. Then he ordered out to his crew in the CIC, "Alright, Heather Cullen! Everything! DOD files, personnel files, classified operations and such! Go!"

The crew then ran the name Heather Cullen in the Air Force. Then a match in the DOD files came up and showed Cullen's profile. "We got her file, sir." A black sailor said and he looked at the video of Cullen and her picture in her profile. "That's her, Captain."

Davis then said to Owen and Claire, "Yes, we have her files." Davis then read her file. "1st Lieutenant Heather Cullen. Data and systems analyst of the Air Force. Born 12/9/71, has a IQ of 161. Enlisted in the Air Force in 1992 and became an Data and systems analyst. Worked for 1st Special Operations Wing in Air Force Special Operations Command. One hell of an analyst and hacker. She can hacked into files, bypass firewalls a lot of people couldn't, find backdoors and has designed a lot of security programs for our systems. She was in the Air Force until 2007 when she vanished and went underground and hasn't been seen since."

Claire then said to Davis on the radio, "Also, for more information about Cullen and why she joined the terrorists, there was this incident in 2007 when she visited Jurassic World with her son, and her son wandered off into the jungle and got killed by a pack of Compsognathus. She sued InGen and Masrani and she was settled for 7 million dollars. My predecessor, Frank Moran, was fired for negligence when he failed to contain the Compsognathus, so I took over his position. After giving her settlement, she just disappeared..." Claire paused for a second. Then concluded "...and now she is with Nolan, killing innocent people." She remembered the incident too well when she was the assistant Assets manager under Frank Moran. Moran was negligent on containing the pack of Compsognathus despite Claire's warnings about them, which led to the death of Cullen's son and Moran was fired as the result of it, leading to Claire's promotion. She helped with the 7 million dollar settlement on the lawsuit. She also knew that Moran was killed in an apparent car accident in 2009.

"No wonder she's pissed at them." Davis muttered as he looked at the profile of Cullen.

"Nolan must've discovered her after what happened to her son and she now works for him. She's that dangerous with computers." Owen said to everyone with him and on the radio. Then he said to Davis, "Sir, we better get off before they find us in there."

"Okay, Mr. Grady, Ms. Dearing, you and the others watch yourselves out there and evade capture. Try to contact us later if you can." Davis said to them on the radio.

"Roger that." Owen acknowledged as he shut off the radio.

Claire then tapped Owen's shoulder and said to him, "Owen, maybe that's how Nolan knows about you. Cullen must've saw your name in the InGen personnel files."

"Yes, that's probably how he knows about me." Owen replied, knowing that Cullen would remember him on that task force assignment in Nigeria. Then he added to Claire, "I think she might've been the one who hacked into InGen and Masrani Global systems four years ago."

Claire was in deep thought for the moment. Then with her mouth hanging open, she realized that Cullen must've been the one who did the 2011 hack attack against InGen and Masrani Global. "My god. It has to be. If she did that, Nolan was involved in that hack attack." Claire stated in the quiet, shocked tone.

Gray came over to them and said, "I think we should get going."

Barry then said to them while guarding the door, "Yes, we should leave now while we still can."

"Alright, let's go." Claire said to the others. Then she added, "Shut off the generators. We won't be needing them anymore."

With that, Owen, Claire, Zach, Gray and Barry began to leave the communications room.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Somewhere in the island, Moreau and the men were getting close to where they were supposed to be picked up. He signaled the men with him to spread out and keep their weapons up.

As that was happening, the terrorists in the Baker Team were closing in on the Jurassic Park Visitor Center. Aware that the Indominus Rex is out there, they have some RPG rocket launchers with them.

Meanwhile, two of the carjacked Jurassic World jeeps were heading towards where Moreau and his men would meet up with him.

Jurassic Park Control room

Back in the Jurassic Park control room, Owen and Barry were looking around the area with their respective weapons raised. Claire and her nephews followed them. Then they heard Nolan's voice on the radio Owen still had with him. "Mr. Owen Grady and Ms. Claire Dearing." After hearing Nolan, all of them stopped dead on their tracks, "Yeah, that's right, pals. We know who you are." Owen and Claire were horrified and dumbfounded that Nolan has contacted them. They were also shocked and angered by him contacting them as Nolan continued to say to them in the taunting tone, "You two make an odd duo. Wouldn't you say?" Then Nolan chuckled a little.

Claire was stunned that Nolan was contacting them. Not wanting her nephews being around the conversation, she said to Barry in desperation, "Oh my god. Barry, get my nephews away from here now."

Barry said to Zach and Gray, "Let's go. Over there."

Both brothers acknowledged. As Barry took the boys in the far corner of the control room, Owen held up the radio and said sarcastically, "Hey, asshole. I was wondering when you were going to call us." As he said that, Owen clearly despises Nolan for his actions.

Claire puts the radio on speaker, to Owen's surprise, and asked in a mixture of confusion and anger, "How did you contact us on the radio, Nolan? What do you want?"

Nolan smiled and replied on the radio, "I just did. And I want to speak to you."

Claire, already seething over Nolan feeding the hostages to the carnivores and streaming them live, declared in anger, "Nolan, you goddamn mass murderer! We saw those live feeding shows you have done! You're sick! You're an insane psychopath!!"

Nolan chuckled a little. Then he said on the radio, "Yeah...tell that to my dead wife and dead unborn daughter."

Both Claire and Owen were livid that Nolan is doing all this violence and murdering tons of people in Jurassic World just to avenge his wife and unborn daughter as well as prove his point about the dinosaurs. Claire then asked angrily, "Would they want this?! Would they be proud of any of this?! You think..."

"HEY!!" Nolan shouted in anger before Claire can say more. Then Nolan coldly and angrily, "Shut up!"

Both Owen and Claire were silent for the moment. Then Owen said in a taunting tone, “You're the bastard who took over our park, wiped out our security and right now, you're killing the hostages.”

Nolan then replied in a taunting tone while seating on the chair in the consoles, "That's right. You're ex-Navy SEAL who seen combat. Now you work for the company that should have been cloning these abominations in the first place. But, hey. We all got to make a living. That means we both have opposite views of dinosaurs. Do we?"

Owen then countered in a taunting tone, "Maybe, maybe not. But how about when you send a hostage to my raptors, that's means you're the reason he died, not them." He knew Nolan was the reason Leon got killed by his own raptors, not Blue and her siblings.

Nolan goes over Grady's files on the raptors and sees their names. He then said to Owen in a taunting tone, "Whoa, I can see you have a connection to your four raptors, Mr. Grady. I see that you were with Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo when they were born. I figured that they might be a little hungry, so I wanted to feed them the next set of hostages later on."

Owen was in fury when Nolan taunted him that he will feed the next set of hostages to his raptors. "Nolan, stop doing these feeding shows! My raptors are not murderous monsters!" Owen demanded in a stern tone. Although he knew that Nolan won't take no for answer, Owen hoped he wouldn't feed any more hostages to his animals.

Nolan then replied in a salty, taunting tone, "Oh really? And what are you going to say, that they are poor, harmless animals? How about this? Imagine if your raptors were in the mainland, they will savagely kill everyone on sight, including children like the raptors did try with John Hammond's grandchildren 22 years ago and with no chance of the authorities catching them because of their intelligence. Those monsters of yours are weak and they will kill everyone on sight." Nolan was attempting to rile up Owen by mocking him about his raptors. In the past, Nolan researched the Isla Nublar incident 22 years old and knew about Hammond's grandchildren were stalked by the T-Rex and the Velociraptors as well as them surviving the incident along with Hammond, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm. He knew the Velociraptors are very intelligent creatures and have great problem solving skills. He suspected that if the raptors got into the mainland, they might killed every human on sight.

Owen felt riled up when Nolan taunted him about the raptors. He was angered by the terrorist leader mocking him and his animals. He countered Nolan in a taunting tone with a trace of fury in his voice, "Nolan, you son of a bitch! My raptors are certainly not weak, but nor are they savage monsters! You do not understand how normal predators work, do you?! Oh, and they’re trained, meaning they will likely not kill everyone. Plus, even with their intelligence, they could get captured or killed by the military. In fact, if anything, you probably will kill everyone in sight, even me. That makes you the murderous monster here." After watching Owen taunting the terrorist mastermind, Claire let out a pleased smile on her face as she looked at Owen. She felt glad that Owen can taunt such evil men as Nolan and felt better having him at her side to protect her nephews.

After hearing Owen's taunt, Nolan chuckled. Then he said to him while while chuckling, "Wow. You actually care for these things." He was laughing a little about Owen's insult at him and finds that a joke to him as he believes what he is doing is the correct thing for his cause against the dinosaurs being cloned. Then he stopped laughing and stated in a taunting tone, "You make me laugh, Mr. Grady. You remind me of part Jack Bauer, part John Rambo with dinosaurs. That's an interesting mix."

Owen felt offended by Nolan's cocky remarks. Claire also sees him a wisecracking lunatic making such remarks. Owen then tauntingly said on the radio, "Yeah, well. Tell that to some of the men you lost, asshole. Because whatever it takes, I'm gonna make sure you don't get near Claire and don't get whatever you want with her. And don't bother bribing me because my honor is not for sale." As she was witnessing the taunting radio conversation, Claire felt relieved that Owen told Nolan that he cannot be brought into betraying her to the terrorist leader.

Nolan was originally planning into bribing Owen into handing Claire over to him for tons of money. But after hearing that Owen won't be bought into betraying Claire and bringing her to him for money, Nolan then decided to sharply replying to Owen, "I'm sure you know that I have a lot of commandos to finish this mission, fuckhead. I'll tell you something, right now. One way or another, we are going to show the world that these creatures should not be cloned in the first place."

"Well, maybe that should have happened, but we have to live with that now and we have to learn how to handle those things ourselves. What you're doing is beyond reprehensible and you are proving nothing to the world. I'm gonna make sure I get to you whatever it takes so you won't succeed the way you wanted." Owen said as he sees Nolan's views of dinosaurs as monsters to be one-sided and blind by his obsession with revenge.

Nolan smirked a little at Owen's taunt. Then he decided to rile up Claire, so he said to her in a taunting tone, "How are your nephews, Ms. Dearing?"

Upon hearing Nolan mentioning her nephews, Claire was stunned and shocked at the same time. Owen was also shocked by it as Nolan continued, "Their names are Zach and Gray, right?"

"No..." Claire said quietly in horror. Her face was filled with horror and her mouth hung open when Nolan revealed the names of her nephews.

Suspecting he pushed her buttons, Nolan stated in a taunting tone, "I wonder how your sister and her soon-to-be ex-husband will feel when they see their sons get tied up and gagged and shown live to the world right in front of your very eyes so that they can see them get killed by one of those dinosaurs live, maybe that Indominus Rex you guys foolishly made." He hoped that it will riled up Claire to the point where she can lose it.

Enraged by Nolan's threat to her nephews, Claire furiously grabs the radio and said in furious tone, "You listen to me! You come anywhere near my nephews...and I will find a way to get to you and feed you to the carnivores myself! You hear me, you son of a bitch?!!"

After hearing Claire's threat, Nolan chuckled a little. Then he said on the radio, "Nice try, honey. But I'm not fazed by your threat. Not one bit."

Claire felt extremely livid by Nolan's threat to her nephews and his remarks. Owen, seeing that Claire was up to her nerve about Nolan, says on the radio, "Yeah? Well, we'll see about that when I get there, asshole." With that, he shut off the radio.

Seeing Owen shutting off the radio, Claire felt relieved that he ended the radio call between them and Nolan. "Cocky bastard." Claire grumbled about her views of Nolan. She was clearly angered by Nolan threatening Zach and Gray.

Control room

After the radio call, Masrani glares at Nolan for taunting Owen and Claire on the radio and threatening Claire with the lives of her nephews. Cullen said to Nolan as she traced the radio signal, "We got them. They're in the Jurassic Park visitor center at the control room."

Nolan was pleased to know where Claire, Owen and the others are at now. He said in a quiet, but pleased tone, "Our old place. That's where they would go since it's the only location around these areas. Notify our teams right now."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged and she went on the radio.

Jurassic Park Control room

Back in the Jurassic Park control room, Owen then said to Claire, "We should get out of here. They probably traced us here with the radio call."

"Can we get back to the bunker where we can from?" Claire asked.

Owen then replied in a serious tone, "Maybe, but it's risky right now since they likely know we might be here and..."

"Ah...Owen." Barry said interrupting Owen as he heard some chattering noises. Owen and Claire listened to some chattering noises. So were Zach and Gray.

"Compys." Owen said to them as he recognized the chattering noises of Compsognathus and knew they had to be close. Then he hears them from above. "They in the vents above here." Owen said to them.

"I think we should get out of here." Gray stated as he knew that Compys, despite that there are the size of rats, are small carnivores and scavengers. He knew it was wise not to underestimate them by their size.

"Let's go. We have to wait until they're clear from here before we can go back to the bunker." Owen said to the others. With that, Owen, Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray left the control room by going upstairs. Once they were left the control room, the pack of Compsognathus arrived in the control room via the hole in the vents and scowl around the area for bugs to eat.

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