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This is chapter 4 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 4: Preparations

Raptor Research Arena

In the Raptor Research Arena, a pig is running on the jungle field part of the enclosure, squealing. Four Velociraptors chased after it. As the pig went into the open part of the enclosure, where stood the large gate and tall fence, the raptors continued to pursue it until someone yelled out, "HOLD!!" The raptors abruptly stopped and the pig went inside the small bin on the fence area.

The four raptors: Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo, snarled and growled in frustration. Blue, the oldest raptor, is the Beta of the pack. She has bluish-gray skin tone with a white stripe with metallic blue in the middle going horizontal from her eye orbiting down to the tip of her tail. Delta, the second oldest raptor, has teal skin color and has no stripes on his back or tail. She is the second-in-command behind Blue. Echo, the third oldest of the pack, has brown skin with dark blue striping and having dark blue tone around her eyes. She has a scar across her face because she previously battled Blue for control of the pack, but Blue was the victor. Her jaw was permanently off set because of the encounter. Charlie, the youngest of all of the raptors, has green skin tone with black vertical stripes running down her back.

"Hey!" A voice above them said as the raptors looked up at the catwalk above them. It was their main trainer, Owen Grady, a former Navy SEAL from SEAL TEAM 4 now works as the raptor trainer and researcher. Hold his right hand up and a clicker in his left hand, Owen said to them, "Okay." He hits his clicker and commanded, "Eyes on me!"

All the raptors went up to look at him, except for Blue. "Blue! BLUE!" Blue finally looked up and snarled. Owen pointed down at Blue and scolded, "Watch it." Charlie snarled a bit and Owen said, "Charlie!" Charlie snarled again. "Don't give me that shit!" Owen said to her. Then he heard a slight hiss from Delta, "Delta!" Delta looks up at Owen and snarled, "Lock it up!" All the raptors looked up at him.

"Good!" Owen said as he presses the clicker. "And...we're moving!" As Owen was moving on the catwalk, the raptors look at him while moving. Blue snapped at Charlie as she got out of Blue's way. Some of the raptors circled around while others watched Owen's movement above. Owen arrived in the area with a bucket is hooked in. "Hold!" The raptors came to a halt as they bellowed. "That's good. That is damn good." Owen said as he pressed the clicker as the raptors watch their trainer.

"Very good. See?" Owen said as he let out a dead rat from the bucket. "Charlie, that's what you get." Owen says to Charlie as he tossed the rat to her and Charlie grabs it with her mouth with ease. Then he took another rat and said, "Echo, here you go." With that, he tossed the rat and Echo grabbed his snack while jumping in the air. "Delta." Owen said, as he tossed another rat and Delta caught it while jumping in the air.

Owen then grabbed a bigger dead rat from the bucket. "Blue." Owen said as Blue looks up at him. "This one's for you." Then he tossed the rat and Blue caught it. Once that was done, Owen then yelled out, "Hold! Eyes up!" The raptors raised their heads higher to look at Owen in the eye. "Go!" Owen yelled out while waving his right hand down. With that signal and command, the raptors ran out. Everyone nearby applaud.

A French black man name Barry, the raptors's caretaker and other trainer, came over to Owen and congratulated him. "You finally did it, man." Barry exclaimed.

"Owen!" Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen security, shouted out as he laughed. Hoskins was walking up to Owen and Barry at the catwalk. "I was starting to think I hired the wrong guys, but damn, you've got them eating out of the palm of your hand." Hoskins praised excitedly.

"You came out on a good day." Owen stated as he greeted Hoskins. "It's not usually a happy ending."

"Is that why you're not sending your reports?” Hoskins asked.

"We've been busy." Barry replied seriously.

"Too busy to check your paycheck?" Hoskins asked sarcastically.

Deciding to check topic of the conversation, Owen asked, "What do you need, buddy?"

Hoskins got to the point and said happily, "A field test."

Owen rolled his eyes as he turned to walk away as Hoskins followed him. Barry, also disgusted with Hoskins's idea to field test the raptors, walked in a different direction. Hoskins commanded while following Owen, "Hey, I just seen them respond to commands. We need to take this research to the next level and get it on it's feet."

"They're wild animals, Hoskins." Owen said, trying to reason with that man since he knows that the raptors should not be field test since they are not fully trained. "Trust me, you don't want them on the field."

"I just saw a bond. A real bond. Between man and beast." Hoskins said while blocking Owen's path.

"You're in my way." Owen told Hoskins as he tried to block his way.

Hoskins was trying to get Owen to understand the reasons to use the raptors as weapons. "Come on, we're the same. We're dogs of war. We know the military needs to reduce casualties. Some people think the robots are the future." Owen walked by Hoskins as he continued to tried to talk to Owen, "Look, nature gave us the most effective killing machine 75 millions ago and now we know they can take orders."

As Hoskins pleaded with Owen, Barry came over to them. After overhearing what Hoskins's conversation with Owen, Barry asked sarcastically, "We finally make progress and what's the first thing he says?" Then Barry added with some disapproval in his voice, "Make a weapon." Owen was pleased that Barry agrees with him about the mere idea of raptors as military weapons.

Hoskins was exasperated upon hearing Barry's remark and muttered under his breath, "Shit." As Owen and Barry walked on the catwalk, Hoskins followed them and said in a rather gruff, upset tone, "Look, gents. It's grown up time. Drones can't search tunnels and caves. And they're hackable. The minute the real war breaks out, all that fancy tech will go dark."

"But that tech's not gonna eat if they forget to feed it." Owen said bluntly as he stated his cabbage on the idea.

Unfazed by Owen's remarks, Hoskins persists and said to Owen & Barry while pointing to the raptors, "Look. Look at these creatures." The raptors were horsing around and playing with each other in their paddock. As they looked at them, Hoskins continued, "They've got millions of years of instinct in their cells, instinct that we can program. Their loyalty cannot be bought. These guys are gonna run straight into the enemy's teeth and eat them, belt buckle and all."

Both Owen and Barry couldn't believe what Hoskins was suggesting. Barry asked, "But what if they decide if they want to be in control."

Hoskins somewhat expected that question and answered, "Well, then we remind them who is. We terminate the rogues, promote the loyal bloodlines."

Hoskins's remarks about that got an unhappy laugh from Barry and a whistle from Owen. They couldn't believe that Hoskins had in mind for those replies. As Barry walked away laughing in disgust, Owen thought to himself, "What an asshole." Hoskins confused by their laughter, asked, "What? What's so funny?"

Owen shrugged and said to Hoskins, "Well, you come here and you don't learn anything about these animals, except what you only want to know. You made them and now you think you own them." As he said that, he looked at his raptors as they play along in their paddock.

"We do own them. Extinct animals don't have rights." Hoskins clarified, still not really getting Owen's state of the view of the whole idea.

"They're not extinct anymore, Hoskins. They're living." Owen said to Hoskins while walking away from the catwalk.

"Exactly. We're sitting on the gold mine." Hoskins said to him. As he was saying that, Owen grabbed the bucket that contained the dead rats and was heading downstairs as Hoskins followed him. "And Masrani is using it to stock the petting zoo."

While walking down the stairs, Owen said to Hoskins, "He just wants to teach people some humility. He doesn't make weapons." Owen knew that Masrani and his company never makes weapons.

"You think the eighth richest man in the world is only for oil, telecoms and family fun parks? He's so diversified, he doesn't even know what he owns." Hoskins said to Owen, as they were one part of the stairs landing while going down to the next part of the stairway.

Upon hearing what Hoskins told him that Masrani doesn't what he owns, Owen quickly asked while continuing to walk down the stairs, "How long has InGen been practicing this pitch."

"Since we hired you after you left the Navy. You knew the endgame." Hoskins answered as he followed Owen down the stairs. As they reached the ground level, Hoskins continued, "These animals could replace thousands of boots on the ground." Owen went to the cage as Hoskins stayed outside. "You were a Navy SEAL and you lost some men. How many lives would that save?" Hoskins asked as Owen entered the cage and locked it.

"War is part of nature. Look around, Owen. Every living thing in this jungle is trying to murder the other. Mother Nature has a way of testing her creations. Refining the pecking order. War is a struggle and struggle brings greatness. Without that, we end up with places like this, charge seven bucks of soda." Hoskins said, trying to convince Owen that they're on the same page regarding preventing more military casualties by using the dinosaurs as their own weapons.

Owen was stunned and could not believe Hoskins's single-minded obsession with the idea of using dinosaurs as military weapons. He walked towards the gate door and ask to him with disbelief in his voice, "Do you hear yourself when you talk?"

Hoskins was extremely apathetic when he heard Owen's question. He smiled arrogantly and said with confidence, "It's gonna happen, with or without you boys. Progress always wins."

"Maybe progress should lose for once." Owen said to him. Then he added, "I'm not sure how you gave us extra funding for the raptors's training. But wherever you got that funding you've been secretly getting, it's better if we don't use them to make those animals military weapons as you suggested."

"Pig loose! Pig loose!" Someone above them shouted.

A young paddock worker name Leon spotted the pig they used earlier got loose. He tried to get the pig with the noose from a long pole before the raptors ate it. He managed to get the noose on the pig's neck, but Echo quickly snatched the pig and jerked it away with the noose on it, causing Leon, who was holding the pole, to get pulled away and fell off the walkway and into the enclosure.

Blue, Charlie and Delta heard the commotion and saw Leon in their enclosure. They began to surround the young paddock worker as he scooted away from them. Owen saw what has happened. He rushed to push the button to the inner gate door. As the gate slowly opened, Barry rushed to the outer gate and yelled, "Owen, no!"

But Owen crawled under the inner gate and got in the enclosure to save Leon. As that was happening, the Jurassic World park rangers above the walkway were pointing their weapons at the raptors. Owen ran towards the raptors and yelled out to the Rangers, "Oh no, no, hold your fire!"

As the three raptors were getting closer to Leon, Owen got in front of the three raptors and motioned them to stop while yelling out to the rangers, "Hold you fire! Do not fire!". As that was happening, Barry went into the cage and push the stop button on the inner gate. Owen then stepped backwards slowly while motioning the raptors to stop. Leon continued to scooted backward towards the inner gate. Owen said to the rangers, "Put 12 amps in these animals, they're never trust me again."

When Leon got near the inner gate, Barry grabbed him and dragged him inside to the cage. He went back to the buttons of the inner door as Owen commanded, "Blue, stand down. Stand down." Blue snapped at Owen as a way of argument at him. "Hey, hey! What did I just say?!" Owen scolded Blue for snapping at him. The raptors hissed and snarled as Owen slowly backed while calming them down.

"Delta, I see you. Back up." Owen commanded. Delta snarled, but stood back. As the raptors calmed down a little, Owen walked backwards slowly and keep his hands up at them while the raptors making noises, "Okay, good. Good." Charlie was getting closer, but Owen spotted him and said, "Charlie, stay right there."

Hoskins watches this and seemed to enjoy what Owen is doing. "Good." Owen said to the raptors. As Owen kept the raptors in check, he said to Barry while behind him, "Close the gate."

While waiting by the inner gate, Barry yelled out frantically, "Are you crazy?!"

Upon hearing his friend's hesitation, Owen said to him calmly, "Just trust me."

Leon, still pretty shocked by his own ordeal, yelled out frantically, "Just close the gate!"

Barry then caved in and reluctantly pressed the button to close the inner gate. As the inner gate was closing, Owen waited as he kept the raptors in check. At the last second, he quickly dashed, dropped down and rolls underneath as the gate sealed down. The raptors charged, but they hit their faces at the small bars of the gate and couldn't reach him with their small arms. Owen, relieved that his efforts paid off to save Leon and prevent the raptors from getting hurt, was helped up by Barry. Barry congratulated Owen for not dying. Owen then turns around and looks at Leon, "You're the new guy, right?"

Leon, relieved that Owen got him out of harms way, answered while composing himself, "Yeah."

Owen asked Leon seriously, "You ever wonder why there was a job opening?"

Leon didn't know what to say upon being asked that. Owen just advised to the new worker, "Hey, don't ever turn your back to the cage." With that, Owen just walked away. Leon, still shaken up by his traumatic moment, remain sitting inside the cage between the paddock. He looks and sees Charlie watching him through the bars.

Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience theater

At the theater, Smith came in in the men's room and sees that he is alone. Another henchman came in posing as a janitor with a janitor cart to prevent suspicion from tourists and to think they are cleaning the men's room. Smith slowly opened a vent behind the trash bin and takes out a large briefcase. He looks inside it and it was a sniper rifle.

The henchman got a text on his burner phone and it said, "Radar is offline." He tapped on Smith's shoulder and showed him the text. Smith smiled upon seeing that and he said to himself, "Everything's going according to plan." Smith took his briefcase and hid in his gym bag. He nodded to the henchman with him and they left the men's room.

Somewhere in the south Pacific Ocean

Somewhere the Pacific Ocean, four helicopters were flying above the ocean.

Jurassic World Medical Center

At the storage room at the Jurassic World medical center, Chernov and the others got all their weapons out of the boxes. As they were about to get their weapons, one henchman saw a shadow underneath a door that someone about to enter the storage room and said, "Someone's coming in."

Chernov turned and saw a janitor about to enter the storage room when she sees a shadow from the door underneath and sounds of the cart was heard.

A female Asian janitor was coming into the storage room, carrying a janitor cart. She pushed it open with her cart and looked around. Then she sees some boxes were open. "Is anyone here? Hello?" The janitor asked. She got no response. The woman then left her cart and looked around. She went towards the wall by the stack of boxes.

The janitor then sees some pistols, assault rifles, machine guns and magazines on the wall behind a stack of boxes. She was horrified that someone is planning to use some automatic weapons on the park. The janitor quickly tried to use her cell phone to reach someone, but then Chernov sneaked up behind her and stabbed her in the back of her neck with his knife, killing her.

Once the janitor's body fell to the floor, Chernov puts his knife in his sheath. He motions the other henchmen over and they came over. He said with his thick Russian accent to one henchman, "Hide the body." As that henchman was dragging the janitor's body out of sight, Chernov said to other henchmen, "Everybody, take your weapons and load them. Hide the rest of them. I'll tell the others where to get them."

The henchmen grabbed their automatic rifles and machine guns as Chernov took his rifle and hid it in his large gym bag. One henchman put the janitor's body to her cart while one of the other ones was cleaning the blood off the floor so that no one would notice. Then Chernov and three men carrying their weapons hidden in gym bags or shopping bags left the storage room while some others began to hid other weapons elsewhere in the storage room.

Mosasaurus Stadium

At the Mosasaurus Stadium, almost around a thousand visitors sit in the bleachers waiting to the Mosasaurus feeding show to begin. Zach and Gray was among those in the stadium. A female announcer name Sarah was standing a platform and speaks to the crowd like she usually does. "The Mosasaurus was thought to have hunted near the surface of the water, where it could prey on anything it could sink it's teeth into, including turtles, large animals and maybe even smaller Mosasaurus." With that, the crane line was moving the dead Great White Shark, attached to a mechanical hook, over above the lagoon. "Okay, folks. Let's see if she's still hungry after already eaten today." The hook then came to a stop. "She's a little shy. So be nice and give her a hand when she comes out."

Gray's eyes were filled with excitement. Zach could care less about it. He was looking at the picture of his girlfriend on his cell phone. "Zach, Zach, the Mosasaurus." Zach then looked up with some less interest.

Then the large reptile came out of the water with a large missile coming out of the water and snapped it's jaw into the shark. Almost everyone, including Gray, were awed by it as the Mosasaurus dragged the shark off the hook and went into the water with it, causing a pool of water to splash into the audience. The crowd was soaked with water and they cheered in amazement. Zach was even smiling as he couldn't believe how amazing the show was. Gray yelled out, "Oh my god! Oh my god! That was awesome!" Zach agreed with him as the bleachers began to slowly moved downwards.

As the bleachers was going down, Sarah said to the crowd, "Okay, hold on tight. We're going to give an ever closer look at our Mosasaurus." After Sarah said that, the bleachers came to a stop as they are in the Underwater Observatory. Zach, Gray & everyone else see the Mosasaurus underwater and they were making cheers & claps about it. Then the Mosasaurus grabbed the last bits of the Great White Shark and ate it whole.

As the crowd was cheering, Gray said to his older brother, "It has 88 teeth."

Zach silently agreed as he smiled by the sight of the underwater reptile. He asked his younger brother, "Hey, wanna see something else cool?"

"Yeah." Gray replied with excitement.

Zach nodded. As that was happening, three terrorists were in the far back seats of the bleachers, watched the show with no interest. They looked at each other and nodded as the watched the show.

As they was happening, Zach's phone rang and sees it was their mother calling. He pressed the green button and said, "Hey, Mom."

At her workplace somewhere, Karen said to her oldest son on the phone, "You're were supposed to call me when you landed." Then she asked, "Are you having fun?"

As Karen asked, the Mosasaurus went out of sight and the bleachers were moving up. Zach then said to his mother, "Yeah, I guess. Aunt Claire gave us passes so we don't have to wait in line."

Upon hearing from that Zach that Claire gave them passes, she suspects that Claire is not with them and said in disappointment, "Wait. You mean she's not with you?"

"Listen, Mom. I have to go. There's a show in progress and a loud crowd that is gonna happen. I'll give you a call later." Zach said to his mother, trying to give a good excuse and he pressed the end button as the bleachers arrived upward.


Somewhere in the wilderness, Claire was driving her Mercedes in a dirt road when her phone rang. She sees that it was her older sister calling. She sighed. Then let out a fake smile and pressed the send button. "Hi, Karen." Claire said happily. But she wasn't looking forward to what was going to be talked about on the phone.

"Hi, Claire. How's it going?" Karen asked on her phone in a not so pleased tone.

"Yeah, everything's great. The boys are having fun. Everyone's...yeah, everyone's good." Claire replied, but suspect she was getting an earful.

"Really? Because I just hung up with Zach and he said that you weren't even with them." Karen sternly said to her younger sister.

While she was driving, Claire expected that from her sister and she sighed. She said somberly, "Yeah, look. Today turned out to be a really bad day for me. But they're in great hands. They're with my assistant, she's British, so they invented nannies."

Upon hearing what Claire, Karen broke down in tears. Claire heard her crying on the phone and paused for the moment, "Wait, are you crying?" Claire asked with mild concern.

Karen, distressed and disappointed over Claire couldn't find any time for Zach and Gray, said to Claire while crying, "This was supposed to be a fun family weekend, Claire. You haven't seen the boys in forever. And I know how Zach will treat Gray if they are by themselves and he just can be so mean." Karen is aware how Zach can be towards Gray at times.

Claire, realizing that Karen is right that she shouldn't be away from her nephews when she works while they are on the park, sincerely and apologetically said, "Okay, I'm sorry. Tomorrow, I'm gonna spend the entire day with them. I 'm going to take off work and I will not leave their side. I promise."

After Claire's sincere promise, Karen then said to her sister, "Well, a promise tomorrow is a worth a lot less than trying today."

Claire recognized Karen's saying as it was one of their late mother's old sayings. "Ehh, you're using Mom's lines now?" Claire joked.

Karen then realized that Claire is right about that. "My, god. I am using Mom's lines." Then she got to the point seriously and said, "I'm sorry, but you know, I have to tell you, it works. You'll see when you have kids."

Claire thought about what Karen said about kids. She was highly doubtful she would ever have a family based on the occupation of her job and such. She replied, "Yeah, 'If."

"'When'. It's worth it." Karen said to her.

"Bye, Mom." Claire said with a 'Mom' joke.

"Bye." Karen said on the phone. With that, Claire hung up the call as she was getting near her destination.

Owen's house

Claire has arrived at Owen's bungalow home. He was fixing his motorcycle when he sees Claire arriving. Still remembering how their previous date went for them, he looks at her feeling displeased how things went between them. While she was fixing her hair, Owen sees that Claire is in her white dress suit and designer heels. "What do they want now?" Owen asked, guessing on what Masrani Global wants.

Claire was walking up to him and she said to him, "Mr. Grady, I need you to come look at something."

Owen wasn't too thrilled by Claire called him by that name and asked, "Why are you calling me Mr. Grady?"

Realizing that she shouldn't refer to him as Mr. Grady, she corrected herself, "Owen." Then she asked, "If you're not busy?"

"I'm pretty busy." Owen said to him while he took a swig from a bottle as he will be busy with the raptors later on.

"We have an attraction." Claire said to him.

"That's not what you said the last time I saw you." Owen said as he got up from the metal bucket he was sitting on to help fix his motorcycle.

"I'm actually talking about the dinosaurs, Mr. Grady." Claire corrected him bluntly.

"Owen!" Owen reminded again in a rather unhappy tone.

Claire decided to get to the point why she came to him, "A new species..." Claire was interrupted by a flying bug and it was bothering her and she was trying to get it away from her. "...was...made."

Owen caught the flying bug with his hand. Claire was somewhat glad that Owen grabbed the bug that was bothering her. Then he said to her while going to his worktable. "So, you just went and made a new dinosaur?"

"Yeah, it's kind of what we do here. The exhibit is open to the public in three weeks and Mr. Masrani wanted me to consult with you." Claire replied to him.

Owen raised an eyebrow and asked, "You want to consult here or in my bungalow?"

Claire didn't find that remark amusing and said, "It's not funny."

Owen let out a little sarcastic laugh and said while walking up the stair in his deck, "It's a little funny."

As Owen was heading to the back of his bungalow, Claire said to him, "We would like you to evaluate the paddock for vulnerabilities."

"Why me?" Owen asked while at the back part of the bungalow.

Claire was coming up the steps of the deck as she said to him, "I guess that Mr. Masrani thinks...since you are able to control the raptors..."

"See. It's all about control with you.” Owen said, interrupting Claire while walking back to see and met his eyes with hers. Then he continued, "I don't control the raptors, it's a relationship. It's based on mutual respect. That's why you and I never had a second date." As he said that, he walked back down the stairs to work on his motorcycle.

Claire felt a little offended by Owen's remark. Claire stated in a unhappy tone, "Excuse me, I never wanted a second date."

"Who prints out an itinerary for an night out?" Owen asked bluntly while going back to his motorcycle.

"I'm an organized person." Claire replied.

As he sat down on the bucket to fix his motorcycle, Owen asked again, "Oh, what kind of a diet doesn't allow tequila?"

"All of them, actually." Claire stated seriously.

"Oh." Owen muttered to himself.

"And what kind of a man shows up on a date in broad shorts?" Claire asked, countering Owen about their first date.

"Well, it's Central America. It's hot." Owen reasoned to her as he was removing the screw on his motorcycle.

Claire then felt like she enough discussing about the problems on their first date and decided to get back to the point. She said to him, "Oh. OK, OK." Then she asked, "Can we just focus on the asset, please?"

"The 'asset'?" Owen asked, seeing that Claire sees the dinosaurs as assets as he got up and walked up not too far from her while using his napkin to wipe the oil off his hands. Then he said to Claire, "Look, I get it. You're in charge out here, you gotta make a lot of tough decisions. It's probably easier to pretend these animals are just numbers of the spreadsheet. But they're not. They are alive."

"I am fully aware they're alive." Claire replied in a somewhat awkward tone.

Owen sees that Claire is not entirely getting a picture that the dinosaurs are actually thinking, intelligent creatures, "You might have made them on a test tube, but they don't know that. They're thinking. I gonna eat. I gonna hunt. I gonna..." Owen made a fist. Claire rolled her eyes. "You can relate to at least one of those things, right?" Owen asked, hoping she sees his point of view.

Claire sighed quietly and didn't say anything about what Owen told her about the dinosaurs.

"I also heard there was some mysterious funding on to making that thing you're referring to." Owen said.

Upon hearing that, Claire realized that Owen knows about the mysterious secret funding for the raptors training and the Indominus Rex production, which was strange to her also. "So you know about the secret funding of the training of the raptors and our new asset." Claire said.

"I do and I suspected that your new...asset is getting that secret funding too. It's been going on since last month." Owen confirmed seriously.

"Yes, Mr. Masrani and I have been looking into where and how all that suspicious funding came from and we came up nothing. We hired our top investigators on this as well, but they got nothing either." Claire said to him. She had been questioning the secret financing of those projects for a month. Mr. Masrani has send his best investigators to investigate the funding, but they could never find out where the money was coming from.

"Do you agree to this funding?" Owen asked. Claire didn't answer right away as she didn't know what to say to him and she briefly looked away. "Do you agree with it?!" Owen repeated with a little more bluntness in her voice.

Claire turned her face at Owen and shouted in a serious tone, "No!!" Then she cooled her tone of voice down and said while down the stairs to go face-to-face with him, "I do agree that there is some unusual funding for both the production of our new asset and the training of the raptors. That what concerns me. But it's not necessarily at the alarming rate and it's not all that unusual we get some private funding for science and research projects like that."

Owen somewhat realized that Claire is right to a point about the mysterious funding that the raptor research and now he knew the Indominus Rex production. Owen replied somewhat in a serious tone, "That maybe true on what you said. But it certainly is drawing suspicion on me and little bit on you. No one has revealed where the funding is coming form. Apparently, Vic Hoskins seems to be pleased to be getting that funding for the raptors training."

Upon hearing Owen that Vic Hoskins was pleased to be getting the funding for the raptors training, Claire then realized that they should again investigate the mysterious financing of both the raptors training and the Indominus Rex production. "Mr. Masrani and I will investigate this again after you assess our asset & her paddock and we will call the outside authorities on this as well since our investigators can't find anything. Right now, you and I have work to do. I'll be in the car." Claire said to him. Then she suggested, "You might want to change your shirt. They're very smell."

With that, Claire was heading back to her car as Owen was staring at her.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Somewhere at the island, the fake MVU truck, the two fake Jurassic World SUVs and the six H1 Hummers were driving closer toward Main Street.

Somewhere in the Pacific

At the Pacific Ocean, the four helicopters continue to fly above the ocean as they were getting closer to Isla Nublar.

Jurassic World Aviary

At the Jurassic World Aviary, tourists were seeing the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon at their dome-enclosed enclosure. The pterosaurs were flying around and were eating fish at a river that ran through the Aviary. At that time, some of the terrorists were in the Aviary as they walked around, spreading out away from each other.

Outside Main Street

Out by Main Street, Hawkins and three other henchman were walking down the road as a Jurassic World SUV was coming towards them. As the SUV came to the stop and put it in park, the Jurassic World security guard in the passenger seat said to Hawkins and the others with them, "Excuse me, sirs. This area is not safe to walk on. I must ask you to return to Main Street."

"I know. We're just wanting someone to pick us up." Hawkins said politely as he came towards them. Then Hawkins drew his silenced SIG-Sauer P226 pistol and shot the driver in the head, killing him. Before the security guard can draw his pistol at Hawkins, another henchman at the driver's seat shot the guard in the head with a silenced Beretta 92FS pistol. As the henchmen took the bodies of the guards they killed and tossed into the wilderness, Hawkins got in the passenger seat and set up a tablet. Then he lets out two detonators. Then the terrorists with him put the gym bags in the back of the SUV and loaded their machine guns. The henchmen then got in the SVU. Hawkins then send a secured text message, "We're in. Everything is set in our end."

Inside the fake MUV truck, Cullen send a secured reply to Hawkins, "Copy. Head to your destination and be ready to set things off." After she send it, she turned to Nolan and said, "Hawkins has planted the bombs at the marked locations and is ready to head to the tower."

"Very well." Nolan acknowledged, pleased with how things are going along as planned.


At the Monorail train, Zach and Gray were in one of the cars. Gray was concerned what he was going to bring Zach up about his discovery back home in Madison. He only asked, "If Mom and Dad, will one of us be with Mom and the other with Dad?"

Confused by what Gray meant, Zach asked, "What? Why would you say that?"

"Because they are." Gray said somberly.

"No, they're not getting a divor..." Zach paused for the moment as he couldn't believe what his younger brother said. Then he continued on, "They're not getting a divorce! Look, you haven't been around long enough. They've always been that way."

"They get mail from two different lawyers." Gray said to him as he remembered the mail letters to their parents from the lawyers.

"That doesn't mean anything." Zach replied in a indifferent tone, wanting to know what Gray meant.

Gray somberly looks at his brother and sadly confirmed, "I goggled it. They're divorce lawyers." Gray remembered as their parents were planning to send them to Jurassic World after seeing mail letters from lawyers and he checked them out on Goggle, which made him realized that his parents were getting a divorce.

Zach, although stunned by the news and realized that Gray is right, said in an indifferent tone, "Alright, whatever. You know what? It doesn't matter, okay? I'm gonna be gone in two years. I mean, all my friends' parents are divorced."

Gray, upset by his parent's impending divorce, started crying silently. "Hey, knock it off. You gonna cry." Gray looked at Zach with tears in his eyes. "Look, you're gonna get two of everything. Alright? You're gonna get two birthdays, two Thanksgivings, two Ch..." Zach was about to say two Christmases when Gray interrupted.

"I don't want two of everything." Gray sadly said to his brother.

"Yeah, well. It's not up to you. All right? There's a point you have to grow up." Zach said in an indifferent tone, trying to tell his brother that he has to grow up now that their parents are getting a divorce.

Gray did not appreciate Zach's unsympathetic tone with him about their parents' divorce and was upset by it. He stares out the window and sees some vehicles heading south in the road below. Then the automated voice announcer said, "Please, hold on as we prepared to stop on Gyrosphere Station."

As the train was coming to a stop, two terrorists were in the other side of the car Zach and Gray are on. They see their comrades in the vehicles driving towards Main Street. As they both nodded to each other, they stayed seated as the train stopped at the Gyrosphere Station as the automated announcer said, "The door's are opening."

Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile in the Raptor Research Arena, Barry was inside the cage checking on Blue, who is in the muzzle cage and was snarling as usual. As Barry petted Blue to comfort her, the raptor is calmer. Hoskins, who was watching, asked Barry, "How fast can they run?"

Barry replied to Hoskins, "Forty. Fifty if they're hungry."

"Ohh." Hoskins stated. Then he asked arrogantly, "You ever open them up, see what they can do?"

Barry was not openly pleased with that question from Hoskins and he only replied, "No." As he said that, Blue snarled loudly, causing Hoskins to jump a little.

"Shit!" Hoskins said as he laughed in shock. Barry laughed to he felt Hoskins deserved that mild scare, "That got me. It got me." Hoskins muttered.

Barry was walking towards Delta, who is in another muzzle cage, and sarcastically asked, "What do you think? Want to take one home?"

"Hey, don't joke me." Hoskins said to him, little offended by Barry's remark as Blue snarled at him. Then Hoskins continued coming towards Barry, "When I was your age, I rescued a wolf pup." As Hoskins said that, Blue snarled angrily at him, showing an intense dislike for him. Barry was checking on Delta as Hoskins came towards him, saying, "It's like two months old, barely walked. Sleep on the bed, watch over me." As Hoskins was talking, Delta snarled at him too, but Barry comforted her to make her calm down. "My wife...she came at me with a knife. It took a chuck out of her arm."

Upon hearing such story, Barry asked, "Did you put it down?"

"Hell, no." Hoskins stated. After he briefly turned at Blue, Hoskins turned back at Barry and Delta as he continued, "We had...a unshakable bond, like you and...what's his name?"

Barry answered, "Delta. And she's a girl." Barry corrected the gender of Delta to Hoskins.

"Can I...?" Hoskins asked nervously. Barry nodded and Hoskins slowly moved his hand towards Delta. Then when he touched her face, Delta growled angrily, showing a intense dislike for Hoskins as Blue did. Hoskins quickly backed his hand away as Barry comforted Delta to calm her down. Although Delta continued to snarled, she was calmer. Then Hoskins placed his hand on Delta's face while Barry kept her calm.

"Wow." Hoskins stated in amazement as Delta continue to snarl to him.

Gyrosphere Station

At the Gyrosphere Station, Zach and Gray were among those waiting in line to go ride on a gyrosphere. Moreau was among those in the crowd, along with a henchwoman. Two other terrorists were disguised as Jurassic World park rangers, overseeing the area as they see three actual park rangers in the station. Gray, who had composed himself, said to Zach, "Did you know that the soft tissue is preserved because of the dinosaurs's blood generates free radical and those are highly reactive. So the proteins and the cell membranes get mixed up...and...uh...act as a natural preservative. DNA can survive for a millennia that way."

As he was saying all that, Zach just ignores his brother and stares at the group of girls further ahead in the line. Gray then continued, "See now. Even if the amber mine dry up, they'll still have bones..."

"Shut up." Zach said, interrupting his brother as he pointed to the girl he was staring at.

Gray sees that Zach is more interested in girls than him. Deciding to take revenge on Zach, Gray asked and yelled out to him, "What do you think is going to be happen if you just keep staring at them?!" The girls giggled upon hearing that as they boarded the gyrosphere.

Zach felt embarrassed by his brother for doing that. He just looked at him and said with a truce of embarrassment, "Thanks, man."

"You're welcome." Gray replied sarcastically, feeling pleased with himself as they were getting closer to the gyrosphere pick up.

The young ride operator name Josh, boards the other riders as he said in a monotonous tone, "Enjoy the ride."

As Zach and Gray were coming closer to the gyrosphere, an automated male announcer said in the loudspeaker, "Pregnant women and those who suffer from motion sickness should consult with a doctor before riding this ride."

Another gyrosphere, Gyrosphere 07, arrived. Zach and Gray got inside it. Josh then said to them in a disinterested tone, "Enjoy the ride."

As Zach and Gray drove away in Gyrosphere 07, Moreau and three other terrorists were in position.

Main Street

At Main Street, Smith and one of the henchmen entered a Dairy Queen. There were two employees there and a couple eating chili dogs and some sundaes at a table. Smith nodded to his fellow henchman to have a seat as he went to a counter. The cashier came to Smith and asked, "Hi. What can I give you?"

"Give us two sundaes. One hot fudge, one strawberry, both with whip cream only please." Smith said to the cashier.

"Alright." The cashier said to him.

At the Margiritaville, Witter entered the building with two other men.

In the Jurassic Traders Gift Shop, Chernov went into the gift shop with another henchman.

Some other terrorists were also inside various places such as Winston's Steakhouse, Starbucks, Columbia Sportswear, Dave & Buster's and others not far from the exits in Main Street and the Monorail stop.

Somewhere in Isla Nublar

Not far from the Indominus Rex paddock, one fake MVU truck stopped and four men came out in the back. Letting out two motorcycles and a components of a drone. They placed the drone components on the flatter part of the wilderness. Two terrorists moved the two motorcycles near them. As two of the men stayed behind to set up the drone, two others went back to the fake MUV truck and left the scene.

Somewhere in the island not far from Main Street, the fake MVU truck stopped, along with two fake Jurassic World SUVs and six Hummers. Inside the MVU truck, Torres and Cullen listened to various communications from all their men. Torres then said to Nolan, "Everyone's in position and the helicopters are about to reach the island."

"That's what I want to hear." Nolan acknowledged. Then he commanded, "Tell the Hummers to drive to their positions, Mike." Torres silently acknowledged.

The hummers behind the fake MVU truck and the Jurassic World SUVs drove out to separate areas.

The helicopters has reached the north shore of Isla Nublar and are flying at low altitude on the island. Two other helicopter split up and went into the different southern directions on the island as the last two helicopters remain near each other heading towards Main Street.

Indominus Rex paddock

At the Indominus Rex paddock, Owen and Claire arrived at that paddock in her car.

"We've been pre-booking tickets for months. The park needs a new attraction every few years in order to reinvigorate the public's interest. Kind of like the space program." Claire said as she was walking up the steps with Owen following her. Then she continued, "Corporate felt genetic modification would up the wow factor."

"They're dinosaurs. “Wow” enough." Owen explained as they were about to get inside the observation tower.

"Not according to our focus groups. The Indominus Rex will make us relevant again." Claire replied, telling Owen the new of the new animal.

Owen chuckled upon hearing it's name. Then he sarcastically asked, "The Indominus Rex?!”

"Well, we needed something scary and easy to pronounce. You should hear a four year old trying to say Archaeornithomimus." Claire said to Owen while giving him a glare before going inside the observation room.

"You should hear 'you' try to say that." Owen joked as he went inside the observation room. Owen looked through the glass and asked Claire, "What's that thing made of...?"

"The base chrome is a T-Rex, but the rest is...classified." Claire answered as she knew the base chrome of the Indominus Rex, but not the rest of the creatures the hybrid was made out of.

"You made a new dinosaur, but you don't even know what it is?" Owen asked in a disappointed remark.

Claire was annoyed by his behavior and replied seriously, "The lab deliver us new assets and we show them to the public." Then she asked Nick, "Can we drop the steer, please?" Nick, not thrilled by the order, puts his sandwich down and pressed the button.

Curious about the new dinosaur's containment inside it's paddock, Owen asked, "How long has the animal been there?"

"All it's life." Claire answered quickly.

After hearing what Claire told him about how long it was inside it's paddock, Owen was concerned by what behavior it may have. "Never seen anything outside of these walls?"

"We can't exactly walked it." Claire replied jokingly.

Owen noticed the crane is dropping off meat at the center of hybrid's enclosure. He asked with concern, "And you feed it with that?" The meat was delivered on the ground of the enclosure.

Suspicious about Owen's question, Claire asked, "Is there a problem?"

"Animals raised in isolated are not always the most functional." Owen replied, trying to reason with Claire. As he said that, he thought he heard helicopter rotors.

"Your raptors were born in captivity." Claire stated, wanting to know what he meant.

"With siblings." Owen said to her as he waling towards her. Then he continued to reason with Claire, "They learn social skills and I imprint on them when they we're born. There's trust. The only positive relationship this animal has is with that crane. At least she knows that means food."

"So she needs a friend? We should schedule a play dates? That sort of thing?" Claire asked sarcastically.

"Probably not a good idea." Owen said rather darkly while getting increasingly concerned with that new animal. As he said that, Owen, Claire and Nick heard the helicopter rotors were getting louder. The sound of rotors from the helicopters were starting to make the items in the observation tower vibrate.

Owen, Claire and Nick rushed outside and saw two helicopters flew over them at low altitude and heading south. Owen and Claire were surprised by the helicopters flying in a low altitude. Nick was surprised about it too. The paddock workers saw those choppers as well.

"What's with those helicopters?" Nick asked with some suspicion.

"They're flying awfully low, I see..." Owen said to him as he was alarmed with suspicion about the helicopters and took it as a negative sign.

"They're not authorized to be here." Claire said to Owen and Nick. She was alarmed that the helicopters flew by at low altitude without authorization.

"No, they're aren't." Owen nodded in agreement as he knew there is no way anyone in Jurassic World would allow unauthorized helicopters in Isla Nublar.

After Owen told her that, she quickly said to him and Nick, "I'm going to control room to investigate this. You guys stay here."

As Claire went downstairs and headed for her car, Owen and Nick went back inside the paddock observation room. Claire was heading to her car as the paddock worker Nick Kilgore saw her. "Hey, I think those helicopters are not supposed to be on this island." Kilgore said to Claire as she was getting into her vehicle.

"No kidding, pal. Stay put." Claire said to the paddock worker as she got in her car, started it and drove away.

As Claire drove out of sight, Owen and Nick were inside the observation room. Nick noticed Owen's suspicious look. "Something on your mind?" Nick asked.

"I don't know. Something doesn't feel right." Owen said as his SEAL training and instinct kicked in. He looked to see if the Indominus Rex was still inside it's cage. "About both those helicopters and that...thing in there."

"That wall is forty feet high. Do you really think there's a chance could climb out?" Nick asked.

Owen looked at the glass and only said, "Depends."

"On what?" Nick asked.

"What kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab." Owen said in a serious tone.

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