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This is chapter 6 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 6: The Line between the Beach and the Park

Main Street

At Main Street, the entire area was filled with bulletholes, blood and shattered glass. Fire caused by the explosions, were burning hot and the smoke from it were intense. Some of the terrorists were pointing their weapons at the tourists as they were having them move out of some of the buildings. The terrorists in the Hummers pointed their M2 Browning machine guns at the hostages. Many of the hostages had their hands on their hands. The rest were holding to family members and friends in their arms. The terrorists ordered them to go into the IMAX theater, the Underwater Observatory and the hotel. They were also moving hostages out of the Innovation Center. Zara, who had her hands on her head, was among those being placed into the Underwater Observatory.

Control Room

At the control room, Nolan watches the whole thing from the monitors with a pleased smile on his face. Torres arrived back in the control room by elevator. Cullen then listened on the radio. Then she said to her leader, "All ACU troopers and Jurassic World park rangers are dead. Everything in the park is under our control."

"Bring out the layout, Mr. Porter." Nolan said to him. Porter typed in something on Vivian's console and the layout of the island is revealed on a screen.

"We've overridden all of their systems and we have control to everything on this island." Porter said to them. As Porter said that, Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages were still shocked that Porter is in with the terrorists.

Torres looks at the screen as he said to Nolan and the others, "Yes, we control Main Street, Hammond Creation Lab, Innovation Center, The Aviary, Raptor arena, control room and ACU headquarters. We've took out all exits & docks in Main Street and the cell tower. We control of the other attractions and we will soon will abandon them once everything is clear out."

Cullen nodded and said to everyone else while looking at the screen, "We have set up our radio tower for our communications and secured wi-fi transmitter for our own internet. We also put radio adapters in some parts of the island. We disabled all external access to our communications."

Torres then said while looking at the screen, "We're putting the hostages in Underwater Observatory, the Mosasaurus Stadium, the theater, the conference rooms & board rooms of the hotel and the restaurants in Main Street."

Nolan smiled broadly as he looked at his watch. Then he said to Torres, Cullen and everyone else in the room, "Perfect, we're ahead of schedule, everyone. Any other day, I'd call you overachievers. everything is going according to our plan." Then Nolan said to Torres, "Torres, have everyone move all the hostages in the other attraction areas to Main Street now." Torres nodded as he went to inform everyone in on the radio, "Cullen, you and Porter shut down everything in this park except for anything essential to us. Once the all the hostages in the attraction areas have been rounded up, shut down the monorail."

Cullen silently nodded as she and Porter were typing on the consoles. Then Nolan said to Chernov, "Chernov, contact Witter and have him set up our defenses. Then inform Hawkins to plant explosives in his mark locations."

"Da, Nolan." Chernov acknowledged in a typical Russian tone as he went to inform Witter and Hawkins on their assignments.

Masrani glares at Porter, who sees it and, after finishing typing in something on the console, comes on over to the hostages. Nolan was going over the screens at that time as Porter came over to face Masrani.

Masrani said to him in anger while glaring at him, "How could you..." As he said that, Lowery and Vivian look at him with shock in their faces. The others were being bounded by zipties with newly installed heavy aluminum handles bolted to the walls above them. One of the terrorists bolted the last aluminum handle above Masrani.

Porter then said to Masrani while pointing his gun at him, "That's what you get for not increasing my pay. An increase pay I deserve. You and Ms. Dearing refused to give me a promotion I deserve and you two denied me of that. I've been working for you guys for seven years and you refused to grant me my promotion and increase pay. So this is on you...sir."

Wang came near Porter to guard him when Masrani tried to attack Porter, but Wang grabbed the park owner and punched him in the face. Then he kneed Masrani in the abdomen and forcing him back down of the floor. Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages watched in horror on how Wang beatdown Masrani in front of them. Vivian screamed out in horror and Lowery tensed up as he was terrified by what he witnessed.

Wang then shoved Masrani back to the wall as the terrorist near him cuffed Masrani's wrists with zipties on the newly installed aluminum handles. Then Wang heard something on the radio as Porter went back to Vivian's console. Wang then came to Nolan and said, "Sir, Wu has locked himself in his office."

Nolan wasn't thrilled by the development that Wu has secured himself in his private office and knew the security on it was tough. But he had more important things to deal with at the moment and said to Wang and Torres, "We'll get people to disable the locks down there. In the meantime, let's contact the Navy to prevent them from coming closer to us."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged as he went to Cullen and Porter. Nolan looked at the hostages and thought of who to select. He took screenshots of some of them on Main Street and Raptor Research Arena. Then send them to Chernov's tablet.

"Chernov, you got them?" Nolan asked.

Chernov looked at his tablet and sees what Nolan send him. "Da." Chernov replied in Russian.

"I'll tell you more about it after we get the Navy away from us." Nolan said to him. Chernov silently nodded.

Main Street

At Main Street, the terrorists in the area were shouting orders on the tourists and staffers as they forced to go to the Mosasaurus Stadium and the IMAX theater. Smith came to three of them on the Winston Steakhouse and said to them. "Seal every back door in every building Main Street and block every broken window in every restaurant." They nodded as they were passing it along to others on the radio. Smith then sees the terrorists are moving the hostages out of the Innovation Center and yelled out to the hostages on the left side of Main Street while pointing his scoped rifle at them, "Move it! Move to the Starbucks! Let's go! Come on, move!"

At the other part of Main Street, some terrorists were moving the other hostages to Ben and Jerry's, Diary Queen and IMAX theater. The father and his three kids previously in the Innovation Center were moved to the IMAX theater, so was the mother and her young daughter who were also in the Innovation Center.

Pacific Ocean

At the Pacific Ocean, the USS Abraham Lincoln and several other ships have arrived in the vicinity as the fighter jets on the Abraham Lincoln began to take off. Then several Japanese military ships arrived next to them to offer assistance. The F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jets that were on the aircraft carrier took off.

Inside the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis was in the CIC as Commander Kopelson, Communications Officer Lieutenant Gardner, Officer of the Deck Lieutenant Rodriguez and other crew members were present also. "Mr. Gardner, what do we got?"

"The Pentagon is sending a satellite over to that island now, Cap. We getting social media feeds of the attack also." Gardner said to him in a military like tone.

Davis nodded silently upon hearing what his Communications Officer said to him. Then Gardner said to his Commanding Officer, "Sir, the USS Ronald Reagan is on it's way here, along with some of our other ships."

"Very well." Captain Davis acknowledged.

Then Rodriguez said to the others, "We've have social media feeds incoming." Then the screens on the ship's computers show the carnage of the siege of the island from various social media sites. Videos of them show helicopter's firing above and people screaming in terror while running away and terrorists firing at the ACU security personnel in Main Street. They also see high explosions in some areas of the video. They also saw some of the people killed in front of cell phone cameras.

"Oh my god..." Captain Davis said to himself in shock upon seeing what kind of carnage the siege really was. The rest of the officers and crew members in the CIC were stunned and are in disbelief upon seeing the videos of the violent siege of Jurassic World and realized that they were heavy fatalities on the siege. Captain Davis decided to focus and asked, "How far is the squadron?"

"10 minutes out, Captain. Our Quick Reaction Force is 30 minutes away." Commander Kopelson replied.

Captain Davis turned to Kopelson and ordered, "Tell the fighters to take out the choppers and have them keep an eye of any anti-aircraft defenses these maniacs may have set up in that island." As Davis said, Kopelson pointed out to Gardner to inform the pilots in the Super Hornets on the order as Davis continued. "Tell the Japanese ships with us to provide support for our Quick Reaction Force. When the British, Chinese, Russian and French ships arrive, tell them to blockade the island and to prepare their troops also just in case we need reinforcements to retake the island. I'll call President and tell him we need cooperation from the ships of all sides in the area."

"Yes, sir." Kopelson acknowledged as he went to Gardner as Davis picked up a phone.

"Give me the President on the secured line." Captain Davis said in a serious tone.

Costa Rica

At the shores of Costa Rica, several police cars began to arrived in the destroyed ferry dock. The site was horrible as the destruction of the ferry dock was devastating. All the ferries docked in there were destroyed and the pier to it was gone. The police cars arrived and the cops began to seal off the area.

At the scene of the destroyed ferry station, a reporter speaks on the camera. "We just received news an unprecedented terrorist attack that occurred a day after Christmas. Approximately 30 minutes ago, an unidentified terrorist organization have seized control of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar and destroyed all access to that island. The dock behind me was the station of Jurassic World ferries, which was hit by the huge bomb."

Karen's workplace in Madison, Wisconsin

At Karen's workplace, Karen was working with executives in a conference room when a woman yelled out, "Karen! Karen!"

Karen heard a name being called as she turned her car as a co-worker came to her and said in a frantic tone, "You need to see right now."

An older man, feeling unhappy by the interruption, said to the woman, "Jeanie, we didn't want to be interrupted when..."

"But sir, this is something urgent! Karen, you need to see this now!" Jeanie said. With that, Karen and the all the executives got up and began to leave the conference room and went to the bullpen where's there's a TV on.

Karen, confused by her co-worker's tone, went to the bullpen and walked to Jeanie. "What is wrong?" Karen asked in confusion as the other executives arrived in the bullpen.

"I'm so sorry." Jeanie said apologetically as she unmuted the TV. The TV shows a black newsman in the news room.

"We just confirmation that Jurassic World, the famous and controversial park and resort that has cloned dinosaurs, has fallen under terrorist control. Once again, we have just confirmed that terrorists have taken control of Jurassic World in Isla Nublar, mounted by an air and ground attack." The newsman stated.

Karen, upon hearing that Jurassic World has been attacked and seized by terrorists from the news, suddenly became frantic as she hysterically shouted, "Oh my god!! My boys and sister are over there!!” Then she hysterically tried to call Zach's phone, but hasn't gotten a dial tone. Then Karen desperately tried to call her sister Claire's phone, but again got no dial tone. Upon hearing that she got no dial tone from both Zach and Claire's phones, Karen half collapsed on her knees and became to fear the worst for her sons Zach and Gray, as well as her sister Claire, as tears were coming out of her eyes. Her co-workers went to help and comfort her as Karen put her arms down on the floor and started to weep.

Main Street

At Main Street, a helicopter drops off a SAM system on the roof of Dave & Buster's. Other terrorists were on the roofs armed with Stinger missiles. The terrorists on the ground continued to move the hostages to the various locations where they will be kept. One Monorail train arrived from the Ferry Landing and the hostages were being forced to get out the train. The terrorists were barking orders at the hostages on the platform and the stairway while pointing their weapons at them.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis was in the CIC while the crew was working as hard as possible to assess the situation. Then a crew member heard something on the radio and said, "Sir, we got a video call coming in from Isla Nublar."

As that happened, Captain Davis looked at the main screen and it showed one young man with glasses and looked like he was terrified to death. Captain Davis came over and asked, "Who are you? Identify yourself."

The man was obviously scared to death as he replied in a terrified tone, "Sam Cummings. I'm a controller of the park."

Captain Davis suspected something's wrong with Cummings. Then he asked the controller, "Mr. Cummings, This is Captain Emmitt Davis of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Sir, are you safe? Is anyone with you? Where are you..." As Davis was talking to him via webcam, Nolan pointed his Beretta 92FS pistol up close to Cummings's head and shot him dead in front of Davis and the other officers & crew members present in the CIC.

Davis, upon seeing Cummings executed, was stunned after seeing it, but remained silent. Kopelson, Gardner, Rodriguez and the others in the CIC were also horrified by Cummings execution on the televised call. Then Chernov brought the captive Masrani over in front of the screen. The Russian henchman pointed a pistol on his head. Masrani had a defiant look on his face. Commander Kopelson, upon seeing Masrani and recognizing him, said to Davis, "That's Simon Masrani."

Masrani looks at the screen and told the Navy personnel on the chat with all the courage he had with him, "Whatever you do, don't negotiate with them. Don't let..." Before he can finish his sentence, Chernov firmly grabbed his mouth and pulled him back with such force. Then Nolan reveals himself to Davis and the other Navy personnel on the Abraham Lincoln.

"Captain, I have set up anti-air defenses on the island and I have everyone in the entire island hostage. Now order your people to stand down right now." Nolan said in a serious and calm tone.

Davis looks at Nolan with a mixture of contempt and resolve. He asked in the military like manner, "Who are you?"

"This is the man in control of Jurassic World in Isla Nublar. Now order your people to stand down and keep all the ships away from the island within 100 miles or I'm gonna kill 100 people on this island with the dinosaurs on here and retaliate with our anti-air arsenal." Nolan said in a clear and serious tone. As he said that, a crew technician took a screenshot of Nolan.

Upon hearing Nolan's threat, Davis contemplated on what to do for a moment. Then he realized that the mastermind is serious about his threat. Not wanting to risk of death over 100 hostages via dinosaurs, he said a tone loud and clear, "Stand down!"

"Sir?" Gardner asked, wanting confirmation from his Commanding Officer.

"Tell the F/A 18s to abort and returned to base! Tell all units to stand down! Warn all the other ships to stay within 100 miles away the island!" Davis warned in confirmation.

Upon hearing that Davis has ordered a stand down, Nolan quickly shut off the video chat. Davis said to his crew members, "Everyone, tell all the other Naval ships from the other countries to follow suit. We are in Code 3 status."

Control Room

After finishing the call, Nolan sees more men coming to the elevator, carrying six crates in carts. Chernov hands Masrani to another henchman. Nolan orders the men in the elevator, "Alright, good. Listen up, all of you. You guys help Wang get these bodies out of here." With that, two men began to help Wang remove the dead bodies out of the control room. Then Nolan then ordered, "The rest of you guard the hostages over there." With that, four men went to guard the hostages while the other terrorists began to unload the crates that contained portable surveillance cameras, laptop computers, computer CDs, other computer equipment and compartments of surface to air missile defense system. "Mike, help organize those crates." Nolan said to his second-in-command.

As Torres was ordering the men handling the crates, Masrani was forced to seat on one of the chairs in one of the consoles by Chernov. He confronted Nolan putting on a brave face as he was held down by two other terrorists, "What are you doing this for, Nolan? Eliminating the dinosaurs? You sure as hell not here to negotiate!"

Nolan looks at Masrani in the eye and said in a calm, military-like tone, "I'm here to prove my point to the world and to send the message out to them. Dinosaurs don't fucking deserve to walk on our own soil on this planet. They are dangerous, unpredictable abominations and that they killed people in the last 22 years. Your friend Hammond made a mistake cloning those things for his own park with clone dinosaurs with Jurassic Park, just like you are now with Jurassic World, Mr. Masrani. Those scientists here and back then should've not played with nature and let these things stayed extinct." In his mind, Nolan was determined to ensure these creatures would never be cloned in the future again. He was still angry that these dinosaurs were still being cloned after the T-Rex killed Emily and they also killed other people in the past 22 years.

Masrani couldn't believe that Nolan sees dinosaurs as dangerous, bloodthirsty monsters rather than just animals. He looks at him with disgust and attempted to reason with him with a unhappy tone, "You actually should be blaming Peter Ludlow. He's the reason that T-Rex got into San Francisco and escaped. Your wife's death is on him, not the T-Rex."

Nolan glared at Masrani with an irate look on his face. Then he said sternly to Masrani, "Peter Ludlow is dead and John Hammond had those creatures cloned in the first place. My wife's death was preventable. It could have been prevented if those things were never cloned in the first place, if Ludlow hadn't attempted to built another park in San Diego and brought that T-Rex over there." Then afterwards, he grabbed Masrani with the throat with his left hand and said coldly, "My wife was carrying my daughter when she died and she's also dead because of InGen cloning those fucking monsters. Now we are here to ensure that InGen, your company and others stop cloning those things for good." Then he violently threw Masrani down to the floor. Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages gasped in shock. Then the two men dragged Masrani back to the wall where he was before.

Nolan, after a moment of composing himself, turned his face and said, "Torres."

"Sir." Torres acknowledged as he went towards him as Nolan continued.

"Chernov, come with me." Chernov came over to Nolan and Torres as Nolan turned towards the elevator while saying, "Cullen, you take charge in here until we return."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she kept an eye on the scenes in Main Street. Nolan, Torres and Chernov went to the elevator.


As the elevator doors closed, Nolan takes Chernov's tablet and goes over the pictures. He sees Sarah, the Mosasaurus announcer taken hostage at the Underwater Observatory, on one picture and said with a mixture of seriousness and callousness, "Send that one to the Mosasaurus. We'll see if she will announce it now." Chernov silently acknowledged as Nolan scrolled through another picture of the raptor paddock worker Leon. "Send that worker to the raptors." Nolan said bluntly as he knew Leon was saved once when he was trapped with the raptors earlier after seeing the surveillance archives. Then he swiped to another picture of the young couple holding hands at the IMAX theater. Nolan smirked upon seeing that and said in a curt tone, "Put that couple in the IMAX theater to the T-Rex."

Chernov then said with his thick Russian accent, "Got it."

"Who do we send to the Indominus Rex, Sean?" Torres asked.

Nolan swiped on a set a pictures of he put together, "Send those five tourists at the Mosasaurus Stadium to it." Nolan said. Then he scrolled to another picture to Verizon representatives Osterly, Drucker and Brand. He said with a smirk on his face. "And put those three to it as well. They're Verizon representatives wanting to sponsor that hybrid. We'll see if they will sponsor it now when they see what will happen to their own people." After he said that, Nolan returned the tablet to Chernov.

Upon hearing what Nolan suggested, Torres replied with a smile, "I bet they will love it now." With that, Nolan, Torres and Chernov chuckled sinisterly as everyone was going their way.

Gyrosphere Valley

Meanwhile in the Gyrosphere Valley, Zach and Gray continued to ride the Gyrosphere at the valley. They see some smoke in the distance in different areas and a gate to the restricted area that was open. They were multiple vehicle tracks leading towards the field.

"What happened here?" Zach asked. Gray sees this too and was getting concerned by the multiple tire tracks through the gate and the smoke from the distance.

"What's with all that smoke?" Gray asked with concern.

Zach shrugged his shoulders, not knowing how to answer that question. Then he thought of something after seeing the open gate. "Dude. Off-road." Zach said rather mischievously.

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Gray said cautiously and innocently.

Zach sighed and said to him, "I'm just worried you're getting a full Jurassic World experience. Besides, Aunt Claire did tell us not to return to the station as the computer told us to and to get out of the valley."

Remembering what Zach told him that their aunt telling them not to return to the station, despite what the computer told them to, Gray asked with mild concern, "Why would she warn us not to go back to the station?"

Zach thought about it for the moment. Then said to him, "I don't know. We'll ask her when we see her. In the meantime, let's get out of the valley and explore the area. It'd be fun for us."

Not knowing what to do based on Claire's warning not to return to the station and leave the valley, Gray caved in and silently nodded to his brother to go to the restricted area on the island.

Gyrosphere Station

At the Gyrosphere Station, the final group of hostages boarded the monorail as the terrorists got them inside the train. The train doors closed and it took off as two terrorists dressed as Jurassic World park rangers stayed behind to make sure the last gyrosphere arrives back to the station.

Not far from the station, Owen and Claire were coming towards the station via valley road. Owen slowly stopped the Jurassic World jeep. He turned to Claire and said to her, "Stay in here. I'll be back." With that, he came out of the vehicle with his weapons. He silently approaches the station. As Owen went out of sight, Claire quietly came out of the vehicle. She was so nervous after how the terrorists seized the entire island. She quietly walked slowly.

At the station, two terrorists looked at the gyrosphere computer at the station and see the one gyrosphere was heading to the restricted area. "That one last gyrosphere is heading out of the valley into a restricted part of the island into the gate we entered at." One of the terrorists, a man with slightly trimmed beard and slightly messed up hair, said to his fellow comrade, a muscular man with short hair and trimmed beard.

"I know. You want us to tell Cullen about it?" The second terrorist asked as he sees the last gyrosphere leaving through the gate they entered to get to the Gyrosphere Station and other attractions in the area.

The first one thought about it for the moment. Then he said to his partner, "Let's just head over there and get that gyrosphere."

His comrade nodded. As they were about to head out, they heard a faint noise. They raised their weapons and looked around.

The first henchman looked at the back of a sign saying "Gyrosphere". As he was about to peak at the front of it, Owen then grabbed his right hand and stabbed the terrorist once in the chest with his knife. Then slashed his throat with it, killing him. The terrorist's body went down the ground and Owen moved away from it.

The second terrorist heard the sound and went to investigate with his gun leveled. As he cautiously and silently moved forward towards the sign. Owen was behind the bushes not far from the "Gyrosphere" sign with his pistol on his left hand and the knife on his right. As the second terrorist was about to see his dead comrade, Owen puts his Glock 17 pistol down and threw the knife at the second henchman's neck. After a few seconds, the terrorist slumped down on the ground dead.

Claire watched from her hiding spot and saw how Owen killed those two men, disguised as park rangers. She was both shocked and amazed on how Owen killed those two gunmen. Claire saw Owen pulling his knife out of the dead terrorist's neck when he spotted her at her hiding spot. Owen was irritated that Claire disobeyed him to stay in the jeep. But didn't have the time to scold her for not staying in the car, he motioned to her and said in a voice slightly loud enough for her to hear, "It's all clear. Come on up."

After hearing that, Claire then walked nervously forward and came up to him. "Did you really have to do that?" Claire asked with apprehension in her voice while still shocked by everything going on and witnessing him killing two terrorists with such violence.

"Honestly, with those bastards killing a lot of people on that island and having me to take them out in a stealth approach. Yes, I did." Owen replied seriously as he leaned down to the body of one of the terrorists, searching him.

After Owen told her that, Claire looks at the body of one of the terrorists he killed and felt sick to her stomach. "Oh, god. You could have just tranquilized them." Claire muttered in shock as she turned face away from the body.

Owen saw her look and asked stoically, "Do you want them to take away your nephews?" He wanted Claire to empathized the meaning of taking out the terrorists who might get her nephews if he didn't kill them.

After hearing what Owen said, that made her even more nervous and realized she shouldn't have lectured Owen about him killing those terrorists if they were to get Zach and Gray. She replied in a rather nervous, uncomfortable tone, "...No." Owen nodded, glad she is getting the picture on what he meant while he found two smoke grenades and a radio with a earpiece on it on one of the dead terrorists. Then Claire said to him while pointing towards another part of the station, "There's a computer over there that will track every gyrosphere out there."

After getting the smoke grenades and the radio from the dead terrorist, Owen followed Claire to the computer. Claire and Owen see the bodies of the Gyrosphere operator Josh and three Jurassic World park rangers in the area. Claire was horrified by the massacre in the station and Owen, an experienced SEAL, remain stoic about it. Claire typed in on the computer. She looked at it and sees that the Gyrosphere 07, which she realized that it was the one Zach and Gray are on, are in the Restricted Zone. "There they are." Claire said to Owen while pointing to the screen where Gyrosphere 07 is at.

Owen looked at the screen when Claire pointed out the gyropshere. "So, is that the gyrosphere that has your nephews?" Owen asked.

"Yes." Claire confirmed to him.

Owen then looks at the computer and sees that they are in the Restricted Zone. "What are they doing?" Owen asked. Then he added, "They're in the Restricted Zone."

Claire turned her face at Owen and said to him, "I send them out there because the Valley wasn't safe for them when they took the station."

"Neither is out there with that monster your scientists created in that lab loose." Owen said to her, remembering how the Indominus Rex killed Kilgore and Nick when it's escaped it's paddock, thanks to the terrorists.

Claire thought about it. Then realizing that her nephews are in danger with the new dinosaur they made had escaped, she quietly muttered in horror, "Oh my god." As she said that, the computer went offline, so did the lights above them. “What happened? The computer is out."

Owen turned his head over and sees the lights are off. Then he realized what happened and then said to Claire, "They're shutting down power to the park. They shutting down everything not essential to them."

Innovation Center

At the Innovation Center, the hologram of the dinosaur Apatosaurus went offline, along with the Holoscape and all the computers in there.

Main Street

At Main Street, the lights in all of the attractions and places in Main Street went out. The lights in the T-Rex Kingdom went offline. The lights in the Underwater Observatory went off, sending emergency power in there and sending the hostages in there in fear. The seats in the Mosasaurus Stadium were lifted down where the majority of the hostages are at and then the lights in there were offline. The lights in the theater went offline as the terrorists put the last hostages they can fill in the theater in there and closing the doors. Then they started to seal them with chains, locks and arc welder on them.

As that was happening, the hostages in the Aviary arrived in Main Street and the terrorists were moving them to various restaurants in the Aviary. The girl who lost her father when he was killed in the Aviary was among those being moved to Main Street.

Gyrosphere Station

Meanwhile, back in Gyrosphere Station, Owen and Claire, upon knowing where Zach & Gray are, decided that they need to head out. "Owen, we have to go and get to my nephews now. There's an vehicular entrance to the valley we take over there." Claire said nervously as she was worried that the terrorists or the Indominus Rex could get to them. Owen nodded in agreement. Then Claire and Owen rushed to get back to the Jurassic World jeep.

As they sprinted to the jeep, Claire said while getting closer to the jeep, "Gyrosphere's glass are designed not to break even by mortal grenade hits and Triceratops strikes."

"I bet they knew that too. But I'm not too sure how long it will hold against that thing out there." Owen said to her as he reached for the driver's side door of the jeep.

Claire became even more worried about her nephews after Owen told her the likely chance the Indominus Rex might to that gyropshere. Deciding to focus on what she was about to say, Claire asked Owen, "How could this happened? How the hell did they pull this off and taken over this island?"

"I don't know, but with an attack of this magnitude, it looks like it took years to pull it off...and you only get it right once." Owen said after he closed the driver's side door.

While closing the passenger door and putting her seat belt on, Claire said to Owen as he started the jeep, "There was no chatter on this attack. None whatsoever."

"Well, let's figured it out why they did it later. For now, we have a job to do." Owen said as he turned the jeep around to get to the vehicular access to the Gyrosphere Valley.

Main Street

At Main Street, Nolan comes out of the Innovation Center along with Torres and Chernov. He sees that his goons are forcing the hostages to the restaurants of the entire area of Main Street since the Underwater Observatory, Mosasaurus Stadium and IMAX theater are packed with some hostages. Smith and the others in the street continued to bark orders on the hostages. Torres was setting up a computer with a camera on it on the main stairway outside of Innovation Center as some men guarded the stairway to prevent the hostages coming near Nolan.

Nolan watches as his men on the ground, the roofs of some buildings and the Hummers are ordering and forcing the hostages to those buildings. He looked at his goons moving the hostages into those areas with pride. His facial expression was as calm and serious as he could be since he was Special Forces. Nolan felt that he just did his biggest achievement. He felt today was the day he will satiate his revenge over Emily's death against those who started to create these dinosaurs.

After Torres set up the computer came to him, he got someone on the radio and listened in. Once he acknowledged, he went to Nolan and said, "We had a slight problem at the Raptor Arena, Sean."

"What it is, Mike?" Nolan asked, preparing to assume some type of problem.

"They locked up the raptors in their cages, but our guys managed to crack the codes to get them release." Torres said to him, reassuring him that things are under control.

Nolan nodded that the minor inconvenience was solved. "Right. Just tell the men over there to keep them at bay in their enclosure. Wang said that these things are very intelligent and have extraordinary problem solving skills. That means their escape artists too.” Nolan said, remember what Wang told him about Velociraptors.

"You got it." Torres nodded.

As Torres went to tell the men on the radio, Nolan checked in another radio. "Cullen, what's the status on the feed."

"We're setting up a secured internet connection now and we're going through various social media sites & all news media feeds." Cullen said on the speaker radio at the control room as she was typing in some stuff on the heavy laptop computer.

"How long will it take?" Nolan asked as he was somewhat impatient.

"Around a minute." Cullen replied.

"Get to it. Let me know it's time to spread the word." Nolan said seriously to his third-in-command.

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged on the radio.

As he said that, Smith was ordering the last group of hostages that were from the Aviary as all the other hostages from various attractions, except the ones from the Gyrosphere, had arrived. The Monorail with the hostages from the Gyrosphere would be arriving in Main Street in five minutes. Then one of the hostages broke the line. Then he tried to grab Smith's gun and punched him in the face. But Smith knees the man in the stomach and hits him in the face with the butt end of his scoped rifle, knocking him down, "Shithead!" Smith yelled out furiously as he kicked the man's head once and shot him multiple times in the chest.

Then Nolan lets out his Beretta 92FS pistol and shot four random hostages near the vicinity dead while walking down the steps with Torres and Chernov aiming their guns at hostages in case they come after Nolan and themselves. All the hostages witnessed them in horror as Nolan walked to the nearby Hummer and grabbed a PA from it. He turned it on and stated in a low, professional yet threatening tone, "Consider this a hard lesson, everybody. If any of you attempt to resist, we will kill you and four more people next to you. Now cooperate, move on out of here and do what our people tell you to do right now." When the hostages, even more scared, hesitated, Nolan looks at them with no trace of emotion and yelled out, "NOW!!"

With that, the terrified hostages began to move as Smith and the other terrorists yelled out orders on them. Nolan looks on very calmly. After seeing things were under control, Nolan went back up the steps while holstering his pistol and stand in front of the computer. As that was happening, one of their helicopters flew over them heading north.

As the last group hostages on the Aviary were out of Nolan's sight, two terrorists tied Sarah the Mosasaurus announcer to the crane. "No! No, please! Don't! Please! I have a fiancee!" Sarah pleaded with fear in her eyes, but the terrorists ignored her.

After listening on the radio, Chernov said to Nolan in a thick Russian accent. "Everyone you pick are in position now."

"Good." Nolan said while giving him a thumb up, feeling very pleased.

Smith then said to Nolan, "Sean, the monorail with the last group of hostages will arrive in four minutes."

"Dan, you and others see to that when the last train arrives. You know what you to do." Nolan said to Smith. Dan Smith previously served with Nolan and Torres in the Special Forces as a sniper in their unit. Torres recruited him to Extinct All Dinosaurs with Nolan's recommendation after Smith's dishonorable discharge for assaulting his CO after a botched mission and lost his military pension as the result. Smith was considered a fierce sniper who snipes his targets without regret and hesitation.

"Yes, sir." Smith acknowledged as he went on this way to the Monorail stop as he yelled out to three men nearby, "You three, come with me." Smith ordered as he and the three headed for the stop.

As Smith was heading to the Monorail stop, Cullen called in and said, "Sir, we're ready in 15 seconds."

"Alright, start the countdown at five seconds." Nolan quickly replied on the radio as Torres and Chernov put their masks on. Nolan puts the camera on his face and is now in standing position with his face on the camera without a mask on.

At the control room, Cullen then began to type in some things on the keyboard of the heavy laptop. Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages watched as they are worried about what was going to happen. Then Cullen yelled out on the radio, "Alright, here we go! Five, Four, Three, Two..." Then Cullen went silent.

At the steps of Innovation Center, Nolan looks at the camera with supreme confidence as the live stream had started.

At Karen's workplace, Nolan then appeared on the screen. Karen and her co-workers watched as Nolan stood just outside of the Innovation Center and looks serious as the man who is about to make a speech for a country.

"Good afternoon. To everyone in the entire world who are watching the current events of Jurassic World, this island resort and theme park is now under the control of Extinct All Dinosaurs organization and I'm declaring Isla Nublar under my control. We are now here to set an example against InGen, Masrani Global Corporation and others who have cloned these dangerous species who shouldn't been re-created in the first place. You have caused these beasts to kill a number of people in the original Jurassic Park resort on this island, Isla Sorna and San Diego for over 20 years while InGen, Masrani Corporation and it's higher-ups refused to stop cloning these monsters and created Jurassic World as a park like they tried with Jurassic Park 22 years ago. Now we are here to show you the hard way why the dinosaurs should have stayed extinct. We intent to show you how aggressive, dangerous, uncontrollable and unpredictable these abominations really are to the world. Starting right now with what we are about to show you." Nolan said in the interview as he spoken like a man in charge of the military.

Cullen changed the camera picture to the Mosasaurus stadium. Sarah, the Mosasaurus announcer, was tied to the crane above the Mosasaurus lagoon. She was terrified that she will be eaten by the Mosasaurus. The news feed shows Sarah being dangling below the lagoon. Suddenly the Mosasaurus came up and ate Sarah.

At her work place, Karen gasped in horror when she saw Sarah get eaten live on national television. Her co-workers were also stunned and horrified by what they saw on TV.

At the control room, Masrani and the other hostages were horrified as they watched Sarah getting eaten. Vivian was trying so hard not to cry after witnessing a brutal feeding of the hostage.

At Times Square in New York City, people around the area were horrified when they saw the Mosasaurus ate Sarah on the large TV screen in Times Square.

At London, civilians watched in shock and horror as the Mosasaurus devoured most of Sarah on large screens.

The hostages in the Underwater Observatory watched in horror as the Mosasaurus ate a huge chuck of Sarah and went back to the water, causing a huge splash. Sarah's amputated arms fell into the water as blood was showing on the water. The Mosasaurus grubbed the amputated arms afterwards.

The camera then switches over to a Jurassic World employee Leon being tossed into the raptor's enclosure. Then the raptors came close to him. Leon muttered out, "No, no." as he crawled backwards. Then Blue and Echo attacked Leon, with Delta and Charlie joining in shortly. Leon screamed so loud as the Velociraptors mauled him to death.

At Tokyo, people watched in horror as the Velociraptors mauled Leon to death as his blood was beginning to puddle on the ground from the fatal attack.

In Moscow, Russian civilians watched as the raptors mauled Leon to death live all over their screens with shock on their faces.

After Leon's badly mauled body was seen, Cullen than switched the camera to the young couple name Andrew and Lynda, held in the T-Rex enclosure, hands tied and on their knees as a drone was above them high enough where the T-Rex wouldn't chomp on it as the camera zoomed in closer to Andrew and Lynda.

"I love you, Andrew!" Lynda said as tears fell to her eyes are her inevitable death was approaching.

"I love you too, Lynda." The T-Rex sees their movement and first bites down Andrew's upper body with it's mighty jaws. Andrew screamed briefly before he was chomped to death as Lynda witnessed her lover get lifted it up violently and she screamed in sheer terror. Then the T-Rex violent shook his body, breaking his bones and tore him apart.

In Paris, people saw in horror as the T-Rex finished devouring Andrew all over the TV screens.

At Rome, bystanders watched in shock as the T-Rex ate Andrew and coming at Lynda.

As Lynda was trying to stay still, but the fear of it made her move her legs, blowing her cover. Then the T-Rex bites down on Lynda and killed her.

At the control room, everyone, including Masrani, Lowery and Vivian, gasped in horror as the T-Rex killed the young couple.

Karen saw the T-Rex then bit down Lynda and was chomping her. She covered her mouth in horror as some of her co-workers looked away, not wanting to see the gruesome sight on TV.

In Beijing, people watched in shock as the T-Rex violently shook Lynda around, which break her bones. Then it ate her.

At the stream somewhere in the island, a helicopter dropped the Verizon representatives and the five tourists to the ground. Then they shot and wounded each of them with silenced pistols to prevent them from leaving as the drone with a high-end camera arrived.

At Karen's workplace, she watches as the camera switched from the T-Rex to the stream where the three Verizon representatives and five other people were down on the stream, wounded and struggling to move. Then the Indominus Rex showed up after breaking it's camouflage. "Oh my god..." Karen muttered that word silently in horror as she knew the inevitable attack on the eight people was about to happen.

Osterly was the first to see the Indominus Rex coming at them and he screamed out. Then Drucker, Brand and the five other hostages see the Indominus Rex menacingly coming at them. Then they tried to get away from them, but their wounded knees prevented them from getting far away from it. The Indominus Rex trampled on one female tourist with his large, strong right foot. At the same time, the hybrid grabbed the fat male tourist with it's powerful jaws and mauled it to death.

Karen became more horrified as the Indominus Rex killed two people almost simultaneously in brutal fashion.

At the control room, Masrani watched in horror as the Indominus Rex was starting to kill people in a brutal fashion. All the hostages became more horrified by the hybrid taking out the hostages. Cullen, Wang, Porter and other terrorists watched in a mixture of shock and amazement in the same time on how the new dinosaur was killing the hostages.

In New York, citizens in Time Square we're shocked and horrified as they saw how it viciously killed those two people.

Then the hybrid sees Osterly, who tried to crawl backwards, but the Indominus bit down on Osterly and chomped him in half, which killed him. Shortly after finish devouring Osterly, the hybrid then tailed whipped a male tourist in his 40s, who flew and crashed into the tree, snapping his spinal cord and killing him instantly.

Back in the control room, Masrani couldn't believe how the new dinosaur was savagely killing the hostages, including Osterly. Wang was looking on how the Indominus Rex was killing the hostages, studying and observing it.

At London, the people were stunned and horrified as how the Indominus Rex was brutally killing the people in the stream.

At Rome, the civilians were stunned upon seeing the hybrid's destruction and how it killed those people on the scene.

Brand and Drucker, who already witnessed the hybrid brutally ate Osterly, tried to get away from the Indominus along with the two surviving tourists, but to no avail because of their knees being shot by Nolan's men. Then the hybrid grabbed Brand's left arm and lifted her up as she screamed out in excruciating pain. Then it ate off Brand's arm from the elbow up and she fell down, screaming as she fell on the sharp rock on the ground, which killed Brand instantly after landing on her head on the rock. Drucker then saw the Indominus Rex's enormous left foot above him and he screamed as the foot crushed him to death.

Upon seeing the violent deaths of Brand and Drucker, Karen was more horrified by the gut-wrenching scene of the hybrid's brutal attack against the helpless wounded hostages.

At Beijing, the Chinese people were immensely stunned by the violence the hybrid caused on those hostages.

In Moscow, the Russian citizens were shocked by the sheer brutality on how it killed those people.

As the two remaining tourists tried to vain to get away from the hybrid, the Indominus Rex bit down on the black male tourist and ate him to death. Then it grabbed a male Hispanic tourist with his right arm and tossed him into the trees. The tourist slammed into the large tree, killing him.

In Paris, the French people were horrified by the attack done by the hybrid and the other dinosaurs.

In Tokyo, the people who saw the carnage was stunned by the attacks live on TV.

Back in the control room, Masrani was completely horrified that the Indominus Rex gruesomely killed all the Verizon representatives and all five hostages in the stream in such brutality. Lowery watched in total disbelief. Vivian, despite her efforts, began to cry as she witnessed such a violent attack on the hostages by the hybrid. Cullen and the other terrorists watched in a mixture of disbelief and astonishment. Wang was studying the ferocious predator, beginning to think how that thing killed the hostages in such a violent way and how it camouflage itself.

At Karen's workplace, she somberly saw the carnage that the Indominus Rex and the other dinosaurs caused on TV. Then the camera switched back to Nolan as he continued his announcement.

"Now you see why we are here. We will show the true meaning of why these dinosaurs should not have been cloned and should have been left extinct. I am declaring a 100-mile no man's land around this island, effective immediately. Unfortunately for any of you still on this island, you will never leave this island. All means to escape this island are now gone. You're all trapped to be used as a way to show the world how these dinosaurs should be left alone and stayed dead. To everyone who are in the mainlands who has family and friends here on this island, you can only watch as your spouses, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends will all be set an example on what these bloodthirsty, uncontrollable, unpredictable abominations really are to the world. Examples like what you all just saw right now."

"Oh, no. Not my babies..." Karen said while choking up as she had tears in her eyes and covered her quivering mouth with her right hand. She became more fearful about her sons and her sister trapped on that island full of terrorists and are hell-bent on sending people to the dinosaurs to their deaths as Nolan continued on his announcement to the world.

"If any ship or aircraft approaches this island and violates this perimeter, we will force our hand by executing the hostages around this island, by us & by these monsters and retaliate with every heavy weaponry we got with us. We have fortified this island with heavy weapons mounted in our vehicles and on the walls of this island should anyone on this resort try to resist us. We also got surface-to-air missiles that will hit any aircraft who approach this island. We are going to put an end to letting man create anymore of these dinosaurs to our earth and they will be sorely mistaken if they continue to do so after this. We intend to prove our point to the world and finish our objectives. We will not flatter, we will not stop and we will not rest until we see the end of the creating cloned dinosaurs forever. Thank you for your time."

After Nolan finished his live speech, Cullen cut the camera feed from the control room. Masrani, Lowery, Vivian and the other hostages, traumatized by the horrific fate of the hostages being fed to the dinosaurs by the terrorists, were all feeling a wave of emotions.

After watching Nolan's speech, Karen became horrified by the fact that her children and sister are in Jurassic World and feared that she might see them get killed by the dinosaurs live for the world to see later on.

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