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This is chapter 20 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 20: Retaking Control Room

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

At the island, Owen was in position in some dense bushes while Barry hid in a large tree as they looked at the beach that had the bodies of the rescue team. Chelsea, Mandy and Lily are hidden at MVU-15. As they waited, they heard the noise of a helicopter coming in. Owen readied his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle. Barry loaded the machine gun he took from one of the dead InGen soldiers in the Raptor Paddock.

The helicopter was closing in the beach and it landed on the beach in a clearest part of it so the main rotor wouldn't hit the trees. Four terrorists came out of the chopper with their weapons raised and the pilot stayed in it. The four men approached where the bodies of the rescue team is at. Owen is letting out the last grenade. When the men got closer to the bodies, Owen tossed a grenade as he quickly went down to the bushes. The grenade landed near to the two men taking lead. As the two men behind them retreated away, the grenade went off and killed two men. The pilot was about to get in the chopper when Barry shot him dead with his machine gun. Owen then fired his rifle and killed one of the surviving terrorists. As the last terrorist fired at the bushes Owen took cover by the trees. Then Owen fired his rifle and shot the last terrorist in the head, killing him instantly.

Owen and Barry walked over the area with their weapons raised. As they inspected the bodies, bushes from the other side moved and they saw someone pointed a silenced rifle at them.

"Doorbell!" The man dressed in black yelled out.

"Boneyard!" Owen responded out loud for the man to hear.

After a moment of silence, the man suddenly turned his head and said out loud, "Stand down! They're friendly!" With that, the man, who is revealed to a black man with shaved hair and a short mustache and beard, came out with another man who is British, alongside him. Then seven more men came forward with their weapons lowered. Then the black man and the British man with him came to Owen.

"You must be Grady." The black military man said to him. Owen silently nodded. Then the black man said while he shook hands with him, "Lieutenant Commander Edwin Garnett, commander of SEAL team 7. This is Lieutenant Jason Cox, SAS. Captain Davis sent us."

"Nice to meet you, sir." Lieutenant Cox said to Owen as he shook hands with Owen.

Owen quickly said to Garnett and Cox, "The terrorists have taken Claire Dearing and her nephews to the control room. These assholes are going to kill everyone in the park with that monster hybrid the people in the lab cooked up."

"We know. We spotted it on the satellite, briefly if I might add. It was heading south. We believe it's going to arrive in Main Street around 15 to 20 minutes, tops." Garnett said to him in a military-like tone.

"We got a woman and her two daughters in one of our MVU trucks over there." Barry said to them, pointing to the direction where the truck is parked.

"Head to that truck." Garnett said to a couple of men.

"I'm going with them." Barry said to the military team. With that, he led two men heading for MVU-15 where Chelsea and her daughters are at.

As that was happening, Garnett turned to Owen. Owen then said to him in the serious tone, "We need to get to the control room. That's where the only computer with access to the fail-safe system Quadtosaurus is at. It's also where he's keeping Claire Dearing, her nephews and several other hostages are it."

As Owen told him this, Garnett knew there had to more of a reason why he wanted to get to Claire sooner. He said in a serious tone, "With all due respect, Mr. Grady. We know that there at least 12 terrorists in there."

"Yes, Commander. I know that. The one way we can get to the control room is with that helicopter." Owen said to the SEAL commander, nodding his head to the chopper.

After hearing what Owen said and looked at the chopper, Garnett decided to tell him that he and the others something. So he said to Owen, "Mr. Grady, you and the others will need to get out of the island right now. Come with us. We'll handle this situation."

Being a former SEAL, Owen knew what Garnett meant and said in a serious tone, "Wait, these people are extremely dangerous."

"I'm a SEAL commander." Garnett said to Owen.

"I was a SEAL too, and yet handling them was almost impossible. This man is ex-Special Forces. He's well prepared for anything that comes at him, like he did with most of our fellow SEALs that came on this island earlier. You will need all the help you can get." Owen said bluntly to Garnett. As Owen was saying that, Barry returned with Chelsea, her daughters and two soldiers.

"How though?" Cox asked.

"I have a plan and now we got a chopper ready. You can help us." Owen said in a serious tone. Shortly after he said that, they heard some snarling noise. As the team raised their weapons, Blue came out of the trees and stopped after seeing Owen. Then Blue saw the soldiers.

As Garnett, Cox and the other soldiers were raising their firearms, Owen yelled out to them as he stayed in front of Blue, "Don't shoot her! Don't shoot her!" Blue roared and snarled at the men who were raising their weapons at her. Owen then shouted to the raptor, "Blue, it's me!" After hearing Owen, Blue stopped and stared at him. Chelsea held on to her daughters as they watched Owen slowly approaching Blue. Blue slowly approached Owen as well.

"Let me handle this. It's my animal." Owen told the soldiers who was pointing their weapons at the raptor.

"You heard him. Let him handle this." Barry said to the soldiers. Garnett and Cox were wary of this. As they watched Owen getting close to Blue, the soldiers kept their guns raised as a defensive measure, but they don't fire at the creature.

Owen moved closer to Blue, who just stares at him. Blue made some purring noises. Then Owen drops his rifle to the ground. Blue continued to purr. Then she let out a small snarl and snapped lightly once, but away from Owen. As Owen raised his right towards the raptor, he said in a low tone, "Easy." He moved his hand slowly towards the now damaged mini-camera attached to Blue. "Easy." Owen said softly as Blue made purring noises. Barry and Chelsea were nervous and the soldiers aimed their weapons at Blue. Owen reached the buckle of the mini-camera and removed it from Blue. He let it fell to the ground as Blue made purring noises.

Barry, Chelsea, her daughters and the soldiers saw in amazement how Owen managed to tame down a Velociraptor, but they were also nervous. "That's it." Owen whispered as Blue made some light noises. After a moment, Blue turned around and headed back to the wilderness. Before entering the trees, Blue looks at Owen briefly and made a soft bellow before disappearing into the wilderness.

After the animal disappeared, Garnett, Cox and the other soldiers lowered their weapons. Owen sighed after seeing Blue gone, but was relieved to gain his alpha status back to her. Barry felt better now that Blue has been tamed and Chelsea & her daughters felt relaxed now that the raptor left.

"Wow. That was amazing, Mr. Grady. How the bloody hell did you do that with that thing?" Cox asked while in a surprised tone.

"Let's just say I'm imprinted as the alpha of the Velociraptor pack. But right now, we got more important things to do." Owen said to him in a serious tone.

Garnett nodded in agreement and asked, "Yes. What do you suggest?"

Owen looked down and saw that a terrorist he killed was carrying a tablet. With that in mind, he thought of something and said to Garnett, "I have a plan and we have an advantage."

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, Cullen sees the download on the mobile workstation has reached 95 percent. Claire was still in pain from the beating she received as she sat next to her nephews. Zach and Gray looked at their aunt silently with pride for her. Lowery and Vivian looked at Claire with a newfound respect for everything she went through and showed during the siege. Claire noticed that Lowery wasn't in the Jurassic Park shirt she saw earlier. She realized that Nolan took offense to it & forced Lowery to take it off. She whispered to Lowery, "I told you that Jurassic Park shirt was bad taste."

"Yes. I guess you were right about that." Lowery stated in a whisper tone. Claire silently acknowledged that as she sighed, trying to take her mind off the pain.

As Cullen kept an eye on the download, there was a beep and she & Torres, who was near her, saw it was coming from a video call from one of the tablets they use. Then on the main screen of the control room, it showed Owen looking serious and is at the beach area with his back towards the ocean.

Nolan, who was standing near Lowery and Vivian's workstations, was surprised to see Owen alive, but remained stoic about it. Torres and Cullen were also surprised in their own way. Porter, who was at Lowery's workstation, also saw Owen on the screen. The hostages, including Zach and Gray, were shocked and happy that Owen is alive. Claire had a look of relief in her face and let out a smile after seeing Owen alive.

Owen looks at the camera of the tablet and said to Nolan in a taunting tone, "What's the matter, Nolan? Looks like you're just saw the T-rex coming at you. I guess you didn't expect to see this, didn't you? Well, guess what, asshole. It's over. No more live feeding shows, no getting off this island, no letting that monster kill everyone in the park, no more proving your point to the world about the dinosaurs for your own worthless cause." After seeing Owen confronting Nolan, Claire smiled in a pleased tone.

Upon hearing Owen's taunt, Nolan was angered by it. He said in a low, rough tone, "I will have Claire and her nephews get fed by the Indominus in front of everyone in the fucking world and tell their families to hold you accountable."

Owen, silently angered by Nolan's threat to Claire, Zach and Gray, was undeterred by it and said in a equally rough tone, "It won't matter. Because whatever you think you're trying to prove to the world, whatever you think you accomplished, you won't be around to see it and all your efforts will be in vain."

Nolan, deciding to hit the mark on Owen, said in a rough, taunting tone, "How about your efforts would be in vain when we get the Indominus to kill everyone in this park, including Claire, her nephews, Dr. Wu and such? After that, we will name you, Barry Sebeme and all the others with you as people who failed to prevent all this chaos to the world and your reputations will be forever known by that." He hoped Owen would know how serious he really was.

"I got news for you, dipshit. I don't care about that. Because if you harm Claire and anyone in her family, you will be hunted down like wild dinosaurs." Owen taunted in a serious tone. Claire can sense that Owen was genuine about what he said to Nolan and Zach & Gray see that that there is still hope to survive the situation.

Nolan felt incredibly fed up by Owen messing with him. He turned to Cullen and ordered in a rough tone, "Fucking shut him down now."

As Cullen tried to tap on the keyboard, Owen replied in a serious tone, "You're not shutting me down, Nolan. I'm here to say and I'm not going to comply an order to stand down from anyone."

Nolan looks at Owen with a serious demeanor. He said in a stern tone, "I must admit I underestimated you, sailor. Well, guess what, you piece of shit. I'm not gonna let that happen again and you won't catch me off-guard." Nolan stated in a snarky tone.

Owen looks at Nolan on the screen of the tablet and said in a equally stern tone, "There will be no again, Nolan. You're gonna die on this island and everything you did here will be all for nothing. You won't know what hit you. You want my advice. Surrender while you still can. Because if you don't, I'm gonna feed you to my raptors. But don't worry, I will have it filmed and send it to the world for everyone to see. Because I know you enjoy that kind of stuff." Then Owen shut off the video call. Then Owen shut off the video call. Nolan was a displeased look on his face after the call ended.

Somewhere on the beach of Isla Nublar

Owen put down the tablet the ground. Then he looked right and saw Barry, Garnett, Cox and the other soldiers watching him near the chopper. Chelsea and her daughters were already aboard. "I hope this plan of yours works, raptor man." Cox said to him.

"It will. He thinks it's just Barry and me." Owen said to Cox and the others.

Control room

Back in the control room, Cullen checks out the trace of the video call and said to Nolan, "That video call is from one of our tablets."

Nolan realized what that meant and muttered unhappily, "Dammit. He took out the men on the beach." Then he went to Chernov and said in a low tone so no one will hear them, "Chernov, get our boats and wet subs prepared and have the pterosaurs ready to transport to Sorna. We'll be leaving as soon as the Indominus enters Main Street and seal it off."

Chernov acknowledged in Russian. As Chernov went over to the other area to convey the orders, Nolan walked over to Cullen, who said to him, "We copied Quadtosaurus to our mobile workstation, sir."

"Excellent. Get it to the elevator now, Cullen." Nolan ordered in a somewhat satisfied tone. As Cullen and Smith was moving the workstation to the elevator, Nolan grabbed his Heckler & Koch MK416 rifle and fired several shots the workstation where Quadtosaurus is at, damaging it and computer went offline. Then he struck the keyboard with the back end of his gun few, rendering it useless. He then said to himself, "That should be a way to stop systems from being hacked."

The hostages, including Claire, Zach and Gray, were horrified that Nolan destroyed the console that had Quadtosaurus. After Cullen and Smith got the workstation to the elevator, Cullen said to Nolan, "We still have access to it on our workstation." As she said that, Smith held the elevator doors open.

Nolan nodded silently. Then he said to Torres, "Mike, let's go down to the lab."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged. Then he motioned Kaberle over to him.

"Nolan, I got Wu." Antonis said to Nolan as he picked up Wu and held him in gunpoint.

"Use the stairway to get the lab. Take one man with you." Nolan ordered Antonis as he motioned Weinrich to assist Antonis with Wu. With that, Antonis and Weinrich took Wu to the stairway exit that leads to the Hammond Creation Lab.

As Torres and Kaberle joined Nolan, he pointed his left finger at Claire & her nephews and said in a blunt tone, "Bring them. I want them in my sight." Claire was shocked that Nolan is bringing her, Zach and Gray with them to the Hammond Creation Lab.

As Torres was grabbing Claire, she was putting up some resistance. Then Kaberle and another henchman took hold of Zach and Gray. As Claire struggled against Torres, Nolan fired his pistol in the air. Claire stopped struggling and some of the hostages screamed. "Dearing, you and your nephews to the elevators now. Move it." Claire just glared at him as Torres and the others are moving her and her nephews to the elevator. Then Nolan ordered Chernov and Porter, "Chernov, plant the bombs in the emergency stairway and destroy it. Then clear out the control room and call in one of the helicopters to pick you and the others up in the helipad." Chernov nodded silently. Then Nolan said to Porter, "Porter, restore power in Main Street and join Chernov & the others on the beach."

"You got it." Porter acknowledged. Then Nolan joined Torres, Cullen, Smith and Kaberle at the elevator as they held Claire and her nephews at gunpoint. As the elevator doors closed, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages are fearful that they might get killed sooner than later. Chernov went to the stairway and Porter began typing in on Lowery's console.

Main Street

Meanwhile, at Main Street, the terrorists were preparing to move the hostages outside. Then the lights in Main Street turned back on. The hostages wondered what was going on while the terrorists waited until Quadtosaurus is activated.


At the elevator, Cullen was typing in some on the mobile workstation. Then Torres heard on the radio. Then he acknowledged, "Copy that." He turned to Nolan and said to him, "Sir, the lights are on in Main Street."

"Good. Cullen, seal it off. Be ready to open one section of the walls when the Indominus arrives." Nolan ordered in a serious tone.

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged. She then activated the concrete stainless steel walls. Claire, Zach and Gray watched in shock is that the terrorists are getting their plans ready for the hostages. Smith and Kaberle kept watched on them.

Main Street

Back in Main Street, the ground in the entryways began to open, the grass and the road went under to . Then two set of the large walls began to rise slowly in the entrances of Main Street. The terrorists and the hostages watched in amazement as the concrete stainless steel walls rose from the ground. After several seconds, the walls came to the stop. Then one of the men who was watching the scene said on the radio, "Main Street is sealed off. I repeat, Main Street is sealed off."


In the elevator, Nolan said on the radio, "Alright, good. Bring the hostages outside. Bring them outside. Then get some men back inside the Innovation Center and get the rest to meet up with Chernov and the others at the escape point."

"Will do." The terrorist on the radio acknowledged.

After hearing what the terrorists are doing, Claire was horrified and the mere thought of everyone in the park getting killed by the monster of the creature was terrifying to her. Nolan turned to her and said in a taunting tone, "Yeah, a lot of families will be traumatized by seeing their loved ones died live on this island. But hey, I will finally make my point clear to the world about the dangers of these abominations."

Claire, appalled by what Nolan said in such in cold tone, glared at him.


At the stairway, Chernov planted a bomb on the center part of the stairway as Antonis and Weinrich managed to get Wu to the door that leads to the hallways between the Innovation Center and Hammond Creation Lab. Then Chernov walked back upstairs and returned to the control room. Lowery and Vivian were shocked that he returned. Then the Russian henchman pressed the detonator and the bomb blew up, destroying the stairway as the debris of it fell to the floor below. Chernov smiled in satisfaction and chuckled sinisterly.


In the elevator, Nolan, Claire, Zach, Gray and the others felt an vibration of the bomb going off in the stairway. Torres then muttered to Nolan, "Sounds like that crazy-ass Russian press the detonator a little early."

Smith then muttered, "And I bet he enjoyed doing that to mess with everyone, like he always does."

"Shut up, both of you." Nolan said to his former fellow Special Forces comrades. Claire suspected that Chernov is that sadistic Russian henchman who tortured her and struck Zach in the face when he tried to protect Gray.


Meanwhile, at the helipad, four terrorists maintained patrol at the helipad. Then they saw a helicopter coming in. At first, they assumed that it was the helicopter send to pick them up to take them to the beach to get their escape vehicles ready. As the chopper was closing in on the helipad, one of the terrorists noticed that the helicopter pilot didn't seem recognizable. Before he can say anything, the helicopter doors opened and it was revealed to be Owen, Barry, Garnett, Cox and the other soldiers. Owen shot and the killed that terrorist in the chest twice with a silenced rifle that was given to him. Then Barry fired his weapon and killed the second terrorist next to the one Owen killed. Then one of the Navy SEALs shot and killed the third terrorist, the Hispanic man who threw the Molotov Cocktail at the stairway of the Monorail stop during the siege earlier. Before the last terrorist, a bald Frenchman, can warn someone on the radio, Commander Garnett shot him three times in the chest with the silenced rifle, killing him.

"Let go!" Garnett ordered. Then he, Owen, Barry, Cox and four joint Navy SEAL/SAS team got off the chopper. Two men stayed in the chopper while one SAS commando stayed in the pilot's seat. Chelsea, Mandy and Lily stayed inside the chopper as they saw Owen, Barry and the other soldiers are infiltrating the control room.

"Cox, go down the elevator with three men. I'll take the stairway down with the others." Garnett said to the SAS lieutenant.

"Right." Cox acknowledged. Then Cox said to the men near him, "You three, with me." As the three men joined Cox on the elevator, Owen, Barry joined Garnett and the men with him on the stairway. Cox pressed the elevator button while Owen led Barry, Garnett and an Navy SEAL to the stairway and the SEAL closed the door behind them.

Control room

In the control room, Chernov and the other terrorists were packing up to head to the beach to prepare their escape vehicles. Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were fearful that the terrorists might kill them. Porter finishing typing in on the computer and said to Chernov, "All set. Should we go to the helipad to meet up with the others in the south west beach?"

"Yes, we go to the helipad...after we kill your former friends." Chernov said while packing up some equipment, with help from six other terrorists with him and Porter.

Upon hearing what Chernov said to Porter, Lowery, Vivian and other hostages were horrified that they are going to execute them soon and that everyone in the park will die after their deaths.

In the stairway, Owen, Barry, Garnett and the another SEAL arrived in the stairway. Then Garnett let out a flash grenade. Owen said to him, "Give that to me."

Garnett handed him the grenade while the other SEAL let out a tear gas grenade. Barry saw that and was concerned what it will do to Claire and the other hostages if they're still alive. Garnett said to him and Owen, "We get the hostages out of the room and give treatment for them if they get exposed to the gas."

Inside the control room, Chernov and two other terrorists were coming up to the hostages. "Time for all you computer die." Chernov said in a thick Russian accent.

As the terrorists were slowly raising their weapons, Lowery was stoic on the outside, but on the inside, he was terrified that he will be killed. Vivian was starting to tear up, even though she tried to remain composed.

In the stairway, Owen was ready to throw the flashbang. As the SEAL with them opened the door, Owen tossed the grenade and the blinding flash hit the terrorists, effecting their vision. The hostages were also hit with the blinding flash.

After they quickly put their gas masks on, Garnett tossed the tear gas grenade and it hit the far wall, away from the hostages. As the gas getting to the control room, Owen came in and shot a terrorist, a Russian with short black hair in his upper 30s, in his chest once with a Glock 17 pistol, killing him. Garnett saw a black terrorist in his upper 30s near the hostages and was about to shoot the hostages despite the tear gas hitting him and shot him twice in the chest, killing him. As Cox and the other soldiers came out the elevator with gas masks on and the terrorists getting affected by the tear gas, Barry shot another terrorist, a man with curly brown hair, in the head and chest with his rifle.

Porter was deeply affected by the tear gas. As he was trying to let out a pistol with his eyes tearing up, One SEAL managed to cut the zipties off Lowery. He then yelled out while pointing to Porter, "Shoot him! He's a traitor!" Just as Porter was about to fire despite being affected by the tear gas, Cox shot him in the chest, killing him. A SEAL gave Lowery a gas mask.

As Vivian and the other hostages were being freed, Chernov and the last terrorist, a man with black trimmed hair, were away from the tear gas. Then they fired at the military team. Barry was shot in the left shoulder by Chernov as he went down on the ground. A SEAL manged to fire his rifle and shot the terrorist next to Chernov twice in the chest. Before Chernov can get to Barry, Owen charged at him and hit him on the side, causing Chernov to crash into the water tank. As the hostages were being evacuated to the elevator to the helipad and the wounded Barry got up on his own power, Owen approached Chernov with an intense glare. As the tear gas was hitting him, Chernov cursed in Russian and raised his rifle in an final attempt to kill Owen. But Owen shot him four times in the chest, causing him to fall forward and land on the water in the water tank.

As that was happening, Lowery went to his control console and turned on the ventilation in the control room to remove the tear gas in the area. After that was done, Garnett, unaware what Lowery was doing, quickly grabbed him and said, "We have to get out of here now! Come on!"

As the fans was pulling the tear gas out of the control room, Lowery went with the team. As Barry left the control room, Owen went to him and checked his wounded shoulder. "You're okay?" Owen asked in a concerned tone.

Barry replied in French and then said in English, "Yes." As he said that, he held his hand above the wound.

"Let's get out of here." Owen said out loud. With that, he took Barry out of the room. As every soldier and hostages were already out, Owen closed the door as the fans began to evaporate the tear gas in the room.

As they went to the stairway, Cox closed the door and followed the others to the helipad.


The troops arrived back in the helipad, escorting the hostages with them. Chelsea and her daughters watched from the helicopter as they see the troops getting the hostages. Then Owen brought in the wounded Barry. Chelsea, upon seeing Barry wounded, muttered in a whisper, "Oh, my god..."

Owen had Barry sat down, leaning on the wall near the elevator. "Stay here, Barry."

Barry nodded in French. Then Owen called out, "Medic!" As a SAS medic went to tend to Barry, Owen looked around and didn't see Claire, Zach and Gray as among the hostages.

Vivian called out to him as she was tended to by a Navy SEAL, "Mr. Grady."

Owen turned his face and saw Vivian, "Ms. Krill?" Owen knew a handful of controllers in the control room. He went to her and asked in a worried tone, "Where's Claire and her nephews?"

"Nolan took Claire and the boys!" Vivian replied in a worried tone.

'Where?" Owen asked in a concerned tone.

"The Hammond Creation Lab! Wu's there too." Vivian replied in a desperate tone.

With that information, Owen had a look of determination as the soldiers checked on the hostages.

Hammond Creation Lab

In the Hammond Creation Lab, Nolan arrived in the lab with Torres, Cullen, Smith and Kaberle, along with the captive Claire, Zach and Gray. While that was happening, Antonis and Weinrich arrived with Wu. Wang and the other terrorists stood by in Wu's office waiting to open the secret lab. Hawkins and few other henchmen were present in the lab.

"Hawkins." Nolan called out. Hawkins came to him as Nolan ordered. "Destroy the elevator that leads to the control room. We already planted it inside."

"Aye, sir." Hawkins acknowledged. With that, he headed for the elevator.

Nolan then said to Cullen, "Put that mobile workstation over there and help Wang gain access to Wu's secret lab." Cullen silently acknowledged as she and another henchman in the lab rolled the mobile workstation towards a table. Once it was put into place, she went to Wu's office to crack the code to the secret lab.

As Antonis brought Wu over and sat him down on the floor on the table, Torres, Smith and Kaberle moved Claire and her nephews to another table and sat them on the floor. Claire glares at Wu, clearly showing her disgust with him.

Hawkins planted another brick of C4 explosive on the elevator with a detonator and pressed the floor button to get it to go up.

Antonis went to Nolan and muttered, "That crazy Russian of yours will be getting a earful from me for blowing up that stairway with us above it."

"Calm down. I'll talk to him when we get to our wet-subs and boats. In the meantime, monitor the whereabouts of the Indominus Rex. Keep us up to date the ETA of it when it gets to Main Street. Move it." Nolan said to Antonis.

Antonis then said while pointing his finger at Nolan, “Make sure this is done.” Then he went to the console where a terrorist is piloting the drone.

As Hawkins pressed the detonator and the C4 in the elevator went off, destroying it in a fury explosion.


At the helipad, as Owen picked up a RPG, he, as well as Barry and everyone in the helipad felt a shook from the explosion.


The explosion took out the cables and the brakes on it. Then, it was falling to the ground. Then it hit the ground, causing an explosion and blow out the elevator doors & the walls of it.

Hammond Creation Lab

In the lab, everyone, including Nolan and Claire, saw the explosion blowing out the elevator and the walls near it. Claire, Zach and Gray turned their faces away from the explosion. A few terrorists did too. Nolan moved a little, but was undeterred by it. Wu turned his face from it. Then the explosion faded to smoke.

Hawkins smiled a little and said to himself, "That sure was a big boom." Nolan chuckled a little after hearing Hawkins' remark.

Claire and her nephews were shocked that the terrorists destroyed the elevator to prevent Owen, Barry and everyone else from getting to the Hammond Creation Lab from the control room.


At the helipad, a SAS medic had Barry's wounded shoulder patched up. The other soldiers were checking on the hostages. Owen was holding a RPG.

Cox noticed that Owen is holding an RPG and asked, "Why are you holding an RPG?"

"Because I think I see the generator that is powering the SAMs at Main Street." Owen replied as he pointed an electric generator on the roof of one of the buildings in Main Street.

Garnett took out his binoculars. He sees the generator on the roof of the building and knew that it power the SAM sites. Garnett said to Owen, "It's a long range and you have to be very accurate with that thing."

"I know." Owen said to the SEAL commander. Then he said to him, "If we don't take it out, they will likely use those missiles to take out the chopper when it takes off."

"I hate it when you're right." Garnett acknowledged as he looked through the binoculars.

Owen aimed the RPG at the generator and said in a serious tone, "Fire in the hole!"

"Fire in the hole!" Garnett yelled out. With that, he, Cox and the other soldiers cover their ears and got away from the back of the RPG to avoid getting hit by the back blast. The hostages, including Lowery and Vivian, covered their ears and went down on the ground.

"Cover your ears, children!" Chelsea shouted to her daughters. With that, she, Mandy and Lily covered their ears.

With everybody away from him, Owen fired the RPG. The rocket headed towards the generator. After several seconds, it struck the generator, causing an explosion and sparks which took out the generator and rendering the SAM sites offline. The hostages in Main Street went down on the ground and took cover to avoid the sparks & the explosion.

Hammond Creation Lab

In the Hammond Creation Lab, a terrorist at the computer saw that the SAM sites went offline. "The SAM sites are offline, Nolan. The generator is off." That terrorist said to Nolan.

Nolan realized it has to be Owen taking out the generator and said in a stern tone, "Grady must've taken over the helipad and used an RPG to take out the generator."

"Which means the control room has been retaken." Torres said to him.

"Fuck!" Smith muttered in frustration upon hearing the control room was retaken. Claire let out a smile that Owen managed to retake the control room. Zach and Gray also smiled in relief that Owen is coming for them and their aunt.

Nolan said in a serious tone to his goons, "Settle down. They can't access Quadtosaurus since we destroyed the computer console that has it. In the meantime, give me four men armed with Stinger missiles, keep the airfield clear in Innovation Center. Send some men to check every exit in that building. Grady might find a way here since he can't use the elevator or the stairs from the control to get here. Keep those exits locked down. Warn the men in the beach. Tell them to guard our escape vehicles and don't let anybody come near them. Move out."

Torres then made a radio call to the men on the beach. Smith said to Nolan, "Get this done soon." With that, Smith left the lab to tell the men in the lobby of the Innovation Center. Nolan was rubbing his head with his left hand. Claire kept silent, but was quietly satisfied when she saw that Nolan has a lot on his plate since his plans are not as flawless as he wanted to be.


Back in the helipad, Owen was pleased that he destroyed the generator that powered the SAM sites on Main Street.

"Good aim, sailor." Commander Garnett said to Owen after seeing the generator destroyed.

Lowery, knowing what the escape plan for the terrorists was, said out loud, "Owen, Nolan and his team are planning to escape by the southwest area of the island. He destroyed the console that had Quadtosaurus."

Owen took in what Lowery just told him. Garnett overheard what Lowery said and announced, "We have to stop their escape plan."

"There's more." Lowery said out loud. As everyone turned to him, Lowery said to everyone, "He copied it on the mobile workstation the terrorists are using, which is now in Hammond Creation Lab."

"Cullen." Owen muttered, knowing she'd be the one who copied Quadtosaurus to the mobile workstation.

After hearing the situation, Cox said to Garnett, "We should stop their escape."

"Yes. But the other problems is that we can't disable Quadtosaurus from the control room and these bastards destroyed all access to the lab. Ms. Dearing and her nephews are down there also." Garnett said to Cox and the others with him.

Owen thought of something. Then after looking at Chelsea, realizing that her expertise on designing satellites means she would design computers for them. "Chelsea."

"Yes?" Chelsea asked as she turned her head at Owen. She held both her daughters as Owen approached her.

"Can you fix computer consoles?” Owen asked, stressing the situation that is happening right now.

"Yes, I think so, Owen." Chelsea replied in curious tone, concerned what Owen is about to say next.

"I need you to fix a destroyed computer that has Quadtosaurus." Owen said in a serious tone. He hoped that she will repair the console so Nolan wouldn't use Quadtosaurus to let the Indominus Rex in and trapped everyone in Main Street to be killed by it. It also hoped that he will get to Claire and her nephews as soon as possible.

Chelsea, knowing the situation on the park is very grave and wanted Mandy and Lily to be safe, said in a serious tone, "Alright. Get my daughters out of this island."

"Ma'am, we'll get them out of the island." Garnett said in a reassuring tone.

"Mom, you can't leave us." Mandy said to her mother in a worried tone.

Knowing that her daughters would worry about her leaving them to be rescue while she stayed behind to help, Chelsea, "Mandy, Lily, I have to help these men save everybody in this park."

"She's right. We need her help right now." Owen said in a sympathetic tone.

"Don't worry, girls. She will be protected." Garnett said. Barry nodded to the Hathaway girls to reassure them.

Mandy and Lily know that, but are still worried about leaving their mother behind. Lily said in a worried tone, "Mommy, I don't like this. Don't go."

Chelsea came closer to her daughters and said in a gentle tone, "My sweethearts. I will return soon. I promise. I love you two so much." Then she held both daughters in her arms. She thought it might likely be the last time she held them close while she is helping Owen and the others behind enemy lines.

A, Owen and Barry smiled briefly. Then Owen knew he needed someone in the control room. He turned to Lowery, whom he knew, and said to him, "Lowery, stay in the control room and help me find a way in the Innovation Center."

"Alright. I'll see what I can do to find a way to get you in there." Lowery acknowledged.

"Cox, you're staying with them." Garnett shouted out to the SAS lieutenant.

"Right." Cox acknowledged in a trace of annoyance and understanding. As Chelsea came out of the chopper and joined Lowery, Cox asked, "You two Yanks ready?"

Chelsea knew what Cox meant when he call her and Lowery 'Yanks' and said, "I hope so, sir."

"I'm more to ready to save my boss and her nephews." Lowery said in a somewhat determined tone.

Barry turned to Owen and said to him, "Since my shoulder got shot, I will be going with the hostages out of the island. Besides, someone needs to tell the story of everything that happened here."

Owen knew that Barry won't be as effective due to his wounded shoulder and acknowledged him silently.

Upon seeing Lowery going to help Owen get to Claire, Zach and Gray, Vivian called out, "Lowery!" She came to Lowery and said in a solemn tone, "I hope you and the others can get to Claire and her family."

"We will." Lowery replied. Then they shared an emotional hug.

Then Commander Garnett announced, "Okay, let's go!" With that, Cox lead Lowery and Chelsea back to the control room. Owen, Barry, Vivian and the now former hostages went onboard the other helicopter with Mandy, Lily, Garnett and the other soldiers.

As they were boarding the chopper, Owen said to Garnett, "Alright, Commander. Once we find the way in the Innovation Center, I need you guys to drop me off close to the area when we find it."

"Wait a minute, Mr. Grady..." Garnett was about to protest when Owen interrupted him.

"The more men come in, the more risk of us getting spotted by Nolan and his guys and they will kill Claire and the boys." Owen said to the SEAL commander as the chopper was prepared to take off.

"He's right. It's too risky to send more men to try to get to Nolan and his guys in the Innovation Center, not to mention the risks of Claire and her family. It is best that Owen do this alone." Barry stated in agreement. Vivian and few others look at Commander Garnett, hoping he understood what Owen and Barry told them.

Commander Garnett thought about what Owen and Barry said to him. He suspected that Owen's mission to rescue Claire and her nephews is a personal one for him. He replied in a low, military-like tone, "Alright, then. We will have to go to the southwest part of the island and stop their escape plan first. Then we'll take it from there. In the meantime, I got to update Captain Davis."

Owen nodded as the chopper took off and left the helipad of the control room, heading southwest.

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