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This is chapter 14 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 14: Improvising new plans

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the west area of Isla Nublar near the Gondola Lift, Owen sees an abandoned storage area while driving the damaged Mercedes 07. Once he stopped the vehicle, he, Claire and the Mitchell brothers exited the damaged SUV. Owen looked the storage facility and said to the others, "There’s some ATVs here that we can use to get to where we need to go."

Claire knew that some Jurassic World employees used some ATVs to respond in some events like loose dinosaurs and such emergencies and remembered which facilities the ATVs were stored in. "We need to use two of them." Claire said in a serious tone as they got inside the facility. Then Owen manually unlocked and opened the garage door to the facility. They see four Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATVs in there.

While Owen went to get a set of keys, Zach said while looking at the ATVs, "It's been awhile I rode one of these."

Owen got two ATV keys and headed back to the group, "You drive the second one, the one on the far right here." Owen said as he tossed the ATV keys to Zach and pointed to the one at the far right.

As Owen was about to start the ATV next to the one Zach is going to use, Claire said to Zach, "Gray, you ride with your brother."

Gray nodded as he followed his older brother to the ATV. Owen started the ATV and said, "Claire, come on." Claire spirited to the ATV and went behind Owen. Gray went behind Zach on the other ATV.

As they started the ATVs, Owen turned to Zach & Gray and said to them, "Alright, Zach. Drive careful and stay close. Some of the terrain we will drive in might get a little rough."

As Zach acknowledged silently, Claire looks at her nephews and said, "Gray, you hold on tight to your brother when we're driving. Alright?" Gray nodded. Then Claire said to her older nephew, "Zach, drive careful and stay close behind us. Okay?"

"Alright, we'll follow you, Aunt Claire, Owen." Zach replied in acknowledgment.

"I gonna hang on to you, Zach." Gray said to him as he cling on to him. Claire then got hold of Owen as they were prepared to drive out.

"Alright, let's go." Owen exclaimed as he put the gear on drive as Zach did also. Then Owen drove out with Claire holding on to him. Zach then drove out with Gray holding on to him, following Owen and Claire as they are heading to the Botanical Gardens.


At the elevator, Nolan was reading about the origins of the Indominus Rex that Chernov gave him earlier. Upon reading it, he smirked when he saw something on it. He puts the paper on his pocket as the elevator arrived in the Hammond Creation Lab.

Hammond Creation Lab

Nolan walks out of the elevator. He sees Wu in his office with his face bruised and bloody from the beatings he received. He was being watched by his two men. Nolan smiled grimly at Wu, feeling like he is getting what he deserved. Chernov met up with him and said in a thick Russian accent, "Everyone you picked are being set up for our next feeding show."

"Good. It's the camera set up in the lobby?" Nolan asked the Russian henchman as they walked alongside each other.

"Yes, it's all set. Oh, the drone is on the air and has the Indominus on it's sights as we speak." Chernov informed his leader.

Nolan said to his Russian enforcer in a serious tone, "Right. Just check in the others. They will need updates because of the manpower we are losing." Nolan was most displeased with the amount of goons he is losing by Owen, Barry and Claire.

Chernov acknowledged in Russian as he stopped following his leader to check in with the other men. Nolan continued to head to the lobby of the Innovation Center.


At the helicopter heading for the Raptor paddock, some terrorists were guarding a mother, Chelsea Hathaway and her two daughters, 11-year-old Mandy and 9-year-old Lily. The Hathaway family were bound and they were terrified. One terrorist, a man with blonde hair in his 30s, was on the radio when Wang checked in, "Cavalier Team, check in."

"Go ahead." The blonde terrorist checked in.

"Are you heading for the Raptor Paddock with the hostages Nolan picked?" Wang asked.

"Affirmative. Also, we saw the drone out there." The terrorist stated as he has the drone in his sights. Then he asked, "Is it following the Indominus out there?"

"Yes, we believe that the I-rex clawed out her own tracking implant, probably she remembered that it was put onto her. However, there is a drone following it, so we can record it live for the world." Wang said on the radio.

Upon hearing that, Chelsea became concerned by what she heard, but feared that she and her daughters might get killed. "Copy that, Wang." The terrorist acknowledged as he put his radio down.

After hearing what everything was said, Chelsea pleased in a frightened tone, "NO! Please don't do this! Not to my kids!" Chelsea knew that they are going to do something horrible to her and her daughters. She hoped that her children would be speared.

"Shut up! You will be shown as an example to the world what happens when dinosaurs are brought back to life!" The terrorist barked in a surly tone.

After hearing the terrorist, Chelsea and her two daughters got even more scared than before as the helicopter was getting closer to the Raptor Paddock

Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile, in the Raptor Research Arena, Hoskins was in the shade at the nearby hut. Antonis was pacing around a bit while the InGen mercenaries were guarding the area. As that was happening, Barry, who arrived in the trees not from the paddock, peeked in from the dense trees. Blue and her siblings were hissing around the paddock as some men above watched them.

Barry looks around and sees the raptor paddock was full of InGen soldiers. He can hear the raptors' hissing inside the paddock. He knew it means the Blue and the other raptors are still inside it. Barry noticed Hoskins was in a hut. Antonis was pacing around and he looked left. He saw Barry peering out in the trees. Antonis saw this as an opportunity to bait him to have Nolan follow him to Owen, Claire and her nephews. With that, he pretended that he didn't see him and went to the part of the shaded part of the paddock where Barry, Hoskins and InGen soldiers couldn't see him. He texted to Nolan, "I got a visual on Barry Sembène in the paddock. He's spying on the paddock alone. I'm gonna bait him out so you can follow to the others." Then he send the text to him.

Around 20 seconds, Antonis sees a text coming in from Nolan, "You know what to do. We got a helicopter on the way with some additional hostages to be fed to the raptors."

After seeing the text, Antonis replied to Nolan, "Got it." Once that was done, he had a plan in mind. Antonis came over to Hoskins at the hut. "Hey, Hoskins?" Antonis called out to Hoskins as he came towards him.

"Yeah?" Hoskins asked as he turned to face Antonis.

Just as Hoskins asked that, Antonis came at him. "So you want to talk about how we were juked and you were indirectly involved in the takeover of Jurassic World?" Antonis asked, pretending to ask a question. As Antonis said that, Barry focused on him and Hoskins as he wanted to hear what they are saying.

"Yeah. I can't believe I gave out the layout of the park to the freak who took over our base. He also secretly funded the I-Rex and raptor programs! Which we will become accessories to the one of the worst terrorist attacks in world history!" Hoskins stated in a tone of disbelief. He was still horrified that he was indirectly complicit in the siege of Isla Nublar.

Upon hearing that, Barry couldn't believe his ears. His eyes were filled with shock and his mouth hung open. He was stunned that Hoskins had an indirect involvement in the siege of Jurassic World and that the secret funding of both the raptor program and the Indominus Rex production came from Nolan. Before Barry can process all this, Antonis then said to Hoskins, "They told us they will expose us if we continued with our agenda and make any action against them."

"Yes, I know that. I mean, I had to tell our secret boss about it, but I didn't reveal that Nolan knows who it is because I did, he would kill me." Hoskins stated in a uncomfortable tone. He was afraid what his unknown boss might do to him if he revealed that Nolan knows his identity to him.

Before Antonis can reply, a helicopter's rotors were heard. Barry also heard the incoming helicopter and said quietly to himself, "That can't be good."

Innovation Center

Meanwhile in the Innovation Center, Nolan sees the camera equipment is all set up. He checks in with Cullen on the radio, "Cullen, is everything set up."

"It will be ready in a minute." Cullen replied on the radio.

"Very well." Nolan acknowledged. With that, Nolan went to Torres and said to him, "I got word from Antonis that Sembène is in the paddock, spying in on the area."

"Good to know." Torres acknowledged. Then he asked, "You want me to let the men on the helicopter heading to the raptor paddock know?"

Nolan thought about it for the moment since Barry is over at the raptor paddock hiding while the helicopter is transporting a mother and her two daughters over there to be fed to the raptors as an example to the world about the dinosaurs. Also, Antonis is over there keeping an eye on things. After a moment of thinking, Nolan said to Torres, "Yes, go ahead. But tell them not take action and tell them quietly. The hostages in the helicopters might hear that. Send a text to Antonis when the helicopter arrives. Tell him to keep out of sight because there's a good chance something might happened."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged as he got on the radio. As that was happening, Nolan was waiting to make a speech to the world for his next live feeding show.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor paddock, Hoskins, Antonis and the InGen mercenaries see a helicopter about to land. Barry saw the helicopter was landing not far from the paddock. When the helicopter lands, the terrorists got out of the chopper and forced Chelsea, Mandy and Lily out of the helicopter. Barry saw this and realized in horror what they were going to do with that family. "Oh, no." Barry muttered in shock. He saw how scared the family was when they are being dragged by the terrorists. Hoskins stood by, knowing he can't take action because of Nolan threatening to expose his role in the siege to the world. Antonis hid in a trees not far from paddock as Torres texted him to keep hidden as Barry might do something.

"Let my children go! Just do it to me!" Chelsea pleaded with the terrorists, hoping they can spare her daughters.

"No, can't do, miss. You and your family will set an example to the world." The blonde terrorist said without a trace of remorse in his voice. The Hathaway family are in fear and are having tears in their eyes.

Upon hearing all that he heard, Barry knew that he had to do something to save that family.

Innovation Center

Meanwhile in the Innovation Center, Nolan was in front of the camera as Torres came near him and said, "The men have been alerted."

Nolan turned and said to him, "Alright. I'll give out orders when we finished this feeding show."

"Right." Torres acknowledged in a low tone as Smith came inside the Innovation Center. Torres signaled him that Nolan is about to make a third feeding show speech. Smith then stopped walking and remained at his position.

"10 seconds, sir." Cullen said on the radio.

"Got it. Let's do it." Nolan acknowledged on the radio as he stood in front of the camera as Torres and Smith stood away.

As Nolan put the radio down and was ready to make his speech, Cullen said out on the radio, "5, 4, 3, 2..." With that, she and Porter began the live stream for everyone in the world to see.

As Nolan saw that he was being streamed live, he said like a man running the country, "Good evening. Now that you saw what those flying monsters can do to people, how they can kill and maim people, what can they do to planes and helicopters with people onboard. It happened because the military tried to take action against us and they failed. It also happened because how InGen and other companies keep cloning these abominations. Because of those factors, you're gonna see the next feeding show...with more people."

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis and his crew were watching the live from the CIC. "Oh, shit. It's happening again." Davis grumbled unhappily as he knew the whole world will be seeing another gruesome feeding show. He and his crew watched as the camera switched from Nolan to the Mosasaurus Stadium where two people, a man with grey hair and a young Hispanic woman in her 20s, were tied to the crane above the lagoon. They were in fear as their end was inevitable as the Mosasaurus came up and clamped down on both of the hostages on the crane, killing them instantly.

Captain Davis and his crew inside the CIC were stunned when they saw the two hostages being fed to the Mosasaurus. They watched as it went back on the water, creating a huge splash. The amputated arms of both victims fell into the water. The hostages inside the Underwater Observatory were horrified as the blood from both victims were showing underwater as the Mosasaurus grubbed them.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor paddock, Barry sees a sharp, pointy rock nearby and grabbed it. As Chelsea and her kids were being hauled towards the stairway to the catwalk, Barry readied the rock. Before the terrorists can put the Hathaway family to the stairs, Barry tossed a rock at the terrorist on the catwalk above and it hit his head, dazing him and causing him to fall into the enclosure. The raptors were attracted to the sound of the fallen terrorist hitting the ground. Echo charged and grubbed on the terrorist's right arm, making scream out in pain. Delta, Blue and Charlie then joined Echo as they mauled that terrorist to death.

The other terrorists, as well as Hoskins and the InGen soldiers were wondering what was going on. The Hathaway family were also wondering what was happening right now. Then Antonis realized it had to be Barry doing something to that terrorist. Then Barry fired his Remington 870 shotgun at one terrorist on the ground near the paddock, killing him instantly. The other terrorists fired at the trees near where Barry was, as he retreated to the trees not far from the paddock.

Innovation Center

At the Innovation Center, Nolan watched as Cullen switched cameras from the Mosasaurus stadium to the T-Rex enclosure with the small drone above. The camera shown two Jurassic Park workers, a man in a chef's uniform in his 40s and a woman in a worker's uniform in her 30s, and two tourists, an Italian man in his 50s and a black man with a college jacket in his 20s, hand tied to their knees. The drone camera zoomed in closer to them. As that was happening, Torres was getting a message. As the T-Rex arrived, the black hostage screamed out, “THE T-REX!” All the hostages with him saw the incoming large predator and screamed out in terror. The T-Rex was coming at them as Torres came to Nolan and said in desperation, "The Raptor paddock is under attack!"

Nolan was momentarily stunned by the news. Then realized it was Barry who was attacking them to save that mother and her two daughters he selected to be sent to the raptors. "Sembène. I suspected he would take action. We may have to improvise our feeding show. Keep an eye on it."

Torres nodded as Nolan watched as the T-Rex came to to the female Jurassic World worker and chomped on her with it's massive mouth. Then it shredded her and ate her whole. Then it spotted the terrified Italian man and chomped on him as he screamed. Then it shook his body violently, then tore him in half as it ate his upper half. His tore lower half fell to the ground, as the other two hostages screamed in horror.

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

At Karen's workplace, Karen and Scott were horrified how the T-Rex killed the first two hostages. They were already stunned by the Mosasaurus eating the first two hostages earlier. Now they saw the T-Rex chomped down on the college student. Then it shook his body, breaking his bones before the T-Rex devoured him whole. The cook was sweating with fear. Karen and Scott then the T-Rex grabbed the cook with her massive mouth. "I can't look at this anymore." Karen muttered in horror as she looked away while Scott watched in a mixture of anger and shock as the large dinosaur finished chomping up the cook.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor paddock, the terrorists search around for Barry. One terrorist pointed his FC SCAR-L rifle at Chelsea and her two kids as they were near the stairway of the catwalk.

Barry was hidden in the bushes and he readied the flash grenade he took from one of the terrorists. As he pulled the pin out of the grenade, he tossed to the three terrorists near the gate that leads to the enclosure. Chelsea saw the grenade and yelled out to Mandy & Lily, "Kids, get down!"

Hoskins saw the grenade and yelled out, "TAKE COVER!" With that, he and his surviving men went down. Antonis hid behind the trees as the grenade went off, blinding two of the terrorists near the grenade as they screamed out in pain. Barry came out and fired his Smith and Wesson Model 500 revolver at the third terrorist. He shot that terrorist twice in the chest, killing him.

Then Barry spotted the terrorist guarding the Hathaway family with the FC SCAR-L. Before that blonde terrorist can fire his weapon, Barry shot him in the head, killing him instantly. Chelsea and her kids screamed in shock as the dead terrorist fall dead next to him. Then Barry opened the outer gate to the enclosure of the raptor paddock and quickly pressed the button on the inner gate, opening the paddock. As the gate was slowly rising, he quickly got out and went to Chelsea and her children. "Come on, move! Move!" As Barry moved Chelsea and to the shadier area of the arena, Antonis watches this from afar. Then the inner gate rose up and Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie came out of the paddock. Then Blue charged at the first terrorist blinded by the grenade and grabbed on his left arm, making him scream out in pain while Blue mauled him. Charlie grabbed the second terrorist by his right leg and proceeded to maul that terrorist. When the terrorist was about to fire at Blue and Charlie, Delta pounced him and landed on top of him. Then she proceeded to maul him. The pilot of the helicopter saw what was happening and took off as Echo grabbed a Russian terrorist who was trying to retreat to the helicopter and mauled him. Before the InGen soldier can fire at Echo, Blue pounced on that mercenary and mauled him to death. Hoskins watches this in amazement.

As that was happening, Barry cut the zip ties on Chelsea wrists, freeing her and he handed her his knife as he said quickly, "Cut your kids loose." Chelsea, relived that someone came to save her and her family, managed to cut the zipties off Mandy and Lily. Then Barry was ushered them, "To the trees over there now!" Chelsea got hold of Lily while Barry held Mandy as they headed for the trees. While that was happening, Antonis saw them heading for the trees. As Blue and the other raptors were attacking two of the other InGen soldiers and Hoskins was distracted by the scene, he followed Barry and the Hathaway family.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the another helicopter, terrorists threw the ten hostages in the area and shot out their knees with their weapons. Then the helicopter quickly took off, leaving the wounded hostages behind.

Innovation Center

Meanwhile in the Innovation Center, Nolan sees that the camera has switch from the T-Rex to the camera on the drone above the wounded hostages. Then Torres came over and said in desperation, "We have a problem, Sean. Sembène has let the four raptors out of the paddock and they are taking out our men & Hoskins' guys in the area."

"Shit!" Nolan cursed unhappily. Then he ordered in a determined, salty tone, "Have that helicopter follow them! Get Wang on the line for advice how to recapture these bastards! Go, go, go!"

With that, Torres worked frantically on the radio. Nolan turned back to the screen as he sees the hostages on camera.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Back in the area in Isla Nublar, one of the wounded hostages, a man in his upper 30s, saw the Indominus Rex coming out. He screamed out in terror as the other wounded hostages saw in horror what was coming at them. Then the murderous hybrid stomped on one hostage, a Spanish man in his 40s, to death with it's massive right foot. Then he chomped down on the hostage who first saw it. Then it tossed him in the air upward and the hostage flew in the air for a moment. Then he fell to his death, killing him instantly.

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

At her workstation, Karen was more horrified on how the Indominus Rex was killing those hostages like it did in the previous feeding shows. Scott looked on with shocked eyes and his mouth hung open. Then they saw the hybrid swiping the blonde woman in her 30s with it's large head, sending her flying towards some trees. Then she hit her chest into one of the trees, killing her. Some of Karen's co-workers gasp in shock and a few looked away from the violent carnage. Karen still couldn't believe how dangerous that new creature was upon seeing it.

Somewhere near Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile, Barry, Chelsea and her two kids arrived in Jeep 29, not far from Raptor paddock. "Get in the jeep!" Barry exclaimed to the Hathaway family as he got into the driver's seat.

As Chelsea got to the passenger seat, her children went to the back seats. Chelsea turned and said to her daughters, "Mandy, Lily, put your seat belts on." Once Chelsea's children had their seat belts, Barry started Jeep 29 and quickly headed out.

As Jeep 29 sped away, Antonis saw the Jeep and texted to Cullen on his secured tablet, "Jeep Wrangler Staff Vehicle, Jeep 29. Heading northwest from raptor paddock, probably will likely change direction."

After seeing that Jeep 29 is out of sight, Antonis saw a reply from Cullen, saying, "Got it. Thanks for letting us know."

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Back on the island, the Indominus Rex spotted a woman in her 60s, who tried to back away from it, but it was in vain due to her wounded knees. Then the Indominus clamped it's mouth at her and ate her whole. The hybrid then grabbed a man in his 40s in a businessman suit with it's right hand and toss him to the tree, slamming his body to it which killed him instantly.

Control room

At the control room, Masrani and the other hostages watched in horror from the screen as they saw the Indominus Rex taking out the hostages in such brutal fashion. Vivian had tears in her eyes as she watched the horrible feeding show. Lowery was somber as he was watching this.

Cullen, Porter and the other terrorists in the control room watch in shock and amazement as the hybrid grabbed another hostage who is in his upper 30s in the left with it's mouth and lifting him up, causing him to scream in excruciating pain. Then it chomped his arm and the man fell to his death. Porter held his breath in upon seeing that and said to Cullen, "That beast is such a savagely from the way it was shown what's it doing to those hostages. No wonder Hoskins and Wu were planning to make that thing as a weapon."

"Yes. All the more reasons we had to do this." Cullen stated. Then she, Porter and everyone in the control room saw the Indominus whipping it's tail at a brown-haired man in his 30s, sending him flying towards a large rock and hit his back, badly injuring him. As that was happening, Cullen then added in a rather quiet tone, "When you lost a child, it's the worst feeling you ever felt. When my son Jack died on this island by the pack of Compies, I knew the lawsuit wouldn't be enough to make those people pay. But I later figured I can use it to end cloning of dinosaurs for good. I understood how Nolan felt when his wife and unborn got killed by that T-Rex in the San Diego Incident, just like he did when my son got eaten by these tiny monsters. There's no way I would let my baby's death would go unpunished." Cullen still thinks about Jack everyday after his death. She swore vengeance for her son and she willingly came to Nolan, who knew about her lost and immediately recruited her into Extinct All Dinosaurs.

Porter looked at her in silence for a moment, couldn't believe how Cullen would be involved in all this for her late son. Then he and Cullen watched as the Indominus Rex chomped on a Asian woman in her 30s with it's mouth, killing her instantly as the killer hybrid let go of her mangled body.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

The I-Rex that saw the injured hostage. The injured man screamed as the hybrid viciously stomped him with it's right foot, crushing him to death. Then it spotted two remaining wounded hostages, a park worker in his 30s and a black woman in her upper 20s. The black woman screamed as the Indominus Rex came after her and it chomped on on her upper side. Then it shredded her to death before eating her upper half while the lower half of her body fell to the ground. A park worker tried to crawl forward in fear, but his wounded knees prevented from going far. Seeing that he's at the mercy of the vicious creature, he had tears of fear in his eyes as the hybrid bellowed at him. Then it mauled him to death with it's massive mouth.

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

Karen covered her mouth with her hands as she was utterly horrified by the brutal deaths of those hostages by the Indominus Rex. Scott looked on with shocked eyes.

USS Abraham Lincoln

In the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis and his crew were stunned upon seeing the violent attack on the hostages by the Indominus Rex. Davis looks at the screens of the people in the conference call and they were equally horrified by the third feeding show.

Innovation Center

Meanwhile in the Innovation Center, Torres came to Nolan and said, "Antonis spotted Sembène and that family on Jeep 29 not far from the Raptor Paddock."

"Good. Have Cullen send a drone out there to find that jeep now." Nolan ordered in a serious tone.

With that, Torres was relaying orders to Cullen on the radio, Nolan turned back to the screen and, shortly afterwards, the camera changed from the violent carnage done by the Indominus to himself in the Innovation Center. He then said like a man making a speech to the country, "Now that you saw what happened now and how the flying monsters did to those people, we are showing all of you what these things will do the entire world if they ever get to the mainland. This is an opportunity for you to understand that dinosaurs don't deserve to brought back to life and what they will do to everyone in the world. Later tonight, you all are going to see something that will be unprecedented and what will you see later tonight will change your view of dinosaurs and the people who made it happen in the past & present forever. We intend to show it to everyone in the world and we will succeed in proving that these dangerous monsters don't deserve to be brought back to life. Thank you for your time."

After Nolan finished his speech, Cullen cut the camera, ending the live stream. Then Wang came over to Nolan. "You need me for something, sir?" Wang asked.

Nolan came to Wang and stated, "Wang, the raptors have escaped from their paddock. We need your advice how to recapture them."

Wang knew the raptors from what he read about them and how the ACU captured them in the past. So he said to his leader, "Okay, so those raptors are escaping! We need to shoot tranquilizer darts at them to capture them!"

"Yeah, but they're fast and intelligent as hell." Nolan stated in a tone above whisper.

"Uh, from what I know, you need to hit them with three tranquilizer darts at the same time so that they wouldn't panic. We probably will need to bait them out to get to them...somehow." Wang said to Nolan since he remembered what he knew how the ACU captured some Velociraptors in the past.

Nolan took in what Wang told him and quickly ordered in a serious tone, "Alright, Torres, Smith, Wang, you're with me. Smith, get Chernov, Witter and 2 others over here now. Tell them to get tranquilizers."

"Yes, sir." Smith acknowledged as he went on the radio.

As that was happening, Nolan said to Torres, "Mike, have that chopper continue to follow the raptors and get another chopper to the helipad. We're going to hunt some raptors."

"You got it." Torres acknowledged. With that, Nolan was preparing for a plan in mind to capture Blue and her siblings.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor paddock, an InGen soldier was grabbed by the right leg by Blue and mauled him to death. A second InGen mercenary was pounced on by Delta. Hoskins watched this in a mixture of shock and amazement as how the raptors are taking out the terrorists and his own men. Then he saw Echo joining Delta on mauling that InGen mercenary to death. Then Blue snarled out, ordering her pack to leave the scene. With that, Delta, Echo and Charlie joined Blue and followed her, heading south.

As they were out of sight, Hoskins and around 10 surviving soldiers went out of their hiding spots. Antonis returned as he ran through the dense jungle after seeing Barry and that family going on Jeep 29. Hoskins and Antonis looked at each other in disbelief and shock by everything that happened.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Somewhere on the island, Barry continued to drive Jeep 29 with Chelsea Hathaway in passenger seat and her daughters, Mandy and Lily, in the backseat. "Are they following us?" Chelsea asked frantically.

Barry looked around a bit and said to her, "No. I don't think so."

Chelsea let out a breath of relief since she was still full of emotions. Mandy and Lily were in tears also as Chelsea looked at them with such relief. Then she turned her red, teary-eyed face at Barry, who was driving. "I..." Chelsea was trying to say something. But she was still shaken by how the terrorists would hand-fed her and her children to the Velociraptors. Then she said in a shaky voice, "Thank you so much for rescuing me and my kids. Thank you..." Then Chelsea sobbed.

Barry sees that Chelsea was sobbing in relief and put his right hand on her left shoulder. He gently said to her, "Hey, it's alright. You and your kids are safe." Chelsea was working to calm herself down for her kids. Mandy and Lily were both shaken up and their eyes were filled with dread and sadness. Then Barry said to Chelsea and her daughters, "My name's Barry. Barry Sembène."

With a slight huff in an attempt to compose herself, Chelsea said. "Chelsea Hathaway." Then she pointed out to her children in back seat, "My daughters Mandy and Lily."

"Hey, girls." Barry said to Chelsea's kids in the back seat.

"Hi." Mandy, the 11-year-old with long black hair, said in a tone above a whisper.

"Thank you for saving us." Lily, the 9-year old with short black hair, said.

"You're welcome, kids." Barry stated as politely as possible.

As Barry was driving Jeep 29, Chelsea took a moment to wipe the tears off her eyes and fix her black hair. Then she turned her face at Barry. "Where we going?" Chelsea asked, concerned where they are heading.

"To a safe haven for a bit. In the Botanical Gardens." Barry replied in a serious tone, trying to reassure Chelsea and her children.

"The Botanical Gardens?" Mandy asked as she knew what it is, so does her mother and younger sister.

"Yes. I got some friends they are going to head there. I hope they are there when we arrive." Barry said to the Hathaway family. He hoped Owen, Claire and her nephews will be in the Botanical Gardens when they arrived.

Chelsea then suddenly remembered what she heard on the radio while she and her kids were in the chopper. She said to Barry, "There's something else. I heard it on the radio from one of the attackers while we were in the chopper. They said they are following something called..."

"Indominus Rex?" Barry asked in confirmation.

"Yes, that's it." Chelsea replied in confirmation. Then she added, "They are following it by drone. According to them, it removed it's own tracking implant." She wondered what the Indominus Rex was since she never heard of it.

Upon hearing what Chelsea said, Barry huffed and cursed in French. Then he said in English, "Unbelievable. This day is getting worse by the minute."

Concerned by what Barry meant, Chelsea asked with concern in her voice, "What? What is it? What's going on?" Mandy and Lily were also worried by what Barry said.

"Later. We got to get to the Botanical Gardens first." Barry said to Chelsea as he had to focus on getting themselves and her children to the Botanical Gardens so he can warn Owen and Claire about Hoskins's involvement in the siege, Nolan funding the Indominus Rex production and the raptors training program and such.

Botanical Gardens

Meanwhile, outside the Botanical Gardens, Owen, with Claire riding with him, drove closer to the building as Zach, with Gray riding with him, followed. The two ATVs were arrived near the front of it as Owen stopped it as Claire signaled Zach to stop the ATV that he and Gray were on. As they got off, Owen called out to them, "Alright, let me go in first." With that, Owen let out his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle and went to the front door with Claire, Zach and Gray cautiously following him. Owen slowly opened the door and sees no tripwires on the door. Then he entered the Botanical Gardens with Claire and her nephews coming in also. Claire had both her hands on Gray as they and Zach followed Owen.

The Botanical Gardens was a large, glass enclosed, dome like building to allow the sun to hit the vegetation inside there. lush, board area filled with ferns, colorful gardens and plants. There was a stream and a few tiny waterfalls in the area. With around 2,000 of the Jurassic flora in there, it was an attraction for people to understand the flora of the island. There was a catwalk to tour around the gardens. The power in the gardens were off since the terrorists shut it down. Not far from the front entrance was the tour waiting room that had food and drink vendor machines, chairs, restrooms and a storm shelter in case of a hurricane comes in.

Owen looked around with his rifle raised. As he stopped, Owen gave Claire the Glock 17 pistol he had with him and she took it. Then he said to Claire, "Stay here. Go to the storm shelter over here. Watch over Zach and Gray until I come back." Claire silently nodded as Owen moved on ahead at the catwalk, looking around with his rifle raised.

Claire then gently gathered her nephews as she said to them, "Come on, boys." The Mitchell brothers followed their aunt as they entered the storm shelter. It was a regular size storm shelter, enough to fill around 50 people or so. They rested on the wall with their backs on it. Claire sighed as she needed to compose herself after everything that is happening right now.

"Boy, what a rotten day we're having right now." Zach said to his brother and aunt.

"Yes, its been a really long day for all of us." Claire said in agreement as she sat next to Gray on her left side on the wall with a Glock 17 pistol in her right hand. Zach sat next to Gray's left side on the wall.

Gray saw his aunt's somber look on her face. He asked in a low voice, "What do you think it's gonna happen to this park after all this? You said to Owen it won't reopen because of the attack."

"I hate to say this, Gray, but yes, it's true." Claire said in a somber tone to her youngest nephew as she gently had her left hand on his right shoulder. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she continued to say to both of her nephews, "With the attack of this park and the feeding shows that happened, it will create bad publicity to the park and it will make it totally impossible to reopen."

After hearing what Claire told them, Zach and Gray felt bad for their aunt, seeing how Jurassic World has fallen by terrorists.

After hearing what Claire told them, Zach and Gray felt bad for their aunt, seeing how Jurassic World has fallen by terrorists. Zach gently tap his aunt's shoulder and Claire turned to him. Zach said in a low tone, "Well, that's bad enough. Sorry you had to lose your job."

Claire looked at Zach with some somberness and said to them. "That's fine..." Claire was silent for the moment as she said to him and Gray, "I can live with that, along with everything else that would throw at me. But what I can't bear is..." Claire trailed off as she was starting to choke up. She can handle the lost of her job, the future lawsuits and anything that will come at her. But she couldn't handle losing her family. Claire knew that if Zach and Gray got killed in the siege, Karen would disown her from the family and she can't let that happened.

Zach and Gray knew what Claire meant. Gray said to his aunt in the low voice, "Aunt Claire, you came for us, along with Owen."

After hearing what Gray said to her, Claire gently stroke his hair. Then she replied in a low tone, "You're..." Claire sighed for a moment as she continued, "'re welcome, sweetie.” She actually felt glad that her nephews are now part of her life now, but wish that it was under far better circumstances. Claire and Gray looked at each other with small smiles on their faces.

Owen then showed up in the storm shelter with his rifle at hand. Then he said to Claire and her nephews, "Alright, it's clear. We'll use this place to relax for a bit or something."

As Claire and the Mitchell brothers got up, Zach said to Owen, "We should eat and drink something here."

Owen thought about it for the moment and replied, "I agree. I saw some vending machines over there that I can break open. Come with me." With that, Owen led the way with Claire and her nephews following him.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the helicopter that is landing, Nolan, along with Torres, Chernov, Smith, Witter, Wang and two others got out of the helicopter. Then two of the Mobile Veterinarian Unit trucks arrived and Hawkins and three other henchman came out. Hoskins, Antonis and few other surviving InGen mercenaries were also in the trucks.

Hawkins and the three men with him came over to Nolan with tranquilizer rifles with them. Hawkins said to Nolan, "Cullen told me the raptors are east where we are now."

"Yes, the helicopter has spotted them lurking around the wilderness out there." Nolan said to Hawkins as most the men with him were armed with tranquilizer rifles. Some others were armed with rifles and machine guns in case InGen soldiers were attempting to resist against them and to guard the helicopter that has landed. Smith's tranquilizer rifle has a sniper scope.

"We're all set, sir." Smith said to Nolan as he held up his scoped tranquilizer rifle. Hoskins and his InGen soldiers see that the terrorists are loading up their tranquilizer rifles. Antonis secretly knew that Nolan and his men are planning to capture the raptors while keeping appearance as a man forcing to help the terrorists under duress.

"You're not thinking of what you're doing out there. Aren't you?" Hoskins asked arrogantly, trying to put on a brave face.

"What did you expect, Vic?" Nolan asked in a rather intimidating tone. Then he added in a serious tone, "I got something for you and your people to do after this, asshole. Because if you don't, you and your people will be exposed."

"How I know that you won't be killed by the raptors out there?" Hoskins asked in an arrogant tone, hoping that Nolan would get killed by the escaped raptors.

Nolan, who expected Hoskins to say something like that, stated in a confident tone, "Don't worry. My people in the control room will make sure you go down with me if that happens."

Hoskins realized that he doesn't have any control if Nolan got killed by the raptors out there and he silenced himself. Torres was getting a message on his earpiece radio. As Hoskins turned away, Antonis looks at Nolan and Nolan looks back at him, acknowledging each other. Nolan was pleased that Antonis gave them which vehicle Barry and the Hathaway family are on. Then Torres came to him and said, "Sean, that was Cullen. The drone spotted the vehicle heading southeast within 2 miles away from Main Street." Torres knew that vehicle was Jeep 29 with Barry, Chelsea and her two children in it. He was keeping appearances to avoid Hoskins knowing that they already knew that vehicle was Jeep 29 since Antonis saw Barry and the family on that jeep.

"Very well. Make sure Cullen has eyes on that vehicle." Nolan said to Torres. As Torres was relaying that message to Cullen, Nolan turned to Wang. "Wang." Nolan ordered, knowing his dinosaur expert will tell everyone about the Velociraptors and how to survive against them.

As Torres finished conveying Nolan's orders to Cullen, Wang then announced to all of the men present in the area, "Okay, everyone, listen up. We will be trying to recapture the Velociraptors. Be careful, because they are swift and fast creatures. If they pounce on you, you're done for. They will use the environment of this island's wilderness to their advantage. Maintain your distance, and use powerful sedative darts to take them down. Is everybody clear on that?"

All the men nodded. With that, Nolan turned to Smith and ordered, "Smith, I want you in position on one of those strong trees above. Take down any raptors you see with your sedative darts."

"Yes, sir." Smith acknowledged.

As Smith headed for a strong, tall tree to climb on, Nolan then said out to his men, "Torres, Chernov, Witter, Hawkins, Jenner, Rosen, Sturm, you're all with me to find the raptors out there. Remember what Wang said." He wanted his men to remember how to deal with Velociraptors.

"Da." Chernov acknowledged with his thick Russian accent.

"Got it." Witter acknowledged.

As his selected men acknowledged, Nolan turned to Wang and two other men with him, "Wang, Brunner and Robinson, stay here and watch Hoskins & his people. There's a good chance the raptors might come here."

"Understood." Wang acknowledged, knowing that he needs to guard the area and watch Hoskins and his InGen soldiers.

"Alright, let's go!" Nolan called out as he, Torres, Chernov, Witter, Hawkins, Jenner, Rosen and Sturm went into the wilderness with their tranquilizer rifles raised. As they were leaving the area, Hoskins watched Nolan and his men, leaving the sight. He knew there was no way for him to get out of his predicament Nolan and his organization have him on a tight leash. Smith watched his comrades heading out with his scoped tranquilizer rifle.

As they approaching the area on foot, the terrorists have their rifles raised as they kept their eyes open. Nolan then checked in on the radio, "Chopper 4, do you see the targets?"

At the helicopter, the pilot sees the raptor in the clearer part of the dense wilderness. "They are 1.3 klicks east from where you are and looks like they still in position."

“Copy that.” Nolan acknowledged on the radio. Then he said to the men with him, "Alright, we're not far from them. Spread out, 15 feet. Keep your eyes open. They will ambush us out of nowhere. And remember what Wang said, they are fast and swift. They're also very intelligent. Be very careful. Let's go."

All the men nodded and they spread out within 15 feet. With their weapons up, they approached the area.

Meanwhile, in the spot where raptors are at, they heard the helicopter rotors. Blue snarled, realizing that they are looking for them. Echo then sensed people coming in from the west. Echo quietly called out Blue and she sensed it too. Blue and Echo bellowed out to Delta and Charlie. They spirited fast, heading west-northwest.

The pilot then saw the raptors heading towards the others and said on the radio, "Sir, the raptors are heading west-northwest. I repeat, the raptors are heading west-northwest."

Upon hearing the pilot on the radio, Nolan realized that the raptors know they are tracking them. "Copy that." Nolan acknowledged grimly. Then he motioned his men to stop. Torres and Witter did the same motioned to the other men with them. "They know we're coming, men. Watch it." Nolan warned the others with him.

"Alright, everyone. Let's head back to the chopper. Be prepared. We may have an ambush from those dinosaurs." Torres said to them. With that, Nolan and the other terrorists began to return to the chopper.

As the terrorists cautiously looked around with their tranquilizer rifles raised, the four raptors spotted within 50 years from their current spot while in the shadows. They slowly approached them. Then Delta sensed something from the west and bellowed out quiet to Blue. She turned her head and sensed what Delta found. With Blue's nod, Delta and Echo left the area, heading west in a fast pace while Blue and Charlie approached the terrorists quietly. Jenner was the man behind the group. Then Blue grubbed Jenner's leg with her mouth and pulled him down as she began to maul him to death. Jenner than howled out in pain as Blue killed him.

But before Rosen can react, Charlie swept him down with her head and grubbed her mouth into his face as he screamed out in pain. Charlie then proceeded to maul Rosen to death. Chernov saw Rosen killed by Charlie and yelled out, “They are over there!”

Charlie heard Chernov's shout and went to charge at him, but Chernov, Nolan and Witter shot with the tranquilizer darts and the sedatives knocked out Charlie. Blue screeched out in anger. Then she retreated away, heading west. Hawkins then said to everyone, "They're heading for the chopper."

Nolan realized that Hawkins is right and that Smith, Wang, Hoskins and the others are over there. "Warn Wang." Nolan said to Torres.

With that, Torres got on the radio, "Wang, come in."

Back in the area where the helicopter and the MVU trucks are at, Wang then said on the radio, "Go ahead." While that was happening, Hoskins listened in on the radio call.

Torres then warned in a serious tone, "We got one of them, but they took out two men and there's a good chance the other raptors are coming to you. Be prepared for their arrival."

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged on the radio. Just mere seconds after he acknowledged on the radio, Delta and Echo went through the nearby long grass. Delta grubbed Robinson in the leg and dragged him into the grass as Robinson screamed out loud. Wang, Hoskins, Antonis, Brunner and the InGen soldiers heard Robinson's scream. Smith, who was on the tree, heard Robinson's scream also. Then Echo grubbed an InGen soldier in the left arm and yanked him into the long grass. As the screams of Robinson and the InGen mercenary was heard in the long grass, Wang pointed his tranquilizer rifle at the area, so did Brunner. The InGen mercenaries did the same, but they couldn't see a thing in the long grass. Smith pointed his scoped tranquilizer rifle at the area, but he couldn't see anything either. Then the screams of Robinson and the InGen soldier stopped, signifying their deaths.

As that was happening, Nolan, Torres and the other terrorists were heading back to the chopper.

Brunner was aiming his tranquilizer rifle at the long grass. Wang saw him doing that and shouted out, "Don't get near the long glass!" But then Echo quickly got out and grabbed Brunner's leg. She pulled him down and dragged him into the long grass before Wang can fire his tranquilizers at Echo. Brunner screamed briefly before he stopped, which Wang realized that the raptor killed him. Then Delta rushed out towards the helicopter. As the pilot, who was waiting outside of it with his pistol unholstered, saw Delta, he screamed out as Delta pounced on him. The terrorist pilot lost his pistol as Delta mauled him to death quickly.

Smith saw Delta taking out the pilot. As he aimed at Delta who was running towards the MVU truck, he fired the tranquilizer dart, but it missed Delta as the dart bounced off the truck. "Shit!" Smith cursed as he missed the shot. Then he said on the radio, "One raptor is by the MVU 12! One raptor is near MVU 12!"

Wang heard what Smith said and hid in the Jurassic World jeep. Then Hoskins and his InGen soldiers began to scatter away as Echo came out of the long grass and pounced on one of the InGen and mauled his neck and back, killing him. Smith got Echo on his sights and fired his two darts on Echo just as Wang fired one dart at her. The sedatives knocked Echo out.

Nolan and his group continued to rush towards the chopper, "Chernov, Hawkins, go on ahead!" With that, Chernov and Hawkins ran towards the chopper as Nolan, Torres, Witter and Sturm slowed down. Nolan said to all of them, "Be on the look out for any raptors out there." All the men nodded. As they looked around, Blue was hiding in the dense bushes, ready to strike back at them. Blue quietly hissed as she saw the terrorists who took down Charlie.

Near the MUV truck, the InGen soldier spotted Delta and tried to draw his tranquilizer rifle at her, but Delta grubbed his arm and was mauling until Hoskins yelled out, "HEY!" Delta ignored him and has badly injured that mercenary. Then she focused on Hoskins and growled at him as she moved closer to him. Hoskins used the hand signal he saw Owen did earlier when he saved Leon from it. As Delta stopped for the moment and she was about to attack him, Antonis shot at Delta when Brunner's dropped tranquilizer rifle. Then Hawkins and Chernov arrived and fired each dart Delta, causing to lay down and sleep due to the sedatives.

As the wounded soldier was bleeding from the mauling by Delta, Chernov let out his pistol and shot the gravely wounded InGen soldier in the head, killing him instantly. Hoskins and some of InGen were stunned by Chernov killing one of their own. Antonis jumped back, pretending to be shocked by it while. "That was one of my men!" Hoskins said to Chernov.

Upon hearing that, Chernov shoved him to the side of MVU 12 and pointed his pistol at Hoskins's head. Several InGen tried to point their guns at him, but Hawkins and Wang pointed their weapons at them. Chernov then said to Hoskins in a thick Russian accent, "You may want to shut up if you and your men wished to get out of this alive, fat American pig." After he said that, Chernov gets the pistol off of Hoskins and holsters it. Hawkins rolled his eyes and thought to himself, "Crazy ass Russian".

As Hoskins was composing himself, Antonis look at Chernov and they silently acknowledged each other. Then Wang checked in with Nolan on the radio, "We tranquilized two more raptors, but they took out Brunner, Robinson and the pilot, as well as three of the InGen soldiers."

After hearing what Wang said to him, Nolan cursed under his breath, "Fucking raptors." Then he said to Wang on the radio, "Got it. There's still one more out there. Be on alert. Remember, this one is the beta of the pack." Nolan knew Blue was the beta of the pack whereas Owen was the alpha of those four Velociraptors from what he read about them.

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged.

With that, Torres asked on the radio in a low tone, even though he was 20 feet from him, "Torres, see anything out there."

"Nothing here, sir." Torres replied on the radio.

Then Nolan asked again on the radio, "Smith, anything?"

"Negative on my end." Smith replied on the radio while on the tree above them and couldn't see any trace of Blue.

As Nolan looked around, he asked again on the radio, "Witter, you and Sturm see that last raptor?"

"Don't see anything around here, sir." Witter replied as he looked around the dense trees while Sturm looked around the area where they are at.

As that was happening, Blue, hiding in some dense trees, sees Witter and Sturm about 20 yards from where they are at.

While the terrorists search the area, Nolan and Torres heard a soft purr from the distance, which stopped them in their tracks. "It's toying with us." Nolan stated quietly as he realized what Blue was up to. After he and Torres looked around briefly, Nolan checked in on the radio, "Witter..."

"Yes." Witter replied on the radio as he and Sturm are in another area as they heard that they soft purr.

"See anything?" Nolan asked with some mild concern in his voice. Torres stood close to Nolan with is tranquilizer rifle raised.

"Stand by." Witter replied on the radio and he looked around cautiously with his tranquilizer rifle raised while Sturm looked around the other direction. Witter slowly and cautiously peeked at the large tree on both sides and didn't see anything. What he didn't know was that Blue was hiding at the shadiest part of the tree while the sun was setting. She slowly was creeping up towards Witter and Sturm. Witter looked at Sturm, who shook his head. Witter then said on the radio, "No. Not that we can see."

But a second after he said that, Blue came out and grubbed Witter's right arm, causing him to lose his tranquilizer rifle. She dragged him out of the area and threw him down to the ground as Witter screamed out loud. Sturm turned around and saw Witter disappeared from his sight while he continued to scream.

Nolan and Torres heard Witter's scream. "Shit." Nolan muttered, realizing his weapons expert was attacked by Blue. Smith heard Witter's scream also while on the tree he's at.

Sturm rushed over with his tranquilizer rifle at hand. Blue was slashing Witter with her hind claws and was mauling him also as the British henchman continued to scream out in pain. When Sturm arrived, Blue then killed Witter with her claws and biting off his right arm. Before Sturm can fire, Blue tail-whipped him, knocking him down and losing his tranquilizer rifle. Afraid that he will end up like Witter and the other terrorists in the area, Sturm ran away. But Blue was faster and she pounced on Sturm from the bushes. Then she attacked him with her mouth and her claws, causing Sturm to screamed out briefly before Blue killed him.

Nolan and Torres arrived and saw Blue taking out Sturm. "Dammit." Nolan muttered to himself quietly after seeing a grisly scene of Sturm being mauled by Blue. Then he told Torres, "Get close to Smith. We're gonna lure it over there."

Torres looked at him with concern at the moment. But then he ran towards Smith. Then Nolan followed Torres in the slower pace. Then he sees Witter's body with his right arm amputated. Nolan had seen much worse since he was in Special Forces. After a moment, he continued to get away in a fast enough pace and radioed to Smith, "Smith, we lost Witter and Sturm."

At the tree, Smith was angered upon hearing from Nolan that the last raptor killed Witter and Sturm as Nolan continued, "Torres and I are coming to you. We're going to lure that raptor over there now."

"Got it." Smith acknowledged. At the same time, the other surviving terrorists near the Jurassic World vehicles heard Nolan on the radio.

As Torres was arriving to the tree, Nolan fired two shots from his Beretta 92FS pistol in the air.

Blue heard the sound of gunfire and sprinted towards the vicinity of it. Nolan holstered his pistol and kept the tranquilizer rifle leveled. He arrived not far from the tree where Smith is at. As he waited, Blue was sneaking close to Nolan from the jungle wilderness. She silently purred.

As Nolan stood by, he turned around to see if Blue was around. Then Blue hissed quietly after recognizing him as the leader who tranquilized Charlie. She then ran at full speed and went towards Nolan and jumped up. While that was happening, Nolan turned and saw Blue jumping up towards him. Nolan yelled out, "WHOA!!" and he rolled down to his left to avoid Blue's pounce attack as Blue landed on the ground, missing Nolan. As Blue turned to Nolan, Smith shot her with the tranquilizer dart. Then Nolan fired a dart on Blue while down on his right side and Torres fired a dart also on the raptor.

While Blue was down due to the sedatives, Nolan got up and stated with a tone full of anger, "Enjoy this, you monstrous bitch!" Then he smacked Blue in the left side of her face with the butt-end of the tranquilizer rifle. Blue was knocked out by both the sedatives and the hit in the head. Then he turned to Torres and said in a slightly calmer tone, "Get the raptors loaded up and put them back in the paddock now."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged as he made a radio call.

As that was happening, Cullen checked in on the radio, "Nolan, come in."

While Smith climbed down on the tree and landed on the ground, Nolan asked in a blunt tone, "What, Cullen?"

Briefly fazed by her leader's blunt tone, Cullen replied on the radio, "The drone is showing that Jeep 29 is definitely heading for the Botanical Gardens."

After hearing what Cullen said on the radio, Smith then suspected something and stated, "That likely means Dearing and Grady are over there."

As Nolan heard what Smith said to him, he agreed with him. Porter then said on the radio, "Sir, a ground team picked a piece of skin where that hybrid pulled out it's own tracking implant."

"Yeah, I send them over there to pick it up. Tell them to get them to the raptor paddock now." Nolan replied on the radio.

"Yes, sir." Porter acknowledged.

After the radio transmission ended, Nolan saw Torres looking at him in a rather worried expression. He asked him, "Sean, what are you thinking and why are we tranquilizing the raptors exactly?"

"Talk to Chernov and Wang about it." Nolan said to Torres. He knew that Chernov and Wang would tell Torres why they are capturing the raptors. Then he, Torres and Smith headed towards Hoskins while some additional henchmen, who arrived after Torres called them, were ready to cart off the sedated Blue and the other cart was heading to where Charlie was tranquilized.

Nolan, Torres and Smith went towards Hoskins, who was standing nearby as some of the terrorists were loading the sedated Delta and Echo into MVU 12 and MVU 15. Nolan headed to Hoskins and shoved him to the side of the MVU 12 truck. He then said with confidence, "I got something for you, Vic."

Hoskins was surprised by Nolan getting a little physical with him as Nolan stated in a clear, serious tone, "You're getting your men to the Botanical Gardens and you're going to kill Grady & Sembène and capture Dearing & her nephews." He hoped Hoskins would do as he said because of the lost of men he was having and he hoped that Hoskins's men would do the job. He knew if they get killed, Nolan wouldn't lose any more goons than he already lost.

Hoskins couldn't believe what Nolan was sending him and his men to do. He only had 8 men, including Antonis. Hoskins shouted in protest, "I have little manpower! You and your people took out the majority of my people!"

"Let me worry about that, asshole." Nolan stated in a stern tone to the arrogant head of security of InGen. Then he lets go of Hoskins and said to the surviving InGen soldiers and the men with him, "Gentleman! Our targets are at the Botanical Gardens, with Jeep 29 heading there right now! We need to mobilize immediately if we want to eliminate Grady and Sembène, capture Dearing and her nephews and get the final part of the Quadtosaurus code!" All the terrorists nodded and all the remaining InGen soldiers reluctantly nodded. Antonis silently nodded to Nolan. Hoskins heard Nolan mentioned Quadtosaurus and was shocked that he knew that system. Hoskins knew about Quadtosaurus, but never had access to the codes to activate it.

Satisfied with getting Hoskins's men to help, Nolan turned to Torres and ordered, "Alright, Torres, send four men to accompany to the InGen soldiers to the Botanical Gardens once they loaded the raptors to those vehicles."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged.

As Torres went to the four men, Nolan went to Smith and said, "Dan, take Witter's place in handling our anti-air defenses."

"On it, sir." Smith acknowledged as he went to get in one the Jurassic World vehicles.

Nolan then went to Chernov and Hawkins. He ordered them, "You two, bring Dr. Wu to the control room when you get back."

"Yes, sir." Hawkins acknowledged while Chernov acknowledged in Russian. With that, he and Hawkins went to the ground vehicle and joined Smith.

Nolan went to Wang, "Wang, I want you to get these raptors woken up when you get them locked back up to the paddock and come right back to the control room when you're done."

"I'll get on it." Wang replied without hesitation as he helped supervised the men loading up Blue and Charlie to the MVU trucks.

Nolan then went to Hoskins, who looked at him with shock eyes and realized he overheard him mentioning Quadtosaurus. He said to him in a taunting tone, "I guess you didn't expect me to know about Quadtosaurus. Did you, Vic?"

Hoskins tried to put on a smug face and said arrogantly, "And what are you going to use that for? Trapping people in Main Street so you and your men wouldn't guard those tourists here?"

Nolan chuckled at Hoskins's rather arrogant remark and answered, "Actually, more like the having your so-called weapon in there with those hostages, to show you and your people that you shouldn't make those nasty things you created and try to militarized them, that InGen, Masrani Global and all companies that clone these monsters should stop doing that so we can prevent any more lost of life." As he said that, Nolan was determined to ensure that the Indominus Rex is never made again, to ensure Hoskins and his fellow conspirators. He also wanted to ensure that every company that has cloning technology stops cloning dinosaurs when he lets that murderous hybrid dinosaurs kills everyone in Main Street when he activates Quadtosaurus.

After hearing what Nolan said, Hoskins was stunned and had a look with surprise of his face. Nolan smirked grimly when he saw Hoskins's look on his face and said to him, "I wouldn't recommend you tell your people about that. Because if you do, I will expose you and everyone in your circle and you won't get off this island before than."

Nolan's words left Hoskins feeling incredibly conflicted. Then he silently nodded to the terrorist mastermind. Satisfied, Nolan walked away from him. As Hoskins looked away, Nolan quietly took Antonis by the arm and went to MUV 15 to be away from Hoskins and the InGen soldiers. He then said to Antonis in a quiet tone, "Follow them to the Botanical Gardens. Keep an eye on things over there."

"Yes, Nolan." Antonis replied in a quiet tone.

"I want to know about the status of Dearing, Grady and the others over there when our men and Hoskins's men get over there." Nolan stated to his InGen mole. He wanted Antonis to be the eyes of the operation when they arrived in the Botanical Gardens.

"Yes, sir." Antonis acknowledged. He knew Nolan wanted status updates on Claire, Owen and the others in the Botanical Gardens when he sees things over there.

"And if you see them alive and take out our men over there, find out where they are heading." Nolan said to him. He wasn't going to take chances with Owen since he was a Navy SEAL and Barry had military training.

Antonis nodded. With that, Nolan left Antonis as he sees his men loading up Blue and Charlie in the MVU trucks sense they already loaded Delta and Echo on those trucks. Then he went to Torres and said to him, "Let's take the chopper back to the control room." Nolan knew that Torres can fly helicopters and wanted him to fly it back to the control room since the pilot was killed by Delta.

"Yes, sir." Torres acknowledged as he and Nolan were heading to the helicopter.

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