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This is chapter 19 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, including torture, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 19: The Final Stand

Control room

Back in the control room, Cullen and Porter had installed cables on the workstation where Quadtosaurus was at and were copying data from it to the mobile workstation. As that was downloading, Nolan, Smith and Wang arrived from the elevator. The hostages were terrified when Nolan returned to the control room. As Smith was preparing for Claire's arrival, Nolan and Wang went to Cullen and Porter. "How is the download?" Nolan asked as he wanted to know the status of the download

"Yes, sir. We're all set." Porter said to him.

"It will take about five, ten minutes at the most to get all the data fully downloaded to the mobile workstation. It took time for us to get it in digitally because Quadtosaurus is an very isolated problem. We will still have to finished activating it with Dearing's code on the workstation." Cullen said to Nolan.

"Right. Just make sure it's done so we can have access to it elsewhere." Nolan said to both Cullen and Porter.

Both Cullen and Porter nodded. Then Cullen asked, "Anything else, sir?"

Nolan replied without hesitation in a serious tone, "Cullen, you can set up our escape plans when the Indominus reaches Main Street. With the manpower we lost, it should take less time." He wanted to ensure he and all of his surviving members of his organization prepare to escape when the time comes.

"Understood." Cullen acknowledged as she went to work on setting up their escape plans. Porter was keeping an eye on the download.

With Cullen and Porter busy, Nolan looked at Smith, who gave him a thumb up as he set up a small stock tank filled with water in a corner. Then he went over to Wu, who was bound at the other side of the wall away from the other hostages. Nolan looked at him with a glare and said in a salty tone, "Hey there. You remember about your raptors and the Indominus being militarized? Guess what? It's going to backfire all right in your face, asshole." Then he spits on Wu's face. Wu looked at him with fear in his face. Nolan nodded to Smith.

With that, Smith cut the zip ties on Wu. Then he, Nolan and Wang moved the geneticist to the stock tank as the hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, watched in horror. Then Nolan said to Wu, "Consider this a lesson for you cloning these abominations." Nolan stated in a cold tone. Then they duck his head on the water. After a few seconds, they let his head out. Then Nolan barked in a serious tone, "Once we get Dearing's code and we will, we will later send you, along with everyone in this park to your deaths with that fucking monster you and your inner circle created." He was determined to get Claire's Quadtosaurus code one way or another.

After catching his breath, Wu, who was wet in the face and hair, looked up at Nolan and said, trying to be reasonable, "Nolan, it was never my intention to bring danger to the world when we tried to make Jurassic Park, like what happened to your wife. Also, it's not just me who came up with the idea of militarizing these dinosaurs..."

But before Wu can continue, Nolan threw a left backfist at his face, leaving a cut on his right cheek. Nolan looks down Wu and said in a cold tone, "We will reveal the names of your fellow conspirators after you die, you piece of shit. You and the others here are gonna watch as we get the code out of Dearing once we bring her and her nephews here." With that, Nolan walked towards the main screen as Smith and Wang brought Wu back to the same wall he was at.

Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages are somber that Claire and her nephews have been taken by the terrorists. They knew that they will get Claire's Quadtosaurus code soon and let the Indominus Rex kill everyone in the park while sealed off with Quadtosaurus.

Raptor Paddock

Meanwhile, back in the Raptor Paddock, Owen arrived in his motorcycle while Chelsea followed him in MVU-15. Owen got out and saw the carnage done to the area. He sees the raptors killed the remaining InGen soldiers. Then he spotted the mauled body of Hoskins. Owen stares at his body with a cold expression. "I hope you learned your lesson in your next life about trying to weaponize my animals and those monsters your people tried to cooked up for your hair-brained ideas. You got off easy, you prick." Owen said in a rough tone to Hoskins' body. Then he spits near his mauled body. Suddenly, Barry come out of the trees, carrying his Smith and Wesson 500 revolver and saw Owen looking at the body of Hoskins.

"Barry..." Owen quietly said in relief as he and Barry did a one arm hug.

Barry noticed Owen's look and it worried him. "What is going on, Owen?" Barry asked with concern in his voice.

Owen replied in an part anger, part-somber tone, "Nolan's men grabbed Claire and the boys and took them to the control room."

Barry was shocked beyond belief, but remained silent. He knew it was only a matter of time when Nolan forces Claire to reveal her Quadtosaurus code.

Owen, seeing that they don't have time, said to Barry, "We need to get out of here now and find a way to get to the control room now. Come on, take over Chelsea as the driver of that truck. I need her in the back."

"Okay, Owen." Barry acknowledged. With that, he and Owen went to MVU-15. As Owen opened the back doors, Barry said to Chelsea, "Chelsea, we need you in the back of the truck. I'll drive this thing."

Chelsea nodded and got out. She took the satellite phone with her. As Barry got into the driver's seat, Chelsea entered the back of the truck with Mandy, Lily and Owen waiting for her. Owen said to her in a stoic yet desperate tone, "Chelsea, I need you to set up the satellite phone now."

"Okay." Chelsea acknowledged in a somewhat desperate tone. She still felt horrified when she saw terrorists kidnapping Claire and her nephews. With that, she began to set up the satellite phone.

Barry put the vehicle on drive and said to the others, "We're moving out." With that, he began to drive the truck.

"Very well." Owen acknowledged as he watched Chelsea setting up the satellite phone. The MVU-15 left the Raptor Paddock.

Inside MVU-15

As Barry was driving the vehicle, Mandy and Lily were near Owen as they watched their mother set up the satellite phone. Mandy somewhat figured out what was going on, based on not seeing Claire, Zach and Gray.

"Is there anything we can do, Mr. Grady?" Mandy asked with concern.

"No. Just make you and your sister stay with us. Right now, the safest place on this island for you and your mother is with us." Owen said to her.

Mandy nodded and Lily understood. Lily then held on to her older sister as Mandy embraced her.

Chelsea got the satellite dish set up and turned to face Owen. "The phone's set." Chelsea said to Owen.

"Good. Be with your daughters." Owen stated as he knew that Chelsea's daughters needed her.

Chelsea nodded without hesitation. As Chelsea crawled toward her daughters and embraced them, Owen grabbed the phone and dialed the number.

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, a phone rang in the CIC and a black sailor answered, "Yeah?"

"It's Owen Grady for Captain Davis" Owen said on the satellite phone as Barry was driving the vehicle.

The sailor turned to Davis and said to him, "Captain, Owen Grady's on the line." Then he handed the phone to Davis. He put the phone in his ear.

"Grady, go."

"Captain, the mission to take out the Indominus Rex failed." Owen said in a serious tone.

Upon hearing that the plan to take out the murderous hybrid dinosaur was a failure, Davis was in disbelief and asked in a low tone, "What happened?"

Owen sighed and said in a low tone, "We found out too late that thing is part raptor and it made my raptors their alpha. Nolan knew that beforehand and used it against us. Because of that, the raptors took out the rest of the InGen soldiers. Nolan took Claire and her nephews." As he said the last lines, Owen was somber as he felt guilty about losing Claire, Zach and Gray.

After hearing some bad news about the situation, including that Claire and her nephews were captured, Davis had an unhappy look on his face. "God dammit! No, no, NO!" Davis muttered in frustration and pounded his left hand on the empty table, which startled some of the officers and crew members in the CIC. Davis sighed as he quickly composed himself and asked, "Is there anything else?"

"Yes, they took them in the control room. Vic Hoskins was among those killed by my raptors." Owen said to him.

After hearing Hoskins' name, Chelsea suddenly remembered something and said out loud, "Owen!"

Owen turned to Chelsea. Chelsea then stated in a low tone, "I saw Hoskins speaking to someone name Antonis on the radio. When he was speaking to him, he looked he was horrified when he spoke to him and angrily threw the radio down before he got killed by one of your raptors."

After hearing that Hoskins spoke to Antonis and dropping the radio in anger, Owen had a stunned look and came to a realization. Antonis is a mole working for Nolan and his organization as an inside man. With that in that in mind, Owen said on the phone, "Ah, Captain, Nolan had a mole working for InGen. John Antonis, Vic Hoskins' contractor and right hand man."

Davis was surprised that Owen has just got the information and revealed it to him now,. Then he asked in a military-like tone, "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure, sir." Owen replied in a serious tone. He nodded to Chelsea in gratitude for letting him know about Antonis' involvement with Nolan. Chelsea was relieved that she suddenly remembered what she saw Hoskins' conversation with Antonis on the radio.

After hearing what Owen said and believing that John Antonis would be involved with terrorists, Davis turned to Kopelson and said to his executive officer, "Notify the White House."

"Aye, aye, Captain." Kopelson acknowledged as he was putting a call to the White House.

After hearing that Davis is notifying the White House, Owen wondered where the military rescue team was and asked, "Where's the rescue team?"

Davis sighed quietly and somberly revealed, "They were taken out by Nolan and his men."

Owen let out a look of frustration and muttered, "Dammit. I knew it.” Owen then took an opportunity and said to the captain in a rough tone, “Captain, request permission to get to the control room." He wanted nothing more to get to Claire, her nephews and prevent a major catastrophe in Jurassic World.

Sensing his desire to thwart the situation himself, Davis replied to him, "Mr. Grady. It's too dangerous for you to do it yourself. The rescue team was taken out by Nolan and his men. You and the others stay where you are. Wait for another strike team to show up." Davis replied to him.

Owen suspected that Nolan would take out the rescue team after what happened to Claire, Zach and Gray. "No, sir. I can't wait. You saw what they did to the incursion team. And if I wait, Claire, her nephews and everyone in the park will be dead within 20 minutes."

"Looks, Grady..." Davis tried to say something trying to sympathize with him, but Owen interrupted him.

"Claire will break if they threatened the boys!" Owen stated in a stressed tone, impressing how serious the situation will be if Nolan gets Claire's code under duress.

Davis realized that Owen has a connection with Claire, based on the tone of his voice. He said while trying to be understanding, "I know, Grady. But you don't understand. We have a NSA satellite with heat signature capabilities overlooking the island. There are about 50 terrorists on the island. Around 30 in Main Street, at least 10 in Hammond Creation Lab and around 12 in the control room. 8 inside the control room and 4 in the helipad." He hope that would be enough to convince to wait until they will able to send another team on the island without risking his life.

Owen knew Davis was trying to rationalize with him over the current situation. Also, he knew the terrorist gave him some correct information about the number of men in the control room when Davis told him about the number of men in the control room. "Captain, I know that. But that will be discussed after this. I got something else I have to tell you.” Then he asked in a serious tone, “Is this line secured?" He was ready to tell about the conspiracy that Hoskins and Wu were involved in.

Davis was confused by what Owen said. He only replied, "Ah, yes, it is. It's just you and me on the line. Why?"

"Sir, There's a lot of things I think you should should know about the siege and the events before that." Owen said to him. Then he began to tell him about Hoskins and Wu indirect involvement in the siege and their involvement in an conspiracy to militarized the dinosaurs and the Indominus Rex.

Main Street

Meanwhile in Main Street, the fake MVU truck arrived on front of the Innovation Center and stopped. Torres and the driver of the truck got out. Then they opened the back doors. Chernov, Hawkins, Antonis and the other terrorists guarded Claire, Zach and Gray. Claire still held on to Gray as he was terrified by what was going on. Torres then said to Claire and her nephews while letting out his pistol, "You three get out of the truck now."

"You heard him. Get out! Move!" Hawkins ordered while pointing his gun at Claire and the boys while Chernov, Antonis and other terrorists forced them out of the truck. Chernov pointed his thumb at the Innovation Center and the others forced Claire, Zach and Gray towards the building. Claire held on to Gray.

Innovation Center

As they entered the Innovation Center, Claire saw the damage done in the area. She saw bullet holes, blood and debris from the siege on the floor and walls. The scene was bloody. Claire covered Gray's eyes as she didn't want him to see all this carnage. The terrorists continued to move them towards the entryway of the Hammond Creation Lab. Then Claire and Zach looked at guided tour exhibit and saw some bodies of the murdered ACU troopers and Jurassic World Park Rangers. Among them was Hamada, whose body was on top of the couple of others. She felt horrified by the sight of the bodies of the security personnel who fought to protect the park. Then she and her nephews were led into the Hammond Creation Lab while the terrorists barked orders at them to move.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, a news special with the text saying "Jurassic World Siege Special Report" was coming in and one female reporter in the coast of Costa Rica said on the air, "With the dangers of the new hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex and the three feeding shows, the future of Jurassic World is very grim at this point. With all attempts to get to has resulted in failure, there can no easy way to stop the threat as the terrorists prepare..."

As the reporter was speaking on the air, Davis heard what Owen told him about Hoskins and Wu's involvement in the conspiracy to weaponize the hybrid dinosaurs and the Velociraptors, their indirect involvement in the siege, Nolan secretly funding the Indominus Rex and raptor programs and other things related to them. He said to Owen on the phone, “I'll take care of everything here. In the meantime, stay where you are and wait for another team to meet up with you."

Inside MVU-15

Back inside MVU-15, Owen said to Davis on the phone in a serious tone, "Negative, sir. I can't wait for a long time. Claire, her nephews and everyone in the park will be dead before the team arrives and I'm not gonna face Claire's sister when she watches her sons and sister get killed live in the entire world to see." As he was saying that, Chelsea held onto her daughters as they watched Owen speaking to Davis.

After sensing Owen's desire to get to Claire and stop Nolan himself, Davis said while trying to be sympathetic, "Look, Grady. I know you're desperate and I can tell you really have some type of bond with Ms. Dearing, but you have to listen to me. If you go after them yourself and get killed, Nolan wins. You don't even know who else is involved in the conspiracy and Nolan probably has the list of names with him. There's absolutely nothing more you can do to face these guys. You and the others stay where you are. We'll send a team over to you now." Davis hoped what he said to Owen will get him to stay while they try to send a team over to him and his allies.

Owen can sense Davis's sincerity when he told him all that. With a sigh, he said to the Navy captain, "With respect, sir, I understand what you're trying to do for me. But there is not enough time to get another team on the island and I'm not gonna wait as Nolan would force Claire to give her code to kill everyone in the park." Owen was determined to save Claire, her nephews and everyone in the park, whatever it takes.

After hearing what Owen said to him, Davis quickly appraised in a military-line tone, "Grady, I've already send another team. A five-man SEAL team and four-man SAS team are coming over by boat now to meet up with you. They will be on the west end of the island not far where the rescue team was killed in the West end of the island in less than 10 minutes. Challenge is Doorbell, countersign is Boneyard."

After hearing that Davis sending another team on the island and the challenge words issue, Owen was surprised to hear that. He acknowledged to Davis, "Okay, but be very careful, Captain. Nolan can track any military incursion from a long distance, and they will shoot them down."

"I understand. We'll deal with this very cautiously. Meanwhile you stay there, okay?" Davis replied in a serious tone.

Owen then acknowledged in a serious tone, "Got that. But please, come very soon. I have a plan in mind when your team gets here and if the team sees any dinosaurs that is not that monster, use tranquilizers only. Grady out." With that, Owen hang up the satellite phone.He then said out loud of Barry, "Drive us to where we supposed to meet the rescue team."

Barry acknowledged in French and then in English, "Okay." With that, Barry drove MVU-15 truck and made a right turn.

Chelsea, who was still holding her daughters, asked with concern after seeing Owen hanging up the phone, "What now, Owen?"

"I have a plan in motion to get to Claire, her nephews and the others in the control room." Owen said to Chelsea.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan and the others waited patiently. Then the elevator doors opened and Torres, along with Chernov, Antonis, Weinrich and Kaberle, forced Claire, Zach and Gray in the control room. Nolan looks up and said in an rather polite tone, "Ah, Ms. Dearing. What a nice surprise to see you face to face."

After seeing the terrorist leader face to face, Claire irately glares at Nolan as Torres held her at gunpoint. Claire held on to Gray while Antonis held on to Zach at gunpoint. Claire stated in anger, "Can't the say the same with you, asshole."

Nolan smirked a little, seeing Claire's stubborn side. Porter smiled upon seeing Claire is finally captured. Wu saw that Antonis was holding Zach at gunpoint.

"Antonis? Wha...what are you doing?" Wu asked in confusion. Antonis just looked at the geneticist indifferently without saying a word.

"He's in with them, you idiot!" Claire taunted in an unhappy tone as Torres kept her in gunpoint. She wanted Wu to know about Antonis in with the terrorists since they know about his involvement with Hoskins and the inner circle.

Wu was shocked and dismayed that Antonis, Hoskins' trusted right hand man, was actually in with Nolan and his Extinct All Dinosaurs group. ", it can't be. Hoskins trusted you, Antonis! How could you..." Before Wu say more, Smith threw a right backfist strike on his face.

"Shut up!" Smith said in a rough tone. Wu grunted in pain after the hit he received.

After seeing Wu quieted down, Torres turned his face at Nolan and said to him, "Sean, the guys in the lab found a secret door in Wu's office and it has a secret keypad. Hawkins and the others are working on how to get it open."

Upon hearing what Torres told him, Nolan stared at Wu for a moment with an intense glare. Claire looks at Wu with a equally tense glare. Nolan turned to Wang and ordered in a serious tone, "Wang, go down there and help check it out. Cullen will be down when she's finished up here."

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged and headed for the elevator.

As Wang went to the elevator and it closed, Nolan looks at Claire, who still held onto Gray. Gray was frightened by the sight of Nolan. Zach was also frightened by what was going on as Antonis held him at gunpoint. Cullen joined alongside Nolan as she looked at Claire. Claire looked at Cullen in the eye as they remembered each other well since the death of Cullen's son Jack and the wrongful death suit against the park. Nolan then said to Torres, "Take the boys to that wall, Mike."

"Yes, sir." Torres acknowledged. As Antonis was taking Zach to the wall where Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages are at, Torres then got hold of the scared Gray out of his aunt's arms.

"Get your hands off him!" Claire growled in a low tone as Torres took Gray from her arms. Upon hearing that, Cullen slapped her hard in the face. Nolan then nodded to Chernov, who forced Claire to the console as Smith joined in. As Smith leaned her down on the console and pointed his pistol at her head, Chernov tied Claire's wrists behind her with zipties.

As Antonis and another henchman put Zach and Gray near Lowery and Vivian and secured them to the wall, Claire, now restrained, was forced up by Smith and Porter came to her. Claire looked at Porter with some mild shock, but not totally surprised since she suspected him being involved with terrorists. "Porter." Claire hissed with snarl in her voice. Porter stared at stratification at her. Confirmation her suspicions that Porter was the traitor inside the control room, she said in a rough tone, "You were the one who let these bastards in the island two weeks ago with the EMP. You were also the one who let them in here during the attack."

Porter was a little surprised that Claire figured out that he helped Nolan and his Extinct All Dinosaurs group infiltrate the island and letting them in the control room. "There's a old saying 'Revenge is a dish best served cold'."

Claire had a intense glare and resolve on her face despite being held in gunpoint and tied up. She said in a low, unhappy tone, "I won't ask why. I know it was because of me and Masrani turning down your promotion and not getting your pay raise. But how you could even help these psychopaths?"

Porter gave out an angry look at Claire in the eye and said in a trace of fury, "Why? Because they came to me after they learned that I was in financial troubled and that I was overlooked. They paid me more than you and Masrani ever did for me all these six years I worked here. You turned me down for a well deserved promotion."

Claire was appalled by Porter's delusional reason for joining the terrorists when she knew better about turning him down for a promotion. She said in a serious while defending her actions, "You weren't command material, Porter. You couldn't handle the situation with escaping dinosaurs and lead a search for missing children if you tried."

After hearing Claire's justification for turning him down, Porter ranted in an angered tone, "Yeah? Well, guess what. I'm now one of the people in charge of this room. When they came to me and offered me a lot of money, I wasn't going to say no. When you and Masrani refused my pay raise, I accepted their offer to join me for that pay raise. All this is on you, Ms. Dearing." As he was saying that, Porter came close to Claire and assumed that she wouldn't try anything on him since Smith was holding her at gunpoint.

Angered by his betrayal and aiding the terrorists, Claire rammed her left knee in Porter's stomach and the traitorous controller lean downed while he moaned in pain. Then he indirectly slumped backwards and hit his back on one of the consoles. Smith then had a firmer grip on Claire. But she didn't care right now and felt good after hitting Porter. She then said to the traitor with contempt in her voice, "You better be a fast runner, Porter."

The hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, watched in amazement when they saw Claire kneed Porter for his treachery, despite what is going to happened later on. Zach and Gray smiled a little as they saw their aunt hitting someone she knew for his betrayal, despite that she is restrained.

Porter, feeling embarrassed that Claire knocked him down, got up and was about to draw his gun at her when Nolan let out his Beretta 92FS pistol and pointed it at his head. "Porter!" Nolan said out loud while pointing the pistol at him to get him to stand down.

After seeing Nolan pointing his weapon at him and silently getting the message, Porter said with a glare at Claire. "Too bad I couldn't resist." With that, he holstered his pistol.

Nolan was lowering his pistol as he said to Porter, "Dammit. We need her and you know it. Unless we continue to act like unruly teenagers, I suggest we get to work now." As Nolan was saying that, he holstered his own pistol. With that in mind, Porter went back to the mobile workstation to oversee the download.

Smith dragged Claire near Nolan, despite her struggles against him. Nolan signaled Smith to let her go. As Smith let her go, he pointed his pistol at Claire's head and Chernov doing the same in the other side of her. Claire stood still and gives an intense glare at Nolan. Nolan then asked in a snarky tone, "Ms. Dearing, would you mind give me your Quadtosaurus code?"

Claire angrily and defiantly replied in a rough tone, "No! I will not give my code!" Claire was determined not to give up her Quadtosaurus code.

"Wrong answer." Nolan said in a low, but harsh tone. Then he threw a left cross and punched Claire in the face, knocking her down to the floor.

Zach and Gray were horrified that Nolan struck their aunt. Gray's mouth hung open as he was terrified. Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were also terrified when they see the terrorists violently interrogating Claire. Wu was shocked by that Nolan had slugged Claire.

Nolan walked towards Claire, who was able to get into the sitting position after she was knocked down. Her right face was bruised from the hit she received. Nolan ordered in a very stern tone, "Give me your code!"

Claire gave an intense glare at him and said in a defiant tone, "You won't get it from me, asshole."

"Too bad." Nolan replied in a salty tone. Then he forcibly grabbed Claire on both shoulders and forced her up. He then grabbed her hair by with his left and her purple tank top with his right hand. He violently tossed her to the wall, letting out a grunt. As she was moving to the wall, Claire suddenly made a quick, sudden reflex move and landed her right side of her body and bound right arm on the wall, but she didn't hit her head on the wall. She went down on the floor in pain. Wu flinched when he saw Claire got tossed to the wall on his left side.

Terrified that his aunt was getting assaulted, Gray turned his head away in terror. Zach was immensely horrified after seeing his aunt getting brutally hurt by the terrorists. Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages watched on as they are fearful for Claire and what pain she is enduring.

Claire was groaning in pain silently. Nolan coldly walked towards her. He grabbed Claire by her hair and forced her on her knees. "LOOK AT ME!!" Nolan shouted in rage. With Claire looking at him in the eye, Nolan said in a softer yet stern tone, "I held my wife when that T-rex trampled my car. She died in my arms! She was carrying our daughter. She would have been 18 years old today! And yet, you and your people still clone these abominations when they shouldn't have been brought them back in the first place!" Nolan's voice was filled with rage and hate. Emily's death still was on his mind, even after 18 years. He was consumed to make InGen pay and end dinosaur cloning production once and for all.

Despite the pain she is having now and Nolan holding her hair on both sides, Claire looks at the terrorist mastermind with resolve and defiance. She said to him with contempt in her voice, "I'll tell you something! I originally saw these creatures as assets, but when I saw that dying Apatosaurus and put my hands on it, I saw them in a different light! Those dinosaurs are NOT cloned abominations! They're living animals, and you're slaughtering all of them with that thing, along with everyone in this park! You're a demon, Nolan! Is this what your wife and daughter wanted?! Is this who you want to be?!"

After Claire mounted a powerful counterattack, Nolan was in absolute rage and was breathing heavy. Then he, in full blown rage, threw a left slap-punch Claire so hard, her nose was starting to bleed. Claire silently moaned in pain, but she stared at him with an intense glare.

Nolan grabbed Claire by the throat with his right hand and lifted her up on her feet. He said in a low tone, "There's a saying. 'Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.'. These dinosaurs should be extinct and our only way to survive is to stop making these monsters."

Claire glares at Nolan while he held her by her neck. Despite bleeding from the nose, she said to him with such resolve, "Fuck you!"

"Oh, so unwise." Nolan stated in a low tone. Then he punched Claire in the stomach, making her moan in pain. The hostages, including Zach and Gray, watched with sadness and helplessly as they watched Claire getting violently assaulted. As Nolan let her go, Claire doubled down to the floor in obvious pain. She clinched her tied hands and she was letting out some quiet moans. Nolan nodded to Chernov and Smith. They got hold of Claire by the arms and dragged to the water tank in the corner of the control room.

Smith got Claire down to her knees and said in a cold tone, "Let's see if you can handle this, bitch." Then he and Chernov dunked her head underwater, drowning her. Then they let her out of the water.

"What the code to Quadtosaurus, American bitch?" Chernov said in a thick Russian accent. Refusing to break, Claire spits water on the Russian's face. Chernov then dunked her in water again with Smith holding her down.

"That's enough! You're gonna drown her!" Lowery yelled out in desperation to the terrorists. Zach and Gray were horrified to see the terrorists are letting their aunt drown. Vivian and the other surviving hostages were also horrified. Wu was also shocked by what he was witnessing.

After a moment of underwater, they let Claire up and she was coughing up water. Her face and hair were wet. Smith coldly said to her, "All we want is your code and this will stop."

After she was breathing after coughing out water, Claire was looking at Smith intensely. With a look of resolve, Claire moved her tied left hand upward and give him a middle finger gesture as she said to him, "Get this code, you son of a bitch." Despite the pain and drowning sensations she's feeling now, Claire was determined to resist as long as possible, hoping Owen will still be alive so he can get her and her nephews out of danger.

"Oh, we will get it soon, you redhead bitch." Smith said in a defensive tone. With that, he and Chernov dunked her head in water again. As Nolan was walking towards the water tank, he watched on with a cold expression on his face. Porter smiled in satisfaction as he sees his now former boss getting roughed up. Torres looks on with a calm expression on his face.

The hostages, including Zach and Gray, looked on in horror over the terrorists drowning Claire. Wu looks on with shocked in his eyes. Then they let her out of the water. Claire gasped for air and start to spit out water.

The terrorists were somewhat amazed how Claire managed to put up the resistance. Nolan looked down at Claire while Chernov and Smith held on to her. "She's a lot tougher than we realized, sir." Smith said to his leader. Chernov roughly threw Claire down to the floor. She quietly whimpered in pain.

Nolan walked over to her and grabbed her by the right arm to force her up to her feet. As he held Claire by the arm, Claire immediately glared at him irately. He then said to her, "One way or another, Dearing, I will make my point about how cloning the dinosaurs were a mistake."

Claire quickly replied in a firm tone to the terrorist mastermind, "You think you will get what you want, Nolan? You think you making your point about the dinosaurs? No. The only thing you're doing is massacre. You will only spread fear and sadness to every family members of everyone in this park. You will only become the number one most wanted man in the entire world if you do that. The reason your wife and unborn child died was because of the actions of Peter Ludlow, not that 'T-rex."

Nolan shoved Claire to the wall of one of the control consoles and said in a salty tone while pointing his pistol at her, "Peter Ludlow may have been responsible for bringing that T-rex to San Diego and I would have enjoyed beating his ass to death if he was still alive, but John Hammond and InGen started the whole creation of dinosaurs in the first place, just like you, Masrani and everyone signed off creating the Indominus Rex." What he said was true. He would have beaten Peter Ludlow to death or worse if he was still alive today. He was determined that InGen to pay for his personal lost and to ensure the end of creation of clone dinosaurs once and for all.

Despite being shoved to the console and a gun pointed at her, Claire said with resolve in her voice, "Those dinosaurs are not monsters, they're just animals. The only monster creature is the Indominus Rex. I never knew about the inner circle Hoskins and Wu were in to militarized these creatures." As she said that, Claire looks at Wu with unhappiness. Wu hung his head as he realized that Claire knows about his involvement with the inner circle as Claire turned her face back to Nolan and continued, "If I did, I would have shut the project down in a second. I never endanger people's lives when it comes to dinosaurs and I never engage in anything unethical. That's not what I am." Although Claire knew that Nolan wouldn't listen to reason over everything she said, she hoped that it will get him to understand that dinosaurs are not monsters as he is proclaiming them as.

As Nolan held Claire to the console, he replied in an agitated tone, "You may have not known about the conspiracy to weaponize those things, but you sign off to have it made when Masrani told you too." He remembered what Antonis told him about how the Indominus Rex was signed off by Masrani and Claire. Antonis stood near the hostages.

Claire looks at Nolan in the eye while he held her to the console. She stated in a rough tone, "You think killing everyone in the park with that monster and expose the plot will end the conspiracy? No, it won't. You could have told everyone in the world about the conspiracy instead of taking over this entire island and killing everyone with dinosaurs just to prove the dangers of cloning dinosaurs and using that as an example to reveal the inner circle. All the things you did and what you're going to do is mass murder." Nolan, displeased with Claire's defiance, grabbed her arm with more force and pointed his Beretta 92FS pistol under her chin. Claire then continued while being threatened by Nolan, "Better yet. You committed one of the worst terrorist attacks in history."

Nolan forcibly pulled Claire away from the console as she stood. Nolan said in a stern tone, "You think I'm doing this for terrorism?! You thought wrong, Dearing!" Nolan then grabbed Claire damp red hair with his right hand and violently yanked her head, making her groan in pain. As Claire closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, Nolan pointed his pistol under her chin while holding on while holding her hair. He said with fury in his voice, "I'm doing this for justice for my Emily and our daughter, as well as the innocent people who died and brutally injured because of those fucking abominations!" As he angrily said that while brutally holding her red hair even tighter, Claire was gritting her teeth tighter, kept her eye closed and clinched her tied hands. The hostages watched helplessly. Zach and Gray watched in horror with sad expressions on their faces. Wu looked with a expression full of shock. Torres, Cullen, Smith and Chernov watched on Nolan continued with anger in his voice, "My wife was my childhood sweetheart and my ultimate partner! I left the Army for her! We were expecting parents and we were preparing for the beginning in the next stage of our lives when that T-rex stomped our car!" As Nolan's voice was full of rage, he kept holding on to Claire's hair and held her head back. Claire kept trying to fight off the pain with all of her strength. Then Nolan, full of rage, squeezed her hair even more tighter, causing Claire to grunt in pain. "When Emily died, a part of me died with her! Because of InGen, they destroyed my fucking life! The have...taken everything from me!" Nolan held into Claire's hair a few seconds longer to give her such pain. Then he finally let go of her hair and stares at her with anger in his eyes, "I got nothing to lose! You got that, you corporate red-haired bitch?!"

Claire looks at the terrorist leader at the eye and sees him as a man consumed by rage and driven by revenge when he furiously said those words to her. Nolan stares at her in the eye and asked in a bitter tone, "Now, Dearing. You're not going to give your Quadtosaurus code. Are you?"

After a moment of silence, Claire defiantly and quietly said, "No." Nolan looks on and with a silent treatment he was giving her, Claire leaned her face forward towards him again said in a defiant tone, "No."

"Oh, really? Is that so?" Nolan remarked in a sarcastic tone. Then he tripped Claire down to the floor with his left leg and she landed on her back and bound arms. Nolan slowly walked towards her and asked in a salty tone, "Do you really want it to be this way?"

Claire looks at Nolan and suddenly realized what his next move is. She didn't want to think about saying it to him. She only pleaded in a low tone, "Nolan... please."

After seeing that he is getting somewhere, Nolan turned to Torres and said to him while motioning his finger, "Bring the nephews here."

Torres acknowledged silently. He and Chernov walked towards Zach and Gray while Cullen came towards Claire and pointed her pistol at the side of the her. Antonis lets out some wire cutters and cuts the zipties off Gray while Chernov uses another wire cutter to cut the zipties off Zach.

Torres got hold of Gray while Chernov was about to grab Zach. "No! No, let my little brother go! Don't you..." Zach said to while trying to get near Gray. Chernov threw a right backfist strike on his face and he went down the floor with a cut on his left cheek. Claire gasped in horror upon seeing Chernov hitting her oldest nephew and her mouth hung open. Few of the hostages screamed in shock.

Nolan walked towards the scene as Chernov held Zach up. Gray was held by Torres. Nolan turned to Claire, who was profoundly terrified by the sight of the terrorists attempting to use Zach and Gray against her. He said in a blunt tone, "Remember what I told you earlier about me using your nephews when I get them? Well, that's going to happen. I'm a man of my word."

Claire felt her will to resistance dwindling when she sees that Zach and Gray are being threatened. The hostages were fearful what is going to happen next. Claire shouted out in a desperate, anguished tone, "THEY'RE JUST CHILDREN!! THEY'RE INNOCENT CHILDREN!!"

"MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER WERE ALSO GOD DAMN INNOCENT!!" Nolan shouted out loud to her in a stern tone. Claire was tearing up and swallowed hard trying to control her emotions. Then Nolan said to her in a rough tone, "You got one chance to save them before they get into that elevator. Otherwise, they will fed to that fucking monster Indominus Rex."

Cullen, deciding to get involved, said in a cold tone while pointing her pistol to Claire's head, "You listen, Dearing. If you don't give us your code by the time they reached the elevator, all bets are off and your nephews will be fed, with everyone in the world watching, including your sister and her soon-to-be ex-husband. You don't want your sister to experience the same feeling that I felt when my son was killed by those Compies."

Claire felt immensely horrified by Cullen making that threat. Then Nolan then looks at Claire and said in a low, harsh tone, "You've delayed your code for far too long. Now, you've given my no choice." Then he nodded to Torres and Chernov.

With that, Torres and Chernov were taking Zach and Gray. Both brothers were terrified as they were being led to the elevator. Claire saw what was happening and asked in a worried tone, "What are you doing with them?!" As she watched the terrorists moving Zach and Gray, Claire realized what they were doing and yelled out, "NO!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!"

"I would do as Nolan said if I would you!" Torres said out loud to her as he was taking Gray to the elevator. Chernov was holding Zach. As they were being led to the elevator, Zach and Gray were crying out and are extremely scared, despite their efforts to resist.

Claire recalled what Nolan told that he will send them to deaths by the dinosaurs, likely to the Indominus Rex, and that terrified her to the core as she watched on in horror and she yelled out in a frantic tone, "NO!! NO, PLEASE!!! DON'T!!!"

The other hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, knew that Claire was gonna break soon when they saw Torres and Chernov taking the Mitchell brothers to the elevator. Smith pressed the elevator button and the doors open.

"You got one last chance or it will too late!" Nolan yelled out in a rough tone as he displayed no emotion and had no compunction about what will happen to the nephews. The Mitchell brothers were put into the elevator as Torres, Smith and Chernov entered also.

"STOP!!" Claire yelled out in terror. She couldn't bear to let them get eaten live in front of the entire world, especially Karen. Tears came out of her eyes. Then, with such heavy emotions, Claire tearfully said, "The code is 4, backslash, R...D, 3...G, comma, L."

With that, Cullen went to Lowery's workstation and typed in Claire's Quadtosaurus code. With that, the computer shows that they have completed access to Quadtosaurus. Cullen let out a smile and turned her head to Nolan. "Got it. We have full access to Quadtosaurus, sir." Cullen said to him.

"Thank you, Dearing." Nolan said to the shaken Claire. Then he motioned to his top men to bring the nephews back in the control room. As Zach and Gray were secured back another part of the wall near Lowery and Vivian, Nolan handed Claire back to Smith.

"Sit down there!" Smith barked as he had Claire sat Zach, Gray, Lowery and Vivian. Her nose was still bleeding, but wasn't as bad as it was earlier. Her face was bruised and wet, her hair was damp. She and the others were watched by two other terrorists.

Claire turns her face to her nephews and she had a wave of mixed emotions. She felt relieved to be near them, but she also felt terrible that she revealed her Quadtosaurus code under duress, risking lives of over 20,000 people on the island. Her eyes were wet from all the tears she had during her agonizing ordeal in the control room. She said in a low, somber tone while slowly scooting over to them, "I'm sorry, boys." She came close to her nephews and sat next to them while she continued with tears in her eyes, "I'm so sorry..." Claire felt terrible that her nephews had to go through the horrible time witnessing their aunt getting tortured and them being threatened by the terrorists.

Zach and Gray hated to see their aunt in a terrible state. Gray leaned his head at Claire and said in a low tone, "It's okay, Aunt Claire. You did your best."

Claire felt a little better by her youngest nephew giving her support. Zach then whispered to his aunt, "Yes, exactly. He's right. We want to let you know that you did your best to get us out of this. All this happened because of them. Mom would be proud of your efforts to keep us safe. Now when all this happened, you came for us when that thing attacked us and you were there for us. You also learn from your past mistakes and you were trying to make up for it. We all know that. So you gave everything you got for us. Whatever happens to us, we will stand alongside you. And...if it's all same to you, Aunt Claire, that's how we want to leave it." He was showing his newfound respect for his aunt after everything she did for them and how she proved herself to them with everything that happened. Claire felt a little more relieved that her nephews tried to console her and have developed a close bond with her throughout the terrifying situation.

Cullen and Porter looked at the screen, checking out the drone's camera and the Quadtosaurus. "We're all set. The drone spotted the I-rex here. It's about less than 20 minutes from Main Street," Cullen said to Nolan.

Nolan nodded and turned his head to Smith, "Smith, tell our men in Main Street to prepare to move the hostages outside and check on the secret door in Wu's office. Time is crucial. Move."

"Aye, sir." Smith acknowledged as he made a radio call to the hostages while going to the door that leads to the stairway.

Once Smith left the room, Nolan asked Porter, "How's the download?"

Porter was looking at the download on copying Quadtosaurus to the mobile workstation. "80%, sir." Porter said to Nolan with some confidence. Nolan felt pleased that, despite the lost of men and interference from Owen, Claire and Barry, everything is going according to plan.

As she and the hostages listened, Claire realized that they are copying Quadtosaurus to the mobile workstation. She hoped Owen and Barry are still alive and are out there, working on a plan to rescue them and thwart the current threat right now.

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

At the beach where the military rescue team was slaughtered, the MVU-15 truck arrived. Barry stopped the truck and said to Owen, Chelsea and her daughters in the back, "We're in the site now." With that, Barry came out and opened the back doors.

"Stay there." Owen said to Chelsea, Mandy and Lily. Then he came out of the truck and he walked alongside Barry. They saw slaughtered bodies of the Navy SEALs and British Royal Marines. Owen was angered that another SEAL team was killed by the terrorists.

Before Barry can walked towards the bodies, Owen grabbed him by the arm. He said to him, "Don't go near the bodies. Nolan likely has them booby trapped. That's what I would do if I was him."

Barry, knowing that Owen is right and remembering that he had a plan in motion, asked, "What are your plans?"

Owen replied in a rough tone, "Sprang the team, lead the terrorists to it. Then we get those bastards. They have to send a helicopter to us. We will use to fly it to the helipad in the control room."

Barry knew it was really dangerous to get to the control room with an number of terrorists in there. He replied in a serious tone, "Owen, that sounds very risky."

Owen, knowing the risks, replied in confident tone, "I know. It's not a foolproof plan, but it's the only way to get to Claire, her nephews and the other hostages in there and shut down Quadtosaurus." He wanted to get in there as soon as possible to save Claire, her nephews and everyone from their brutal fate.

After a moment of hesitation, Barry acknowledged, "Good point." He knew that Owen's plan was the only plan to get to the hostages, including Claire, and end the siege. With that, they went back to the truck. Barry asked Owen, "How to we set off the explosives?"

"There is one thing we can try." Owen said in a confident tone. As they arrived in the truck, Owen asked, "Do you have a grenade?"

"I took two from one of the InGen soldiers." Barry answered immediately. Chelsea wondered what they are planning.

"Give me one." Owen said to him. Barry handed him the M67 grenade. Then he turned to Chelsea and said to him, "Chelsea, give me one of those cattle prods."

Mandy went and took the cattle prod. After she handed it to her mother, Chelsea asked, "What are you going to do?"

Owen finds a tough string and said to Chelsea, "Whatever we can do to save everyone." With that, Chelsea tossed the cattle prod to Owen. With that, he tied the grenade into the cattle prod. Once it was done, he said to Barry, "Get inside the truck. Tell them to cover their ears." Knowing that the radius of the possible explosion might be strong, Barry went inside the back of MVU-15.

Owen then came close enough to the bodies. He pulled the pin of the grenade that is tied to the cattle prod. Then he tossed the prod like a javelin and it went into the bodies, with the grenade falling inside them. Then Owen rushed back to the truck and got inside as the grenade went off, setting off the Claymore mines in the bodies, resulting in the massive explosion. With Owen, Barry, Chelsea and her daughters inside the truck to shield themselves from the explosion, the blast didn't get them. They also covered their ears so the explosion won't affect their hearing.

Control room

Back in the control room, Cullen saw something on radar at the west end of the beach and knew it came from the Claymore mines Nolan planted on the bodies of the rescue team. "We got an explosion at the west side of the beach."

Claire and the other hostages heard what Cullen said. Claire realized it may have something to do with Owen. Wu also wondered what was going on.

Nolan saw that on radar too and realized where it came from. He turned to Torres and said to him, "Send a chopper over there and check it out."

"Yes, sir." Torres acknowledged.

Before Torres can get on the radio, Nolan said to him, "Tell them to watch their asses. Grady might still be out there with Sembène and that family they saved."

"Right." Torres replied as he acknowledged how formidable Owen can be.

As Torres was rallying the message to one of the choppers, Claire, Zach, Gray and the other hostages are somewhat hopeful that Owen will get to them, if he's still alive.

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