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This is chapter 22 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 22: Showdown

Hammond Creation Lab

At the Hammond Creation Lab, Nolan was walking around the lab. Torres was checking out the drone with the drone pilot controlling it. "Any sign of the Indominus, Mike?" Nolan asked.

"We briefly spotted it heading towards the southwest entryway of Main Street. It should arrive around six minutes." Torres said to Nolan as he looked at the camera of the drone.

"Very well." Nolan acknowledged as he looked around the lab. He sees Wu, looking down on the floor, dare not to look at him. Nolan scoffs, feeling pleased that he will send him to the Indominus Rex soon. Then he sees Claire and her nephews on the table. Claire just gave him an hard glare. Two terrorists watched her and the Mitchell brothers.

Nolan came over to them and said to them, "Over five minutes, our point will be made."

Claire gives a hard look on Nolan. She said with some contempt in her tone, "I hope all this was worth to you. Because you're going to be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life."

Nolan smirked a little and said to Claire in a rough tone, "Very thoughtful of you, Dearing. But I do have some plans for me and my people to disappear forever."

Claire tutted upon what Nolan said to her. She still had bruises on her face from the blows she received, but she remained beautiful as possible. She said with clear defiance in her voice, "How the hell you are going to escape and disappear with every intelligence agency around the world looking for you?"

"That I won't answer to you. But I can let you know about something before you and your nephews get killed with the whole world watching." Nolan said a low tone. Zach and Gray kept silent, despite what the Extinct All Dinosaurs leader said about them. Nolan lets out his sheet of paper and shows it in front of Claire's face. "These are the names of many conspirators involved with Hoskins and Wu. I'm sure you'll recognized some of the names." Nolan said to Claire, showing the piece of paper with the names with the conspirators in the inner circle.

Claire looks at the names and recognized some of them. The names she recognized were members of Masrani Global, InGen, few other businesses and such. She was surprised that several people she know would be involved in the conspiracy to weaponized the dinosaurs.

Nolan saw Claire's look on her eyes and said in a low tone, "Yeah, I get it. Shocking to you. That's only some of them. I know the name of the actual ringleaders and few other high-ranking conspirators of the inner circle and they is not on this paper. The reason for it is in case something happens to me, the names won't be revealed and you will likely not known about it until it will be too late, leaving anyone regretting not learning their identity sooner." Nolan knew the mastermind of the inner circle and few other high-ranking people involved that he didn't write on the paper. He did so in case anything happened to him, their names would not be revealed until it was too late and something happened because of that.

"There's always ways to find those involved in the inner circle that is not listed on that paper of yours." Claire countered in a firm tone.

"Don't be so sure about that." Nolan said in a curt tone. Then he added, "Not that you and your nephews will live to tell about it." With that, he walked away and joined Wang, who was waiting for him near Wu's office.

"Asshole." Zach muttered quietly in anger. Gray was wide-eyed at Nolan after his cold remarks at them. Claire was even livid by what the terrorist leader said. She hoped Owen will get to them real soon.

As that was happening, Nolan went to Wu and asked in a blunt tone, "You got the pictures?"

"Yes, I took pictures of the lab." Wang replied.

"Very good." Nolan acknowledged. Then he said to everyone, "Everyone. Over five minutes from now, the moment we've been waiting for will be done. Cullen, be ready to open the wall to let the Indominus in and close it to ensure it kills everyone in the park. While you at it, prepare to stream all that live for the whole world to see."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she went to the mobile workstation.

Nolan turned to Hawkins and ordered in a serious tone, "Hawkins, blow the wall."

"Aye, sir." Hawkins acknowledged as he lets out his detonator and pressed it.

At the kitchen in the diner in the main floor of the Innovation Center, the bombs placed on the wall blew up, causing a huge hole that leads to the tunnels.


In the tunnels, Owen continues to move forward towards the entryway with his four raptors following him. Then they heard a big boom. Blue and the others were making vocal sounds about the boom. Then Owen said to his animals as he was like saying to himself, "Girls, they blew open that wall where we're going."

Blue hissed a little. Then Owen said to her and her siblings, "Come on, follow me." With that, Blue and the other raptors continue to follow Owen.

Hammond Creation Lab

After the building shook due to the explosion, Nolan smirked a little bit. Claire, Zach, Gray and Wu were startled by the explosion. Hawkins turned and said to Nolan, "Wall's blown open, sir."

"Very good. Just send someone over there to keep on eye on that exit. There's a good chance Grady might use it to come here." Nolan said in a low tone. He suspected that Owen might try to infiltrate the Innovation Center by using the abandoned tunnels.

"Yes, sir." Hawkins acknowledged and he left the lab.

Nolan went up to Torres and Smith and call out to both of them, "Mike, Dan. Come over here."

"Yes, Sean?" Torres asked as he and Smith came over.

"You want something?" Smith asked.

Nolan looks to his old Army comrades and said to them in a low tone, "Once everyone outside gets killed by the Indominus, make sure you force Wu, Dearing and the boys outside so that fucking monster will get them and have Hawkins destroy Wu's secret lab. The inner circle will go in disarray over Wu's death and Dearing's sister will be severely traumatized by the deaths of her sons and her sister when she sees them killed for the whole world to see." Nolan knew that the inner circle Antonis told him about will be in disarray once Wu gets killed by the Indominus Rex and will used that to expose the inner circle. He also knew that Claire's sister will suffer horribly when she sees her two sons and sister get killed live in front the entire world.

"Roger that." Torres acknowledged. Smith nodded silently. With that, Torres and Smith separated to oversee things as Nolan gazes at the hostages from the distance. Wu looks at the terrorist leader and felt intimidated by the sight of him. Nolan smirked when he saw Wu's look. With that, he waited in silence as Antonis stood by him and waited.

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile in the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis and the others in the CIC waited. Then a radar specialist said, "Sir, we got the helicopter coming in. It's carrying the hostages from the Jurassic World control room."

"Good. Give it clearance to land here." Davis said to the sailor.

"Yes, Captain." The sailor acknowledged.

As that sailor was relaying the order, Commander Kopelson came to Davis and said to him, "Captain, three F/A-18E Super Hornets are ready for take off. Three UH-1Y Venoms have already in the air."

"Alright" Davis acknowledged. Then he said in a military-like tone, "I spoke to the the military officials via video conference call. They have formed this plan. The Hornets to take out the helicopters with the Russians and Chinese join in to take out the choppers, the SAM sites, and the drone, maybe the Indominus if it's not near any civilians. The objective area, our Marines, along with the Navel forces British, Russian, Chinese, French, Canada, Australia and Japanese, will enter the island with tanks and helicopters for support until everyone is out of Nublar. They will speak multiple languages so that the citizens from the respective countries involved will be on their ships. For the ones not from those countries, they want be taken to Costa Rica where they will be picked up from the representatives from those countries. Patrol ships from Australia will patrol around Isle Sorna in case of any terrorists escape. The Venoms are heading over to the island to met up with the SEAL/SAS team on the Southeast entryway of Main Street. Once the Indominus is spotted, either the fighters or helicopters will attack it with missiles and try to take it out."

"Sir, what about Dearing and her nephews?" Commander Kopelson asked.

Davis replied in a low tone, "Hopefully, Grady will get to them soon. Otherwise, if we do launch the operation,..." Davis paused for the moment. Then he replied in a somber tone, "...Nolan will kill them himself. Bare in mind, XO. This operation has calculated risks and everyone knows that."

Kopelson sighed. Davis looks at the radar screens as the three Venom helicopters were about to pass by the helicopter that carried the former hostages from the control room.

Pacific Ocean

In the ocean, the three Venom helicopters were flying towards Isla Nublar. They passed by the helicopter that carried the former hostages, as well as Barry and Chelsea's kids.

In the chopper, the people on it saw the three Venoms passing by them. Vivian wondered what was going on and asked, "Why would three armed helicopters head for the island?"

Barry wondered and realized something. He only said to her, "Because they might use them to take out that monster."

Mandy and Lily saw the helicopters flying towards the island. They were very worried about their mother, but they kept silent about it.

Control room

At the control room, Chelsea continued working to repair the damaged console so Lowery can access Quadtosaurus. Cox kept guard in the room while Lowery wait to hear a word from Owen.

"Lowery, are you there?" Owen asked on the radio.

Lowery heard Owen on the radio and he grabbed it. "Owen!" Lowery said in a somewhat relieved tone. Chelsea and Cox.


At the tunnels, Owen asked on the radio, "What’s the status?" As that was happening, Blue and the other raptors stood by while making purring noises.

Lowery looked at the radar screen and sees that Owen is closing on the entryway that leads to the Innovation Center. He said on the radio, "Aside from the fact that you could have answered sooner... You are nearby the end of the passageway tunnel that leads to the diner in the Innovation Center’s lobby."

Owen look straight ahead and saw the entryway on the right side of the tunnel. He silently acknowledged Lowery's sarcasm and said to him, "Well... I'm there. Hang in there, okay?"

"Please hurry! The Indominus is getting closer!" Lowery said in a desperate as he knew there wasn't much time until the Indominus Rex will arrive in Main Street.

Cox then took the radio and said, "Grady, this is Lieutenant Cox."

"Go ahead, Lieutenant." Owen said in a blunt tone.

Cox then said in a informative tone, "To update you on our position, Commander Garnett and the others are at the southeast entry of Main Street now. Once Quadtosaurus is activated, we’ll evacuate the hostages immediately."

"Copy that, Lieutenant. Thanks for the heads up." Owen acknowledged. Then he asked on the radio, "Chelsea, you there?"

Chelsea heard Owen calling for her on the radio. Cox handed it to her and she checked in, "Um, I’m here."

Owen asked in a somewhat desperate tone, "How's the console going?"

Chelsea said in a low, nervous tone to Owen on the radio, "I still need a few more minutes to fix it."

Owen wasn't too thrilled to hear that and said in a desperate tone, "We don't exactly have a few minutes. Just keep at it, okay?"

Chelsea somewhat expected to hear what Owen just said to her. So she replied nervously, "Yes, I got it, Owen." With that, Chelsea went back to repair the console.

As that was happening, Owen saw a shadow of someone coming down on the stairway. Delta snarled a little upon seeing the shadow. Owen shushed his raptors with a signal and they kept quiet. Then he went down prone on the ground.

Then one of the terrorists, a bald Asian man, came down. When that terrorist spotted the raptors, Owen fired the G36 rifle and shot the bald terrorist in the head and chest before this terrorist can draw his weapon on the raptors. The raptors snarled a little seeing Owen killing a bad guy.

Owen checked to see if the operative was dead and confirmed that he was. Then he turned to his animals and said to them, "Ready, girls?"

Blue purred at Owen. Delta and Echo stepped closer to their alpha and stopped. Charlie stared at Owen as she was next to Blue.

Hammond Creation Lab

Meanwhile in the Hammond Creation Lab, Nolan was walking around a bit as he asked Antonis, "Any sign of the Indominus, Antonis?"

Antonis looks at the drone camera as the drone pilot was flying it close to Main Street. As they saw trees moving, they realized it's not far from Main Street. Antonis said to the leader of Extinct All Dinosaurs, "It should arrive in three...four minutes, tops."

Nolan nodded silently. He then stares at Wu menacingly. Wu was intimidated by the sight of Nolan. Nolan said to him, "Yeah, all your hard work will be all for nothing, asshole. But, hey, better being dead than being humiliated in the entire world for your involvement with your inner circle."

Wu was irritated and disgusted by his remarks. He only said to him, "You duped us to destroy our work and our way of life. You did this for what? Avenging your personal lost? Take us backwards?"

Nolan gazes at the geneticist with bitterness and said in an irate tone, "So no one else will be killed by those monsters like my wife and unborn daughter. So that no one will create these abominations anymore." With that, he walked away.

As that was happening, Claire, Zach and Gray watched on. Claire. waited for the right moment to cut the zip ties to free herself. Then Nolan said to Cullen, "Cullen, make sure everything is ready to be streamed live so that everyone in the world will see."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she was typing in on the mobile workstation.

Innovation Center

At the diner at the Innovation Center, Owen managed to get through the blown opening from the entryways in the tunnels. Blue and the other raptors were not far behind him.

Owen peaks in and sees some terrorists in the lobby. Several of them were on patrol. Owen said to Lowery on the radio, "Lowery, I just got to the Innovation Center. I'm gonna need you to kill the lights in the lobby."

At the control room, Lowery said on the radio, "Alright." As he was saying that, Cox sees on his PDA that Garnett and the men with him are standing by. Chelsea continued to try to fix the console. Lowery said to himself, "I hope I won't regret this."

Back in the Innovation Center, Owen signal his raptors to stay back. They reluctantly did so and whispered on the radio, "Commander, this is Grady. What's the status?"

Outside of Main Street, Garnett and the other Navy SEALs & the SAS operatives were in position in the southeast entry to it. The wall of Quadtosaurus had sealed off access to Main Street. "We're in position, Grady. Cox will give us the word when the Quadtosaurus is deactivated."

"Copy that." Owen acknowledged.

In the lobby, Hawkins was patrolling around, holding his Heckler & Koch G36 rifle. Several other commandos were in the lobby floor, patrolling around. Few others were in guarding position. Four terrorists in the landing above with Stinger missiles to use in case of anything from the air comes in on the island.

At the lab, Claire still sat between Zach and Gray. She looked around and saw a office that is behind her right direction. She thought of something and whispered to the Mitchell brothers. "Right. Boys, listen. When Owen gets here and once I break free, I want you two to go to that office is behind your right as fast as you can. Okay?"

Seeing that Claire has a plan to save them, Zach and Gray silently nodded to their aunt, trusting her with their lives.

As that was happening, Owen sees the terrorists are not looking at the diner and silently said to his raptors, "Alright, my girls. You're ready to show them what you made of?"

Blue and Delta purred. Echo silently hissed. Charlie quietly snarled. They somewhat acknowledged their alpha. Then Owen said on the radio, "Lowery, is everything ready on your end."

"All set, Owen." Lowery acknowledged in the somewhat awkward tone.

“Kill the lights now.” Owen ordered in a silent tone on the radio.

With that, Lowery then pressed the enter button on his console.

In the lobby, the lights in the room went off. The terrorists wondered what happened. Hawkins muttered, "What's the hell..."

After seeing the lights in the lobby are off, Owen signaled his raptors to attack. The raptors sneak by him, as he expected. As the terrorists wondered what happened, Blue and her siblings spotted them. As a terrorist with trimmed mustache and beard in his lower 40s heard some purring sounds, he turned around and saw the raptors. Blue hissed and bellowed at him as she charged at the terrorist. Before this terrorist can draw his AK Variant rifle at her, Blue grubbed his left arm with her mouth and yanked him to the ground. Hawkins screamed out as Blue mauled him to death. Delta sees a bald terrorist with a beard trying to draw his MP5 rifle at her and pounced at him. As Delta dragged him, this terrorist screamed out in pain as Delta then attacked him.

Just as Delta was mauling the terrorist, Echo hissed and charged at the terrorist with trimmed hair and beard. Then she grabbed that terrorist's arm and mauled him to death. As the Korean terrorist was about to fire his rifle at Echo, Charlie went after him and grabbed him in the leg, dragging him down and firing his weapon wildly to the air for the moment. Despite that terrorist's efforts to fight her off, Charlie proceeded to maul him to death. Hawkins was trying to see where the raptors are at since the power was off in the lobby.

At the lab, Nolan and the others heard raptor noises and screams that are coming from the lobby. Torres, who was in the hallway, saw the raptors attacking their fellow men in the lobby. He saw one of terrorists, a Caucasian man in his upper 30s with black hair, grubbed by Echo while he tried to point his sub-machine at her. Then Echo dragged that terrorist where the man's screams were heard by Torres. He ran back to the lab.

Owen was coming out the diner as he saw his raptors attacking the terrorists. Blue then attacked another terrorist, a man with dark hair and beard, who was running up the stairs and mauled him to death. Then another commando, a Hispanic man in his upper 50s, pointed his assault rife at Blue and was about to fire. Owen saw this and fired his G36 rifle at that terrorist, shooting him twice in the chest, which instantly killed him.

Then Owen spots one terrorist with a Stinger missile about to fire the missile at Echo. He fired his rifle at him. His bullets hit that terrorist once in the neck and one in the chest. As that was terrorist was shot, he wildly fired his Stinger above him and the missile hit the glass ceiling of the Innovation Center, with a fiery explosion. The glass shattered by the explosion.

Outside the Innovation Center, the hostages in Main Street screamed in shock after seeing the explosion above the Innovation Center.

Glass and debris fell towards the lobby. Owen went away from the falling glass. Blue saw the glass coming down and bellowed out to her siblings. They quickly sprinted away from it as the glass and debris from the top hit the ground and the glass incapacitated some of the the terrorists. Hawkins dove away from the falling debris along with two other terrorists. Some of the terrorists got cut by the falling glass and one was pinned on the floor by the debris.

Torres rushed back to the lab and yelled out to Nolan, "Sean, it's the raptors! They attacking our men in the lobby!"

"Grady..." Nolan cursed under his breath. He knew Owen managed to use the tunnels to get to the Innovation Center and has somehow regains his alpha bond with the Velociraptors.

After hearing what was going on, Claire smiled in relief, knowing that Owen is coming to her and her nephews. Zach and Gray also smiled. Then Claire began to use the glass to cut the zip ties that bond her hands.

Back in the lobby, Owen sees that the terrorists got hit the glass and debris. He also spots the raptors who were able to dodge away from the falling debris. Hawkins seeing that the glass has stop falling crawled over and grabbed his Heckler & Koch G36 rifle. Echo, who was on the catwalk, charged at a terrorist, a man is his upper 40s and has light brown hair, and pounced on him while he was down on the floor near the Stinger missile launcher. Then she proceeded to maul him to death. Owen then shot the terrorist who was pinned by fallen debris, who has black hair and beard, in the head before he draw his pistol at him. Charlie then came after another terrorist with a military-like haircut at the catwalk and mauled him to death.

Another terrorist, a blonde-haired man with a beard who was in the Fossil Dig, was momentarily stunned by falling glass. He reaches out for his G36 rifle. Owen sees the dead terrorist's grenade and grabbed it. With another terrorist, a clean-shaven man with black hair, was coming over with his Remington 870 at hand, the wounded terrorist grabbed the G36 rifle. Owen tossed the grenade and it hit the Fossil Dig. Before the two terrorists can react, the grenade exploded, killing that blonde terrorist as his body went flying and hit the wall near the Fossil Dig. The other terrorist was near the grenade's proximity and he went down on the ground with his left leg injured and bleeding. Delta sense his blood and immediately pounced on top of his chest as she proceeded to maul him to death. Hawkins fired at Owen who took cover at one of the consoles that controlled the Holoscape.

In the lab, Nolan heard the sounds of gunfire, raptors screeching, the screams from his men and an explosion with glass falling. He quickly grabs his HK416 rifle and yells out to his goons, “Everyone, get into position now!” As Torres, Smith and the other men began to get into position, Nolan goes to Cullen and barked in a stern tone, "Cullen, kill the hostages. Starting with Dearing and the boys."

"Aye, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she readied her pistol.

As that was happening, Claire continued to cut the zip ties on her. When she, Zach, Gray and Wu saw Cullen readying her pistol, she realized what they were up to. "Dammit! I still need time." Claire muttered as she struggled to cut herself free.

As soon as his aunt said that, Gray thought of something to distract Cullen. As he thought of an idea, Cullen was coming closer to them with her pistol at hand. Gray asked, "Wh...what are you doing?"

"Just following orders, kid." Cullen replied in a cold tone.

As that was happening, Owen was under fire by Hawkins. As Owen fired back Hawkins, who took cover, another terrorist, a Russian man with black hair and scurfy bread, was about to fire his pistol at Owen. But Owen shot him twice in the chest, killing him instantly. Charlie hissed and charged at a terrorist, a Hispanic man, who was near the Stinger missile at the catwalk and jumped onto him. She then mauled that screaming terrorist to death.

Back in the lab, Gray knew what Cullen meant, but decided to play along. So he asked in a worried tone, "Wait, what do you mean?"

As soon as he said that, Cullen suddenly grabbed Gray and dragged him forward. Zach, who saw Cullen holding his brother, yelled out in shock, "No. Let my little brother go! Let him go!!" Claire watched in sudden horror as she frantically work to free herself.

As Cullen got hold of him, Gray yelled out to the female hacker, "STOP!"

As she pulled Gray out far enough, Cullen pulls out gun, but didn't pointed it at Gray yet. Gray starts to cry silently. Cullen said in a firm tone, "Shut up, young man! I’m doing this only for the best! I don’t give a damn about you or your family! Especially your aunt!!!"

Gray, despite being in tears, remembered what Cullen said about her son as he sets a plan in motion. He said in a begging tone, "What about your son..?"

With the mere mention of her son Jack, Cullen got angry and shook Gray with both hands while holding her pistol at her right hand as she said in fury, "DON’T bring him up now!!!" As she said that in a cold tone, Zach strongly react in horror. Claire, shocked by Cullen shaking Gray, hurried as she was almost free. Cullen continue to say to Gray, "My son's dead, and it’s partially your aunt’s fault he’s dead!!!"

As Gray cried silently, he was trying to figure out the words. Then he said to Cullen with begging words, "If...if he w...if he was me, would you feel...?" With that plan he had in mind, he hoped what he said to her about her son will distract her.

With those words from Gray, Cullen suddenly paused and had a look of bewilderment on her face. She was beginning to realize the flaws about her actions. When Gray said how she would feel if it was her son in front of him, Cullen realized that yelling at him and about to kill him under Nolan's orders, she was becoming like Nolan after all these years and killing all those innocent people, the very thing that her own son Jack would despise her for when she joined Extinct All Dinosaurs to avenge him.

Seeing that Gray distracted Cullen with his words about her son, Claire finally cut the zip ties off her tied wrists, freeing herself. Then she furiously lunges at Cullen. She shoves Cullen to the wall with all her strength, which results of her letting go of Gray from her grasp. As Gray ran to Zach, Claire yelled out in fury, “GET AWAY FROM THEM!!” Then she, carrying the shard of glass on her right hand, stashes Cullen's right cheek with it.

Cullen screamed out in pain and she was holding her right side of her face as yelled, "AAAHHH!! MY FACE!! MY FACE!!"

As Cullen was holding her bleeding right cheek, Claire turns to her nephews and yelled out, "BOYS, RUN!! GET TO THAT OFFICE NOW!! MOVE!!: As the boys ran to the office, Cullen grabbed onto to Claire, forcing her to lose the shard of glass. Despite the injury to her cheek, Cullen pushes Claire to the table. As Cullen was going for her pistol, Claire grabbed on her wrist with both hands. They began wrestling for it. Claire pushed Cullen the cabinet full of lab vials, breaking some of them. Wu got down on the floor to protect himself.

In the lobby, Hawkins continued to fire at Owen with his rifle. As Owen fired back at Hawkins, Blue saw that Owen was being pinned by Hawkins. As Owen ran out of ammo, Blue charged at Hawkins. Before he can react, Blue pounced on Hawkins. She mauled the screaming explosives expert to death. As another terrorist, a man with trimmed black hair and unshaven, was about to shoot at Blue. But Delta suddenly charged at him. Before this terrorist can react, Delta head butts him down to the ground and proceed to attack him. As Delta was mauling that terrorist to death, Owen began to head for the Hammond Creation Lab.

Hammond Creation Lab

As all that was happening, Claire was wrestling with Cullen for Cullen’s pistol. Cullen pushed Claire into the wall. As Claire held onto Cullen's wrists, Cullen fired her pistol wildly and sporadically around. Claire pushed Cullen into another cabinet of lab vials, shaking the cabinet. As the fight continue, Cullen was fighting for her gun, with one bullet directed at Claire’s right foot, but missed her by inches.

With fury fueling her, Claire managed to point Cullen's pistol at her chest when Cullen accidentally pulled the trigger on her last bullet and was shot in the left lung. Claire stepped back in horror for what she had to do while Cullen feel into the wall in the upright sitting position. As blood was coming out of nose and mouth, Cullen struggled to breath for a few seconds. Then her head feel sideways and she dies.

From the other side of the lab, Antonis saw Claire killing Cullen and muttered in shock, "Fuck." While the other terrorists were in postion with the gunfire and raptor sounds were heard, Antonis yelled out, "Nolan, Dearing's lose! Cullen's dead!"

"Fuck!" Nolan muttered in anger. Then he barked in fury, "Go get them now!"

Antonis was heading towards the office where Claire and her nephews are at. Wu saw Antonis coming up.

As that happened, Owen was heading to the lab with a newly acquired MP5A3 rifle. Then one of Nolan's men, an Arab man in his upper 50s with black hair, was coming from the corridor from the lab and was pointing his rife at Owen. But Owen fired the MP5 rifle at that terrorist, shooting three times in the chest which killed him before he fell backwards to the wall.

In the lab, Nolan and the other terrorists knew that Owen was getting closer to them. Nolan said to the others, "Grady's coming closer, everyone. Kill him on sight now."

"Yes, sir." Smith acknowledged as he aimed the Remington 700 AICS sniper rifle at the entrance to the lab. Torres and Wang aimed their weapons at the entry way as well, along with few others. Two other terrorists; a Caucasian man with curly hair and with mustache & beard; the other an African American who is almost bald and is unshaven, are coming to the entrance to the lab.

As Owen was approaching the corner, he saw the two terrorists coming out of the lab with their weapons raised. Owen then quickly shot and killed the the terrorist with curly hair, who fell down sideways to the floor. After seeing his partner shot dead, the African-American terrorist was about to fire back, but Owen shot him twice in the chest, killing the commando as he fired wildly in the ceiling.

"Open fire!" Nolan yelled out to his remaining commandos. Nolan, Torres, Smith, Wang and the other terrorists fired at the entryway, trying to pin Owen in. Antonis fired his pistol at the entryway while trying to get to Claire, Zach and Gray.

Control room

At the control room, Lowery and Cox see that the terrorists are firing at the entrance to the lab. Cox said to Lowery, "Turn off the lights in the lab now!"

Lowery typed in the keyboard. Chelsea was connecting up the console as Lowery turns off the lights in the lab.

Hammond Creation Lab

At the lab, the lights in the lab went off. Nolan and the other terrorists were somewhat distracted by it. Then Owen, after noticing the lights were turned off, saw Weinrich distracted and shot him with his MP5 rifle, killing him as his body went down on the floor. Suddenly, Blue and Delta arrived behind Owen. Delta sees one terrorist trying to point his pistol at her, but she jumped up and pounced next to him. She then trips him with her down with her tail and proceeded to maul that terrorist to death.

Before one terrorist can fire his rifle at Delta, Owen slid across the floor and shot him dead with the MP5 rifle.

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