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This is chapter 5 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 5: The Siege

Shortly after 2:00 PM

At the control room, Lowery said to Vivian, "Even though I didn't meet him until I was thirteen, I definitely considered Carl to be, like, more of a dad than my real dad." As he saying that, his phone rang.

"Yeah, hello?"

"Lowery, I just spotted two unauthorized helicopters flying at low altitude above Paddock 11, heading south." Claire said to Lowery while driving her jeep.

Both Claire and Vivian were confused and exchanged glances at each other as Lowery asked, "Helicopters?"

"Yes, is the radar operational?" Claire asked in a serious tone.

"It just finished installing the update. It should be coming back on in a moment." Lowery said to Claire on the phone.

The radar then finished update and the map shows four helicopters.

As everyone in the control room, including Masrani, saw the unexpected arrival of four helicopters, Lowery saw the helicopters on the radar and was surprised by the sight of it. "Ah, Claire. They're not just two helicopters hovering around the island. They are four in the island." Lowery said in confusion.

Upon hearing what Lowery said to her, Claire was confused and asked, "Four?!"

"Yes, four. Two of them are flying towards Main Street, one is heading for the Ferry Landing and one is at the north part of the island." Lowery said to him. As Lowery said that, Masrani, Vivian and others in the control room look at the radar screen with alarm and confusion.

"Go to Code Yellow now!" Claire ordered.

"All security teams, we are Code Yellow. We got four unauthorized helicopters on the island. I repeat, we have four unauthorized helicopters on the island now." Vivian yelled out on the speaker radio.

Upon hearing Vivian's Code Yellow message, all Jurassic World park rangers and ACU troopers were loading up their weapons and a helicopter was taking off. The ones on the walls were on an alert. JW001 helicopter took off and went towards the choppers are heading at.

At Underwater Observatory, as Sarah was making an announcement about the history of the Mosasaurus, the announcement was disrupted when the crowd saw one helicopter flying at low altitude and flew over them. The surprised announcer and spectators look up with alarm and worry. Sarah said to herself, "What the..."

At the Ferry Landing, the oncoming tourists and others leaving the park see the helicopter arriving. The people there were confused and worried by it.

As one helicopter arrived in the Ferry Landing, the other two helicopters arrived in the north and south of Main Street. The tourists and staffers at Main Street look at them with confusion and alarm on why the helicopters would be flying low.

At the Gentle Giant Petting Zoo, people and their families look at the helicopters with concern.

Inside the Innovation Center, the tourists inside the building saw one helicopter and they look at them with surprise and alarm.

Outside Innovation Center, the crowd of the people saw the helicopter flying above them at low altitude and saw another one from the distance. Zara was one of those people who saw the helicopters.

"Hey, why are those helicopters flying so low?" One of the tourists said in alarm as Zara looks up at the helicopters with suspicion and alarm.

Everyone in the control room looked at the cameras of the helicopters flying low in alarm and concern. Masrani got closer to Lowery and Vivian's workstations.

"What the hell are those helicopters doing?" Masrani asked with suspicion and alarm.

Meanwhile, at Main Street, the helicopters continued to hover above Main Street. Then the helicopter doors to all choppers opened and the terrorists on it fired heavy machine guns. The park rangers guarding the walls of Main Street were shot by the helicopters. The tourists who witness the helicopter attack panicked and started to scatted around Main Street.

At the Ferry Landing, the terrorists on the helicopter open the doors and opened fired at the security personnel in the area. The people in the Ferry Landing screamed and scattered in panic.

Everyone in the control room was shocked & horrified that the helicopters are attacking Main Street and Ferry Landing. Some of them jumped back in horror. Masrani stood in silence, but was stunned by seeing the choppers are firing. Lowery eyes were filled with shock and he said in horror quietly, "Oh my god." Vivian remain seated as she watched in horror and her mouth was hanging open. She covered her mouth with her hands.

Back in Main Street, the panicking crowd rushed in all directions while the helicopters continued to fire at the park rangers in Main Street. Some of the tourists were killed in the crossfire also. Zara was running away to get away from heavy gunfire from the helicopters.

At the control room, everybody was still in shock by what they are witnessing right now.

"What the hell's going on here?! What the hell's happening?!" Claire said on Lowery's headline.

After hearing Claire, Lowery quickly snapped out of it and yelled out in horror on his headset, "Claire, we're under attack! Those helicopters are firing automatic heavy weapons at our security personnel and the tourists!"

After hearing what Lowery said, Claire was shocked as she yelled out, "What?!"

"We're under attack by those helicopters! They are firing automatic heavy weapons at our security personnel and the tourists!" Lowery said to him, while trying to calm himself down as he was still horrified by the sudden turn of events.

Claire was shocked and freaked out when she heard the helicopters are attacking the island. Then she then ordered in desperation, "Initiate Code Red right now! Have ACU and all our security teams launch an immediate counter-attack! Lethal weapons! Go! Now!"

After hearing Claire's order, Lowery pushed the code red alarm button as Vivian called in ACU on the radio while trying to stay calm, "All security teams, we are Code Red! I repeat, we are Code Red! We're under air attack by helicopters armed with heavy weapons! Use lethal weapons to repel the attackers now!"

ACU troopers quickly loaded their firearms and automatic weapons from their armory as the alarms was going off. They rushed to their vehicles. Several park rangers in various attractions armed themselves.

At the Indominus Rex padlock, Owen, Nick and the paddock workers heard the code red alarm blaring.

"What's going on here?" Kilgore asked.

Owen knows that with the code red alarm blaring, he suspects that some attack is happening in the island with those helicopters as Nick tried checking in with control room, "Control room, this is Padlock 11. Come in. Padlock 11 to control room, come in."

"Don't bother. I think Jurassic World is under attack." Owen said to Nick, warning that Isla Nublar is most likely under attack.

At Main Street, the helicopters firing around Main Street. The panicking crowd of people tried to entered the monorail station, but the terrorist nearby tossed Molotov Cocktail at the stairway, igniting to flames and blocking access to it. As the tourists fall back away from the stairway in panic, Zara sees this in horror and retreated away from the burning stairway. Then the pedestrian exits in Main Street blew up into flames, preventing anyone from evacuating out of Main Street.

Then at the Gyrosphere station, the alarms in there were going off. The tourists and staff there wondered what was going on with concern and worry. Then Moreau, his two men and a henchwoman let out their guns. Moreau shot at one park ranger with a shotgun, while a henchman shot the other ranger. The henchwoman elbowed the park ranger in the face and shot him twice in the chest with her pistol. As the tourists there panicked when they witnessed a shooting, Josh, the Gyrosphere operator, was trying to reach a phone. But Moreau shot him dead with his shotgun.

As everyone in the Gyrosphere station screamed in horror, the henchmen and the henchwoman pointed their weapons at them while Moreau held his shotgun at them and yelled out, "Get down! Everybody down!" Then Moreau and the goons with him fired above the tourists, forcing them to get down on the ground. Moreau checked in on the radio on a secured line, "Gyrosphere station is secured."

At the Jurassic World Aviary, some terrorists disguised as tourists let out their pistols and sub-machine guns. One with a Heckler & Koch MP5A3 rifle shot one park ranger multiple times in chest. Another terrorist who is a black man, shot a park ranger twice in the head with a pistol while one other henchman shot a Jurassic World park ranger three times in the chest with a pistol. As the terrorists professionally shot and killed the rest of the Jurassic World park rangers in the Aviary, everyone in it watched in horror and tried to scatter. The terrorists blocked every exit and fired their weapons in the air. One of the terrorists yelled out, "Everybody get down! Get down now!" As the tourists and staffers got down on the ground, one of a tourists tried to use his cell phone, but the black terrorist saw this and shot him dead in front of his teenage daughter.

"DAD!! NOO!!!" The teenage daughter yelled out in horror as he saw her father died in front of her by one of the terrorists. As that happened, the terrorists in the Aviary surrounded everyone in there. The daughter sees the terrorist who shot her father to death as tears fell on her eyes while she cradled her dead father in her arms. As the terrorists were barking out orders on the tourists, the terrorist who fired the first shots said on the radio, "The Aviary has been secured."

At the pier where The Dust Storm was docked, workers there were panicking at the dock to the massive air attack in Main Street. Then bombs on the ship went off, setting off a massive explosion which destroyed both the Dust Storm and entire dock, killing all the workers on the pier and causing a huge impact wave around the water and the buildings nearby the dock.

At the Ferry Landing, as the helicopter continue to attack the park rangers and tourists there, some men let out their weapons. The attackers then fired at some of the park rangers around there, causing even more panic on the tourists. As the helicopter left the scene, one of the terrorists fired a RPG at the Jurassic World ferry. The rocket hit the port side of the ferry, causing a huge hole on it and water was getting in it. Then another terrorist pressed a button on a detonator and an explosion went off on the dock, killing some of the tourists and destroying the dock in the Ferry Landing. The untethered, sinking ferry rolled left and the ship sank to the bottom.

At the pier in Costa Rica, the Jurassic World ferry was about to leave when a significant amount of C4 explosives planted under the pier detonated when the timer reached zero. The huge explosion destroyed the pier, along with the nearby docked ferry, which killed a lot of people. The ensuring explosion also damaged nearby areas with it's windows shattered.

At the Pacific Ocean, a ferry was heading to Isla Nublar when a bomb exploded in the middle of the ship. The explosion rip the ship in half, causing the scared survivors to hold on what they could hold in the sinking ferry. Then the front of the ship fell to it's side, creating a huge splash. The back of the ferry sank into the ocean.

At the control room, Masrani came to Vivian and asked Claire who is on speaker phone, "Claire, what are you going to call?"

"The U.S. Navy." Claire said to him.

"I'll call Costa Rican government." Masrani replied to her.

Vivian then sees something that horrified her. "Oh, no. Claire, Mr. Masrani, there's gunfire in the Gyrosphere ride station and the Aviary. They're got the tourists and staffers at gunpoint."

"The Dust Storm has been destroyed and the dock in Ferry Landing is gone." Lowery said as he's been monitoring the situation too.

"We lost contact in with the rest of the ferries." Porter said to everyone in the control room.

Claire was even more horrified by the sudden turn of events and said, "Oh my god. I'm gonna call the U.S. Navy right now." With that, she hung up the phone.

Knowing that he won't get out of the island by helicopter because of the air attack in the park, Masrani turned to the head security guard in the control room and ordered, "Get every available park ranger and ACU trooper to the control room and the helipad now."

"Aye, sir." The head security guard acknowledged.

As the guard was calling in on the radio, Masrani went to the phone and dial some numbers.

"Sir, we lost the Cretaceous Cruise and the Gallimimus Valley." Vivian said to Masrani.

Masrani was shocked upon hearing the development of the attack while on the phone. He then said to Lowery, "Notify our security teams in some of the other attractions, including the Indominus Rex padlock. Tell them to prepare for ground or air assault and do not let these bastards take them."

"Yes, Mr. Masrani." Lowery nodded.

As Lowery was doing that, Masrani spoke to the person on the phone, "This is Simon Masrani, CEO of Masrani Global. I'm in Jurassic World in Isla Nublar. We are declaring an emergency."

2:05 PM

Meanwhile at Gyrosphere 07, Zach and Gray were looking at the dinosaurs when they heard some odd loud sounds and see smoke from the distance.

"What is going on?" Gray asked his older brother upon seeing some smoke and hearing some odd noises that are coming from the distance.

Zach was unsure how to answer Gray. So he replied, "Hmm...we'll asked Aunt Claire later about that. Right now, let's check out these Triceratops."

Gray wasn't too pleased about his brother's answer about the noises and the smoke. But decided to look at the Triceratops for the moment.

At Main Street, tourists continued to scatter in terror as the helicopters above them continue to fire their miniguns at the security personal, also indirectly killing the park tourists. Some Jurassic World park rangers fired their weapons at the choppers. As some park rangers on the wall were getting killed by massive gunfire, one park ranger manages to shot one terrorist holding the minigun on the helicopter, killing him. The helicopter saw this and retreated away to avoid any more gunfire.

At the fake MVU truck, Cullen sees something on the computer and said to Nolan. "Sir, the Jurassic World helicopter is near Main Street."

As Cullen said that, Torres heard on the pilot of one of the helicopters on the radio, "We lost one of our men in my chopper."

"Stay in Main Street, use your other man to deal with the security team there." Torres said to the pilot on the radio.

Nolan figured what was going on and asked, "Mike, where's the chopper on Ferry Landing?'

"It's just left the Ferry Landing once we taken control of it." Torres said to him.

"Tell that chopper to head for Main Street for a bit to take out that Jurassic World helicopter and reroute it to the Raptor Paddock. Have our fourth chopper attack the Indominus Rex paddock." Nolan ordered, indifferent about the lost of one of his men on the chopper.

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged.

At the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins, Barry, the padlock workers and the park rangers were wondering what was going on. Hoskins used his cell phone as Barry looked on. Hoskins pressed the speaker button.

At the control room, the controllers are working frantically to try to solve the terrorist situation when Lowery heard the phone rang. He answered and said in the frantic tone, "Yeah?"

"This is Hoskins. What the hell's going on here?" Hoskins asked in an arrogant tone.

Lowery turned his face to Masrani and said to him, "Mr. Masrani, it's Hoskins."

Masrani pressed the speaker button. "Mr. Hoskins, we're under attack by multiple terrorists by air and by ground. A lot of our attractions have been overrun." Masrani said in a worried tone.

Surprised by the situation, Hoskins only said to him, "I'll call InGen Security Division to offer assistance now."

After Hoskins pressed the end button on his phone, Barry overheard went away. Hoskins then called a number. After the ring, the caller answered, "What it is, Vic?"

“What's going on here? I was told about the attack.” Hoskins said to him.

Inside the Hammond Creation Lab, the caller inside his private office, revealed to be Dr. Wu, said to Hoskins. "I don't know, Vic. The lab is under lockdown right now. It's bad out there." As Dr. Wu said that, the lab workers outside his office are frantic about the attack on the island.

"Get yourself somewhere safe right now and protect your work. I'll call my men to the island." Hoskins said to Wu.

As Hoskins was talking to Wu, Barry dialed Owen's number.

At the Indominus Rex padlock, Owen's phone vibrate and he answered, "Yeah."

"Owen, It's Barry." Barry said as he was far enough from Hoskins.

"Barry, what's going on here? What's happening?" Owen asked in a serious tone.

"Owen, Jurassic World is under attack by terrorists and they seized many attractions on this island." Barry said to him.

Owen had a look of disbelief and muttered to himself, "Christ. I know it. Alright, Barry. Listen, lock Blue & the others in their cages and get yourself somewhere safe now. I have to go." With that, he pressed end on his phone.

"What's going on?" Nick asked with concern.

"Jurassic World is under attack. We need to get out of here now." Owen said to Nick as he ran out of the padlock observation room to the park ranger, standing by the padlock door. "Sir, I know what's going on. We need to evacuate now."

"We got our orders from Mr. Masrani. He said to secure this facility. Besides, all exits from this island have been destroyed." The park ranger said to him.

"Dammit!" Owen muttered in anger as he punched his fist in the air. He was at a lost to figure out what to do next.

At the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, the communications officer went to commanding officer Captain Emmitt Davis on the bridge. "Captain, we got a emergency call in Isla Nublar on the emergency line. The call was patched through by Navel Base in Pearl Harbor."

"Alright, I'll take it." He pressed the speaker button on the emergency line, "This is Captain Emmitt Davis of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Who is this and what's the situation?"

Claire, who is her SUV, said in a frantic tone, "Captain Davis, this is Claire Dearing, operations manager of Jurassic World! Isla Nublar is under attack! Shots fired by a large number of armed attackers, both from the ground and the air! We need an armed counter-terrorist team on the island right now!"

After hearing Claire's distress emergency call, Captain Davis turned around and ordered, "Get the nearest Quick Reaction Force team armed and on their way to Isla Nublar on the double!"

"Aye, sir." The communications officer nodded.

"Copy that, Ms. Dearing. We are scrambling a Quick Reaction Force team to you right now. Additional ship and air support will be standing by." Captain Davis stated.

"Tell your men to the attackers have heavy weapons and they are helicopters attacking us." Claire said to Davis in order to prepare the military what kind of attack they are dealing with.

"We got it. We'll notify our Quick Reaction Force." Davis acknowledged calmly.

"Alright. Please hurry, Captain. Our security team are being slaughtered! I gonna go now!" Claire yelled out before hanging up the phone.

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, after Claire hang up, Davis asked one of his officers, "XO! Nearest Quick Reaction Force?"

"A hour away." Davis's Executive Officer, Commander Kopelson, said to him.

"Sped them up. Send every available ship over to the island and get our fighters up in the air to take out those choppers. And get me secured lines to The Pentagon, The White House and the Costa Rican government." Captain Davis ordered.

"Aye, sir." Commander Kopelson acknowledged as he went to the phones.

While near Main Street, JW001 flew near Main Street and Masrani's flying instructor saw the attack from plain sight. The helicopters started firing at Main Street when the pilot saw it. "Oh my god."

At the control room, Masrani sees JW001 on radar and said to Vivian, "Get that helicopter away from Main Street. Tell my instructor to get to the helipad immediately." Masrani knew that flying out of Isla Nublar on the helicopter is impossible due to the air attack, but wanted his pilot to be safe in the control room.

Vivian got the helicopter's frequency and said, "JW001, this is control room. Stay out of Main Street and get to the helipad in the control room now!"

"Copy, control!" The pilot acknowledged with a trace of desperation in his voice. He pinched right and tried to turn away from the attacking choppers. But the helicopter that left the Ferry Landing arrived and saw JW001. The terrorist on it fired the minigun at JW001. The heavy bullets on it hit the helicopter's port side and damaged the tail rotor.

"I'm hit! I'm hit! I'm going down!" Masrani's flying instructor yelled out as the helicopter was going down. Then it crashed into the jungles not far from the entrance to Main Street and it exploded, killing the flying instructor onboard.

After seeing the JW001 was down and hearing his flight instructor's final words on the radio, Masrani sighed sadly, upon knowing that his flight instructor is dead. The controllers were stunned. Then some of the Jurassic World park rangers arrived in the control room.

At one of the Monorail trains, some terrorists inside each cars fired their weapons in the air. The people in the train screamed. The gunmen yelled out for everyone to get down on the floor.

Inside the fake MVU truck, Torres listens in on the radio. Then he told Nolan and the others with him, "All Monorail trains have been taken."

"Right. Tell the choppers to clear out once we entered Main Street. We'll get out and strike them when it's time." Nolan said in a serious tone.

"You got it." Torres acknowledged.

At the Indominus Rex paddock, Owen kept looking around as the alarms continued to rang in. Then a heard a helicopter flying somewhere.

Claire, in her SUV and driving around aimlessly, called the control room in her cell.

At the control room, Lowery hear his phone rang and he answered, "Hello?"

"Lowery, what's the situation?" Claire asked with desperation in her voice.

As Claire said that, Lowery put the phone on speaker so Masrani and others can hear. "The choppers are still attacking Main Street. They've taken most of our attractions and all the Monorail train. They shot down JW001." Lowery said while worried about the siege.

Claire was utterly in disbelief over everything that is happening, "Dammit, this is getting worse. I called the Navy. The armed forces team won't be on the island until a hour. They're sending ship and air support over here now."

Masrani came close to the phone and said, "Claire, I called the Costa Rican government. They working on sending a team over here now also. But they won't be here until a hour as well. I brought some of our security personnel over in the control room."

Claire wasn't thrilled to hear that and said to Masrani, "Alright, do not let these maniacs take the control room. I gonna go." With that, she ended the call.

At the Main Street, the helicopters continue to attack Main Street. The people in there continue to scatter in terror. Some more tourists were also killed, along with some of the Jurassic World park rangers in there.

Katashi Hamada, the commander of the ACU, said to his troops while in the vehicle. "Shoot at anything that is firing at us and anyone else! Do not harm any civilians! Do you understand?"

All the ACU troopers with him nodded. Meyers, the female ACU trooper, loaded up her weapons. So did ACU troopers Lee and Miller. The other ACU troopers loaded up too.

As the ACU vehicles entered Main Street, the terrorists in the disguised Jurassic World vehicle entered the Main Street. Hamada and his unit quickly exited the ACU vehicle and fired at the one of the helicopters above them. Another ACU unit, with Austin, another commander of the ACU, came out with troopers Cooper, Craig and Spears. Austin and other ACU troopers fired at the second helicopter.

While the ACU troopers were firing at the helicopters, all the disguised terrorist vehicles entered Main Street.

Inside the disguised MVU track, the driver of the truck opened his rear visor and said to the others, "We're in."

Upon hearing that, Nolan ordered Torres, "Alright, tell the choppers to clear out."

With that, Torres got on the radio, "All choppers, clear way from Main Street. You know where to go."

As soon as they heard Torres's message, the helicopters then stopped firing and left Main Street while ACU troopers and various park rangers kept firing at them.

As the helicopters left Main Street, Hamada realized the terrorists are not done and said to every ACU trooper and Jurassic World park ranger near him, "This is far from over, everybody. Those choppers might return and they've taken most of our attractions. Watch yourselves."

2:10 PM

At the roof of Dairy Queen, Smith finished assembling his Remington 700 AICS sniper rifle and aims down with his scope with another henchman alongside him as a spotter. "Everyone's in position. All set to go." Smith said on his radio with a earpiece plugged to it.

As the park rangers and ACU trooper remained on high alert in Main Street, Hawkins, who is coming up to the cell tower with three other men, heard the radio call. Then Hawkins detonated a small bomb in an alleyway, which scare the tourists away and distracted the park rangers & the ACU troopers. A terrorist shot an unsuspecting ACU trooper in the back of the head. Witter then shot a Jurassic World park ranger three times in a chest near the Margaritaville restaurant with a Heckler & Koch MP5K on his right hand and another park ranger with his Desert Eagle pistol on his left hand. Chernov stabbed one Jurassic World ranger in the neck with his knife in the Jurassic Traders Gift Shop.

Smith, from the roof of on Dairy Queen, fired his sniper and shot two Jurassic World park rangers in the head, killing them.

Inside the IMAX theater, the terrorists that were with Smith earlier let out their weapons and fired in the air. The already terrified people in the theater screamed out and became more scared as the man in charge holding an FC SCAR-L rifle yelled out, "Everyone on the ground now!" With that, every tourist and staffer went down on the floor.

One terrorist kicked a park ranger into the wall of a building and shot him in the chest afterwards with his pistol. Then inside the Winston's steakhouse, a terrorist tossed a knife into the throat of one Jurassic World park ranger. Austin grabbed one of the terrorists and shot him in the heart with his pistol, killing him. Then Austin used the dead terrorist as a human shield and shot one of the other terrorists in the chest.

Hamada saw what was happening and yelled out to every ACU trooper & Jurassic World park ranger, "Everyone, take cover and get the civilians out of here now!"

At the hotel lobby, several terrorists fired their weapons in the air. The crowd in the lobby screamed as the henchmen ordered them down on the floor.

At the Main Street exits, the exits were on fire and some of the Jurassic World park rangers were about to reach the exits trying to contain the fire when another set of bombs placed earlier by Hawkins blew up. The explosions sealed the emergency exits, killing several park rangers and causing the tourists to scatter away.

Hawkins watched from the monitors that his bombs scattered the panicking tourists away from the exits. Then he and his three men arrived in the cell tower.

Lowery, Vivian and the other controllers saw what they were seeing in horror at the monitors. "Oh my god. Mr. Masrani!" Lowery shouted in shock. As Masrani came on over, Porter looked at the monitors as calm as possible. Lowery said to Masrani in a frantic tone, despite his best to hide it. "Main Street is under ground attack!" Masrani saw what was going on in Main Street on the monitor and was more horrified.

As the attack was happening, the tourists scattered in panic. Zara ran to the Underwater Observatory as she hid in terror. She watched the bloody attack in horror at her temporary spot. Then the back door of the fake MVU trucks opened. Nolan, Torres, Cullen, Wang and other terrorists came out, firing their weapons. Nolan fired at the park ranger and two ACU troopers with his Heckler & Koch HK416, "Suck on this, motherfuckers!" Nolan cursed out the word while shooting down the ACU troopers, killing them.

Cullen then fired her M4A1 Carbine and shot a Jurassic World park ranger, killing him. Torres fires his M16A4 rifle at ACU trooper and a Jurassic World park ranger, taking them out. Another henchman shot a ACU trooper in the chest twice, killing him. Another ACU trooper managed to take out one of the terrorists. Smith shot a Jurassic World ranger near the Starbucks in the chest with his sniper.

Outside Main Street, the terrorists in their hummers with Browning M2 machine guns on top, arrived in the vehicular exits outside of Main Street.

At the Indominus Rex paddock, Owen heard the sound of the helicopter coming in and saw a low flying helicopter coming to the padlock.

"Everyone get inside the observation tower now!" Owen yelled out to Nick and the paddock workers. But then, the helicopter arrived and the terrorists onboard fired at the paddock workers. As the padlock workers were getting shot dead, a terrorist on it threw two grenades into the paddock observation tower and they exploded, destroying the observation tower there. Owen, Nick and some of the paddock workers stood back away from the stairway as the grenades took out the observation tower. The park rangers there opened fired at the chopper, but the terrorists on the it shot most of them dead.

"Everyone, get to this side of the wall now! Get over here now!" Owen yelled out as he and Nick made to the wall.

Kilgore, the only remaining paddock worker, and a park ranger made it the wall while firing his Glock 17 pistol. But one terrorist shot at the park ranger from behind, killing him. As that terrorist pushed in the codes to open the blast doors to the Indominus Rex padlock, Owen quickly grabbed the dead park ranger's Glock 17 pistol from his holster.

"Mr. Masrani, those guys are trying to release the asset from Padock 11!" Vivian yelled out to Masrani.

Upon seeing the Indominus Rex will be released, Masrani realized that the attackers want the hybrid out of it's enclosure. "Close that door now!" Masrani yelled out.

As the terrorist opened the paddock door and destroyed the penal, preventing anyone from closing the blast door, Owen came out and shot that terrorist three times in the chest, killing him. After seeing their comrade shot dead, the other terrorists opened fired at the wall as they retreated to the helicopter. Owen, Nick and Kilgore were pinned by gunfire as the terrorists made to the helicopter and took off. Then the Indominus Rex barge into the gate, damaging it. Then it came out of the paddock and let out a loud roar.

At the control room, everyone was stunned and horrified that the terrorists had the Indominus Rex escaped from it's enclosure. "Oh my god." Masrani said in horror.

Owen and Nick rushed out as the Indominus Rex came out. Kilgore sees it coming at him and looked at with sheer terror. Then the terrified worker tried to run, but was too slow and the Indominus Rex snatches him by it's hand. Kilgore screams as the Indominus tore him apart.

Owen sees the predator coming at him. "Shit!" Owen cursed as he quickly ran and went underneath a crane as Nick was front of the pickup truck. The Indominus Rex was roaming around. Mustering his courage, Nick looks and sees the tail before it disappeared. He nervously kissed the cross.

The Indominus Rex violently pushes the truck aside, leaving the padlock supervisor exposed. The jaws snaps down, grabbing Nick. She then lifts the dead supervisor up and ate him whole.

After seeing Nick killed and knowing he had to act quickly, Owen lets out his survival knife and rolled on his back. He grabbed the crane's fuel line and hacks it desperately with his blade until he sliced through it and ruptured the line, spewing gasoline leak on himself. Owen hurriedly smears gasoline all over himself in order to mask his scent from the hybrid.

The Indominus Rex looked down the crane below, but couldn't see or smell anything. Owen kept silent while he stayed down and tried his best not to move. After a moment, the hybrid left the scene.

As the Indominus Rex left the scene, Owen came out of the crane and looked around with his pistol raised. After seeing no one close by, he let out a sigh of relief and walked away from the damaged paddock as all the vehicles were destroyed by either the terrorists or the loose hybrid. He checks the pistol he took from the dead park ranger and it was still loaded.

After seeing the Indominus Rex escaped, everyone in the control room was stunned and horrified that their attackers let it out of it's cage. Lowery made a call to Claire's phone.

"What is it, Lowery?" Claire said on the phone, wanting to know the update of the situation.

"Claire, the terrorists have released the Indominus Rex!" Lowery said to her in a frantic voice.

In her jeep, Claire shouted in profound shock, "What?!"

"They released the Indominus Rex out it's cage and it kill two of our workers!" Lowery said to clarify Claire on what was going on right now.

Claire was stunned with such horrible in the increasingly dangerous situation and yelled out, "Track it now!"

"I'll put it up it one of the screens now." Lowery said as he typing in his console.

2:15 PM

Back in Main Street, the once-packed main area of the park was now a deadly war zone. Wang shot a park ranger in the chest twice, killing him. A henchman shot another park ranger in the neck, mortally wounding him. Outside the Columbia store, Hamada, along with Austin and some other security personnel, provide cover fire to allow many surviving park rangers and ACU troopers to get to cover. ACU trooper Spears was about to get to Hamada at the Columbia store when Smith shot him in the neck with his sniper.

Upon seeing Spears get shot dead, Hamada went on the radio. "Control room, we have a sniper hitting us!"

As that was happening, Meyers sees two kids, a boy and a girl, in the middle of the street, exposed to gunfire. "Oh my god. Cover me!" Meyers yelled out as he left her cover to get the kids.

With Hamada and other ACU troopers covering fire, Meyers came over and firing her machine gun, managed to shot one of the terrorists dead and quickly grabbed two kids. "Come on! Keep your heads down!" She got them to the bookstore and put them inside despite Chernov and two other men firing at them. She got them to the nearest bookshelf away from the front windows. As the front windows of the bookstore were shot and cause the glass to shatter, Meyers got the two kids down in the empty office and said to them, "Stay down! Don't move!" With that, Meyers raised her rifle and fired at the attacking terrorists who went to cover.

As Meyers rushed to return to the Columbia store, a terrorist shot a park ranger dead near the Winston's Steakhouse. Nolan shot a park ranger four times in the chest and the ranger's body went into the glass window of Starbucks store. As one of their helicopters was about to land, Chernov shot an ACU trooper in the head and Torres shot ACU Trooper Cooper dead when Cooper broke cover in the Dave & Buster's. Witter discards his now empty Heckler & Koch MP5K and now lets out a Heckler & Koch G3GC and was firing at the security personnel. The helicopter lands on the pavement near the Margaritaville as Nolan yelled out, "Some of you get onboard now!" With that, Nolan, Torres, Cullen, Witter, Chernov, Wang and four other went on board the helicopter while their fellow comrades provided covering fire for them and the helicopter. As they was happening, Smith shot a park ranger twice in the chest with his sniper. The helicopter quickly took off and was heading for the control room. A terrorist than shot a distracted ACU trooper.

At the control room, everyone in there, including Masrani, Lowery and Vivian, all watched in shock and horror of how everything was happening in Main Street.

At the Raptor Research Arena, Hoskins, Barry and others in the paddock heard the sounds of gunfire and explosions coming in. Barry, who already locked the raptors in their cages, let out his Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver. In the corner away from people, Hoskins makes a call on his phone.

At an InGen base in Costa Rica, an InGen Contractor answered the call, "Yeah?"

Hoskins said to his contractor, "It's me. Jurassic World is under attack by terrorists occupying the island. They've taken the most of the attractions and Main Street is a war zone right now."

"Dammit." The InGen contractor muttered. "What do you want from us, sir?"

"Just get yourself and the rest of the men over here right now before the Navy fleet arrives and before the terrorists set up air defenses around the island. You know what this might do if they discover our actions." Hoskins ordered.

"Yes, sir. We're on the way." The contractor hang up the phone. Then he turned to his men and yelled out. "Everybody, gear up! We're going to Isla Nublar immediately!"

With that, all of the InGen mercenaries started to load up their weapons.

At the helipad in the control room, the guards stood on their posts. Then the helicopter hovered above and Nolan, Torres, Witter and another terrorist pointed their weapons down at the helipad. Before the park rangers and ACU troopers in the helipad can react, Nolan shot the ACU trooper that is closest to the helicopter and killed him.

As the attack on the helipad was happening, everyone in the control room was horrified to see on the camera on the helipad that the terrorists are taking out their security personnel in the helipad. Lowery calls Claire's number.

At the helipad, Witter shot down a park ranger. Then a henchman shot a park ranger and a ACU trooper. Then Torres shot a bald park ranger in the head and chest, killing him. Then Nolan shot the last park ranger on the helipad three times in the chest. The dead park ranger fell forward and fell off the helipad into the trees on the ravine below. "He's not gonna found until awhile." Nolan said to himself as the helicopter landed on the helipad. Witter than shot the security camera on the helipad with his Heckler & Koch G36C, destroying it.

At the control room, Vivian reported in to the ACU on the Main Street while trying to control her emotions, "We have...a breach in the control room helipad." As she said that, Porter was typing something on his console. Lowery put a phone in his ear.

Claire who was still driving her car sees that Lowery is calling and answers her phone. "What it is, Lowery? What's going on?" Claire said as she was driving.

"Claire, the attackers are landing on the helipad. They are trying to get to us." Lowery said to her.

Upon hearing that the terrorists have landed on the control room helipad, Claire stopped her car and became even more shocked by the turn of events. "Oh my god." Claire muttered in horror.

At the helipad, Nolan, Torres, Cullen, Chernov, Witter, Wang and four other henchmen got off the helicopter as the chopper immediately flew away. Nolan gave out signals to his goons. With that, Nolan went to the stairway with Torres, Cullen and two other goons while Chernov went with Witter, Wang and two other henchmen in the elevator.

At the cell tower, Hawkins and the men with him were planting charges on it.

At the control room, Masrani realized that the situation is more grim than ever. "Give me The Costa Rican government now. I have to update them."

"Yes, sir." A controller said to him.

While Masrani waiting the phone to be patched through, Porter types something on his workstation and it disables the locks on both the stairway door in the control room and the elevator doors. Then he quickly stabbed the control room guard in the neck with a knife.

The head security guard guarding the main door saw Porter stabbing his subordinate and was about to draw his pistol when Nolan, Torres, Cullen and two of their men entered the control room from the stairway. Nolan fired his Beretta 92FS pistol shot the head guard in the forehead.

Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other controllers turned around and watched in horror and shock as the terrorists breached the control room. At the same time, Chernov, Witter, Wang and the men on the helicopter arrived from the elevator leading from the helipad.

Upon hearing gunshots and screams on the phone, Claire then realized in horror that the control room has been breached and is under attack. She covered her mouth with her right hand in shock.

"Get down! Get down!" Masrani yelled out as he, Lowery, Vivian and the other controllers got down to the floor. A park ranger and a guard try to guard Masrani, but Nolan shot them both dead with his pistol.

Before two ACU troopers can fire at Nolan, Torres hits one with his butt-end of his rifle and shot him in the head while the ACU trooper was down on the ground. Cullen killed the second one with two bullets in his chest. Chernov shot a park ranger multiple times in the chest. Wang stabbed a control room security guard in the neck with a knife. Then kicked him in the chest, finishing him off. Then he athletically pointed his pistol at the controllers.

Cullen then shot a guard in the heart, killing him. Witter killed another security with two rounds in his chest. Then one terrorist shot a park ranger with a UMP 20 rifle. Nolan hits the guard in the face with his pistol and knocks him to the floor. Then he shot the guard in the head, killing him.

As Witter and Cullen surrounded Lowery and Vivian. Torres, Chernov and Wang surrounded the the other controllers opposite Lowery and Vivian's workstation. A henchman gave Porter a pistol to arm himself. Nolan pointed his pistol at Masrani, who looked at him with defiance as he remained calm in his demeanor. Nolan ordered another controllers, "I want everyone of you to that wall! Move! Move to that wall now!"

"Both of you, get over to that wall now!" Cullen ordered Lowery and Vivian in a stern tone.

After hearing that the control room was taken by terrorists, Claire somberly pressed end on her phone and realized the worst. The terrorists have planned everything to attack Jurassic World and are really taken the island in their control.

"Cullen, take that workstation." Torres said to her as he was moving the controllers to the wall.

"Got it." Cullen acknowledged. Then she grabbed Lowery and yelled, "Move!" She shoved him to Wang as he took Lowery to the wall as Witter grabbed Vivian from the ground and was moving to the wall too.

Then Cullen took Lowery's workstation and began typing in while Porter takes over Vivian's workstation and pulled his frequency from his workstation to Vivian's to use his and Vivian's frequency on her station.

As the hostages are moved to the wall, Nolan pistol whipped Masrani in the stomach and pushed him down to the floor near the hostages. "That'd hurt for awhile." Nolan said to himself as Masrani was pushed into the wall by Torres.

"Mike, once our men enter the Innovation Center you and Witter go down there and secure the area.” Nolan said to him.

"Got it." Torres acknowledged as he and Witter began to head to the control room elevator to wait for the right moment to take control of the Innovation Center and Hammond Creation Lab.

"Witter." Nolan said as Witter turned to face him. "Once Main Street is cleared, set up our defenses."

"Yes, sir." Witter acknowledged as he went with Torres at the elevator to wait.

"Sean Nolan!" Masrani looked at him at the eye. Nolan was expected to Masrani to recognized him. Then Masrani said in anger. "Why am I not surprised it was you, you goddamned bastard!"

Nolan chuckled a little. Then he said firmly, "Well, we're here now, Masrani, and we will show the world how unpredictable and aggressive these species really are. The species that is supposed to be extinct and that you guys keep cloning."

"Well, I can't say I'm surprised that you lead this atrocity. What do you want from us?" Masrani asked unhappily.

"That will be discussed later." Nolan said in a serious tone as he pointed his left finger at Masrani. Then he said to Cullen, "I want every men to take out all ACU and security personnel in that park, even if they surrendered."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged.

As Cullen was relaying Nolan's orders on the radio, Nolan looked around and realized he doesn't see Claire among the hostages. He asked Porter, "Where's Dearing?"

"She was on her way back here from the Indomius Rex paddock." Porter replied to him.

"Is she with anyone?" Nolan asked firmly.

"No, she's alone." Porter replied.

"Good. Find her." Nolan ordered in a stern tone. As Porter went to Vivian's workstation, Nolan turned his face at Torres, "Mike, send every available men to search the areas between Main Street and the I-Rex paddock for Dearing."

Torres silently acknowledged as he checking in on his headset radio.

As Nolan looks at the hostages, he spots Lowery wearing the Jurassic Park shirt. Enraged by the sight of it, Nolan lets out his pistol on his left hand. He grabs Lowery by the gray shirt with his right hand and forces him up while pointing his pistol at him. Masrani, Vivian and the other hostages watched in horror as Nolan forced Lowery to an empty chair in the workstation and points his pistol at his forehead.

"You're a real piece of shit wearing that shirt. You've disgraced the memories of those who died on that island 22 years ago, as well as those who perished in Isla Sorna and San Diego. Take it off right now or I'm gonna put a bullet in your skull." Nolan said in a stern, angry tone.

"Okay, okay. Easy, easy..." Lowery said in a frightened tone as he took his gray shirt off. Then he removes the Jurassic Park shirt and gave it to Nolan.

Nolan tossed Lowery's gray shirt back at him. As Lowery puts his gray shirt back on and buttoning it, Nolan tossed the Jurassic Park shirt to his two men who held it up. As the henchman put Lowery back to the wall next to Masrani and Vivian, Nolan then lets out his dagger and stabs the shirt in the Jurassic Park logo. Then he cuts the shirt upward and then downward, cutting it in half. Nolan then cut what was left of the shirt to shreds. After putting his dagger in his sheath, he then turned to Lowery, who was shaken by the siege of the control room and the escalating terrorist situation.

"Hope you enjoyed wearing that." Nolan said to Lowery sternly. Then he spit on Lowery's face in disgust. Nolan then passed the shredded Jurassic Park shirt to his two men and said to them, "Burn the rest of it after the Innovation Center is under our control."

"Aye, sir." One henchman acknowledged as he and the other henchman went to the elevator as Torres and Witter waited until their comrades breached the Innovation Center.

Nolan looks at the monitoring screen as the attack of Jurassic World as his men were taking out the security personnel in Main Street. "This is the day I've been waiting for."

2:20 PM

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis sees two helicopters carrying military Quick Reaction team taking off the ship's main deck from the monitors in the ship's control room. The aircraft carrier and the ships with them were heading towards the direction of Isla Nublar at full speed.

"What's the ETA of our arrival?" Captain Davis asked.

"We're about a hour away, sir. We're also be getting ships from Japan, China, Great Britain, Russia and France, since they have tourists from those countries over there too." The Chief of the Boat replied.

"Very well. We can use some cooperation and support." Captain Davis stated, somewhat pleased of the news that they will receive international support on the attack on Jurassic World. Then he asked. "Anything else?"

Commander Kopelson replied. "The Costa Rican authorities is sealing off access to the docks that lead to Isla Nublar, but..." Kopelson's voice trailed off.

"But what?" Captain Davis asked, wanting to know what was his executive officer's hesitation.

"They've been destroyed. We also got reports that they lost contact with the Jurassic World ferries." Commander Kopelson replied somberly.

Davis's face turned grim upon hearing that.

At the wilderness not far from the Indominus Rex paddock, two terrorists setup a drone. Then they launched it and it's up in the air. One terrorist called in on the radio, "Sir, the drone is in the air." As he said that, Owen was coming in through the trees with his pistol raised.

"Good. Search for Dearing. Her last position was between the Indominus Rex paddock and Main Street. We got other teams searching too." Torres said on the radio. Owen overheard the conversation and realized that they're after Claire.

"Roger that. We're on it." The terrorist acknowledged.

At the control room, Torres went to Nolan and said, "Sean, the drone is in the air."

"Very good." Nolan acknowledged as he watched the monitors of the attack in Main Street.

Back in the wilderness, Owen sees the two terrorists about to leave to find Claire. Owen slowly moves forward and raised the Glock 17 pistol. Then he fired two shots and killed one terrorist from behind. As the dead terrorist went down to his knees and slumped forward, Owen slid down to it as the second terrorist fired at him. As he used the dead terrorist's body as cover, Owen quickly fired the Glock 17 pistol and shot the second henchman five times, killing him instantly.

Owen discards the empty pistol. He grabs another Glock 17 and checks the magazine. He reloads the pistol. He takes the Heckler & Koch G36 from one of the dead terrorists. Owen thought for a bit. He knew Claire was in danger, despite how things are between them now. After a moment of thinking, he thought that he had to save her, regardless of their clash of personalities. He then went the nearby motorcycle and started. He drove out to find Claire before the terrorists capture her.

At the Raptor Research Arena, Hoskins and the others in there heard the helicopter coming in. Barry lets out his Smith & Wesson 500 revolver. Then Hoskins looks up and sees a helicopter coming at the Raptor arena. "Chopper!" Hoskins yelled out.

The helicopter was coming down near the catwalk of the arena. The park rangers were about to fire their weapons at them when one of the terrorists on the chopper fired his assault rifle, killing one of the park rangers. In the crossfire, one of the other terrorists shot a raptor padlock worker and killed him. Then some of the terrorists jumped down from the helicopter and began firing at the park rangers guarding the Raptor padlock.

Barry took cover as the one of the terrorists, armed with a scoped assault rifle, shot two of the park rangers in the head, killing them. Then Barry draws his revolver and shot the sniper in the side of his head, killing him. As Barry went to cover to avoid being seen, the rest of the terrorists were firing at the park rangers in the area. Hoskins fired his pistol while running away from the arena. As some of the men fired at the retreating Hoskins, one of the other henchmen shot a park ranger dead.

One of the terrorists had shot a female paddock worker in the chest with his Remington 870 shotgun. Before he can shoot the other padlock workers from the other side, Barry broke cover and shot him from behind, killing him. Then he takes the dead terrorist's weapons as well as his tablet and, upon seeing the Raptor Arena was going to be taken, went away from the building without being seen.

As Barry escaped, Hoskins retreated away from the scene and went into the trees as the terrorists continued to fired their weapons at the last park ranger in the Raptor Arena. The park ranger fired his pistol and killed one of the terrorists, but the henchman next to him shot the park ranger multiple times in the chest and killed him. As the surviving henchmen pointed their guns at the padlock workers and ordering them to move over the wall, one of the henchmen used the radio and reported in, "Raptor Paddock is now under our control."

At Main Street, mass panic was as tourists kept screaming and running because of the massive gunfight that is raging everywhere. A terrorist shot an ACU trooper. Hamada managed to shot and killed a terrorist near the fence of the Jurassic World Lagoon. As he went for cover, Hamada's cell phone vibrated and he finds out it was Claire who was calling. "Cover me!"

ACU trooper Craig, along with ACU Commander Austin and other security teams nodded and they fired at the attacking terrorists as Hamada answered Claire's call, knowing it had to be a distressing call from her during the attack. "What is it, Ms. Dearing?! Make it quick! It's really bad out here!" Hamada yelled out as the loud gunfire was raging in Main Street.

After hearing Hamada's voice, Claire yelled out so Hamada can hear. "Commander Hamada, I know you're on in a massive gunfight, but the control room has been taken!"

"What?!" Hamada yelled out as he was in disbelief at first.

"The control room has been taken by these guys!" Claire yelled out to clarify the bad news.

Upon hearing Claire's warning, Hamada was stunned beyond belief that the terrorists have taken over the control room. "Shit!" Hamada cursed. Then he yelled out to Austin who was reloading his weapon and anyone on the radio. "Be advised, the control room is offline! I say again, the control room is offline!"

Austin was angered by the news that the control room has been taken as ACU trooper Craig managed to kill one of the terrorists firing at him. Hamada then asked Claire loudly, "What do we do now, Ms. Dearing?!"

Claire was in thought for the moment. Then she thought of something for the moment. "Get what's left of our security to the Innovation Center now!"

"Yes, ma'am! Be advised though! We got civilians in there though, including children!" Hamada yelled out as the terrorists continued to fire at them. One of the henchman killed one ACU trooper the Jurassic Trader's gift shop.

Claire suddenly realized that she forgotten about her nephews and that they are also in danger & she doesn't know where they are. She became more worried and fearful now that Zach and Gray are somewhere on the besieged island.

Claire's thoughts were interrupted by Hamada yelling out to her. "Ms. Dearing?! Are you there?!"

Realizing that Hamada can't help her with her nephews with Main Street under attack, she yelled out to the ACU commander. "Commander Hamada, just get to the Innovation Center and try to defend it and Hammond Creation Lab as best as you can! I have to go!" With that, she ended the call.

2:25 PM

Somewhere in the island, Owen continues the ride the motorcycle to find Claire.

At the control room, Cullen hears something on the radio and said to Nolan, "Nolan, our hummers are ready to strike."

Nolan was pleased to hear that and said to his third-in-command, "Get the vehicular gates open in Main Street and let them in now. Make sure some of our men are guarding the exits. You and Porter know what to do."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged. Then she turned to Porter as she went to Lowery's workstation, "Let's open the vehicular gates in Main Street and closed them quickly so no one escapes."

"You got it, ma'am." Porter replied as he was typing in at Vivian's workstation.

The hostages, including Masrani, Lowery and Vivian, are horrified by both Porter's betrayal and the terrorists attack their park as they were guarded by Chernov and few other terrorists.

At her car after hanging up on Hamada, Claire dialed Zara's number. When she picked up, a lot of screaming and gunfire was heard in the background. The sounds of the background scared her big time as she fully realized how bad the attack really is. "Hello?!" Zara yelled out.

"Zara!" Claire yelled out, relieved that Zara picked up the phone despite the attack that is happening right now.

Near the Underwater Observatory, Zara yelled out as gunfire roared Main Street and people near her scattered in panic, "Claire, what the bloody hell's going on?! Main Street is under attack by heavily armed men!"

"I know! The entire park is under attack! Where are you?!" Claire yelled out as she was frantic herself.

"I'm...ah...out by the Underwater Observatory!" Zara yelled out to her.

Claire knew that the observatory was not far from the hotel. Then she ordered, "Zara, listen, I need you to take the boys back to the hotel right away! Get them to the panic room at the basement there now!"

"Claire, I can't find them! They ran off!" Zara said while in distress by the attack and Claire's nephews disappeared.

"Wha? Say that again, Zara!" Claire said. She was having a hard time hearing Zara due to the loud noise of gunfire and screams where she is.

"I don't know! I've been looking everywhere to them!" Zara yelled out in distress as the attack was occurring and Claire's nephews are not with her.

"Slow down, I can't hear you! There's a lot of noise where you are!" Claire told her assistant in a concerned tone.

"Zach and Gray, they ran off!" Zara yelled out as the people around here were running in terror.

"THEY WHAT?!" Claire yelled out frantically as she was horrified that her nephews ran away from Zara as the attack on Isla Nublar was happening.

"They ran off from me and I cant find them. I've..." Zara yelled out, but was interrupted when she saw two hummers with M2 Browning machine guns on top entering the heavy metal gates that have been opened and the terrorists guarding the doors firing on the ground forcing the panicking people not to get to the exits. Two of the tourists were killed by the terrorists guard that exit. "Oh...oh, my god." Zara muttered in horror.

Claire upon hearing that Zach and Gray ran away, she was more horrified by the news. But then she heard Zara's shocked voice indicating she saw something, Claire yelled out asking, "What it is, Zara?! What's going on?!"

Zara yelled out with her voice trembling, "Claire, I see two Humvees...coming in from one of the gates! They are armed with heavy machine guns and they are...are shooting at everyone to keep them from getting to the exit!"

As Zara said that, one of the terrorists spots her talking on the phone and pointed his, "Hey, what are doing?! Drop the phone now!"

Zara screamed out as the terrorist pushed her to the wall with his Colt M4A1 rifle and slapped the phone off her hand. He stomped on Zara's phone a few times and destroyed it.

At her car, Claire heard the dial tone. She heard what was happening and realized that the terrorists have caught Zara. She was freaked out and horrified that everything on the island is now a war zone and the terrorists are taking control of it. The worst of all was that her nephews are trapped in the island and are on their own somewhere. She was also worried about what to do next since the heavily armed Humvees are entering Main Street and her nephews are missing.

At Main Street, the surviving ACU troopers and park rangers are heading closer to Innovation Center with the terrorists shooting at them. A lot of terrified tourists stayed down on the floor on each building. A black female park ranger was shot in the chest twice while trying to reach for cover and was killed. Hamada, Meyers and the majority of the surviving park security personnel have reached close to the entrance of the Innovation Center.

Another park ranger was shot from behind by one of the terrorists. Hamada has shot that terrorist who killed that park ranger three times in the chest killing him. Craig was about to reach the stairway leading to the Innovation Center while firing at the terrorists, but Smith, who moved on top of the Winston's Steakhouse with his spotter, shot him in the head, killing him.

Then the Hummers arrived. Hamada felt his cell phone vibrating and sees Claire send a text. The text reads "TERRORISTS HAVE HUMVEES WITH HEAVY MACHINE GUNS COMING AT YOU! GET OUT!!". Before he had time to react, Hamada sees the terrorists on those Hummers about to fire at the coming surviving ACU troopers and park rangers. "GET BACK!!" Hamada yelled in desperation.

But it was too late as the terrorists in Hummers fired their M2 Browning machine guns at them. The terrorists in the other Hummers in other areas also fired at the remaining park security personnel. The majority of the ACU troopers, including Trooper Lee, and few park rangers were killed in the other areas of the park by heavy machine gun fire by terrorists in the Hummers. Some of the civilians were killed in the crossfire.

"NOOOOO!!" Hamada yelled out in horror as he, Meyers and the other surviving security personnel, watched as some of the ACU troopers, including Commander Austin and Trooper Miller, and park rangers were killed by heavy machine gun fire from the Hummers. Hamada then realized that they have to retreat inside the Innovation Center, knowing that he and his remaining security teams will be dead soon. "GET IN! GET INSIDE!! GET INSIDE, ALL OF YOU!!"

With that, Hamada, Meyers and others broke cover and headed for the Innovation Center. Firing at the attacking terrorists for covering fire, Hamada, two ACU troopers and a park ranger made to it. But a terrorist tossed a grenade and it killed two of the ACU Troopers. Meyers was covering fire for the rest of the surviving park security team. Four of the park rangers and a ACU trooper made it inside the Innovation Center. But one ACU trooper was shot in the back and killed. Meyers and another park ranger, who was also covering fire, ran for the Innovation Center with Hamada and another ACU trooper providing cover fire. A park ranger was shot in the chest and killed as Meyers barely made it inside.

"Maybe we should surrender." A surviving park ranger said to them.

"No, they will kill us either way, even if we surrender." Hamada stated, knowing their actions are futile and they will be killed either way. He decide that he & the others will have to go down fighting and take out many bad guys with them. Then he yelled out to every terrified civilians inside the park. "Everybody, take cover now!"

At the control room, Nolan sees the surviving ACU troopers and park rangers inside the lobby of the Innovation Center. "Mike, it's time for you and the others to go down there." Nolan ordered.

"Yes, sir." Torres acknowledged as he, Witter and other henchmen went to the elevator. The elevator doors closed as it was heading down.

Then Nolan sees some Gyrospheres in the Gyrosphere valley. He then said to Cullen and Porter, "Cullen, Porter, tell everyone in the Gyrospheres to return to the station. We're gonna get them."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she and Porter went to work on luring the people in the Gyrospheres back to be captured.

As that was happening, Wang listened on the radio. Then he turned to Nolan, "I just word on Hawkins. He and his men are ready to take out the cell tower." Wang said to him.

"Do it." Nolan ordered without hesitation.

Wang nodded as Nolan looked at the monitoring station.

Inside her car, Claire sees that Hamada returned a text saying, "Thanks for warning us, Ms. Dearing. It was a honor working for Jurassic World. Hamada signing off..."

Claire realizes that Hamada and his remaining security personnel are going down fighting. That scared her the most. Then he decided to call her nephews, hoping that they will answer. "Come on, Zach. Pick up, pick up." Claire pleaded, hoping that he will answer.

Inside Gyrosphere 07, Zach heard his phone and sees that Claire is calling. He pressed send and put it on his ear. "Hello?"

Upon hearing Zach's voice, Claire was relieved beyond belief and said in a rather desperate tone, "Zach, thank god! Is Gray with you?! Where are you now?!"

"Aunt Claire, we're inside the hamster ball." Zach said, confused by his aunt's desperate tone and joking about the Gyrosphere as the hamster ball.

After hearing that Zach and Gray are inside the gyrosphere, she felt mildly relieved that they are not in Main Street or the seized attractions. Then she said to Zach, "Alright, Zach, listen to me! Take Gray with you and ride that gyrosphere out of the Gyrosphere Valley now!"

"What?" Zach said, confused by his aunt's warning. Then he and Gray sees the message on the gyrosphere screen to return to the station. "Aunt Claire, the computer said we have to return to the station."

Upon hearing that the computer has asked them to return to the Gyrosphere Station, Claire realized that the terrorists are trying to lure the unsuspecting tourists in the gyrospheres back to the station to be captured. "Oh my god." Claire said quietly in horror. Then she warned Zach with desperation in her voice, "Zach! Zach, listen to me very carefully! Do not return to the Gyrosphere Station! I say again, you and Gray forget about returning to the ride station! You understand me?! Just take Gray and get out of the Gyrosphere Valley now!!"

Confused by Claire's frantic tone, Zach asked, "What? What is going on?"

At the cell tower, Hawkins pressed the detonator button and the thermite charges placed on the cell tower antenna went off. The thermite melted the metal bars on the tower. The cell tower then tilted west where the metal bars melted by the thermite charges.

Claire heard a dial tone and lost connection with Zach's phone. She shouted out with desperation in her voice. "Zach! Zach, can you hear me?!"

Meanwhile, in the gyrosphere, Zach thought he lost connection with his aunt. "Aunt Claire, are you there? Hello? Aunt Claire?"

Upon seeing the cell tower destroyed and losing her connection to Zach, Claire was horrified that her nephews are out in the valley while the island is under attack. "Ah. Oh my god." Claire muttered out in horror while putting her left hand on her head and had a look of horror in her face. Claire then started a car and drove out.

Zach couldn't hear anything from his aunt, so he pressed end on his phone. "That's weird."

"What is it?" Gray asked.

"I don't know. Aunt Claire told us not to return to the station, but warned us to get out of here now. She sounded really...frantic." Zach said to his brother as he was confused by his aunt's desperate tone in her voice.

Gray was concerned by what his older brother said about their aunt's warning. "What do you think is going on?" Gray asked.

"I don't know. Let's check out more of these dinosaurs over there." Zach said, deciding to enjoy the ride while deciding not to return to the ride station as Aunt Claire warned them not to head back to it, neither of them not knowing what is really going on at the island.

As Claire was driving and was about to turn around, she spotted two henchman who shot her radiator and two front tires. Claire screamed in horror as she tried to get control of her jeep. Then the jeep stalled and momentarily stopped as the smoke was coming out of the engine. The two armed henchman went to the jeep. The Chinese henchman broke the driver's side window with the butt end of his rifle. Claire covered her face with her hands and lean right to protect herself from the glass. Then that henchman opened the car door and pointed his rifle at her.

"Get your hands up! Up now!" The Chinese henchman said to her.

Claire raise her hands up the air while in the car. The other henchman checked on the headset radio, "We found Dearing. She's in valley side room between the Main Street and I-Rex Paddock."

"Good. Bring her to the control room." Nolan said to his henchman on the radio.

"We're on the way." The henchman said to Nolan on the radio. Then he ordered Claire while pointing his own weapon at her, "Alright, get out of the jeep!"

"You heard him. Get out now!" The Chinese henchman said to her.

Claire reluctantly got out of her disabled Mercedes as the terrorists grabbed her. As the henchman in front of Claire opened the back driver's side door of the carjacked Jurassic World SUV and they were about to put her into the vehicle, Owen came through the bushes and shot the Asian henchman behind Claire in the chest twice with the Heckler & Koch G36. As the dead henchman went down, Claire screamed in shock while the henchman in front of her was about to draw his weapon at Owen. But Owen shot in the neck and chest, killing him instantly before he hit the vehicle and slumped forward to the ground.

After seeing her two captors shot down, Claire, who was leaning against the front of the jeep, turned her face forward in shock with her mouth hanging open and sees Owen there as he came forward with a machine gun. "Owen! You saved me!" Claire said in a combination in shock and relief.

"Are you okay?" Owen asked as he lowered the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle while approaching.

"Yes, barely." Claire stated, shaken by the attack on her and the shootings. Then she asked while trying to compose herself, "What do they want with me?"

Owen was surprised that she doesn't know what they want with her. But decided to answer her instead. "I don't know. I heard from a radio from one of the other terrorists that they want you." Owen said to Claire while knelling down to check out the dead henchman near the Jurassic World SVU. "They just released the Indominus Rex out it's cage." Owen said to her.

"Yeah, I know. I heard about it." Claire said to him as put her right hand on her head.

"They deliberately let her out. They wanted that thing to escape it's paddock." Owen said to clarify her the truth about the release of the hybrid while checking out the dead terrorist's weapons.

"Oh my god..." Claire muttered in shock as she is still overwhelmed by the increasingly violent situation.

After inspecting the dead terrorists he killed, he went to the Jurassic World SVU to check out anything weapons on the vehicle. "We should get to the control room."

"We can't!" Claire stated while trying to hide her panicky tone. "The terrorists have overrun it and Main Street is a war zone. Every exit out of this island has been destroyed." With those words, Claire knew it was hopeless for anyone to get off the island.

"Dammit!" Owen muttered out in anger over the increasingly dangerous situation as he opens the truck of the SUV. He finds the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle in the back of the vehicle and takes it. He checks it and finds that it is loaded. Then he decided the best course of action to get themselves somewhere safe on Isla Nublar. "We need to get somewhere safe on this island."

As Owen was about get to the Jurassic World SUV, Claire realized that they have to find her nephews quickly and paces towards him as she said, "No!" Owen turned to face her as she went to him. "No, we can't yet. I need you."

Owen is surprised that Claire is asking for help. "Okay?"

"I need your help. My nephews. They out in the valley. Please, if anything happens to them..." Claire said with desperation in her voice.

Owen gently grabs her arm to calm her down a little and walked her closer to the SUV as he asked, "How old?"

Claire, who hardly remembers her nephews's exact ages, answers as the best way to describe them, "Uh...The older one, he's like, he's high school age. The younger one, he's...he's a few years..."

"You don't know how old your nephews are?" Owen asked bluntly as he was shocked that she doesn't even know how old her nephews are.

Claire was not too surprised Owen's blunt questioning since she hasn't really seen her nephews enough to remember their exact age. But there are more important things to worry about. "That's not important right now. We need to find them now! Please, if these maniacs find out about them and get them, they'll use them against me." Claire pleaded as she was desperate to find Zach and Gray before the terrorists attacking the island do.

Realizing that Claire is right that if the terrorists capture her nephews, they will use them to force Claire to do something she doesn't want to do. He decided to help her find them before the maniacs attacking the island get them. "Come with me. We'll do this." Owen said. With that, both he and Claire went to Jurassic World SUV the terrorists previously used. As Claire got in the passenger seat, Owen was starting to pull out the tracking unit on the Jurassic World SUV he asked Claire. "Did you warn them about the attack?"

"I warned them not to return to the Gyrosphere Station when the terrorists used the gyrosphere computers to have the tourists inside them to return to the station so they can capture them, but they destroyed the cell tower before I can tell my nephews more. I hope they got my warning." Claire replied while Owen pulled out the tracking unit and tossed it outside. She is worried about her nephews and hope they listened to her warning before the cell tower was destroyed.

Owen got in the SUV as he said, "That means we still have a chance to find them before they do." Owen closed the driver side door and started the vehicle. Then they took off.

2:30 PM

On top of the IMAX theater, two terrorists have set up the small radio antenna and Wi-Fi router on the roof of it as the terrorists either on the ground or the Hummers surrounded the terrified tourists and staffers with their weapons. Smith and the other terrorists were coming towards the Innovation Center.

At the control room, Cullen listens on the radio while in Lowery's console. "All attractions and everything in Main Street are under our control. We have set up our secured Wi-Fi and our radio antenna."

"Right. Just make sure the Innovation Center and Hammond Creation Lab is under our control. Those places are essential to us for our mission." Nolan said to Cullen.

Cullen acknowledged as she reported in on the radio. Torres, Witter and two other men have already went to the elevator to take over the Hammond Creation Lab. Wang came over to Nolan and asked, "What should we do with the bodies in here?"

"Toss them out in the wilderness through the helipad once we taken control of the Innovation Center. I will need some advice from you about the dinosaurs later, Wang." Nolan said to his Chinese henchman.

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged as he went back to guard the hostages, along with Chernov and the other henchmen. Nolan oversees the camera in the Innovation Center as the attack was occurring inside it.

At the Innovation Center, Nolan's henchmen continue to take out the Jurassic World security team as some of them headed for the Hammond Creation Lab and Smith was leading another group to the stairway. The tourists in the Innovation Center were down of the floor. They were terrified by the carnage and the terrorists shooting around. Some of the screamed in terror. The mother held her young daughter in her arms while they remain down on the floor as the terrorists continued to fire their weapons in the area. A father of three kids kept his kids down to the ground as he yelled out to them, "Stay down! Do not get up!"

Hamada, Meyers, two other ACU troopers and a Jurassic World park ranger, fired at the advancing terrorists at the lobby from the catwalk. As they went down for cover, Hamada shot one of the terrorists below him in the head, killing him. Then he quickly shot one of the attacking terrorists coming up the stairway three times in the chest, killing him and causing him body to roll down the stairs.

But they were too many terrorists in the lobby of the Innovation Center and most of them, including Smith, went to cover. They killed two ACU troopers on the catwalk above them. Then the Jurassic World ranger was shot three times in the chest and his body fell flat into the floor on the catwalk. Hamada then ordered Meyers who was firing at the terrorists below, "Let's go. Go! Move it!" Then Hamada and Meyers retreated away while firing at them. Meyers fired the last bullets in her magazine of her machine gun and managed to kill one of the terrorists below them. Then she switched to her Glock 19 pistol and fired at the terrorists coming up on the stairway as Hamada switched to his pistol as well.

The terrorists arrived in the catwalk and fired at Hamada and Meyers. Hamada yelled out to Meyers, "Fall back! Fall back! Get to cover!" One of the terrorists tossed a flash grenade and took cover. Hamada saw it and yelled, "FLASHBANG! GET TO COVER!" Hamada dove for cover. But the flash grenade went off and a bright flash blinded Meyers. After being temporarily blinded by a flash grenade, Meyers screamed out in pain. Her hearing was affected as well. Then the terrorist who threw that flash grenade shot Meyers multiple times in the chest, killing her before she swung around and hit the floor on her right side.

Hamada took cover from the flashbang by the door. Then he quickly broke cover and fired at the terrorist who killed Meyers with his pistol. One of the rounds hit that terrorist in the head, instantly killing him. Then the two terrorists saw their fellow henchman killed. Hamada fired the last two rounds in his pistol, forcing the terrorists to take cover. He then switches to his shotgun and fires at them. Smith arrives at the catwalk and fires at Hamada, who went to cover.

At the Hammond Creation Lab, the terrorists were coming to it from the corridor. Some terrified tourists went down on the floor in the corridor. A park ranger saw them coming. "They're coming to the corridor!" The park ranger yelled.

A black ACU trooper said while terrified by the danger coming at them, "We only got 5 of us in there."

"We're being overrun!" Another park ranger said, knowing it was futile and that they were gonna get killed either way.

"Hold your position! You understand?! Hold position!" A bald ACU trooper said to them, as they pointed he prepared his weapon for his final fight against the attackers.

The scientists were really terrified about the terrorists were coming into the lab and knew they can't go to the control room when it was taken. Wu was in his office, securing himself in there.

The terrorists rushed and arrived near the Hammond Creation Lab. They went to cover as two of them were planting breaching charges to break the glass on it.

At the elevator, Witter prepared his 9 bang flash grenade as he, Torres and two other men were about to arrive in the Hammond Creation.

At the lab, the black ACU trooper said to his four fellow security men. "We got this exit. Cover the elevator and the scientists." With that, he and one the park rangers pointed their weapons at the exit.

"Got it." The bald ACU trooper acknowledged as he, the other ACU trooper and the park ranger pointed their weapons at the elevator while in cover.

At Wu's office, Wu managed to seal off his office and secured himself inside it to try to prevent himself from getting captured.

The terrorists planted breaching charges on the glass windows of the lab and one of them detonated it, setting off small, but powerful explosions that broke the glass. Then one of the terrorists tossed the flash grenade. It blinded the black ACU trooper and park ranger with him.

At the elevator, it arrives in the Hammond Creation Lab and Witter quickly yelled out, "Fire in the hole!" as he tossed the 9 banger out to the lab. Torres, Witter and the two others turned away and covered their ears. The 9 bang flash grenade went off and it blinded the other three park security personnel and many of the scientists.

Torres, Witter and two men came out of the elevator after both flash grenades went off. The other terrorists entered the lab from the corridor and opened fire at the lab. A terrorist in the corridor shot a park ranger four times in the chest and killed him. Torres then shot the bald ACU trooper three times in the chest and killed him instantly. Witter shot and killed the ACU trooper with rounds in the head and chest from his assault rifle.

Another henchman from the corridor shot the black ACU trooper in the chest twice. The henchman in the elevator manged to kill the last park ranger in the lab by shooting him multiple times in the chest. Torres then shot a Jurassic World scientist four times in the chest, killing him. The other terrorists took out many scientists in the lab. Witter shot scientist Dr. Ryan Crest in the chest four times, killing him while another terrorist killed Dr. Roy Harper by shooting him in the chest. Then Torres shot the last Jurassic World scientist in the head and chest, killing him. Then he, Witter and some of the terrorists fired down their weapons at them to make sure they're dead.

At the catwalk, Hamada went to cover as Smith and the terrorists fired at him. When Hamada broke cover and fired his shotgun, one of the terrorists shot him in his right foot. The ACU commander fell to the ground in pain. "Dammit!" Hamada cursed under his breath while in pain. He crawled backwards while leaving a blood trail from his wounded foot. He grabbed his radio with his left hand.

"Jurassic World has fallen. I repeat, Jurassic World has fallen." Hamada said on the radio while crawling backwards. Then in anger, he turned at the terrorists, who are coming at him. "Screw you!" Then the wounded Hamada fired his shotgun at one of the terrorists and the shotgun hits that henchman in the chest, sending him flying a few feet before leading on the ground.

Then one of the henchman tried to draw his weapon at Hamada. But the wounded ACU commander managed to fire his shotgun again and blasted that henchman in the chest, killing him. Then Smith fired his scooped rifle and shot Hamada six times in the chest, instantly killing the ACU commander. Smith then walked away from the scene.

At a Jurassic World jeep, Owen and Claire heard Hamada's final message on the radio. Claire was horrified when she heard the message. "They've taken over our park..." Claire said in shocked tone. Her voice was trembling. She puts her right hand to her mouth to cover it in an attempt to compose herself as she gasped. She couldn't comprehend that the Jurassic World, a huge island park, has been taken over by terrorists. Owen was silent upon hearing Hamada's final message, silently angered that terrorists managed to take over the entire park.

At the control room, Nolan smiled broadly after hearing Hamada's final message, as well as Cullen, Chernov, Porter and Wang. They were pleased that they have taken over the entire island.

While held at gunpoint to the wall, Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were very horrified and traumatized that they lost control of Jurassic World and a lot of lives were lost in the attack. Masrani kept silent. Lowery was choked up over the attack. Vivian had tears in her eyes that were almost about to drop down and was full of emotions while trying to control them as best of possible. As Nolan looked at the hostages with the sly smile on his face, he said to them, "This park is now ours now." With that, he turned back around and looks at the screens. He sees the monitors that the park is now fully in their control.

In the Jurassic World SUV, after hearing Hamada's final message, Owen turned off the radio somberly and turned his head at Claire, who looks at him with a mixture of sadness and disbelief. He then said to her, "There's nothing we can do for them now. We have to find your nephews."

Claire then looked at Owen with a somber expression on her face and realized that he is right. Her nephews must be found before either the terrorists or the dinosaurs can get them. She nodded her head, acknowledging to what Owen said. With that, Owen put the jeep on drive and moved forward, heading for the valley.

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