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This is chapter 7 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, including torture, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 7: The Search for Zach and Gray

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Davis, who also saw Nolan's speech to the world, was in the CIC with Commander Kopelson and the other officers & sailors, were still in shocked by what everyone transpired. The screens were those in The Pentagon situation room and the White House situation room. The White House official said upon seeing something on his screen, "Jesus, this is all over social media and all the news feeds in the world. Everybody has seen this."

"We know who this guy is. His name's Sean Nolan." The high-ranking Navy admiral in the Pentagon said.

"Number 9 of our ten most wanted list." The Secretary of Defense in the White House said to everyone in the video conference.

The National Security Advisor in the White House was reading the file of Sean Nolan and said to everyone as Davis, everyone else with him in the CIC, along with everyone in the Pentagon, the White House and other ships in the area via secured video conference call listened in. "This man is one of the most wanted anti-dinosaur terrorists in the world. He was previously Army Special Forces and he was a Gulf War veteran. After the war, he retired from the Army and worked as a head of security for Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego until 1997 when the San Diego Incident occurred. Nolan watched his pregnant wife got tramped to death inside their car by the T-Rex when InGen shipped it to the San Diego to try to get it to the Jurassic Park zoo there until the animal escaped and rampaged the city. Nolan became an outspoken critic against the cloned dinosaurs as the result and was pushing things to the extreme, but no one would listen. He then founded the Extinct All Dinosaurs organization. This guy and his organization were responsible for at least ten terrorist attacks against companies who either cloned or sponsor the dinosaurs, including the 2006 massacre of the dinosaur dig site in North Dakota where InGen was taking DNA samples of the dinosaur killing 23 people and injuring 12 more, the 2009 bombing of the InGen major cloning facility outside of Los Angeles which killed 89 people and injured 213 others, the 2010 bombing of of the dinosaur DNA facility in San Jose, killing 47 and injuring 67, and the 2011 attack and bombing of four of the trucks carrying dinosaur cloning equipment in California. He and his group are also suspected of the 2011 cyber attack of InGen & Masrani Corporation and sold it's scandals to the press, which almost destroyed those companies financially. They have since went into hiding and continued to make online threats against Jurassic World, Masrani Corporation and InGen. Jesus Christ, this attack just became their biggest one of all."

The high-ranking Pentagon official, an Army General, said to everyone, "Look, right now, I don't care who he is. We need to know what size of force we're dealing with because this type of attack had to done with lots of manpower and a lot of funding."

"General, from what I know from my earlier conversation with the operations manager Claire Dearing, images and videos from various social media sites and our satellites, the numbers are probably around 100 or thereabouts. With that number, they have to be a well-financed organization." Captain Davis said to him.

"Noted, Captain. All we need to know is how do we get to that island without risking the lives of those hostages and our soldiers." The Army general replied.

Captain Davis then said to everyone on the video conference, "Problem is that they set up defenses to prevent any air infiltration and Nolan being with former Special Forces knows all our tactics. He's probably well prepared for anything that comes at him."

Then the President of the United States said to everyone, "The last thing we need is any more live feeding shows of the hostages being fed to the dinosaurs by those maniacs."

"Or more people in the whole world to see that happen, sir." Davis said to the President. The President nodded in agreement.

Kopelson said to the others, "More ships from Australia, Great Britain, China, France and Russia coming in."

"Very well." The President acknowledged as he previously spoke the world leaders of Australia, Great Britain, China, France, Japan and Russia, who have tourists from their countries in Isla Nublar, to join a joint mission on the Jurassic World siege. After a moment, the President then said to everyone, "Alright, set up a command post somewhere not far from the Jurassic World ferry station. Have the Costa Rican government secure and seal off all beaches in their country. I want satellites send over to that island. Give me all expert paleontologists on secured lines to discuss these dinosaurs and their views on that hybrid we saw. Then I want to speak to the President of Costa Rica on the secured line. After that, I want to speak to high-ranking members of Masrani Global. Then set up a press conference in that order."

With that, all officials in the White House and the Pentagon went to work, The President turned to Captain Davis and said to him in a Presidential tone, "Captain Davis, I want you to handle blockading the island within 100 miles and to help coordinate the All Naval ships to their positions to handle the blockade. I will speak to the world leaders to discuss appropriate military action and to find an effective plan to retake the island."

"Aye, sir." Captain Davis acknowledged. With that, the video conference call ended. Then Davis turned to his people and said to them in a serious tone, "You heard the President. Get it done."

With that, the Navy personnel in the CIC went to work.

Hammond Creation Lab

After his speech for the entire world, Nolan arrived in the Hammond Creation Lab with Torres & Chernov following him. He was going towards the elevator when Witter came to him and said, "All SAM sites have been placed." As he said that, Torres was getting something on the radio and listened on his earpiece.

"Good. Keep an eye on every activity in the area." Nolan said to his weapons expert.

As Witter nodded, Torres came to Nolan and said to him, "Sean, Moreau wants to speak to you right now." He passed the radio to Nolan.

After Nolan takes the radio, he said, "Go ahead, Moreau."

Somewhere the wilderness, Moreau, along with two other men, looked at the bodies to two dead fellow henchmen Owen killed earlier to save Claire. He said to Nolan on the radio, "We have a situation here. The men who captured Dearing earlier are dead."

Nolan was tight-lipped about it and shown a sign of anger in his face. Torres, Chernov and Witter also heard what Moreau said to her and are shocked by it. After a moment of composing himself, Nolan asked Moreau on the radio in a serious tone, "How the hell did it happen?"

After hearing his leader's reply, the French henchman and tracker said to him as he looked around the area, "I found some footsteps of another man who had taken those men out. Dearing's car was destroyed. There's an abandoned motorcycle that belonged to the men who send that drone earlier in that vicinity and I found tire tracks of another vehicle that had Dearing and that men heading toward Northwest, probably for the Gyrosphere Station. The GPS tracker on that car was pulled out." As he said that, Moreau sees the footsteps of Claire's high heel shoes and another men's shoes getting into the car and one of the men with him was holding the pulled out GPS tracker.

Nolan then realized that the death of his two men who caught Claire earlier were probably killed by a professional, judging by the motorcycle that was the men who launched the drone used was stolen, probably killed those two men also, and pulled out the GPS tracker of that Jurassic World SUV. Torres, Chernov and Witter were also present when they heard what Moreau told Nolan on the radio, suspecting that they lost two men who launched that drone too. He then asked Moreau on the radio in a no-nonsense tone, "How many men with you?"

"Two." Moreau replied with a French accent.

After hearing how many men Moreau had with him, Nolan replied in a no-nonsense tone, "We're send you three more for additional support. Go to the Gyrosphere Station to investigate. We'll send a helicopter to look at the area between Gyrosphere Valley and the Aviary and two more teams on the ground in that area."

Moreau acknowledged in French. After passing the radio back to Torres, Nolan turned to Witter and said to him, "Witter, go out in Main Street and send whatever available men over there in two teams to that area now. Find Dearing and whoever's with her. We need Dearing alive. Also, tell them to watch out for the Indominus Rex out there."

Witter nodded and saw some men in the lab that are available. He said to them in a stoic yet serious tone, "You guys, head out to the area between Gyrosphere Valley and the Aviary. See whoever else in available in Main Street to lend support. Find Claire Dearing and whoever is with her. Do not harm Dearing and keep an eye on the Indominus Rex out there."

As Witter and four men left the lab, Wang came down on the elevator. As that was happening, Nolan said to Torres, "Mike, send a helicopter in that area with two men onboard. Tell them to spot Dearing and anyone with her. No shooting from them. We can't risk them hitting Dearing."

Torres nodded and said, "You got it." With that, Torres got on the radio.

As Torres was giving out orders, Wang then came to Nolan and Chernov. "So Nolan, there is a particular question I want to ask you."

"Yes, Wang?" Nolan asked, feeling mildly annoyed with everything that is going on right now.

Wang can see that Nolan has a lot going on right now. So he got to the point and said to him, "It’s about the Indominus Rex. When we fed that thing some of the tourists and Verizon sponsors, did you notice how it killed those hostages with utter brutality and how it could camouflage itself? For example, how it picked up and stomped some of them without using its mouth? I believe there is something about that thing which enhances it. We need to find someone who knows what it’s made of." Wang wanted to state his assessment on what he saw on the Indominus Rex.

Upon hearing what Wang said to him about what he saw in that hybrid, Nolan turned around as he thought about everything Wang told him. With his left hand on his own chin, Nolan thought of someone who was behind the Indominus Rex project. He said confidently, "Dr. Wu was the man behind this. So instead of killing him, we can capture him and then interrogate him on what it’s made of and record our interrogation live."

"We can crack the lock to his office, but it will take time." Chernov said to him.

Nolan walked up to the men who are drilling the locks on Wu's office and yelled in order for the men using the driller to hear him, "Hey!" One of his men turned at Nolan with surprise. Nolan then asked in lower tone, "How long will it take it get it open?"

"At least 45 minutes to a hour. That's no problem, sir. There's no other locks in his office." One of the men drilling Wu's office said.

Nolan motioned Wang over and said to his henchman drilling the lock, "You got one hour. You get that door open. Wang will supervise you and he will call me." That henchman silently nodded and went to help his fellow comrade continue to drill the lock in Wu's office. Wang came to Nolan. Nolan said to his Chinese henchman, "Make sure they get that door open in a hour and call me when you have Wu."

"Yes, sir." Wang acknowledged as he went to supervise the drilling operation.

Nolan then went back to Torres and Chernov. "Let's back to control room and find out who did we miss when we took this island."

"Aye, sir." Torres acknowledged as he, Nolan and Chernov headed back to the elevator.

Beach somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the beach not from the Raptor Research Arena, several amphibian vehicles arrived on the beach, where Hoskins arrived on the beach and greeted his head InGen contractor, along with the InGen mercenaries, who are armed.

"More units are closing in, ready to go." The head InGen mercenary said to Hoskins.

"Good. Hold off on a live feed." Hoskins said as he and his head mercenary walked next to each other as their men are preparing themselves. Hoskins continued, "We got a deadly situation here. Can't use cell phones, they've destroyed the cell tower."

"Any idea how many we're up against?" The head InGen contractor asked.

"Unknown at this point. We have to start by retaking the Raptor Research Arena and set up base there." Hoskins said in a no-nonsense tone.

As Hoskins said that, Barry was on a nearby cliff, overhearing the conversation.

"How the hell did they get into this island?" The head mercenary asked to Hoskins.

"Not a clue. They have helicopters that attacked us." Hoskins replied unhappily.

The head InGen contractor thought of something for the moment as the other InGen mercenaries finished loading up their gear. Then he asked Hoskins, "Do you think they will find out about our secret funding for the Raptor and Indominus Rex projects?"

Hoskins thought about it for the moment. Then he replied, "Hope not. Because if they did find out about our black market funding from our secret financier, we're screwed."

As Barry listened in, he discovered that Hoskins has been getting secret black market funding from someone they don't even know. He then sees that InGen also brought some vehicles with them also when they came out the amphibian vehicles.

Hoskins then motioned all the InGen mercenaries to come over. He puts on a map on the hood on one of the cars. Then he said to them, "We need to be stealthy if we take back the Raptor Paddock. Then take it from there."

After a moment, Barry looked at the tablet he took from one of the terrorists. Had the tablet on mute so Hoskins and his men wouldn't hear him. He looked the search for the news trending of the Jurassic World siege and finds out that the video of Nolan's message to the world. Barry went out of sight and played it. As he looked it, he realizes the terrorists are well prepared. Then he watched the horrifying feeding shows the were aired live. He was aghast and beyond shocked that the terrorists have the carnivores, including Blue, Delta and the other raptors, hostages. Barry let out an quiet, but angry curse in French. Then he sees that Nolan has set up defenses on the island and has issued warnings against any action to retake the island. He realized that Hoskins's plans to retake the Raptor Paddock will do more harm than good on the situation. Then he heard footsteps and hid as he listened in.

"Sir, we haven't been able to find Grady or Sembene anywhere." One of the InGen soldiers told Hoskins.

Hoskins then said to the other soldiers, "I know that Barry Sembene escaped the paddock during the attack. Last I heard, Grady was with Dearing in the Indominus Rex paddock and that was taken over."

Barry realized that Owen is missing, along with the operations manager Claire Dearing. Then he heard on the earpiece radio on one of the terrorists. "Sir, this is Baker team. We found Esposito and Thomas, they're dead. Looks like they were killed after they launched the drone in the air. Looks like it's the same guy who killed Greer and Tan and is with Dearing right now. What do you want us to do?"

Then Barry heard Torres's voice on the radio, "Search the area between the Gyrosphere Valley and the Aviary. Dearing and the intruder might be there."

"Sir. Yes, sir." The man with the Baker team said to Torres on the radio.

After hearing that Owen and Claire are out between the Gyropshere Valley and the Aviary, he left the area. While searching at the nearby shed, he sees the nearby four-wheel ATV. Then he finds the key on it. Then he started the vehicle and left the shed to find Owen and Claire.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Somewhere on the island, Owen was driving the Jurassic World jeep while Claire was in the passenger seat looking desperate and worried about Zach and Gray. Claire thought that if she couldn't save her nephews in time during the terrorist attack, she would be disowned from the family by Karen. That would destroy her completely and that's why she can't let that happen.

Elsewhere, Zach and Gray were in the Gyrosphere as Zach was driving it. Gray didn't like what he and Zach are doing in the Restricted Zone and complained to his brother, "No, no. Bad idea, bad idea."

Zach ignored Gray's warning and said to him while driving the gyrosphere, "Great idea."

"No! We don't know why Aunt Claire warn us to get away from the valley. Why would she do that? It doesn't feel right." Gray said to him while concerned why their aunt warned them to get out of the valley and they're in the area they shouldn't be in.

"Look, like I told you before, we'll find out when we ask her." Zach said to him as he drove near a herd of Ankylosaurus. "Anyway, there. You see?" Zach said as he stop the gyrosphere. Then he continued, "I told you. You're welcome. Up close and personal with four dinosaurs."

"Ankylosaurus." Gray corrected him as he knew a lot of dinosaur species very well. Then he continued uncomfortably. "We shouldn't be here. And they are five dinosaurs."

Confused and slightly baffled by the actual number of Ankylosaurus he saw in front of him, Zach asked his younger brother in confusion, "Aren't you supposed to be a genius or something?” Then he continued in a firm tone while looking at the Ankylosaurus, "Look. One, two, three, four."

"Five." Gray said calmly, seeing the reflection of a dinosaur in front of him. Then the Indominus Rex slowly appeared behind the gyrosphere as it rose up. Both boys turned and see the creature standing up. Then it roared. behind the gyrosphere as it rose up. Both boys turned and see the creature standing up. Then it roared. A roar that terrified both boys.

Grey, terrified by the roar of the creature he didn't recognized, yelled out, "GO, GO!, GO!"

"Oh, shit." Zach muttered to himself as he tried to move the gyrosphere. But the Indominus Rex kicked it, sending it rolling out of control while it approaches the herd of Ankylosaurus. As that was happening, the Ankylosaurus herd retreated away. The gyrosphere hit two of them, as Gray was screaming and crying in terror.

"Hold it together, man!" Zach yelled out to his brother as they held each other. When the gyrosphere finally stopped rolling, a lone Ankylosaurus was in front of them and was bellowing at the Indominus Rex. The hybrid roared back at it's foe.

Zach shifted the handle to drive the gyrosphere to get away from the scene as Gray frantically yelled, "Drive! Drive! go!" As Zach was driving the gyrosphere, the two creatures prepared to face against each other. As the Ankylosaurus was bellowing at the hybrid, her club tail accidentally hit the gyrosphere, sending it to the tree and both boys were upside down. Then the Indominus Rex and the Ankylosaurus fought each other. Despite Zach trying to regain control of the gyrosphere, it wasn't responding. The Ankylosaurus was able to hit the face of the Indominus Rex, but the hybrid avoided any more attacks from the herbivore and it slashed one of it's leg. As Zach and Gray watched while upside down, the Indominus Rex flipped the Ankylosaurus on it's back and then puts her mouth on the herbivore's face. Then the hybrid snapped the neck of the Ankylosaurus's, killing it instantly.

Gray turned his face away after seeing a gruesome fate of the Ankylosaurus while Zach looks on in horror. Gray still scared by what's going on, asked softly to Zach, "We're safe in here, right?"

"Yeah. They're totally safe." Zach replied in a shocked, both trying reassure his brother and himself at the same time while they are upside on the gyrosphere.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan, Torres and Chernov arrived in the control room. Nolan shouted out to Cullen, who is in Lowery's console, "Cullen, find out if we missed anyone in the Indominus Rex paddock. If we can't find anything there, start with the others like the Raptor paddock and such." As he said that to Cullen, Masrani glared at Nolan for his actions feeding the hostages to the carnivores.

"Porter, get on that." Cullen said, conveying Nolan's order. As Porter went to search the area in Vivian's workstation, Cullen turned to Nolan and said, "Nolan, we spotted something on the drone following the Indominus Rex right now." The big screen shows the camera of the drone they launched. The camera shows the Indominus Rex near the Gyrosphere 07.

"What is it?" Nolan asked as he and Torres came to her while Chernov went near the hostages.

"That gyrosphere that we haven't captured, Gyrosphere 07, is being attacked by that hybrid itself right now." Cullen said to him and Torres, pointing to the screen where the Indominus Rex is at and it's near Gyrosphere 07. They also spotted a dead Ankylosaurus near the the hybrid as well

"Looks like it killed one of the dinosaurs too." Torres said as he noticed it from the drone camera.

"You want us to stream it live for everyone to watch, sir." Cullen asked.

After a moment of thinking while watching the feed, Nolan replied, "No. Just record it for now. Find out who's inside that gyrosphere and find out more about that thing."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she started to record the video of the drone camera.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

At the Jurassic World jeep, Owen continued to drive into the restricted zone as Claire was in the passenger seat. She look desperate to reach her nephews. She whispered, "Come on. Let us see you, boys. Come on, come on, come on."

Back in the gyrosphere, Zach and Gray were still upside down and were looking below until Gray saw something in front of them that gave him a look of terror. He softly said while being scared, "Zach! Zach!"

"Yeah?" Zach asked in a soft tone.

"Look!" Gray said with a look of horror in his face.

"What?" Zach asked as he looked up and saw in shock that the Indominus Rex was staring at them with it's left eye. Then the creature moved her head up while bellowing. It uses her hands to move the gyrosphere around. The boys were getting really nervous and terrified at the same time as the genetically-modified creature moved the gyrosphere. Then it pierced the glass above the boys with it's claw on her right middle finger and used it to move the gyrosphere downward so it can get Zach & Gray to face it.

As the scared Mitchell boys and the Indominus Rex eyed at each other for a few seconds, the hybrid then growled softly. Then she slowly opened her mouth and slowly moved her jaw around the gyrosphere to pierce the glass further. The brothers screamed in terror as the hybrid got into the gyrosphere.

As the Indominus Rex's mouth made it to the gyrosphere, the hybrid was suddenly shot in the right side of her face, forcing it to let go of the gyrosphere. It turned its face at where the shot came from and saw it was Owen who fired at it. Claire came out of the passenger side and was horrified that the Indominus Rex was attacking her nephews.

"Oh, god..." Claire muttered in horror when she saw what the hybrid was doing to the gyrosphere Zach and Gray were on. Owen fired another shot at the creature and it hit its right leg to get it away from the boys. "HEY!! GET AWAY FROM THEM!!" Claire yelled out loud at the Indominus Rex in desperation and anger as Owen continued to fire the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle at it. The Indominus Rex roared at Owen and Claire, focusing on them.

Zach and Gray heard the voice they recognized and it was Aunt Claire. They were stunned that their aunt came for them. Gray said in a quiet, but excited tone, "No way! That's Aunt Claire!" Zach smiled in relief that their aunt and another man have come to their aid, but knew it was far from over.

"Move!!" Owen yelled to Claire as the hybrid was coming at them since they got its full attention as the Indominus Rex followed them, with its tail accidentally hitting the gyrosphere, breaking the glass on it further. Zach and Gray covered their faces to prevent the glass from hitting them.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan and the other terrorists saw the hybrid was distracted by something. Cullen called out on the radio, "Move the drone north." With that, the drone pilot somewhere moved the drone north. The camera on it spotted a man in a blue shirt with a vest on & dark pants and a red-haired woman dressed in white blouse suit, near the Jurassic World jeep. The man in the blue shirt was firing at the Indominus Rex.

"That's Dearing." Nolan exclaimed to his goons as he recognized Claire. Then he said to Cullen, "Keep an eye on her.” Cullen nodded. Then Nolan said to Torres, "Try to get some men over there now." As Torres went on the radio, Nolan watched what was going on the drone's camera.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Back on the island, the Indominus Rex went after Owen and Claire as they hid behind the Jurassic World jeep. The hybrid looked around for them. Owen kept his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle at hand as he and Claire kept quiet. Then they quietly moved to the passenger side of the vehicle as the Indominus was coming at the back of it. Then the creature used her head to hit the back of the jeep which only moved slightly. Owen and Claire then quickly went down and hid in the side of the jeep again to avoid being seen.

As that was happening, Zach and Gray unbuckled themselves and were pushing the broken glass out of the gyrosphere to get out of it. "Come on, push the glass out." Zach said softly to Gray. Then they pushed the glass out of the way. As they got out, Zach stomped on glass with his shoes as Gray got out of the gyrosphere at the same time. The Indominus Rex turned her face at the noise. Owen and Claire noticed the shadow of the creature was turned and realized it is looking at Zach and Gray.

Zach sees that the creature that is attacking them is noticing them again. Realizing that they have to get away from it and remembering what their mother's joke to them to run if they saw a dinosaur, he shouted out to Gray, "Run! Go, go!" With that, Zach and Gray ran as fast as they could.

Owen & Claire rose up from the side of the jeep and saw Zach & Gray running away from the pursuing Indominus Rex. Claire was terrified when her nephews were in a heap of danger of their lives. "ZACH!! GRAY!!" Claire shouted out to her nephews in desperate tone as they ran out of sight. Her face was desperate and in despair.

"Claire, come on! We'll get them!" Owen said to her. With that, Owen and Claire ran towards to where Zach and Gray.

Control room

At the control room, Nolan, Torres, Cullen and the others saw Claire and the man with her leaving the jeep. Then the drone moved and the cameras spots the two boys running away from the Indominus Rex in the meadows.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Meanwhile, in the meadows, Zach and Gray ran so fast in the meadows. Then the Indominus Rex broke through the trees. They saw it coming in through the trees and they ran until they reached the end of the waterfall on the stream and they stopped.

As that was happening, Owen and Claire ran towards to where Zach and Gray are heading.

Back at the waterfall, Zach and Gray turned around and saw the Indominus Rex coming at them. Zach turned to Gray and said to him, "We're gonna have to jump!"

"I can't!" The terrified Gray replied, feeling scared by both the oncoming predator and the water below them.

Zach grabbed his brother's hand and said loudly, "Are you ready?!" As he said that, the Indominus Rex was getting closer to them. Zach quickly said, "One, two... Come on!" With that, both Zach and Gray jumped off as the Indominus Rex snapped it's jaw, but it barely misses both brothers as they went down on the water.

Control room

Back in the control room. Nolan, Torres, Cullen and the others watched in amazement on the drone's camera on how two boys jumped into below the waterfall to get away from the I-Rex. "Whoa...what resourceful kids." Nolan remarked as he watched on. Cullen smiled a little upon seeing that, clearly impressed in her own way. Torres looked on in amazement.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

As the boys remained underwater, the Indominus Rex looks down below. In the trees not from the waterfall, Owen and Claire rushed through the trees and see the Indominus Rex near the edge of the waterfall. Claire assumed the worst when she only saw the monster and not her nephews. Her face was filled with dread. Owen looked on, worried that they might be too late, despite not showing it. The hybrid roared in disappointment and left the waterfall. After seeing the coast was cleared, Owen and Claire, who was fearing the worst, rushed to the waterfall. Then they didn't see any blood on the spot and saw on the tracks that they jumped. "My god, they jumped!" Claire muttered in relief.

Owen then said, clearly impressed, "Brave kids." Then they saw them coming out of the water. Claire, in relief to see them alive, rushed through the trees with Owen not far behind to get to the boys below.

Down below, Zach and Gray slowly swan back to the shore. They went down on the shoreline of the water as they work to compose themselves. Zach looks at his brother and said proudly, "You jumped." Gray didn't say anything, but smiled. They laughed a little as they held each other. As they slowly got up, they saw some tree branches moving and saw Claire & Owen coming out of them.

Claire turned her face and saw her nephews, wet, but alive. The look of relief overcome her as she rushed to them. "ZACH!! GRAY!!" Claire shouted out frantically with excitement in her voice. Then she got to her nephews and held them close as she said in a muffed voice, "Oh, my god! Thank god! You're alive, you're alive! I can't believe I found you! I can't believe you got away from that monster! I thought it was going to get you!" As she was saying that, Claire had a wave of emotions, including relief that she found Zach & Gray alive and guilt that the creature she actually agreed to create the Indominus Rex, the same one that actually almost killed her nephews.

Zach and Gray were utterly shocked by what was happening. Their aunt was in front of them and she looked slightly different from what they first saw her hours ago when she was a well dressed corporate woman with perfectly kept red hair. Now her hair was a little wild and frizzy. She had mud and a tiny bit of blood on her white blouse. The blood on her clothing came from one of the terrorists Owen killed earlier to rescue her. Her clothes were also a little torn in various places from getting away from the Indominus Rex and running so fast to get to her nephews. But that didn't matter to Zach and Gray, they were surprised and relieved that their aunt actually came for them. They decided to return the hug to Claire, which made her eyes starting to tear up with joy.

Owen stood back for the moment, letting them have their moment. Then, knowing that the terrorists will come and get them soon or the Indominus Rex might return, they have to get out of the area they are in now. So he said to them, "Claire. Hey."

After hearing Owen's voice, Claire composed herself, stood up and turned to Owen, "Yeah."

"We gotta go now." Owen said in a rather urgent tone since they are not safe where they are at right now.

"Alright." Claire nodded, realizing they need to get somewhere safe. She gently gathered her nephews while urged quietly, "Come on. Come on, come on."

With that, Owen lead the way through the bushes as Claire gently had her nephews come with them. As they walked up the hill, Zach asked, "What is going on, Aunt Claire? Who is he?"

"Later, we got to get out of here now." Claire said to them, trying to be reassuring.

"My name's Owen Grady." Owen said to Zach and Gray.

"How do you two know each other?" Gray asked while following them.

" together." Claire replied in a somewhat awkward and cautious tone as they made it on top of the waterfall.

Owen then said to Claire and her nephews, "The jeep should still work. Come along." With that, Owen led Claire and her nephews to the meadows they came in from.

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, the drone was focuses on finding the Indominus Rex and eventually saw her shadow of it. Nolan was looking at the recorded video of the Indominus Rex attack on the gyrosphere on one of their own computers. He rewind it to the point where Claire's face was distressed when she was yelling out to the boys. Torres came to Nolan as he was looking at the video.

"Looking for something on that video, Sean?" Torres asked.

Nolan turned to Torres and said to him while pointing the screen. "About Dearing's face." He got up from the chair he was sitting on as he continued, "She looked desperate when she saw those two kids being attacked by the I-Rex."

Torres wondered about that too. He asked the traitorous controller, "Porter, does Dearing have any children?"

"No, not that I know of. She's not married." Porter said to him.

"Well, whoever those kids are, Dearing has shown genuine concern about them. Porter, check the surveillance archives on Dearing to see if we can find better screencaps of those boys." Nolan stated. Porter silently nodded.

As Nolan turned to Torres, Chernov said to his leader, "I heard from Smith. All the hostages in the Gyrosphere Station have arrived."

"Alright. Cullen, shut down the Monorail. Go." Nolan ordered in a serious tone. As Cullen went to shut down the Monorail, Nolan nodded to Torres and Chernov. They came over to the hostages.

Nolan then went to Masrani and faced him. Masrani gives him a hard glare as Nolan said, "Well, I guess you didn't expect that creature you authorized to create would kill those people in such utter brutality and how it can camouflage itself effective."

Masrani, already furious at Nolan for feeding the hostages to the carnivores, said in a tone full of anger, "Nolan, you are a damn monster. You think feeding those people to the carnivores is the way to prove your point about them? You're nothing more than a mass murderer! They will not negotiate with you!"

Nolan was offended by Masrani's lecture. He said in a salty tone, "Oh, I know they won't negotiate. But neither would I. How about this, Mr. Masrani? Why don't you just shut the hell up. Because if you keep on trying to lecture me, I will send a lot of controllers in here to all your carnivores out there and will stream it live as you saw what I did to them! Consider that telling everyone in the world what these monstrosities really are! Do you understand that, you second-grade motherfucker?!" As he said the last phrase, Nolan hits the wall above Masrani.

Masrani kept silent upon hearing Nolan's harsh words. Satisfied that he told Masrani to keep quiet in his way, he walked up towards Lowery and Vivian.

"You two have something I want." He nodded to the two terrorists guarding them. They cut the zipties on their hands and forced them on the chair. As his henchman put zipties on their wrists on each chair, Nolan came to them and said softly, but seriously, "Mr. Cruthers, Ms. Krill. You gonna get me something I want from you."

Lowery and Vivian looked at each, worried about whatever Nolan wants, it can't be good. Then Nolan said to them, "I want your access codes to Quadtosaurus."

Upon hearing that, Lowery and Vivian were stunned and shocked that Nolan knows about Quadtosaurus.

Masrani and the other hostages were shocked by it too. Masrani asked in a stunned tone, "How did you..." But then he stopped and came to the realization as he turned his face at Porter, "You bastard. You told him what it is. Didn't you?" Masrani said in a bitter tone.

Porter didn't respond to Masrani's word, but Masrani didn't need a confirmation from him. He looked away from the traitor.

Ignoring Masrani, Nolan then said in a surly tone to both Lowery and Vivian, "I would like your Quadtosaurus codes right now."

"I'm not gonna give it to you." Lowery said to Nolan, attempt to defy him.

"I won't either." Vivian stated shortly Lowery defied Nolan.

Nolan nodded to Chernov, who let out a needle from one of the cases. As Chernov rolled up her sleeve, Nolan came in front of her. "You don't want this, sweetheart. But guess what, you gonna get this." Nolan said to Vivian, referring to the needle. With that, Chernov puts the needle into her left arm and injected something in her system.

"What is that? What are you" Vivian asked when suddenly, the effects of the drug was hitting her and she was felling a lot of pain from the effects of it. Lowery, Masrani watched in horror as they injected Vivian with some kind of pain-inducing drug.

Nolan said to her and Lowery calmly while Vivian was affected by the drug and was grunting in pain. "This drug is called Hyocine-pentothal, a pain inducing drug that is used in time sensitive interrogations by the several agencies, including CIA. It takes immediate effect very shortly upon injecting." As he said that, Vivian screamed out in pain as the drug was taking full effect. Chernov let out a sinister smile upon seeing that. "The drug makes you feel like the entire nerve ending in your body is on fire."

Lowery was horrified that Vivian was injected by a nasty interrogation drug. Upon hearing her screaming so loud in pain, Masrani and the other hostages were terrified how in pain she was and how she was screaming so hard. Nolan ignored her screams and said without a trace of emotions, "7 cc's on that drug can make you feel indescribable pain and 8 cc's will put you at risk for a drug-inducing lethal heart attack. What dose she has now is around 4 cc's, which is extremely painful, but not compared to the higher doses than that."

"Please, please stop this. It much!" Vivian said in a pleading voice. Tears came out of her eyes as she was in intense pain from the effects of Hyocine-pentothal.

Nolan then said to Lowery in a calm, serious tone, "Only you can save her, Mr. Cruthers. You will give us your code to Quadtosaurus and she will get the counteractive drug. Because if you don't, you will watch her get a higher dose of that stuff and die from a potentially lethal cardiac arrest from it. It's your choice right now."

Upon seeing Vivian suffering so bad and what would happen if she gets the higher dose of that deadly drug, Lowery cracked under pressure and said to him in a pleading tone, "D, 2, T, left brace, J, 7, dollar sign, W."

With that, Cullen typed in the code on the computer that has Quadtosaurus and Lowery's access code had unlocked one of the four locks on Quadtosaurus. "We got his code, sir." Cullen confirmed in a pleased tone. Once that was done, Chernov gave Vivian the counteract drug to stop the affects of the Hyocine-pentothal that is on her system.

Lowery had mixed feelings about the ordeal. He was relieved that Vivian got the counteract drug, but felt terrible that he gave his Quadtosaurus code. Vivian is still feeling the effects of the Hyocine-pentothal, but with less pain thanks to the counteractive drug given to her. Vivian looks at Lowery, with a mixture of feelings of relief and worry, since Nolan is not done yet.

Nolan then came to Lowery along with Chernov. Chernov lets out another needle. "Get that away from me!" Lowery said in fear, even though he put on a brave face. But Torres slugged him in the face with a right backhand strike. Chernov injected the Hyocine-pentothal in Lowery's system.

As Lowery was starting to feel the pain of the drug, Nolan said to him in a curt tone, "I was going to give you 4 cc's, Cruthers, but we're giving you 6 cc's since you wore that Jurassic Park T-shirt, you piece of shit."

Lowery then screamed out in agonizing pain. The scream was loud that it brought Vivian to tears, seeing the same pain she felt when the terrorists injected her with the same drug. Masrani and all the other hostages watched helplessly as Lowery was feeling the worst pain he can imagine done by the terrorists. Nolan turned to Vivian and said to him with very calmly, "He's having the worst pain than you because he wore that Jurassic Park shirt and that he gave me his code. Plus, you experience that same pain, except you had the lesser dose."

As Vivian kept hearing Lowery screamed in pain, she had a sad, pained expression on her face as Nolan said to her quiet, blunt tone, "The bad news is that he will get 4 more cc's of that stuff, which will likely kill him in a painful death." Nolan then looked at Vivian in the eye and said with no trace of remorse, "Now, you're gonna start revealing your Quadtosaurus access code. Aren't you, Ms. Krill?" As that was happening, Torres heard something on the radio and listened in.

As Lowery continued to scream in great and agonizing pain and couldn't bear to see him in such pain anymore, Vivian said in a cracking voice, "A, 5, dash, zero, D, M, percent sign, H."

After hearing Vivian, Cullen typed in the code and sees that Vivian's access code has unlocked the second lock on the Quadtosaurus system. She gave Nolan a thumb up and he silently nodded in approval. Chernov then gave the counteractive drug to Lowery to stop the affects of the drug. Vivian had tears on her eyes after seeing Lowery will not suffer anymore of the same drug she had earlier.

Nolan was pleased to see that the two codes have been entered. Then Torres came to him and said to Nolan, "We just lost two more men in the Gyrosphere Station. Moreau confirmed it to me."

Nolan was unhappy upon hearing that and said to Torres, "Give me the radio." Torres passed his radio to him and Nolan asked, "Moreau, it's Nolan. What did you find over there?"

At the Gyrosphere Station, Moreau told Nolan on the radio what he found, "Nolan, whoever killed those men is a professional. The two men in the station were killed with a knife and did it with stealth. Dearing's shoes print were also on the scene. They took the vehicle back, probably where the destroyed gyrosphere was at."

Nolan realized that the man with Claire and the two boys are in the Jurassic World jeep they saw earlier in the drone camera. He said to his French henchman, "Tell your men to search for a Jurassic World jeep in that vicinity and make sure you get Dearing alive. Also, they are two young boys with her and the man who killed those men. Try to get those children alive also and take out that intruder."

Moreau then acknowledged in a French language. He passed the radio to Torres, then he walked alongside him and went to the more private spot in the corner spot in the control room. Nolan said to Torres, "We will deal with Masrani's access code later. But we still need Dearing for her Quadtosaurus code and she is out there with someone else and those two boys we saw."

"I hope we can find something on that man who has taken out a small amount of our men, Sean. He could be a problem." Torres said to him. He was concerned the person who killed several men and rescued Claire from them might be a highly trained ex-military soldier.

"That is being worked on. We're looking over any employee we missed from the I-Rex paddock and such as we speak." Nolan said to his second in command.

"What about Hoskins, Sean?" Torres asked with mild concern. Then he continued, "We know he's still on that island."

"I'm well aware of that, Mike. If he and his men from InGen try to resist us, we will use our tricks against him." Nolan said in a direct tone.

"We'll keep an eye on anything that Hoskins and his people in InGen Security try to launch at us." Torres said in a serious tone.

"See if you do. In the meantime, locate Dearing. We need her so we can activate Quadtosaurus." Nolan said, impressing the serious of needing Claire to activate Quadtosaurus. With that, Nolan and Torres joined the other terrorists in the control room.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Meanwhile, back in the scene where the damaged gyrosphere is at, Owen, Claire and her nephews arrived and are heading for the jeep, which back of it was partially damage by the Indominus Rex, but it still operable. Owen said to them, "Looks like it still works. Let's get out of here."

Claire nodded and then she turned her nephews near her. "Get in the back seat, both of you." Claire said to her nephews while keeping composure to prevent them from getting terrified. Both Zach and Gray got into the back seat and Zach closed the back passenger side door, as Claire went to the passenger seat. Owen went to the driver seat and started the jeep. Then they took off and drove away from the damaged gyrosphere. Claire still felt shaken that the Indominus Rex attacked her nephews. Owen can sense that Claire felt guilty about having authorized Masrani's idea to built a genetically-engineered dinosaur, which resulted it attacking her nephews.

Owen asked trying to get Claire out of her guilt trip. "You're okay, Claire?"

Claire turned her head at Owen and nodded silently.

Zach then asked, "What the hell is that thing that attacked us?"

After a moment of hesitation, Claire replied while looking at Zach and Gray in the backseat, "The Indominus Rex."

Owen then said to the boys, "Yes, that's what attacked you guys. It's an created being that the lab genetically-created and modified. She is too unstable after what we saw from it." Zach and Gray were stunned by what kind of thing it was that attacked them.

Claire then demanded with a hint of anger to Owen with Zach and Gray listening, "I'll tell you something, Owen. Once this is over, I want that thing killed. I want hear your input on it later when we get somewhere safe." Claire felt outraged that the Indominus Rex almost killed her nephews. She is now demanding that monster to be taken out and doesn't care about what Masrani Global board members will say about it because of that. Zach and Gray felt relieved that their aunt really is having that monster that attacked killed because of what happened to them.

"Consider that permission from you." Owen acknowledged to what she had said since she granted permission to have the Indominus Rex killed after they survive the terrorist takeover. He felt glad that Claire finally sees that the hybrid is unhinged and too dangerous after she saw that savage almost killing her nephews.

Although Zach and Gray felt relieved their aunt came for them and now demanded the beast that attacked it killed, they knew there is more going on. Zach asked with concern, "What is going on, Aunt Claire? What is happening out there?"

As Owen was driving the jeep, Claire was nervous on what to tell Zach and Gray because Gray is young and he's already affected by the attack by the Indominus Rex. She thought what she will say might scared them even more. Claire then said in a cautious tone, "Okay, Zach, Gray... this is a very complicated story. Remember what I told you back at the Gyrosphere Valley, to not go back to the station? That is because there are bad people...who...have..." Claire stopped and let her voice trailed off, not wanting to terrify her nephews.

Both Zach and Gray were confused by what Claire meant when she warned them not to return to the Gyrosphere Station. Zach, seeing Claire's hesitation, asked with concern, "Wait, what? Bad people? And I wanted to ask, Gray and I saw smoke while we were riding the gyrosphere and we heard some loud booms from the distance too. What happened? What is going on?"

Claire was reluctant to tell them what was happening now. She turned her head at Owen. Owen, acknowledging to what Claire wanted is not to scare her nephews even more, silently nodded to her to reveal whatever she wants to tell her nephews. She turned her head at Gray, who had an interested look, but was really concerned what his aunt is going to say. Claire believes what she will say will scare Gray even more and shock Zach. So she said in a cautious tone, "Okay... listen to me. A bunch of bad people are attacking the island, alright? They set the Indominus Rex free and they’re attacking Jurassic World." What she told them was half true. She left out that the terrorists took over the entire park because if she told her nephews about that, it would likely make Zach and Gray even more scared than they already are and they probably would be nervous that they'll never see their mother again.

Zach and Gray were stunned that some bad people are attacking Jurassic World and let the monster that attacked them out. But they suspect something was off with their aunt's tone. Zach, wanting to know more, ask with a trace of concern, "What?! Who are they these bad people?" Upon hearing what his brother said, Gray suspects the bad people Claire meant are terrorists. That thought scared him the most.

Claire realizes that Zach and Gray will know about the terrorist siege on the island sooner or later. With that, she only said to them with more caution in order not to scare them, "...we'll talk more that later. Right now, we need to get somewhere safe and then get off this island."

Upon seeing Claire's face, Gray knew that his aunt was nervous and knew there was more to what his aunt said to him, "Bad people...Aunt Claire..." Gray asked with worry and concern.

Seeing Gray's worried face, Claire looks at him and said, trying to reassuring him, "Don’t worry, Gray. I have you and Zach. We’re together, like your mom planned..... well, in the midst of an attack. As long as we stay out of the attack, we’ll be fine, okay?" As she said that, Claire hope she will stay true to her word so she protect her nephews and get them back to Karen.

"Yes, as long as you stay with us, you two will be fine." Owen said to them as they were coming up on one of the meadows.

Both Zach and Gray were very confused to what Claire told them. They were also concerned who the bad people really are. They knew there was something more going on that what Claire and Owen are letting on, but they decided they will ask more later when they are in a safe place.

As they were going up in the meadow, Owen and Claire see an Apatosaurus down and appeared to be mortally wounded. Zach and Gray then saw it too from the back seats. "Aunt Claire?" Gray asked, worrying about what he is seeing right now.

"What the hell..." Zach said in shock upon seeing a long-necked herbivore down.

"That's an Apatosaurus." Gray said to them as he recognized the down dinosaur.

"I know." Owen acknowledged stoically. But on the inside, he was angered and saddened by the sight of the down and badly maimed Apatosaurus. Once he stopped the Jurassic World G-Wagon, he said to Claire and her nephews, "Stay in the car, all of you. Lock the doors. If you see someone you don't know, you honk the horn to get my attention." With that, Owen got out of the car. He lets out the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle and searched around for any terrorists in the valley as well as the Indominus Rex. The Apatosaurus had multiple slash marks all over her chest and neck, which are proven to be fatal. After not seeing any terrorists or the Indominus Rex close by, Owen puts his weapon back on the shoulder and knelled down to the face of the dying Apatosaurus, saying some gentle and comforting words.

As Claire watched Owen trying to comfort the dying long-necked herbivore, she turned to Zach and said, "Zach, go up front." Zach opened the back door from the driver's seat and closed the back door. Then he opened the driver's side door and got in the jeep. After Zach closed the driver's side door, Claire said to her nephews, repeating Owen's earlier words to them, "Listen, I want you and Gray to stay in the car and lock the doors. Keep an eye on everyone around you. If you spotted someone you don't recognize, you honk the horn to warn us." With that, Claire slowly got out of the car and closed the door. As Claire was walking closer, Owen continued to soothe the Apatosaurus. Gray scooted to the middle back seat and was watching what was going on from the back seat.

The Apatosaurus was getting more labored and it was bellowing in pain as Owen gently stroke her head to comfort her as he softly said, "Hey, hey. I know, I know. It's all right. All right, girl." As he calming it down, Claire walked over to them and saw how bad the herbivore was. She nervously and slowly knelled to the ground. Then she nervously put her hands on it. Claire then felt something different inside her and began to feel sorry for the poor Apatosaurus. Owen briefly noticed her sad expression on her face.

As Claire held her hand on it, the Apatosaurus was startled and raised her head, bellowing at her. Claire stood back a little, started by it. Owen calmed her down and gently, "Okay. Okay, okay. You're okay." The dying herbivore got her head back down as Owen gently placed his hand on it. Claire stares at Owen briefly and then looks back the distressed Apatosaurus. She placed her hands on it to comfort it too. Zach and Gray watched from afar from the jeep, with some emotions ready at them. Gray was distressed upon seeing the dying herbivore. Zach kept silent, but looked saddened by the sight of it. Then the Apatosaurus shut her eyes and drew her last breath, dying from her fatal wounds done by the Indominus Rex.

Claire had a pale look on her face as a tear came out of her left eye. She truly now sees dinosaurs as intelligent, thinking creatures, now erasing her view of them as assets and was horrified by what the Indominus Rex did to the Apatosaurus. At the G-Wagon, Zach and Gray were also horrified by what they witnessed. Gray covered his mouth as tears came out of his eyes as he saw the precious long-necked herbivore died in front of him. Zach also sighed in sadness and trying to keep composure after witnessing a sad scene. They knew it was that same monster that attacked them earlier that did that to the poor Apatosaurus. Owen looked stoically at it, but on the inside, he was saddened by it.

As Claire grieves quietly while looking at the deceased creature, Owen sees something over the hill and quietly walked towards while his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle leveled. As he reached the hill with Claire following him, they discovered something horrifying. Five more dead Apatosaurus in the valley, all of them were kill in gruesome ways and the hybrid didn't even eat them at all.

"It didn't eat them. It's killing for sport." Owen said in shock as he looked at the carnage done by the Indominus Rex. Claire gasped in horror as she covered her mouth with both hands. Owen continued somberly, "Whoever took over this park knew what they doing and what they let out." Owen realized that the terrorists let it out to take out not only everyone on the island, but the dinosaurs on it as well.

As Zach and Gray watched from the car, they noticed Claire and Owen were on the hill and saw something that was horrifying. Gray asked his brother after seeing the look of their aunt and the man with her, "Is this what I think it is?" Gray asked in a obviously anxious tone, hinting on that Claire and Owen saw more dead Apatosaurus over the hill.

"Yes, I think so." Zach replied in a similar tone as his brother's, even though he tried his best not to show it, realizing that the monster that attacked an Apatosaurus herd and its killing everything in its sight.

After hearing what Owen said to her, Claire knew that he was right that the terrorists wanted that unhinged monster out to kill every dinosaur and every human on the island. After a moment of looking at the violent carnage, Claire put her hands off her mouth and said to Owen in a anxious tone despite her best to hide it, "We have to get back to the car and get us somewhere safe." Owen readily agreed as he and Claire ran back to the jeep. After seeing his aunt and the man with her returning, Zach opened the driver's side door and unlock the doors to Mercedes 05. As he went back to the back seat, Owen went to the already open driver's side and went in as Claire opened the passenger side door and got in. With that, Owen drove away from the brutal scene as he was taken Claire and her nephews somewhere safe on the island.

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