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This is chapter 18 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 18: New Alpha

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

In a beach at the west end of the island, Nolan waited in the dense bushes. Smith was in one of the trees, preparing his sniper rifle. Wang and three other terrorists are hiding in various bushes and trees. Nolan checked in on the radio, "Smith, see anything out in sea?"

Smith looked through the scope of his sniper rifle and sees a boat full of troops coming towards the beach. Smith replied on the radio, "I see a boat closing in."

As the other terrorists positioned themselves after hearing what Smith said, Nolan asked on the radio, "How long will they get here?"

Smith looked through his scope while he said on the radio, "Two...three minutes tops."

"Copy that. Be ready to strike on my mark." Nolan said to everyone on the radio.

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged on the radio.

After hearing Wang's acknowledgment, Nolan peaked around for a bit. Then he changed frequencies and said on the radio, "Torres."

In the rugged dirt road area on the island, Torres, who was hiding on a small hill near the road, answered on the radio, "Yes, sir."

"How's everything in your end?" Nolan asked on the radio.

Torres looked around from his hiding spot. Chernov, who was with Kaberle in the trees on the other end of the road, signaled to Torres. Hawkins, who is with Weinrich in another tree on the other side, signaled all set. Antonis, who was on Torres' right side with another henchman on the hillside, signaled to him. Seeing everyone is in position, Torres announced in the radio, "We're in position, ready to strike."

"Make sure you take Dearing and her nephews alive. Your plan better work, Mike." Nolan said on the radio.

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged as he lay down on the ground, pointing his M16A4 rifle at the direction towards one part of the road. Chernov and Hawkins pointed their weapons at the same direction.

Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile in the Raptor paddock, an InGen soldier puts the pulled skin sample of the Indominus Rex close to the raptors so they can smell it's scent. As that was happening, all the vehicles are in position. Owen was ramming his motorcycle while Barry was on an Kawasaki Brute Force ATV. Hoskins was in the stairway above, ready to press the button.

As they were preparing to leave, Barry said to him with a worried look on his face, "I don't like this, Owen. Nolan is up to something."

"I know. I don't like this either. But we have to kill that monster out there before it can kill everyone in the park like that son of a bitch wants." Owen said to Barry, agreeing with his concerns. He was worried to what Nolan to up to with Blue and her siblings when he captured them instead of killing them. But with the Indominus out there trying to kill everyone in the park and the world leaders giving them permission to use the raptors to find the savage hybrid creature. Then he nodded to Hoskins, who readily pressed the button.

After pressing the button, the cage doors opened and all four raptors came out, following the scent. Then Owen, Barry and the surviving InGen followed the raptors, using the trackers they placed on them.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

The raptors are running at full speed, dodging trees, jumping up fallen trees and avoiding bushes. They bellowed as they were chasing the scent of the Indominus.

Inside MVU-12

Inside MVU-12 truck, Claire watched the scene from the mini-cameras on the laptop. Seeing the raptors on their night-vision cameras and the cameras of the InGen soldiers, Claire hoped the idea of using the raptors is a smart one and would work on their side. As she was watching the action from the computer, Zach and Gray opened the visor window slowly as they wanted to see what was going on.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

The raptors keep sprinting fast towards the scent of the Indominus as the vehicles followed. Owen, driving his motorcycle, was behind them. Then he was able to ride near the charging animals. Owen felt strange to be driving near his animals as they drove through long grass and dense jungle wilderness. Owen rode his motorcycle to the front of the raptors. He turned his head right and saw Blue charging next to him. Blue briefly looks at Owen while running. Then she charged further as Owen had a small smile on his face about riding alongside his raptors. Then Blue and Delta rushed ahead of Owen as Echo and Charlie sprinted while behind Owen's motorcycle.

Inside MVU-12

Inside MVU-12, Claire watched through the night vision camera of Echo from the laptop as Owen rode near the raptors. Zach and Gray also saw that and were impressed by Owen riding with the raptors despite the dangers. Zach then said with praise in his voice, "Your boyfriend's a badass." He meant to say it with everything that happened during the siege and remember how they hid from the terrorists and how he took them out before.

After hearing what Zach said, Claire let out a smile on her face. Although she knew that her nephews didn't know about the complicated relationship she has with him, Zach wasn't wrong about that. She saw some of the things he did to the terrorists, the traps he uses against them, how he confronted Nolan when they communicated with them and now riding alongside the raptors. Claire found that side of Owen attractive and she was proud of his skills and courage against the terrorist situation. She hoped the plan will work so they can take out the Indominus Rex and prevent Nolan from using it against everyone in the park.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Owen continues to follow the raptors up close while Barry drove not too far from him on the ATV. The InGen truck follows them from behind.

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

At the beach, Smith sees the rescue boat coming closer with his sniper scope. He said on the radio, "They about 1.2 klicks at the beach."

"Copy that." Nolan acknowledged. Then he checked in on the radio, "Cullen, come in."

Control room

At the control room, Cullen and Porter finished plugging in some USB ports on the console where Quadtosaurus is at to a laptop as Nolan said on the radio, "Cullen."

After hearing Nolan, Cullen picked up the radio and said, "Yes, sir."

"How's the activity?" Nolan asked in a serious tone.

Cullen checked into the mini-cameras they hacked into, thanks to Antonis providing info to hack into the InGen systems and such. She saw that on the mini-cams attached to the raptors that they are charging and see that Owen and Barry are following the raptors. She also sees mini-cams of the remaining InGen soldiers. She then said on the radio, "The raptors are tracking the Indominus. Grady, Sembène and the remnants of Hoskins' men are following the raptors as we speak." As she was telling Nolan this, Lowery and Vivian looked at each other with worry. They sensing that the terrorists are anticipating something that's going to happen when the raptors find the Indominus Rex.

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

After hearing what Cullen told him, he said to her in a serious tone, "Alright, keep Torres apprised when anything develops. I'm about to have the cavalry coming to me."

"Copy that." Cullen acknowledged on the radio, confirming that she knows the rescue boat will be coming to Nolan and the others soon.

After finishing his transmission to Cullen, Nolan put the radio in his pocket and prepared his Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

At the wilderness, the four raptors continued to run towards the scent of the Indominus Rex as they went through a small hill. Owen, Barry and the InGen truck pursued them. Barry looks down at the small phone with the map tracking the raptors and sees that the raptors are slowing down. "They're slowing down!" Barry yelled out to Owen.

Owen heard what Barry said to him. Realizing the raptors are on to something, Owen reported in on the radio, "They got something!"

As the raptors slowly walked forward, Owen stopped his motorcycle and signaled Barry and the InGen soldiers to stop. The InGen soldiers got out of the van with weapons. One mercenary was on top of the van with FN M240B machine gun manned on top. Owen rose his Marlin 1895SBL rifle and slowly moved forward while Barry and the soldiers followed.

Inside MVU-12

Back in MVU-12, Claire sees the mini cameras of the InGen soldiers that they are now on foot while the raptors slowed down. Realizing that Zach and Gray shouldn't see what is going to happened, Claire said to them, "You know what, no, no, no. No, no, you guys are not gonna watch this. Keep the window closed." Her nephews tried to complain as she closed the window, but she made her decision. Claire didn't want them to watch what may happen when they see the Indominus. She was also worried that something may go wrong as Owen suspected when they used the four Velociraptors.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Owen took position at the fallen log, with Barry to his right. The InGen soldiers took positions near them as the raptors stood still, bellowing out. Some of the them turned on their red laser on their weapons while Barry turned on the red laser in his Remington shotgun. As Owen and the others wait while pointing their weapons ahead, Blue and the other raptors stood by as they snarled and purred. Then the Indominus Rex came out out of the shadows of large trees and vines. As Owen and the others are prepared to open fire at the hybrid, Barry noticed something the way the raptors and the Indominus are snarling and bellowing with each other. He did not like the looks of the animals, “Something's wrong. They're communicating."

As listening to what Barry said, Owen knew that he was right. As he watched the raptors and the Indominus communicating with each other with their bellows and snarls, Owen realized something and said in a low tone, "I know why they wouldn't tell us what it's made of."

"Why?" Barry asked with concern as he continued to watch the Indominus communicating with the raptors.

As the InGen pointed their red lasers at the Indominus Rex, the murderous hybrid continued to communicate the four raptors. Confirming his earlier suspicion of Nolan recapturing Blue and the other raptors, Owen whispered in a low tone, "That thing is part raptor. Nolan knew that all along...he set us up to a trap." As he said that, Owen realized that Nolan knew the Indominus Rex was part raptor and figured that it would make Blue and her siblings their alpha because of it's raptor DNA.

The raptors turned their faces at the humans pointing their weapons at the hybrid.

Inside MVU-12

Back inside MVU-12, Claire sees what was going on the monitors and realized that Nolan set them up to allow the raptors to meet the Indominus so it can make them their alpha. "Oh, no..." Claire quietly muttered out in horror seeing Owen and Barry are in danger. Then she grabbed the radio and warned, "Chelsea, the mission has gone haywire. We better prepare ourselves to leave."

"What? Are you sure?" Chelsea asked on the radio with genuine concern in her voice.

"Yes, I'm sure. Start the engine now." Claire confirmed in a serious tone. She was worried about Owen and Barry in trouble.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor Research Arena, Hoskins had his own monitoring station on the catwalk above the enclosure, sees the activity. He quickly said to himself, "What's taking them so long?" Then he grabbed the radio and yelled out, "Light it up!"

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

At the wilderness, one of the InGen soldiers heard Hoskins and yelled, "Engage!" With that, all soldiers, as well as Owen and Barry, fired at the Indominus Rex. But the bullets were ineffective against it. Blue and the other raptors retreated away. As the Indominus was leaving the scene, the InGen soldier fired a missile at it. The missile hit the ground and the explosion knock the hybrid down as it bellowed out in pain. Flames had hit the trees. Owen stood back a little from the explosion while the others took cover.

Inside MVU-12

Inside MVU-12, Claire saw what has happened and was horrified by what she saw when the raptors turned on the humans shooting at the hybrid from the mini-cameras. "Oh my god." She muttered quietly so her nephews wouldn't hear her.

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, Cullen and Porter saw what was happening from the monitors of the InGen soldiers. Porter muttered in a shocked tone, "I don't believe it. Nolan knew that thing would make the raptors turn on the humans."

Cullen only replied to the traitorous controller, "Nolan always think a step ahead." She knew Nolan well enough that he can think a step ahead of any situation.

After hearing what was happening, Lowery and Vivian are getting very worried about what was happening.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Back in the wilderness, several of the trees were in flames. One tree not on fire fell near the downed Indominus Rex as it sluggishly got up on it's feet. As it was retreating, Owen, Barry and the InGen soldiers fired their weapons on it. But they were not effective as the hybrid retreated through the same area it showed itself next to the burning trees.

Owen then raised his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle and slowly moved forward. "Watch your six. Raptors have got a new alpha." Owen warned Barry and the surviving InGen soldiers. He knew full well that Nolan used the Velociraptor DNA on the Indominus to allow it to make Blue and her siblings their new alpha springing the trap on him and the others with him. He also knew that they wanted him away from Claire and her nephews so that they can get them.

As they went through the area of the burning trees with their guns raised, the purring noises from the raptors were heard. As the raptors stalk them, the soldiers became nervous. Then Echo pounced on one soldier name Batoon and began mauling him. Then another raptor attacked the second InGen soldier. The soldiers began fired their weapons wildly around, but they missed them every time. One soldier fired at the raptor, but Delta ambushed them and mauled him to death.

Then Blue grub another InGen mercenary as Delta attacked InGen soldier Alexander and mauled him to death. Then a raptor dragged InGen soldier Sutherland as he screamed in terror.

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor paddock, Hoskins watched in shock from the mini-cameras that his remaining soldiers were being killed by the raptors. He saw that his plan to militarized the raptors ended in failure. Then he went downstairs from the catwalk. As Hoskins was coming down, he said to his remaining men on the radio, "Abort the mission right now."

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

At the west side beach of the island, Nolan sees the armed military team arriving on the beach. Smith aimed his Remington 700 ACIS sniper rifle at the head of one of one of the soldiers. Seeing the two insignias of the soldiers, he said to Nolan on the radio, "Got them. They looks like Navy SEALs and British Royal Marines."

"Alright, do it." Nolan said on the radio. With that, Smith fired his sniper and shot one of the SEALs in the head, killing him.

As the soldiers were distracted, Nolan, Wang and three other terrorists opened fired on the Navy SEALs and Royal Marines, springing the ambush. As Nolan and the other terrorists fired at the soldiers, Smith continued sniping at the rescue team with his rifle and Wang fired his Heckler & Koch G36C rifle the troops. One Royal Marine shot one of the terrorists in the chest twice, killing him as his body slumped sideways near Wang. Nolan fired the Hecker & Koch HK416 rifle at the rescue team, he muttered, "Is that all you got?! Huh?!"

As the SEALs and Royal Marines were being slaughtered, the SEAL Team leader said to the radio, "We're under fire! We can't hold out much longer!" As that was happening, one of the SEALs shot one of the terrorists near Nolan in the head, killing him. Nolan retaliated by firing his weapon at the SEAL who shot that henchman. Smith sniped at the Royal Marine team leader in the head, killing him.

The SEAL team leader shot the third terrorist near Wang three times in the chest, killing him. Wang then shot the last Royal Marine near the SEAL team leader. Then Nolan fired at the SEAL team leader and killed him as Smith sniped as the last SEAL dead.

Seeing that they took out the entire rescue team, Nolan and Wang advanced as Smith climbed down the tree he was on. Nolan puts his rifle aside and lets out his Beretta 92FS pistol. After seeing a SEAL still alive, Nolan shot him in the head. Wang also killed a Royal Marine who was still alive with his pistol. Smith also lets out his pistol and shot at any downed soldiers to ensure that they are dead. Nolan came to the body of the SEAL team leader and said to anyone on the mini-camera, "That's another one of your terrible mistakes." Then she shot the SEAL team leader in the head and stomped on the mini-camera.

USS Abraham Lincoln

After seeing Nolan and his goons took out the entire rescue team and stomped on the mini-camera, Davis, who is in the CIC, grumbled, "God dammit."

Commander Kopelson asked his commanding officer, "What now, sir?"

Davis looked at the map of Isla Nublar and said solemnly, "Well, we hope Mr. Grady did better at his end."

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

At the beach, Nolan, Smith and Wang looked at the bodies of the Navy SEALs and Royal Marines. Nolan said to Smith, "Give me one of those Claymores, Dan."

Smith let out one of the Claymore mines and handed it to Nolan. Then Cullen checked in on the radio, "Sir, it's Cullen. Looks like the I-rex became the raptors' alpha and they are attacking every human in the area."

After hearing what Cullen told him, Nolan was very pleased that the Indominus made the raptors their alpha and are attacking Owen, Barry and Hoskins' men out there. He said in a pleased yet low tone, "I knew it. I knew it when I read the origins that fucking monster was made out of. Keep me apprised on Grady, Dearing and any others out there."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged on the radio.

As Nolan was about to plant a Claymore mine, Wang asked his leader, "What's the plan?'

Nolan looks at Wang and said to him in a serious tone, "We're gonna play some Claymores in the bodies of these men, in case Grady and the others survived. Come on." With that, Smith and Wang joined Nolan is setting up the Claymore mines.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

In the wilderness, Barry was running fast as the sounds of the raptors were heard. As he took over on one log, the two InGen soldiers ran by him. Barry peeked over and sees the InGen soldiers have took the ATV and the InGen truck and drove away.

Barry had a look of irritation and disgust on his face that they left him and Owen behind to die. Now only armed with the Smith and Wesson 500 revolver, Barry sees another log not far from him and ran towards. Then he quickly crawled into it as Blue jumped on top of it.

As Barry pointed his revolver at the opening of the leg, Blue started digging on top of it with her claws. Barry pointed his revolver above as Blue continued to dig her claws on the log. Debris of the log fell on Barry as light was glaring his face. He howled out as Blue used her face to try to grub him.

Owen then arrived in his motorcycle. As he started the vehicle, Owen heard Barry yelling, "NOO!!" and realized that Barry was in trouble as Blue attacked the log Barry was hiding under.

As Blue was digging through the log and pushing her snort through the hole of it, Barry yelled out, "No! Blue!" Suddenly, Blue stopped attacking when she heard Barry saying her name and looked down at him.

Seeing Blue was distracted by Barry calling out her name and stopped attacking, Owen rev his motorcycle to get Blue's attention. As Blue looked at Owen, he whistled at her and turned his motorcycle in a different direction. Blue screeched as he jumped off the log and pursued Owen as he drove it away from Barry.

Barry felt relieved that Owen got Blue away from him, but at the same time, he was concerned about how the situation has turned because of Nolan setting them up to the trap and now the Indominus Rex made Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie their alpha now.

Control room

Back in the control room, Cullen sees that Owen is luring Blue away from Blue's mini-camera on the monitors. She said to Nolan on the radio, "Sir, Grady is still alive and he's on a vehicle."

"Keep me apprised about Grady and the others. I'm on my way back to the control room." Nolan said on the radio.

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged on the radio. With that, she put it down as she kept an eye on the monitors.

Raptor Research Arena

Back insinde MVU-12 at the Raptor paddock, Claire saw the camera of Blue showing Owen driving away to distract Blue from Barry. Delta was stalking an InGen soldier. Echo was walking through the wilderness. Charlie had pounced on one of the InGen soldiers riding on the ATV and was mauling him to death. "Oh my god." Claire whispered in horror. She was very worried about Owen being chased by his own raptors and how Nolan used them to get the raptors to the Indominus Rex and separate Owen and Barry from her, Zach and Gray.

"Is everybody dead?" Gray asked worriedly, interrupting Claire's thoughts.

Turning her head, Claire gasped and immediately closed the tablet as she said, "Oh, no, no, no. Everything is fine."

Zach knew Claire was lying to ensure his little brother wouldn't be fearful. "Don't lie to him!" Zach stated.

"He's scared!" Claire snapped without thinking as she was scared herself. Then she added, "It's okay to lie when people are scared!" Her tone was serious as she was scared of everything that is happening right now.

"I wanna go home." Gray said in a desperate tone.

Realizing she needed to calm him down despite her frightened state, Claire reached her hand out to him and said softly, "Oh, sweetheart. We will. Okay? I promise. Tomorrow you will be home and your mother...never...let me see you again." Her voice was slowly trailing off as she was worried about how Karen will be with her after everything that happened.

"CLAIRE!! OVER TO THE PADDOCK!!" Chelsea suddenly yelled out on the radio as she saw what was happening at the paddock now from the driver's seat of MVU-15.

Claire turned and saw the raptors attacking the remaining InGen soldiers. "Oh my god!" Claire exclaimed. She sees Charlie attacking one InGen soldier after pouncing on him.

As Hoskins was about to get in one of their vehicles, he sees Charlie and Echo have are killing what was left of his group. He wondered where Antonis was and used the radio. "Antonis! Antonis, where the hell are you?!" Hoskins shouted out on the radio. Chelsea overheard Hoskins calling out for Antonis.

Antonis, who was with Torres, said in the taunting tone, "Hi, Vic. Remember when I told you that I didn't think it was a good idea to weaponized the dinosaurs, but that I had to go along with it? I'll tell you something. I knew it wasn't a good idea to genetically modified the dinosaurs and they weren't meant to be militarized. So I told Nolan about it and our inner circle. And now, you and your conspirators will be exposed." He knew that Hoskins will likely die by the raptors attacking. Torres smirked at him as he was pleased how Antonis taunted Hoskins.

Hoskins, stunned and horrified that his right hand man betrayed him and his inner circle to Nolan, was in disbelief and angrily dropped his radio. Then Delta came up to Hoskins and was slowly walked towards him. She was snarling at him. Hoskins tried to use the hand signal he saw Owen did with his raptors. After a couple of seconds, Delta then grub Hoskins' arm and attacked him as he screamed out. Then Delta mauled him to death. Chelsea was horrified when she witnessed Hoskins killed by Delta as her mouth hung open.

Claire also saw what happened to Hoskins from the rear-view mirror and was shocked by it. Then she said to Chelsea on the radio in a desperate tone, "Chelsea, start the truck now!"

"Doing it now!" Chelsea acknowledged quickly in the frantic tone as she was starting MVU-15 truck.

As Claire was about to start the truck, a bloody hand of the InGen soldier suddenly came up on the driver side window. Zach quickly closed the visor as Claire screamed loudly. "Get out of here! Go!" The wounded soldier warned. As he quickly ran towards the back of MVU-12, leaving the bloody hand mark on it the driver's side window as Claire screamed in shock by it. Then she quickly started the truck.

Delta, who finishing mauling Hoskins, spotted the wounded InGen soldier. As the soldier opened the back doors, Zach and Gray were shocked to see him as the soldier yelled out, "They're coming!" As he jumped to try to get onboard, Delta leaped and grabbed on to him as Zach and Gray watched in horror. Claire pressed the accelerator and quickly drover out. Delta and the wounded soldier fall out of the back of MVU-12. As Delta proceeded to maul him to death, Chelsea quickly drove out of the paddock, following MVU-12.

At the back of MVU-12, Gray had his mouth open when he saw Delta killing that soldier as Zach held him back while still in shock by everything that is going on.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

While Claire was driving MVU-12, intending to get to the west end of the beach to meet the military rescue team, she knocked the visor with her right hand and shouted out to her nephews, "Just hold on back there!" While driving as fast as possible, Echo lunged out of nowhere and crashed through the driver's side window. Claire let out a startled scream as Echo tried to kill her, but she fell out of the window. While Echo landed hard on the ground and was sluggish to get up, Delta pursued the MVU-12. Chelsea drove around Echo to avoid hitting her. Charlie was pursuing MVU-15.

As Delta was getting closer towards the opened back of MVU-12, Charlie was rushing to the passenger side of MVU-15. Delta was closing in on MVU-12, Zach and Gray looked around for anything to use against the chase raptors. Zach sees some oxygen tanks strapped in. Echo joined Delta in chasing MVU-12.

Charlie was running towards the passenger side of MVU-15 and Chelsea saw her in the rear view mirror. Chelsea veered right, causing Charlie to go up to the hill and slip down to the ground. As Charlie screeched while down to the ground, Chelsea drove back to the road as she watched in horror as Delta and Echo are chasing Claire and her nephews.

Zach grabbed an large oxygen tank. As Delta and Echo were closing in, Zach throws the tank out of the truck, attempting to keep the raptors back. But it only slowed Delta down slightly as Echo headed to the driver's side. Claire spotted Echo from the rear-view mirror. With determination, Claire veered left and had driven Echo to the tree. As Echo moaned in pain, Delta continued to pursue MVU-12.

As that was happening, Gray sees two electric prods. He grabbed one of them. As Zach grabbed onto the prod, they tried to figure out how to use it. Delta was closing in on them.

As Chelsea was driving MVU-15 behind MVU-12, she saw what was going on. "Oh my god..." Chelsea muttered quietly as she watched on, worried that the Velociraptor might get to Claire's nephews. She hoped that they can get that electric prod working.

As Delta was closing in, both Mitchell brothers frantically tried to turned on the prod. "Turn it on!" Gray shouted in a desperate tone.

"I don't know how!" Zach stated in a frantic tone. As that was happening, Delta leaped and grabbed on the back end of the truck. Chelsea gasped in horror as she was driving behind them.

Suddenly, the boys managed to turn on the prod while Delta was climbing in to get the brothers. Both Zach and Gray shove the prod into the raptor, shocking Delta and she fell off the vehicle. The mini-camera came off her. Both Mitchell brothers were shocked and amazed that they got the raptor away from them.

Chelsea smiled and quietly cheered at the boys getting the raptor away from them. Then she veered away from Delta to avoid hitting her and got back on the road. Then Mandy opened the visor and asked, "Mom, it's everything okay."

"I think so. You and Lily stay in there." Chelsea answered.

Back in MVU-12, Zach and Gray are still amazed that they managed to get Delta away from them. Claire knocked on the visor and asked frantically while driving, "Are you boys okay?!"

Zach opened the visor of the window and asked in an excited tone, "Hey, did you see that?!"

"I can't wait to tell Mom!" Gray exclaimed as he looked at his aunt from the window.

Figuring out what Zach and Gray did and worried how Karen would react that her sons took on the raptor themselves, Claire pleaded, "Oh, please. No. Do not tell your mother about that. Ever." Shortly after she said that, Torres suddenly fired a shot and it hit the front tire on the driver's seat. Claire then saw armed terrorists on both sides of the road.

Torres then fired on the tire again, flatting it. Chernov and Kaberle took out the front tire on the passenger side with their weapons. Hawkins and Weinrich shot out the back passenger side tire. Then Torres and another henchman took out the driver's seat. Claire saw that she was losing control of the vehicle and the truck came to the sudden stop when it the tire rims hit the rut of the road. The sudden stop jolted Claire forward. Zach and Gray hit hard on the back of the vehicle.

As Claire was moving up slowly, Antonis threw a thermite grenade with magnets on it and it landed on the hood of MVU-12. The grenade went off and the thermite melted through the hood of the truck. Then it disabled the engine. There was a lot of sparks of the backfire of the grenade and they were hot. The headlights and the back lights of the vehicle went off when the thermite took out the battery. Claire briefly screamed loudly and she covered her face with her arms and moved her legs away from the pedals as the bright, hot sparks were getting to her. Zach and Gray were terrified by what was going on now.

While driving MVU-15, Chelsea watched in horror what was happening as the terrorists took out MVU-12. "Oh, no..." Chelsea muttered, clearly horrified that the terrorists will capture Claire and her nephews. She suddenly stopped the truck.

As the hood and the engine were melting from the heat of the thermite, Torres and the other terrorists were coming out of their positions. Torres climbed up front tire, grabbed the rear view mirror with his left hand and pointed his pistol at Claire's head through the broken window. "Get out of the truck now!!" Torres barked while pointing his pistol. Then he unlocked the door, opened it and grabbed Claire by the hair. He yanked her out of the truck and she landed on the road. Kaberle watched Claire, pointing his rifle at her as Torres grabbed her by the hair.

As he was forcibly moving Claire while holding on to her red hair, one of their fake MVU trucks arrived. Claire was groaning in pain and she had her hands back trying to put on an effort to fight off the hold while Torres forced to move. Kaberle kept watch of her.

Chernov, Hawkins and Weinrich went to the back of MVU-12 and pointed their weapons at the Mitchell brothers. "Move! Get out of the vehicle!" Chernov yelled in his thick Russian accent. The terrified brothers had their hands raised.

"Get out now!" Hawkins barked while pointing his rifle at the boys. Both Zach and Gray reluctantly came out of the truck. As the terrorists opened the back door of the fake MVU truck, Torres shoved Claire inside the back of the truck while Kaberle came inside while pointing his rifle at her. Antonis joined the others as they began moving Zach and Gray at gunpoint.

Chelsea, knowing that there was nothing she could do for Claire, Zach & Gray and worried about the safety of her daughters, put the truck in reverse and was driving away from. Chernov saw the truck making 2 point turn to drive away from the scene.

Torres and another henchman walked by as Hawkins, Antonis and Weinrich we're moving Zach and Gray. He sees Chernov about to fire at the MVU-15 with his rifle. Before Chernov can pull the trigger, Torres pushed the rifle down and said to him, "Let them go. There raptors out there. Besides, we got who we need." Torres knew they had to leave immediately as the raptors and the Indominus Rex are out there.

Chernov reluctantly complied with Torres' order and began to follow him when they heard raptor sounds.

As Hawkins and the others were moving Zach and Gray, Claire saw that they caught her nephews too and was immensely horrified. "Oh, no. No..." Claire pleaded in a terrified tone. As the terrorists forced Zach and Gray in the truck with their aunt, they heard raptor noises also.

As Torres and Chernov are going towards the truck, they heard raptor purrs closing to them. They saw the henchman with them was cornered by Charlie. Torres said to Chernov, "Run, Chernov! Go!" Torres and Chernov ran to the truck fast, leaving that henchman behind. Hawkins, Antonis and Weinrich came in to the back of the truck as Chernov joined them. Torres quickly closed the back doors and went to the passenger side. As he opened the door and quickly getting in, Torres shouted to the driver, "Let's go! Let's go!" The driver of the fake MVU truck hit the accelerator as Torres quickly closed the passenger side door. The henchman cornered by Charlie ran into the woods with Charlie pursuing him.

Inside the truck, Hawkins, Weinrich and Kaberle kept watch on Claire, Zach and Gray with their weapons pointing their weapons at them. Claire clung on to the terrified Gray while Zach, who was also terrified, sat next to him on Gray's right. Then Claire saw Antonis, who was sitting next to Chernov, and recognized him. "Antonis!" Claire quietly exclaimed. Antonis just looked at them calmly and that look was a clear giveaway for Claire. "Why am I not surprised you're in with them, you bastard." Claire stated in stern tone as she held onto Gray.

Antonis shrugged upon Claire discovering his involvement with the terrorists.

At the front seat, Torres checked in on the radio, "Sean, we got Dearing and her nephews."

"Good. Make sure they don't get away this time, Mike." Nolan said as he was pleased that they finally got Claire, Zach and Gray. Then he asked, "What about Grady and the others?"

"We haven't seen them, but it's likely they'll be dead by now." Torres replied on the radio. Claire heard the radio messages and was worried about Owen out there with the Indominus Rex and the raptors who have turned on him and Barry.

Nolan suspected that Owen was still alive since Cullen saw him alive on Blue's mini-camera, but he had more important things to deal with. "Alright, fuck him. He and the others with him are no longer important right now. Bring Dearing and the boys to the control room at once." Nolan ordered seriously.

"Yes, sir. We're on the way." Torres acknowledged as he put the radio down.

In the back of the truck, Chernov taunted in a thick Russian accent, "We got plans for you, American bitch." That remark scared Claire, but she didn't show it on the outside as she didn't want to scare her nephews, particularly Gray as she held him in her arms for protection.

Elsewhere, Owen was riding his motorcycle at the road. Then he sees MVU-15 which stopped. Chelsea was inside it, crying in horror as she was heartbroken that the terrorists have captured Claire, Zach and Gray in front of her. Mandy and Lily are still inside the back of the truck and were scared when they heard their mother crying, but they don't know what was going on. Owen drove up to the Chelsea and she looked at him with wet eyes.

"What's wrong?" Owen asked as he worried about what was going on, judging by Chelsea's face.

"They..." Chelsea sobbed out the word with her voice breaking. She then finally said, "...they have Claire and her nephews..!" She somberly pointed out to the direction where MVU-12 was disabled at.

Owen looked at Chelsea with shock. Then he saw the wreckage of MVU-12 from the distance. He rode his motorcycle a little closer to it. When he stopped at a relatively short distance, Owen came out, completely wide-eyed when he saw the damage of the truck. He was in complete shock when he saw the broken MVU 12, realizing Claire and her nephews are in the hands of terrorists. Unable to believe what was happening right now, his head turned very cold. He knew Nolan would force Claire to reveal her Quadtosaurus code soon and will use Zach and Gray to leverage her doing so. His facial expression was rage upon thinking of that.

Owen turned to Chelsea, who was still inside MVU-15, and yelled out loud to her, "We have to get to Barry! NOW!" Just as he said that, he saw the terrorist, a muscular man in his 30s with brown beard, running behind MVU-12. He looked like he lost all of his weapons, probably because of him trying to fight off the raptors.

"HEY!!!" Owen yelled out in rage. Then he ran towards the terrorist. Before he can react, Owen furiously grabbed his head and slammed it in the back of the truck. Then forcibly turned him around and slammed the one back door on his left hand hard, making that terrorist scream out in pain. Owen tossed him down to the ground. The terrorist's hand was bleeding after Owen slammed the door on it.

Then Owen was top of the terrorist and punched him in the face hard, causing his lower lip to bleed. "Where the hell are Claire Dearing and the kids?! Answer me!" Owen demanded with anger in his voice while holding him down. The terrorist just looked at him with defiance. Owen furiously punched him in the chest, causing the terrorist to have temporary shortness of breath. Owen then angrily hissed, "I said where are they?!"

"She and the kids will get what they deserved!" The terrorist defiantly stated as he looked at him in the eye.

Owen was enraged by the terrorist's remark. "Fuck you!" Owen grumbled. Then he punched the terrorist in the face four times like a battering ram in extreme anger, causing a terrorist to have a bloody nose and bruised face. "I'll give you one last chance!" Owen hissed in profound anger. Then he punched his face three more time while yelling with rage in his voice, “Where...are...THEY?!!” As he furiously asked that question, some of Owen's saliva dripped on the terrorist's bruised and bloody face.

The beaten terrorist then replied with some defiance while glaring at him, "Okay, okay. Fine, I'll tell you. They're in the control room. You're happy now?"

Owen kneed the terrorist he was interrogating in right abdomen with his left knee, causing that terrorist to moan in pain. Then Owen stood up and stepped on the terrorist's wounded hand, causing him even more tremendous pain. Owen then kneel down on top of the terrorist and punched him in the stomach, causing more pain. Owen then hissed with fury in his voice, "You think this is fine, you sick bastard?! You think this is normal?!" The terrorist just glared at him for the pain he caused at him. Owen then asked in a hissed tone, "How many men are guarding the control room?!"

The terrorist sighed as he was treating the situation like a minor thing. So he stated while he was in such pain, "There's eight men guarding it in total. Four inside, and four on the helipad. Plus, there's Nolan and his top guys."

Somewhat satisfied with the information he's got, Owen grabbed him and shoved him to the back of the disabled MVU-12. He asked with intensity in his voice, "Now tell me what are..." Before he can finished his sentence, he heard the snarl of one of his raptors. Then he and that terrorist saw Echo nearby on the field.

Then Owen saw Echo charging towards him and the terrorist. Owen pushed the terrorist closer to Echo and ran to his motorcycle. The terrorist screamed as Echo grubbed him on his left arm with her mouth. Charlie came out and joined Echo as they mauled that terrorist to death. Owen then drove his motorcycle on the other direction and planned to pick up Barry. Then he spots Chelsea at MVU-15 truck and said to her, "Follow me! We have to get to Barry!" With that, he started to drive out. Chelsea began to follow Owen while driving as fast as possible to get back to the Raptor Paddock.

As Owen, Chelsea and her children drover out of sight. Echo and Charlie finished mauling that terrorist. Delta joined them and saw the carnage her siblings had done to the dead terrorist. They heard the roars of the Indominus Rex and they went to the bushes to find it.

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