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This is chapter 13 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 13: Car Chase

Isla Nublar

Somewhere on the island north of the old Jurassic Park bunker, Owen drove Mercedes 07 to try to avoid the terrorists who know which vehicle they are in. Claire was worried on how the Nolan's men might find them since they saw which vehicle they are in. Zach and Gray looked behind them as they were worried and terrified about what might happened to them. "Oh my god. They're gonna follow us." Claire stated in a worried, but quiet tone.

"They can't follow us from the air. Not with those petrosaurs out there." Owen said, trying to reassure Claire, as well as Zach and Gray since he saw what the pterosaurs did to those military helicopters in the Aviary and suspected that Nolan can't use the helicopters to follow them because of the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodons flying around the island.

As Owen drove the vehicle in a relatively fast speed, two of the fake Jurassic World SUVs appeared behind them and are pursuing Mercedes 07. Claire sees them and said, "They're behind us."

"How many of them?" Owen asked while driving, not wanting to get his eyes off where he's driving.

Claire looked behind and saw two fake Jurassic World SUVs coming at them and replied in an anxious tone, "Two."

Zach then said in an anxious tone, "We may have more coming at us." Gray knew that his brother was right and now was more terrified.

Owen silently agreed with Zach as he continued to drive. Then Zach and Gray saw two more fake Jurassic World SUVs coming at them. "Guys, we got two more coming at us!" Gray warned in a worried tone.

"Oh, god!" Claire muttered in shock as she saw two more vehicles chasing them while Owen briefly looked back and saw the vehicles before focusing what's in front of him.

Owen then sees the narrow roadway and made a sharp veer right to it. As he drove the roadway, Mercedes 07 drove through and hit some small tree branches as the terrorists chased them with their four vehicles. Claire was afraid that they might crash into those trees as she at one time cover her face with her arms when one tree branch hit the windshield at her side. The terrorists drive also as fast and careful to avoid hitting the trees or any jungle vegetation in the narrow roadway.

While in the roadway, Mercedes 07 was coming near a Stegosaurus, eating some plants nearby. Owen saw that dinosaur. Claire also saw it and yelled out "WATCH OUT!" Zach and Gray were wide-eyed when they saw the Stegosaurus too. Owen veered left and they barely avoided it's tail as they went back on the road, narrowly missing a tree. Claire looked back and see her nephews were alright, but terrified. She was somewhat relieved. The Mitchell brothers nodded to her as Owen continued to drive fast to get away from the terrorists. Two of the terrorist vehicles managed to get passed the Stegosaurus, but the third fake Jurassic World SUV drove over the tail of the herbivore causing to bellow in pain. As the third SUV drove by it, the Stegosaurus whip it's tail at the fourth vehicle, hitting the windshield of the SUV and taking out the roof of it, forcing the terrorists inside it to duck down. As they drove by the animal, the terrorist driving the damage vehicle looked up and barely avoided the tree to get back on the road as his comrade on the passenger kicked the windshield off so they can see where they are going.

Inside the third SUV, Wagner called in on the radio, "The targets are heading west towards Gallimimus Valley."

Control room

At the control room, Nolan said on the radio, "Right. Just stop the vehicle. And don't hit Dearing and her nephews. We can't send choppers right now because the pterosaurs are still out there."

As that was happening, Cullen then said to Torres on the radio, "Torres, this is Cullen. You are clear to tranquilized the pterosaurs now."

While this is going on, Masrani, Lowery and Vivian hoped that Owen evades the terrorists to protect Claire and her nephews to prevent them from getting her Quadtosaurus.

Isla Nublar

At the Gallimimus Valley, Mercedes 07 arrived in the valley and it briefly flew up on the hill until it landed safely on the ground. The valley was full of Gallimimus in the area. Owen and Claire knew the valley would be full of those omnivores. The first terrorist came off the hill and briefly was airborne until it landed on the valley safely as it was closing in Mercedes 07. The other three terrorist vehicles, including the damage one, did the same before. As they were closing in some of the Gallimimus, they scattered away from the cars.

The first was coming towards the driver's side of Mercedes 07, Claire and Zach saw it coming close to them. "OWEN! NEXT TO YOU!" Claire yelled out. Owen turns left and saw the oncoming vehicle next to them. He rolled the driver's side window down and nearly instinctively takes out the smoke grenade, preparing to throw it. As the terrorist on the passenger side of the vehicle rolled down his window and was about to fire his Colt Model 933 carbine rife, Owen tossed the smoke grenade and it barely managed to get through the passenger side window and landed on the passenger side floor, setting off the smoke grenade. The dense smoke was filling up the inside the vehicle and the driver was driving erratically because the smoke was getting to him. The terrorists inside were coughing due to the dense smoke. Then, due to the smoke, the driver of the vehicle lost control of his SUV and crashed into the tree. The driver of the car hit his head on the windshield, killing him instantly, while his comrade on the passenger seat was killed when he got ejected from his seat and was thrown out of the vehicle, but the other two terrorists in the back were still alive while the smoke from the smoke grenade was still active.

Owen then sees the other three terrorist vehicles are coming behind them and made a veer right turn. As that was happening, the Gallimimus flock steer clear of Mercedes 07. The three pursuing terrorist vehicles continued to follow them while the flock ran fast away from the oncoming cars. The surviving two terrorists got out of the wrecked SUV.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan, Cullen and Porter were listening in as Wagner said on the radio, "We lost two men and one of our vehicles is down." Cullen and Porter look at Nolan as he stared at the monitors.

"Stay with them. We are tranquilizing the pterosaurs now so we can send the choppers over there." Nolan barked on the radio in a serious tone.

"Copy that." Wagner acknowledged.

Isla Nublar

Back in the Gallimimus Valley, Owen continues to drive north as the three terrorist vehicles are pursuing them. Gray then one of the vehicles pulling driving to the left side of Mercedes 07 while Zach sees the terrorist vehicle with the destroyed top coming behind them. Then Owen drove to a small hill fast and the vehicle was Mercedes 07 and was briefly airborne until it landed back on the other side of the hill. The Gallimimus scattered away from the scene. The terrorists went to the small hill and briefly jumped over to the other side of the hill. As they are driving to the uphill, the vehicle on the left of Mercedes 07 rolled down it's passenger window and a terrorist was letting out the Heckler & Koch UMP45 submachine gun. “OWEN!!” Gray yelled out as he saw the terrorist letting out his weapon from the passenger side of the terrorist vehicle.

Owen sees the terrorist is about to fire the weapon at the vehicle. "BOYS, GET DOWN!!" Owen yelled out to the Mitchell brothers. As the boys went down, the terrorist fired his UMP45 at the Mercedes 07 on the left side of the vehicle. Claire got down as the gunfire was happening. The terrorists in the back seat of the damage SUV fired their weapons at the rear of the Mercedes 07. One had a M4A1 Carbine rifle and the other had a Heckler & Koch G36. The bullets took out the back window of the vehicle and the right taillight while the terrorists on the left side are trying to hit the tires of Mercedes 07. Claire and the boys were terrified by the gunfire at them while down inside the vehicle.

Owen, after seeing that the terrorist on the window, had something in mind and said in a serious tone, "Hang on!"

Claire rose up and asked with concerned, "For what?" Then Owen hard brake the vehicle and then quickly opened the driver's side door. As the vehicle was braking, Owen turned his head away from the door as the terrorist with UMP45 submachine gun slammed his face into the door, killing him and taking out the door. Claire screamed in shock as the dead terrorist fell out of the vehicle and into the valley.

As Owen stopped Mercedes 07, the three other terrorist vehicles put on their brakes and stopped in front of them. "Stay down, everyone!" Owen shouted out to Claire and her nephews as he put the vehicle on park.

"Owen, what are you doing?!" Claire asked with a trace of fear in her voice as she, Zach and Gray went down.

"Just stay down!" Owen ordered in a serious tone as he stood on the edge of the floor of the driver's seat. As the terrorists were getting out with their weapons, Owen fired his Glock 17 pistol from his left hand and shot one of the terrorists, a bald man with short, neatly-trimmed beard, in the chest, killing him as he fell on his side near the vehicle. Then Owen turned his pistol at the roofless SUV and shot a terrorist with a buzzed haircut, carrying Heckler & Koch G36, in the head, killing him instantly before he fell forward into the front seats of the SUV. The other terrorist with a M4A1 Carbine went to cover on the other side of the vehicle. Before a female terrorist, who was with Moreau when they took over the Gyrosphere station, driving one vehicle can fire her FN P90 submachine gun, Owen fired a shot and a bullet hit her between the eyes, killing her as she slumped to her right side inside the SUV.

As the terrorists rose up, Owen fired a shot at a gas tank below one of the terrorist vehicles in front and the bullet sprung a leak. As the terrorists fired at the vehicle, Owen took cover as Claire, Zach and Gray stayed down. Owen lets out a flash grenade and then fires his pistol at the terrorist vehicle next to Mercedes 07 and, after pulling the pin, tosses the flash grenade at the vehicle which is leaking gas. When it went underneath the vehicle, Wagner, who was inside it, realized what was going to happened and screamed out, "NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Then suddenly, the grenade went off and the blinding flash bang under it ignite the gas into flames. The fuel tank then ruptured and the vehicle exploded, killing Wagner and another terrorist, who was near the vicinity of the explosion while the other terrorists went down to avoid the explosion. Owen took cover from the explosion while Claire and her nephews stayed down inside Mercedes 07. A Gallimimus flock, who saw the explosion, retreated away from the area.

"YEAH!" Owen howled out in triumph as he put the vehicle on drive and immediately pressed the accelerator. While Mercedes 07 was driving away, the surviving terrorists got into the other two vehicles and quickly drove away from the burning wreckage of one of their vehicles as they are following Owen, Claire and her nephews.

Control room

At the control room, Cullen heard on the radio from Battaglia, "This is Battaglia. We lost Wagner and four more of our people!" Cullen turned her head in disappointment.

After hearing Battaglia's radio message, Nolan grumbled in fury, "Shit!" Then he took the radio and barked in a demanding tone, "Stay with them! Do not lose them!"

As soon as Nolan gave that order, Cullen checked in on the radio, "Torres, check in."

Main Street

Back in Main Street, Torres shot down a Pteranodon with a tranquilizer rifle. Then he replied to Cullen on the radio, "We almost got all the pterosaurs tranquilized. Smith, Witter and Hawkins are moving the hostages to some locations now." While that was happening, Smith, Witter, Hawkins and other terrorists were forcing the terrified hostages to either the Underwater Observatory, the IMAX theater and other locations. Other terrorists, including Leighton, were busy tranquilizing the pterosaurs in various areas.

As he said that, a Dimorphodon attacked Leighton, who was also tranquilizing the pterosaurs, from behind. The Dimorphodon proceed to maul Leighton to death before Torres shot him with three tranquilizers. "Dammit. Leighton." Torres muttered in anger as he looked at Leighton's mauled body. He planned to tell Nolan about Leighton's death later.

"Copy that. Finish it quickly. Nolan wants those choppers in the air as soon as possible." Cullen said on the radio. She knew Nolan was getting impatient with the problems they are having right now.

"Copy that." Torres acknowledged, deciding to ignore Leighton's body to focus on more important things.

Isla Nublar

Back in the valley, Owen was driving the Mercedes 07, then he spotted the pillars of the Monorail line and turns left near the elevated tracks as the two terrorist vehicles pursued them. As Owen drove close near the pillars on the elevated monorail tracks, the terrorists were coming to the passenger side of Mercedes 07. Two terrorists on the roofless SUV were about to fire their weapons at them when a driver had to avoid a pillar of the elevator monorail tracks.

Zach then saw the roofless SUV about to fire at them and he yelled out, "OWEN, ON OUR RIGHT!"

Claire turned and saw them as they about to fire their weapons. "GET DOWN!" Claire yelled out to her nephews as Owen saw the vehicle coming at them and are about to fire their weapons. As the boys got down, the terrorists fired their weapons at Mercedes 07.

Owen eluded some of the gunfire by driving away from the vehicle. As he did that, Owen asked Claire, "Claire, You still have that pistol with you?!"

"uh...Yeah! Yes, I do!" Claire replied nervously as she lets out her Glock 19 pistol.

After seeing Claire with the pistol, Owen said in a serious tone while driving to avoid gunfire from the terrorists, "I need you to fire on the terrorists, since I’m driving!"

"What?!" Claire asked in an anxious tone. Then she suddenly realized that she should have asked that because of the situation they are currently in right now. Knowing Zach and Gray are scared to death, she stated to Owen, "Okay, I hope my shooting range is accurate!" Determined to protect her nephews, Claire rolled the window and she fired her pistol from her left hand at the damaged and roofless SUV, forcing the terrorist driver to back away from the gunfire.

When one terrorist fired back, forcing Claire to take cover, Russell, who is in the passenger seat of the roofless SUV, scolded in a firm tone, "Don't shoot her, you idiots! Nolan needs Dearing alive!"

While the terrorists stopped firing, Zach and Gray wondered if their aunt would do all she could to stop them from chasing them. As the other terrorist vehicle was getting closer to Mercedes 07, Claire fired the pistol at that vehicle. Some bullets hit the driver's side area of the vehicle and one bullet went through the back window and hit a terrorist at the back seat of it in his left arm. That vehicle moved away from Mercedes 07 as the damaged SUV was closing in on them. Claire fired three more bullets at it until it ran out of ammo.

"Dammit! I'm out!" Claire shouted out to Owen. He cursed under his breath upon hearing that. Zach and Gray were now terrified since their aunt ran out of ammo.

Then the SUV without the roof began to hit Mercedes 07 on the passenger side. The Mitchell brothers were scared now. "Hang on, everyone!" Owen yelled out to everyone. Then he hit that vehicle back, causing the terrorists. Then he sees the pillar of the elevated monorail line not too far and decided an idea to take out the vehicle. As the damaged SUV was hitting Mercedes 07, the other terrorist vehicle was hitting them from behind. Then Owen hit the roofless SUV again on the front side of it.

"GET THEM!!" Claire yelled out as Owen was pushing the roofless SUV away from them.

"That's not really where you guys wanna be right now!" Owen yelled to the terrorists as they getting closer to the pillar of the elevated monorail line. The other terrorist was coming up to hit them again.

"Kick my ass!" Russell shouted out in defiance.

"No, Kiss MINE!" Owen resorted as he hit the front end of the roofless SUV again and it veered towards the pillar. Then the SUV crashed into the pillar as Owen avoided the pillar by a narrow margin. The crash killed the driver of the vehicle on impact. Russell was thrown out and hit head on the ground, killing him. The terrorists standing on the backseat were threw off the vehicle and crashed themselves into the pillar, killing them instantly.

Claire, Zach and Gray were shocked by what happened to the terrorists in that vehicle as Owen concentrating on his driving and to avoid the last vehicle. Then the last fake Jurassic World SUV hit them from behind, rocking them.

Inside the last vehicle, Battaglia was in the passenger seat of it while the other terrorists were preparing to get them. "You want some? Come on!" The terrorist driver muttered.

"Hit them again." Battaglia ordered the driver firmly. With that, the SUV moved forward and hit Mercedes 07 again.

As this was happening, Owen veers to the other side of the elevated monorail tracks as the last terrorist vehicle avoid a nearby pillar. Then the terrorists got to the other side of the elevated monorail tracks as they continued to pursue them. "This is crazy! We're going to get seriously killed if this continues!" Claire shouted out to Owen in a mixture of frustration and fear. After hearing what their aunt said, Zach and Gray knew that she was right and they got more scared because of it.

As he was driving, Owen realized that they arrived in the Triceratops Territory and thought of an idea. "I have an idea." Owen said confidently. With that, he turned the vehicles towards where some of the Triceratops herd are at not far from where they are now.

While Mercedes 07 was closing in on the Triceratops herd, the last terrorist vehicle followed them. Battaglia saw the herd of Triceratops and said to the driver, "Don't drive too close to those things out there. They are a rhinoceros of the dinosaurs." The driver nodded as he continued to pursue Mercedes 07.

Back in Mercedes 07, Owen was driving fast to avoid the herd and to stay ahead of the terrorist SUV. He was also searching for something as Claire noticed it. "Owen, what are you doing?!" Claire asked, wondering what his plan is and why he is driving to the Triceratops herd.

"What are you searching for?!" Gray asked with a trace of concern and worry in his voice. Zach was also concerned on what Owen is up to.

Owen only replied to Claire and her nephews, "A creature I know." He drove towards the herd as he looked around for a bit until he finally spotted a Triceratops, who was the biggest one of all who was dark skinned and had some green/blue stripes on his backs. "There you are, Jaina." Owen said with a small smirk as he was closing in to the alpha of the Triceratops herd, Jaina. With the terrorist vehicle behind them, Owen honked the horn with his left hand and held it there while driving towards Jaina to get her attention. Claire watched in shocked eyes and Zach & Gray wondered what he was doing.

Jaina heard the loud car horn continuously and turned to the direction where Mercedes 07 was coming towards her. She let out a loud bellow and charged towards it.

As the agitated Jaina was charging towards them, Claire's eyes went big as she was dreading what is going to happen. Zach and Gray had also had fear in their eyes as the big Triceratops was coming towards them. But Owen had a look of confidence in his face. "Brace yourself." Owen said to Claire and her nephews, trying to reassure them in his own way. Claire was worried what Owen had in mind as she leaned back to her seat, so did Zach and Gray.

"What the hell are they doing?" Battaglia asked as he and the three terrorists with them pursued Mercedes 07, not knowing what was happening.

As Jaina was closing in on Mercedes 07 while it was driving towards her, Owen made a sharp, hard right turn and narrowly avoided Jaina as she now had the terrorist vehicle in her sights. As the big Triceratops passed by them, Claire, Zach and Gray looked behind them as was Jaina coming at the terrorist SUV and felt the ground tremor of the charging dinosaur.

After Mercedes 07 made a sharp turn, the terrorists spotting a charging Triceratops coming at them like a speeding train. Battaglia realized that they were coming to a trap. "TURN!! TURN!!" Battaglia yelled in horror as the terrorist driver turned right to try to get away from the charging Triceratops. But it was too late as Jaina rammed into the SUV on the driver side, causing the vehicle to violently rolled towards the trees several times until it hit the trees while on the vehicle was overturned on it's roof. Then the horn began to honked continuously because of the crash. The driver and one of the terrorists in the back seat was killed when Jaina struck the vehicle.

Jaina then bellowed again when she heard that loud car horn again and charged at the wrecked terrorist vehicle. As Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray watched on, Battaglia and another terrorist who survived the hit were about to crawl out when they saw Jaina charging at them again. Battaglia and his comrade screamed in horror as the big Triceratops struck the crashed SUV again, killing Battaglia & his surviving comrade and the horn stopped honking. Jaina purred in satisfaction.

"Whoa!" Gray stated in shock and amazement. Claire's mouth hung open as she couldn't believe how a big Triceratops took out that last vehicle and had a mixture of shock and amazement at the same time. Zach was moved back a little as he was amazed on how a big three-horned dinosaur took out the last terrorist vehicle without any problems. Owen, despite knowing Jaina, was amazed how she took out the vehicle with ease.

"Wow! You see that?" Zach asked in in a mixture of shock and amazement.

"Yeah, I saw it. I did it." Owen said in a satisfied tone.

Claire, although grateful to Owen for stopping the terrorists from chasing them, scolded Owen with her eyes narrowed and her teeth clenched, "Don't ever do that again!" She was unhappy when she was in fear for her life with the charging Triceratops coming at them.

Owen looked at her and said in a confident tone, "Whatever you say, Claire." With that, he then drove the Mercedes 07 out of the area as he knew the terrorists would come for them there.

As they were leaving, Gray, feeling a little more composed, asked, "How did you do that with that Triceratops over there?" Despite seeing his aunt scolding Owen for taking a huge risk, Gray was thrilled to have Owen at his side protecting him, Zach and Claire.

"I did some work with Jaina in some occasions, like I did with some of the other dinosaurs on this island besides my raptors. Jaina is sensitive to loud noises including car horns and would charge at the source of the noise." Owen replied to the others in the vehicle. He once handled Jaina and some dinosaurs in some occasions, besides Blue & her siblings and he knew how she would react to some loud noises.

After listening to Owen, Claire was somewhat deep in thought about what Owen told her about his knowledge of the Triceratops Jaina. "Okay, Owen." Claire acknowledged in a rather anxious tone. With a deep breath to calm herself down, she grumbled in a rather serious tone, "Oh my god. You literally nearly got us killed." Claire was still displeased how Owen took a huge risk to use that big Triceratops to take out the last terrorist vehicle.

Owen can tell how upset Claire was when he had to use Jaina to take out the last vehicle pursuing them. Owen then looks at Claire briefly and stated in a genuinely apologetic tone, "Well, we're safe." Then he added awkwardly, "For now, at least."

Claire saw Owen was somewhat genuine to his words in his own way. She then stated in a more calmer tone, "Okay. Get us to the Botanical Gardens before they track us again."

"That's what I'm doing right now." Owen replied as he drove out of the Triceratops Territory and onto the backroads in the wilderness with trees above them to prevent helicopters from seeing them. Then he said to everyone, "We gonna switch vehicles. This vehicle is a likely target for them to find us." Owen knew that with Mercedes 07 damaged where it's at, the terrorists will likely find them easier that way. Claire nodded silently. So did Zach and Gray as Owen drove the damaged Mercedes 07 in the roads of the jungle wilderness.

Control room

Meanwhile, in the control room, Nolan and the others had heard the news from Torres that they care most of the pterosaurs. He had send the helicopters and the drone back in the air. Two of the helicopters were heading to the Triceratops Territory to assist whoever's left to get Claire & her nephews and kill Owen during the car chase. Then Torres and Wang returned to the control room from the elevator.

They see one of their helicopters has arrived in the Triceratops Territory on the radar screen. Then Cullen heard from the pilot of that helicopter on the radio, "We lost all four vehicles. The last one who rammed into the trees."

Cullen had an intense look on her face, frustrated with more lost of their fellow comrades. Nolan had a grim look on his face and grumbled in a displeased tone, "I'm beginning to underestimate this raptor man." Nolan knew with Owen's Navy SEAL training, he is a serious threat to their plans rather than a simple nuisance and since he's got Claire and her nephews under his protection, his mission became far more difficult.

After hearing that Owen got away with Claire and her nephews, Masrani smiled, so did Lowery and Vivian. They were relieved that Owen was able to get Claire and her nephews away from the terrorists at this time. Nolan grimly looks at the radar screen for a moment. Then he ordered, "Let's do another feeding show." Then he turned to Torres and said to him while showing him his tablet that had images of two people, "Mike, send those two people to the Mosasaurus." Nolan then swiped the tablet left that shows four hostages as he continued, "Those four people to the T-Rex." He swiped the tablet left again which shows ten hostages, "Those ten hostages in the theater to the Indominus." Then he swept left again and it shown a family of three. "And these three to the raptors."

After going over the pictures, Torres looked at Nolan. "You got it, Sean." Torres acknowledged without hesitation. The hostages, including Masrani, were horrified that they do another feeding show. Vivian gasped in horror. Lowery's facial expression was that of sadness. Masrani kept silent, but was quietly horrified that another live feeding show will happen.

After Torres was sending the pictures to every available terrorist out there, Nolan looks at the monitors and silently muttered, "I hope Antonis gets something soon so I can take out that fucking raptor man." With that, Nolan continued to stare at the large screens in silence.

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