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This is chapter 12 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 12: Pterosaur Attack

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile at the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis sees that the commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan, Captain Lentz, on the video call, along with The Pentagon, all the world leaders involved and the other fleet commanders from Great Britain, China, Russia, France, Japan and Australia. Captain Lentz said to everyone, "All of the best soldiers are armed and ready to go."

"Very good." The British Prime Minister said in approval.

"That's what we want to hear." The U.S. President said, pleased that their operation is about to start.

Davis has reservations about the operation. "Wait. Maybe we should have an second team on standby as a secondary initiative in case if that plan fails. Because we know that park has a radar over there and they have anti-air defenses." Davis stated with mild concern in his voice.

"This is our only incursion we got, Captain Davis. We're sending our fighters from the south and the west now." The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said to Davis as they are sending their fighters as decoy to deceive the terrorists.

"We have to stop any more of these bloody feeding shows the terrorists will do to those hostages in that island." The British Army General said to Davis and everyone else on the video call.

Davis sighed, seeing that they are launching the incursion despite the risks they're already aware of and stated, "Understood. Let's hope the odds are with us."

The Russian President ordered in his thick Russian accent, "Let's send in the incursion. We're going in through the northeastern area of the island and drop our troops off in the Aviary."

"Let's do it." The U.S. President acknowledged.

"We will instruct our soldiers that our operation has begun." The Chinese President stated in a serious tone.

"Time to take back the island." The U.S. Navy Admiral said to everyone in the video conference call.

Somewhere in the Pacific

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, a few F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters, launched from the USS Abraham Lincoln from the west and few more F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters from the USS Carl Vinson from the south. A Russian aircraft carrier launched a few MiG-29 fighters and a Chinese aircraft carrier launched a few J-15 fighters. A British ship launched a couple of F-35B Lightning fighters.

At the USS Ronald Reagan, the troops from U.S, Great Britain, China, Russia and France boarded the helicopters and took off, heading towards the northeastern part of Isla Nublar.

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, the hostages were still coping with their deadly situation. Masrani turned to Lowery and Vivian. "Some day we're having. Hmm." Masrani stated, trying to give Lowery and Vivian a little cheering up.

Vivian turned her face at Masrani and Lowery. "We've seen better days, Mr. Masrani." Vivian replied somberly.

Lowery nodded in agreement. Then he added, clearly still affected by what he endured during the siege, "I wonder what's going to happen to this park after this is over. I don't think anybody would come over here again."

Masrani hung his head and somberly said to Lowery and Vivian, "We may never reopen due to what happened here. This place will be permanently covered in bad press, and..." His voice trailed off from there as he didn't know what else to say. He knew the park will be covered with bad press permanently because the siege and may likely be shut down for good.

Vivian sees that Masrani feels terrible over losing the park. She said to them, trying to reassuring both him and herself, "It's okay, Mr. Masrani. We'll make it out alive. We have to, right?" Vivian hoped that she and the other hostages will make it out alive.

Masrani didn't know what to say to her. Then Porter sees some jets coming in from the west and south areas of the island. He whistled to Cullen and she looked at the radar. She saw what Porter was seeing also. She recognized the layout of the fighter jets. Cullen then said out loud to Nolan, "Nolan, we are seeing some fighter jets closing in on the island from the south and the west."

Nolan and Torres heard what Cullen said and looked at the radar. They are seeing the fighter jets heading in from the west and the south of Isla Nublar. Torres suspects something is amiss with those fighters coming at them and said with concern in his voice, "They might be decoys, Sean."

Nolan turn his face left and had a knowing look on his face as he stated in a serious tone, "I know they are decoys. The question is...what are really planning to do in the northeastern area?" Nolan knew that the fighter jets coming to the island have to be decoys to trick them into seeing them on radar and distract them from discovering the actual incursion plan. After a moment of thinking, Nolan turn his face to Torres and said, "Send Witter and some others over to those areas and have them use Stingers and SAMs, just in case."

Torres silently nodded and went on the radio as Nolan turned to Cullen and ordered, "Cullen, have Smith let out the hostages in the restaurant areas outside in Main Street and seal off the exits of Main Street with our Hummers."

"You got it." Cullen acknowledged as she was going to convey the order to Smith on the radio.

With the orders done, Nolan said to everyone, "I'm going to have Hawkins prepare for his explosives and to check the men heading to the northeast area to see what's going on." With that, he walked to the console he was using and checked in, "Hawkins."

Main Street

At the Jurassic Traders Gift Shop in Main Street, Hawkins seat on a chair with a table in front of him with the detonator on it when he heard Nolan calling for him. He replied on the radio, "Yes, sir."

"We may have unwelcome company coming to us. Prepare your bombs in the Aviary." Nolan said on the radio.

"Aye, sir." Hawkins acknowledged. With that, he grabbed the detonator and armed the explosives in the Aviary.

Jurassic World Aviary

At the Aviary, the C4 explosives in the Aviary beeped online as they are now armed and ready to blow.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

At the Pacific Ocean, the fighter jets are closing in on the west and south of Isla Nublar.

In the northeastern area, the six military helicopters carrying the joint military incursion team are heading towards the island.

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins looks down at the raptors Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie in shame. The raptors snarled at him. Antonis was near him. Hoskins had a look of stress on his face and somberly said to Antonis, "Oh my god... why..?"

Antonis sees that Hoskins is reeling over being manipulated by Nolan, handing over the layout of the island and now has forced him to standby in case Nolan needs him to help find Claire, Owen, Barry and Claire's nephews. Nolan wanted him to keep an eye on Hoskins for any activity going on in his end. "Look Hoskins, I'm sorry about you being an accessory for Nolan." Antonis said, trying to act sympathetic to keep appearance.

Hoskins turn his face at him and said in a stressed, arrogant tone, "You don't understand, John. I will get maximum punishment for this. I will never be able to get what I want from those raptors anymore for InGen."

Trying to act understanding in his own way, Antonis stated, "I know. I'm truly am sorry for your loss." In truth, Antonis didn't really feel sorry for Hoskins since he was against his boss's views on planning to weaponized the Indominus and the Velociraptors. He hoped that Nolan would end InGen's plans to weaponized the dinosaurs once and for all.

"I got to make a call." Hoskins said to Antonis. He was preparing to tell his secret boss the bad news about the situation.

Antonis knew who Hoskins was going to call. "What are you going to tell him?" Antonis asked, wondering what he would say to the big boss.

Hoskins sighed and said in a low tone, "What he wants to hear. Not that Nolan knows about him, because if I tell him that,...I'm dead. We're all dead."

Antonis was relieved that Hoskins won't tell his secret boss about Nolan knowing about his true identity. Keeping up appearances and wondering about what else, Antonis asked, "Wonder if he finds out about it later on?"

"I know. I will be prepared for that when it happens." Hoskins said grimly, knowing his situation is futile and his future with InGen is gone because of his complicity in the siege of Jurassic World. As Antonis nodded and walked away, Hoskins dialed the number of the satellite phone with him.

"Hello?" The man in the voice changer asked when he picked a satellite phone.

"It's Hoskins." Hoskins said in a stressful tone. He was already stressed on what he was going to say to him.

"What's going on out there, Vic?" The man on the phone asked, demanding to know what is going on.

Hoskins took a deep breath, knowing that his secret boss won't be happy to hear this. He said in an unhappy tone, "I got some bad news. We have been captured, and one of our secret financiers for the Indominus Rex production and Velociraptor project is, guess who; Nolan. I've been duped." He knew that his benefactor won't be pleased to hear what he just told him.

After a moment of silence, the caller replied on the phone, "Hm. I see. So we all been deceived by Nolan. I will make inquires about this."

Hoskins heard what his mysterious boss said to him. After being silent for the moment, he reluctantly said to the caller. "Nolan wants to use the Indominus for reasons we don't know yet."

"I know." The man on the phone told him.

The caller was in some office with view of the wilderness. It was dusk outside when the sun was setting. The TV was on and the newsman was speaking about the Jurassic World siege as the caller said to Hoskins, "They know about some of the origins of the Indominus Rex when they interrogated Wu. They streamed it live for everyone to see. We need to ensure our secret operation is secured."

At the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins was unhappy that the terrorists interrogated Wu and he revealed some of the origins of the Indominus Rex under duress. He said to the mysterious caller, "I told Wu not to give him any info on our secret plan even if he is under duress."

"He better do so. For all our sakes." The caller said to him bluntly, even though he had a voice changer on.

Antonis watches this from far. He went the shady part of the paddock away from Hoskins and the other surviving InGen mercenaries. He send the secured text message to Nolan, saying, "Hoskins contacted the secret boss and is speaking to him now. He's scared."

After a several seconds, the text came in from Nolan, "He should be, Antonis. We all know who it is and we will expose him once we complete our mission. Any sign of Grady and Sembène?"

Antonis suspected that Nolan is searching for Claire & her nephews somewhere out there and hoped that Owen & Barry would show up in the Raptor Paddock soon. With that in mind, Antonis replied in the secured text, "No. Not yet."

After a moment, Nolan replied to Antonis, "Stay put. If you see any of them, try to pretend you didn't see them and improvise."

"You got it." Antonis texted back at Nolan, before hiding the tablet so that no one will see it with him. Then he started to head back to Hoskins.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the fighter jets in the south and west area were getting closer to the island as the pilots are seeing in view. "We have the island in sight." The pilot of one of the F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters in the west area of Isla Nublar said.

"We see it too." The British pilot of F-35B Lightning heading towards Isla Nublar acknowledged.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Three men armed with Stinger missiles arrived in the west end of the island.

Three more men arrived in the south area of Isla Nublar armed with Stinger missiles.

Main Street

In Main Street, Witter activated the Surface to Air missiles on the roofs of Main Street. One of the other terrorists gave Witter a thumbs up. With that, the British weapons expert said on the radio, "We're all set."

Torres then replied on the radio, "Fire when ready."

"Yes, sir." Witter acknowledged. Then he took the control switch of the SAM site near him.

Wilderness not far from Jurassic World Aviary

At the cliffside area not far from the Jurassic World Aviary, Claire, Owen, Zach and Gray ran through the dense jungle wilderness and stopped not from the cliff as they spotted a perfect view of the Aviary.

Despite not seeing anything from the distance, Owen knew it doesn't mean something won't happen. He turned to the Mitchell brothers and said to them, "Boys, why don't you cover our back in case if see any terrorists or dinosaurs that might come after us." Claire turned her face at her nephews, silently telling to do as Owen told them to do.

"Good idea." Zach agreed without hesitation. Then he said to Gray, "Come on, Gray. You keep an eye on things over there. I'll keep an eye of over there." With that, they went to the trees as Zach kept an eye on one area behind Owen and Claire while Gray kept an eye on the other part of the corner of the wilderness.

As that was happening, Owen then let out the binoculars he took from one of the dead terrorists outside the bunker. He viewed through the binoculars and scanned the Aviary.

Claire looks out the view of the Aviary and couldn't see anything from the distance. She knew something will happen in the Aviary and she was afraid of what Nolan will do with it. Claire asked Owen, "See anything, Owen?"

Owen looked around through the binoculars as he replied to her, "No. Still scanning the area."

Isla Nublar

The fighter jets have arrived in the south and west beach fronts. Then the terrorists armed with Stinger missiles aimed at the jets and fired their missiles at them. Then the jets evasive maneuvered to avoid the missiles.

Then Witter fired two dual missiles from the SAM batteries on the roofs of Main Street, launching four missiles in the air.

"Here they come!!" The Russian pilot in a MiG-29 yelled out. Then all the fighter jets began to evasive maneuvered to get away from the missiles. The jets released flares used as countermeasures. Although the flare took out some missiles, three of the missiles struck their targets. One Stinger missile hit a British F-35B Lightning in the front side, killing the pilot inside. The fighter's back crashed into the ocean, exploding in the water. The debris from the hit, also hit the Chinese J-15 fighter's right wing, damaging it, but the fighter was still operable despite the smoke on the wing. Then a Surface to Air missile struck the American F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter on the right wing, forcing the pilot and the navigator to eject. The out of control Super Hornet then crashed into the meadow in the west part of the island, exploding on impact. The MiG-29 was hit on the back side of it, badly damaging it. The Russian pilot had to eject also as his fighter exploded in the air a few seconds after the pilot ejected. The debris of the explosion hit and did some mild damage to the British F-35B Lightning.

Wilderness not far from Jurassic World Aviary

At the cliffside, Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray sure some distant explosions sounds. "What was that?" Gray asked with concern his voice.

"Those were explosions from the distance." Owen stated as he listened in on the sounds of the explosions. He added in a serious tone, "Sounded like they came from the west and south directions of where we are now." Claire wondered where those explosions were coming from and was worried at the same time.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan, Torres, Cullen, Porter and the other terrorists were watching the scene via security monitors. Witter than checked in, "We scattered the jets coming at us."

Nolan replied to Witter on the radio, "Right. Just go down there and help Smith get the people in the restaurants out in Main Street. Hawkins is going to hit the Aviary shortly. Torres and Wang will be along shortly."

"Yes, sir." Witter acknowledged on the radio.

After finishing his contact from Witter, Nolan changed frequency and asked, "Wagner, come in."

Outside the Jurassic Park bunker

At the sight where Moreau and the men with him were killed, several terrorists were investigating the carnage. Wagner, a German man with black hair, replied on the radio, "They killed Moreau and nine more of our guys near the entryway to the Jurassic Park bunker."

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan muttered in fury, "Fuck!" Then he asked sternly on the radio, "Are you going to the northeastern part of the island now?!"

"Battaglia and Russell are in the Northeastern area now." Wagner stated on the radio. As that happened, Torres was getting chatter on he radio.

Still fuming over the loss of Moreau, Nolan said to Wagner on the radio, "You and the others find Dearing and the others with them. We need Dearing and her nephews alive. Kill Grady and Sembène on sight. Move it!"

"Will do." Wagner acknowledged on the radio. As that happened, Torres turned to Nolan and the other terrorists.

"Battaglia just told me that there are six helicopters coming in, trying to sneak under the radar, sir. We got visitors!" Torres stated in a serious tone, realizing Nolan was correct about the fighter jets being decoys and the incursion was coming in.

Nolan, knowing where the military incursion team will go, turned to Cullen and ordered, "Cullen, tell Hawkins to detonate his bombs in the Aviary as soon as the helicopters are close to it. That is where they will likely repel down."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she starting to speak to Hawkins on the radio.

Nolan turned to Torres and ordered in a serious tone, "Go down in Main Street and help Smith & Witter supervise things. Take Wang with you also when you're down there."

"Yes, Sean." Torres nodded. With that, he went to the elevator. Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the hostages were worried that something bad will happen with the military strike team when they arrived in the Aviary. Nolan, Cullen and Porter looked on the monitors as they are prepared on what they were going to see when the bombs in the Aviary blow.

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile in the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis listened in on the radio transmissions from the pilots. Then he said somberly to everyone in the video conference call, "We got word that we lost a F/A-18E Super Hornet, a F-35B Lightning and a MiG-29. A J-15 and F-35B Lightning were damaged. We can confirm that we lost a pilot of that F-35B Lightning that was shot down. The pilot & navigator of that F/A-18E and the pilot of the MiG-29 ejected, but they will likely get captured."

Everyone in the other ships outside of Isla Nublar, The Pentagon, The White House, 10 Downing Street, The Kremlin, and other government locations were stunned and crestfallen that they lost three of their own jets. The British Prime Minister was somber when he heard that a pilot from his country was killed by the terrorists' counterattack and was rubbing his head.

"Has our joint military arrived on the island?" The Chinese general asked in the video call.

"Yes, sir. But to be honest, I don't like this with what happened to our jets that we used as decoys. I think there's a good chance that they might be expecting them." Davis replied. He is concerned that Nolan and his organization might be aware of the presence of the oncoming joint military team and they might retaliate if they failed to enter the island.

"Noted, Captain. But our teams are in and they will retake the island from those terrorists." The U.S. President stated to Davis, confident that the joint military team will successfully infiltrate the island.

Davis, however, wasn't too reassured by the President's confidence of the military plan. But couldn't dare question about it. He only sighed and reluctantly replied, "Aye, sir."

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Back in the island, the helicopters were getting closer to the Aviary. Inside one of the helicopters, the commander of SEAL Team 2 said to every soldier from their respective countries, "Let's get the park back, everyone."

The French Commando Marine said to him, "We're all with you."

The SEAL onboard with him acknowledged, "Aye, sir."

At another helicopter, the SAS captain said to everyone with him, "Let's get our people out of this island."

"Yes, sir." The SAS soldier with him replied.

At the other helicopter, the commander of People's Liberation Army Special Operations Force said to all the soldiers with them, "Let's get it done."

The Spetnanz soldier said, "You got it."

The six helicopters were approaching the Aviary.

Wilderness not far from Jurassic World Aviary

Back on the cliff side overlooking the Aviary, Owen continued to look around at the Aviary with the binoculars. Claire stood alongside, concerned what he might see through the binoculars. Zach and Gray continued to keep an eye in the wilderness in case anything or anyone comes at them. Then Owen noticed something placed on top if the glass dome in front of him. He sees that there are six blocks of C4 explosives and a detonator attached to them & on the glass.

Owen was getting worried about what he was seeing and asked, "Are those explosives?!" As he said that, Owen continued to look through the binoculars.

"What?" Claire asked in shock, worried if Owen is actually seeing explosives in the Aviary. After hearing what Owen said, Zach and Gray turned back and listened in on everything that's going on.

Owen looked through the binoculars as he kept an eye on the bomb placed on the glass dome of the Aviary. Then he spotted another bomb in the left side of the Aviary. "They got bombs, probably C4, placed on the glass dome of it on the outside of it."

When she heard what Owen said, Claire immediately asked in an anxious tone, "Are they going to blow the Aviary up?!" Owen just stared at her silently. After seeing Owen's look of somberness, Claire had a horrible realization and muttered, "Oh no!"

As she muttered that word, they heard the sound of helicopter rotors. Owen and Claire thought it would be the terrorists' helicopters, but then Owen looks over the Aviary and sees six helicopters coming towards the dome building. "Oh, Christ. It's the military incursion team! Nolan has prepared a trap for them! He's gonna blow the glass of the Aviary open and let out the pterosaurs and they will fly into those choppers like geese flying into the plane's engines!" Owen stated with horrific realization. He knew that the military team was flying to a trap by Nolan and the Pteranodons & the Dimorphodons will fly into them like geese hitting a plane's engines by accident.

Claire was horrified when she heard what Owen told her. Then Owen fired his Glock 17 pistol up in the air to try to get their attention. The gunfire jumped Zach and Gray a little, seeing that Owen is trying to warn the rescue team.

At one of the helicopters, a SEAL and a Spetsnaz soldier saw someone firing in the air on the cliff. "Sir, someone's firing in the air on the cliffside over there." SEAL said to his SEAL commander onboard the chopper.

"We see two people, a man and a woman, on the cliff." The Spetsnaz soldier said to them as he pointed the sniper rifle to look at them through a sniper scope. They see Owen then waving off the helicopters and Claire doing it shortly thereafter.

After seeing that he got their attention, Owen shouted out as loud as possible while waving them away, "HEY!! GET OUT OF HERE!! YOU FLYING INTO A TRAP!! GET AWAY!!"

"GET OUT!! GET AWAY FROM HERE!!" Claire yelled out as she was waving them off too. As that was happening, the Indominus Rex was closing in on the Aviary.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan ordered in the radio without any trace of emotion, "Blow the Aviary." With that, he slowly lowered the radio while looking up on the monitors in the main screen.

Wilderness not far from Jurassic World Aviary

Back on the cliffside, Owen and Claire continue to yell out to the helicopters to abort the mission. "GET OUT OF THERE!!"

"GET AWAY!! YOU GONNA GET HIT!!" Claire yelled out to the choppers as well as she was waving them off. As that was happening, The Indominus Rex was closing in on the Aviary and it bellowed while racing towards it.

Main Street

At the Jurassic Traders Gift Shop, Hawkins was preparing to press the detonator to the bombs in the Aviary. As that was happening, his fellow comrades were forcing the hostages outside in Main Street.

"Time to let you flying monsters loose." Hawkins said to himself as he pressed one of the buttons to the detonator.

Jurassic World Aviary

Back in the Aviary, a bomb one of the roofs went off, setting off a spectacular explosion, that broke through the glass, causing it to fall into the Aviary. The fireball of the explosion shook the helicopters nearby it. The soldiers inside the helicopters felt the forcing and it shook them inside. "What the bloody hell was that?" The SAS commander inside one of the helicopters asked loudly.

At the cliffside, Owen and Claire saw the explosion in front of them and how it blew the glass open. Zach and Gray heard the explosion and watched in horror as the helicopters were near the explosion. Owen and Claire also watched in horror as they saw the fireball of the explosion shook and the force of it shook the helicopters. "We're too late!" Claire muttered in horror. Shortly as she said that, another bomb exploded on the, breaking through the glass, causing to fall inside the Aviary.

At the shaking helicopter, the soldiers and the pilots were jolted by the explosion. Then a third bomb went off on the Aviary, shattering the glass on the dome and causing a fireball that went into one of the helicopters. "Get us out of here!" The commander of the Spetsnaz team said as the fireball consumed the helicopter. Then it exploded. Owen, Claire and her nephews witnessed the destruction of the helicopter by that fireball of the explosion and were horrified by it as the destroyed remains of the helicopter crashed down on the top of the Aviary.

The fourth bomb exploded on the dome of the Aviary, shattering the glass on it. Then the Indominus Rex crashed through the Aviary. Inside the Aviary, the Pteranodons & the Dimorphodons shattered due to the explosions, falling glass and the Indominus Rex crashing through the Aviary. Then many of them flew through the broken ceiling dome. Then a Pteranodon flew into the tail rotor of one of the helicopters, smashing it and cutting the Pteranodon's back. The helicopter rolled around violently and it crashed into the ground, resulting in the explosion which killed the pilots and the soldiers aboard.

Claire and Owen watched in horror seeing the pterosaurs escaped and taking out one helicopter so far. Zach and Gray also saw what was happening and were also horrified by they are seeing.

At the one of the helicopters, one of the gunners saw the flying Pteranodons and Dimorphodons coming at them and yelled, "Pull up! Pull up! UP, UP!!" The gunner fired at the flying dinosaurs. But a Pteranodon collided to the left side of the helicopter, shaking the chopper and causing a Chinese soldier to fall off the helicopter. He plunged deep into the ground below to his death. The helicopter then a Dimorphodon accidentally flew into the main rotor, killing herself as well as causing some damage to the main rotor. The helicopter than swerved around dangerously until it hit the tree, which ruptured the fuel tank and exploded, killing all onboard. As that was happening, the Indominus Rex tried to eat some of the pterosaurs in the Aviary, but missed everytime because they scattered away from it.

Owen and Claire were beyond horrified that the terrorists have caused the pterosaurs to escape and indirectly attacked those helicopters carrying soldiers on the rescue mission. Zach and Gray were stunned that the flying dinosaurs were indirectly annihilating the military rescue team. "They're screwed." Owen muttered under his breath, even though he remained stoic about the whole ordeal in the Aviary.

The three helicopters tried to turn away from the swarm. Then one Pteranodon accidentally struck the tail fin of one of the choppers, causing it to roll around counter-clockwise violently. "Mayday, mayday, we're hit!" The pilot on the hit yelled out on the radio as British SAS operative fell of the chopper and grabbed the minigun precariously. Then a Pteranodon grabbed the soldier and took him with it. The fifth helicopter sees that chopper was coming at them, but with the swarm of the pterosaurs prevented them from dodging it. The commander of the Chinese troops watched as that helicopter was coming at the chopper that was hit. The SAS commander, who is on that hit helicopter, saw the chopper will hit the other one. Then the two helicopters collided and exploded, killing all onboard the helicopters.

As that was happening, the last helicopter was hit by one Dimorphodon on the starboard side, causing the chopper to swerve. Then a Pteranodon crashed through the windshield of the cockpit and it's beak impaled the co-pilot, killing him. A French Commando Marine fall fell out of the chopper and, while falling, was grabbed by another Pteranodon. The pterosaur was unable to hold the French soldier and let go of him, causing to fall to his death in the jungle below. One of the SEAL commandos also fell out of the helicopter and fall to his death on the ground near the Aviary. A SEAL commander, the other soldiers and the pilot watched as the out of control helicopter was about to crash into the Aviary.

Back on the cliffside, Owen watched in shock and Claire gasped upon seeing the last helicopter will crash. They, along with the Mitchell brothers, already saw the two helicopters collided and blew up. So they knew that the last helicopter will go down. Then the chopper crashed through the Aviary, tearing it apart. Claire gasped in horror as she saw what happened to it. The tore apart helicopter then went down inside the Aviary and crashed on the ground, exploding into flames. The Indominus Rex retreated away from the exploding chopper and bellowed as it left the Aviary through the hole it caused.

Control room

At the control room, everyone saw the Indominus Rex leaving the Aviary as the flock of pterosaurs were scattering and leaving the Aviary. Vivian was crying upon seeing the lost of the military rescue team got taken out. One of the terrorists barked at her, "Shut the fuck up, lady."

"Okay, okay, I hear you...I'm calming down." Vivian said with a trace of distress in her voice as she worked to compose her hysterical state. Lowery looks at the devastation with eyes full of hurt. Masrani was somber as he witnessed how the flying dinosaurs took out those helicopters. The other hostages were also horrified by how those pterosaurs took out those helicopter.

Nolan smirked a little with satisfaction that the flying dinosaurs took out the military strike team as he predicted. Cullen then checked in on the radio, "Torres, the strike team has been taken care of. The Aviary has been breached."

Torres acknowledged on the radio, "Copy that. Alerting the other men. We're almost got everyone in some hostage areas outside now."

"Copy that." Cullen acknowledged. Porter looks on the screen on the Aviary and sees about how the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons are getting out through those holes that Hawkins did with those bombs.

Nolan looks up in the screen and sees how Torres, Smith, Witter, Wang and the others are moving the hostages from the restaurants in Main Street outside. "Well, those things can certainly strike planes and helicopters that could kill people, just like how birds can strikes planes and such. Those things can potentially be military weapons if Hoskins and his collaborators got their hands of them. Now the world will see what these flying monsters would do to those people in Main Street." Nolan stated to everyone with him as he kept his eye on the monitors in Main Street. Then he said to Cullen, "Cullen, begin to stream this live when those things are about to arrive in Main Street."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she began to type on the computer.

Nolan turned to Porter and ordered, "Porter, give me a secure line to the USS Abraham Lincoln."

"Yes, Nolan." Porter acknowledged as he went to work on typing in a secured video call. With that, Nolan looked at the hostages and tauntingly stares at them with a smile on his face.

Wilderness not far from Jurassic World Aviary

Back in the cliffside wilderness overlooking the Aviary, all of the pterosaurs were getting out of the Aviary through the holes caused by the bombs, the crash helicopter and the Indominus Rex.

Owen and Claire watched in shock as the events unfolded when they see the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons are coming where they are at. Zach and Gray see the pterosaurs coming towards them. With no time to grieve over the soldiers killed, Owen yelled out as he was turning around. "To the trees. Go! Go!" Claire then followed Owen. With that, Zach and Gray took cover as Owen and Claire ran back to the trees while the flying dinosaurs were flying above them.

As they made it to the trees, Owen spots a Pteranodon coming at him and Claire. "Get down!" Owen advised as he threw himself down to the ditch, taking Claire down also to avoid the Pteranodon. Zach and Gray got down also. They all watched as the pterosaurs flew above them.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis and the others with him were present in the CIC during the video conference call as a U.S. Navy officer said to everyone in the video call, "It's confirmed, everyone. We lost them all."

All the world leaders present during the video conference call were somber and crestfallen by such terrible about losing the joint military rescue team by the terrorists using the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons to take them out. Davis sighed and stated, "That means the terrorists will retaliate by doing another feeding show."

"We were afraid you say that, Captain." The Navy Admiral stated to Davis. While he said that, Lieutenant Gardner receives a call and picks up. The admiral said to everyone, "There's no doubt that Nolan will let the whole world watch another one of his damn feeding shows."

Then Gardner turned to Davis and everyone in the video all, "Excuse me, everyone, it's Nolan."

After a moment of hesitation, all the world leaders nodded. Then the U.S. President said, "Put him through."

With that, Gardner put the call through. Then the screen appeared and it showed Nolan is behind someone, a Hispanic man in his upper 30s, in the control room. Everyone in the video call was seeing the live feed also. Nolan said to a hostage in a quiet, stern tone, "State your name to everyone right now."

The terrified hostage looked at the screen and nervously said to everyone on the video call, "My name is Alberto Nunez."

Shortly after Nunez said that, Nolan shot him in the head, killing him instantly. Everyone in the video call was shocked that Nolan killed a hostage in retaliation for the failed infiltration and some jumped back in horror. Davis looked in with shock eyes, but remained as composed as possible. The world leaders also looked on with shock. Then Nolan came close to the screen and said to everyone on the video call in a serious, quiet tone, "That was very dumb on your part. I'm so disappointed with everyone of you right now. This controller is dead because of you all and now you will watch something in Main Street shortly. Then you will see another feeding show for your foolish actions." Then he shut off the video chat. Davis was concern something big will happen in Main Street. He and the others in the video conference call were worried on what they are going to see in Main Street.

Main Street

Back in the Main Street, Wang was ordering some hostages in Margaritaville outside at gunpoint with some other terrorists helping him out, "Move it! Come on! Move! Come on! Come on! Move it!" Wang ordered loudly as the panicked hostages were forced outside in Main Street at gunpoint.

At Winston's Steakhouse, Smith was also yelling out the hostages inside to go outside with other terrorists barking orders at them while pointing their weapons. "Move it! Get out! Keep going! Get the hell out!! Move!! Now!" Smith shouted out, ordering the frightened hostages outside in Main Street.

Torres was supervising some men, who are setting up barb wire on one south exit in Main Street to prevent the hostages from evacuating out of there. "Move it, men! We don't have time!" Torres yelled as the men completed sealing off one exit of Main Street with barb wire. The monorail entrance was also sealed off with barb wire.

Witter was also supervising men at the one of the north exits of Main Street with barb wire to prevent the hostages from leaving. "Come on, lad! Move it! Come on! We're short on time!!" Witter shouted out as the men sealed off the exit with barb wire. Witter then checked in with Torres on the radio, "We sealed every exit in the north area."

"Got it, Witter. Good work." Torres acknowledged as he looked at Smith and Wang as they got every hostage outside. Both Smith and Wang gave Torres a thumb up, indicating that they got all the hostages from the restaurants in Main Street out. Torres let outs his radio and said, "Sir, we sealed off Main Street. We're all set."

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, Nolan said to Torres on the radio, "Get yourselves inside now and prevent the hostages from going inside those buildings. Those flying son of bitches will be arriving shortly."

"Copy that. Alerting the others." Torres acknowledged as Nolan went to Cullen and Porter.

Upon seeing Nolan near her and Porter, Cullen quickly said to him, "Nolan, we landed the drone so those things wouldn't take it out."

"Good. Thanks, Cullen." Nolan acknowledged, pleased that Cullen has thought ahead for the drone. Then he quickly ordered, "I want you to stream this live for everyone in the world to see. I want them to see what those flying monsters really are."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she began to type in on the computer.

As Cullen was making preparations, Porter turned to Nolan and said to him, "I've connected all security cameras in the park and the mini-cameras you guys planted into the system for our live stream." Porter said to Nolan.

"Good. Assist Cullen on recording our broadcast to the world." Nolan acknowledged, satisfied that the next phase of operation is going according to plan, despite having Owen and Barry taking out many of his henchmen and trying to foil his plans by protect Claire & her nephews from him. He knew that he needed Claire for her Quadtosaurus code soon so that the Indominus Rex can kill everyone in there without any place for the hostages to hide.

"You got it." Porter acknowledged. As he was assisting Cullen, Nolan patiently looks at the screens of the security cameras as the terrified hostages were outside in Main Street, fearful on what may happened to them.

Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other surviving hostages looked at each other, worried about how the flying dinosaurs would do to those hostages in Main Street.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor Paddock, Antonis feels his tablet vibrating and he went to a private are where, Hoskins, who is pacing around as he was hoping to find a way to avoid the predicament he is in, and the surviving InGen mercenaries. He sees the text came in from Nolan. "The pterosaurs are out of the Aviary. Be prepared to take cover if possible."

After seeing the text, Antonis realized that Nolan let the pterosaurs out of the Aviary. He send a quick reply, "Thanks for the heads up."

Just as Antonis send that text, Hoskins then spotted the loose Pteranodons and Dimorphodons flying south and away from the Raptor paddock. "Whoa. Looks like Nolan let the chickens out of their henhouse." Antonis was running towards Hoskins as he saw them flying towards Main Street.

"I think he let them out to attack those on Main Street, sir." Antonis said to Hoskins, feigning shock to keep appearance. Hoskins and Antonis looked on as all the loose pterosaurs were flying towards Main Street.

Main Street

Meanwhile in Main Street, the hostages were all outside were terrified. One hostage tried to get back to Starbucks, but a terrorist fired warning shots near him, forcing him to get back. Then some tourists spotted the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons flying above the Innovation Center. Realizing that they were going to be attacked, they tried to scatter in terror. Then some of pterosaurs attacked the hostages in Main Street. A Pteranodon picked up a hostage and immediately dropped him to the road, injuring him.

The pterosaurs crashed some windows through in some areas in Main Street. A Dimorphodon then attacked a employee on the ground. A Pteranodon attacked another man and was mauling him. A Dimorphodon then attacked a hostage from behind. The pterosaurs tried to attacked the SAM sites on rooftops on Main Street, but the terrorists sealed them with titanium made cages bolted to the floor to prevent them from attacking the SAMs. Several areas in Main Street were crashed through by the pterosaurs causing tremendous damage. A few hostages tried to get inside the buildings in Main Street, but the terrorists mercilessly fired warning shots at them, forcing them back, leaving to be attacked outside. The gunmen remained on alert in case of any flying dinosaurs come after them or any hostage might try to get inside the buildings.

Torres was inside Dave & Buster's as he fired his M16A4 rifle on the ground, scaring a female hostage and causing her to fall backwards to the road outside. Then she got picked up by a Pteranodon, who dropped on the ground, badly injuring her. While the pterosaurs continued to terrorized the hostages outside, Torres then checked in on the radio, "Sean, it's like a brutal swarm of bats out there. How long do you think this should last?"

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan replied to Torres on the radio, "Around five minutes, Mike. Just make sure you and the others stay indoors in those buildings. Then have those bastards tranquilized. We're gonna need them later."

"Yes, sir." Torres acknowledged. After that was done, Nolan looks at the monitors of the pterosaur attack in Main Street. He smirked with satisfaction as he, Cullen, Porter and the other terrorists watched in awe.

Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the hostages looked on with horror seeing the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons attacking the hostages and the terrorists letting it happen. "Oh, god." Masrani muttered somberly as he watched the brutal scene on the monitors.

Chernov shows up in the elevator and walks to the control room. "Nolan." Chernov called out as Nolan turned to him. Chernov said in a thick Russian accent, "Wu has revealed more of the origins of the Indominus Rex." Chernov had forced Wu to reveal more about how the Indominus Rex was made from through various interrogation techniques and the hackers in Wu's office learned more of his work.

Nolan then said to his Russian enforcer, "Write it on paper. Tell Wang about it when he returns to the Innovation Center. I'll look at it later." With that, Nolan turned and was leaving the control room. Chernov was mildly surprised by Nolan's orders, but decided to comply with the order.

Main Street

In the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, the pterosaurs continued to attacked the hostages in there. The juvenile dinosaurs were locked in their cages during the siege before the terrorists took Main Street. The commandos decided to leave them in there and will release them once the Indominus Rex arrives in Main Street.

The hostages was scattering away from the attacking pterosaurs. Some of them were picked up and dropped by the Pteranodons while the Dimorphodons attacked and bit the other hostages. Kids were screaming as they were scared. They were hiding and running around to avoid them in terror while the adults frantically worked to keep them safe.

At one of the north exits in Main Street, a man tried to get to cover with a Pteranodon picked him off and then it accidentally dropped him into the roll of barb wire used to seal off the exits of Main Street, severely cutting him in his arms, legs and chest, killing him almost instantly.

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

At Karen's workplace, Karen, Scott and Karen's co-workers see the pterosaurs attack in Main Street being streamed live on every television feed on their TV screens. They were equally terrified by what they were seeing on TV. Karen muttered in horror, "Oh, my god..." Then she covered her eyes with her hands, saying in a tone, "I can't watch this anymore." Upon seeing the brutal pterosaur attack, Karen became even more fearful for the lives of Zach, Gray and Claire.

Scott looks on the carnage with shock and anger. He was appalled that the terrorists would let the hostages get viciously attacked by those pterosaurs. "I can't believe this. Those bastards are letting those people get attacked by these flying dinosaurs. Crazy son of bitches!" Scott grumbled in anger. He was also worried about the safety his sons too.

Karen's co-workers watched in shock and horror on the carnage of the flying dinosaurs attacking the hostages in Jurassic World. Some of them couldn't even dare to look at the carnage. Karen then looked away from the screen as she is fearful for her family's life. She put her hands on her head briefly before turning back around and sees the flying attack on Main Street still happening. Karen had tears in her eyes as she was scared to death of Zach, Gray and Claire trapped in the Jurassic World Siege.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the jungle wilderness between The Aviary and the Jurassic Park Visitor Center, Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray trek down towards where Mercedes 07 is parked. "Any ideas where those flying things are heading?" Zach asked.

Gray then replied nervously, "From where we were, they were heading southwest, which is towards..." Gray paused as he thought of what he was about to say.

Then they arrived to where Moreau and the others were killed, Owen looked around cautiously with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle raised while Claire looked around with the Glock 19 pistol raised. As they were looking around, Zach finds a tablet from one of the dead terrorists. When he picks it up, Gray saw what his brother was doing. Owen and Claire noticed that Zach has picked up a tablet of the dead terrorist.

As Owen and Claire were coming to the boys, Zach then noticed something of the Jurassic World is being streamed live, taps on the video and sees that Main Street is under attack by the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons. The people in Main Street we're being attacked by them. Gray came over and saw what he was seeing in shock. Gray gasped in shock and his mouth hung open Zach muttered in horror, "Oh, my god."

"What it is?" Claire asked as she and Owen came over to them. Zach somberly handed Claire the tablet. She and Owen looked at the tablet and saw the live stream of the pterosaurs attacking Main Street and the terrorists are forcing people to stay outside to be attacked by the flying dinosaurs.

"Those bastards..." Owen grumbled silently in anger. He was furious that Nolan would do that to the hostages, including women and children, in front of everybody in the entire world.

Claire was beyond horrified that the terrorists would allow the flying creatures attacked the hostages in the park. She stated in a shocked tone, "Oh, god. Holy god! Nolan is letting the pterosaurs attack the hostages in Main Street?!"

As Owen watched the live stream, he said to Claire in an unhappy tone, "Those things are attacking the hostages because they are fish to them."

After hearing what Owen said, Claire realized that he was right about the reason why the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons are attacking the hostages. "Nolan was counting on them to attack the hostages also!" Claire replied in a desperate tone. She knew that Nolan let the pterosaurs out of the Aviary not only to take out the military strike team, but to also attack the hostages in Main Street.

After hearing what Claire said, Owen was even more fuming at Nolan for his actions during the siege. "Oh, man. This is not good. This is not good! Nolan is using this to spread fear against the dinosaurs." Owen muttered unhappily. Then he added to Claire, "We need to get out of here and get you and your nephews to safety. We cannot let that maniac get to you."

Claire nodded and gently said to Zach and Gray, "Boys, come on. We got to leave right now." With that, they followed their aunt and Owen towards Mercedes 07.


Nolan got off the elevator and entered the helipad. He looks at the view of the pterosaur attack on Main Street. He was armed with a Heckler & Koch HK416, ready to use in case any of the flying dinosaurs come after him. He heard screams from the hostages in Main Street as the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons are flying all over the area and are diving down to try to get to the victims. Nolan had no emotion and had a satisfied look on his face. He muttered quietly, "Now this will show what those fucking flying monsters would do to everyone in the world." With that, Nolan continued watching the attack from the helipad with his Heckler & Koch HK416 at hand.

Main Street

Back in Main Street, the hostages continued to scatter all over Main Street as the pterosaurs continued to attack the area. Smith, who was in the Columbia store with three other henchmen, fired at the two hostages attempting to get inside the store for cover to scare them back outside. "Kaberle, Taylor, Weinrich, keep those goddamn hostages at bay!" Smith ordered the three men with him. A Czech henchman name Kaberle fired at a man trying to get in and shot the hostage in the left shoulder. Weinrich, an American who has black hair while bald on top of his head in his 50s, pushed a female hostage outside with his rifle. Smith shot a hostage, a Caucasian man in his 30s in the head, killing him. Taylor, a British man with black hair in his 30s, saw more people trying to get in Columbia store. Then he fired several warning shots from his Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle at the hostages while moving forward. As Taylor went outside, Smith saw him outside of the store. "TAYLOR, GET BACK INSIDE NOW!!" Smith yelled out, knowing that the flying creatures might attack him.

Taylor turned around and yelled out, "We have to get them away from the build..." Before he can finished his sentence, Taylor was grabbed a Pteranodon and he was lifted to the sky by it. He dropped his Heckler & Koch HK416 while on the air and it landed on the street in Main Street.

Upon seeing Taylor got snatched by the Pteranodon, Smith muttered, "Shit." As the Pteranodon flew with Taylor, he screamed out in terror. When that Pteranodon let goes of him, another picked him up mid-air. As Taylor screamed, Hawkins who was in the Jurassic Traders Gift Shop saw what was going on. Then the Pteranodon loses his grip of him and Taylor fell screaming to the Jurassic World Lagoon, injuring himself as he splashed down the water as Torres saw what was going on from Dave & Buster's. While Taylor tried to swim up to the surface, three Pteranodons went to the water and one of them snatched up Taylor with it's beak. As they went to the surface, the pterosaur tried to retrieved Taylor, who screamed out loud. When it let go, Taylor tried to let his Beretta 92 pistol, but the Pteranodon snatched him again with his beak, forcing Taylor to lose his pistol in the water as they surfaced again. Taylor again screamed as the Pteranodon tried to let him out of the lagoon.

Torres, Smith, Hawkins and a Canadian henchman name Leighton went over to the fenced area and saw Taylor being attacked by the Pteranodon in the lagoon as the people scattered to avoid the pterosaurs attacking them, ignoring the terrorists looking at the lagoon. Torres and the others with him were shocked by how the pterosaur was attacking the henchman. As the injured Taylor was loose, the Pteranodon grabbed him with his feet, trying to lift him out of the water when suddenly, the Mosasaurus emerged from the water. With Taylor and the Pteranodon at it's sight, the Mosasaurus clamped it's mighty jaws shut on the pterosaur, killing both the Pteranodon and Taylor inside it's mouth. The pterosaur let out a dying bellow. Torres, Smith, Hawkins and Leighton watched in shock by what happened while the Mosasaurus came back into the water with it's meal, letting out a massive splash.

"Oh my god..." Torres uttered the word out silently as he, Smith, Hawkins and Leighton watched how everything happened unfolded. Then Torres got on the radio and said, "Nolan, one of the pterosaurs attacked and killed one of our men."


At the helipad, Nolan heard what Torres told him on the radio and muttered in disappointment, "Son of a bitch." He was very disappointed by the loss of one of his men by the pterosaurs. In his mind, he knew that the dinosaurs created by InGen were monsters since they attacked and killed one of his own men. He then ordered Torres on the radio, "I knew these creatures were monsters. Tell our men to get into shelter and avoid those petrosaurs right now. We got..." Nolan checked his watch and continued, " minute left. Then tranquilized them."

"Got it." Torres acknowledged on the radio. With that, Nolan, after a moment of seeing the pterosaur attack in Main Street a moment longer, headed back to the elevator to head back to the control room.

Outside the Jurassic Park Bunker

Meanwhile, in the wilderness not far from the Jurassic Park Bunker, Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray arrived in Mercedes 07. "We need to get out of here." Owen said out to everyone with him, suspecting the terrorists are out there somewhere, waiting for them. He sees the keys to the vehicle from one of the terrorists and took it.

Zach and Gray got in the back seat. As Claire got in, she spotted two men armed with weapons in hiding and yelled out, "Owen, they spotted us!"

Upon hearing their aunt, Zach and Gray got spooked and saw two armed terrorists coming at them. Owen quickly got in the car and started it. As a few more terrorists were spiriting at them, Owen put the vehicle on drive and quickly took off.

Wagner, who spotted them escaping, radioed in, "North of old JP bunker. Mercedes 07." With that, he and the other group got into two of the fake Jurassic World vehicles. Then they took off, leaving the bunker and pursuing Owen, Claire and her nephews.

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