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This is chapter 11 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 11: The Revelation

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

As Owen, Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray arrived in the lobby of the Visitor Center, they stopped for the moment. They knew there is a pack of Compsognathus in the Jurassic Park control room now, which affects their efforts to get to the bunker exit where Jeep 29 is not far from. Claire asked Owen, "Alright, since we got Compys in the control room, any ideas how we can get out of there before the terrorists show up?"

Owen looks at Claire in the eye and said in a serious tone, "Don't know yet. The only option I can think of we probably may have to hold on until the control room is cleared of the Compys. Worse case scenario though. We will have company coming in here. If we tried to walk on foot, those maniacs and that monster out there will likely get us sooner than later."

Claire scoffed a little and grumbled, "That's great."

Owen went towards the hallway. He then motioned the others and said, "Come along, all of you."

"Come on, you three." Barry said to Claire, Zach and Gray. With that, Owen took lead with his G36 rifle leveled. Barry watched the rear as Claire and her nephews followed Owen. Then Owen heard something and shushed the others with them. He said quietly to them, "Guys, I think I hear something."

"Hear what?" Zach asked with concern in his voice. Then they feel the rumble of footsteps.

Owen feels the rumble of footsteps closing in. Then he said to everyone with him, "Claire, come with me. Barry, take the kids elsewhere." With that, Owen and Claire went to investigate. Barry then motioned the boys to follow him. The Mitchell brothers, worried about their aunt and Owen, followed Barry in a different direction.

As Owen and Claire arrived in the garage where Jeep 18 is. After some silence, they again feet a strong rumble of footsteps. Claire gasped upon feeling that. Owen stayed still as Claire went behind him. Then as it got closer, they nervously knelled down in front of Jeep 18. Owen peeked in for a few seconds when he saw the enormous foot of the Indominus Rex in front of the garage. Owen quickly looked away and hid in front of the Jeep along with Claire. As it quietly looked inside the garage, Owen quickly shushed Claire to keep her from panicking. The hybrid was stiffing around the garage. It was nudging the jeep while Owen and Claire nervously kept hidden and still. After a few tense seconds, the Indominus Rex moved her head out of the garage.

As Owen peeked from the spot and didn't see the murderous hybrid armed with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle, he and Claire wait for a few moments to catch their breaths. When they thought it was over, the Indominus crashed through the roof of the garage with it's mouth. Owen and Claire got down as the crashed rumble came down in the garage. When the hybrid roared, Claire got up and ran to the entryway of the Visitor Center. Owen quickly got up and ran at fast pace when the Indominus Rex pushed Jeep 18 to the wall, almost hitting Owen as he retreated away following Claire.

Then suddenly, the terrorists from Baker team were outside the Visitor Center fired RPGs at the ground near the Indominus Rex. Three rockets hit the ground near the hybrid creature, exploding near it. The Indominus Rex bellowed as it felt the radius of the explosions and it retreated away from the Visitor Center.

As Owen and Claire ran, they heard sounds of RPG fire and explosions. They stopped running when they heard and the killer hybrid dinosaur was no one behind them. Then they heard the roars of the Indominus and Owen realized something. He grumbled, "Shit! The terrorists are here! Claire, come with me now!" With that, Owen and Claire ran to another part of the room.

Outside the Visitor Center, one of the terrorists, a Russian man with a short buzzed hair, checked in on the radio, "We cleared the creature away from the Visitor Center."

"Good. Commence breach. Bring me Dearing and her nephews. Kill the intruders protecting them." Nolan ordered on the radio.

The terrorist acknowledged in Russian. Then he ordered the men, "Let's go in now, gentlemen." With that, the terrorists entered the Visitor Center through the destroyed garage.

At the abandoned kitchen, Owen and Claire arrived. They see Barry in one of the kitchen counters. "Barry, the terrorists are coming!" Owen exclaimed to him.

"I know." Barry replied as he knew the explosions nearby came from them.

Owen and Claire noticed Zach and Gray are not with them. "Where the boys?" Owen asked Barry. Claire was concerned about the whereabouts of Zach and Gray.

"I hid them in a large kitchen cabinet. They're on top shelf of it." Barry stated, pointing out to the large door that leads to the kitchen pantry. He hid Zach and Gray in the large pantry and they got into the large top shelf of it.

Claire, while sighing in relief, hoped her nephews will stay hidden when the terrorists showed up.

Owen opened a nearby freezer. Then he, Claire and Barry see there was remains of a raptor that was locked in there and died. The freezer looked like it hadn't been functional since it's abandonment.

"Claire, hide in this freezer." Owen stated in a serious tone as Barry watched the room.

"What about Zach and Gray?" Claire asked with a trace of worry in her voice.

Owen can see Claire's worried about her nephews hiding elsewhere. So he said, trying to be reassuring, "I'm sure they'll be fine in the pantry. Get in there!"

"Okay." Claire nodded as she got in the now dysfunctional freezer.

As Claire turned around to Owen, he stated, "Claire." As Claire looked at Owen with curiosity, he let out the Glock 17 pistol and held it by the barrel. Owen offered, "You may need this." He wanted to Claire to protect herself as he remembered she was asking for a gun earlier during their argument in the stream while her nephews hid under the log.

Claire sees that Owen was offering her a sidearm, but was hesitant for the moment. Then she took the pistol with her right hand and checked it. She said to Owen, "I haven't used one of these for a long time." Claire normally hates using guns, but knew how to used them.

Owen, satisfied that Claire was now armed, said to her, "Alright. If anybody but me, Barry or your nephews opens that door, you point this and put bullets in them." As he said that, Claire felt worried over Owen being out there with Barry fighting an unknown number of terrorists in the Visitor Center on their own. Seeing Claire's worried about him, Owen said to her, "I'll come back."

As he was leaving, Claire asked with concern in her voice, "Wonder if you don't?" Claire hoped that Owen will make it back to her so she have his help protect her and her nephews.

Owen, seeing that Claire is putting her trust in him, said in a reassuring tone, "I will." With that, Owen got out of the freezer. Then he closes the freezer, but not completely in order to avoid locking her in. Then he paced away from the freezer.

Inside the freezer, Claire sighed and said to herself sarcastically, "That's reassuring."

Inside the pantry on the top shelf, Zach and Gray remained hidden. Gray said to Zach quietly, "Do you think they will see us, Zach."

Zach replied quietly, "I hope not. That's all I can say." He hoped that Owen, Claire and Barry will be back for them.

As the terrorists entered the lobby, the Russian sub-commander motioned to his fellow comrades to go in separate directions. Three of them went upstairs, two of them went to one direction of the main floor while three others went to the different direction. The last two terrorists split up and looked around the lobby floor.

Owen was coming towards Barry when he finds a cleaver below the kitchen counter and took it. Then he went near the door as Barry stepped back behind him. As one of the commandos, a man in his upper 40s with short black hair, was about to enter the kitchen with his rifle raised. As he slowly was about to enter the kitchen, Owen grabbed the terrorist's right arm with his left hand and swung the cleaver on his right hand on the commando's chest, killing him. As Owen slowly moved the terrorist's body away from the door, Barry took the dead terrorist's pistol from his holster. Then Barry sees a large kitchen knife left behind during the abandonment of Jurassic Park and took it.

Owen peaked through the door and saw no one in the cafe the terrorists used as their base of operations. "Okay, looks clear." Owen whispered.

Barry also peeked in and didn't see anyone in the cafe. "We should split up to cover more and find the rest of these lunatics." Barry stated quietly.

Owen agree with Barry's idea and stated in a tone slightly above a whisper, "Alright, I'll check around this floor."

"I'll take upstairs, I'll check up there." Barry said quietly as he quietly ran out of the kitchen with Owen following. When they reached the lobby, Owen let out his G36 rifle and went to large corridor in the main floor while Barry went upstairs, armed with the Remington 870 shotgun.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan, along with Torres, Cullen, Porter and other terrorists await word from Baker team. Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were worried that the terrorists might get Claire and her nephews at the abandoned Jurassic Park Visitor Center.

"10 against 2, along with 3 non-combatants. The odds will likely be against Grady and Sembène." Torres said, stating the odds against Owen and Barry against 10 of their men.

"They killed eight of our guys in that wilderness earlier, Mike. Don't really bet the odds on this." Nolan replied seriously, since he knew Owen is a serious threat because of his Navy SEAL training. Then he said to Cullen, "Cullen, get Moreau and the others over to the entry of the bunker. I want them boxed in."

"Aye, sir. The vehicles will pick Moreau and the others in a minute." Cullen acknowledged. Nolan silently nodded.

As Cullen was speaking to Moreau, Nolan said to Torres, "Mike, I want status reports on Baker team now."

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

As the terrorists were looking in various areas of the Visitor Center, Torres said on the radio, "Baker team, give me status. Tell me what you see."

"Nothing in the corridor between in the garage and the lobby, sir." One terrorist said to Torres, as he was searching the corridor.

Three terrorists were looking around the old Showcase Theater. One terrorist checked in and said, "We don't see anything in the old Showcase Theater, sir."

At the upstairs, the Russian sub-commander was with another terrorist looking in the Cold Storage area where the embryos were until they were stolen by Dennis Nedry. The sub-commander checked in on the radio, "Quiet in the Cold Storage area."

Two terrorists were checking the old gift shop. One terrorist checked in with Torres, "Negative on the gift shop, sir."

One terrorist, a slightly bald head and short beard, looked around the control and sees a pack of Compsognathus in the area. He checked in on the radio, "Nothing in the control room. But be advised, there's Compys in there."

"Got it. Stay off that area until they clear out." Torres stated to him.

"Yes, sir." That terrorist acknowledged. Just as he about to leave, Owen ambushed him and smacked his face with the butt end of his G36 rifle, forcing the terrorist to lose his AK rifle. Then Owen grabbed the dazed terrorist and tossed him near the Compsognathus pack.

The Compys saw the downed terrorist and went after him. Before the terrorist can draw his Walther P99 pistol, they then began biting him in some areas, forcing him to lose his pistol and screamed in agony. As the Compys were biting him rapidly and the terrorist screamed in pain, Owen quietly walked away from the scene as he whispered to himself, "That's why you should stay away from the Compys." As Owen was leaving, the Compys continued to bite the terrorist to death.

Inside the freezer, Claire heard the screams of one of the terrorists and realized it has to be Owen killing that terrorist, likely from the Compsognathus pack.

Inside the pantry, Zach and Gray heard the scream from someone they don't recognized and knew it had to be one of the terrorists.

Some of the terrorists in some areas heard the screams of their comrade. They went to investigate the screams.

As one terrorist stayed put and looked around the security room, his comrade went to investigate the screams of their fellow henchman. While that terrorist was leaving the security room and was turning right, Barry stabbed him in the chest with the kitchen knife he took, killing him almost instantly. His body feel to the floor on his right side. Barry then silently walked away from the scene.

Two terrorists arrived in the entryway from the control room and saw a pack of Compsognathus eating what's left of their comrade. They felt sick to their stomach and covered their mouths to prevent them from feeling queasy. "Holy shit." One of the terrorists said while looking at the gruesome demise of their fellow comrade.

Then one of the terrorists went on the radio and said, "Sir, it's Colson. Norwood is dead. He's still being eaten by the Compys. What do you want us to do?"

Nolan's voice came on the radio, "Stay away from them. Continue your search for Dearing, Grady and others with them. And don't shoot Dearing and her nephews."

"Yes, sir." Colson acknowledged on the radio. With that, Colson and another man left the scene without any of the Compys noticing them.

The remaining terrorists continued to search around the Visitor Center for Owen, Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray in various areas. Some of them heard the transmission from Colson informing Nolan about Norwood's death by the Compsognathus pack.

One terrorist, who has a short black hair and is wearing a white hat, looked around the laboratory with his Beretta 92 pistol with a flashlight attachment raised. As he searched the darkened role with the flashlight on, he stepped on glass that came from a broken lab vial. As the terrorist searched around the area while standing still, Owen, in the shadows in the darkened lab, stabbed him in the neck with his survival knife, killing him instantly before he even fell to the ground. Owen then went back to remain in the shadows as he was leaving the lab.

The main lobby, the Russian sub-commander and another terrorist went back to the lobby.

Out by the communications room, Colson and the commando with him looked around the room.

At the upstairs corridor, the two terrorists searched the area. One terrorist, a Frenchman with black hair and brown eyes, provided cover for his partner, a Korean man with short mustache, kicked the door to the janitor's room. When they didn't see anyone in there, they marched closer to the lab. Owen peeks in and sees the two terrorists about to check another door. As the French terrorist kicked that door open, he and his Korean partner entered. Owen lets out one of the smoke grenades he took from one of the terrorists he killed in the Gyrosphere Station. As the two terrorists came out of the room, Owen pulled the pin on the smoke grenade and tossed it with his left hand while hiding in the doorframe. As the grenade went near the two terrorists, it goes off near them.

The dense smoke was making them cough and was hitting their eyes. Then Owen fired the G36 rifle at them. Three bullets went to the chest of the French terrorist, killing him instantly. As he saw his partner shot dead, the Korean terrorist saw Owen and fired at him. But Owen fired the G36 at him and shot him five times in the chest, killing him as he fell to the wall. Owen sees that he ran out of ammo on the G36 and tossed it to the ground. He lets out his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle.

Downstairs on the lobby, the Russian sub-commander and the other commando with him heard the sounds of gunfire.

At the communications room, Colson and his partner, an Hispanic man with dark hair and short mustache & beard, heard the gunshots. As they ran towards where the gunfire was heard, Barry came out of his hiding spot and shot Colson's partner in the back with his shotgun, killing him instantly. Colson saw Barry behind and tried to draw his sub-machine gun at him. But Barry shot Colson dead with his shotgun, sending his body to the wall.

At the freezer, Claire heard the sounds of gunfire while hiding the freezer.

The Russian sub-commander was searching around while hearing gunfire. He said to his fellow comrade who is in his upper 50s, "Check the kitchen."

"Got it." His partner acknowledged as he headed for the kitchen.

As Zach and Gray remained hidden in the pantry, they heard a door open from the distance.

The terrorist looked around the kitchen, as he was familiar with the room, having hid in there with Nolan and the other terrorists in the Visitor Center within the last two weeks. He noticed the freezer wasn't completely closed and quietly spirited towards it. Claire heard someone coming closer to where she is at now. After several seconds, the terrorist arrived in the freezer. He quietly and slowly opens the door.

Claire sees the terrorist letting out his sub-machine gun while opening the door slowly. She points the Glock 17 pistol Owen gave her towards the door, but hesitated to fire the weapon. The terrorist slowly came in the freezer. When he sees Claire, he was about to point his gun at her, but Claire, mustering up her courage, shot him in the chest once. As the terrorist was forced back to the wall of the freezer, Claire fired five more bullets in him, killing him.

After killing that terrorist, Claire felt shocked at herself for killing that terrorist. She couldn't believe that she killed someone. She recalled how she lectured Owen earlier at Gyrosphere Valley that he should have tranquilized the terrorists Owen took out over there instead of killing them. Suddenly, Claire remembered that the terrorists have done far worst things on the island, including seizing the island in such a brutal fashion, feeding the hostages to the carnivores live for everyone in the world to see and are now hunting her & her nephews. She now feels that her actions are somewhat justified and realizes that Owen's actions taking out the terrorists are necessary for the survival of herself, her nephews and everyone in the park.

Claire then came out of the freezer and looked around. She didn't see any terrorist around the kitchen, She then went to the door of the pantry and said above a whisper, "Zach, Gray."

"Aunt Claire." Zach said through the door in a tone above a whisper, feeling relieved that Claire called out to them.

"Aunt Claire." Gray exclaimed quietly in relieved that their aunt has come for them.

Claire sighed in relief and shushed them as she opened the door to the pantry. She looked up and sees them hiding on the top shelf. Knowing that they are safe up there, Claire whispered to them, "Stay up there. Do not come out of there for anyone except me, Owen or Barry. We'll be back for you. I promise." With that, Claire quietly shut the door to the pantry. She then slowly walked towards the exit of the kitchen with the pistol raised.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan, Torres, Cullen, Porter and the other terrorists await word from Baker team. Nolan suspect that Owen and Barry are quietly taking out Baker team. He said to Cullen, "Cullen, tell Moreau and the others to breach through the bunker as soon as they arrived. Tell them to possibly expect company outside of the bunker."

"Yes, sir." Cullen nodded.

As Cullen was getting on the radio, Masrani and Lowery looked at each other, hoping that Owen and Barry would protect Claire and her nephews from them.

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

At the Visitor Center, the Russian sub-commander was near the the communications room when he saw the bodies of two of his fellow henchmen shot dead near the communications rooms. He cursed in Russian. Then the commander got on the radio and said, "Nolan, Colson and Rodriguez are dead. They were shot near the communications room."

"Dammit. That means we're losing men in there. Just get out of there and wait for Moreau and the rest of reinforcements. There's a chance either Grady or Sembène might ambush you somewhere." Nolan replied in the radio, clearly displeased with the lost of men in the Visitor Center.

"Da, Nolan." The Russian terrorist acknowledged. With that, the sub-commander headed back to the lobby.

As the commander quietly entered the lobby, he heard a quiet sound. He shot up the area around him with his automatic rifle. As he was loading another magazine in his weapon, Owen quietly ran up to him. As the terrorist turned around, Owen stabbed him in the left arm, causing to grunt in pain. Then the Russian rolled Owen to the wall. As Owen stabbed clinched on the knife, the terrorists rolled in the another direction and pins him to the wall. Owen then pulls his knife out of the terrorist's arm, but the Russian smacks the knife out of his hand.

Owen knees the Russian in the stomach. When the terrorist was leaning down, Owen elbowed him in his upper back. The Russian moaned in pain, but he lifts Owen and they both went down on the ground. The commander tried to let out his Makarov pistol, but Owen kicked it off his hand. Owen went to use his Marlin rifle, but the terrorist went top of Owen and pinned him to the ground. He tried to strangled Owen with his own Marlin rifle, but Owen used the part of the jungle vegetation that was broken off during the fight and slapped his face with it, which disoriented him for a bit and Owen cross checked him in the face with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle, forcing him off. As Owen got up and was about to shoot at him, the terrorist sub-commander kicks him in the legs, tripping him down and losing his rifle out of his hands.

The Russian went on top of Owen, punched him twice in the chest and once in the face. Then the terrorist lets out his knife and tried to stabbed Owen with it. As Owen held the Russian's right hand which hand the knife, the Russian was pushing the knife towards him. Then Owen rolled him down to the side and punched him once in the face with his right hand. Then he grabbed the fallen bone of the skeleton remains of the Alamosaurus. As the terrorist was about to fight back against him, Owen stabbed him in the side of his neck with the sharp end of the dinosaur bone. The terrorist briefly screamed out in pain before he collapsed on Owen and died.

Owen pushed the dead terrorist off of his body and laid still on the floor, working to get his strength back.

Claire came out of the kitchen with the Glock 17 pistol raised and sees Owen down on the ground near a dead terrorist. She rushed to him and knelled down while putting her pistol aside near her. She put her right hand on Owen's left shoulder as she asked with concern in her voice, "Owen, are you alright?"

Owen groaned as he replied, "Yep. Barely." Owen was slow getting up as Claire helped him up. Owen was surprised that Claire was out of the freezer and helping him up.

As Claire helped Owen up, she noticed that Barry isn't around. "Where's Barry?" Claire asked, wondering where he is.

Just as Claire asked, Barry arrived in the lobby. "Oh, hey." Barry exclaimed quietly. Then he went over to Owen and Claire. Barry noticed the dead Russian terrorist Owen obviously fought and killed. Then he said to them, "We took out all the terrorists for now. But there maybe more coming. We need to leave now."

Owen agreed with Barry as he knew that Nolan would send more men after them in the Visitor Center. "Yes. We should get out of here quickly." Owen stated in a serious tone.

"I'll get my nephews." Claire said as she rushed back to the kitchen.

Owen picked up his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle from the floor. He said to Barry, "I fed one of those bastards to the Compys."

"I heard." Barry replied since he heard screams of one of the terrorists, suspecting Owen put him to the pack of Compsognathus and he was right since Owen told him that.

Owen continued to what he was saying, "We should be able to go by them quietly as we get out through the bunker. We may expect more of those maniacs over there."

"You got it." Barry replied to Owen as he picked the Glock 17 pistol Claire put down.

Back in the kitchen, Claire opened the door. "Zach, Gray. Come on out." Claire said to her nephews, reassuring them. Both boys climbed down the shelves and went to their aunt.

"Aunt Claire." Gray said in relief as Claire held him by her right arm. Zach stood near them.

"Come on, boys. We got to get out of here." Claire whispered to them. With that, Zach and Gray followed their aunt. Zach held on to his younger brother by the shoulder as Claire led them out of the kitchen. Then they met up with Owen and Barry in the lobby.

Upon seeing Claire back with her nephews, Owen said to them, "We need to get out of here. We'll take the bunker exit. We may expect company."

Claire nodded. Then she gently ushered the Mitchel brothers to follow her, "Come on, boys. Come on." Claire said softly to her nephews.

As they are walking towards the control room, Owen then realized that the raptors are in the paddock with the terrorists and Hoskins's men. "Barry, I just remembered something. Our raptors." Owen know what kind of risks Blue and her siblings are in with the terrorists doing any more feeding shows with them and Hoskins may release them for part of his crusade to use them against terrorists.

Barry knew Owen was worried about the raptors, just like he is also since the paddock is under terrorist control. "Nolan captured Hoskins and his men, based on what we saw when they retook the paddock. They may use them against us." Barry stated in a somber tone, impressing the seriousness of the situation regarding the raptors.

After hearing Barry, Owen knew he was right that the terrorists might use the raptors against them. Maybe commit more feeding shows and let them out to kill a lot of people. "Exactly. I need you to go to the Raptor Paddock and to check on the raptors to see how they are doing."

Claire, upon hearing Owen sending Barry to check out his four raptors, was worried about both having her nephews and herself continue to elude the terrorists with only Owen protecting them and Barry going on his own to check on his raptors. Claire then came to Owen and said with a trace of worry and plead on her voice, "What? No, we need Barry. We need him to help you defend me and my nephews." As she said that, Zach and Gray looked on with concern in their faces.

Owen knew that Claire wanted to protect her nephews with all the help she needs during the siege and doesn't want Barry going on his own to check the raptors because of that. He quickly stated to her, "Claire, I know we have an increased risk, but Nolan and his people might use the raptors for more feeding shows or let them out to use them against us and Hoskins might let them out to try to get the terrorists which will do a lot more harm than good. Barry will be fine. I'll protect us."

Barry knew that Owen is right that the terrorists will use them for more feeding shows and likely release them to put the hostages at risk and Hoskins might use them for his own agenda of trying to militarized the raptors. "Okay, I'll depart until we reach the jeep outside the bunker. You probably will need my help when any reinforcements they send over here since we took out those guys. Then I will go check on the raptors." Barry stated in a honest tone.

Owen agreed with him that they will need Barry to counter against any oncoming terrorists coming at them because with the lost of men in the Visitor Center, Nolan would send reinforcements.

Claire, reluctant to have Barry leave their side, but accepted that they need to ensure the raptors needed to be checked on, said to Owen and Barry, "We need a place to meet up again later so he can find us."

Zach thought of something and said to the others, "What about one of the Monorail stations or one of the attractions nearby?"

"We'll talk about that later. We got to get moving." Owen said to Zach as they, along with Claire, Gray and Barry head downstairs. As they were near the control room, Owen stopped and said to everyone, "Hold it there."

Everyone stopped as Owen peeked around the control room for a bit. Then Owen whispered to Claire, "Claire, some Compys killed a terrorist. So you might want to shield your nephews's eyes so they wouldn't see this."

Claire nodded what he meant. They didn't wanted Zach and Gray to see the gruesome scene of a dead terrorist being eating away by a pack of Compsognathus. With that, she covered Gray's eyes and gently said to him, "You don't want to see this, Gray. Trust me." As she said that, Owen covered Zach eyes.

As the others looked on, the Compsognathus pack was completely tearing the terrorist apart while eating what was left of him.

As Barry took lead with his Remington 870 shotgun raised, Owen led Zach follow him blindly and Claire also let Gray follow her blindly. As they were walking by, the Compys ignored them focused on eating the terrorist's remains. Barry opened the door that leads back to the bunker and entered first. Claire then came in while holding Gray's eyes as she led him through the door. Owen led Zach inside the door and said to him in a whisper, “Follow them and don't look back." Zach nodded and went ahead. With that, Owen closed the door.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan and the other terrorists still await word on Baker team since they know that they lost some men in the Jurassic Park Visitor Center. After trying to check in with their team in the Visitor Center, Cullen sighed and said to Nolan, "Baker team is not answering, Nolan."

After hearing Cullen, Nolan knew what has happened to them. "Shit. That means we lost Baker team." Nolan muttered under his breath. He was angered that he lost more of his commandos by Owen and Barry.

After hearing that Nolan lost more men in the Visitor Center, Masrani then decided to step in and said in a taunting tone, "Looks like your plans are not exactly foolproof, Nolan."

Nolan felt offended by Masrani's remarks and glared at him. He came over to him as he replied in a salty tone, "Oh yeah? I have another team coming to get them, Masrani. So my plans are foolproof to an extent. I will take out Grady and Sembène and capture Dearing and her nephews and bring them here. Also..." With that, Nolan punched Masrani in the face with a left cross.

The other hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, were frightened when they saw Nolan punched Masrani for taunting him. Lowery then yelled out, "Stop it!" Chernov, who was near Lowery, threw a right backfist strike at Lowery's face for that, which terrified Vivian and the other hostages more.

Once things were calmed down, Nolan then looked at the already battered Masrani who glared at him. Then Nolan said to him in a serious tone, "Consider that punishment for taunting me, asshole." With that, he walked back near Lowery and Vivian's work console.

Porter turned his face at Nolan and asked, "What about Moreau and his team?"

"They will get them. Moreau has the best tracking skills I know. He tracked Dearing and his footsteps in the Visitor Center and knows that they will exit from the bunker." Nolan said to the traitorous controller.

Torres, after hearing on the radio, said to Nolan, “Sean, that was Witter. He said all of our anti-air weapons are secured. And Hawkins said that everything is all set on his end.”

Nolan was pleased to hear that. He then said to Torres, "Good. We will start the next phase of our operation within 30 minutes to a hour. Tell Witter to be alert for any incoming military aircraft that come at us during that time." As Torres nodded and went on the radio, Nolan turned to Porter and said to him, "Porter, keep an eye out for any aircraft that approaches this island from the radar."

"Yes, sir." Porter acknowledged and looked at the radar to keep an eye out.

Nolan then said to Cullen, "Cullen, tell Smith to be ready to fill up Main Street when we give the order and tell Hawkins to be ready to detonate the bombs as soon as we give the order."

Cullen, knowing it was time to prepare for a next phase of their operation, acknowledged, "Yes, sir."

As Cullen was giving out orders, Nolan went on the radio and said, "Moreau, check in."

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Somewhere on the island, Moreau, riding the second Jurassic World SUV behind the first one, replied on the radio with a French accent, "Yeah."

"How far are you to the bunker?" Nolan asked in a serious tone.

"Less than 2 minutes away." Moreau replied to his leader.

"Don't waste time taking out Grady & Sembene and capturing Dearing & her nephews." Nolan ordered in a low, serious tone, reminding Moreau that they needed Claire and her nephews alive.

Moreau acknowledged in French. Then he said to the driver of the second Jurassic World SUV, "Get the men up front armed and ready to fire on the intruders, but do not hit Ms. Dearing and her two nephews."

"Yes, sir." The driver acknowledged. As the driver was telling the men on the first SUV, Moreau loaded up his Mossberg 500 shotgun while the men with him loaded up their weapons.

Control room

Nolan, after hearing Moreau's acknowledgement, went to Chernov and asked, "Any news of Wang getting more info from Wu, Chernov." He knew that Chernov was taking a break from interrogating Wu and Wu only gave them bits of information on how the Indominus Rex was developed that Chernov revealed to him earlier. Wang and two other terrorists were hacking into Wu's computer to gather more classified information on the Idominus Rex.

"Wang and the others are getting into Wu's computer as we speak." Chernov said with a his thick Russian accent.

Nolan was silent for the moment. Then he ordered while pointing his finger at the elevator, "Go back down to the lab and continue with the interrogation. I want to know anything more essential about the origins of that thing out there." He wanted to know more about the origins of the Indominus Rex since he planned to revealed to everyone in the world.

"Da." Chernov acknowledged as he went to the elevator while Nolan stared back the workstation, hoping that his men will take out Owen & Barry and capture Claire & her nephews soon.

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile in the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis was looking the screen of the profile of Owen. The screen shows Owen's face and profile. The set of videos also shows a video conference call from government & military officials in The Pentagon and other government & military officials from Russia, China, France, Great Britain, Japan and Australia.

Davis stated to everyone in the video conference call. "Here's what we got, everyone." Then he continued as he looked at Owen's file, "Owen Grady. Graduated in University of Virginia, enlisted in the Navy, excelled at combat and profiling people & animals, became a member of SEAL Team 4 between 2004 to 08. He's a expert marksman and expert in weapons, explosives, tactics and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He's also something an animal expert. Grady was one of the SEALs in the operation in Yemen called Operation Rattlesnake."

An Army general in The Pentagon said to everyone on the conference meeting, "We know that operation. It was to take out the fanatical terrorist leader Salim Amar."

"Yes, the operation was a success where Amar was shot dead in an attempt to capture him by his SEAL team leader James Holden. Grady and few of the other SEALs were present when that happened. After that operation, he was recruited by InGen to work as a animal behaviorist. He serves as a researcher and trainer for the pack of Velociraptors in Jurassic World." Davis said as he read the file.

Surprised by the profile of Owen, the National Security Advisor asked Davis on video, "Jesus. How the hell did InGen recruit this guy to deal with Velociraptors?"

"We couldn't tell you unless you talk to InGen about it." Davis replied on the video call.

An French Army general then asked on the video call, "What about that woman who works for Jurassic World, Claire Dearing? What do we know about her?"

A sailor switch profiles from Owen. The screen now shows Claire's face and file. Davis said as he read the file, "Claire Dearing. Operations Manager of Jurassic World. Born in Wisconsin. She did internship in Jurassic World in 2004 and started working as the assistant Operations Manager under Frank Moran in 2005 hired by Simon Masrani. But after Heather Cullen's 8-year-old son Jack wandered off and got killed by the pack of Compsognathus, Moran was fired for negligence when he failed to contain them which lead to Jack's death and she sued Jurassic World. Dearing was then promoted and she helped settled Cullen's lawsuit. She has been the Operations Manager for 8 years. She has an older sister Karen Mitchell, who lives in Madison Wisconsin with her husband Scott and two sons, Zach and Gray, who are also Dearing's nephews. They're with her and Grady on the island."

"My god. What are her nephews doing in that island?" The National Security Advisor asked out of concern since he knows that Nolan and his organization want Claire for reasons they don't know yet.

"Whatever it is, it can't be good and with her nephews with her, she might be compromised if Nolan and his people get them and use them against her." Davis replied as he remembered what Owen told him that Nolan wants Claire and figured that the terrorists might use her nephews against her if they captured them.

"Yes, I actually met Ms. Dearing once in the past on a meeting about the training of our military units on handling dinosaurs. She was very focused on the job and she had such knowledge on things that we needed to know about dinosaurs." The British general said to everyone on the call.

"There is something else." Davis said to everyone. Then after seeing something on file, the captain said to the video conference call, "Frank Moran was killed in a car accident when he drove off the cliff in 2009."

"Any signs of foul play in that car accident?" A Navy admiral asked Davis on the video call.

"It was ruled a hit and run. Other than that, nothing." Davis stated as he read the report of the car accident that killed Moran.

"Okay, let's get back to how do we retake Jurassic World." The female Russian government official said as she wanting everyone to remain focus on finding an effective plan to retake Jurassic World and save the hostages.

When he heard what that female Russian official said, Davis agreed with her and asked in a military-like tone, "Okay, people. So what do we do?"

The gruff-looking British commander of the fleet said to everyone on the video call, "We need to form a plan to infiltrate that island."

A Chinese general then said to everyone, "I may have an idea. We could have the military send a joint unit to infiltrate the island by flying low altitude to the northeast area of Isla Nublar."

Davis looked at the radar on the northeastern part of Isla Nublar and sees no activity over there. But knowing Nolan's Special Forces background, he suspects that the terrorists will be prepared for every contingency. "Nolan is probably well-prepared for any infiltration that will come at them. So we should tread lightly since we know they have a radar on that island, but how those helicopters that attacked Jurassic World got in the island was with help from a mole from inside the control room." Davis said to the others. On the inside, he didn't exactly like the idea because it probably wouldn't do much good.

After hearing Davis's concern about the plan to infiltrate Isla Nubler, the Chinese fleet commander replied, "Yes, we know about that. Our intelligence tells us that the terrorists are mostly in Main Street since the rest of the attractions in the park are abandoned, while others are looking in the areas not far from the attractions. So the northeast area is the best bet."

The Russian Army general agreed with Captain Davis about the risks and the Chinese Naval fleet commander about the intelligence they got on Isla Nublar. "I agree with everyone on this. We should approach that part of the island with caution because you will never what will come at you."

Upon hearing that, the Navy admiral, who is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said to everyone on the video call, "Alright, let's get down to business. We have a plan and we will need approval from all of your world leaders."

"We're all listening." The President of the Russian Federation stated as he and the world leaders from America, China, France, England, Japan and Australia are listening. The military leaders and fleet commanders in all countries involved are listening in too.

After a moment, the Navy admiral said to them, "A joint military rescue unit from SEAL Team 2, SAS, Spetsnaz, People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and Commandos Marines will meet at Ronald Reagan and will launch from there, onboard six helicopters with gunship support until they reach 10 miles from the island. As a decoy, we will send fighter jets from the south and the west to try to fool the terrorists enough from discovering our joint military unit will come to the island. The objective area, the helicopters will fly low to prevent radar detection. Then our soldiers will quickly repel down to the top of the Aviary. Then they will hook on and repel down from there to ground. Then they will move in to retake the island."

After hearing what the U.S. Navy Admiral revealed on their plans to retake Jurassic World, the world leaders and military leaders from America, China, England, France and Russia seemed to be in an agreement with the idea. The French Navy admiral asked, "What are the odds of success, Admiral?"

The U.S. Navy admiral stated with a tone like an experience military man, "If we're dealing with a maniac who was caught off-guard by the decoy fighter jets and our team has arrived, the odds are good. On the other hand, if he's ready for us, discovered the decoys and is prepared to repel boarders, the odds are not good. Bear in mind, everyone, we got the best men and women of our joint military rescue mission on this. It is also a very dangerous mission because the fact is that we got dinosaurs on that island, especially that so-called hybrid out there." The admiral wanted to stress about the situation to everyone on the infiltration of the island and the dinosaurs out there.

The British fleet commander then asked, "Do you want us to kill that brutish monstrosity out there?" He remembered watching the Indominus Rex violently killing those hostages for pleasure while seeing the feeding shows.

Davis thought about it for a moment. He remembered the live feeding shows on how that hybrid brutally killed those hostages and what Owen told him it kills for pleasure. He then said to everyone in the video conference call, "That is a good idea, even though Nolan and his men would want to keep it alive for their plans. When we breach the northeast area, we will attempt to take out the Indominus Rex as soon as we see it."

"InGen and Masrani Global will not like that, Captain. They owned it and they will be furious as hell for that." The National Security Advisor stated as he knew that InGen and Masrani own the Indominus Rex and they will likely have a fit if they killed that hybrid without their permission.

"It's either that or we see a lot more victims on that monster. So we're gonna kill it, one way or the other." Davis said to everyone on the video. He knew that killing the Indominus Rex was the best option for everyone on Isla Nublar.

As the President, who was in the White House situation room, was silent for a moment. Then he ordered in a presidential tone, "Green light the joint military rescue incursion. Who else agrees?"

The President of the People's Republic of China said on the video call, "I will authorized the incursion with my soldiers."

"I will the corporation of my forces on this mission. I green light the incursion." The British Prime Minister said.

"I will order my forces to join your teams. The incursion is a go." The President of Russian Federation stated with his thick Russian accent.

"My military forces will join your teams. Let's make sure the incursion goes as planned." The President of France stated to everyone in the video call.

"What about Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Barry Sembène and Dearing's nephews?" Captain Davis asked with concern. He wanted the world leaders and the soldiers assigned to the incursion team to be aware of them as non-hostiles.

The Russian fleet commander agreed with Davis's concerns and stated, "Yes, we will need our soldiers to be aware of them since they are in the inside trapped and outnumbered."

"I agree." The U.S. President stated. He was in thought for the moment since he wanted to avoid friendly fire on the intruders on the inside and then added, "Passed the pictures Grady, Dearing and Sembène to all your soldiers so everyone knows what they look like. The two boys with them are considered non-hostiles."

"We will make sure all our soldiers sees their faces so we won't shoot at them." The Chinese President said to everyone in the conference room.

"Okay. Let's get out fighters ready and on the way as soon as we give our incursion team a quiet, clean penetration on the island." The British Prime Minister said to everyone.

"One more thing. As for that hybrid out there, kill it with heavy weapons. Even if InGen won't like it." The U.S. President said to all in the video call. Davis was relieved to hear that as he listened in on the video call.

"You got it." The French President stated in agreement.

The Chinese fleet commander said to all, "We will pass this on to our soldiers."

With all said and done, the U.S. President ordered out to everyone on the video call, "Alright, everyone. Let's get our people ready to take back the park!"

Outside the Jurassic Park bunker

As they arrived outside the bunker, Owen and Barry looked around and see no one. They both knew it doesn't mean the terrorists are not out there. Claire came out with Zach and Gray.

"Doesn't look like anyone is out there." Claire stated to Owen as she held on to Gray's hand. She looked around and hasn't anyone else out in the wilderness.

"It doesn't mean they're not out there, waiting for us." Owen stated as he knew there was going to have company soon as he raised his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle.

Barry agreed with Owen's statement as he continued on with his Remington shotgun raised. As they slowly moved forward, Owen heard the sounds of oncoming vehicles. He recognized the sounds of the SUVs used as Jurassic World vehicles and knew it had to be the terrorists using them. "Barry, get Claire, Zach and Gray somewhere now." Owen ordered in a serious tone as they knew they are going to get attacked soon.

With that, Barry motioned Claire and her nephews over to him and they followed him. As Barry was leading Claire, Zach and Gray into hiding spots, Owen headed for Jeep 29.

At the Jurassic World vehicles, Mercedes 04 and Mercedes 07, Moreau and the other terrorists with him in Mercedes 07 looked around the area as they are getting closer to the vicinity of the bunker.

As Owen arrived at Jeep 29, he sees two of the Jurassic World SUVs arriving. As he remained hidden by Jeep 29, Moreau looked and sees the entrance the bunker open from the distance. He suspects Claire, Owen and the others are outside somewhere not far from where they are. As the commandeered Jurassic World vehicles were about to arrive, Owen pulled the towing cable on Jeep 29 and the cable attached to each trees was tightened. Then Mercedes 04 hit the towing cable, causing it to flip forward and going airborne for a bit. The flipped jeep then landed on it's top and slid several feet before hitting a tree nearby. The crash killed two terrorists in the front row seat of the vehicle. The wreck also injured two others in the back seat.

Moreau sees Mercedes 04 flipped over by a booby trapped towing cable and yelled the driver, "STOP THE CAR NOW!" The driver of Mercedes 07 pressed the brake pedal hard and the vehicle stop, just close to the towing cable.

Claire watched in amazement on how Owen using the towing cable on Jeep 29 as a booby trap for one of the vehicles the terrorists are using. Barry managed to hide her in the trees and Zach & Gray in the bushes near a small ravine across from Claire's hiding spot.

After seeing one of the Jurassic World vehicles flipped by the booby trapped towing cable, Owen retreated away to avoid being seen. Then Moreau and the two men with him in the back seat cautiously got out of the vehicle. Moreau said to the men with them, "They're expecting us, everybody. Watch it."

As the men looked around with caution and with their weapons raised, two injured terrorists crawled out of the wreckage of Mercedes 04 with their own weapons. Then Barry tossed a flash grenade and it rolled near the terrorists. Moreau saw this and cursed in French. Then he shouted, "TAKE COVER!" Moreau, along with four men, took cover with Mercedes 07. But the flashbang went off and it affected three terrorists, including two of them crawling out of Mercedes 04. Barry then shot one of the injured terrorists with his shotgun, killing him. Owen then shot second terrorist crawling out of the wreckage in the chest with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle before he can point his pistol at him, killing him.

As a terrorist was regaining his vision and hearing, he spots Owen and briefly fires his rifle at Owen, but Owen shot him in the chest, killing him as he fell back to the side of Mercedes 07. Moreau fired his Mossberg 500 shotgun and the other terrorists fired their weapons at Owen and Barry. Owen switch to his Glock 17 pistol with his last full magazine of it. He then shot a British terrorist armed with a Remington 870 shotgun in the chest twice, killing him before his body swung around and fell to the ground.

Claire remained hidden as she witnessed a firefight from a tree near a dense bush. She yelled out to Zach and Gray as they hid in bushes near the small hillside ravine, "Zach, Gray, stay there! Don't move!" She had to shout out due to gunfire. Zach and Gray remained hidden, despite the gunfire was scaring them.

As Moreau was firing his shotgun at Barry and the other terrorists fired their weapons, Cullen checked in on the radio, "What the hell's going on here?!"

After hearing Cullen on the radio, Moreau then hid on the trees and shouted out on the radio, "We're taking fire! They were expecting us! I lost six men! Mercedes 04 is down!" With that, he put the radio down to the ground and fired at Owen, who took cover.

"We're sending more to your location now!" Cullen replied on the radio as Moreau took cover from Barry, who was firing at him. Moreau heard what Cullen said to him.

As that was happening, Owen then sees two terrorists moving towards the wrecked Mercedes 04. He recognized one of them as the black terrorist who killed the father of the teenage girl in the Aviary when he saw the attack on the video Barry showed him earlier. As the two terrorists were getting closer to where Claire and her nephews are at, they fired at Owen and Barry while Moreau and a German henchman with him provided covering fire. Owen shot the black terrorist in the left thigh. As he went down on his knee, Owen shot once in the chest and once in the head with his pistol, killing that terrorist. Owen then took cover as the terrorist with him was firing at him. He said to himself, "That was for killing that girl's father in the Aviary."

The now empty Heckler & Koch MP5A3 rifle the terrorist Owen killed flew several feet and went near Claire. Claire sees that rifle near her and thought of something. Moreau and the German henchman with him fired at Owen and Barry, who fired back at them. The other henchman, an Egyptian man who previously served as Smith's spotter in Main Street and assisted him in the taking over the Innovation Center, was near where Zach and Gray are hiding. Then he spots Zach's shadow on the tree and realized where he and his brother are at. As Owen and Barry were distracted by Moreau and the other terrorist, that man swept the bushes with his M4A1 Carbine and spotted Zach and Gray. The boys were startled and scared by that terrorist spotting them.

"Stay right here." The terrorist ordered them in a stern tone while pointing his M4A1 Carbine at them. Zach held on to Gray with both hands. They both were terrified by the man pointing a gun at them. Then the terrorist reported in on the radio, "I found the nephews. They're in the bushes in our position."

"Good. Try to bring them to me. We can use them to get Dearing to reveal her Quadtosaurus code." Nolan replied on the radio. Zach and Gray heard what Nolan wanted from their aunt and it has to do with some kind of code.

"On the way." The terrorist acknowledged on the radio. As Owen and Barry were distracted by Moreau and his fellow comrade, the gunman barked at the nephews, "Alright, move!" Both Zach and Gray, despite being terrified, refused to do so. After seeing their defiance, that terrorist shouted while point his rifle at them, "MOVE!".

Before he can threaten them further, Claire quietly approached him from behind and struck him in the head with the butt end off the empty Heckler & Koch MP5A3 rifle. Then that terrorist rolled down the ravine and hit his back on the large tree which severed his spinal cord, killing him instantly. His M4A1 Carbine was dropped to the hillside below. The dead terrorist slumped off the tree and his body slid downhill further to the ravine below.

As that happened, Zach and Gray were shocked and frightened that their aunt killed that terrorist who threatened them. Claire was also shocked that she had to kill that terrorist to save her nephews. Owen also saw this while being pinned by Moreau and the second terrorist with him. He couldn't believe that Claire would take out that terrorist who came after her nephews. "Oh my god." Zach muttered in shock as he couldn't believe Claire saved them from that terrorist and killed him.

"Aunt Claire!" Gray exclaimed in shock and amazement that his aunt had actually saved them from that madman.

Claire turned to her nephews and muttered quietly, "Oh my god." She went to them and asked with a trace of worry on her voice as she knelled down, "Zach, Gray! Are you two okay?!"

Zach, still dumbfounded by what just happened, replied with a trace of shock in his voice, "...We're fine. Thanks." He was also grateful that Claire came to their rescue from that gunman.

"I'm okay!" Gray replied, still shaken by the current firefight that is going on and how his aunt came to their aid.

Claire, feeling a little more composed, then said in a tone to Zach and Gray so they can hear her during the major firefight, "Okay. Stay where you are, okay?! Stay there!" With that, she hid in the tree not far from her nephews currently hide in.

As Claire and her nephews stay hidden, Owen fired his last three rounds of the pistol at Moreau. Moreau ran then out of shells in his shotgun. After seeing Moreau is out of shells in his shotgun and Barry is dealing with the other terrorist, Owen went through the dirt road and got to the trees. Moreau sees the tablet with Barry and realized that they are checking out things on their own underground WI-fi network. Before he can warn Nolan on the radio, Owen threw his empty pistol at the French terrorist and it hit him in his chest. Then he grabbed Moreau and pushes into a tree. Moreau lets out his Walther PPK pistol by the time Owen grabbed his right wrist. While Owen and Moreau struggling against each other for the pistol, Moreau's erratically fired his Walther PPK five times towards the wilderness before Owen forces him to lose his pistol.

As that was happening, the German terrorist fires his rifle at Barry, who ran out ammo on his Remington shotgun. When that terrorist was loading his M16A2 rifle, Barry lets out his Smith & Wesson Model 500 handgun. When that gunman loaded his rifle, Barry shot that German terrorist in the neck, gravely wounding him. Barry then shot him in the heart, killing that German gunman before falling to the ground.

Moreau lets out his knife and Owen lets out his own survival knife. Then they engaged in the knife fight. They hit their knifes four times with various type of knife attack techniques. Owen then threw a left cross in Moreau's face, sending him down to the ground. Owen was coming towards him with Moreau trips him down to the ground with his right leg. Claire sees Owen fighting Moreau and rushed towards them with the empty Heckler & Koch MP5A3 rifle. Owen and Moreau got on their feet. Then Owen dodged Moreau's two knife slashing attacks. Then they grabbed each other's wrists and struggled with each other with their strengths. Then Owen kicks Moreau off him with his right leg, pushing to a tree and slightly hitting his back on it. Moreau threw a left back-fist strike on Owen's face, which stunned him mildly. As Moreau was letting out a knife attack, Owen grabbed his right wrist and Moreau right Owen's right wrist also. As Owen was gaining ground against Moreau, Claire swung the empty Heckler & Koch MP5A3 rifle and struck Moreau in the back with it, making him moaned in pain and distracting him. Because of the blunt impact by Claire, Owen then forced Moreau to let go of his right wrist and stabbed Moreau in the gut with his survival knife. Then Owen stabbed the wounded Moreau five more times in the gut. Then he finished the French terrorist off with a slash in the throat. Claire briefly turned away from the bloody attack for the moment as Owen dropped Moreau's body to the ground. Barry looked on with shock as Claire hurt that last terrorist to allow Owen to kill him.

After a moment of composing herself, Claire turned back to Owen and was breathing heavy after she helped him kill that terrorist. She dropped the empty rifle aside as Owen looked at Claire with amazement that she came to his aid to help take out that terrorist as Zach & Gray came out of the hiding spot. Unexpectedly, Owen passionately kissed Claire in the lips in gratitude. Barry watched in surprise as Owen was kissing a woman he was protecting. Zach and Gray both watched in surprise and amazement as their aunt and Owen kissed each other. After they released their lips, Owen and Claire looked at each other with mixed reactions. Claire was surprised by the unexpected kiss, but at the same time, felt good about it. Owen felt amazed that he kissed her in gratitude for helping him take out that terrorist.

As reality set in, Claire decided that they have focus on the situation. She walked towards her nephews and knelled down at them, "Are you boys alright?" Claire asked her nephews.

"Yes, Aunt Claire? We're fine." Zach replied nervously as he still was shocked and dumbfounded by everything that is happening.

Gray nodded silently. He then remembered what he and Zach overheard on the radio of the terrorist Claire killed. "Aunt Claire, what is Quadtosaurus?" Gray asked with concern in his voice.

Upon hearing Gray mentioning Quadtosaurus, Claire was stunned by it. She knew all to well what Quadtosaurus is. Claire asked the Mitchell brothers a shocked tone, "Wha...What do you mean Quadtosaurus?"

"The leader said on the radio that they want to reveal your code to something called Quadtosaurus?" Zach replied to his aunt.

After hearing from Zach that Nolan wants her to reveal her code to Quadtosaurus, Claire was even more stunned and horrified by the news. Her heart pounded when she learned that. Her mouth hung open and muttered in shock, "Oh...oh my god." With that, Claire walked away from her nephews and looked away from the others as she stopped. Her heart was beating hard in nervousness and terror. She was also nearly sweating.

Owen, learning of Quadtosaurus and seeing Claire's frightened look, asked, "Wait, Quadtosaurus? I have not heard of that before. Is that a secret code from the control room?"

Claire, still shaken by the revelation of what Nolan and his organization want with her, said in a rather shaky tone, "Y-yes."

Noticing Claire's shaky tone and somber look, Barry came near Owen and asked her, "So wait, were there other people that knew about this code?" As he said that, Zach and Gray looked at their aunt with worry on what they just told her.

After a moment of silence, Claire turned around to face Owen and Barry. The she said with a trace of freight in her voice, "Yes, them being Simon Masrani... Lowery Cruthers... and Vivian Krill..." She knew that the terrorists have to know that Masrani, Lowery and Vivian have access to Quadtosaurus.

Knowing that Masrani was in the control room, Owen then realized that the terrorists have captured them in the control room. "They were captured... and the terrorists likely forced them to give their codes." Owen said in a serious tone. He knew that terrorists would interrogate anyone to get information they want, whatever it takes.

Claire remained silent when she heard what Owen said and was almost crying since she had unshed tears in her eyes. She was more terrified than ever when she learn about Quadtosaurus from them. Zach and Gray saw their aunt's face and were worried about her.

Owen, seeing Claire's pale face, came towards her. As Claire looked at him with sad eyes, Owen gently asked, "Claire, what is Quadtosaurus and what does this code do when it's activated?"

Claire was silent for multiple seconds as she somberly look at Owen with some sadness in her eyes, dreading on what she is about to tell everyone with her. After exhaling, she said in a somber tone, "It''s an emergency protocol. A four-prong fail safe device only used when a event like what happened to Jurassic Park on this island 22 years ago. When activated, it allows us access to lockdown the buildings in Main Street with stainless steel concrete blast doors in every door and security windows in all windows. It also allows us seals off every entrance and exit in Main Street with concrete stainless steel walls that come from below the area around it. We use it to keep everyone in there barricaded inside those buildings from any rampaging dinosaurs who escaped confinement or any stampede that is loose to ensure the safety of everyone in Main Street."

Owen was shocked by what Quadtosaurus is, something that he never heard about. He never heard that they built a fail safe device to lockdown the tourists of the park to protect them from an incident like Jurassic Park 22 years ago. Owen asked bluntly, "So you have something that is designed as a last resort should an event like what happened with Jurassic Park 22 years ago and to lockdown everything in Main Street to protect the tourists?"

Claire replied in a somber tone, "Quadtosaurus is the only way to protect them from oncoming dinosaurs in Main Street. No one person has all four codes. It's partial out to Simon Masrani, two of my analysts, Lowery Cruthers & Vivian Krill."

Before Claire can continue, Owen stated in the clarification, "And you." Owen knew what Claire was going to say.

"And me." Claire confirmed. Then she added, "All the other three are in the control room right now."

As everyone heard what Claire said, Zach and Gray were shocked by what their aunt told them what Quadtosaurus is. Barry couldn't believe his ears on what Claire said about the system. Owen then muttered in a displeased tone, "Ah...great. That's means Nolan and his goons got their codes."

"Yes. Normally, Masrani will reveal his code at his office in the mainland and we would call him to enter his code last before me, but now that he's here, that's not the case and they have all four of us in this island." Claire said to them in a somber tone. She still couldn't believe what they wanted with her now and the terrorists knew which people had the codes to Quadtosaurus.

"And they knew that." Owen said. Then he asked, "What would Nolan do with it?" He was worried on what Claire would say about what Nolan might do with Quadtosaurus.

Claire hated to be the one who tells everyone the worst case scenario if they can access Quadtosaurus. But since Owen asked her that, Claire quickly said to him and everyone else with them, "Well, if he can access it, he can use it." Claire then paused for a moment. She exhaled somberly as she continued, "But instead to keeping the tourists and staffers safe from dinosaurs, he can use it to trapped everyone in Main Street, seal up all the buildings there with no way out, allow the Indominus Rex to enter through one of the walls, reseal that area and kill everyone in there with it, with no way out and no way for them to survive. It would be a dinosaur attack beyond comprehension, a lot worse than the feeding shows we saw." Claire really hated everything she just told Owen, Barry and her nephews. She also hated to scare her nephews by what she just told them, but there was no way for them not to know what Quadtosaurus is.

"And knowing him so far, he would air that attack live in all news outlets and all over the internet for the whole world to watch." Barry said in a serious tone. He and Owen knew that Claire was right that Nolan would use that fail safe device to trap everyone on the island and let the Indominus Rex in to kill everyone over there with no chance of surviving a catastrophic dinosaur attack for everyone in the world to see.

Upon hearing everything about Quadtosaurus, Zach and Gray were shocked and horrified by such bad news on what it is and what the terrorists intend to do with it. Zach asked in a shocked tone, "Oh, god. Is Nolan crazy enough to send that monster out there to kill every men, women and children over there?" Zach then realized he should have asked that question. He sighed and said, "What am I saying? He will do that just he did with those feeding shows."

Gray was terrified when he heard what Nolan intends to do with everyone in the park. He sadly muttered, "I can't believe those guys would do all this to everyone in the park." He was distressed by the already brutal situation he found himself in along with his brother, his aunt and two men who are protecting them.

"I know." Owen said in a sympathetic tone, feeling bad for Claire's youngest nephew. Claire also feels bad for him also, witnessing the horrible events during the siege. She put her left hand on his left shoulder in an attempt to comfort Gray. She briefly stroked Gray's hair before walking towards Owen as he asked, "Claire, can they change the codes?"

Claire had looked at Owen gravely and said in a somber tone, "No, they can't since the computer itself is in the Control Room, and Quadtosaurus is an entirely isolated system." Owen huffed upon hearing what Claire told him as she continued, "It would take weeks for Nolan to crack into my code in the computer, but they don’t have enough time to do that, and so they need me..." As Claire was saying this, she looked at Zach and Gray. She paused upon seeing them. She then remembered Nolan's threat to her nephews and realized in horror what the terrorists intend to do to them if they captured them. She was very nervous and her mouth hung open as she muttered in shock, "Oh...oh, god."

Seeing Claire's horrified look, Owen was worried to what Claire was thinking. "What it is?" Owen asked with concern in his voice. As he asked that, Barry went near Zach and Gray, who were very worried to what their aunt might say after seeing the look of horror in her face.

"Come on, kids. Let's get you away from here." Barry gently said to Zach and Gray. Claire nodded to her nephews. With that, Zach and Gray followed him and went to the tree not far from them.

Relieved that her nephews were not too close to them, Claire took a deep breath and asked in a low, worried voice, "Owen... do you remember that radio conversation when Nolan called us?"

Owen knew what Claire meant when Nolan threatened Zach and Gray on the radio, which infuriated Claire and she made a comeback threat against him. Owen vividly remembered Nolan said to her about what he would do to her nephews. "I know. He made that threat..." Owen replied to her stoically.

"He will restrain my nephews, cover their mouths, and stream footage of them live, which Karen will see too." Claire interrupted in a tone more frantic than she realized. Owen sees the fear in her eyes and can hear the freight in her voice as she continued in a pleading tone, "I can’t let them do that. I won’t let them do that at all. They’re children! And they are going to make me choose between my nephews and all of these innocent people on Main Street! No...!" As she saying that, Claire was utterly frightened by the realization and the thought of Karen might see Zach and Gray held captive live for the whole world to watch both terrified and angered her to the core. Her desire to get her nephews out of the island increased to full power.

Owen sees how desperate Claire was to get her nephews safe back home after seeing her pleading eyes. In anger at Nolan's idea of using Zach and Gray to get to her, he whispered to himself, "Oh, shit." As Claire looks at him with her face full of dread and terror, Owen then said in a normal tone, "Hey, Claire. I know that. They will break you if he does that to the boys. But we will keep moving to avoid capture, alright?" Owen knew that Claire was scared over the situation, but also sees that she is staying strong for her nephews and everyone who is held hostage in the park.

Claire sees Owen's sincerity as he is more than willing to keep her and her nephews safe from the terrorists and the Indominus Rex that is somewhere out there. Seeing that he and Barry are the only ones she can trust to protect her, Zach and Gray, Claire came forward towards Owen and stop at the respectable distance as she solemnly said to him, "I don’t care about what happens to me and what they do to me. I need Zach and Gray to be safe. I don’t want any harm coming to them." Claire didn't care what harm Nolan and his goons would do to her and what pain she will endure. She only wants Zach and Gray to be safe from them and that they needed to be protected at all cost.

"That is why I'm here. Whatever it takes, I'm gonna get you, Zach and Gray out of here so that Nolan will not use you to get Quadtosaurus activated." Owen stated as he is swore to protect Claire and her nephews, whatever it takes and to make sure that Nolan doesn't activate Quadtosaurus to allow the Indominus Rex kill everyone in the park. Then he added in a sympathetic tone, "Claire, I know you're scared of all this, but I also see that you are staying strong for Zach and Gray, along with everyone in the island. So I gonna tell you this. If they get your Quadtosaurus code, they will let that thing out in Main Street and sealed it off. It will kill over 20,000 people over there in the same brutal fashion as what we saw in those feeding shows and everyone in the world will see it. It will bring a lot of terror and sadness to everyone in the entire planet. Even if the Indominus Rex does show up in Main Street without activating that system, it still will kill a lot of people. So we have to get you and the boys somewhere safe on this island until we can find a way to get you out of here so they won't be able to get your code if you and your nephews are off the island and they won't activate Quadtosaurus without your code. You understand me?" Owen hoped what he said will get Claire to understand the grim reality of the situation should the terrorists get her Quadtosaurus code.

Claire hung her head and nodded silently, knowing that Owen is right about everything he said.

Control room

At the control room, Porter sees some activity on the radar in the northeastern corner. "Cullen?" Porter said, calling out to her as she was looking at the monitors of the park.

"Yes, Porter?" Cullen asked as she came near Porter.

"I think I got something on radar at the the northeast corner." Cullen looked up at the radar and saw some activity, possibly helicopters heading away from the park. After seeing that, she knew something's up.

Nolan and Torres came over after hearing what Porter said and see the same thing. Cullen said to them, "Nolan, Torres. According to the news feeds, the USS Ronald Reagan is over at the northeastern area of that perimeter, along with some other ships from the U.S., Great Britain, China and France in that area."

Nolan was in thought for the moment. Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were worried that the terrorists may have spotted something on radar. Nolan ordered Cullen, "Inform Witter and Smith to get available men in the northeast part of the island now." Then he turned to Torres, "Mike, tell Hawkins to get ready to set off the bombs in the Aviary."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged.

Outside the Jurassic Park bunker

Back in the area outside the bunker, Owen and Claire looked at each for the moment when they heard Cullen's voice on Moreau's radio that is done to the ground. "Smith, Witter, come in."

"Smith here." Smith reported in on the radio.

"This is Witter. We're listening." Witter said on the radio.

"We got some activity from the northeastern area of the 100 mile perimeter. Send a few available men over there to keep an eye for any signs of trouble." Cullen said on the radio.

"That's Cullen's voice." Owen said to Claire. Just as he said that, Barry arrived with Zach and Gray. Claire looked at Owen and realized that it was Cullen since she remembered her also.

"Got it. We'll send a few available men over there now." Witter acknowledged on the radio.

After hearing the radio conversation, Owen and Claire knew something wasn't right. Then they heard another radio call from Torres, "Hawkins, come in."

"Go ahead, sir." Hawkins reported in on the radio.

"Is everything ready in the Aviary?" Torres asked on the radio. Owen and Claire knew that they weren't too far from the Aviary as they continued to listen in.

"We're all set." Hawkins acknowledged on the radio.

"Alright, be ready to commence your end of the operation when Nolan gives the order." Torres stated in the radio in a serious tone.

"Aye, sir." Hawkins acknowledged as Owen, Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray overheard the radio transmissions from Moreau's radio.

"That's doesn't sound good." Owen whispered to himself. He was concerned about what the terrorists have plans for the Aviary.

Claire was worried about whatever the terrorists are up to with the Aviary and it can't be good. Claire asked in a worried tone, "What are they going to do with the Aviary?"

Owen knew that they need to know what is going on in the Aviary and it's probably something bad. "We should investigate." Owen stated. He wanted to know what Nolan was up to with the Aviary.

Claire nodded silently and said to her nephews, "Zach, Gray, you come with us." As Claire gathered her nephews, Owen found more matching ammo for his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle from the crashed Mercedes 04 and gets another Glock 17 pistol from a dead terrorist. Then he gets two more magazines for a Glock 17. He also finds a Glock 19 pistol from one of the other terrorists.

Barry came over near Owen and picks up another Remington 870 shotgun. As Barry was taking the shotgun shells, Owen asked in a serious tone, "Barry, can you go to the Raptor Paddock to see how the raptors are doing and what these men will do to them?"

"Sure thing, Owen, but if I return, where should I meet you?" Barry asked as he took some shotgun shells and put it in a small bag he took from one of the terrorists. He wanted to where Owen and the others can hide so he can find them.

Owen was in thought for the moment. Then he figured out a place he, Claire and the Mitchell brothers would hide in. "I suggest the Botanical Gardens. We can use that as cover." Owen said to him as he knew the Botanical Gardens has a lot of cover and is one of the best places to hide in during the siege.

"Got that." Barry acknowledged as Owen tossed him the keys to Jeep 29 since Zach gave the key to it to him earlier. Owen then went to Mercedes 07 and took the keys of it with him.

As Barry started Jeep 29, Owen went to Claire and the boys. He ushered them as he said to them, "Okay, we're gonna walk towards the Aviary to find out what's going on." Owen then lets out the Glock 19 as he said to Claire, "You may need this, Claire."

Claire then quickly grabbed the Glock 19 from Owen and said to him, "That's much easier in my hands." She was right. The Glock 19 pistol has a easier grip for her hands.

"Okay, let's go." Owen said, ushering Claire and her nephews to follow him. As Barry drives Jeep 29 to the direction where the Raptor Paddock is, Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray walked towards to the vicinity to where the Aviary is at.

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