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This is chapter 17 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 17: Families

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor Paddock, Owen and Barry start briefing the surviving InGen troops in the hut. With Barry near him, Owen let's out the map of the island and said to the soldiers, "We know she's in Sector 5. This is the game we call hide and seek. It's a scent drill. We done this a thousand times with these animals. When they get on target, and they will get on target, wait to engage. Velociraptors are pack hunters. They like to herd the animal in the kill zone, like they did with some of Nolan's men. That's when we take out shot. Get a clear shot, wait on my command, and give her everything you got. We got one good target, gentlemen. Do not shoot my raptors. Please."

"Mr. Grady, we found the skin of the Indominus earlier today." One of the InGen soldiers said to Owen, showing him the part of the tore skin.

"Yes, it pulled it's own tracker out of it own skin." Barry said to Owen, remembering what Chelsea said to him

Owen looked at Barry and realized the reason why the Indominus Rex pulled it's tracker out of her skin. "She did that because she remembered where it was place and she didn't want anyone to track it." He knew Nolan had to be tracking it, probably by drone since he saw terrorists launching a drone during the takeover. After a moment of silence, Owen said to everyone, "Alright, let's continue with the briefing."

As Owen continued his briefing, Chelsea waited by the satellite phone out by the parked MVU-12. Claire bought over her nephews and Chelsea's daughters to them. Mandy and Lily went to their mother. As Claire opened the back doors of MVU-12 truck. Then she said to Zach and Gray, "Boys, have a seat."

Both boys seat on the end of the truck as their aunt stood near them. Zach asked Claire, "What is it, Aunt Claire?"

Claire looks at Zach and Gray for the moment. She said sincerely a low tone, "Let's talk to your mother."

The boy nodded. With that, Claire seat next to them and began to dialed the number of the satellite phone.

Mitchell Residence – Madison, Wisconsin

At the Mitchell house, Karen had been watching the news updates of the Jurassic World siege on TV. Scott is currently staying at a hotel.

Karen had been worried about her sons and had tears on her eyes. She had the TV on mute, but read the subtitles of what the reporter said about the siege of Jurassic World.

As she watched the news, Karen's cell phone started to ring. She looked at the caller ID and see it was an unknown name, but the area code was from Costa Rica. After a moment of thinking, she wiped the tears from her eyes to try to calm herself down. Then she pressed the send button and put the phone on her left ear. "Hello." Karen said trying to sound as normal as possible.

Raptor Research Arena

After hearing his sister's voice on the phone, Claire felt immensely relieved to hear her voice. She said out in a highly relieved tone, "Karen, it's Claire."

After hearing Claire's voice, Karen quickly got up from the couch and asked in a shocked, excited tone, "Claire?! Is that you?!" She couldn't believe her younger sister actually called her since she is on Isla Nublar during the siege.

Seeing that Karen can hear her on the satellite phone, Claire said in a even more relieved tone, "Oh my god. Karen!" She was incredibly glad that she was able to call her while trapped in the besieged island.

"CLAIRE!!" Claire shouted out in such an excited tone. She had her hand in her chest as her heart was beating fast in total elation that her little sister called her and she was starting to have tears in her eyes.

While on the phone, Claire had tears of joy in her eyes. She then cried in pure relief and near-happiness when she reached her older sister on the phone.

Karen had calmed herself down a little and asked with genuine worry in her voice, "Claire, are you okay?!"

Claire was trying to composed herself when Karen asked that question. "Yes, I'm okay..." Claire replied while trying to control her emotions.

Karen was relieved that her sister is okay. She then suddenly realized that her sons are on the island and asked with worry in her tone, "Wait, my babies! What happened to Zach and Gray?!"

Claire knew that Karen would ask about Zach and Gray. So she replied with reassurance in her voice, "They're with me, Karen. They're safe."

After hearing that Zach and Gray are with Claire, Karen felt much more relieved. "Oh, thank god!" Karen said in an emotional state. Then she asked in a low tone, "Can I talk to them?"

"Yes, I'm putting you on speaker." Claire replied. With that, she puts the satellite phone on speaker and nodded to her nephews.

As soon as the phone is on speaker, Gray then said in a hopeful tone, "Mom!"

Zach quickly then said in an excited tone, "Mom! Are you there?!"

Upon hearing the voices of her sons, Karen felt a wave of heavy emotions running through her while the weight is lifted out of her shoulders. She was very glad to hear the voices of her sons. Her left hand was on her chest and she said while a trembling yet relieved tone, "Oh, Zach, Grey. Is everything alright? Are you two okay?"

"Oh, Mom...I can’t believe we were able to contact you." Zach said, while trying to control his emotions since he is nearly crying in happiness.

Gray noticed his older brother was crying, despite his efforts to try to avoid that, "Zach, are you crying?" As he asked that, Gray was also relieved and was also nearly crying when he heard his mother on the phone.

Upon hearing that, Zach turned to face his little brother and replied in a low tone, "...what do you think?"

Gray smiles a little as he cried in relief. Zach and Gray hug. Claire smiled upon seeing her nephews embraced and she has tears in her eyes that she tried to keep from shedding. Chelsea and her daughters also smiled a little.

Karen felt a lot of better that Zach & Gray are alive and are with Claire on the island. Then knowing that she can't speak to her sons long because of the dangers of the siege, said in a soft yet serious tone, "Okay, Zach, Gray. I have something very important to tell you. Please be brave and listen to your aunt. Alright?" She wanted them to listen to Claire for their own safety and survival.

Hearing his mother's advice on how to survive the siege, Zach acknowledged in an agreeable tone, "Okay. Okay, we will."

While next to his brother, Gray then quickly said while trying to be calm as possible, "I miss you, mom."

"Oh, I miss you too, sweetheart. Remain safe, please." Karen said through her quiet sobs.

"We will, mom." Zach acknowledged, trying to be reassuring as possible.

Seeing that the boys have finished their conversation with their mother, Claire then took the satellite phone off speaker and puts the headset on her ear. "Karen."

Knowing that Claire took the phone she is using off speaker, Karen dreaded the question she was about to ask. After a moment, she asked in a low, worried tone, "Claire, I need to know something. It is worse than what I'm seeing on TV?"

Claire was silent for the moment as she dreaded what to answer Karen. Then she replied in a low tone, "I'm afraid so."

Karen sighed while still trying to fight her emotions and quickly stated in a desperate tone, "Everyone in the world is going crazy over the siege. Even the news reporters are getting excited by it. Families of those fed to the dinosaurs are anguishing in grief. But right now, I'm more worried about the boys." What she said was true. She saw the news of the family members of the victims being fed to the dinosaurs by the terrorists are traumatized of seeing their loved ones died in front of the entire world. But she is more focused on her sons in danger in Isla Nublar.

Claire shut her eyes upon hearing that the families of those hand-fed to the dinosaurs are affected by the deaths of their loved ones. When Karen stated that she is worried about Zach and Gray, Claire replied understandably, "I know you are. In fact, so am I." After a moment, she said in a low, somber tone, "There's some things I will say, Karen. The terrorists are plotting to kill everyone in the park tonight with that monster dinosaur you probably saw in the feeding shows. The terrorist leader behind this killed Simon Masrani. The siege was also an inside job. They're after me. They want me to provide them a code that would allow them to seal everyone in the island to allow that monster dinosaur to kill them. There's a former Navy SEAL now Velociraptor researcher and trainer name Owen Grady who has mowed down a large number of terrorists on the island with help from others, including me." Claire went silent for a moment as she had to prepare herself for what she had to tell Karen. Then she said with grim in her voice, "They found out about Zach and Gray after they took over the park and they planned to use them against me." She knew Karen wouldn't take it well when she would know that terrorists want to use Zach and Gray against her, but she also knew that she had to know about it sooner than later in case if they got caught by Nolan and his organization.

As Karen listened in what Claire told her, she was stunned that the mastermind behind the Jurassic World siege killed Simon Masrani and was immensely horrified that the terrorists are after her for some type of code that will allow the terrorists to kill everyone in the park with the Indominus Rex. She felt some reassurances that she's with some people, including a former SEAL now raptor trainer. Then Karen heard that the terrorists were coming for her sons to force Claire against, she said in a horrified tone, "Oh, god..."

Claire knew that Karen wouldn't react to that information well about the terrorists wanting to get Zach and Gray to leverage her.

Karen, feeling some sense of guilt, somberly said, "I've should have send the boys over there to you on that island. I never thought something like this might happened." She thought that Zach and Gray would never be in danger if she hadn't send to that island.

Claire can sense that Karen was feeling guilty over her sons' current predicament. She said in a reassuring tone, "How could you know? This isn't your fault. Okay? I never thought that was going to happen either." Claire didn't want her older sister to feel guilty for something that was beyond her control and that no one knew such a brutal terrorist attack could happened on Jurassic World.

Karen snorted a little as she tried to slowly compose herself. Then she said with determination and desperation in her voice, "Claire. Whatever happens, you get my boys off that island alive."

"I will. That's the promise I'm gonna keep this time. Not just for you or them, but for me too." Claire promised in a clear tone. She already made that promise to herself and her nephews. She would go to whatever lengths necessary to get Zach and Gray home safely.

Upon hearing that, Karen felt less fearful and a little more relieved that Claire will try to make that promise to get Zach and Gray back to her. She also noticed a tone from her sister that is different when she said that. She senses that Claire has bonded with Zach and Gray in the midst of the attack and that put a tiny smile on her face. As she thought about that, Claire said to Karen, "I gonna go. There's a lot of work to do for us to survive and to solve the situation."

Karen knew that Claire and the people with her, including this man Owen Grady, have work to do to resolve the situation. With that in mind, Karen replied in the soft tone, "Okay. Thanks for calling me, Claire."

Claire can sense that Karen was relieved to know what was going on in the island when she called her. Then she said to her older sister in a soft tone, "Hey, Karen. I love you."

"I love you too, Claire-bear. Tell Zach and Gray I love them with all my heart." Karen solemnly replied, sharing her sisterly love with her and having her rely her love for her sons.

Upon hearing that, Claire put a small smile on her face and replied, "I will. Bye." Then she hung up the satellite phone.

Mitchell Residence – Madison, Wisconsin

As Karen heard that Claire hung up, she stood for the moment with a look of relief and is now less fearful for her sons, now that Zach and Gray are with Claire, Owen and others. Then she dialed a number. After two rings, the caller answered, "Hello."

"Scott, it's me." Karen said on the phone.

"Karen, you got something?" Scott asked, hoping for some good news.

"Yes, I got a call from Claire. She's with Zach and Gray. They're okay." Karen informed to her soon-to-be ex-husband. She would have to tell Scott more.

Raptor Research Arena

As Claire and the Mitchell brothers were relieved that they talked to Karen, Chelsea knew it was emotional for them and knew her conversation with her husband would be the same thing. Claire noticed that Chelsea, Mandy and Lily are a little anxious. She asked Chelsea, "You're ready to call your husband, Chelsea?"

"More than ever." Chelsea replied without hesitation.

"Dad has to be worried sick about us, mom." Mandy said to her.

"I know he is, sweetie." Chelsea said softly as she stroke her daughter's hair with her right hand.

Claire lets the headset out and gave it to Chelsea as she said with sympathy, "Here you go. Make the call."

"Thank you so much." Chelsea said with such gratitude. As that happened, Zach and Gray got off the truck.

"I'll be glad to talk to dad." Lily said as she and Mandy sat down at the end of MVU-12 truck.

"Us too, Lily." Chelsea replied in a motherly tone. With that, Chelsea began to dial the number. While that was happening, Zach and Gray see Owen checking on the raptors.

Owen was inside the cage pen, trying to calm Blue down. He was petting her gently while checking out the bruise on her face cause by Nolan. He was saying soothing words to her. Despite her snarls, Owen wasn't intimidated by her snarls as he said softly, "You don't scare me." Blue purred a little bit after hearing that.

"Owen." Gray called out to him.

Owen then came to closer to Gray and Zach. He asked while coming to them, "You guys spoke to your mother?"

"Yes, we did." Zach replied while looking through the cage. Owen nodded silently, knowing the conversation that the boys and Claire had with their mother had to be an emotional one since Zach & Gray are trapped in the island while their mother is in the mainland.

After Zach answered, Gray asked while looking the raptors, "Are they safe?"

After a moment of silence, Owen answered in a low tone, "No, they're not."

As Claire was coming to them, Zach looked at the raptors. He asked with interest in his voice, "What are their names."

Noticing Zach and Gray's curiosity of the raptors and deciding to lighten their mood during their ordeal of the siege, Owen said while pointing out to each raptor, "Well, we got Charlie. There's Echo. Here's Delta. This is called Blue. She's the beta."

After hearing that Blue is the beta of the Velociraptor pack, Gray found it strange there is no alpha of the pack. So he asked with curiosity, "Who's the alpha?"

"You're looking at him, kid." Owen replied to both Gray and Zach. He knew that they would be pleased to hear that he's their alpha. That was indeed true when both brothers smiled at him.

After seeing Owen's interactions with her nephews, Claire continued walked towards Owen. After seeing her, Owen stepped away from the boys. Then they met up close between the bars with their eyes focused on each other. "So, this is who you've been spending all your time with." Claire said with some flirt in her voice.

Owen caught the flirtatious tone in her voice. Then he answered, "What can I say? She gets me." They smiled as they locked eyes at each other's. Then Owen asked, "How did it go with your sister?"

Claire took a deep breath and replied in a low tone, "It was...hard. She's quite fearful for our lives. But I also think she's feels more hopeful for our survival. Chelsea is talking to her husband with her daughters now." She felt better now that Karen knew what was going on and that she now had more hope than she did before.

Owen silently acknowledged Claire. Then he looked serious and said, "This ain't a good idea. Especially if it works." Claire noticed Owen's look. Before she can say a word, Owen continued, "Also, something doesn't feel right. Why would Nolan recapture the raptors and how would the InGen soldiers find that pulled skinned of the Indominus Rex too easily?" He found it odd that they found the pulled skin of the Indominus Rex almost too easy and he doesn't like that feeling.

After hearing what Owen said, Claire had the similar suspicious feeling as well. "What are you thinking?" Claire asked with concern in her voice.

"I don't know. But I don't like it." Owen said in a low tone. He had been thinking about why Nolan would recapture Blue and her siblings as well as the finding that tore skin of the Indominus Rex. Figuring out a game plan should the mission using the raptors fails, he said to Claire in a serious tone, "In case of the plans goes south, I want you to drive that MVU truck to the west end of the island where the military will take you, your nephews, Chelsea and her daughters out of here."

"Wait a minute, Owen. You might need my help on this." Claire protested softly, wanting to help him finish solving the situation.

Owen saw Claire's determined look and sensed her desire to help. He said in a serious tone, "Look, Claire. I understand why you want to help. But your nephews need you more than I do and Nolan wants you bad to activate Quadtosaurus. We can't let him use you and your nephews to kill everyone in this park." As Owen was saying that, Claire snorted as she knew that he was trying to talk her out of getting further involved in solving the deadly situation for the safety of her nephews, along with her own. Owen then continued, "So you should go with them and the Hathaway family to meet up with the military. They will take you all to the USS Abraham Lincoln so you will all be safe. Barry and I will take it from here."

Claire was silent for a moment as she and Owen have a longing look on their faces. Then Claire replied in a low tone, "That sounds good. We can stay far away from the raptors as possible, and have the military closer to us." She hoped things would work in their favor despite some things that didn't feel right.

After hearing what Claire said, Owen then said to her, "Thanks for all the help." Then he walked back towards the raptors as Claire looked on with a trace of worry and apprehension. She knew he was right that the boys need her more and decided she had to protect the boys.

"Come on, boys. Let's get you a safe vehicle." Claire said to her nephews softly. With that, Zach and Gray turned to follow their aunt.

As Claire, Zach and Gray headed back to MVU-12, Barry came to them and handed her a laptop computer, "Claire, this is the laptop for you to watch the mini-cams on the InGen soldiers."

"Thank you, Barry." Claire acknowledged graciously as she took the laptop. Then she and her nephews continued to head to the vehicle.

As they were heading to MVU-12, Claire sees that Chelsea hung up the satellite phone and had a look of relieve in her eyes. Mandy and Lily had some tears in their eyes as Claire can tell that they are happy that they talked to their father. Chelsea saw Claire and her nephews coming over. As they got off the back part of the vehicle, Claire said to Zach, "Zach, take this laptop and put it inside the driver seat." Zach nodded as he took the laptop. Claire asked, "How it go with your husband?"

Chelsea snorted a little and she replied in a nervous tone, "My husband Gordon is so frightened about us being trapped on this island. But I...I think he's more relieved that we're still alive." What she said was true. Her husband was very worried about his family trapped in a besieged island park. Chelsea had told Gordon about how the siege went down and how she was rescued by Barry. She also told him that she, Mandy and Lily are with people in the island trying to fight off the terrorists.

Claire noticed how emotional Chelsea was, despite her efforts to hide it so her children would've see it. She said in a reassuring tone, "I understand what you're going through, what you're feeling right now. I felt what you're feeling now when we spoke to my sister in the mainland." As she was saying, Zach returned after putting the laptop on the driver's seat on the truck.

"I get what you're trying to say, Claire. We all have families in the mainland that are worried sick about us, just like everyone here who was their own families in the mainland right now are fearful for them as well." Chelsea said in a low tone. She didn't want to scare Mandy and Lily, but she also knew they were as scared as her and knew how the hostages in Isla Nublar are feeling now.

Claire had already knew in her mind about how the families of the hostages are freaking out over the fact that they might see their loved ones get killed live. She stated in a somber tone, "Chelsea, I am aware of the fact that the families that are on mainland are very afraid that the hostages here that belong to those families will die... I just..." Claire let her voice trailed off as she didn't know what else to say. She couldn't imagine how Karen would feel to see Zach and Gray getting fed to the dinosaurs by the terrorists.

Chelsea noticed how troubled Claire looked and fully know that she has been through a lot during the siege. She replied in a sympathetic tone, "Claire, I feel bad for them too, but we’ll find a way to save them."

After hearing what her mother told Claire, Mandy said to her in a low tone, "We all hope we get off this island, along with everybody."

Gray then said to Mandy, "We're all hoping we can get out of here alive."

Claire then decided to put a plan in action and asked, "Alright, Chelsea. Can you drive this type of vehicle?" As she was asking, she pointed to the MVU-12 truck.

Chelsea looked at MVU-12 and see it was a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4000. She hadn't really drove on big trucks a lot. She replied nervously to Claire, "Ah...Yes, but it's been awhile since I drove something that big."

"Alright, you should get your daughters in the back of the MVU-15 over there." Claire said, pointing to the MVU-15 truck. Then she pointed to MVU-12. "I’ll go in the MVU-12 with my nephews." Mandy and Lily were wondering what Claire was planning for them while pointing out to the trucks.

Chelsea looks at MVU-15 in front of her and wondered what Claire in mind. She asked, "What’s this? An extra MVU vehicle?"

"Yeah, it’s an extra vehicle I had in mind for you and your daughters since we got here." Claire replied in a now confident tone.

"Why are you letting me use a different vehicle?" Chelsea asked, curious to why Claire would send her and her daughters in separate vehicles.

"Because my nephews and I are a high-value target for the terrorists. You and your daughters might get killed if we're together if they find us." Claire replied in a normal. Then she added somberly, "I don't want your deaths in my conscience."

Chelsea realized that Claire was protecting her and her daughter from harm if the terrorists get to them. Chelsea stated in acknowledgment, "Sure. I'll take Mandy and Lily to that truck."

"And take the satellite phone with you." Claire said to her, wanting to keep the satellite phone away from Hoskins and to ensure Owen will communicate the outside with it in case if anything happens to her and her nephews.

Chelsea nodded as she closed the satellite dish on the phone and attached it to the bracket holder. As she was closing the satellite phone, Claire opened the back doors of MVU-12 truck with both hands. She observed the inside of it while breathing heavy, "See. Truly safe." Claire said to Zach and Gray. As Chelsea finished closing the satellite phone, she watched as Claire said to her nephews, "Alright, get in." Claire gently ushered Gray as he got in the truck. Zach followed him in as he and Gray sat on the wall of the truck.

"If you need me, I'll be up front. Just open that window." Claire said to her nephews, pointing towards the visor of the window. As the Mitchell brothers listened as they sat down, Claire said to them, "Okay? Put your seatbelts on."

As her nephews looked for seatbelts and didn't see them, Claire, realizing that the back part of the truck had no seatbelts, said in awkward tone, "Okay. So just...hold hands." Then she closed the truck's back doors.

As Zach and Gray waited in the truck, Chelsea asked Claire with mild concern, "Why put them in there?"

Mandy and Lily came forward as Claire answered, "Because it's safer in there because those trucks are bulletproof and they can carry strong dinosaurs when we use them as ambulances and such."

"Which would help them avoid bullets and any dinosaurs that might attack them." Chelsea correctly deduced as she fixed her long black hair for a moment.

"Yes." Claire confirmed. As that was happening, Owen was coming out of the cage. Claire then said to Chelsea, "You should do the same with Mandy and Lily."

Chelsea took a deep breath and said in a low tone, "Yeah, okay. I'll put them in there then."

"We'll do it." Lily said to both her mother and Claire.

"Same here." Mandy said in agreement.

Seeing her daughters agreeing with the idea, Chelsea said to them, "Okay. Come on, kids. Let's get to that truck." With that, Chelsea lead them to MVU-15 while carrying the satellite phone.

Claire sees Owen who was getting his motorcycle ready to go. Owen looks back at Claire for the moment. As they gave some look of longing in their faces for a moment, Barry then waved Owen over as he is near Hoskins. As Owen was coming towards Barry and Hoskins, Claire sees that Chelsea is getting her daughters in the back of MVU-15. As Chelsea closed the back doors of MVU-15, Claire headed to the driver side of MVU-12, removing her jacket along the way. Then she opened the driver side door and got in, taking her tore jacket with her. Then she closed the door to the truck as she saw that Zach put the laptop on the driver's side dashboard.

Inside the truck, Gray was nervous by everything that's going on now and asked his brother with apprehension and worry in his voice, "Um... Nothing's getting in here, right?"

Noticing his brother's apprehension and fear over their whole predicament, Zach, attempting to cheer up and reassure Gray, said to him, "Hey. Do you remember that ghost at the old house? Remember, the one in the garage? I protected you, right?"

Gray hung his head as he remembered what Zach did in a old haunted house. Gray then said softly, "You made a battle axe out of a ruler and a paper plate."

Zach smiled as he said to his little brother, "Yeah. See, nothing is gonna get you while I'm around, okay?"

Gray thought about what Zach said. With their parents divorcing and Zach will be an adult in the next few years, he replied in a low, timid tone, "But you're not always gonna be around."

After a moment of silence when his brother knew that he will grow up and move away later on, Zach said in a low tone, "Yeah, well..." Zach let his voice trailed off a bit. He knew that Gray was concerned about how the siege will affect them as well as everyone with them. He continued a low yet comforting tone, "Hey...We're brothers, okay? We'll always be brothers, and we'll always come back to one another. No matter what."

After hearing what Zach said, Gray felt a little better and asked a low tone, "No matter what?"

"No matter what." Zach repeated in reassurance. With that, both Mitchell brothers hugged each other while inside MVU-12.

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