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This is chapter 8 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language and material, which may not be acceptable to all readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 8: The Hunt and the Discovery

Control Room

Back in the control room, Nolan and the other terrorists earlier saw the Indominus Rex killing the Apatosaurus herd on the drone's camera. Torres said to Nolan while the terrorist mastermind sat at one of the consoles to relax for a moment, "Did you actually see how that thing killed that Apatosaurus herd? That thing is quite intelligent and unpredictable."

Nolan said in a confident tone while relaxing on the chair, "We all knew the Indominus would be unstable and dangerous since it was raised in isolation. Predators raised in isolation are not the most functional and stable beings, just like Wang said to us. It's just that monster killing those people and those things with such brutality was something we didn't expect."

Torres knew that Nolan was right to the point, considering how they knew about all that. Then he said to his leader, "Maybe true, Sean. But we don't know what that thing is made of."

"I know. That's something that was kept from us. We'll be interrogating Wu when he is brought to us and he will be brought to us. When he's ready to talk, we will stream it live for the whole world to know what that thing is made of." Nolan replied to his second-in-command.

As they said that, Porter sees that the Raptor Research Arena are missing two workers and see Owen & Barry's names on it, "Sir, we got two employees from the Raptor paddock missing." Porter said to Nolan.

"Let me look." Cullen said as she came over to Porter in Vivian's console. She sees the names "Owen Grady" and "Barry Sembène" as the two missing raptor workers. Cullen suddenly remembered something after hearing one of the names.

"What are the names?" Torres asked as Smith arrived from the elevator and entered the control room.

"Ah, Owen Grady and Barry Sembène." Porter said to Torres as Smith was coming near him and Nolan.

Smith then said to Nolan, "Sir, we got a report back from the Indominus Rex paddock. They found the same shoe prints as the ones found in where the drone was launch, where Dearing car's was at and at the Gyrosphere Station. It's the same guy who killed those men in those locations." Nolan nodded in silence upon hearing what Smith told him. Torres turned his head in disbelief and Chernov remained stoic about it.

After seeing Owen's name on the screen, Cullen remembered that name and beginning to suspect who it might be. She said while deep in thought, "You know, Nolan..." Cullen said as she trailed off her voice for the moment. Then she continued, "I can't help, but I think I might know this Owen Grady guy."

"How do you know that name, Cullen?" Nolan asked as he, Torres, Chernov and Smith came to her. Porter turned his head as he listened in on the conversation.

Cullen then faced them and said immediately in a concerned tone, "Back in my days in the Air Force, I worked with a SEAL name Owen Grady and his teammates from SEAL Team 4 on a task force assignment in Nigeria to rescue American and British aid workers and Nigerian civilians from rebel forces over there. I was providing technical support for that SEAL team and the British SAS unit on the field over there." Cullen remembered how formidable Owen can be in combat while she worked with him and his SEAL team in Nigeria.

After hearing what Cullen told them about Owen, Nolan looked relatively concerned as Torres and Smith were also a little concern. Chernov remained tough-faced about it. Then he ordered Cullen, "Alright. Cullen, run a check on him and see if it is that guy you know. Because if it is, we got ourselves a problem here. SEALs are tough badasses and they are very good equalizers."

"Just like us, sir." Smith said to him as Cullen run the name Owen Grady.

After typing in for a moment, Cullen has got Owen's file on the screen with his picture on it. Cullen sees his picture and realized her suspicion was justified. He said to Nolan and the others, "That's him, That's the guy."

"Shit." Nolan angrily muttered under his breath. Torres, Chernov and Smith were also unhappy about who they are dealing with. Cullen then thought of something. She checked the video of the drone where Claire and the intruder with the blue shirt and the vest on were confronting the Indominus Rex to save the two boys in the gyrosphere. She realized it was Owen who was with Claire.

"He's the one with Dearing." Cullen said to the others in a displeased tone. Nolan sees this and knew Cullen was right after seeing Owen's picture on the profile and the same facial look on the drone camera. He also figured out it was him who killed seven of his men at those locations.

"What's he doing here?" Torres asked in a serious tone.

Cullen read Owen's file and sees what his occupation was. She said to Nolan and the others "He's the Velociraptor trainer and researcher. He's their alpha of the pack since he was with them when they were born."

Nolan took in what Cullen told him what Owen currently does after the Navy. He knew that Owen would be a dangerous foe to deal with. He then asked Cullen, "What about the other guy, Barry Sembène?"

Cullen run a file of Barry and his profile came up on the screen. "He's the caretaker of the raptors and serves as the second trainer of them. Born in America from French parents and has duel citizenship in America and France. Hired by InGen under recommendations from Grady." Cullen said in a matter-a-fact tone.

"So that means Hoskins hired them to deal with the raptors." Smith said to Cullen.

"Yes, that's right, Smith." Cullen replied to the sniper specialist.

Annoyed upon learning the background Owen, Nolan said to Porter, mildly berating him, "You were told to reveal the personnel file of every staff member on this park, Porter."

"I know. But I didn't have access to the Raptor paddock employees at that time." Porter unhappily replied to Nolan, defending the reason he couldn't find information on raptor employees, including Owen and Barry.

"Let me get this son of a bitch myself." Smith said to him, trying to ready his Remington 700 AICS sniper rifle.

Nolan then seriously said to Smith, "No way in hell you are going out there yourself, Dan. You want to get killed by him or that rampaging hybrid, as well as miss any chance of getting Dearing? Is that it?"

"You know, he's right, American cowboy." Chernov said in the thick Russian accent.

"What the hell are you lecturing, Russian asshole?!" Smith yelled as he took offense to Chernov referring to him as American cowboy.

"Cause you are being a moron!" Chernov said, countering Smith since Chernov knows how deadly Navy SEALs can be.

Nolan was fed with the argument between Chernov & Smith and yelled out, "Alright, stop this!" Then Nolan quickly ordered while shouting, "Notify our search teams in those areas. Send the picture of the man to them. Give me two helicopters in those areas. Keep that man pinned in those vicinity and find a way to get to Dearing, as well as those boys we saw earlier. Move out."

With that, Cullen was typing on the computer. Chernov and Smith was setting out Nolan's orders to the search teams. Nolan turned to Torres and said to him, "Have one of our other choppers out by the Aviary. Keep that hybrid away from the Aviary since we will need it later when everything is set over there." Torres nodded as he went to the radio. Then Nolan used his own radio, "Hawkins, come in."

Jurassic World Aviary

At the Aviary, Hawkins was top of the glass doom roof of the Aviary with some climbing gear on, along with three henchman with him. The ropes on them were attached to the top of the roof of the Aviary. Hawkins was setting up C4 explosives on one of the spots as Nolan was checking in. He said on his earpiece radio, "Yes, sir."

"We're having some problems. How's your schedule?" Nolan said to him on the radio.

After hearing his leader, Hawkins one of his men sitting up the detonator for the C4 explosives. "We planted one device. Three to go. I planting the second one now." Hawkins said on the radio.

Control Room

Back in the control room, Nolan said to Hawkins, "You make sure you get those bombs ready. We're sending a chopper to guard the area in case of the Indominus shows up or anyone that is coming to it."

"Aye, sir." Hawkins acknowledged. With that, Nolan puts his radio down and was rubbing his head in frustration over the developing problem with Owen as a SEAL and is with Claire and the boys he saw on the drone camera earlier.

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

Meanwhile somewhere in Isla Nublar, Owen continues to drive Claire and her nephews in the wilderness area. Owen then said to Claire while trying to prevent Zach and Gray from getting worried, "We will have to walk somewhere to prevent them from finding us in this vehicle."

"Yes, there's another waterfall stream over there in that part of the wilderness with a path we can take to get somewhere safe." Claire said to him, while pointing to where they can go.

After driving a little bit more, Owen said to them, "Let's stop there." With that, Owen stop the the jeep near the trees.

"Where we're going?" Gray asked with trace of worry in his voice.

"A place somewhere where it will be a safe enough for awhile." Claire said to her youngest nephew, determined to keep him and Zach safe. With that, they all got out of the jeep. Owen keeps the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle ready while keeping a Heckler & Koch G36 rifle on his shoulder and Glock 17 pistol holstered. Claire pointed out to the others and said, "This way."

As Claire was guiding Owen and her nephews, Nolan's voice came on the earpiece radio Owen has with him, "Listen up, all personnel."

"Hold on a moment." Owen said to Claire and her nephews as he listened on the earpiece radio.

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan said to everyone in his group on the radio, "We got a professional intruder on a loose on this island, who has great combat skills and is a expert marksman. Beware of booby traps of all situations. Do not pursue hostile parties in the areas of the island that we do not control or without a chopper present. Do not blind fire on anyone who is attacking you since we cannot risk hitting Dearing. Report to Torres, Cullen & Chernov individually in five minute intervals and switch the net to the alternate frequency right now."

With that, Nolan switched his radio frequency and put the radio down. Nolan puts his left hand on his chin and he muttered with unhappiness in his voice, "Fucking SEAL."

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

After hearing Nolan's radio transmission and that he & his group changed radio frequencies, Owen realized that the terrorists know about him and wasn't thrilled by it. "Goddamn ex-military." Owen said under his breath quietly, knowing he is against someone who is ex-military and is someone very dangerous based on the radio call. He thought he recognized the name Cullen, but doesn't have the full name of that person. So he decided to wait until later on that as he had more important things to deal with right now.

Claire noticed Owen's unhappy look when he pulls the ear mic out of his ear. "What it is?" Claire asked with concern as Zach and Gray watched. Both of them were curious to know more about what was going on in Jurassic World.

"That was the leader. They know about me and they switched radio frequencies so I wouldn't listen in to their conversations." Owen said in a displeased tone. Then he scoffed unhappily as he continued on, "So much for that."

Claire sighed as he heard what Owen said to her. Upon hearing what Owen said, Zach and Gray knew there was more going then what Claire and Owen revealed to them, but they decided it would have to wait until they get to some building. Claire said quietly to her nephews, "Come on, you two."

With that, Claire and Owen led Zach and Gray to follow them as Owen kept his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle raised.

Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile at the Raptor Research Arena, the terrorists were guarding the area while Blue and the other raptors bellowed at them. Outside the paddock, the InGen mercenaries were in position behind the trees and Hoskins was hiding in one of the trees with his main InGen contractor next to him.

"Everyone is in position.” The InGen head contractor said to Hoskins.

"Great. Now tell them to wait for my signal." Hoskins said to his right-hand man.

"Yes, sir." The InGen contractor said to him. Then he added, "Satellite phone is ready." He pointed as the satellite dish connected to the phone is pointed east and is open, but not enough to where the terrorists in the Raptor Paddock could see it.

Hoskins dialed the satellite phone and, after a ring, a person answered. Then Hoskins said to the caller, "We got a problem in Isla Nublar now."

The person on the other end with a voice-changer said, "I know. I watching it on TV. Are you in the island?"

"Yes, I am. I manged to get my men on the island, but they destroyed the cell tower, so we can't use our cell phones out there. I'm calling you through a satellite phone." Hoskins explained in a serious tone.

"It that phone secured?" The caller with a voice-changer asked Hoskins.

"Yes. No one can hack into it, not even from you or your people." Hoskins confirmed in a confident tone.

"Good." The caller acknowledged.

"I'm probably gonna call Dr. Wu since he has locked himself in his office." Hoskins said to the person he is speaking to.

"Do so whenever you can, Vic." The mysterious caller said. Then the person on the line asked, "What are you and your men planning to do?"

Hoskins was silent for the moment. Then he said with a trace of confidence in his voice, "We're making plans to retake the Raptor Paddock right now and take it from there. We are also sending choppers for additional support."

"Alright, see to that. Call me when you secured the Raptor Paddock. I want updates." The caller said to Hoskins.

"You got it. I gonna go now." Hoskins said as he hang up the phone. "Get them to breach in 15 minutes."

The InGen contractor nodded silently. Then he got on the radio with the other InGen mercenaries on a earpiece radio, "We'll breach in 15 minutes."

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

At the same time, Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray have reached near the hillside stream as Claire pointed out to them. "This is it. That's the stream I told you about." Claire said to them. But Owen noticed some footsteps that occurred earlier.

"Hold on, everyone." Owen said to them as he motioned his hand to stop Claire and her nephews. He knelled down and looked at the multiple footsteps. He then said to Claire, "Those are footsteps, looks like about four men. They were here earlier. Within the last ten minutes."

Claire looks down at the tracks. She asked Owen, "Can you...uhh...track their footsteps or follow their scent?"

Owen stood up, feeling a little annoyed. He said bluntly, "I was with the Navy, not the Navajo. There's no way to tell where they went from here." Claire nodded, realizing she should have asked that question.

"What are you, a SEAL or something." Zach asked with curiosity as Gray looked on while standing beside him.

"Formerly." Owen confirmed in a calm tone.

"Yes, he's currently working as a trainer for the pack of Velociraptors." Claire said to her nephews.

"Cool." Gray nodded in approval, even though he is affected by the attack by the Indominus Rex.

"It is." Owen said in agreement with the young one as he sees Gray as a dinosaur loving kid. Then he sees a fallen log that is a suitable safe place to hide if any terrorists come by. He then said to Gray and Zach, "Why don't you boys hide in the fallen log over there in case of those bad people come around here."

After seeing the log Owen was referring to, Claire turned her face back at her nephews. "Yes, you should do that." Claire said, quickly to agree with Owen as she wanted to keep them safe and not being seen by the terrorists.

"Also, if you see any dinosaurs out there, you come to us quickly." Owen added since they are in the area that is full of dinosaurs out there and wanted them to be prepared in case of dinosaurs come near them.

"Sure. Hope it's not that same one that attacked us." Zach said, acknowledging what Owen and Claire wanting them to hide in case of bad people come at them. So he and Gray went to the log.

As Zach and Gray made it to the log, Claire turned to face Owen and said, "Okay, now this is done with. We will need to get to the old Jurassic Park visitor center over there."

"Yeah, but with the terrorists and that thing out there, there's a likely chance they will get to us." Owen said to Claire as he looked down at the stream below them.

"Meaning our chances are?" Claire asked, wanting to know what the chances are.

Owen turns and looks at Claire in the eye. He then said seriously, "Getting there without being spotted is not very good with everything that happened and you're a high-value target. Also, you're not exactly well-prepared to face these guys."

Triggered by Owen's words, Claire gives him a defiant stare on her face. She unbutton her belt and tossed it aside. Owen had a puzzled look on his face as Claire unbuttoned her white blouse shirt, showing off her purple tank top. Then she quickly tied it and rolled up her sleeves. Claire placed her hands on her hips while she stares defiantly at Owen in the eye.

"What's that suppose to me?" Owen asked in shock and surprise.

"It means I'm ready to go." Claire said in a clearly serious tone.

After hearing what Claire said, Owen was in disbelief what Claire wanted to do and he said with a trace of shock in his voice. "What? You’re kidding. You’re actually going to help me fight these terrorists?” Owen then chuckled sarcastically as he continued, "Don’t make me laugh."

"Excuse me?" Claire asked, feeling mildly offended by his sarcasm.

Owen then said in a quiet, serious tone, "You do realize that these terrorists are out for you, right?" Claire didn't say anything as she looked at him seriously as she was aware of what Owen told her. Owen then lectured to Claire in a quiet, serious tone, "These guys are not your assets and are not typical thugs you probably have gotten here before. These son of bitches are professional, highly-trained killers with full tactical gear and heavy weaponry. They gunned down all of the security personnel and workers in that paddock from the helicopter above. They practically threw grenades at the observation room of it, preventing us to getting there. They let that monster out and it killed two people. I barely survived it. Also, you're a high-value target and I'm risking my neck out here to protect you and your nephews." Owen hoped his lecture would get through to Claire about the situation. Then he continued, "You would last one minute out there before being encountered by them or that thing out there. Maybe even less with those ridiculous shoes." Owen referring to her high heels.

Claire felt mildly annoyed by Owen's lecture, but at the same time, knew that he was right on what he told her about the situation as well. With that, she replied quietly and firmly, "So? They let out the Indominus out of its paddock, took over Jurassic World via air attack and ground attack, wiped out all our security personnel and now they are hunting for me. You could at least give me a gun to defend myself." Claire was hoping she can be armed so she help Owen confront the terrorists.

Owen remarked sarcastically, "Oh sure, what about your nephews?" Then he added seriously, "If you go out with me, who will protect your nephews?" He wanted to Claire to remember that she has to save her family and that is what her priority should be right now on the escalating terrorist situation.

Upon hearing Owen said to her about her nephews, she realized that he is right and protecting Zach and Gray is her priority right now. She can't risk them getting captured by the terrorists or, worse of all, get killed by them or the Indominus Rex. That thought scared her the most. She raised her hands up while she took in everything Owen said to her and stated, "...Okay. But let me know when to head out."

Owen nodded on what Claire said to him. He was glad that Claire got the picture of the situation with the terrorists seizing Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex loose and her nephews in a heap of danger. Then he asked, "Are you sure about the abandoned visitor center?"

"That's the only place out there as you know." Claire said to Owen. Then she said while pointing in a direction, "Let's get down over there so we can..."

Owen shushed Claire as he heard a noise. After a moment of silence, Owen heard multiple footsteps, realizing that terrorists are coming over to them. He said quietly and quickly to Claire, "Get to the log right now."

Claire, realizing the terrorists are closing in on them, said to him, "You may need my help."

"No, your nephews need you if they get spotted by one of them. Go to them now." Owen said quietly, reminding her to protect Zach and Gray.

Claire realized that she needs to keep her nephews safe. She quietly nodded and rushed to the log as Owen grabbed her discarded belt. He went to another direction.

Claire had reached to the log her nephews and crawled slowly underneath the log to join them. Gray asked, "What's going on?"

Claire shushed them quietly and whispered to her nephews, "Be quiet. Bad people are coming here." Claire got to Gray's right side and held on to him gently while Zach was at Gray's left side.

The terrorists had spread out within 50 feet of each other. The commander of the search team, a bald Arab man with a mustache and beard, checked in with Cullen, "This is Avatar team. We're in the wilderness where Dearing's footsteps are at, along with the intruder and two boys."

Control room

After hearing the commander on the radio, Nolan said to Cullen, "Send a nearby chopper over there to drop off some additional support and try to have it spot them if they can. That area is dense as hell and Grady knows that."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged. Then she reported in on the radio, "Avatar team leader, we're sending some additional support to you now. Continue with your search. Remember, the intruder has Navy SEAL training. Proceed with extreme caution."

Somewhere on Isla Nublar

The terrorist commander said to Cullen on the radio, "Yes, ma'am." With that, he signaled the men with him to fan out. The men started to spread out as they kept their guns raised.

As the terrorists spread out in the area of the wilderness, Owen sees them from the hiding spot of one of the trees with and counts six of them from what he saw, but suspected that there might be more. He then quietly moved out of the tree.

At the log, Claire, Zach and Gray stayed underneath it as she gently held Gray. Zach was also holding on to Gray. They were scared of they might get spotted, but Claire told them, "It's gonna alright."

"What about Owen?" Zach asked quietly.

"He's dealing with them since you already know he's a Navy SEAL." Claire said, trying to reassure them. Then they heard a helicopter coming above them.

The helicopter flew above them. Then the pilots stopped it and two terrorists threw rope lines down on the clearer spot on the wilderness. Then the two terrorists descended down fast to the ground and removed the harnesses on them. Then they joined in on the search.

At that time, one terrorist, who has short, slightly buzzed black hair, searched around the trees near the ravine. As he look at one of the tall trees, that terrorist stepped on the raised stick cracking it in half. Distracted by it, Owen wraps Claire's belt around the terrorist's throat and began to strangle him with it. Despite the terrorist's attempts to break hold, Owen continued to strangle the gunman. Then one swift motion, Owen breaks the man's neck, killing the terrorist. Once he slowly dropped the gunman's body to the ground, Owen calmly moves away from it.

As the other terrorists continued their search, a long-haired Chinese terrorist with a trimmed mustache and beard sees Claire's discarded belt on the ground near the large tree, he goes to pick it up. As he picked it up and looked at the belt, Owen, who was hiding at the other side of the large tree, stabbed in the terrorist in the chest with his survival knife on his left hand, killing him almost instantly. Owen then pulled the knife out of the long-haired terrorist's chest, who then fell down to the ground.

While the other terrorists search around the wilderness, the commander noticed two of his men are missing. "Wait a minute. Where are Samuelson and Lin?" The Arab commander asked his fellow henchmen.

All the other terrorists looked around for them. When they haven't seen them, they knew the intruder was here and might have took out their two fellow comrades.

Owen was sneaking around from the terrorists across the trees and bushes.

One of the terrorists, a man with a strong-looking face with military-like black hair who is carrying a Heckler & Koch UMP 45 submachine gun, looks behind him and sees Owen sneaking away. "Over there!" The henchman yelled out and he fired his Heckler & Koch UMP 45 at Owen who went to one of the trees for cover.

At the log, Claire and her nephews heard sounds of gunfire. That worried Claire and her nephews the most since Owen is out there on his own.

The other terrorists were heading towards there fellow henchman. As the henchman fired at Owen with his UMP 45 gun, Owen fired the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle while at the other side of the tree and he shot the gunman two times in the chest, killing him as he fell forward dead.

Then the five other terrorists arrived and fired their weapons at Owen, who jumped down to the nearest tree next to them to avoid the gunfire. One of the terrorists, a heavy-set man, fired a Beretta Cx4 Storm rifle at Owen. The commander fired his Heckler & Koch MP5 rifle at Owen.

Owen changed from the Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle to the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle. As the terrorist firing his Beretta Cx4 Storm rifle, Owen run towards another nearby tree, firing the G36 rifle at the attacking terrorists, managing to hit the one gunman carrying Beretta Cx4 Storm rifle three times in the chest, killing him.

After seeing his comrade killed, the terrorist commander said to two of three remaining men, "You two, distract the intruder." Then he said to the third one, "You, come with me to find Dearing and the boys with her." With that, the commander and another henchman left to find Claire and her nephews while two other terrorists continue to fire on Owen.

During that time, Claire and her nephews continue to hear gunshots while hiding underneath the log. Gray was really getting frightened by the sounds of gunfire. Claire gently shushed him as Zach said to him quietly, "It will be alright." Claire continue to gently held Gray as the gunshots echo across the wilderness.

As the terrorists continued to fire on Owen, he returned fire at them with the G36 while moving cover to cover. With his G36 ran out of ammo, he switched to the Glock 17 pistol. One of the terrorists had Owen in his sights with his scoped Heckler & Koch HK417 rifle and was about to fire at him. Suddenly, a shotgun blast came behind them and the terrorist who aimed at Owen was shot in the back, killed him instantly. As the other terrorist was distracted by the shooting of his comrade, Owen shot him four times in the chest with the Glock 17 pistol, killing him and causing him to hit the tree behind him. He looked up and sees it was Barry who shot the first terrorist with the Remington 870 shotgun.

Owen was surprised to see Barry managed to escape capture and has just arrived in time to kill one of the terrorists firing at him. "Barry." Owen said above a whisper.

Barry came over to Owen and reached for his hand while saying quietly, "Give me your hand." Owen took his hand as Barry pulled Owen over the hill. "You're okay?" Barry asked.

Not having the time to answer, Owen said in a rather urgent tone above the whisper, "We gonna get over to the fallen log over there now."

"What's going on?" Barry asked with concern.

"Claire is hiding over there with her two nephews. The terrorists want her and want her bad." Owen quickly said to him. With that, Owen and Barry spirited towards the log.

At that time, the Arab commander and the last remaining henchman with him, a man with short black hair and armed with a Heckler & Koch G36 rifle, with him search the area for Claire and her nephews in the area by following their tracks with their guns raised. They were closing in on the fallen log.

Underneath the fallen log, Claire and her nephews heard footsteps. Claire whispered to her nephews, "Stay quiet." Gray was distressed by it, but nodded to his aunt. Zach was getting really nervous that they might get spotted by the bad people his aunt mentioned.

Gray, thinking of something he knows during his old camp trips, then whispered to Claire, "They might be following our tracks."

Claire then realized that his youngest nephew is right and muttered in horror, "Oh, god."

Zach then suddenly whispered to his brother and aunt, "We have to get out of this log."

"We could, Zach, but it might be too risky. They could see us get out of here." Claire whispered somberly, seeing the risks of them getting out of the log and staying in it.

Before the boys can say anything, they see a shadow of one of the gunman. Claire held on Gray a little more tighter when he was getting really scared and quietly shushed him. Zach then covered Gray's eyes with his left hand as the footsteps were getting closer.

The Arab commander signaled his comrade to go to the left side of the log while he was heading to the right side of it. While cautiously pointing their guns at the fallen log, they slowly moved forward.

While underneath the log, Claire sees the footsteps on the other side of the log. Seeing the situation is grim for them, Claire eyes were filled with dread and fear, seeing that she and her nephews will get captured soon. She and her nephews held their breath. When the terrorist commander put his head underneath the log and sees Claire & the boys with her, he was shouting, "You three, get out of that..." He then got interrupted when Owen pulls him away from Claire and her nephews and out of the log. Before the other terrorist can fire at Owen, Barry shot him in his chest with his shotgun, killing him instantly.

After Owen knocked the terrorist's MP5 rifle out of his hand, he then threw a left cross at the Arab gunman and knocked him down to the ground. Then he shot the commander four times in the chest with the Glock 17 pistol, killing him instantly.

Upon seeing the terrorist who spotted them got pulled away from them, Claire, shaken by it, felt relieved that it was probably Owen who actually save them her and her nephews from capture. Zach let out a breath of relief and Gray was calming down. Owen appeared under the log and said to Claire & her nephews reassuringly, "It's all clear. They're gone. There's someone with me right now, so don't be scared. You can come on out."

With that, Claire, Zach and Gray slowly came out of the fallen log, Claire sees the body of the terrorist Owen killed and prevent Gray from seeing the body of the dead terrorist Owen killed by covering his eyes with her hands so he wouldn't be traumatized by it. "You don't want to see this, Gray." Claire said to him gently.

Zach saw the body of the dead terrorist and he realizes those bad people had to be terrorists. He muttered, "Oh, god."

Owen motioned them to come over. With that, Claire and the others followed him with Claire's hand kept in Gray's eyes so he wouldn't the other terrorist's body. "Come on, it's okay." Claire said to Gray, reassuring him as she helped him move without seeing. As they were in the stream and were out of the sight of the dead terrorists, Claire removes her hands on Gray's eyes.

After seeing Barry, Gray remembered that Owen told them that someone is with them. He asked, "Who are you?" Gray asked.

Owen said to Gray, Claire and Zach, "Everyone, this is my friend and fellow worker, Barry."

"Barry Sembène. The other Raptor trainer." Claire said as she remembered the names of the personnel working for the Raptor paddock and she & Barry shook hands.

"Yes, and you must be Claire Dearing, the operations manager of Jurassic World." Barry replied.

"Yes, I am." Claire confirmed. Then she added, "Those my nephews, Zach and Gray."

"Hi, kids." Barry said to Zach and Gray.

"Hi." Gray replied in a shy tone.

Zach nodded. Then, wanting to know who the bad people really, asked with a trace of concern, "Those bad people you're referring to. They're terrorists. Are they?"

Claire dreaded to answer that, so did Owen and Barry. After a moment, Claire replied with caution in her voice, "...Yep."

Gray hung his head and said quietly & somberly, "I knew it."

After seeing Gray's worried look, Claire sighed. She gently put her left hand on his shoulder and said, trying to reassure her youngest nephew as best as she could, "It's okay. We're gonna get you and Zach out, whatever it takes."

"How could you so sure?" Zach asked his aunt.

Claire knew that she had to tell Zach and Gray part of the reason she has to protect her nephews. So she replied to them. "Because...your mother would want me to do everything I could do to get you two back to her." Claire didn't want to tell them that their mother would disown her if anything bad happened to them.

"She's right. That's one of the reasons why we're here. To get you boys out of this island." Owen said to Gray and Zach. Both the Mitchell brothers nodded silently. Then Owen asked to Barry, "Barry, how you find us?"

"I listened to the radio of one of those maniacs and they said where you were." Barry replied. Then he added, "Come on, let's move it before more of their friends show up."

"Come on, everyone. Let's go." Owen said to Claire, Zach and Gray, agreeing that they need to get out of the area since it's not a safe part of the island.

"Come on, boys. Let's move." Claire said to her nephews as they followed their aunt and the two men with them.

While walking down the hill, Barry said to Owen, who kept his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle leveled, "Owen, we got major problem that is related to this attack."

"Tell me about it when it get to shelter." Owen said, not wanting to lose focus on everything that might happen to them while heading for the abandoned Jurassic Park Visitor Center.

Barry nodded as he, Owen, Claire and her nephews went down on the stream, heading for the old visitor center.

Control room

At the control room, Porter found out through the surveillance archives on Claire in the Innovation Center. He spots her interacting with the same two boys who were attacked inside the gyrosphere by the Indominus Rex. "Cullen." Porter said as he motioned her over. Cullen came over and Porter pointed out the archives of Claire interacting the two boys they saw in the gyrosphere and the black-haired woman was next to them.

Cullen turned her head at Nolan and said, "Nolan. We got a lead on the boys in the gyrosphere with Dearing."

With that, Nolan and Torres came over to them and put the archives of Claire meeting Zach and Gray. Upon seeing Gray hugging Claire and her interacting Zach about his height. Nolan noticed how she is interacting with the boys, "The way she is interacting with them. That looks like family to me, but like you said, Porter, she's not married, so she doesn't have any children."

"She never talks about her personal life to most people, including me." Porter said to Nolan.

Nolan noticed in the archives that Zara in view as she stood near the Mitchell brothers. "Who's that black-haired woman with them?" Nolan asked out of curiosity.

"That's Zara Young, Dearing's personal assistant." Porter replied.

After hearing what Porter said about Zara, Nolan had something in mind and ordered Cullen, "Find her. Look through our own cameras where the hostages are held."

Cullen then typed in at a computer and looked through the cameras. After not finding her in the Mosasaurus stadium and the IMAX theater, she eventually finds her in the Underwater Observatory. "Found her. She's in the Underwater Observatory." Cullen stated.

After seeing Zara in the Underwater Observatory, Nolan turned to Torres and ordered seriously, "Mike, bring her to the lobby of the Innovation Center. You, Chernov and Smith interrogate her. Find out who those boys are and why they're here. Bring in more hostages if you have to, just find a way to get her to cooperate."

"You're not coming down?" Torres asked, wondering why he's not coming with him to interrogate Zara.

"No. I got something to deal with first as you know. Get answers out of Dearing's assistant." Nolan replied, as he had something important to do first.

Realizing what Nolan had to do first, Torres knew he will have to interrogate Zara himself with Chernov and Smith. "Okay." Torres acknowledged. With that, he and Chernov went to the elevator as Masrani and the other hostages watched on. Masrani realized that they were going to find out about Claire's nephews and that scared him the most since Nolan might leverage them to force Claire to give up her Quadtosaurus access code. Nolan stared at the screen where Claire was speaking to Zach and Gray with a serious expression on his face.

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor paddock, the terrorists were on patrol in the paddock. At the same time, InGen mercenaries were in position.

"The men are all set." The InGen contractor told Hoskins.

Hoskins was silent for the moment. Then, with deep confidence, arrogantly said, "Take them out."

With that, the head InGen contractor ordered the mercenaries on the radio, "Go!"

After the order was given, the InGen mercenaries fired their silenced snipers at two men around catwalk above the Raptor enclosure. Blue and the raptors below bellow at the sight of men getting killed above them. Then some mercenaries armed with silenced assault rifles entered from all sides. Two men from one side of the paddock shot and killed two other terrorists with their silenced weapons. Three men went into the other side of the paddock with two snipers on the trees to provide cover fire. The men on the ground shot killed two other terrorists on near the cliff. One of them fell into the ocean below.

One of the terrorists, a British man, saw his two comrades shot dead, including the one that fell off the cliff. Then he grabbed the radio and yelled out, "Code red at the Raptor Paddock! We're under attack at the Raptor paddock!" Then a bald, long-bearded InGen mercenary shot that mercenary dead.

"We've been compromised." The InGen mercenary reported in on the radio.

Control room

Meanwhile in the control room, Cullen overheard the terrorist's message and yelled out, "Nolan, Raptor Research Arena is under attack."

"Hoskins." Nolan muttered unhappily. Then he continued in a bitter tone, "I knew that piece of shit would do something like this."

Upon hearing that Hoskins and his mercenaries are attacking the Raptor paddock, Masrani and the other hostages were worried that the terrorists will retaliate against Hoskins and his people by doing more live feeding shows of hostages being fed to the carnivores.

Raptor Research Arena

Back in the Raptor Research Arena, the remaining terrorists in the area fired at the InGen mercenaries. Hoskins stood by with the InGen Contractor who had his pistol raised to guard Hoskins in case of the terrorists find them. One InGen soldier near the cage door was shot in the head and killed by one of the terrorists in the hut. Two of the terrorists were shooting in the trees where two InGen mercenaries are at. But two InGen soldiers from the other part of the wilderness shot them dead with their assault rifles.

One InGen soldier fired at the bushes and shot a terrorist in the leg, causing him to fall into the enclosure. Blue and the other raptors see the fallen terrorist and charge at him while bellowing at him. Before the terrorist can react and point his weapon at them, Echo got hold on his right arm with her mouth and the terrorist screamed in pain. Then Delta grabbed his other arm. Then Blue and Charlie joined in as they mauled the terrorist to death.

As that happened, one terrorist one of the InGen mercenaries cover behind the trees in the neck, gravely wounding him as he went down. Then the bald, long-bearded InGen soldier shot one of the terrorists who was firing from the stairway that leads to the catwalk, killing him as he fell down the stairs. One terrorist with a Mossberg 500 shotgun blasted an InGen soldier near the arena in the chest him, killing him and send him flying a few feet before hitting the ground.

As the four remaining terrorists fired at the InGen soldiers, they retreated for cover. Then one InGen mercenary shot a terrorist in the left arm while taking cover on one of the trees. One terrorist fired his Colt M4A1 Carbine and shot an InGen soldier three times in the chest, killing him. Two InGen mercenaries tossed smoke grenades at the terrorists taking cover on various trees. As the smoke blinded the terrorists, two of the InGen soldiers made on top of the catwalk of the Raptor paddock while firing their rifles at them. Three other mercenaries fired at Nolan's henchman while taking cover at the hut and one of their MVU trucks. The two men on the catwalk shot and killed one of the terrorists on the treelines while the other three men managed to take out the other two terrorists, leaving one wounded terrorist firing at the InGen soldiers. The wounded henchman fired his Beretta 92 pistol and shot one of the InGen soldiers in the head, killing him, but his partner shot the wounded man five times in the chest.

At the hiding spot, Hoskins and his InGen contractor stood by. Then they heard out on a radio from one of the soldiers, "Raptor paddock secured."

"Copy." The InGen contractor acknowledged. With that, he and Hoskins came out of the trees and went towards the paddock, now under their control.

Hoskins huffed and smiled that he took control of the paddock. He was pleased with himself and that he planned to militarized the raptors on the terrorists soon, but knew he needed to find Owen and Barry. Other than that, Hoskins smirked as his plan to retake the paddock worked. Then the head InGen contractor came to him and said, "We took out about 15 terrorists, but we have five men down, sir."

"Dammit." Hoskins cursed silently. Then he said to his head mercenary, "Alright, we need a plan to protect this paddock so we can carefully plan to use the raptors against these terrorists. We also have to cover our tracks in case if they find out about our secret funding to this research, along with the Indominus Rex production."

"Well, we have to find Grady and Sembène. They know how to deal with the raptors, sir." The head InGen mercenary said to Hoskins.

"I know that." Hoskins stated seriously. Then he ordered in an arrogant tone, "Try to find them once our reinforcements arrived."

All of Hoskins's soldiers nodded as they wait for their reinforcements. Then one of the soldiers holding the satellite phone said to Hoskins and the head mercenary, "Sir, our helicopters are getting closer to the island and are flying at low altitude."

USS Abraham Lincoln

Meanwhile, at the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis was in the CIC when a sailor spotted a helicopter from the satellite linked radar. "Oh, my god. Cap, there's two choppers heading for the island."

Davis came over to the sailor and sees the helicopters on radar. "What are those helicopters? More terrorists?"

The sailor checked the classification on the helicopters on screen and discovers what their classification is. The sailor said to Davis, "No, sir. The helicopters belong to...InGen Security Division."

"InGen. God dammit." Davis muttered in a displeased tone. Then he ordered Lieutenant Gardner, "Gardner, get them out of there! Try to hail them!"

"Aye, sir." The Communications Officer acknowledged as he tried to get the frequency of the helicopters.

Beach somewhere in Isla Nublar

At the beach where InGen mercenaries arrived in, Witter and some men, armed with Stinger missile launchers and RPG-7 rocket launchers, arrived in the vicinity. "Spread out, destroy every vehicle on the ground. Wait for my order." Witter ordered in a calm tone. Then he heard some helicopters flying at low altitude, just as Nolan predicted.

Witter lets out his radio and said, "Nolan, we hear choppers coming towards the Raptor paddock."

Control room

Back in the control room, Nolan was walking towards the main screen as he held on the radio. "I know. I'm seeing it on the radar now." Nolan said to Witter as he and the other terrorists saw those choppers on radar. Then he continued, "Take them out first. Then all ground and amphibian vehicles that you see."

"Yes, sir." Witter acknowledged.

Beach somewhere in Isla Nublar

Back in the beach, the terrorists armed with RPG launchers aimed at the parked amphibian vehicles while Witter and another terrorist prepare their Stinger missile launchers as the helicopters were getting closer.

As the InGen helicopters were heading towards the area of the Raptor paddock, the InGen mercenaries have finished loading their weapons. The team leader said to them, "One minute! We'll be landing near the beach lines of the raptor paddock. We're going to met with Hoskins and the others over there." All the men nodded.

As they were approaching the beach, Witter fired his Stinger missile at the first helicopter. The missile then hit the first chopper and destroyed it, exploding right near the second helicopter. The chopper shook as the near the blast radius. The InGen soldiers inside the chopper were shocked that they lost a chopper near them and all of their fellow soldiers were killed inside it as the team leader shouted to the pilots, "What the hell was that?!"

The other terrorist fired his own Stinger missile at the second InGen chopper. As the missile was heading for the helicopter, the pilot yelled out, "We're locked on! Get us out of here!" As the InGen troopers were horrified that the missile was coming at them, the missile hit the helicopter and it exploded, killing everyone inside it.

At the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins and the other mercenaries heard sounds of explosions. The InGen contractor said on the radio, "CR-1017, CR-2142, do you copy?! CR-1017, CR-2142, come in!" But he got no response from both helicopters. Hoskins began to suspect that the helicopters have been destroyed and he lost the rest of his men on them.

Back in the beach, two terrorists fired RPG rockets at the amphibian vehicles, destroying them in a fiery explosions. Then Witter fires the Stinger missile at the last amphibian vehicle and explodes on impact, destroying it.

After seeing some smoke and explosions from the distance from the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins knew something happened to their choppers and their amphibian vehicles. The head InGen contractor came to him and said unhappily, "Sir, we lost our men in the choppers. No radio contact."

Hoskins was silent upon hearing that. He turned around and said to his surviving men, "Alright. We may more of these guys coming our way. We need to prepare ourselves. Get into position and try to bunker yourselves, quickly."

"Aye, sir." The InGen contractor acknowledged. With that, the InGen soldiers work frantically to get into secured positions as Hoskins looked around, wondering if they are any terrorists that might come after them since they destroyed their backup and their transportation out of the island.

Back in the beach where all amphibian vehicles are engulfed in flames, Witter reports in on the radio, "Sir, we destroyed all helicopters and amphibian vehicles in the area."

Control room

At the control room, Nolan said to Witter, "Good. I'm already send every available men to surround Hoskins and his men in the Raptor paddock. They'll arrived in a few minutes. Witter, I want you and your men to join them."

Back in the beach, Witter said on the radio, "Right on, sir." Witter then asked, "Should we attacked them over there when the rest arrived?"

Nolan thought about for a moment. Then he said to Witter on the radio, "No. We got monitors installed in there where they won't see them. I have a solution to stop Hoskins and his remaining people with him. Any movement from them, we'll intercept them. Send some men over the treelines and observe them. If Hoskins and what's left of his men make any attempts to leave or try to release the raptors, ambush them and kill them."

"Will do." Witter acknowledged on the radio as Nolan put his radio down on the console.

Nolan was in deep thought of something. Masrani and the other hostages look at him with glare as he was thinking of something. Then after a moment, he walked towards Cullen and Porter at Lowery and Vivian's workstations and said to them, "Time for another feeding show for that stunt InGen did to retake the Raptor paddock. Hoskins will watch as his plans resulted in severe consequences and he will be held accountable about once we mentioned him. Cullen, you and Porter go over the monitors and see which ones we will select for the next live stream. Send the monitors on my tablet. I want to go over them and make my selections."

Cullen nodded and she & Porter went over the monitors as Nolan went back to get his tablet on the console he was sitting on.

The hostages, including Masrani, Lowery and Vivian, are horrified that they are about to do another live feeding show of the hostages being fed. "Oh, god. Not again." Vivian said sadly.

Upon hearing they are going to do another live feeding show on the hostages, Masrani knew the park is likely done for because of the terrorists seizing control of it and doing feeding shows on the hostages to try to set a bad example of the dinosaurs. Masrani still had hope since the terrorists are responsible for the dinosaurs killing those hostages, but also knew, to the public, that they will have a very hard time reopening Jurassic World because of the siege.

As Nolan went to the console and picked up his tablet, Torres said on the radio, "Sean, it's Mike. We got everything set up in the lobby. Smith and Chernov have just found Zara Young and bringing her over as we speak."

"Good. Get answers out of her, Mike. Contact me when you get information from her." Nolan said to his second-in-command on the radio.

"Copy that." Torres acknowledged.

With that, Nolan then said on the radio, "Chopper 2, pick me up on the helipad. I'll tell you where you go when we take off."

"Aye, sir. We're en-route." The pilot on one of their helicopters replied on the radio.

As Nolan put his radio down, he said to Cullen, "Cullen, take charge til me or Torres get back. I'll send you who to feed to the carnivores through the tablet."

"Yes, sir." Cullen acknowledged as she went back to work with Porter.

Nolan turned to Masrani and the other hostages who are guarded by four of his men. "Don't go anywhere." Nolan said to Masrani and the other hostages condescendingly, trying to taunt them as he was heading out. With that, Nolan went to the elevator that leads to the helipad.

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

At the wilderness, Owen and Barry were leading Claire, Zach and Gray as Claire was directing them to where they are going. "We shouldn't be too far from where were going." Claire said to the others with her.

"I hope you're right." Owen replied, somewhat impatiently as he wanted to get to some shelter as a temporary safe place.

"Let's move it." Barry said to the others as they continued down the stream. Then Barry said to Owen, "I can't tell you much. After I called you, a helicopter attacked the Raptor paddock and took out all park rangers and ACU troopers over there. I managed to kill two of these bastards and taken one of their tablets & his weapons before I got away."

Owen nodded as he was not pleased that the terrorists took over the Raptor paddock with Blue and the other raptors over there. He was worried about the raptors, but remained stoic about it since he's got Claire and her nephews to protect. He said to Barry, "I was in the Indominus Rex paddock when the siege happened and they deliberately let that thing out."

Barry was stunned to what Owen told him. He huffed and said to him, "I can't believe they let that thing out of it's paddock. I was in the Raptor paddock at the time with Hoskins. Also, when these maniacs arrived, Hoskins got away and he called his men from InGen over here. I overheard them saying that they've been getting money to fund both the raptor research and the Indominus Rex production from the black market."

Both Owen and Claire was shocked that black market funding was used to fund the raptor research and the production of the Indominus Rex. Claire said with a trace of anger and confusion, "What? Are you saying the Indominus Rex production and the Raptor research was financed with black market money? That could destroy the park's credibility and we'd probably lose federal funding into both those operations if the attack didn't happened! Our investigators didn't find any of that."

"We'll argue about that later." Owen said to Claire, trying to calm her down. Then he asked Barry, "What else do you find?"

Barry was silent for the moment. Then he said with a trace of dread in his voice, "Also, I have even worse news for you, Owen and Claire. I also heard that Hoskins is going to plan to retake the Raptor Paddock with his men."

Upon hearing that news, Owen and Claire were shocked that Hoskins would makes plans to retake the Raptor Paddock, which will greatly risk the lives of the hostages on the island. Zach and Gray were confused by everything they are hearing from Barry, but knew that it wasn't good, judging by Barry's voice.

"... What? You’re actually joking, right? I cannot take raptors being militarized already, but retaking the Raptor Paddock which will risk the lives of hostages? Absolutely no." Owen growled with anger in his voice. He could not believe Hoskins' single-minded obsession of planning to use his raptors as military weapons would drive him to retake the Raptor Paddock at the cost of the lives of some hostages.

As Owen was saying that, Claire came to face Owen. She was equally displeased with Hoskins as well for making a plan that will bring more harm than good. After Owen finished his sentence, Claire asked Owen in a rather desperate tone, "Can we do something to stop Hoskins from risking the lives of those hostages?" Claire hoped that they can try to stop Hoskins for signing the hostages their death warrants because of his plans.

Owen had a somber look on his face and replied, "No, not without those choppers out there spotting us and those men on the ground looking for us, not to mention that killer monster lurking on this island. It's too risky for all of us to get to Raptor Paddock to prevent a major catastrophe without being spotted."

Claire hung her head, knowing that Owen is right. Zach and Gray listened in on the conversation and knew the situation on the island was grimmer than they realized. Then Claire said to the others, "Let's go." With that, Claire continued to follow Owen and Barry, with Zach and Gray following her.

As they were continued on for a bit, Zach saw a crashed Kawasaki Teryx4, apparently shot at and then crashed. As Zach was about to say about the crash vehicle, Owen spotted some door of a building he didn't recognized. The door was getting covered by the overgrowth of the jungle wilderness. "We should go in whatever this building is for temporary safety."

Claire recognized the doors since she saw ACU troopers capture loose dinosaurs nearby that area while watching the monitors in the past. She confirmed to the others, "Yes, that's the old Jurassic Park visitor center. I never been in there, but this is it."

"Let's go in." Owen said to the others. They followed him. Owen opened the door slowly and Barry came in first with his shotgun raised and turned the flashlight on it. Owen then came in with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle raised. Claire then came inside it with Zach and Gray following soon after. The lobby was of the visitor center was filled with overgrowth grass, vines and tree roots. The windows were dirty, broken and filled with jungle vegetation. There was trace of decay in the area too. All the growth in the last two decades covered almost the entire lobby.

"Oh my god." Claire said in awe as she couldn't believe how all the growth and decay did to the Jurassic Park visitor center after being abandoned for two decades.

Owen sees how much the vegetation of the jungle grew into the building. "Yes, a lot of growth here since it was abandoned after the disaster 22 years ago. Close to covering that door."

"Just like what happened to the buildings in Isla Sorna. I'm amazed it's still standing after all this time." Barry stated to them as he look how much the jungle wilderness and such grown into the abandoned visitor center.

Claire looked around and is amazed at how old the visitor center is. "This place is so... old. Wow..." Claire said in amazement as she never imagine going inside the visitor center and how it actually looked.

Gray looked around the abandoned visitor center with such astonishment, as he was awed by how old and decaying the Visitor Center was since it was abandoned. ""

Zach looked down and saw a torn-up fallen banner, saying, “WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH”. Then he looked at the walls and they were covered with jungle vegetation. "This place looks...rotten." Zach said.

"It would be since it was abandoned 22 years ago, before you were even born." Owen said to Zach, as he looked around the lobby.

As Owen told Zach that, Gray looked down and see some multiple footsteps in the area. "Hey, guys... look." Gray said as he bent down to look at the footsteps.

Owen, Claire, Barry and Zach came over. They look down and saw the footsteps on the floor. Barry looked down at footsteps and they were all different shoe prints. "I wonder whose footsteps they are."

"I’m thinking... them." Owen said as he looks at the footsteps and suspects that terrorists might be in the visitor center. "They may still be here, watching us while we are unaware."

Upon hearing that the terrorists might be in the visitor center, Claire turned her nephews and said to them, "Zach, Gray. Hide behind something. They might be here, so find something to hide in."

Zach and Gray nodded in agreement, and while going somewhere to hide in case the terrorists are still in the Visitor Center, Gray notices the destroyed miniature Main Street replica on the ground in various spots, "Hey, Zach." Gray then kneel down and picked up a huge chunk of one of the destroyed Main Street miniature.

Zach came over and saw a chunk of something that was destroyed. Curious about what it is, Zach asked, "What is that?"

"It's the miniature of Main Street and it's been ruined." Gray said to his older brother. As that happened, Owen, Claire and Barry heard what Gray said and were coming towards him & Zach.

Zach took the miniature set from Gray and looked at the damage done to it. "It's look liked it was...blown up." Zach said to his brother.

Owen, Claire and Barry came over. "Let me look at that." Owen said to Zach. Zach handed the destroyed miniature set to Owen as he looks at it. Claire and Barry looked on with concern. As he examined it, Owen said, "This must've been the terrorists."

After seeing the destroyed Main Street miniature, Claire was deeply disturbed. She tried to say something, but she was speechless as she thought of something horrible that is going to happen upon seeing the blown up miniature replica of Main Street. Then she finally said with horror in her voice, "...Guys...will they blow up Main Street, just like they did with this miniature version?" The mere thought of the terrorists blowing up Main Street and all the people on it horrified Claire to the core.

Upon hearing what Claire said, Zach and Gray have grave concern on their faces.

Owen looked at Claire, who had the shocked and worried look on her face. "We don't know. It could mean anything, but giving your thought, Claire, that they might destroy this..." Owen was interrupted when he saw a large set of tables not far from where they are.

"Guys, over there." Owen said, as he and Barry went to the tables. Claire, Zach and Gray also saw the tables.

"Why are those tables here? Were they supposed to be here?" Zach asked.

"No." Owen replied to Zach as he checked out the tables.

Owen and Barry looked at the tables. Barry sees a little dust on the table set and clear spots show the they were loading up their weapons and gear on table set. "They were loading their gear and weapons right here.” Barry said to Owen and Claire.

"Oh my god." Claire muttered in shock after seeing the tables.

"They were here before the attack." Owen said to the others, realizing the terrorists were hiding in the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center before the siege.

"How the hell did they get on this island?" Claire asked with grave concern.

Owen was surprised by Claire's question. Then he answered somewhat in a serious tone, "I was hoping you know."

Barry then looked away as he said to the others, "We should search around in case of any terrorists that might be here still or any clues linking to the attack."

Both Owen and Claire nodded in agreement. Claire turned her nephews and said to them, "Boys, go hide somewhere in case of these guys are still here."

"Okay..." Zach replied in agreement and Gray silently nodded in agreement.

"I'll get them somewhere safe, Claire." Barry said to reassure Claire. Then he said to the Mitchell brothers, "Let's go."

Claire was wasn't too sure if she should leave her nephews out of her sight in the midst of a brutal terrorist siege. Owen saw Claire's apprehensive look and said to her, trying to reassure her also, "They'll be fine."

After hearing Owen, Claire sighed and said to him, "I hope you're right."

"I am." Owen replied confidently since he knew Barry would hide the boys well enough and wouldn't betray them.

As Owen said that, Zach thought of something and saw a bone of one of the dinosaurs that was used in the lobby of the visitor center. He grabbed a bone and a piece of the torn up banner near it. Then he asked Gray, "Still has those matches?"

Gray lets out a box of matches from his travel pack. "Here you go." Gray said as he handed Zach the box of matches. Zach wrapped the banner on large end of the bone and lit it, making a torch.

Owen was impressed by the idea of Zach and Gray setting up the makeshift torch for some lighting. He said in a pleased tone, "Wow. I'm impressed."

Claire had a look of surprise and said with a mixture of impression and apprehension, "Wow. I'm not sure my sister, their mother, would approve of this. Besides, I think these maniacs would spot the lightning of that torch if they're still around."

"No, they won't." Barry said to her in a reassuring tone. He motioned the boys to follow him. As Barry went in one direction with Zach and Gray holding their makeshift torch, Owen and Claire went to another direction. Owen switched from the Marlin Model 1895SBL to the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle with a flashlight attachment he took from the terrorist Barry killed. He turned on the flashlight on the gun. Claire stayed behind Owen as they approached another room.

As Barry and the Mitchell brothers went to one end of the the room, Owen and Claire were coming towards the old restaurant which is now covered with jungle vegetation on the walls and growth in some areas where they walked in. Owen sees something on the flashlight of the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle and sees billboards & tables containing pictures and posters. "Claire..." Owen said as he flashed his flashlight mounted on the gun on the billboards containing pictures, posters, books and such.

As Claire sees billboards and tables full with pictures, posters, books and such, she was surprised and shocked at the same time. "Oh my god." Claire muttered that word out loud. Then she slowly came forward and Owen checked out the other part.

Owen looks at one part of the billboards and tables. He looks at the posters and sees that it had blueprints that show the layout of Jurassic World. "This was their base of operations. They had this whole thing planned." Owen said he checked out the blueprints on the table. He continued as he looked over the table on the posters he was going over. "They had blueprints of this entire island, including Main Street, the Innovation Center, Hammond Creation Lab, control room, the monorail stops and such. They had the layout of everything on the island. They've been planning everything!"

Claire looked at the table and sees the blueprints of the park. "Oh, my god. Did they plan everything?! As in, everything everything?!" Claire muttered in shock. She couldn't believe how much the terrorists were planning on for attacking Jurassic World.

"I believe so." Owen replied in a serious tone as he went over some more posters to investigate more. Then he saw a billboard full of pictures at the far end near the restaurant wall.

As that was happening, Claire noticed the same billboard full of pictures. When she walked closer, she saw a picture of herself and several other Jurassic World employees. "Oh my god. They had pictures of me and many of our people." Claire said as she checked out the pictures of herself, Masrani, Lowery, Vivian, Hoskins and Wu. Claire was horrified when she sees the picture of herself in the black business skirt suit while on her cell phone at the Innovation Center. As Owen came over, Claire unhappily said to him while pointing a picture if herself, "That picture of me was taken two days ago. I was speaking to my sister on the phone and she asked me to have my nephews here on this park when she and her husband were getting a divorce." After seeing the picture herself taken two days ago, she felt offended the the terrorists were following her and took pictures of her.

Owen looks at the pictures of her and the others in the billboard. He wasn't totally surprised that the terrorists would be following her and some other people who are targets and taking pictures of them, since he previously dealt with the terrorist groups base of operations that involved anything like what he was seeing. "Why would they target you and the others specifically?" Owen asked, wondering why the people on the billboard were targeted.

"I don't know. But whatever it is, they want me for a reason." Claire replied in an unhappy tone as she looked at the picture of herself in pure disgust.

Owen looked at the pictures of her, Lowery, Vivian, Hoskins and Wu in various locations in the park, while Masrani's pictures were taken somewhere else. "You and the others were marked. They were studying you, learning of your habits, weaknesses and such." Owen stated as he looked at the pictures on the billboard.

Claire turned her face at Owen with a look of anger. She felt angry that the terrorists were stalking her and taking pictures of her. Now they seized the park and were planning to capture her while her nephews were in the park with her, which means that if Zach and Gray get captured, they will leverage her into doing something she doesn't want to do. That thought made her feel terrified and angry at the same time. "I feel so...violated!" Claire said in disgust. Then she angrily took the picture of herself, crumpled it and tosses it to the wall in anger.

After seeing Claire crumpled the picture of her taken by the terrorists and threw it in a wall in disgust, Owen thought it was best to let her be and looked at the table, where he sees a notebook. Then he took it and went over it. He sees the names of ACU troopers, but didn't recognized them. "Claire, look at this."

Claire saw the notebook on Owen's hand and took it. She looked at it and sees the names. She recognized some of the names as ACU troopers, park rangers and other security personnel. Claire said in shock while looking at the notebook, "This is...a roster of the ACU troopers, Jurassic World park rangers and all other security personnel."

Owen, after hearing what Claire said about the names of the ACU troopers and other security teams in the park, realized that the terrorists have been studying the security of the park as well. "They knew how many security personnel were on the island and knew what kind of security it got. They were keeping count." Owen said in a serious tone.

Claire sighed when Owen said that. Her face was somber and her eyes were filled in dread. She never thought that these terrorists would make plans on the attack of Jurassic World without any form of detection by various intelligence agencies. "Owen, this is one the last places we look because of the memories of the incident when John Hammond tried to set up Jurassic Park." Claire said to him while in a shocked tone.

"Well, I'm not surprised, since they hide where you would least expect it." Owen replied as he knew too well how terrorists would hide at place where they would least expect. Then he added, "Also, everyone thought it would be unsafe to enter here, so no wonder the terrorists chose this place."

Claire was in disbelief by the thought of the terrorists would use the abandoned visitor center to hide before the siege of the island. She said in a quiet tone, "I can't believe it. There should have been more security everywhere, even here." She felt horrible on the inside that the terrorists used the visitor center to their advantage in planning the attack.

Claire put the notebook down on a table. As Owen was looking for more clues, Claire went over to another table and saw the blueprints of the ship she recognized as MV Dust Storm. "Owen, they had blueprints and the layout of the freighter called Dust Storm." Claire said in a tone. As Owen came over to her, Claire said to him, "The Dust Storm was a ship sent to deliver some much-needed supplies for our restaurants, the theater and the Jurassic World Medical Center earlier. It was destroyed in an explosion that rocked the area of the island."

After listening to Claire, Owen immediately deduced, saying, "By a big bomb."

"Of course." Claire said in a voice above a whisper and in realization to what Owen just said.

Owen then said as he looked at the blueprints of the Dust Storm, "Some of them may have used that ship to entered the island, along with some weapons and such to get to this island without any detection."

Claire held her breath as she was stunned that the terrorists infiltrate the island with such planning. Owen looks down at something at the trash can and sees it had some bomb components that was used and disposed of. He takes them out of the old trash can and looks it up close.

After seeing it had components and parts of an EMP device and was used probably weeks ago, Owen said, "Claire..." As Claire came over, Owen showed her the components.

"What are those?" Claire asked in a worried tone.

"Bomb parts and components of an EMP device." Owen said to Claire as he quickly put them back in the trash can. Then he asked, "Do you remember something any problems involving your electronics within weeks ago?" Owen knew he wasn't going to like what he is about to hear from Claire.

Claire took a deep breath and answered to Owen, "Two weeks ago, the radar went offline for a hour. It was late at night while I was sleeping at my home here and they called me about the problem. We thought it was a glitch in our systems. The problem was solved when the radar came online after a hour finally." Claire remembered when Lowery called her when she was sleeping in her bed and she was informed that the radar was offline. She returned to the control room to take charge of the problem when it was finally solved and they ruled it as a technical glitch in the radar system.

After hearing what Claire told her about the problem with the radar two weeks ago, Owen figured out that the terrorists somehow used the EMP bomb to temporarily knock the radar offline for a hour so the terrorists can infiltrate the island and use the abandoned Jurassic Park visitor center as their base of operations before the attack. He was in such disbelief that the terrorists came on the island more well-prepared than he originally imagined before they came to the island. He faced Claire, who looked concerned when she saw Owen's facial expression. "Claire..." Owen said in hesitation. He took a deep breath and then continued in an uncomfortable tone, "...Whoever these terrorists are, they were far more prepared that what we thought or imagined. Their planning of this attack is...indescribable." Owen knew Claire wouldn't react too well about how prepared the terrorists really are.

After hearing how the terrorists were really far the terrorists were actually prepared for such an attack on the park, Claire became immensely horrified by such an atrocious attack that was carefully planned and prepared. "Oh my god." Claire muttered quietly in shock as she had a horrified look on her face while she looked at the billboards and the bomb remains on the trash bin. All this planning by the terrorists terrified to the core. Then she asked in a voice above a whisper while still in shock by everything she just learned, "What kind of terrorists are they?"

After seeing Claire's horrified look, Owen then walked closer to Claire and he said to her in a serious tone, "I'm not sure who they are. But my guess, I think they are an internationally-based group. I know because, judging by their appearances and the voice accents of the terrorists I killed, they're multi-national, they're multi-ethnic and they've probably have training in the military from various countries. They've probably been planning it to the last detail." As he was saying that, Owen pointed out to the bomb remains in the bin, "That bomb there is a EMP device. A small EMP burst would knock out a radar offline. That means it was likely used by them to knock your radar offline to allow the majority of them to get on this island two weeks ago and got to this place they can used as their base of operations."

Claire gasped in horror and her mouth was hanging open. "Oh...god. I can't believe this." Claire said in a tone of disbelief as she tried to absorb on what she saw in the Jurassic Park visitor center and what Owen told her about the situation based on what they found. She couldn't comprehend on how long the terrorists have been planning to seized the park. Then she asked while trying to sound normal, "You think this inside job?"

Owen thought about what Claire asked and it actually makes perfect sense, considering how the attack was carried out that resulted in the successful takeover of Jurassic World. He said in a tone of agreement in his voice, "I wouldn't rule out that possibility."

Claire considered all this was an inside job based on the EMP taking out the radar two weeks ago and the control room somehow now overrun by the terrorists despite the security on the room. She knew she was getting somewhere with the terrorist takeover.

Owen, out of curiosity, asked Claire in a rather blunt tone, "Did you call the Navy about that issue two weeks ago?"

Claire sighed and answered tentatively, "I was about to, but when I call Masrani about the situation that was...solved, he told me not to since he said it wasn't...necessary since he felt it was 'solved' and the Navy's help wasn't needed, not to mention it probably would have affected the park's reputation." Owen gave a look of unhappiness and Claire didn't blame him for that. Owen turned his face away from her as he was not pleased that Masrani told Claire not to call the Navy. Then she continued, "Now, I didn't exactly agree with his thoughts about it, but what could I do arguing with the owner of this park?"

Owen was quiet for a moment as he turned his face back at Claire. He was still not thrilled that Masrani told Claire not to call the Navy to investigate the malfunction on the radar, which likely would have prevented the siege on Jurassic World. He came close to her and said bluntly, "Well, Claire, you should have. Masrani was such a fool. If I were him, I would contact the Navy, because it doesn’t make you look bad and it helps a lot. In fact, maybe none of this would have happened if the Navy was contacted." Although he sees Masrani as a good man, Owen felt the man didn't have the best of intentions or judgment, especially with his decision to create the Indominus Rex and telling Claire not to call the Navy about the radar that went offline which probably would have stopped the terrorist situation they are in.

After listening to what Owen told her, Claire felt a wave of guilt for not calling the U.S. Navy about the radar going offline and letting Masrani ordering her not to call the Navy to investigate, which probably would have likely thwarted one of the worst terrorist attacks in world history. Claire in a blunt tone as she felt guilty about everything that happened, "Do you think that would' stop this attack? Do you think we would have noticed that they were using this place as a hideout where it's a last place we look because of how it is now?"

Owen was silent for the moment after Claire's blunt tone of voice. He knew Claire was feeling guilty about what would have likely could've preventing the attack. Deciding not to continue discussing the situation with the thought that the terrorists might return to the visitor center, he only answered, "Look, I don't know exactly if it would have stop this siege and quite frankly, I don't think I wanna know. What matters is that we are in a fight for survival and a fight to stop these assholes from whatever it is they're doing. We also have to find a way to kill that abomination hybrid your people created in that lab. Our focus right is to protect you and your nephews from them so they can force you to do something they want you to do."

Claire knew that Owen was right about the current situation. After listening to Owen, she only silently and understandingly nodded as she agrees with him about the predicament there are in.

Deciding they need to leave the visitor center, Owen said to Claire in a slightly calmer tone, "Come on, Claire. Let's go. Let's find your nephews and Barry."

Feeling like she had enough investigating the base of operations and agreeing that she should find her nephews, Claire said to Owen in a quiet, anxious tone, "Okay." With that, they left the restaurant.

As they leave the restaurant, Owen raised the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle with Claire following him. Then Barry came out with Zach and Gray while holding the shotgun. Although Claire, Zach and Gray were startled by the unexpected arrival of both sides, Owen and Barry weren't too startled as they lower their weapons. "Oh, hey." Barry said to them. Zach and Gray looked at Claire, who sighed in relief to see her nephews.

"Find anyone?" Owen asked Barry, hoping he didn't see any terrorists in the visitor center since he discovered the abandoned facility was used as a base of operations for the terrorists.

"No, no one is here." Barry confirmed to them as Zach and Gray came closer to Owen and Claire. They were searching around the area and Barry didn't see any of the terrorists in the visitor center while he guarded Zach and Gray. Then he added, "I have more stuff to tell you, but only when we get to a safe place."

Already agreeing with Barry, Owen said to the others, "Let's get out of here. We need a safer place than here right now." Owen wanted to find a much safer area of the island than where they are at now since it was a base of operations and the terrorists could track them there

"There were some jeeps in a garage nearby." Zach said to Claire and Owen, while pointing his finger at the approximate direction where they saw the jeeps. They found a couple of Jeeps that are 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara models, which were Staff vehicles for the original Jurassic Park that have been long abandoned.

"Maybe we can use them to drive somewhere." Gray suggested, even though the vehicles seemed inoperable. While the Mitchell brothers were with Barry, Zach earlier said they might be able to repair them and get them working.

Barry had hoped that he might be right. He then said to Owen and Claire, "Those vehicles have not been used for years. But they said they might be able to get them working if they find the right batteries."

Owen nodded. Then Zach remembered seeing the crashed Kawasaki Teryx4 just as he spotted the doors of the Jurassic Park visitor center. Zach said to them, "There was a crashed off-road maintenance vehicle not far from the main doors. Look like it was shot at. I think we can use the battery from it."

Owen nodded with his head and said, "That might work, but we still need a safe place to go if we get it working. Any ideas where we can go?"

Claire was in deep thought for a location they need to go for safe refuge. Then she thought of someplace she remembered deep into her memory. She then said in a calmer tone, "Guys, I might know a safe place where we can take refuge. It's a bunker not far from here."

Owen thought about it for the moment. He said to Claire, "You're probably right." He agreed with Claire's suggestion. With a plan in his mind, he turned to Zach and said to him, "Zach, come with me. I will need you to show me where that vehicle is so we can take the battery out." Then he turned to Barry and ordered, "Barry, take Claire and Gray to the garage where those jeeps are at. Protect them with your life."

Barry nodded as Owen and Zach headed outside to get to the crashed maintenance vehicle. Claire had a worried look on her face and she hoped that Owen will make sure to keep Zach safe from the terrorists and the Indominus Rex. Barry then said to Claire above a whisper, "Claire..." Claire turned to Barry, who motioned her to come with him and Gray. She and Gray followed Barry to where the garage is at. As Gray was near Claire, she put her right hand on her youngest nephew's shoulder for a little bit to relax him a little. She had a new mission during the siege. Get her nephews off the island safely. She just had to figure out how to get Zach and Gray out of the island as she followed Gray and Barry to the garage.

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