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This is chapter 16 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 16: The Satellite Phone

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor Paddock, Barry and Chelsea had already arrived. Barry had previously warned Hoskins when they arrived not to get him or Chelsea because they need him or Owen for their raptors. He was checking out the Blue and Delta in their cages. Having already checked Charlie and Echo, Barry saw that Blue had a bruise on her face after being hit with the back end of the gun by Nolan. Chelsea was working to adjusting the satellite phone. Hoskins was alongside Barry as he checked on Delta. Several remaining InGen soldiers were around the area, awaiting orders since Nolan has them and Hoskins on a short leash. Hoskins watched as Barry tended to Delta. Once Barry was finished checking on Delta, he walked away. Hoskins went in front of Delta and said while trying to coaxed her arrogantly, "Hey, right here. right here." Delta growled at him in displeasure and irritation.

Barry had his arms crossed as he said to Hoskins with a trace of warning in his voice, "She looks at what she wants. Usually what she wants to eat." Chelsea heard what Barry said to Hoskins, but ignored it because she had to focus on setting up the satellite phone.

As Hoskins looked at the raptors, he asked Barry in an snarky tone, "So, how are those pretty things doing?"

Barry ignored the question and asked in the demanding tone, "You want to tell me how Blue got that bruise?"

"They said it was that shithead Nolan who hit that one with the back end of his tranquilizer rifle. They said it was her who killed one of his top men name Witter, along with a few others. Two others killed some of his men as well as my men and one other raptor killed one terrorist." Hoskins said in an arrogant tone.

Before Barry can say anything, car lights beamed on them as Mercedes 08 was about to arrive. Chelsea saw the vehicle arriving and saw that her children were in the back seat much to her relief.

As Mercedes 08 came to a stop, Owen step out of the car, leaving the driver side door open. He had a look of disgust and annoyance in his face as he was walking towards Hoskins. Claire also steps out of her passenger seat. After she closed the passenger side door, Claire and Owen walk towards Hoskins with annoyed expressions, clearly upset with Hoskins' indirect involvement with terrorists.

Hoskins was walking to them and said happily, "The mother hen has finally arrived..."

Before Hoskins can finished his sentence, Owen throws a left cross and punches Hoskins. Zach and Gray react in amazement to Owen punching the guy. Mandy and Lily wonder what the Mitchell brothers reacted to and had a look of stunned confusion in their faces.

Chelsea muttered out loud in shock, "Whoa!" when she witnessed Owen punched that corrupt head of InGen Security.

As Hoskins held his jaw, one of the raptors made a sound. Owen then said in an angered voice, "Get the hell out of here, and stay away from my animals."

As Hoskins readjusted his jaw, Claire then said in a trace of annoyance up to his face, "Hoskins, we know you were working with Nolan, and we know that you accidentally gave Nolan the layout of the island, as well as Nolan funding the I. rex and raptor programs, you son of a bitch."

Hoskins, annoyed over Owen and Claire confronting him, said in irritation, "Aw, Geez. It isn't my fault. Nolan forced me to work for him." Both Owen and Claire weren't buying it.

As Hoskins said that, Barry steps in and joined the couple as he said in a stern tone, "And I just wanted to ask; what were you hiding? We know you're part of something Nolan found out. You want to tell us about it?" As that was happening, Chelsea almost got the satellite phone set up.

"...Uhh..." Hoskins muttered in hesitation. His remaining soldiers were nearby.

Sensing his denial to confirm his involvement in the inner circle, Claire hissed, "Hoskins, what is it?"

Hoskins hesitates and only looked at them in silence, not knowing what to do. Owen, remembering what Sampson told him, looks at him with intensifying glare and stated in a blunt tone, "Hoskins, you tell us or I will kick your ass. Then I'll send you to my raptors. I know you saw those feeding shows, after you tried to confront that maniac and his goons when you retook this paddock." Owen knew that Hoskins had to watch the feeding shows after he retook the Raptor Paddock, only to be thwarted by Nolan and forced him to work for him as the consequences of his actions.

Hoskins saw the look of intense glare of Owen and saw his seriousness. He turned his face to Claire, but only got the similar glare from her as she stated seriously, "I do as he says."

Hoskins continued to look at them with some defiance. Owen saw this and stated, "Fine." Then he gives the SIG Sauer P226 pistol to Barry and grabbed Hoskins by his shirt. He then began to move him by force.

"What the hell you're doing?!" Hoskins shouted out as Owen was moving to the outbuilding.

As he put him in there, Owen then forced shouted to the wall and angrily asked, "What are you involved in?!" When Hoskins hesitated, Owen added with much glare in his voice, "You tell me what you involved in that Nolan found out and if you mess with me, I will send you to my raptors like I told you."

"Alright, alright!" Hoskins shouted out to Owen. Then Owen had him seat down on the chair in the camp, with Claire and Barry joining him with such glare towards Hoskins. After a few moments, Hoskins said in a low voice, "Some of us, including me and Wu, felt displeased that we created these dinosaurs as mainly park attractions when we could have used them for anything else. Masrani has put an cap on ever making dinosaurs into something other then a park attraction. Few years after the park was open, Wu came up the idea for a new attraction: a hybrid dinosaur. We saw this as an opportunity to show the world what this genetic technology and creation can bring to the entire world. So with our approval, Wu and I intentionally designed the Indominus as a living weapon as a test run. We were planning to militarized them in the future and create more living weapons. We kept the inner circle small. Some of our people have been secretly financing the programs."

As they were listening, Owen, Claire and Barry were glaring at Hoskins with anger in their faces. As that was happening, Antonis returned and overheard Hoskins saying about the inner circle. Hoskins continued on what he was saying, "Nolan somehow found out about it and he infiltrated us as a secret financier. He knew the names of the majority of us and he showed it on the piece of paper as proof."

Seeing that Hoskins trying to avoid revealing names of the other conspirators. Owen turned his face and said, "Give the tablet, Barry." Barry handed Owen the tablet. Then Owen went through the tablet and found the video of the siege of Jurassic World.

As that was happening, Chelsea was coming over and she went to the outbuilding. She saw Barry handing the tablet to Owen. Antonis then sneaked into a tree as he listened in on the conversation.

"I want to show you something, you son of a bitch." Owen said with serious glare in his voice as he played the siege video in front of Hoskins to see. Then the video shown the helicopters firing at Main Street and Ferry Landing. Owen then lectured in a harsh tone, "See those helicopters attacking Main Street and Ferry Landing?! They killed a lot of security personnel and civilians with those choppers! One of them almost nailed me in the Indominus Rex paddock." Then the video switched to the live recording of the attack on the Jurassic World Aviary. Owen saw Chelsea nearby and signaled her to wait.

Owen then continued, "That was the attack of the Aviary!" The video went to where a terrorist saw the father of the teenage girl. Owen then said in angry tone, "Look at that girl who saw her father shot dead! See that?! That's on you, Hoskins!"

Chelsea watched on as Hoskins was looking at the attack that recorded on the social media. Claire saw her and took an opportunity to give Hoskins an earful as she harshly cussed in an angry tone, "Take a look at that woman over there! You see her?! She and her two daughters were in the Aviary when that happened. They are the same people that Nolan's men trying to feed to Owen's raptors when Barry saved them! You got that?!"

Hoskins saw Chelsea and had a look of recognition on his face when he saw her and her two daughters earlier. Upon hearing Claire saying that to Hoskins, Chelsea glared at him. Owen saw that look and turned her face back to Hoskins, "Yes! You're the reason she and her two children almost died by my animals, just like Nolan and his goons!"

The video shown the ground attack in Main Street. Hoskins sees that terrorists were taking out ACU troopers and Jurassic World park rangers at a brutal shootout. Owen then lectured, "All the security personnel died trying to protect this park." The video shows the H1 Hummers arriving and the men on top firing M2 Browning heavy machine guns as Owen continued to. "Nolan and his group of psychos have killed a lot of people today and you're an accessory to one of the worst terrorist attacks in history! You understand that?!" Then Owen stopped the video.

After seeing the terrifying video of the siege, Hoskins looks at Owen, who said with a look of glare on his face, "The terrorists have send a bunch of people to be killed by Indominus Rex, as well as the Mosasaurus, the T-Rex and my raptors because of you. They are going after Claire for their endgame of the operation. Now you're going to tell us everything about your inner circle." Claire and Barry show their similar expressions of irate at Hoskins as Owen was saying that.

Hoskins hesitated for the moment as he took a deep breath. Then he stated, "The truth is I don't know who the ringleader to our inner circle is. I never met that person and he kept his identity a secret to some people. I only contacted our benefactor through the burner phones that he has and he uses the voice changer to muff his real voice. But Nolan somehow found out who it was and he never told me."

As that was happening, Antonis listened in on the conversation. He then send a text to Nolan, "Hoskins revealed the inner circle to Dearing, Grady and the others in the Raptor paddock."

Owen, after hearing that he never knew who the leader of the conspiracy group is and that Nolan found out who it is. "Alright, who authorized this?"

Hoskins, refusing to reveal more information to protect their secret operation, said in an arrogant, smug tone, "I seem to recall that that you and Masrani signed off of making that hybrid dinosaur, Claire."

Claire, angered by Hoskins' remarks and defiance, whips her pistol at his face. Blood was oozing from Hoskins' cut left cheek from the hit. Claire puts the pistol aside as Owen took it. Then she grabbed his shirt with her left hand and unhappily said while pointing her right finger at him, "I did not sign up for this! This is somebody's stupid ambitious agenda! I never do anything that results of endangering lives of innocent people like you and your people are doing now!" Hoskins continued to looked at her with his smug face as Claire added, "Who authorized this? Wu?"

Hoskins looks at her arrogantly. Then he said in a smug tone, "Wu couldn't authorize a field test without permission."

Control room

At the control room, Nolan watched the interrogation via webcam Cullen hacked into from Hoskins' laptop that he left in the hut, thanks to Antonis giving them the way to access the computer. Nolan, Cullen and Smith watched as they listened on the conversation. Porter was checking to see if the drone arrived in the Raptor Research Arena.

As that was happening, Nolan watched as Owen said to Hoskins, "If we get out of here alive, we will expose you!"

"Guys!" Chelsea shouted out to Owen and the others.

Raptor Research Arena

"What?" Owen turned his face at Chelsea, so did Claire while Barry watched over Hoskins.

Seeing that she got their attention, Chelsea said to them, "I got the satellite phone ready."

"Alright, we'll be there in a bit." Owen acknowledged. Then he and Claire their faces turned to Hoskins.

Control room

In he control room, Nolan and the others watched as Owen said to Hoskins, "One way or another, your mission to militarized my animals and Indominus Rex is over."

After Owen said that, Hoskins then said in a tone that is seemingly calm, "Well, it's going to happen, one way or another." Hoskins figured it was going to happen by his fellow conspirators.

Nolan, see the opportunity, unmuted the speaker and said to the computer, "Don't bet on it, asshole."

Raptor Research Arena

After hearing Nolan's voice, Owen, Claire and Barry were caught off-guard, so did Hoskins, Chelsea and the surviving InGen soldiers. They turned around and saw the laptop screen just opened a window automatically and shown Nolan on the video call from the control room, with a smirk on his face. As Owen and Claire came over, Nolan said to them in a rather polite tone, "Mr. Grady, Ms. Dearing, what a nice surprise to see your faces for the first time."

"Pleasure's all yours, I'm sure." Owen stated in a sarcastic tone. Then he signaled Barry to go to Claire's nephews and the Hathaway family.

Barry nodded at Owen's signal and nodded back to Chelsea. With that, they headed back to Chelsea's daughters and Claire's nephews.

While Barry and Chelsea left, Nolan said to Owen and Claire in a taunting tone, "You two have certainly went through a lot today." He looked at Claire noticed how she looked with her messed up hair and now tore & dirty clothing. He remarked in a taunting tone, "You seemed to be a HVI in a war zone since you looked messed-up as hell, Dearing."

"Shut the hell up, Nolan." Claire countered, clearly annoyed and angered by Nolan's comments on her.

"Oh, why, Dearing? Afraid if I offend you?" Nolan asked, attempting to mock her.

Claire angrily clarified in a stern tone, "You already did with everything you done here, including the feeding shows and threatening my nephews, you son of a bitch!"

Nolan chuckled a little. Then he commented in an annoyed tone, "You got yourself a real stubborn redhead here, Grady. That's an interesting mix."

Owen then glared at Nolan and said in a displeased tone, "Nolan, shut up and don't you even talk to her." Claire felt better that Owen stood up for her after Nolan's remarks at her.

Nolan noticed something different with how Owen said that. He smiled a little and stated, "Wow. That is something. You two seemed to be bonded throughout this time. That's something I didn't really expected." Owen and Claire just continued to glare at Nolan while Hoskins stood by, watching the video call. Nolan then added, "Of course, I never thought of intruders to go up against me and my organization when we taken this island. Then again, you certainly have such skills of survival in this environment, considering the fact that you were a Navy SEAL."

"Hey, Nolan. Us SEALs can survive any environment, just like the grunts in Special Forces." Owen said to Nolan, as he survived a lot of environments when he was a SEAL.

"Us Special Forces can deal with most of the warfare that comes at them." Nolan replied in a calm tone.

Deciding to confront him with something different, Owen asked in a serious tone, "How many are you willing to kill just to prove your worthless point to the world about the dinosaurs?"

Expecting to be asked that question, Nolan said in a serious tone, "I will tell you this. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Everyone has to learn that they can't bring these things back to life like John Hammond and Henry Wu did. All the disasters and human deaths involving dinosaurs happened because of them and others afterwards including Peter Ludlow. They also have to learn that they can't make them into military weapons. Imagine the consequences of that happening when certain people, including Vic Hoskins, make more deadly hybrid dinosaurs like the Indominus Rex and attempt to militarized the dinosaurs like the Velociraptors and the T-Rex. Sometimes the only way to achieve the greater good and to understand the consequences of tangling with nature is to sacrifice a lot of people." What he said felt true to him as he intended to stop cloning dinosaurs for good because of the death of Emily and all the people involving dinosaurs, as well as stopping people from trying to exploit them for their selfish greed.

After hearing Nolan's intentions, Owen and Claire were clearly appalled by Nolan and his calm demeanor behind it. Owen then said in a angry tone, "That's what this is about?! Kill a bunch of people just to prove that dinosaurs should not have been cloned and to expose a conspiracy of people planning to militarized them?! You’re wrong, Nolan. Sacrificing lives is wrong. You’re insane."

After hearing Owen's words, Nolan asked in a salty tone, "Really? How many enemies did you sacrifice when you were a Navy SEAL? Aren’t they lives too?"

Owen countered in a firm tone, "They were criminals. You’re killing thousands of innocent people."

As Nolan remained calm, he countered firmly, "Fuck you, Grady. These people are criminals too for coming here..."

Claire interrupted Nolan in an agitated tone, "Nolan, stop it! Stop saying that these people deserve to die! Please! You’ve been saying these people deserve to be punished by death, but imagine if your wife and unborn daughter was still alive and was in among those people!"

After hearing Claire's lecture, Nolan chuckled unhappily. Then he said in a soft, but harsh tone without a trace of strong reaction in his voice, "You better watch your mouth when talking about my deceased family, you fucking corporate bitch."

Offended by his remark at her, Claire countered in a stern tone, "We know what you want with me."

After he heard that they know what they want from Claire, Nolan figured that she and Owen knew that they want Quadtosaurus activated. He gives an serious look on his face and asked, "Is that so?"

Owen gives an intense glare at the terrorist mastermind and and said in a serious tone, "You want her to give you her code to Quadtosaurus. You are going to use it seal off everyone with no way out and to let the Indominus Rex in there with them so she can kill them, but you needed her code since it would take too long to hack...even from someone like Heather Cullen." Owen deliberately stated Cullen's name to taunt both her and Nolan, letting them about her involvement.

Upon hearing Owen finding out about her, Cullen had a look of disappointment on her face as she knows that she's been discovered since they would know her involvement was out of her son's death by the Compsognathus. "Dammit." Cullen muttered unhappily as she briefly waved her fists up high.

At that time, Nolan scoffs upon hearing that Owen mentioning Cullen. Then he stated in a firm tone, "Her son's death, as well as my wife's, would not have be in vain. Not unless we prove to the world how dangerous these abominations really are and to expose the inner circle who want to make and militarized more deadly hybrids like that thing out there."

"To do what? You want to kill everyone to show the world how dangerous dinosaurs are really are and to reveal the inner circle?" Claire asked in a mixture of shock and anger. She felt Nolan was doing such wrong things that would make her blood boil.

Nolan argued in a rough tone, "Well, somebody has to do something! We need to raise awareness of the dangers of these monsters. I'm doing what is necessary for everything & everyone on this planet and to prevent more deaths like those who died in those incidents, including my wife."

Owen and Claire were disgusted he would be doing all this violence on Jurassic World, just to avenged his wife's death. Owen said in a rough tone, "This is not the solution!"

"That is the only way!" Nolan countered sharply.

"That's not the way!" Owen sharply lectured.

"You goddamn don't know what these things can do when they get to the mainland!" Nolan harshly stated. Then he added in more calmer tone, "They will wind up killing a tons of people, affect our way of life and our ecosystem, to bring more disasters that will be much worse than the previous incidents in the past."

Owen and Claire were shocked just how calm he is through all this atrocity. Owen then said in a serious tone, "Nolan, enough of this! Look at you! It’s like you don’t care about these people! Stop being so calm while killing people before it goes too far."

As Nolan sat still for a second, he stood up, and said to Smith while pointing at Masrani, "Bring him!"

Smith nodded silently as he and another henchman cut Masrani's ties. Masrani tried to put up a resistance, but Smith backhands him in the face. The hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, watched in horror as they handed Masrani to Nolan. Nolan brought Masrani to the camera. Owen reacts in shock when Nolan brought Masrani over and Claire reacts in utter horror as she covered her mouth with both hands upon seeing Masrani. Nolan said while point his pistol as Masrani's head, "You want me to not be calm? Fine, I won’t be calm. Dearing, I will give you chance to repent for talking offensive on my dead wife and unborn daughter by giving me your Quadtosaurus code right here and right now. Mr. Masrani, you and those around you won’t be captured or killed, and your nephews won’t be used."

Knowing what Nolan wanted Claire to do, Masrani shouted out to her on the video call, "Don't do it, Claire!" Despite having a gun pointed at his head, Masrani wasn't going to let Nolan use him to force Claire to give them her Quadtosaurus code.

“Oh, my god. NO!! No, no, no!” Claire muttered out in horror as she was torn on whatever to give up her Quadtosaurus code to save Masrani and not give it to the terrorists. Her face was filled with dread.

Masrani, seeing Claire's look of terror on her face, called out on her again, "Claire, don't do it! He'll kill everyone with the code!" He wasn't going let Claire break the code to Nolan.

As Masrani warned Claire, Nolan harshly ordered, "Hey! Shut it!" Then he turned his face at Claire and continued in a loud, harsh tone, "Dearing, give me your Quadtosaurus code now!"

After Nolan made that threat, Claire contemplated on what to do while she had a somber, conflicted look on her face. She was torn between protecting the lives of everyone in the park and sparing Masrani by giving the terrorists her code.

Noticing Claire's conflicted demeanor, Owen gently grabbed her right arm and whispered, "Claire, thousands of lives are at stake, do not give your code to this maniac." He hoped that he would get through to her about the consequences of giving the terrorists access to Quadtosaurus.

After hearing Owen, Claire's eyes were starting to tear up and her bottom lip was quivering. She knew that Owen was right, but at the same time, she wonder if giving them access to Quadtosaurus, she would save Masrani and would spare her nephews the agony of being used against her. With that thought, she bit her lower lip.

The hostages watched in worry and tension. Lowery and Vivian feared the worst was going to happen.

Masrani, seeing Claire's emotional conflict and fear she would do something she will later regret for the rest of her life, decided to do something to protect her from making that decision. "It's fine, Claire. It's been a honor hiring you."

With that, Masrani attempted to fight Nolan's grip on him by shaking him. But Nolan was not undeterred by Masrani's resistance against him and kept holding on him. Masrani said in defiance, "You're a monster, Nolan." Then he tried to hit him, but Nolan backhands him with his Beretta 92FS pistol, striking him in the face. As that was happening, Cullen and Smith pointed their weapons at Masrani just in case.

As the struggle was happening, Owen and Claire watched helplessly from the video call, while Hoskins looked in a indifferent demeanor. The hostages also looked on with helplessness.

"MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Nolan yelled out in frustration. Then he shot Masrani in the side of his head, killing him instantly.

"MR. MASRANI!!!" Claire screamed out as she and Owen watched in horror, seeing Masrani's slumped sideways to the control room floor from the video call. Claire gasped in horror upon seeing Masrani murdered while she cover mouth with both hands. Owen was also horrified by Masrani's execution, but remained stoic about it. He felt a wave of rage inside him upon seeing that. Hoskins stood silence about it after seeing Masrani was shot dead by Nolan.

At the control room, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were also shell-shocked that Masrani was shot dead. Lowery looked on with such somberness and guilt in his face after seeing Masrani killed. Vivian was crying upon seeing her employer shot dead by Nolan. All the hostages were also distraught by what happened as they are either crying or having sad expressions on their faces.

Nolan just kicked Masrani's body away from him without any trace of emotion. He focused on the video call and said to the shocked Owen and Claire in a taunting tone, "You see that? That's right. His death is on both your heads." Then he focused on Claire and said in a calm tone, "You've had your chance, Dearing. Now hopefully the same won't happen to your nephews."

Claire, in a mixture of grief and anger, shouted in a tone that is harsh, "God damn you, Nolan! You won't get anywhere near them!" She didn't want Nolan anywhere near Zach and Gray since he will use them against her to gain access to Quadtosaurus. Owen saw Claire's look as the sign on pain over Masrani's death and determination to protect her nephews.

Nolan scoffed a little and said in a taunting tone, "Yeah, I know." Then he let out a small smirk and continued with his taunt, "But hey, look at this way. It would save Masrani from public humiliation he would received if he got out of the island alive. Besides, he was a lousy chopper pilot."

After hearing Nolan's cruel remarks over Masrani's death, Owen and Claire felt extremely livid at Nolan's remorseless demeanor and it felt like salt was rubbed on their wounds. Owen, fed up talking to Nolan, struck the laptop with the back end of the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle, destroying it and ending the video call. Claire was briefly alarmed by Owen destroying the computer. But then she was relieved that Owen ended the video call as she now hates the terrorist mastermind now since he murdered Masrani and threatened her nephews. Hoskins saw that in amazement and let out a little smiled about it. After seeing Claire's look, Owen said to him in his usual confident tone, "We were done talking to that bastard."

Control room

In the control room, Nolan stood by after Owen abruptly ended the video call by destroying the laptop. He walked up to Cullen and ordered, "Tell Antonis to meet Torres and the others to where they are now."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she was sending a text to Antonis.

The hostages were still quite distraught by Masrani's execution as they see two men moving Masrani's body out of the control room.

Porter then sees the drone has arrived in the Raptor Paddock and said to Nolan, "The drone is at the Raptor Paddock now."

"Good." Nolan acknowledged.

As the two men loaded Masrani's body in the elevator, Nolan sees the hostages in such a traumatized state. Lowery glares at Nolan, who merely just stared at him, ignoring the emotions of him and the other hostages. Vivian works on controlling her crying as she kept her eyes closed.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor Paddock, Owen held Claire on his left side as she was still distraught by the death of Masrani. Owen can tell that she was trying so hard not to cry. Feeling bad for Claire for making a hard choice and witnessing the death of her boss, Owen stated as sincere as he possibly could get, "I'm sorry, Claire. I should have told you to make that horrible choice."

"No, you were right, Owen. Besides, Masrani made his choice to sacrifice himself so I wouldn't have to." Claire stated, trying to reassure Owen. After that, she sniffed, trying to hold back tears.

Hoskins saw how Owen was holding on to Claire after Masrani was killed. He remained silent for the moment. He remark arrogantly, "Seems that Mr. Masrani paid with his life over trying to live Hammond's legacy and only buying more time for the inevitable. He died for nothing."

Both Owen and Claire were appalled by Hoskins' remarks over Masrani's execution. Claire, with Masrani's death in mind, was enraged by Hoskins' unsympathetic tone. She angrily charged at him. She furiously grabbed his shirt and shoved him to the locker. She said in a furious tone, "You son of a bitch! Masrani just sacrificed himself because of you helping these terrorists! You and your inner circle are the reason these maniacs took over this island!"

As the remaining soldiers were trying to come on over to Hoskins, Owen angrily points his finger at them and declared, "Back off or face Nolan!" With that warning, the mercenaries backed off, not wanting to incur the wrath of the terrorists if they attacked Claire. They also backed off to avoid Owen and Barry getting them.

Hoskins said in the blunt, smug tone, "Hey, I seem to recall that you let him die because..."

Claire threw a right backfist strike in his face and said in a harsh tone while confronting him to the wall, "Stop it! If you hadn't aided this asshole, he'd still be alive! If the siege hadn't happened and Masrani was killed in an incident here, you would have saw the opportunity to use those raptors as a field test!"

Owen stood close to Claire as Hoskins stated in a calm tone despite being chastised by her, "That would have happened later on."

Fed up with his excuses, Claire had a firmer grip on him and said with full of fury in her voice, "Dammit, Hoskins! The way you keep insisting me, Masrani, Owen and others! I would never authorized this if I took over Masrani's position!"

Hoskins shouted out with no sign of intimidation, "We need to use the dinosaurs in the future to save lives!"

Claire yelled out with full-blown rage in her voice, "SAVE LIVES FROM WHAT?! FROM YOUR SELFISH CAUSE?! FROM YOUR INNER CIRCLE?!"

After seeing it looked like Claire was about to lose control on Hoskins, Owen grabbed her by both arms and called out, "That's enough, Claire! Back off!" Owen was tugged her arms to get her away from Hoskins.

As Owen was trying to tugged Claire back as gentle as possible, she said to him while in fury, "Let go of me!" Owen knew some of her anger on him was because she wanted to berate Hoskins further over his indirect involvement in the siege, Masrani's death and her nephews in danger. After a moment of struggling, Owen managed to pull Claire away from Hoskins as gentle as possible. "Let me go, Owen!" Claire shouted out in anger as Owen gently grabbed her in both arms.

Owen called out to Claire while tugging both her arms, "Claire! We have to call the Navy and update them now. The lives of Zach, Gray and everyone here depends on it. Come on, Claire." He wanted her to focus on more important things like protecting her nephews and such.

After hearing what Owen said, Claire knew he was right that they have to update the Navy on the situation. She looks at Hoskins with contempt and said while full of anger, "Damn you, Hoskins. If something happens to my nephews, I'm holding you accountable!" Owen still gently held on to her arms.

Hoskins didn't really have a look of intimidation on her, but on the inside, he knew his life is finished either way. Owen was gently holding Claire until she got him off her and looked at Hoskins with disgust on her face. She pushed the fan that damaged by gunfire in rage towards Hoskins and it hit close to him, leaving him shaken. Claire then walks away in anger. Hoskins looks at Owen, who just gave him an equally disgusted glare before leaving the hut to join Claire to call the Navy on the satellite phone.

As Claire was walking to the satellite phone near Mercedes 08, Owen followed her. Chelsea was holding on to her daughters when she saw her. Zach and Gray remained in the vehicle. Barry saw Claire coming towards them with Owen following her. "What happened?" Barry asked, since he knew Owen and Claire were confronting Nolan on the video call and something bad happened based on what he heard over the hut

As she was calming down, Claire only answered in a somber tone, "Nolan killed Simon Masrani."

Both Barry and Chelsea were stunned and shocked by the news. Barry's breath hitched upon hearing what happened to Masrani. Chelsea muttered, "Oh, my god." She knew of the name Simon Masrani as the owner of Jurassic World. Mandy and Lily felt sad that someone died. Zach and Gray overheard what their aunt said that Masrani was killed by Nolan. They can tell their aunt is hurt by his death.

Owen arrived and saw how Barry & the Hathaway family are saddened by the news Claire told them. Owen turned to Chelsea and asked, "Is the satellite phone ready?"

"Yes, it is. We're all set." Chelsea replied in a low tone while holding her two daughters in both her arms.

Claire overheard what Chelsea said and stated in a somber tone despite her best to hide it, "Alright, make sure you reach the Navy. Tell me when they're on."

Noticing her somber tone, Owen knew that Claire was affected Masrani's death. He acknowledged in a sympathetic tone, "Sure." With that, Owen went to the satellite phone and was dialing a number on it.

As Owen was dialing the Navy, Barry came to him and said, "Owen, Blue and the other raptors took out some of the terrorists, including one of Nolan's top men name Witter, before they tranquilized them. Nolan hit Blue in the face with his tranquilizer rifle when they captured her."

Upon hearing that Blue was hit in the face by Nolan, Owen felt immeasurable anger by Blue injured by Nolan. He muttered in anger, "I'm gonna kill that goddamn maniac!" With that, he continues to call the Navy on the satellite phone.

While that was happening, Zach and Gray came out of the vehicle as Claire went to them. Zach asked with some concern in his voice, "Aunt Claire, are you alright?" Gray had a look of concern too upon seeing his aunt's more somber state when he heard of Masrani's death.

Claire sniffed a little and only said to her nephews in a low tone, "Yeah. I will be." Deciding she needed something to motivate her to keep going, Claire scooped both her nephews in her arms as she said to them, "This is all I need right now, boys. To get me to keep going for our survival."

With their aunt hugging them, Zach and Gray returned the embrace. Chelsea and her daughters smiled at the sight of Claire and her nephews embracing each other in the midst of the disaster. Owen was waiting for the Navy to get through. Barry stood guard near the area where Owen and the others are at.

What everyone in the Raptor paddock don't know is the drone is above them.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan sees Claire embracing her nephews on the drone's camera and Owen using the satellite phone. Cullen, Porter, Smith, Wang and the other terrorists watched the screen where the drone's camera shown everything that is going on in the Raptor paddock. Porter said to the others, "They're using the satellite phone."

"That's Hoskins' satellite phone." Cullen said to Nolan and the others with them.

"They'll likely contacting the Navy." Smith speculated correctly.

"I know." Nolan stated as he knew what Owen was doing. Then he added, "Let's listen on the call with the drone's audio. We need to know what's going on."

"You got it." Cullen acknowledged. With that, Cullen radioed the drone pilot, "Enhanced the audio on the drone. Focus on the area within the satellite phone."

While that was occurring, Lowery and Vivian looked at each other, worrying about what the terrorists are up to.

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile in the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis was speaking to the world leaders, the military leaders and the higher ups of Masrani Global and InGen on the video call in the CIC. Captain Davis said to everyone on the video call, "Seems to me that the terrorists are somehow following this hybrid Indominus Rex probably by drone, which would explain how they send those hostages to be killed that monstrous freak."

Then the U.S. Navy admiral said to everyone, "We have a satellite with night-vision capabilities and we spotted a drone about 30 minutes in the center of the island."

"Can you guys take it down?" One African-American Masrani Global executive asked.

The U.S. Army general replied in a military like tone, "No, it's too risky. If we shot down the drone by any means, Nolan might do the fourth feeding show."

"It's a risk we cannot let happen." The British general said to everyone, agree to what his American counterpart stated.

Then one female British Masrani Global executive said, "We will express our condolences to the families of the victims of this brutish attack in Jurassic World." As she was saying that, the sailor in the CIC is receiving the call.

The French President replied in somewhat sympathetic tone, "That we all will do for our respective citizens in this terrible siege."

Then a sailor came to Davis and said to him, "Captain, it's Owen Grady. He's on the line."

After hearing what his sailor said, Davis said to everyone in the video call, "Mr. President, everyone. Owen Grady is on the line."

All of the world leaders and the military officials are already aware of Owen and Claire evading the terrorists in Isla Nublar. The U.S. President ordered, "Patch it through. We want to hear everything."

"Yes, sir." Captain Davis acknowledged. As the call was patched through to everyone on the video call, Davis put the phone on speaker and said, "Grady, this is Captain Davis. You're on with the President and few other world leaders as well as the higher-ups of Masrani and InGen. Give us an update."

Raptor Research Arena

Owen, along with Claire and others with them, were briefly surprised by they are on with the President and the other world leaders, as well as InGen and Masrani Global higher ups. Then Owen said to them on the satellite phone, "Nolan planted C4 in the Aviary to let the pterosaurs out to take out the incursion team. We tried to warn them to get out of the trap, but they detonated the bombs before they leave."

Davis, who already felt somber over the lost of the incursion team, was silent for the moment. The world leaders were also somber by the information. Then Davis asked in a military-like tone, "What else can you tell us?"

Owen knew he had to tell everyone about Quadtosaurus since over thousands of lives are in grave danger. With that, he said to everyone on the call, "We know what these maniacs want with Ms. Dearing. They want activate the four-prong fail safe device called Quadtosaurus." Upon hearing that, all Masrani Global & InGen executives listening in are horrified since they know what it is. The world leaders and military were shocked and confused to what it is. Owen then continued, "It's an system that locks down Main Street with concrete stainless steel walls, as well as sealing off the buildings in Main Street with concrete stainless steel blast doors in all doors and security windows in every window to protect people in there from any loose rampaging dinosaurs. The terrorists want the Indominus in there and when Quadtosaurus is activated, it will kill everyone in the park with no way out and no way for any of them to survive. Ms. Dearing has one of the codes that would activate it." As Owen was relying information of Quadtosaurus, Claire had a somber look on her face as she was worried about the terrorists trying to get her and her nephews in order to activate the system.

The world leaders and the military officials were stunned by what they learned about Quadtosaurus from Owen and what the terrorists intend to do with it. The InGen and Masrani Global higher-ups are horrified that the terrorists plan to kill everyone in Jurassic World with the Indominus Rex and sealing them off with Quadtosaurus. Davis was rubbing his head to try to compose himself from what he learned from Owen. One of the Masrani Global executives, a bald man in his 50s, stated, "My god! Is that guy insane?"

The U.S. President added in a presidential tone, "Either way, we cannot let Ms. Dearing get taken by these lunatics."

"Mr. President..." Claire stated in shock upon hearing the voice of the President of the United States. Owen was also shocked to hear the voice of the President.

"Ms. Dearing, Mr. Grady, I'm sorry we had to speak to each other under these circumstances." The President said to Claire and Owen. He knew that they went through a lot in the Jurassic World siege.

"We understand, sir." Owen acknowledged.

Davis stepped in and asked on the speaker, "Just tell us more about what's going on over there?"

Claire took a deep breath and said in a very grave tone, "Everyone, I have some very grave news. Masrani was killed by Nolan." She hated to be the bearer of bad news, but she had to tell everyone about Masrani being killed by the terrorists. Owen looked at Claire, who shared an equally grave look as she told everyone on the satellite phone.

Upon hearing Claire's terrible news, all the world leaders, military officials, and InGen/Masrani Global higher ups react with deep horror and total disbelief. Some of the Masrani Global higher-ups were dumbstruck and had their heads down in sadness. Some of the InGen executives were silent as they heard the news. Many world leaders were shocked by the death of Masrani. Military and government officials were also shocked by the news.

Davis huffed in shock as he heard what Owen said to him and the others in the video conference call. Then he somberly asked, "What happened?"

Claire took a deep breath and explained in a somber tone, "Nolan tried to use him as leverage to get me to reveal my Quadtosaurus code, but he sacrificed himself so I wouldn't give it to them." She knew that the people in Masrani Global wouldn't take it well on how Masrani was killed.

The people in InGen/Masrani Global group were silent when they heard about what happened to Masrani. The world leaders and military officials also were silent. After he was quiet for the moment to take everything in, Davis asked, "Is there anything else you can tell us?"

Owen then said to Davis and the others on the satellite phone in a military-like tone, "Yeah. We took out around 60 more terrorists, including help from our Velociraptors. They were going to feed a mother and two daughters to our raptors in their third feeding show, but Barry Sembène thwarted it by letting them out of the enclosure, which allowed them to kill more terrorists, but Nolan and his people recaptured them for reasons we don't know yet."

As they heard that, Chelsea felt a mixture of relief and somberness. She was amazed that Barry saved her and her children from being fed to the raptors by the terrorists. She also felt a little somber by memories of her, Mandy and Lily of their ordeal of the siege.

Davis thought about what Owen informed him. He asked in a military-like tone, "Why would he recapture the Velociraptors? That's doesn't seem right." He knew an anti-dinosaur radical like Nolan would annihilate any dinosaurs they encounter.

Owen knew Davis was right since he knew it's unlike Nolan would recapture his raptors when he should have just killed them because of his hate for dinosaurs. "I know. Something's off." Owen said in agreement.

Everyone in the conference call remain silent as Davis asked, "Alright, is there more you want to tell us, Grady?"

As Owen and Claire silently agreed not to tell people in the satellite phone about the inner circle since any of the InGen and Masrani Global higher ups might be part of the conspiracy, he stated in a serious tone, "We need to protect everyone in the park, sooner the better. So we’re gonna need a plan to take out the Indominus before Nolan can use it."

The head of InGen/Masrani Global higher ups, a man in his 50s with gray hair, stated in a gruff, unhappy tone, "Kill the Indominus?! No, we will not do that! The Indominus Rex is a vaulable asset for Masrani and thus cannot be euthanized!"

Both Owen and Claire were agitated by that high ranking executive defending the Indominus Rex as an asset. Claire hissed in a serious, unhappy tone, "No, he's right! That thing is too dangerous! It's killing people! It is killing other dinosaurs! It even nearly killed my nephews! You care about it because of money!" Claire felt that the high ranking executive has put profits first over the lives lost by the murderous hybrid and that upset her greatly.

The high ranking executive was stunned that Claire was for putting down the Indominus Rex since he knew Claire signed off on it. "Ms. Dearing, you can't be..." The high ranking executive was trying to say in a blunt tone.

"Quiet!" Claire shouted out angrily to that executive, silencing him. She felt her temper rising when she felt the man has ignored the fact that Indominus almost killed Zach and Gray. Then she added in a stern tone, "I'm not defending that monster anymore!" After she composed herself quickly, Claire said to the satellite phone, "Captain Davis, Mr. President, we need to take out the Indominus Rex based on the things we told you and what we saw it in our own eyes during the siege. All the other dinosaurs that killed the hostages in those feeding shows were coaxed to it."

Owen then quickly joined in as he concurred, "She's right. All the other carnivores like the Velociraptors, the T-Rex and the Mosasaurus were not entirely at fault for killing the hostages in those feeding shows. They were coaxed into doing it since they were fed with food that way or defending their territory." He was quick to defend the other dinosaurs. As he said that, he put his right hand on Claire's left shoulder for comfort and appreciation for siding with him on the idea of taking out the Indominus Rex.

Upon hearing Owen and Claire's statement, Davis knew the Indominus Rex is indeed a killer monster and all the other dinosaurs that killed in the hostages in the feeding shows were coaxed into it. Davis stated in a calm tone, "I agree to what both Ms. Dearing and Mr. Grady are saying. I'm no animal expert, but we saw what that hybrid dinosaur did to those hostages. It killed some of them not just eating them, but by stomping, throwing, tail whipping and such. That indicates the Indominus Rex is a cold blooded killer, just like they said."

As he listened to what Owen, Claire and Captain Davis said, the President of France said in agreement, "I agree to what the American captain and what both Ms. Dearing & Mr. Grady said. I think we should take out that monster dinosaur before these terrorists can use it to kill everyone in the island."

The leader of the InGen/Masrani Global frowned as he knew he was being overruled by the world leaders about the Indominus Rex. Then the Chinese President said to them, “We should take out that hybrid before it kills our respective citizens on that island."

The U.S. President said to everyone in the video call, "I personally want that creature taken out based on what it did to those people. Leave the other dinosaurs alive since they were indeed coaxed into killing those hostages by the terrorists."

Owen and Claire felt relieved that the world leaders are for having the Indominus Rex taken out. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said in serious tone, "I don't want this thing to live on this planet after what we saw what it did to those poor people. I say that abomination should be put down and never to be made again." As that was happening, the U.S. President sees the messages from the Chancellor of Germany, Prime Minister of Italy, Prime Minister of Japan and Prime Minister of Australia.

The President of the Russian Federation said with a thick Russian accent, "We can't let that creature take any more of our people. I will support of putting it down on this matter."

As the President looked at the messages with a satisfied look, he said to everyone on the video conference call, "I got word from the world leaders of Japan, Germany, Italy and Australia. They also agreed that the Indominus Rex must be put down."

"So did I." The UK Prime Minister stated in confirmation as he saw the same messages.

Owen and Claire let out a sigh of relief as they were glad that many world leaders have agreed to have the murderous hybrid put down.

After hearing the world leaders stating their vote on the Indominus Rex, The U.S. President said on the satellite phone, "Mr. Grady, Ms. Dearing, you have our permission to form a plan to kill the Indominus Rex. You will have the support the United States government and the other governments who voted their approval on this matter."

Both Owen and Claire were elated to hear what the President said to them. "Thank you, Mr. President. Let's get started." Owen stated in a pleased tone.

With that in mind, the President said on the conference call, "Go ahead, Ms. Dearing. I want to hear what you know about the origins of the Indominus, since you probably know some things about it and you likely saw things since you know about the live feeding shows." The President suspected that if Claire and Owen knew about the live feeding shows, they likely know about the live interrogation of Dr. Henry Wu about the origins of the Indominus Rex.

Claire quietly cleared her throat as she was prepared to reveal what she knows about the Indominus to the world leaders and the military officials. She spoke on the satellite, "Well, the base chrome of it is the T-Rex, but the rest was classified until we found out some things about it from Nolan interrogating Wu. It has cuttlefish DNA, which can change color like the chameleon allowing it to camouflage itself. It has tree frog DNA, which can make thermal imaging on it useless to find it with heat signatures. The Skin DNA on it is Carnotaurus. It has also DNA from Deinosuchus, which explains how it has extra teeth and Pit Viper DNA, which it can see daytime and nighttime."

After hearing Claire revealing to everyone on the call about the origins of the Indominus Rex, Owen step in to give his statement. "What she means with it's DNA from the Carnotaurus, the skin is heavily armored and it will be difficult to penetrate it with conventional bullets. It's smart enough to use the DNA from the cuttlefish and tree frog to camouflage itself and avoid heat signatures. With it's extra teeth it's got, it can cause massive damage and can see nighttime just as well as daytime." After a moment of silence, Owen added in a serious tone, "Anyway, I think we should get started on a plan to kill this thing and get Ms. Dearing and her nephews off the island."

After hearing what Claire and Owen said about the Indominus Rex, Davis asked on the conference call, "What do you suggest, Mr. Grady?"

Owen stated in a serious tone, "We need to find a way to track down it down somehow and kill it." Claire turned her face at the satellite phone as she listened everything they are saying. Hoskins was coming over while that was happening.

A British female Masrani Global executive asked Owen on the call, "Are you sure that plan might work?"

Owen replied in a confident tone, "It might. We need to use rocket launchers to smoke the Indominus to take it out fairly quickly." He knew that they need to use heavy weapons to take out the Indominus Rex, including rocket launchers.

After hearing what Owen stated, Davis said with caution in his voice, "But they might try to stop us by shooting our teams down and if they succeed, they will do another live feeding show. We need to be careful." He remembered how InGen's plan to fight against the terrorists failed that resulted in the second feeding show and the military incursion failed which resulted in the pterosaur attack in Main Street and the third feeding show.

Owen knew that Captain Davis was right about the risks if they send any more military teams over to the island. "That's true, sir. We still need a plan to track and kill that hybrid out there, as well as get Ms. Dearing and her nephews as well as the Hathaway Family, the family Barry saved from being fed to the raptors, out of the island." Owen replied in a serious tone.

Davis thought of something. Then he said to everyone on the conference call, "We’ll send a team on boat to rescue Dearing and her nephews and Hathaway and her daughters. They pick them up from the west side of the island."

While listening to Owen and Davis, Claire thought about arguing with Owen on letting her stay with him to help fight against the terrorists, but since her nephews are with her on the island and Nolan will do anything to get her Quadtosaurus code, she will have to go with Zach and Gray, as well as the Hathaway family, to evacuate the island. After letting a quiet sigh, she said in a low tone, "Okay."

Davis then asked on the conference call, "Also, Dearing, by any means, can we hack into the Quadtosaurus system?" The world leaders and the military officials hoped they can hack into Quadtosaurus so they can change the codes.

After a moment of hesitation, Claire replied somberly, "No, it's an isolated system. We designed it that way. It's impossible to hack in."

"Dammit." Davis muttered unhappily. Then he added in a slightly calmer tone, "Okay, we still need to learn how to track that thing down."

The U.S. President then asked in a presidential tone, "Alright, Mr. Grady, what do you suggest on how we can track the Indominus Rex down?"

Owen tried to think of a way to track the Indominus Rex without using Blue and the other raptors. He didn't want to use them because they are not trained enough to be used as a field test, despite Hoskins' insistence on it. He is also worried about why Nolan would recaptured the raptors instead of killing them. Something about that didn't seem right to him.

Both Claire and Barry saw Owen's look and knew that he was trying to find a way to get the hybrid without using the raptors. Barry stated in a understanding tone, "Owen, I know you don’t want to do what you’re thinking..."

"Use the raptors?" Owen asked with traces of sarcasm and frustration.

"Yes, that's what we should do." Hoskins said in an arrogant, confident tone.

"Shut up!" Owen bitterly said to Hoskins, clearly angered by Hoskins rudely stepping on the conversation on how to solve the situation.

"You stay out this." Claire barked in frustration at Hoskins while pointing her right finger at him, demanding him to back off.

Davis, the world leaders, the military officials and the InGen/Masrani Global higher ups heard the argument. "Alright, hold it, hold it. What's the problem?" The U.S. President asked, wanting to know what the problem was during their conversation.

After Hoskins backed off, Owen then said a tone that is rather stressed yet calm as possible, "There are issues I want to share with you about the raptors. We got four raptors whom I trained here. Problem is that they are 70% trained, obey 40 commands and they are not ready for military use. The first feeding show had them killing that young worker I previously saved when he feel into their enclosure earlier before the siege and these maniacs send him to it after he was saved from them. I'm also concerned why Nolan would recaptured my animals instead of killing them like any anti-dinosaur radical like him would. Why would he go through all this trouble and lost of men to tranquilized them?" Owen wondered why would Nolan capture Blue and her siblings instead of killing them. Something didn't feel right about it.

After hearing what Owen said, Davis asked on the conference call, "What does he mean, Ms. Dearing?" The others in the conference call also wondered what Owen meant about the risks of using the raptors.

Claire said in clarification, "What he means is it's probably too risky to use the raptors because they are not fully trained creatures and that it will likely bring more harm than good. And whatever Nolan is up with those raptors isn't a good sign." As Claire was saying that last line, Claire was looking at Owen. He was glad that Claire backed him up about the risks of using the Velociraptors. He let out a small smile upon seeing Claire siding with him and she smiled a little back at him.

Barry stepped in and said on the speaker, "This is Barry Sembène, the caretaker of the Velociraptors. I'm in an agreement with Mr. Grady and Ms. Dearing on this. These creatures are wild animals and they required extra attention, like bears, tigers, lions and such do on movie sets and such. Also, they are escape artists and something might happen which would jeopardized the mission to take out the Indominus Rex." As he was saying that, Chelsea now fully understood that the raptors are just wild animals that would've been coaxed into attacking her and her daughters if it was Barry saving them.

After Barry made his statement of the raptors to everyone on the satellite phone, Owen then added in a serious tone, "We're trying to find an alternative idea to avoid using the Velociraptors. But we're short on time because if the Indominus Rex gets to Main Street even without Quadtosaurus activated, it will still kill a lot of people."

Davis, after hearing what Owen, Claire and Barry say, thought about what they said. Then he stated in a military-like tone, "I'm in an agreement with all three of them. The risks are great when we do let the Velociraptors out loose, but like they said, we're short on time because of that monster new dinosaur out there and it will kill everyone on sight."

After hearing what was said about the risks of the raptors and the dangers of the Indominus Rex coming to get everyone on the island, the Russian President stated in a firm, Russian tone, "Yes, we agree about the dangers of these raptors, but we may need to use them before the I-rex gets to the guests."

The U.S. President then said in a serious tone, "Personally, I don't like the mere idea of using them, like Mr. Grady said, because of the risks involved, including why the terrorists would recaptured them."

"Same here, Mr. President. But we are indeed running out of time for options." The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said with a mixture of agreement and concern in his voice.

The President of People's Republic of China said in a hardened tone, "At times, we have to take whatever risks necessary for situations like this. It's took risky for us to send any more incursion teams on that island because of the anti-air defenses they set up."

"Yes. we can't risk sending more over there because the terrorists are using the radar in the control room." Davis said as he knew the radar in the Jurassic World was advanced as it could be.

The U.S. Army general in The Pentagon said on the conference call, "Nothing airborne or by our fleet anyway. It will take time for our small boats to the west end of the island to get to Ms. Dearing, her nephews and the family with them."

The President of France admitted in a low tone, "I will say that I don't like the risks as much as any of you. But our respective citizens in that park will be killed by that monstrosity if we don't do something to kill it."

After hearing the arguments that even the world leaders agreed that there's risks involved using the Velociraptors, Owen and Claire frowned upon hearing that the raptors may be the only option to track the Indominus Rex since there is no other options.

Davis let out a sigh. Commander Kopelson and the other officers in the USS Abraham Lincoln didn't like the risks either. Then Davis said on the conference call with some reluctance in his voice, "Mr. Grady, it is against both our better judgment, that we may have to use your raptors to track that thing down so Nolan won't use it to kill those hostages and streamed it live."

Both Owen and Claire didn't like the mere idea of using the raptors, as well as Barry and Chelsea. Hoskins stood by, feeling pleased that the feel test of the raptors will happened. Owen heard the reluctance in Davis' voice and replied in a low tone, "Yes, sir. I will take lead."

Sensing Owen's discomfort over the use of his raptors, Davis said in the understanding tone, "We know it's very risky."

"I understand, sir." Owen replied in a low tone. He hoped Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie would be okay if they tracked down the Indominus Rex in order to save everyone in the park. He, Claire and Barry also hope that the plan works.

"But we all are out of options." Davis said in a low tone, stressing to Owen they don't have any other options to take out the murderous hybrid.

"Yes, Captain. We all know that." Claire acknowledged in a low, somber tone.

After a moment of silence, Davis said with some understanding in his voice, "Grady, Dearing, Sembène, good luck. Out." With that, he clicked off the speaker phone. The world leaders and the military officials all hoped for the good outcome of the plan to kill the Indominus Rex to save the hostages.

Owen had a look of disappointment in his face. Claire puts the headset on the satellite phone with her left hand. Then she puts her right hand on Owen's left shoulder with a look of empathy on her face, wanting to try to comfort Owen over having to use Blue and the other raptors to track the I-rex down. Owen looks at Claire and noticed that her empathetic expression. It was something different that he hadn't seen in their first date and before the siege.

Barry and Chelsea noticed Claire trying to show compassion to Owen. Chelsea let out a tiny smile upon seeing that. The Mitchell brothers and the Hathaway kids noticed Claire trying to reach out to Owen. Owen let out a small nod in appreciation and looked at her in the eye. Claire snorted quietly and nodded as she gently held on her right hand on Owen's left shoulder. She gave a look of understanding on Owen.

Control room

In the control room, Nolan sees Claire's empathetic gesture at Owen on the drone's camera. After overhearing everything on the drone's audio, Nolan and the other terrorists knew what they were planning to do. "Smith, Wang, with me. We're gonna deal with the oncoming rescue boat." Nolan ordered in a firm tone.

"Aye, sir." Smith acknowledged as he readied his Remington 700 ACIS sniper rifle. Wang loaded his Heckler & Koch G36C rifle without saying a word.

Cullen then came to Nolan and said with some mild concern, "You probably will need more men to deal with them since we're stretched thin as it is." Cullen knew that with the lose of manpower, the organization is stretched thin with guarding the hostages, Main Street, the Innovation Center, the control room, as well as Torres, Chernov, Hawkins and some others are in position not from the Raptor paddock.

Suspected Cullen would say that, Nolan replied in a less concerned tone, "I'll worry about that. You just supervise things from here and make sure Torres finishes his mission."

Cullen silently nodded. As Cullen went back to the Lowery's console, Nolan turned his head to Porter and said, "Porter, have the drone patrol around the west area of the island so we can see any activity that may come our way."

"Got it. I'll pass that along." Porter acknowledged and he was relaying the message to the drone pilot.

The remaining hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, who slowly composed after Masrani's execution, are worried about what Nolan is up to and what they will do to the oncoming rescue team. Nolan said on the radio, "Give me a chopper on the helipad."

"Yes, sir. I'm on my way." The chopper pilot said on the radio. With that, Nolan takes his Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle. Then he, Smith and Wang went to the elevator that leads to the helipad.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in Raptor paddock, Hoskins see this, despite his life will be gone either way, said in a condescending tone, "So we are going to use the raptors after all. Hehe."

Displeased with Hoskins, Owen gave an intense glare at him and said in a stern tone, “Hoskins, this won't go the way you think it will. I am in charge." Owen was letting him know that he's in charge since the world leaders grant him permission to kill the Indominus Rex.

Shortly after Owen said that, Claire came up and said in a rough tone while having a look of glare in her face, "Just so you know, the only reason why we didn't tell them about your involvement because we know InGen has to be involved in your inner circle and they were on the conference call with us." She was letting Hoskins know that he is not off the hook. As Claire was saying that, Chelsea glared at Hoskins for his involvement in the siege and for trying to militarized the dinosaurs.

Hoskins huffed upon hearing what Claire said to him. He knew he can't kill Claire because the terrorists want her and Nolan would destroy him if he did so. He also knew he can't kill Owen and Barry because he needed them for the field test of the Velociraptors. Barry went to Hoskins and said in a firm tone, "You better gather your remaining men, tell them Owen is charge and you stay the hell out of our way."

Realizing he has no other choice, Hoskins quietly nodded as he went to gather the InGen soldiers. As he walked away, Claire noticed Owen's worried look as he looked at his raptors. Owen saw Blue's bruised face done by Nolan and felt his anger boiled inside him.

Seeing the bruise on Blue and sensing Owen's concern for her and her siblings, Claire put her left hand on Owen's right forearm gently. Owen turned his face at Claire. Having some newfound respect for Claire, Owen said with appreciation in his voice, "Hey, Claire. Thanks for defending my point."

Hearing Owen's gratitude of her trying to help avoid using his animals, Claire replied in a soft tone, "I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything more for you." She felt bad for not being able to do more to prevent the use of the raptors. All she could do was support him as much as a possible.

Owen knew Claire did what she could do for protect Blue and her siblings when she spoke to the world leader and the military officials about the risks. "It's alright." Owen replied in a low, understanding tone. They shared at each other with longing expression on their faces for a moment. Barry and Chelsea noticed the way they were looking at each other. Then Owen said to Claire, "You should call your sister. Let her know about this."

Claire quickly nodded in agreement. She wanted to contact Karen, letting know that Zach and Gray are with her and they're all okay. Owen then said to Claire, "Claire, go to those trucks." Owen was pointing to the two Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4000 trucks which are MVU-12 and MVU-15 as he continued, "Take your nephews and the Hathaway family over there."

Realizing that Owen wanted her, her nephews and the Hathaway family to be safe in case of the escaped raptors might attacked them, Claire nodded, "Okay."

Once that was done, Owen said to Barry, "Barry, let's go." With that, he and Barry headed to the hut as Hoskins gathered the troops.

Claire watched Owen and Barry headed for the hut. She wanted to be part of it to know what their plan is, but she knew Zach and Gray need her, so do Chelsea and her daughters. She turned her to Chelsea. "Chelsea, let's get the satellite phone closer to that truck." Claire said, pointing out to MVU-12.

Chelsea looked at the truck and knew it was likely the best place to be. She then said, "Alright, let me close up the satellite phone so we can move it. It should take me several seconds." With that, she closed up the satellite dish and began to attached it to the bracket holder. As Claire watched, Chelsea was working on closing the satellite phone as she called out, "Hey, Claire."

"Yeah?" Claire asked.

While she closed the satellite phone, Chelsea asked in a somewhat awkward tone, "About you and Owen... is it fine if I ask?"

"Yeah, go ahead." Claire said in reassurance. She figured Chelsea might ask her about the thing between her and Owen. She took the small table and put it behind MVU-12.

Chelsea put the satellite phone the table. As she opened the phone, Chelsea asked in a low tone, "I noticed you two being close together for some time... do you like each other?" She wondered what their relationship was and suspects they are an item.

Although Claire was expected Chelsea to ask that, she didn't exactly know how to clarify her relationship status with Owen. So she awkwardly replied, "It's... complicated."

"Oh." Chelsea thought out loud as she opened the satellite dish on the phone and was adjusting it. She suspected Claire and Owen have somewhat of an on-and-off relationship.

Seeing Chelsea is almost done setting up the phone, Claire said, "I'll get the kids over here."

Chelsea quickly replied while working on the satellite phone, "Good idea. We should call our families." She wanted to call her husband in the mainland to let him know what's going on.

"Yes." Claire nodded in agreement as she went to get her nephews and Chelsea's daughters while Chelsea completely adjusted the dish on the satellite phone.

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