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This is chapter 21 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 21: Break-In

Hammond Creation Lab

Meanwhile in the Hammond Creation Lab, Wu seat against the table. Claire, obviously hurt from the pain she received from Nolan and his fellow commandos, seat against the table across from him. She noticed the bruises on Wu's face and can guess Nolan and his goons attacked for starting the creation of dinosaurs with Hammond and such. Zach and Gray sat next to her.

Claire gives a hard glare at Wu. She felt betrayed by him because of his involvement in attempting to militarized the dinosaurs, including the Velociraptors and developing hybrids like Indominus Rex to become military weapons. She asked in an stern ton, "Wu! Why did you do all of this?!"

Wu sees the glare in Claire's face. "Claire. You wouldn’t get it..." Wu attempting to say until Claire bluntly interrupted him.

"No, Wu! Is this what you were doing?!" Claire said in an angry tone, referring to his actions which caused the terrorists to seize Jurassic World.

Wu swallowed hard and replied in a stoic tone as if he was trying to justify the matter, "This is the only way to fix our problem..."

Claire kick her right foot that had a high heel on down to the floor in anger to silence Wu and asked in a low, furious tone, "'Fix our problem'?! This is what started all this! This is what motivated these bastards to do this! Henry, if you're not going to tell me, please do so! Why?! What was this all worth to you and your inner circle?!" She demanded a very good explanation from Wu for his illegal actions that he, Hoskins and others in his inner circle. As the two terrorists kept watch on the hostages, Zach and Gray were astonished that their aunt confronted the corrupt geneticist while they were held captive.

Wu was hesitant on what to say to the angry Claire because he figured that she wouldn't buy his justification of what he done. He said in a shaky tone, "Claire, I'm sorry...for all this happening?"

Claire didn't say anything. She just glares at him in fury. Zach and Gray also look at Wu in some displeasure.

In Wu's office, Cullen was helping Wang and another terrorist crack the locks in Wu's secret lab. Cullen said to Nolan and Torres who are also in the room, "We're almost in."

"Get access to that room soon before that fucking monster arrives in Main Street." Nolan ordered in a salty tone. He wanted to get access to that secret room before the Indominus Rex arrives in Main Street.

Cullen acknowledged silently. Then she continued to type in some codes on the tablet that's plugged in the USB plug on the lock in Wu's secret lab.

Nolan then checks in on the radio, "McCarthy, come in."

Southwestern area of Isla Nublar

At the southwestern area of the island, eight terrorists have preparing the boats and wet-subs for their escape while they wait for Nolan and the others. McCarthy, an Irish member of Extinct All Dinosaurs, answered the radio call, "Yes, sir?"

"What's the status?" Nolan asked on the radio.

"Everything's ready. Our vehicles are all set and our fucking bait are ready to transport. No activity so far." McCarthy said in an Irish tone.

"Alright, good. There's a good chance that our intruders retook the control room and they might come to you and the others." Nolan said in a serious tone. He wanted McCarthy to be aware that Owen and Barry might come at their extraction point.

"Thanks for the warning. We will be on alert." McCarthy acknowledged.

"Very well. We'll meet you over there in approximately 12 minutes on our two choppers." Nolan said on the radio.

McCarthy acknowledged in Gaelic and then in English, "Okay." Then he put his radio down on the boat. As McCarthy was about to tell the other terrorists with him, he was shot in the head by a SEAL armed with a scooped M88 sniper rifle. Three other terrorists were then suddenly shot dead by other SEALs and SAS commandos. Commander Garnett fired his M4A1 rifle to take out a fifth terrorist. Despite his wounded shoulder, Barry fired a rifle and killed the sixth man while a SAS soldier fired his Heckler & Koch G36 rifle and killed the man next to the terrorist Barry killed. Owen fired a Heckler & Koch G36 rifle and took out the last terrorist, clearing the area.

Owen, Barry and the soldiers moved forward with their weapons raised. After making sure the terrorists are dead, Barry sees something that surprised him. He announced, "Owen."

Owen came over to Barry and saw what they were seeing. The tranquilized flock of Pteranodon and Dimorphodon chained to rafts that are tied to the boats. "Son of a bitch..." Owen cursed under his breath.

Garnett sees the chained pterosaurs on the rafts and muttered, "Unbelievable." Then he asked Owen, "Why would they captured those flying creatures after that Main Street attack by them?"

Owen looked at them and was in thought for the moment. Then he realized something and said in a stoic tone, "They were going to use them to create diversion for the ships around while they reached Isla Sorna which is 87 miles southwest from here and Nolan told the fleet to stay within 100 miles from it. It was where they will go to escape."

"How will they send them to the ships out there since they wouldn't drive them over there?" Garnett asked, wondering what the terrorists were up to with their escape plan.

"It would be suicide for them if they did that." Barry stated.

Owen looks at one point and sees an autopilot is set up on it. He then said in a confident tone, "Autopilot. They would use some of those ships over to them. Send them to different directions and release the pterosaurs over there."

Barry and Garnett took in what Owen said. They knew what he said about the terrorists' plan to escape was true. Then one SEAL came over and said, "Commander, you might want to look at this." He handed some pictures to Garnett.

Garnett looked at the pictures. Then he said in a serious tone, "You might want to see this, Grady." Owen came over and looked at the pictures. He sees that one picture has map coordinates to an area of Isla Sorna. Then another shows four large boats dock docked there.

"Sir, we found these." An SAS soldier said to Commander Garnett. With that, Owen, Barry and others joined the SEAL commander. They see small boxes containing uniforms of various military branches, including the Public Force of Costa Rica, all Army and Navy forces from United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China and such.

Owen knew what the pictures of the coordinates to the ships & the uniforms meant and said to the others, "Nolan was planning to escape this island with these boats and wet subs to go to Sorna, using the pterosaurs as cover. Then they will hide there for a bit and go to these ships dock in Sorna. They probably would have gone to Costa Rica and disguised themselves with these uniforms. Then they would disappear."

"Jesus Christ. Nolan wasn't going on a suicide mission as we initially thought." Garnett muttered in shock.

Owen nodded silently. Barry stated, "A man like Nolan wouldn't dare do a suicide mission because they plan their operations carefully and prepare for any contingency that comes at them."

Garnett thought about everything and said to everyone with him, "Alright. I got to inform Captain Davis." Garnett then went on the radio.

"I want to talk to him also, Commander." Owen said to the SEAL commander. Garnett nodded as he went on the radio.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis and the others waited in the CIC as the troops from various countries were preparing to board the helicopters to get to Isla Nublar. Then Lieutenant Gardner said to Davis, "Sir, Commander Garnett and Owen Grady want to speak to you."

Davis then takes the phone and said in the military like tone, "Commander Garrett, Grady, go."

Southwestern area of Isla Nublar

Owen said to Davis on the radio, "We discovered how Nolan and his maniacs intended to escape. They had boats and wet-subs on the southwest part of the island. They were going to Isla Sorna to hide there and escape via yachts while everyone searches in vain in Nublar. They had uniforms out of various military uniforms they can use to blend in when they get back to the mainland. The flying pterosaurs they tranquilized earlier will be used to cover their escape by sending them out to the ships out there."

Davis was quiet for a moment and then acknowledged, "Of course. Nolan wanted us to stay 100 miles away from the island and Isla Sorna is 87 miles southwest of it. Those vehicles you described are undetectable by radar if they yanked out any tracking devices on them."

"That's affirm, sir. We stopped the escape plan and we will escorting the hostages from the control room to the Abraham Lincoln now." Commander Garnett said to him.

"Copy that. We will sending in some Marines to assist you. Forces from Great Britain, China, France, Russia, Japan and Australia will be joining in. An airstrike team will take out the choppers and the drones in the area. The fighters will arrived in 10 minutes. Ground forces from all sides will arrive in 20 minutes." Davis said on the phone.

"All due respect, Captain. Can't wait. Claire, her nephews and everyone on the island will be dead in less than 10 minutes." Owen said in a blunt tone. He wanted to get to Claire, Zach and Gray before Nolan can kill them.

Davis had somewhat expected to hear what Owen said to him because of his desire to get to Claire and her two nephews. He said in a serious tone, "Mr. Grady, we have a satellite over on Main Street right now. If Ms. Dearing, her nephews and Dr. Wu are in there and the Hammond Creation Lab, we got about at least 25 terrorists with them in those areas."

Owen was expecting Davis to try to talk him out of going after them himself. He replied in a confident tone, "Yeah. Well, they should have checked on me before this happened." With that, he handed the radio back to Garnett

As that was happening, Barry came over to him. "Owen."

Owen turned his face at Barry and asked, "What is it, Barry?"

"Lowery on the radio." Barry said as he was letting out the radio.

Owen takes the radio and said in a blunt tone, "Lowery, tell me you found a way to the Innovation Center that is not locked."

Control room

At the control room, Lowery sees something on his workstation. Chelsea was working to repair the console where Quadtosaurus is at. Cox was guarding the area in case the terrorists would return in the control room. Lowery then said to him, "Owen, there's something I found. There's an old tunnel that was built during when Jurassic Park was being constructed. It was built to let automated Jurassic Park tour vehicles through different attractions, but it was sealed off when Jurassic World started construction. One of the emergency exits was sealed off in a kitchen in the diner in the main floor." As Lowery said that, he looked at the screen where the tunnels that leads to the Innovation Center.

Owen thought about what Lowery said to him. Seeing it is very likely the only way in to get to Claire, Zach and Gray, he asked Lowery on the radio, "How do I get in to those tunnels?"

Lowery looks at the screen and said on the radio, "About 1/4 mile northeast of the Innovation Center, there's an large trapdoor in the tree lines that lead to those tunnels."

Southwestern area of Isla Nublar

"Send me map coordinates there. The SEAL commander will hand me a tablet so I can follow it." Owen said to Lowery on the radio. With that, Owen went to Commander Garnett and said, "Commander, give me a tablet."

Garnett gave Owen of the military tablets and Owen then told Lowery the IP address on the tablet. Then Lowery sends the map to the spot where the trapdoor to the tunnels are at to the tablet. Then Lowery sends the map to the spot where the trapdoor to the tunnels are at to the tablet. Lowery said to them on the radio, "Okay guys. So this is the blueprint of these tunnels. You can use certain points as coordinates to guide yourself through them."

Owen looks at the map coordinates of where the trapdoor is at and the blueprints of the tunnels. Barry and Garnett watched Owen going over the map and the blueprints, "These tunnels are where Nolan will start his escape..."

Barry and Garnett turned their faces at Owen as Davis listened in. Owen then said to them, "That's what I would do if I was him. Nolan will use these tunnels to escape, come here and used these boats and submersible vehicles to get off the island." Barry and Garnett nodded silently.

Davis was in deep thought about that while in the CIC in the Abraham Lincoln.

Owen then continued, "I can get to the Innovation Center myself, but I can’t go with multiple soldiers, lest I get caught."

After hearing what Owen said, Garnett knew that Owen was right about the risks of sending soldiers into those tunnels and there wasn't any way he could talk Owen out of it. He knew his desire to get to Claire and her nephews was a personal one. The SEAL commander said to Owen, "Hopefully, we can get into the Quadtosaurus code so we can save the 20,000 visitors and try to get them somewhere."

"That is if Chelsea can fix the console to it or gain access to their mobile workstation." Owen replied in a serious tone. He hoped Chelsea can get the console working so they can deactivate Quadtosaurus.

While listening to what everyone said, Davis said on the speaker, "That's true. The ground teams from the countries will arrive in less than 20 minutes approximately. They will bring in some APCs, tanks and helicopters. The fighters will take out the choppers and the drone while we’re at it."

"What about the Indominus?" Barry asked for confirmation, even though he knew that they have permission to kill the Indominus Rex.

"I’m sure all of us would love to see it smoked." Owen replied in a confident tone, as he remembered the world leaders granting permission to take out the monstrous hybrid.

Davis felt the same way while he stood near the phone. He said in a military-like tone, "If any of you sees it, notify me. I'll notify the pilots once any of you spotted it."

Garnett then said to Davis and everyone else with him, "Aye, sir. In the meantime, two of my men can get all of the non-essential survivors out of Isla Nublar and bring them to the Abraham Lincoln. We can get the hostages out in the southeast exit once Quadtosaurus is deactivated."

"See to that if you do, Commander." Davis said to him on the speaker.

"Aye, sir." Garnett acknowledged. As the SEAL commander said that, Owen spotted an ATV nearby and thought of something.

"Guys, I'm going to the trapdoor. I'm gonna take this ATV over there. That will be fast enough for me to get over there."

"Right. Good luck, sailor." Captain Davis said on the speaker.

"Thanks, Captain." Owen acknowledged. As he was leaving, Garnett saluted Owen, messaging him good luck. Owen saluted back at him.

Barry came to Owen, knowing he is going to enemy territory to get to Claire, Zach and Gray. "Owen, good luck out there." Barry said while he shook Owen's hand with his good shoulder.

"You too, Barry. I'll see you on the other side." Owen said to him in a solemn tone. With that, Owen turned and went to the ATV where the key is still on the ignition.

As Barry headed for the chopper holding his wounded arm with a SEAL following him, Owen takes the ATV. He then started the vehicle and headed out.

"Alright, let's go! To the southeast access of Main Street!" Garnett said to most of his fellow SEALs and the SAS soldiers with him. With that, they headed to the entryway on foot.

Hammond Creation Lab

Meanwhile in the Hammond Creation Lab, Cullen helps Wang and two other terrorists crack the code to Wu's secret lab in his office. Then after getting the code, Cullen punched in the code and the door to the secret lab opens from the wall. Cullen called out, "We're in!"

After hearing that the secret lab has been opened, Wu was horrified that his work will likely be destroyed by the terrorists. Claire turned her face and saw Cullen calling out to Nolan. Nolan, who was not far from the hostages, said out to Cullen, "Okay, Cullen. Let's check it out."

Nolan headed into Wu's office and saw the secret lab opened. Then he said to Smith, "Dan, bring Dearing, the boys and Wu over here."

"Aye, sir." Smith acknowledged. He then nodded to Antonis and another henchman. Antonis took hold of Wu. Smith and two henchmen, a bald Asian man and a curly black-haired man with a beard, got hold of Claire, Zach and Gray. They led the hostages to Wu's office where they see the secret lab.

Nolan looks at the secret lab, along with Torres, Cullen and Wang. It contained animals that are put in their cages, lab vials, embryonic tubes, pictures, computers with files on the origins of the creation of the Indominus Rex and ideas to creation more different kinds of hybrids. The animals in the cages consists of lizards, snakes and such. The embryonic tubes had skeletal bones of dinosaurs dug up from dig sites and kept in fluids to keep them clean.

Claire, Zach and Gray, along with Smith, Antonis and two other terrorists entered the lab. Claire was stunned upon seeing the lab's contents and knew Wu was planning his secret operation in there. Zach and Gray were looking at the reptiles on the cages. Claire looks at the snake and all these reptiles are the ones used to create the origins of the Indominus Rex. She was appalled by what Wu, Hoskins and his inner circle creating all this for their selfish cause.

Upon seeing the lab and it's contents, Nolan felt immeasurable anger seething inside him. He felt that Wu and the inner circle were going to far to making more hybrid monsters that will result in consequences in the entire world.

Seeing the computers, Cullen decided to get the files on the computers and downloaded them on CD discs they got. Seeing Cullen is already getting the files on the computer downloaded, Nolan turned to Wang and ordered, "Wang, take more pictures of Wu’s equipment. We need more evidence of his secrets working here."

"You got it." Wang acknowledged. With that, Wang nodded to Antonis and another terrorist to take pictures of everything in the secret lab while Smith and the other terrorist guarded Claire and the Mitchell brothers. They were just stunned that Wu and his conspirators were plotting to militarized the dinosaurs all along.

Nolan turns his face at Wu and glares at him. He said to him in a rough tone, "I don’t know what you’ve been up to with the Indominus, Wu, but your plan to weaponized it didn’t work out."

Wu was horrified that Nolan will likely destroy the lab before he will get killed. Claire looks on in a shock expression, knowing the extent of the conspiracy and how the terrorist would use the siege of Jurassic World as a way to show the dangers of making deadly hybrid dinosaurs.

"This was a way to solve our problems of creating more dinosaurs." Wu said in a low tone as he was frightened.

"Shut up!" Nolan shouted in anger as Wu was saying what he was saying to Nolan, which startled Claire, Zach, Gray, Antonis and few of the terrorists in the room with them. Nolan went back and saw Cullen downloading the data from another computer.

Nolan looks at the screen on the computer Cullen already downloaded the data from and sees that they were preparing plans to create few new hybrid dinosaurs. He saw it switch from one planned hybrid to the named Stegoceratops. He saw it has face & horns of a Triceratops and plates on it's back like a Stegosaurus. Nolan sarcastically asked in a displeased tone, "Somebody tell me what is the Stegoceratops? Another fucking hybrid abomination to be created?" As Wang was coming to check it out, Nolan continued in a snarky tone, "What did you lab assholes trying to make it out of? Two of those monsters divided in half?"

"Apparently from the Triceratops and Stegosaurus." Wang said to his leader.

"Why am I not surprised?" Nolan remarked. Then Cullen finished downloading the data on a CD disc and got up from the chair.

Nolan saw Cullen coming at him and said, "Alright, everything on the computers have been downloaded to these discs now, sir." As she said that, Hawkins came in to the secret lab.

"Good. Keep them with you. We'll expose this when we get out of here. We should also destroy this lab." Nolan said in a rough tone. Wu was horrified that his work will be destroyed soon.

"Don't worry. I got enough explosives to take out this lab and such." Hawkins said to everyone in the room.

"Alright, plant your C4 in that room. Go." Nolan said in a serious tone. Hawkins acknowledged silently and started to plant his explosives in the lab.

As Hawkins went to plant the C4 in the lab, Torres turned to Antonis and said to him, "Antonis, send two men to the kitchen to blow open the tunnel right now. Go."

"Yes, sir." Antonis acknowledged and took two men with him to head for the kitchen at the diner to make way for their escape plan.

As Nolan nodded to Torres and Smith, they went to Claire and her nephews as Torres said, "Back to the lab now." With that, they took Claire and the Mitchell brothers back to the lab. Antonis brought Wu out of the secret lab. Cullen followed them.

As Claire, Zach and Gray were placed to the lab table, Wu was sat on the floor near the lab table. "Stay there, doc." Antonis said in rough tone.

"Everyone will have your head for betraying us, Antonis." Wu said in a defiant tone.

"Not if I had anything to say about it." Antonis said to the geneticist. With that, he walked towards the area where the drone pilot was controlling the drone.

Claire sat next to her nephews, she looked at Claire who had a look of glare on her. Claire said in a demanding tone, "Cullen. Why would you do this..?"

Cullen gives a hard look on Claire and said in a rough tone, "My son died because of those dinosaurs and your predecessor Frank Moran. He was my baby. Nobody should outlive a child, Dearing."

Claire appalled by Cullen's reason behind this. She remembered how crushed Cullen was when her son Jack died and how she tried to help settle her lawsuit to save the park's reputation. Seeing her actions is merely for revenge for her young son's death, Claire said in a serious tone, "But Cullen... look at what your team has done. What would your son say about what your doing, Cullen?! What would he think about you having every mother watch their children get killed here?!"

Hearing what she said, Cullen was extremely livid to what Claire said and gives her a hard glare, which intimidated Gray. Zach saw the anger in Cullen's eyes as she said to Claire in an angry tone, "I remember you, Dearing! You and Moran never understood what it's like to lose a child and you still don't."

"I did the best I could to help our teams find your son and contain the Compies. Moran refused to listen to me on where he would wandered off to and such." Claire said, trying to reason with the female terrorist. She remembered how she tried to reason with Moran, but he wouldn't listen to where Cullen's son would likely ran off to and she was proven right too late when the ACU found the body's body after being attacked by the Compsognathus.

"That was not enough and looked what happened, Dearing! Why would you side against us?! We’re trying to show the truth!" Cullen said in a harsh tone as she was consumed by anger.

Claire clearly saw how far gone Cullen is. She said to her in a defiant tone, "This is not a way to show the world. Mass murder isn't a solution. Don't you see what you, Nolan and the others have done? You are trying to take away everyone here from their families in the mainland."

Cullen put her face closer and said in a snarling tone, "My son was taken from me! Why should their loved ones not be taken from them?!"

Zach and Gray leaned back further against the table, but Claire remained defiant as she said in a rough tone, "So... you joined them afterwards to avenge him. Huh? I know it had to be you who hacked into InGen and Masrani Global four years ago just to try and ruin us!"

Cullen was silent to what Claire said to her. Then Claire continued in a stern tone, "After we found out about you, you're probably one of the few hackers this good to get into the security of our servers. You hack to our servers under Nolan's direction. You killed Moran too?! You crashed his car in 09?! Huh?! Did you?!" Claire suspected that Cullen killed Moran because of a grudge she had against him over her son's wrongful death.

Cullen, remembering how she hit Moran's vehicle, allowing him to go off the cliff and died on impact, gives Claire a hard look. She knew Claire would figure out that she killed Moran to avenge Jack's death. "He died because of his negligence over my baby's death! If he hadn't bothered making the search for Jack the number one priority, his death would never happen!"

"So you did kill him by hitting his car off the cliff." Claire said in a rough tone. With she knew her instincts that Cullen killed Moran and hacked into InGen and Masrani Global servers were right.

Cullen grabbed Claire by the back of her hair and yanked her forward, forcing her on her knees as Zach and Gray watched in horror. Nolan and Torres were coming to them. As she was forcing Claire on her knees, Cullen said in a harsh tone, "That's what he gets for his failure to save my baby and InGen & Masrani Global should have suffered big time when I got to their systems!"

"Stop this!" Nolan shouted out as he came to Cullen, forcing her to let go of Claire's hair. He said in a curt tone, "Grady will come for them. We need her and those boys as leverage."

Cullen back off as her facial expression remain cold. As that was happening, Claire sees a piece of glass and she thought of something. She turned her face at Nolan and said in a defiant tone, "You think you know Owen, Nolan? I saw him in action. He may have a problem with authority and have a personality that is opposite to my own, but he's smarter than you think he is and he will find a way to get here." Claire hoped what she said was true for two reasons. One for to mock Nolan to knock her down so she can get the glass. Secondly, she hoped that Owen would get to her, Zach and Gray in time.

Nolan stared at Claire with bitterness in his face. Seeing she hit the nerve, Claire continued in a stern tone, "You said so yourself. You underestimated Owen. He took most of your so-called goons and your forces are dwindling. If he said he will feed you to his raptors himself, he will do that and I will be there to enjoy that, asshole."

"Shut your mouth, Dearing!" Nolan said in a rough tone. Then he slaps Claire in the face hard, knocking her down to the ground. She was counting on Nolan doing that to distract him and the others from knowing what she was up to.

"Stop it!" Zach yelled out in horror. Gray was also horrified that Nolan struck his aunt again.

Nolan look at his watch and said, “Our pinnacle of realization is about to come in approximately 10 minutes.” As Nolan was looking at his watch without him and the others looking at her, Claire managed to grab the glass with her tied hands. Then two men pushed her back to the table in between her nephews. She kept the glass hidden from them so they wouldn't see it as Nolan said to her and her nephews, "You, your nephews and the so-called genius here will have a front row seat as you watched that fucking monster kill everyone on the island, Dearing. Then you four will join them."

Upon hearing that, the Mitchell brothers was horrified that Nolan and his soldiers will send them and Claire to be killed by the Indominus Rex with the whole world watching, including their parents. Wu was equally horrified that his work for his inner circle will be destroyed and he will be killed in front of the entire world to watch. "Nolan, you have no idea...what you're doing!" Wu said in a somewhat desperate tone.

"Hey, Dr. Godzilla. We don't care. It was you who didn't have a single spark of what the hell you did." Nolan remarked in a taunting tone. Then Nolan struck Wu in the face with a left cross. Then Torres kicked Wu in the left side of his chest. Nolan then said in a rough tone, "I will enjoy sending you to that fucking abomination you and your fucking lab guys created."

Torres then said to him in a cold tone, "Yeah, you're going to get what's coming soon. Before that, we will blow up your precious secret lab and reveal the names of your conspirators." With that, Nolan and Torres walked away with Cullen following them.

As the terrorists weren't looking at them, Claire knew she needed to reassure Zach and Gray. She showed her nephews a piece of glass she took from the floor. Upon seeing the glass she has with her, Zach and Gray let out small smiles, impressed by their aunt's quick thinking idea.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Somewhere outside of Main Street, Owen drives the ATV towards the area where the trapdoor that leads to the tunnels are at with the GPS map leading him to it. As Owen drove close towards the area where the trapdoor Lowery told him would be at. After getting close to it, he stops the ATV, shut off the ignition and got off. He checks in with Lowery on the radio, "Lowery, I'm in the area."

Back in the control room, Lowery looks at the screen while Chelsea continues to work on repairing the console to regain access to Quadtosaurus. Cox kept guard in the room. Lowery said to him on the radio, "The trapdoor should be near the dense trees where you are at."

"Alright, I'm gonna find it." Owen replied on the radio. While searching for the trapdoor, he said on the radio, "Chelsea, are you doing?"

Chelsea grabbed the radio and put it on speaker as she said to him, "I still need a few minutes."

"We don't have a few minutes." Owen said in a serious tone. He knew that there was not a lot of time to him to get to Claire & her nephews and thwart Nolan's endgame.

Chelsea knew Owen's tone at her was a matter of desperate and said to him, "The computer was smashed up and the keyboard on the console is useless. The good news is the memory card is intact. If I repair the console, I think I will transfer it to another frequency on the console."

Lowery heard what Chelsea said to Owen. "I don't think so. But..." As he said that, Lowery thought of something and muttered, "I think I might try something else."

Chelsea asked in a desperate tone as she looked at him, "What is it?" Owen listened on the radio as he searched for the trapdoor in the dense bushes.

"What are you talking about?" Cox asked Lowery.

"I think I can use my frequency on my console to type in the codes to Quadtosaurus once the console is repair." Lowery said while thinking an idea to gain access to Quadtosaurus since the keyboard to the console that had it is smashed up.

Chelsea suddenly knew what Lowery meant and said in a more confident tone, "Right. Yes, once I fixed the console, we can change the frequency rate from yours over to the only console that has that system. We use your frequency to gain access to the console."

"And I can enter the deactivation code so those bastards who did this won't let that monster kill everyone on the island!" Lowery said in an excited tone.

"Excellent idea, Lowery!" Owen exclaimed on the radio. He liked Lowery's idea to gain access to Quadtosaurus. But he wanted to get to Claire, Zach and Gray as soon as possible before they can shut deactivate the system.

"Bloody brilliant idea. Let's hope it works." Cox said to Lowery and Chelsea.

"We can get access to it once we fixed the console. But you need to get to Claire. She has the Quadtosaurus deactivation code." Lowery advised to Owen.

As Lowery said that on the radio, Owen sees a trapdoor that is covered with jungle vegetation and tiny roots. "Alright, just get that console online. In the meantime, I think I found the trapdoor to those tunnels."

"Yes, that's the only trapdoor in that area." Lowery said on the radio as he kept an eye on the main screen.

"Copy that. Get that console back online as soon as possible." Owen replied in a blunt tone. As that was happening, Owen began to cut the vegetation off the trapdoor with his knife.

"Good luck, Grady. Out." Cox said on the radio and shuts off the speaker on it.

Owen cuts the roots and vegetation off the trapdoor and opened it. He turned the flashlight attached to the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle on and looked down. He sees the ladder that go downs to the tunnels. Owen sees that the tunnels is covered with jungle vegetation. The roads that were used during Jurassic Park are cracked, the walls were filled with vegetation, roots and dirt. Before he can could down, Owen heard the sounds of raptor snarls.

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