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This is chapter 9 of Jurassic World: Die Hard.

This chapter contains language, which may not be acceptable to all readers.

Jurassic World: Die Hard chapter

Chapter 9: A Turn for the Worse

Innovation Center

Inside the Innovation Center, Torres was waiting in the lobby with a chair nearby. He paced around. Then he sees Chernov and Smith bringing in Zara. Chernov held a pistol on her with his right hand and and held her right arm with his left hand as Smith held Zara's left side with both hands. She was trying to struggle against them, but Chernov and Smith were stronger. Torres stood back as Chernov forced Zara to the chair. "Who are you?! What do you want with me?!" The frightened Zara yelled out in terror as Smith secured her hands behind her with zipties while Chernov bound her feet on the chair with two zipties.

"You have something that we want, Ms. Young." Torres said to the captive Zara firmly. Smith cruelly grabbed her long black hair and she cried out in pain from it. Zara, while in pain from the hair grab by Smith, sees Torres letting out two pieces of paper. Torres shows the printed screencaps of Zach and asked in a stern tone, "Who are those two boys?"

Zara sees the pictures of Zach & Gray and suddenly realized that they want Claire & her nephews. She was shocked that they want her to reveal who the boys are.

Torres, after seeing Zara's shocked look on her face when she saw the screencaps of the boys, said in a firm voice, "We know they are related to your boss Dearing and she has shown genuine concern about them. You were the last one to see them in Main Street when they ran off from you."

Zara was afraid of what they might do to her and was unwilling to deal with any pain. Before she can figure it out, Smith yanked her hair back, causing to moan in pain. "Tell us who they are!" Smith hissed in a stern tone.

Chernov menacingly looks down at Zara. He grabbed his jacket with both hands and said in a thick Russian accent, "We wants answer from you, you little limey Brit. Because if you don't, you will endure tons of pain, physically and emotionally, by all of us and I will be the one to enjoy that." Chernov was looking forward to force information out of here and hope his words get through to her.

Zara, unwilling to go through the pain, then cowardly cried, "Okay, okay!" After a moment, Zara shouted frantically, "Zach and Gray Mitchell! That's who they are! Zach and Gray Mitchell!"

"Zach and Gray Mitchell." Torres acknowledged. Then he asked, "What are their relationship to Dearing?"

Zara, in distress for betraying Claire and her nephews, shouted frantically, "They're Claire's nephews! Okay?! They're her nephews, her sister's kids! The reason they're here because her sister and her husband are getting a divorce and she asked Claire to have Zach and Gray here while their parents work on their divorce! Claire asked me to watch over them, but they ran away from me from the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo! I hadn't seen them since! You gonna believe me! So please!"

After listening to Zara about Claire's nephews and such, Torres, Chernov and Smith were satisfied. Smith lets go of her hair as Torres said to Zara, "Thank you." With that, he goes on the radio.

Helicopter above Isla Nublar

At the helicopter, Nolan was with four henchman as well as the pilot in the helicopter. Then one of his men said to him, "Sir, Torres wants to speak to you."

With that, Nolan puts on his headset and said, "Go ahead, Mike."

"Sean, Zara Young broke. The boys are Dearing's nephews, Zach & Gray Mitchell, her sister's sons." Torres stated in a pleased tone.

After hearing what Torres told him, Nolan was very pleased to hear that the boys with Claire are her nephews. "Excellent. Keep an eye out for them." Nolan said in a pleased tone. Then he asked, "Why are they here on this island?"

"Dearing's sister and her husband are divorcing each other, so she send the boys to her on this park so they can get it done." Torres told him.

Nolan thought of what Torres told him and knew it makes sense of why she had family over to Jurassic World. He said to Torres, "That would make sense why they are here by themselves, considering Dearing's reputation as a corporate workaholic." Nolan knew Claire's reputation as a workaholic corporate woman and never had a personal life because of a personal tragedy when she was interning in Jurassic World. Nolan added, "Alright, I want the nephews alive. We can use them to get Dearing to reveal her Quadtosaurus code. Go back to the control room and send their pictures to Moreau and others out there. Also, send Ms. Young to the Mosasaurus and send the people on the pictures I send to you and Cullen to the T-Rex and the Indominus. The Indominus will again kill more of those hostages like what we saw when it killed the Verizon sponsors and those tourists earlier."

"You got it." Torres acknowledged as he looked at Zara with Chernov and Smith watching her. Then, realizing what he had to tell Nolan, said in a lower tone, "Oh, Sean. There's something..."

"Yeah, I already know about the eight men we lost in that wilderness." Nolan confirmed to him, knowing what Torres was going to tell him. He already found out about it from Baker Team, who was searching for Claire and the others with her in the area.

Torres, knowing he didn't have to tell Nolan about that, replied, "Copy that. Also, Wang said the drilling of Wu's office should be done within 10 minutes."

Nolan felt somewhat satisfied with the update on drilling the lock on Wu's office so he can get his hands on him and make him reveal what the Indominus Rex is made of. Nolan then ordered, "Alright, I'm gonna finished what I'm doing, Mike. Witter and the others will assist me. While you get back to the control room, make sure Wang and the people working on that drill to get it done around that time."

"Aye, sir. Out." Torres acknowledged.

After finishing up with Torres, Nolan ordered the pilot on the headset while pointing to a meadow not far from where the helicopter are, "Okay, land on that meadow over there. It's not too far from the Raptor paddock."

"Yes, sir." The pilot acknowledged. Then the helicopter is now heading towards the meadow.

Innovation Center

Back in the Innovation Center, Torres came over to Chernov and Smith, who are near the terrified Zara. Zara was clearly terrified when Torres was coming towards her and the other two terrorists.

"Chernov, Smith." Torres announced. As Chernov and Smith looked at him, Torres continued as he headed Smith the tablet, "Take the first two to the T-Rex and the next six to the Indominus."

"Yes, sir." Smith acknowledged. Then he asked while motioning to Zara, "What about her?"

"Send her to the Mosasaurus. Nolan's orders." Torres replied in confirmation.

Chernov acknowledged in Russian. After hearing that she will be sent to the Mosasaurus, Zara became fearful and went hysterical as she struggled with her bounds. "No! No, please!" Zara hysterically cried, clearly frightened of what was coming to her as Chernov had a firm grip on her while Smith was cutting the zipties off her with bolt cutters.

As Chernov forced Zara up, Zara yelled out in horror and desperation as Smith retied her hands with zipties, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE, DON'T! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!!" Zara had desperation and panic in her voice. She hoped that her life can be spared so she can survive and get married to Alec.

Torres came to her and said in an indifferent tone, "Sorry, Ms. Young. You, alongside those other people, will be an example of not only what happens when whoever raids this island to take it back, but also as an example of what these creatures truly are and why they should never have been cloned. Goodbye, Ms. Young." With that, he nodded to Chernov and Smith.

“WAIT, NO!! PLEASE, DON'T!!” Zara shouted in horror as Chernov and Smith hauled the fearful and hysterical woman out of the Innovation Center. Satisfied that Zara was hauled out of the sight, Torres started to head back to the control room.

Raptor Research Arena

Meanwhile at the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins was pacing a little bit while near the raptors's enclosure. His men were on alert from the catwalk of the enclosure, the stairway of the catwalk, the hut and a nearby abandoned MVU truck. "We got no choppers, no way to evacuate out of this island, not enough weapons & equipment and no way we can get more men over here. We have to improvise a plan to fight these terrorists before they discover what we've been doing." As he was saying that, the satellite phone rang. The InGen contractor went to pick it up. As that was happening, Hoskins then said, "We may have to release the raptors so they can take out more of these terrorists."

After Hoskins said that, his head InGen mercenary came to him and said, "Sir, it's Wu. He said it's urgent."

Hoskins came over and took the phone. "Yes, Henry."

At Wu's office, Wu was using the exact satellite phone since the terrorists destroyed the cell tower. He speaks to Hoskins with a trace of worry in his voice, "Vic, I got a problem. They're drilling the locks in my office." He knew it was only a matter of minutes when they can break the lock in his office is breached by the terrorists.

Upon hearing that the locks in Wu's office are being drilled, Hoskins hung his head and knew that Wu will be captured one or way and likely get killed by the terrorists. He then suggested Wu, "Maybe you should hide in your secret lab."

"No, they know I'm in my office. If I do that, they will find the secret door and destroy my work. They killed the rest of the scientists and likely destroyed the lab." Wu replied in a desperate tone. He knew if he went to the secret lab, the terrorists will find it sooner or later.

Knowing that Wu is right, Hoskins was concerned about the work Wu was doing. He asked with some concern, "Have you secured the research in there?"

"Yes, I hid all the secret research I got on the Indominus Rex, but it's only a matter of time before they can get into my office." Wu replied, knowing his secret research was important to his actual employers.

Hoskins bit his lower lip after hearing that. He asked the geneticist, "How long do you have?"

"Not much." Wu replied seriously.

Hoskins knew there was going to be matter of minutes when Wu will be captured by the terrorists. He said to Wu in serious tone, "Alright, they might interrogate you and I don't mean like in the police interrogation. They probably will hurt you bad to get information they want from you. Try to give them some things they want as long as you don't compromise our operation."

Wu knew what Hoskins meant since he will be tortured by the terrorists for information. He also knew that they will likely hurt him also since he worked for Hammond in the past. He replied nervously, "I understand. I don't know how long I will be able to hold off against them when they interrogate me since I did help Hammond clone the dinosaurs."

"I know. Just do what you can to protect our secret operation. I got to go, Henry." Hoskins replied as he hung up the satellite phone.

In the trees not far from the Raptor arena, one of the terrorists aim a sniper at one of the InGen mercenaries. At the other trees out by the Raptor arena, Witter aims a RPG-7 missile at some nearby InGen soldiers. Two other terrorists were aiming sniper rifles at two other surviving InGen soldiers at the catwalk above the Raptor paddock. Few other henchman were armed with assault rifles.

After seeing the men are in position, Witter said on the radio, "Do it." With that, one henchman with a silenced sniper fired and hit one of the InGen soldiers near the cage access of the Raptor arena in the head, killing him. Then another sniper fire and shot another InGen mercenary in the head, killing him.

Hoskins turned around and saw one of his men shot dead. Just as he saw that, one of the InGen soldiers on the catwalk was shot in the head, killing him instantly. The raptors below bellowed at the sight of the killed InGen soldier at the catwalk above them.

Before more soldiers can react, Witter fired the RPG and the rocket hit on the ground near three InGen soldiers, killing them and sending their bodies flying several feet until they hit the ground.

Some of the men, armed with assault rifles, came out and pointed their weapons at the soldiers. Witter drops the RPG and lets out his Heckler & Koch G36C rifle. As the terrorists pointed their guns at the InGen mercenaries, Witter yelled out as he pointed his rifle at the mercenaries, "Drop your weapons!"

As Hoskins was about to draw his weapon, the InGen contractor pushes his arms down and shook his head. "It's no good." The InGen contractor said to him.

"Stop there! Drop your weapons!" Witter yelled out as he and the men with them pointed their weapons at Hoskins and the other InGen soldiers. Both Hoskins and the InGen contractor drop their weapons. As the other terrorists surrounded the other mercenaries and confiscated their weapons, Witter grabbed the InGen contractor while three other terrorists pointed their weapons at Hoskins.

"Move! Come on! Move your butt over there." Witter said sternly as he moved the InGen contractor towards the Raptor enclosure while holding the G36C rifle on him. Hoskins watched as the British henchman was forcing his head InGen mercenary to the raptor paddock and they went out of his sight.

As Witter put The InGen head mercenary out of sight, he shoved him to the wall of the raptor enclosure. The InGen contractor calmly said as Witter let him go, "About time you got here."

"Excellent work getting their positions to us." Witter said to the InGen contractor as he let out a tablet that is connected to their own secured internet connection, where it reads the positions of every surviving InGen mercenaries that the head InGen contractor gave Witter on his secured tablet. "But Nolan wasn't thrilled with the lost of men here before you send that info to us."

"I had to keep appearances." The contractor said to Witter seriously, trying to state his reason for what Witter said to him.

"So am I right now." Witter replied. Then he punched the traitorous head InGen contractor in the stomach. The contractor went down on the ground in pain. "Tell us if there's any more of you out there!" Witter yelled while keeping appearances so that Hoskins wouldn't be aware of what was really going on.

"Fuck you!" The InGen yelled out to deceive Hoskins that he was hurt for not cooperating. Witter kicked him in the stomach again. While moaning in pain, the InGen contractor said to Witter, "Listen, there's someone else with Grady."

"We know he has someone with him, Dearing and the boys, who we discovered that they're Dearing's nephews. We think we know who's with them." Witter stated quietly as he grabbed the mercenary and put him to the wall.

"Yes, Barry Sembène, the other raptor guy." The contractor said in confirmation.

Witter knew that their InGen mole gave him their confirmation on who was with Owen, Claire and her nephews,. Witter then stated in a calm tone, "Okay. I'll notify Nolan. He wants to talk to you also when he arrives."

"Right. Get me back to Hoskins so I can maintain my cover." The contractor said to him. Witter nodded silently. Then he punched the mole in the face to make it look real to Hoskins that his main contractor was assaulted. Then the British henchman forced the InGen contractor towards Hoskins and tossed him to the ground.

"Since you won't talk to me! My leader might want to!" Witter yelled out in order to prevent Hoskins from knowing that his contractor is a mole working for the terrorists.

The InGen contractor, knew what Witter met that Nolan wanted to speak to him while maintaining his cover. Hoskins knelled and sees him bruised up. "I'm fine, sir." The contractor assured Hoskins while making sure he didn't suspect him as a mole.

As that was happening, Witter got on the radio and said, "Sir, it's Witter. We got Hoskins and few of his men."

At the helicopter, Nolan replied to his weapons specialist on the radio, "Very good. I'm just landing in that meadow now. I'll should be over to the raptor paddock in 10 minutes along with some men with me."

"Got it. We will be waiting for you." Witter acknowledged on the radio as the other terrorists pointed their guns at Hoskins and the now-unarmed InGen soldiers.

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

At the garage of the Jurassic Park visitor center, Barry, who had opened the garage door, keep an eye out for anything that might come in there. Gray sat on the passenger seat of Jeep 29 as Claire stood next to her youngest nephew. Noticing Gray's somber look on his face, Claire asked with some concern, "Gray. You're okay, sweetie?"

Gray looked up at his aunt with a somber expression on his face and his eyes had a look of dread. "I don't know, Aunt Claire." Gray said in a low voice. After a moment of silence, he confessed in a quiet tone, "I'm scared."

After seeing his eyes, Claire bent down so their eyes were met and leveled. Claire gently said to him while putting her left hand on his right shoulder, "Don't worry. We'll make it out of here alive. I promise that." It wasn't a lie to make him feel better. It was a promise she will do for Gray, Zach and Karen.

Gray nodded to his aunt. He hope Claire will keep her promise to get him and Zach off the besieged island. Then he asked somberly, "Did you know that Mom and Dad are getting a divorce?"

Surprised by the question, Claire asked in confirmation, "You know about that?"

Gray gazes at Claire and somberly confirmed, "Yes. I goggled the letters sent by their lawyers before me and Zach came here."

Claire sighed upon Gray discovering that his parents are getting a divorce. She knew it had to be painful for him at his young age. "I'm sorry." Claire apologized sincerely. Gray nodded. Noticing Gray's worried look, Claire knew that Gray needed some reassurance over their situation on the island and said softly, "Gray." Gray looks up and met Claire's eyes as she gently stroked his hair with her right hand as she continued softly, "I promise I won't let them get to you or Zach. I will keep you both by my sides for always until we get off this island, where you can reunite with your mother and father."

Gray somewhat felt better by his aunt's sincere reassurance as he looked at Claire. "Okay. Thanks." Gray said, slightly less anxious over the situation. As Gray said that, Owen and Zach arrived. Zach was carrying the battery from the Kawasaki Teryx4 vehicle that he and Owen were to get.

"Owen..." Barry said in relief as he saw Owen returning with Zach, who was carrying the battery.

After seeing Zach carrying the battery, Claire came to Owen who was holding his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle. "Letting my nephew do all the lifting, Owen?" Claire asked with some sarcasm in her voice.

Owen rolled his eye over Claire's sarcasm and said with a trace of annoyance, "Well, someone needs to be armed to ensure your nephew and the battery get here safely." Then he added in more normal tone, "Besides, I helped him out get the battery out of that vehicle."

"Hmm...right." Claire nodded. Then she asked seriously, "Find out what happened to that maintenance vehicle?"

As that was happening, Owen puts down the rifle and unlocked the hood of Jeep 29. "Looks like it was hit by heavy machine gun fire, probably from one of their choppers. The driver and his partner were dead, but the battery is still intact." Owen said to her as he earlier looked inside the wrecked vehicle and saw the two people inside it were killed by heavy machine gun from the helicopter that was above them.

"Yeah, took us a few minutes to open the hood and get the battery out though." Zach stated as Owen opened the hood of Jeep 29.

"Let's hope it will work in this vehicle." Barry stated to them, hoping that they will get it working so they can out of there.

Zach looks down at the engine and sees the dead battery. He turned to Gray and asked, "Gray, you remember when we fixed up Grandpa's old Malibu, right?"

"Yeah." Gray replied as he got out of the seat.

"It's very much going to be the same thing." Zach said to his younger brother.

"You guys know how to fix a vehicle?" Owen asked, curious about their idea of fixing up the jeep.

"Replacing the battery is something we did once in our grandfather's Malibu." Zach replied in confirmation.

Owen smiled a little and said, "Hmm...Impressive. We'll see if it works."

Claire nodded, seemingly pleased that they might be able to fix one of the jeeps, despite they haven't been used in such a long time. "I hope you know what you're doing, Zach." Claire said to her oldest nephew, feeling hopeful that he will get the vehicle working.

"So do I." Zach replied, hoping they will get the jeep up and running.

Owen sighed and said to him, "Alright, you two get to it. Barry will watch outside from here while your aunt and I will watch over the entryway."

Zach nodded as he and Gray now work on Jeep 29. Owen, Claire and Barry went towards Jeep 18. Barry stood by the garage door as Owen watched the entryway as Claire faced him.

"You think they will get the jeep working after all these years?" Claire asked Owen and Barry, hoping they will use it to get the bunker she thought of.

Owen as quiet for a couple of seconds and only replied, "There's only one way to find out when they finished getting that battery in."

Claire nodded, knowing what Owen meant was to try to start the jeep once the battery is replaced. Barry then said to Owen, "Claire filled me in about these lunatics using this place as their base of operations before the attack."

"I can hardly believe it myself, Barry." Owen stated to Barry as he remembered the evidence he and Claire found of everything terrorists have been planning on to take over Jurassic World.

"Alright. I want your input on the Indominus Rex, Owen. Like how are will going to kill it?" Claire said, now wanting to listen to Owen about the Indominus Rex since it almost killed her nephews and killed the Apatosaurus herd.

After looking at the door that leads to the visitor center, Owen then looked at Claire in the eye and stated in a tone as a man who is about to give his expertise on the creature, "Alright. First of all: That thing out there, that's no dinosaur. You made a genetic hybrid, raised it in captivity. She is seeing all of this for the first time. She does not even know what she is. She will kill everything that moves. She is learning where she fits in the food chain, and I'm not sure you want her to figure that out. Secondly: She's not hunting for food, she's killing for sport, like what I saw when it killed two people when the terrorists released her and what we saw when it killed a herd of Apatosaurus and that Ankylosaurus. She is highly intelligent creature. She was trying to pierce through the glass of the gyropshere with it's teeth to get your nephews and likely would have done so if we hadn't gotten to them."

Upon hearing Owen's input about the Indominus and how it was trying to pierce through the glass of the gyrosphere with it's teeth to get her nephews, Claire felt guilty about it and had a look of remorse and horror on her face. She felt horrified that her nephews were almost killed because of her signing off on the Indominus Rex production.

Owen gave Claire a few seconds so she can absorb on what Owen just told her Then he continued, "Three: The terrorists let that monster out, probably to intentionally let it kill every dinosaur and human on this island and that's what they probably want."

"It is, Owen." Barry said to him. As Owen and Claire turned to him, Barry added, "I got some things about it I want to show you later when we get to that bunker Claire mentioned."

"Very well." Owen acknowledged as Barry continued to look at the outside.

"Hey, guys. We got the old battery out. Just trying to get the other one in." Zach called out to the others as he gives the dead battery to Gray while Zach was about to put the other battery in Jeep 29.

"Thank you, Zach." Claire nodded to Zach. Then she gazed back at Owen. Claire thought of something, based on what she saw in the terrorists base of operations and what Barry told them about the black market funding, Claire suspect there is a connection.

Owen noticed her look and asked with some concern, "Something in your mind, Claire?"

Claire thought of something for the moment. Then he asked with suspicion on her voice, "Do you think...that there's a connection between the black market funding of the Raptor's research & Indominus Rex production and this attack?”

Owen was silent for a moment as he thought that Claire might be on to something based of Barry telling them about the black market funding and the evidence he & Claire found in the visitor center when the terrorists were using it as a hideout. "I think it's very likely. This attack requires a lot of money and manpower. Zach and I spotted some multiple vehicle tracks nearby. The terrorists probably used them to get into some of the attractions on this park."

Claire then remembered the H1 Hummers that were in Main Street. She then said to Owen in a slightly calmer tone, "Yes. Also, when I spoke to my assistant who was supposed to be watching my nephews when they ran away from her, she said she saw H1 Hummers in Main Street armed with heavy machine guns on top before I lost connection with her."

Owen realized that the terrorists brought the ground vehicles over as well as he and Zach saw those tire tracks while returning with the battery. He said in a stoic tone, "Make sense. The tire tracks we saw matched the H1 Hummers and others that matched the Mobile Veterinarian Unit trucks and Jurassic World jeeps. They may used them to blend into this park."

"Wow. Blending in with these types of vehicles that matched ours." Barry said to them while looking outside in case of any trouble. Then he added, "They sure were clever."

Owen nodded. Then he said in serious tone to Claire and Barry, "That can't be a coincidence. First the black market funding, then the EMP bomb hitting the radar allowing them to infiltrate this island with their gear and ground vehicles and now this is happening. This is all connected." Claire looks at Owen and knew that everything that happened in the past from the mysterious black market funding of both Raptor Research and Indominus Rex production to the siege of Jurassic World was all connected. Barry took in what Owen said and knew he will have to tell him what he found when they get themselves into a safe location.

Owen then decided that they should leave real soon since the Indominus Rex might be not far from them and the terrorists might track them. He came over with Claire following him. Owen then asked, "Hey, Zach. How are you doing with the car battery?"

As Owen said that, Zach just completed installing the battery on Jeep 29. Then he said to everyone, "Done. Let's see if this jeep works now."

"Any gas on that jeep?" Owen asked the others with him, hoping the vehicle had gas on it.

"Yeah. We found a small gas can and filled it up, just in case." Barry said as he looked at the gas tank of the jeep earlier.

"Do you think it will work?" Claire asked as she was concerned that it may not start because the vehicle hasn't been used in the long time.

"Let's find out." Owen said as Zach went on the driver's seat with the keys to Jeep 29. He turned on the ignition and Jeep 29 miraculously started.

"Whoo! It works!" Zach cheered. Gray cracked a smile on his face.

"Alright!" Owen cheered as he clapped his hands in celebration. Barry smiled as he is relieved that the jeep had actually started.

"Way a go, boys!" Claire cheered also with a smile on her face. She then hugged Zach for a moment. Zach was surprised that his aunt just hugged him, but he returns for a bit. Then she hugged Gray also for a moment as Gray returned the embrace. Claire couldn't believe that she just actually happily hugged her nephews. She actually felt good on the inside.

"You're quite a genius, Zach." Owen said to him as he and Zach did a high five on each other.

After seeing that with a smile, Claire look at the road. "That road goes straight back to the park." Claire said, pointing to the direction of it.

"We can't go back to the park." Owen reminded her.

"I know. Just hope they're not expecting us out there." Claire said to the others.

"Or that monster out there." Owen stated as he knew full well what the Indominus Rex was capable of.

Claire then nodded to Owen. After a moment, she said as she was in charge, "Okay, Owen, Barry, you two shoot in case you see anything that poses a threat to us, be it the terrorists or that thing." She hope they don't get spotted by both the terrorists and the Indominus Rex while they get to the bunker.

“Okay." Owen nodded in agreement as he stood near Jeep 29.

"Sounds good to me." Barry agreed as he went to the back seat of the jeep and got in the driver's side back seat.

Claire turned her face at Zach and said to him, "Zach, you drive where I can navigate you." Zach acknowledged silently as he sat in the driver's seat. Then Claire continued as she turned her face at Gray, "Gray, you can keep an eye in case you see anything, okay?"

"Okay." Gray nodded to his aunt as he went the back seat as Owen went to passenger back seat. Gray was in back seat between Owen and Barry.

"Well, looks like I get to drive. Heh." Zach said, as he remembered he flocked the driving part, even if he didn't fail the driving test.

"I'll navigate us to that bunker which I know.” Claire said as she got in the passenger seat.

"I hope you'll get us to that bunker in one piece." Owen said in a stoic tone.

Claire looked back at Owen. "So do I." Claire replied in an equally stoic tone. Then she turned to Zach said to him, "Alright, Zach. let's go."

Zach started the manual stick shift on the jeep as it took off. They began to drive away from the visitor center as Owen watched the passenger side with his Marlin Model 1895SBL rifle while Barry watched the driver side with the Remington 870 shotgun.

USS Abraham Lincoln

At the USS Abraham Lincoln, Captain Davis and the others are in CIC going over the footage of the siege of Jurassic World. They were connected to the Pentagon, the White House, the commanders of each ship fleet and other high-ranking officials on the secured video conference meeting. The Pentagon analyst said to every on the video conference. "We got facial recognition coming up right now."

As Captain Davis and the other officers & sailors watched, a picture of Torres came up as the Pentagon analyst said to everyone on the video call, "Mike Torres, ex-Special Forces. The man fought alongside Nolan since Panama. Has since fought alongside him in Grenada and Desert Storm. After that, he was discharged from the Army with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and has been working for various jobs in San Diego. After the San Diego incident, Torres joined Nolan in founding Extinct All Dinosaurs and is his second-in-command. Apparently he shares Nolan's beliefs on dinosaurs that should stay extinct."

Then the official switch the picture that shown Smith as the analyst continued, "The guy on the rooftop sniping everyone in Main Street is Dan Smith, also former Special Forces. The man was one of the deadliest and most skilled snipers in the Special Forces. Was credited for over 45 confirmed kills with a sniper while in the Gulf War and he fought alongside Nolan and Torres in Desert Storm. After the Gulf War, he was discharged with the rank of Master Sergeant. He was recruited by Nolan and Torres into Extinct All Dinosaurs. Apparently, he feels that his sniping skills would put into good use for their cause."

The computer then switch pictures which showed Chernov. The analyst said to everyone, "We also identified one other men as Leonid Chernov, Russian. Worked with Russian GRU. Was dismissed for defining orders from the Director of GRU on an interrogation that resulted in death of a businessman with ties to terrorism. After his dismissal, he disappeared and went off grid. He was recruited by Nolan into Extinct All Dinosaurs for his interrogation skills."

"Yes, we have been looking for this guy since then. We never come up with anything." The captain of the Russian fleet blockading Isla Nublar said to everyone on the video conference meeting.

"What about the others?" An U.S. Army general in the White House situation room asked the analyst.

"We're still working on it, sir." The analyst replied.

Captain Davis then stepped on the meeting, "What we want to know is how did these maniacs manage to infiltrate that island? Those vehicles they used had some Jurassic World logos and labels on them, not to mentioned bringing in Hummers with M2 Browning guns." He found it odd that the terrorists managed to seized the island with such planning and having vehicles with Jurassic World logos & H1 Hummers they somehow used in the siege.

"We're working on that, Captain." An high-ranking U.S. Navy admiral said to him.

Captain Davis then decided to get to the point what he wanted to see to everyone. He said with some seriousness in his voice, "We also have a situation since they shot down the two InGen security helicopters trying to enter that island, they might do another live feeding show."

Everyone in the video conference was silent for a moment. Then the U.S. President said to everyone, “We will certainly hold InGen accountable if that happens.”

"Not to mention Nolan and his organization. What we need to do is how the bloody hell do any of us get in the island. We got our own people on that island." The British commander of the British fleet asked.

"So do we. So does Russia, France and such countries. Jurassic World is a world popular island park. Problem is that Extinct All Dinosaurs is an international terrorist organization, probably consists with ex-soldiers from various countries. They probably know all of our tactics." The Chinese commander of the Chinese fleet said to all of them.

"He's right. Every terrorist on that island must have knowledge to all of our military tactics and how to elude our intelligence agencies. We need to thread lightly with these guys since they are well-prepared for any counter offensive we launch at them." Captain Davis replied in agreement. He knew that Nolan and his people are very well-trained and well-organized group.

Then the U.S. President, "I want to assure you gentleman that you all get your own people held hostage on that island and we all appreciate each other's support."

"Did any of the paleontologists come up with anything about that new dinosaur they made?" The French commander of the French fleet asked, wanting to know about the Indominus Rex.

"No, no. They said this they haven't seen that creature before. They think that this thing was a genetically-modified hybrid the people in Jurassic World mentioned. With the way it killed those people, that's unlike any dinosaur they saw in both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna." The British commander of the British fleet replied to everyone of the video conference call as he heard what people in Great Britain said to him.

"Which means we're likely dealing with a brutal killer creature, based on what we saw what it did to those eight people on that feeding show." Captain Davis said to the video conference.

"I agree with the American. Everyone in the world was freaked out when they saw how killed those hostages." The Russian commander of the Russian fleet said.

"Alright, Captain Davis, you and other fleet commanders start preparing your troops. NATO has set up base in the coast at Costa Rica. They will give an authorization when an effective plane to retake Jurassic World has commenced. I will speak to all the other world leaders about this." The President told him.

"Aye, sir." Captain Davis acknowledged to what his Commander-in-Chief said to him.

"Good luck, all of you." The President said to everyone. With that, he clicked the video conference call.

As the video conference meeting was over, Davis and all other officers & sailors in the CIC went back to work.

Jurassic Park Emergency Bunker

Meanwhile, Zach drives Jeep 29 as Claire was directing him to the vicinity where they are going. Owen and Barry, who are in the back seat armed, look around the area as Gray looks behind in case of anyone follows them.

"Okay, guys. I think we're almost there." Claire said while remembering where the old bunker is at as Zach drove the jeep. Owen hoped that Claire is leading them to the right direction where they're going. Claire then turned her head and asked, "Gray, do you see anything or anyone?"

Gray looked behind him and didn't see anything. "No." Gray replied.

"We're good...for now, maybe." Owen said as he looked at both the right side and the back side of the jeep and didn't see anything.

As Zach was driving the jeep, Claire noticed a door barely covered by the jungle vegetation. Claire said while pointing out, "I think I can see the bunker over there."

Zach turns his face where Claire was pointing out and barely saw that door that is covered with the jungle growth. Barry, who was looking around the area armed with the shotgun, sees the door and asked, "Should we stop here in this area?" Barry thought they should stop where they are at since the terrorists might be out there.

"Maybe." Claire replied, realizing what Barry meant. Then she ordered, "Zach, slow down. Slow down here."

Zach slowed the jeep down. Owen, knowing that the helicopters would see white-red jeep from above, said to Claire, "We should stop below the trees so the helicopters won't stop this vehicle."

Claire nodded. She spotted two denser trees not far from them and said to Zach, "Zach, slow down and veer left over there." Zach slowed down more and veered left. When Jeep 29 was below the denser trees, Claire said to Zach, "Stop right here."

Zach stopped the jeep. He put stick shift back in place, put the jeep in park and turned off the engine. As everyone got out of the jeep, both Claire and Owen gently got Gray out of the jeep.

Owen sees old, worn towing cables on the front of the jeep and thought of something. "Hold on for a moment. I got something to give them."

As Claire, Barry, Zach and Gray watched, Owen released the cables on the jeep, wrapped the cable around the large tree trunk below so no one would see it. Claire wondered what Owen was doing as he took the hook of the cable line across the dirt road they came in on. Then Owen wrapped the cable on the other large tree trunk twice and attached the hook on the cable. Barry figure out what Owen is doing as he saw Owen putting dirt, rocks and leafs on the cables on the dirt road and the side of it. Once Owen finished covering the cable, Barry pulled the cable a little bit before stopping it to tightened the cable a little bit. Claire smiled a little upon seeing Owen's planning, clearly pleased with his skills of combat and setting traps. That was something she beginning to like about him. Zach and Gray also smiled at Owen setting a trap and were impressed by his survival skills. As Owen came to her, Claire asked, "Why are using a cable? Set a trap for that thing out or those lunatics?"

"We may need against any incoming terrorist vehicles that drove past here." Owen said to her and the others.

"Or you could use to trip up small dinosaurs." Claire remarked in an attempt for a small joke of his booby-trap.

Owen chuckled a little and said, "Not all of them anyway." Then he stated in a serious tone, "Show us to the bunker you were referring to."

"Uh, right over there." Claire said to the others as she pointed out where it as while turning around.

"Yeah, let's go." Zach stated as he, Gray turned to follow their aunt and Owen with Barry behind them.

As they went closer towards the door to the bunker, they arrived at an area Claire was familiar with. "I remember this spot. This is where John Hammond and Robert Muldoon setup a Raptor Pen to contain the Velociraptors until they escaped during the Jurassic Park incident." Claire said to the others. As she said that, Claire thought of how the raptor killed Justin when she was interning in Jurassic Park. She is still haunted by the tragedy that changed her life forever.

"Yes, I read about that. I was studying that when I started working with my raptors." Owen said to Claire, not knowing about her past interning for Jurassic World and a tragedy that changed her life forever.

Claire knew that Owen didn't know about her past run in with raptors since one of them killed Justin, but she felt the memories of that day haunting her. Trying her best not to show it, she said while composing herself and trying to sound somewhat normal, "I'm sure you read about that and the two incidents on Isla Sorna that involved them."

"Yes, I did." Owen replied to Claire. Although he noticed Claire's tone was a little off, he thought it was because of the whole terrorist situation was getting to her. Deciding to ignore that for now, Owen said to the others, "I should go into the bunker first. Just in case if there's anyone."

Claire knew what Owen meant since the bunker could be occupied by terrorists or dinosaurs that might be living in there. "Okay. You let us know when you see anything."

Upon hearing Owen's plan to go in the bunker first, Barry said to him, "I'll cover the rear."

Owen nodded while Gray said, "That's a good idea."

"Yes, it is." Owen said in agreement with Gray as Owen took lead while the others following him.

As they walked towards the door, Owen and Barry looked around to ensure no one was close by and the Indominus Rex wasn't nearby. As they arrived the door, the entryway to the concrete bunker was covered by jungle growth, but the door was still somewhat visible.

Owen, Claire and the others have reached the door to the bunker. With that, Owen slowly opened the iron door to the bunker and look down on the stairway while turning on the flashlight attached to the G36 rifle. The stone walls were cracked and covered with mold. But the stairway seemed intact. "Okay, let's go. Watch your step." Owen said to everyone with them. With that, Owen started to walk down the stairway first while keeping the G36 rifle raised with it's flashlight on.

"Come on, boys. Come on. Watch your step when you come down." Claire said to her nephews as she gently ushered them to get inside the bunker. Gray came in first, then Zach. Although Gray was a little terrified, he continued to go downstairs. Claire then entered the bunker to follow Owen & her nephews. Then Barry went in and closed the iron door behind him.

As Owen reach the floor, he looked the area with his rifle raised. The square room of the bunker was dark and empty. The small windows in the room were dirty and covered. Gray and Zach entered the room. "What is this place?" Zach asked.

"This is an old bunker. Probably built when Jurassic Park was being made." Owen replied as he looked around as Claire entered the room.

"This emergency bunker was used by John Hammond and Ian Malcolm during the 1993 Isla Nublar incident." Claire said to the others as she remembered reading that while reading the Isla Nublar incident.

Barry entered the room as they looked around the old bunker. Barry said as he looked at the room with amazement, "I can see why they used this bunker. Looks like a heavily-armored area in case of a war."

"Or a major dinosaur attack." Owen said as he knew the bunker was likely set up if an event of a dinosaur attack occurred in Jurassic Park. Then he added, "It looks we'll use this place as a temporary refuge."

As Zach and Gray set on the floor with their backs against the wall, Claire came to them and said to them in a tone above a whisper, "Stay right there." Both brothers nodded as Claire went to Owen and Barry.

Barry shows Owen and Claire the tablet he mentioned earlier and said to them, "This tablet is connected to some internet network the terrorists are using."

"That means they're using a secured, underground internet connection to prevent anyone to getting into their systems as well as keep an eye on what's going on around the world since they destroyed the cell tower." Owen said to them. Claire agreed that Owen is right that the terrorists have set up secured wi-fi network for their own internet. Then Owen continued, "Now you can tell us the rest."

Barry set up a video in the tablet and said to Owen & Claire while showing them, "See this? This was recorded through various people who streamed it to social media right before they destroyed the cell tower. This is everything of how the terrorists took over Jurassic World." Barry pressed the play button on the tablet.

As Barry pressed the play button, Owen and Claire watched as a young woman was doing a video selfie while in Main Street with her friends as Barry said to them, "They had helicopters fly over with machine guns, shooting at the security and indirectly hitting guests." The young woman on the video was chatting on the camera with her two friends about what they saw on the T-Rex feeding show until two helicopters flew over them. Then the camera sees the helicopters open fire on Main Street, causing her and her friends to run in blind panic. Claire looked on in horror. Her eyes were filled with shocked and were moistened by what she is witnessing. Owen remained stoic, but on the inside being a former Navy SEAL, he was stunned on how the helicopters attacked Main Street. Then the camera switches to another camera someone on the Ferry Landing where a helicopter open fire at the security personnel on it, indirectly killing some tourists. Everyone who was watching it was stunned by such a brutal scene of attack. Claire gasped and cover her mouth with her hands as she witnessed the terrifying ordeal. Owen was equally shocked by such atrocity. Then the camera switched to the Aviary when someone was shooting a video of the Pteranodon and the Dimorphodon when terrorists fired their weapons at the Jurassic World park rangers, killing them with such ease. Then they saw one of the terrorists killed the man who tried to use his cell phone in front of his teenage daughter.

Claire was horrified that the terrorists killed a father in front of his teenage daughter. "Ah. Oh, that poor girl..." Claire muttered in sadness and shock upon seeing that. Owen was somber after seeing what happened in the Aviary. Then they saw a large explosion from the dock where the freighter Dust Storm was at from the distance of the Aviary on camera. The explosion shocked both Owen and Claire. Then the camera switched to where the ground attack of the Main Street was occurring.

As Owen watched the ground attack on Main Street, he couldn't believe the manpower and the weapons the terrorists had during the attack. He said in a shocked tone, "I don't understand. They have that many weapons? The attack happened in my place in the I. rex Paddock where a helicopter just came in out of nowhere and started shooting at us. No wonder they had this whole thing planned, judging by the number of men and weapons they have, as well as their tactics."

Zach and Gray stood by as they watched the reactions of Claire and Owen when they watched the attack of Jurassic World on video since they didn't dare want to see it since it might have been too violent for them. Claire couldn't absorb the shock of everything she saw on the brutal ground attack on Main Street. She was utterly distressed by everything she saw on that video of the siege of Jurassic World. Claire said with a trembling voice, "Oh my god... this is terrifying! How can they do this without a single fail?"

Owen look at Claire's horrified face and sees her eyes had unshed tears. She covered her mouth with her hands. Owen said to her as he saw the deadly ground attack on Main Street, "All I can say is that they had to get it right once...and today they did." After Owen said that, they saw the H1 Hummers coming in and opened fired on the majority of the ACU troopers and park rangers, which horrified Claire even more as she gasped when she saw that. Owen remained stoic about it, but was equally horrified on the inside by such a violent attack. "Christ, they worked really first and they didn't stop."

As they continued to watch the video of the siege where the terrorists in the H1 Hummers were firing their M2 Browning machine guns at the security personnel and indirectly killing some civilians, Barry said to them in a somber tone, "Oh yeah, and one more thing; they took out every ACU personnel and security Jurassic World had. The terrorists were like a pack of Velociraptors, surrounding their prey and taking it down." Shortly after Barry said that, the video ended.

After seeing that terrifying video of the siege, Claire felt sad for the lives lost in the siege and was remorseful about it. She said with a trace of remorse in her voice, "Oh, god. I send the remaining ACU personnel and security personnel to the Innovation Center and Hammond Creation Lab and they got killed because of it." Claire felt horrible for sending the remaining team to the Innovation Center. She still vividly remembered Hamada's final radio message, saying "Jurassic World has fallen". That message has horrified Claire and she knew it would haunt her if she survives the situation.

Owen, knowing Claire felt guilty about sending those troopers to the Innovation Center where they were killed, said to her while trying to reassure her, "No, you gave them a fighting chance. They would've been killed either way." Owen knew that the terrorists would kill the remaining ACU troopers and Jurassic World security personnel either way. He wanted Claire to remember that.

Zach and Gray watched as Owen trying to comfort Claire in his own way. Claire was still saddened by it, but Owen could tell that she understood what he told her and relieved the worst of her anguish as she nodded. Upon seeing Claire a little more composed, Owen asked Barry, "Barry, who's the person behind all this?"

Barry then does the search of the tablet. Then after a bit of searching, the search found that Sean Nolan was the man who mastermind the Jurassic World siege. "Sean Nolan." Barry announced to the others.

After hearing Nolan's name, Claire scoffs, walked to the wall and leaned her back at it. As she hung her head, Claire said to the others in a somber tone, "Sean Nolan is the founder and leader of Extinct All Dinosaurs movement, a radical anti-dinosaur terrorist organization. The man's a maniac. Has a been a huge threat to InGen, Masrani Global and other companies that clone or sponsor dinosaurs for a long time."

Upon hearing who Nolan is and what kind of a person he is from Claire, Owen was deep in thought that an anti-dinosaur terrorist organization was responsible for the siege. Zach and Gray couldn't believe that themselves. Owen then asked Claire, "Why is he doing this? It has to be something more than cloning dinosaurs."

As Barry, Zach and Gray came closer to them, Claire asked Owen in a tone above a whisper, "Owen, do you remember the incident in San Diego 18 years ago?"

"Yes, how can they forget about that incident and how they saw it on the news. Why?" Owen asked as he wanted to know about Nolan and what was the connection to the San Diego incident 18 years ago.

With everyone in the bunker around her listening to what she is about to say, Claire then said to them in a quiet, somber tone, "Well, Nolan was a retired Special Forces soldier living in San Diego with his pregnant wife when the T-Rex escaped and trampled on his car. Nolan survived, but his wife and unborn child were killed." Claire remembered hearing about that part of the incident when she watched the news of the San Diego incident and remembered how Sean Nolan angrily berated John Hammond on national television months before Hammond's death over the death of his pregnant wife by the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the incident in Isla Nublar that was covered up by Hammond's nephew Peter Ludlow. She also knew that Nolan sued InGen over the wrongful death of his wife and they had to give him the settlement money.

Owen took in what Claire told him about Nolan. He felt that the man who lost his wife and unborn child by the T-Rex caused him to lose his sanity and became a ruthless terrorist hell-bent on revenge. With Nolan's Special Forces training, Owen knew that Nolan would figure out how the military and intelligence would try to find him & use this knowledge to evade them. Of course, Owen felt sorry for Nolan for losing his wife and unborn kid, but going so far to commit terrorist attacks and kill innocent people to satiate his revenge was a clear step too far. After seeing the attack of Jurassic World, Owen knew that Nolan is now a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to ensure the end of dinosaur cloning for good, if it means killing a lot of people in Isla Nublar. Zach and Gray were stunned by how a man who lost his wife and unborn child would takeover Jurassic World just to avenge his family's death by the dinosaurs.

"No wonder he's pissed. It's terrible that he lost his family, but clearly this man has lost his mind and now will not rest until he gets his revenge." Owen said in a stoic tone. Then he added, "My guess is Nolan blamed InGen for his wife's death."

Claire looked up to Owen and said in a serious tone while fixing her hair a little bit, "Yeah, InGen's then CEO Peter Ludlow and his associates were the reason that T-Rex escaped when they captured it and bought it to San Diego." As Claire was saying that, she finished fixing her hair a little bit. "After that incident and Ludlow's death by the T-Rex and it's infant, Nolan sued InGen and they settled for 5 million dollars on him. Then he disappeared with it. Since then, he has been after InGen and Masrani Global for years. He and his group were responsible for numerous terrorist attacks against those companies and other companies who sponsored the dinosaurs for years."

"Well, today, they did their biggest attack of all." Owen stated in a displeased tone. He was angered that Nolan would go to such lengths to end creating clone dinosaurs even it means murdering innocent people to do so.

Zach said in disbelief, "I can't believe he would do all this for his wife and unborn...kid." He thought of what he should have said since his brother Gray might be traumatized.

Gray looked up to the others and said in a tone above a whisper, "Yeah. This Nolan guy is a monster for doing all this from what we heard."

"And more." Barry said to the others. Then he added, "There's more what I'm about to show you." As he prepared the tablet with him, Barry turned to Claire and said in a serious tone, "I don't think your nephews should see this." He was telling Claire that the scene will be too gruesome for them to watch.

Claire, realizing that her nephews shouldn't watch what Barry is about to show them, said to them while pointing to the door that leads to the control room, "Boys, why don't you go over there, closed that door and stand by it. You probably don't want to see this."

Zach, knowing that whatever Barry is about to show his aunt and Owen maybe too violent, gestured to Gray to following him as he said to him, "Come on, Gray. Let's go." Gray got up and walked with his older brother.

As Zach opened the door and he & Gray were about to get in, Owen said to them, "If you see anyone or something coming towards you, you get back here quickly." Both boys acknowledged as they closed the door behind him and sat near it.

As the Mitchell brothers were out of sight, Barry turned to Owen and Claire as he prepared a video. Both of them noticed Barry looked somber. Owen asked with concern, "What is it?"

Barry sighed and said to Owen & Claire gravely, "This was stream live all over all news networks and social media world wide. Everyone has seen this. Be advice, it's extremely terrifying."

"What is it?" Claire asked with concern and worry in her voice. She was prepared for something she wasn't going to like to see.

"I'm so sorry." Barry said gravely to both Owen and Claire as he pressed the play button on the tablet. The video shows Nolan starting his speech to the world. Zach and Gray slowly & quietly cracked the door open and watched from there without Claire, Owen and Barry noticing.

"That's Nolan." Claire said, as she recognized Nolan since she knew his reputation.

As Owen looked at Claire for a bit and nodded to what she said, he and Claire listened to Nolan's speech on how he called dinosaurs 'monsters' and 'abominations', seeing that he is anti-dinosaur because of his wife's death. Then the camera shown how the Mosasaurus announcer Sarah tied to the crane. "Oh, god..." Owen muttered out the word as the Mosasaurus came out & ate her alive.

Claire let a horrified moan when she saw the announcer got eaten by the Mosasaurus. She was stunned and freaked out when she witnessed the terrorists sadistically fed the announcer to the Mosasaurus. Her eyes were filled with terror and she covered her mouth with her hands. Owen mouth hung open and couldn't believe the terrorists just fed the Mosasaurus a hostage in front of the entire world. On the inside, he was stunned when he saw what just happened.

The camera then switched to the Raptor Paddock, where Leon was about to be tossed into the enclosure. Owen was shocked that Leon has been tossed to his raptors. "I saved this guy earlier today when he fell into the raptor's pen." Owen said in shock to Claire. Claire looks at Owen in shock, meaning the terrorists just tossed the man Owen saved earlier in the raptor's enclosure on the video. Then they watched in horror as Blue and Echo started to maul Leon just as Delta and Charlie shown up. Then they saw all four raptors mauling Leon to death.

"Oh, shit! Those bastards...!" Owen grumbled under his breath when he saw Leon being mauled to death by his raptors. Owen was in utter disbelief that the terrorists fed Leon, the man he saved from his raptor pack earlier, to his raptors, something that was not their fault. He was beyond horrified that the terrorists hand-feed Leon to his raptors just to spread fear of the world. He views the terrorists as a bunch of sick, sadistic group of people who wouldn't let a person saved from a dinosaur live and would feed the same person to the dinosaur.

At the same time, Claire was horrified when she saw the four Velociraptors mauling Leon to death. She felt a flashback of Justin's death in the hands of that raptor haunting her upon seeing that on the tablet. She felt sick to her stomach upon seeing a horrific death of a young raptor paddock worker. Her eyes were filled with dread and she covered her mouth to hide her quivering lips.

Zach and Gray, watching from the door not all the way closed, saw the reactions of their aunt and Owen when they were watching the video. They were very worried with the way they are reacting, particularly Aunt Claire's reactions to the video they are watching.

The camera then changed inside the T-Rex kingdom, where the young couple Andrea and Lynda were tied on the spot where The T-Rex would eat it's meal. Owen and Claire, still shocked by the feeding shows they saw earlier, watched as the T-Rex appeared and ate Andrew, chomping him to death before devouring him.

Claire stepped back in shock as she let out a shocked moan. Owen looked on with a stoic yet stunned feature on his face. Then they saw Lynda get chomped next and ate her. After seeing Lynda killed by the T-Rex, Claire still had her hands in her mouth to strife her own emotions as she watched the terrifying feeding shows. Owen was in utter disbelief that the terrorists would feed the carnivores hostages and streamed it for the whole world to see. He feels that Nolan and these maniacs with him are such cold-blooded killers who are instilling fear to everyone about the dinosaurs whom they called monsters.

Then the video switched to the stream where eight people, who are wounded, tossed from a helicopter as a drone with a camera was flying above them. Barry warned Owen and Claire, "This part is absolutely the most gruesome thing you two will see."

As Owen and Claire nodded, they see eight people, all of them shot in their kneecaps, are down in the stream. Claire was utterly stunned when she spotted Osterly, Drucker and Brand as among the hostages that were fed to the Indominus Rex. "Oh, my god. I spoke to three of them earlier. They're were the Verizon representatives that was planning to sponsor the Indominus Rex." Claire said in a shocked tone as she knew they were killed by it.

Owen turned to Claire and she saw her horrified look as she knew she wasn't going to like what she is about to see on the Verizon sponsors. Then they see the Indominus Rex came out when it camouflage itself. Then Owen and Claire looked on in horror as the hybrid stomped a female tourist to death with her right foot and mauled a fat male tourist with it's powerful jaws almost simultaneously in brutal fashion. Then they saw that it come for Osterly and it chomped him in half, which killed him instantly. Claire gasped in horror when she saw Osterly get eaten by the hybrid. Then she and Owen saw the deadly creature tail-whipped a male tourist, who crashed into the trees and snapped his spinal cord, killing him.

Then Claire was horrified when she and Owen the Indominus grabbed Brand's left arm with it's mouth and lifted her up, causing intense pain as Brand screamed out horrendously. Then they saw the hybrid biting off Brand's arm, causing her to fall to her death as she hit her head on the sharp rock, which made Claire feel utterly horrible as tears she was trying to fight back were starting to come down slowly. Then Claire and Owen saw Drucker got trampled to death when the Indominus's huge left foot stomped on him.

Owen then said to Claire and Barry as continued to watch the horrifying and graphic video of the feeding shows, "That thing killed those hostages for pleasure, just like it did with that Apatosaurus herd." Claire, who already knew that the hybrid kills for sport, nodded as she and Owen saw a black male tourist got chomped by the dangerous creature. Then it grabbed the last tourist, a Hispanic man, and tossed him into the trees, killing him instantly. Then Barry somberly paused the video, seeing that Owen and Claire have had enough watching that traumatic video of the feeding shows.

Upon seeing the live feeding shows, Claire had suddenly had terrified feelings that were indescribable. She was beyond horrified by what she just witnessed and had a pale look on her face. Her bottom lip was quivering and her eyes had tears that threatened to come down. She gasped in horror and shouted in mixture of fear and anger, "OH...OH MY GOD!" Her left hand was on her forehead trying to compose herself. Then she muttered with fear and anger in her voice while looking at both Owen and Barry, "How could he?! How could he do this?! Nolan is giving an impression that these dinosaurs are monsters...! He's a sadist!" As that was happening, Zach and Gray peeked in through the door and saw how worried and terrified their aunt currently is after she saw something that was horrible on video.

"Indeed. Words can't described what horror this presents." Barry said somberly to Claire as he knew she was in distress over what she saw on the tablet. Owen was concerned how Claire is handling a traumatic scene of seeing people being fed to the carnivores by the terrorists.

Claire then frantically stated in a tone that is mixed with anger while looking at Owen, "He even gave the Verizon sponsors I talked to earlier to the Indominus Rex! And he showed the deaths to the world! What is wrong with him...?! What is he trying to prove...?!"

"NO....." Owen yelled out in disgust over Nolan's actions of feeding the hostages to the carnivores. Then he continued while in a slightly calmer tone, "Nolan is proving nothing. The only thing he's proving is that he and his organization are the bloodthirsty psychopaths here. He's literally feeding the hostages to the carnivores. He even fed Leon to my raptors! He's insane. He thinks dinosaurs are monsters, yet he is the monster here. He is killing innocent people himself. And he will feed all the hostages, including innocent children, to the carnivores." Owen knew they need to stop Nolan from doing anymore feeding shows to the hostages, a lot of people, including innocent children, will die on the island.

Claire knew that Owen was right about Nolan will continue to send more people to the death by hand feeding them to the carnivore. She knew that they have to somehow stop Nolan from completing his mission. She was silent for a moment as she took in everything Owen said. Claire said in a slightly calmer yet frantic tone, "My sister probably thinks she will see my nephews being fed to the carnivores later!" She knew that Karen had to worried when she saw those feeding shows and suspect she is fearing that Zach & Gray might be fed to those dinosaurs later. After seeing that horrible live stream of the feeding shows, Claire is now more protective of her nephews and more determined to get them home safely.

Seeing Claire's distressed look, Owen stated to her in a somewhat solemnly tone, "So, your sister thinks that Zach and Gray may be one of the victims of that savage monster? Me and Barry will make sure that Nolan goes nowhere near your nephews."

Claire felt a little reassured by Owen and knew that she can only trust him & Barry right now after the devastating siege of the island. Claire said while trying to slowly compose herself, "Th...Thanks, Owen. I really need you and Barry. But Owen, I have a question." Claire was quiet for a moment as Owen looked at her while he wanted what she was going to ask him. Then she asked with a trace of concern, "Have you ever seen anything like this?"

Owen was quiet for a moment. Then with a deep breath, he said in a quiet tone, "...No. Never have I witnessed such an atrocity compared to this. What I saw was far worse than what I ever saw back in my days as a SEAL." Owen previously saw such bad things in the past as a Navy SEAL, including some intense fighting against terrorism and dealing with wounded fellow SEALs while in a heat of a battle, but nothing compared to the atrocity he just saw when Nolan and his people fed the carnivores hostages. That was something new for Owen too and it was very cruel and brutal.

Claire rolled her eyes a little, knowing that this atrocious act of terrorism on Jurassic World was something new for Owen too. She said with a trace of sarcasm, "That's good to know." As she said that, Zach and Gray quietly shut the door, knowing they don't need to see this anymore.

After watching the reactions of their aunt and Owen upon watching something horrible on that tablet, both brothers knew the situation was grimmer than ever. Gray somberly looked Zach and asked to his big brother in a soft tone, "I can't believe all this is happening around us."

Zach nodded in agreement with his little brother and said softly, "I know, me too."

As that was happening, Claire turned to Barry and asked, "Can we used that tablet to contact the Navy or something?" Claire hoped that they will contact the Navy about the situation.

Barry look at Claire solemnly and said to her, "No, it's too risky. These terrorists might pick up the signal and track us where we are." Barry knew that with the tablet on the network the terrorists are using, the risks of their attackers finding them will increase.

"He's right. It's too risky to contact the Navy via internet these maniacs are using." Owen said to Claire. He knew it was too risky to use the tablet to contact anyone for help because Nolan and his goons might intercept the signal and lead the terrorists to them.

Claire hung her head, knowing that they are right. Deciding to figure things out on how to solve the situation, Claire said to Owen and Barry, "Alright. We still need a plan here. We have to start figuring things out." As she said that, she went to the door and opened it, "Zach, Gray." Claire said, motioning them to come out.

With that, Zach and Gray entered the bunker again and Claire closed the door behind them.

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor paddock, Witter and his men still surrounded Hoskins and his remaining mercenaries. Then Nolan and his two henchmen with him arrived as they came over to Hoskins and his captured mercenaries. As Nolan faced him with a small smirk on his face, Hoskins saw Nolan, whom he is surprised to see since he knows his reputation. "You!" Hoskins exclaimed in shock.

Nolan still smirked at Hoskins when he was in shock to him. "Hey, Vic." Nolan said in a quiet tone. Then he added, "How nice to meet you face to face."

As Hoskins looks at Nolan with shock in his eyes, he declared in a firm tone, "You're the one who took over this park!"

"Yeah. I'm the new owner of this park." Nolan said sarcastically. Nolan sees the InGen contractor and both of then pretended to glare at each other to avoid Hoskins knowing that they are working together. Nolan turns his face back to Hoskins and said to him in a normal tone, "Here's what I want to talk you about it, Vic."

As Witter and some of the terrorists watched the InGen mercenaries, the other Extinct All Dinosaurs members were setting up camera equipment. The InGen Contractor stood by as he watched Nolan talked to his boss as he waited to speak to Nolan. Hoskins assumed in an arrogant tone, "You're telling me to back off, Mr. Nolan?"

Nolan chuckled a little and said, "That's only part of it." Hoskins wondered what else the terrorist mastermind want to talk to him about. Then Nolan said in a serious tone "I know about your plans to use these Velociraptors over there as military weapons, along with the Indominus Rex out there."

After hearing what Nolan said to him, Hoskins was stunned and in total disbelief that Nolan knew of his plans to use the raptors and the I-rex as military weapons. Hoskins started in a defensive tone, "Ah, Jesus! Are you serious?! How did..."

Nolan interrupted him before he can finished and said with confidence, "Let's start off by saying I'm been in contact with you and your people as one of the anonymous financiers under an alias and I had some help." Hoskins looked at him with disbelief as Nolan continued, "You provided me with the layout of the island, which makes you complicit in this attack." What he said was true, Nolan and his mole, the InGen contractor, manipulated Hoskins into giving him the layout of the island and all of Jurassic World locations, which help them on their plans to take control of the island.

After Nolan revealed that he was posing as one of the anonymous financiers with a different alias and got the layout of the park from him, Hoskins was stunned beyond comprehension. He couldn't believe that he gave Nolan the layout of the park, which would make him an accessory of a terrorist attack. His facial expression was that of shock. Hoskins was also angry that Nolan used him to do his bidding. Before Hoskins can say anything, Nolan continued in a taunting tone, "Yeah, that's right, asshole. You are an accessory to this. That money you got for the Raptor research and the Indominus Rex production came from me." Hoskins was utter disbelief that Nolan provided the funding for raptor research and the Indominus Rex production that he was happy to receive. He felt like a fool letting Nolan and his terrorist organization used him as a patsy. The InGen contractor was secretly pleased that his boss knew that he was duped by Nolan while maintaining a stunned and shocked look on his face to keep appearances.

Upon seeing Hoskins's stunned face, Nolan smirked and continued, "I also know the names of your fellow conspirators. It took some digging, but I got it." Nolan said. Then he shown him the paper of the names of others involved as he said in a taunting tone, "That's right. This is prove that I know about them, jackass. I know all about your involvement with the idea of using dinosaurs as military weapons, among other things, with Dr. Wu involved."

Hoskins looked at Nolan with more anger in his face and he shouted him in a horrified tone, "How could you use me like that?! I can't believe you duped me to do this! I'll be charged as an accessory! I won't last long out there!"

"I know." Nolan stated in a taunting tone. He smirked at Hoskins, who was was equally ticked and horrified. Then he looked at the InGen contractor with a serious expression on his face. The contractor glared at Nolan to avoid Hoskins from knowing that he worked for him.

Witter came to him and said, "This guy won't talk to me, sir." He was keeping appearances to cover their mole and to prevent Hoskins from finding out that his head mercenary was working for them.

Nolan nodded to Witter. The InGen contractor looks at Nolan at the eye, pretending to glare at him. Nolan silently nods at him, indicating that they need to talk in a bit. Then he turned to Hoskins and said to him in confident tone, "Well, knowing you, Vic. You're not gonna talk about the raptor man who killed some of my men and is protecting Dearing out there." As he was saying that, Nolan pointed out to Witter with his right thumb. "Since your contractor didn't talk to my man here, I suppose I should try intimidate him into talking." Then he said to Witter while pointing to the back of the Raptor pen, "Bring him back over there."

"Will do." Witter acknowledged calmly. Then Witter and another man grabbed the InGen contractor as the British henchman said to him, "Time to round 2." With that, Witter and another goon dragged the head mercenary over to the Raptor pen.

Nolan turned to Hoskins and said to him in a taunting tone, "We're not done yet, pal." With that, Nolan walks away and heads to talk to the InGen contractor, leaving a dumbfounded Hoskins lamenting over him unknowingly giving the terrorists the layout of the island while being surrounded by some of Nolan's men.

Nolan came over to the spot where Witter is keeping the InGen contractor at to avoid being seen with Hoskins. "Nolan..." The head mercenary said when Nolan faces him.

"You got some explaining to do, Antonis." Nolan quietly, but serious said to him.

John Antonis was the head of the InGen mercenaries and served as Hoskins's right hand man, only he got disillusioned with Hoskins and his fellow conspirators when they were planning to create genetically-modified dinosaurs to be used as military weapons, including the Indominus Rex. Antonis felt that such ideas would only cause more chaos like it did with the 1993 incident in Isla Nublar, two incidents in Isla Sorna and the incident in San Diego. He then joined Nolan as the inside man of InGen and the secret organization involved in the conspiracy. Antonis kept appearance as Hoskins's loyal contractor while secretly feeding information on Jurassic World, most of the park's essential personnel, the secret organization and such to Nolan. With his help, Nolan had the intel he needed for his plans to take over Jurassic World. Antonis said to Nolan, "I know it's about the intruders Grady and Sembène. I take that's what you want to talk to me about."

"Yes, it is." Nolan replied quietly and sternly. Then he threw a punch with his left on Antonis's abdomen and threw him down on the ground to keep appearances to maintain his cover. Then Nolan scolded quietly, "You were told to reveal the personnel of all Raptor paddock employees."

"Yes, I know. But only Hoskins has access to those files and I didn't have access to them." Antonis said to Nolan while in pain from the hits he took so he can maintain his cover.

"Just like Jeffrey Porter didn't have access to all of raptor employees." Nolan muttered unhappily as he was displeased that two of his moles didn't have access to the information on the raptor employees, which probably would have made them aware of Owen being a former SEAL. He wasn't thrilled that his ingenious plans are not as flawless as it shouldn't been because of the two men they weren't able to get information on. Then he added, "So, Antonis. How do we get Grady, Sembène, Dearing and her nephews?"

As Antonis remained on the ground, he said to Nolan in confident tone, "I may have an idea. Grady and Sembène may have to return to the Raptor Paddock to tend to Blue and the other raptors to prevent Hoskins from using them against us or the Indominus Rex. We can use the raptors as bait to lure them and capture them alongside Dearing and her nephews." Antonis knew that Owen was the raptor's alpha and the raptors would follow his commands.

Nolan, in deep thought about what Antonis told him, suspected that Antonis is right about Owen would go back to his raptor pack to prevent Hoskins from using them, but also thinks that Owen would likely hide Claire and her nephews if it does happen. Nolan said to Antonis, "That must mean Grady and Sembène will probably hide Dearing and her nephews from us." Nolan knew that his instincts tell him that Owen and Barry will likely hide Claire and her nephews from him and his people, but knew that Antonis's idea might work to get to Owen and Barry. Then he continued, "But you’re probably right. Let me know when they arrive."

"Yes, sir." Antonis acknowledged as he sluggishly got up.

As Witter shoved him to the wall of the pen to keep appearances that he was interrogated, Nolan said to Antonis, "Make sure Hoskins doesn't do anything stupid like letting those fucking raptors out. We also installed our mini-cameras in the area to keep an eye on things also."

Antonis looks at Nolan in the eye and replied, "I'm well aware of that, Nolan. I'll send you an secured text to you guys when Grady, Dearing and the others show up here."

Nolan nodded. Then turned to Witter and ordered firmly, "Give this son of a bitch 4 cc's, Witter!" As he said that, Nolan let out two fingers silently telling Witter just give Antonis 2 cc's of Hyocine-pentohal, which is less painful compared to the higher does of the interrogation drug. As Witter acknowledged to get 2 cc's of the drug, Nolan turned to Antonis and said quietly, "Sorry about that, John. That just makes it more convincing to Hoskins as well as the others here. We'll give you a counter drug within a minute."

Antonis, knowing what Hyocine-pentohal is, wasn't thrilled that. But knew it had to be done to protect his cover and to ensure his role as the inside man of Hoskins and his InGen people remains secured. He stated in an unhappy tone, "I know. I don't like it, but I accept in order to maintain my cover."

Nolan then walked away as Witter prepared to give Antonis 2 cc's of the drug. As that was happening, Nolan checked in on the radio, "Hawkins, are we on schedule?"

Hawkins was on one side of the Aviary with a repelling rope as he said to Nolan on the radio, "One more bomb to go and then it's all ready. And you better make sure that hybrid doesn't get close to the Aviary before we leave because we are hearing it's roars." Hawkins had one more bomb to plant on the Aviary. he & the other terrorists heard the roars of the Indominus Rex.

"Let me worry about that. Just call me when you arm the last bomb." Nolan replied in a serious tone. Then he switched radio frequency and said, "Moreau?"

At the stream, Moreau and five men with him were following the footsteps of Owen, Claire and the others that are heading towards the old Jurassic Park visitor center. Moreau replied, "Yeah?"

"Any luck finding Grady, Dearing and the others?" Nolan asked in a serious tone.

Moreau looked down the tracks as he said to Nolan, "We found their tracks heading up the stream towards the old Jurassic Park visitor. No sign of the Indominus yet."

"Don't waste time finding Grady, Dearing and the others." Nolan replied on the radio. Moreau acknowledged in French as Nolan puts his radio on the pocket. Then he sees Witter giving the counteractive drug on Antonis. After the counteractive drug was taking effect, Antonis slowly got up. One of his men, a bearded man, came to Nolan.

"Sir, the camera is all set up and ready to go." The breaded henchman said to him.

Nolan gave him a thumbs up. Then he nodded to Witter and the other henchman with him to bring Antonis over to Hoskins. Before they can move, Nolan said to him as a reminder, "Make sure Hoskins doesn't do anything stupid, Antonis. You let me know when Grady, Dearing and the others arrive here."

Antonis nodded as Witter and the other henchman dragged him out in order to keep his cover intact. Then Nolan used the radio, "Cullen, come in."

At the control room, Cullen answered on the radio, "Yes, sir."

"What's the status of the ones picked for the next feeding show?" Nolan asked.

"All the selected hostages are in place, sir." Cullen said as she sees all the selected hostages are ready for the next feeding show.

"Good, start the countdown." Nolan said to her.

"We'll be on in a minute and a half." Cullen acknowledged as she and Porter prepared for stream another live feeding show for the whole world to see.

"Copy that." Nolan acknowledged.

Just as he was about to head towards Hoskins, "Nolan, it's Wang. Over."

"Tell me you got Wu, Wang?" Nolan asked, feeling hopeful that Wang got the lock in Wu's office cracked.

Hammond Creation Lab

"We just cracked the last lock. We're going in to Wu's office now.” Wang said as he kicked the door open. Wu sees Wang and three other men coming into his office. As he went to the corner with his hands up, Wang rushes in and grabs him. Then he punches Wu in the face, saying, “Come here, jerkface.” Then Wang throws a right cross in Wu's face and tosses him on his desk.

Then the two henchmen grabbed Wu and restrained him as Wang checked in on the radio, "We got Wu, sir."

Nolan smirked, feeling pleased that they finally got Wu. He said to Wang on the radio, "Excellent. Bring him to the control room for now. I want him to see the next feeding show."

"You got it." Wang acknowledged. Then he said to the men who took hold of Wu. "Let's go." The two men begin to haul Wu towards the elevator with a man guarding him from behind, following Wang to the elevator.

Raptor Research Arena

At the Raptor paddock, Nolan came over to Hoskins, who was watching over Antonis after Witter tossed him down near him. Nolan said to him, "I just got word that your friend Henry Wu has been captured." Hoskins sighed in disbelief, realizing that they have Wu now. Hoskins knows that Wu's capture means danger to him and his fellow conspirators. Nolan smirked and said in a confident, wisecracking tone, "That's right. My men drilled the lock in his office. Also, your friend Antonis here wouldn't talk to me, even under extreme interrogation." Antonis glared at Nolan to keep appearance as if he was interrogated by Nolan and his men over there as Nolan continued, "But I didn't need him to know about Owen Grady and Barry Sembène. I know that they are with Claire Dearing and her nephews, hiding them from me."

Hoskins look at Nolan with shocked eyes and asked in confusion while afraid of Nolan since he indirectly helped him take over Jurassic World, “What does this have to do with them? What do you want for me?"

"First of all, Vic. I know who your secret benefactor in your secret organization is. Your highest co-conspirator, your financier of all things. I funded some of the raptor research and Indominus Rex production to get close to you all." Hoskins looked at him with wide eyes as Nolan continued, "I know you don't know who is and he's not on the list I showed you. But I found out who he was a few days ago. Can't tell you how I know it, but I plan to expose him and the others on the list after my mission here is complete." Then Nolan shot one of the captured InGen mercenaries in the head and killed him.

Hoskins was stunned that Nolan killed one of his captured men as well as uncovered everything in the secret organization that is sponsor to make hybrids and dinosaurs as military weapons. Nolan said to him in a serious tone to Hoskins, "Here's the deal here. You stand down from going after me and you & what's left of your men help me kill Grady & Sembène and capture Dearing & her two nephews, I'll make sure you escape this island and you & your fucking people will go to the country with no extradition treaty because you're co-conspirators will name you after I expose them. Because if you don't cooperate with me, I will expose you sooner than later and you and your people are finished. Either way, your obsession with trying to make dinosaurs as military weapons is over."

Hoskins looks at Nolan with such conflict in his face. He stated in a tone of disbelief, "You must be kidding me! Making me choose my friends and a few innocent people or my secrets?!" Hoskins couldn't what choices Nolan is making him choose. He was extremely conflicted on what to do.

Nolan noticed his conflict and let out a smile on his face, seeing that he was getting through to him. He said to Hoskins in a confident tone, "Well, you know what? You are going to choose one only." Then he came to Hoskins's right ear whispered to him, "And I really suggest you cooperate with us." Then he stood, watching Hoskins up close.

Hoskins looks at Nolan with conflict in his eye. He knew he would be exposed one way or another. Hoskins realized that either Nolan or his own conspirators in his inner circle will expose him. Knowing that he is done trying to make dinosaurs as weapons either way, he looks Nolan and said in a reluctant tone, "Alright, we'll do it. Just...take it easy and don't tell the others in my organization about our deal."

Nolan was satisfied that Hoskins will now work for him. He said in a serious tone, "Good. And one more thing, you try to defy me, this what will happen like I did earlier before you retook the Raptor paddock. Watch this and you'll see what I mean." With that, he checked in with Cullen on the radio and asked, "Cullen, when do we go on the air?"

"One minute to go on the air." Cullen replied on the radio as she was getting all social media sites and news feeds around the world to watch the live feeding shows.

"Good. Stand by." Nolan replied in a pleased tone. Then he looked at Hoskins, who looks at him with displeasure of being blackmailed into working for him. Antonis was pleased that a lot of things are going their way now. Nolan smirked a little bit as he went to the camera to prepare another live feeding shows.

Jurassic Park Emergency Bunker

Meanwhile in the bunker, Owen speaks to Claire while Barry stayed his post at the entryway in the bunker. Zach and Gray sat to the wall next to each other. Owen said to Claire, "Something doesn't feel right. Five million dollars from Nolan's settlement is not enough to make this kind of attack happen. He has to get a large amount of money for that kind of manpower, the weapons, the helicopters and the vehicles used in this attack. That have to be getting from elsewhere." Owen knew that the attack of this magnitude would require of tons of funding and five million dollars isn't enough for that kind of attack.

Claire agreed with Owen that five million dollars of Nolan's settlement money isn't enough to launch a major terrorist attack against Jurassic World the way it did. "That is true." Claire stated in agreement. Then she asked, "The question is who on the inside help them seized the control room?"

Owen thought about it for the moment. Then he asked, "Anyone you suspect that might do that, Claire?" He wanted to know if Claire can suspect anyone in the control room who might help Nolan and his organization seize the control room.

"I don't know, but I have a very good idea. I think it might be Jeffrey Porter, one of our systems analysts and controllers in the control room." Claire replied to him. She remembered Porter telling her that they have to put the radar offline for a major update on it, which led to the terrorist helicopters entering the island, just like when the radar went offline by a EMP bomb which led Nolan and many of his goons to enter the island and use the old Jurassic Park visitor center two weeks earlier.

After Claire told him about Porter, Owen asked with curiosity in his voice, "How so? Why do you suspect that guy Porter, one of your own people?"

Claire took a deep breath and said while looking at Owen, "Well, first of all, he told me that he had to shut down the radar for a major update since it went offline two weeks ago, which is how those helicopters got into this island undetected. Secondly, Porter's a brilliant analyst and controller, but he's a greedy jackass with financial issues. I turned him down for a promotion because he's not leadership material. Didn't have what it takes to command an operation." Claire turned down Porter promotion because she knew that Porter didn't have the qualities to be a leader and it cause some mild friction between them. She suspected that Porter might have been the one who helped Nolan and his organization because of his greed and anger over turning him down a promotion. As she told Owen about Porter, Barry noticed something on the tablet and went to look at it.

Zach and Gray listened to what their aunt told Owen about the guy name Porter who may have been involved in the siege. They heard that Porter works for the control room in Jurassic World and is apparently now working with the terrorists. They looked at each other with surprise expressions on their faces.

Owen took in what Clare told him about Porter. He knew a man of that description would likely turn traitor for money. He then said to Claire in a tone trying to be reassuring, "Claire, this Porter guy of yours is dumb for working with these terrorists. He can't notice his flaws of not being able to be a leader, and yet he gets revenge by partnering with the terrorists. He is a stupid asshole for teaming up with them in the first place."

Claire sighed and replied to Owen, "Yes, I know that. I didn't personally hire him. He was..."

Before Claire can go on further, Barry saw something on the tablet and was shocked was going to happened. Then he then muttered, "Oh, god. Owen! Claire! More live feeding shows are on!"

"What?" Owen asked, concerned as and Claire came to Barry. Then they see Nolan about to make a speech with a inevitable feeding show about to happen.

"Oh, god." Claire muttered in shock. As Zach and Gray stood up, Claire saw them and said to them in serious tone, "Zach and Gray, do not look at this. Stay right there now." Claire didn't want her nephews to see a gruesome live stream show of the hostages being hand-feed to the carnivores.

Zach, realizing what his aunt meant, grabbed Gray and said, "Stay with me."

As that happened, Nolan started his speech while at the Raptor Paddock, "Hi, everyone. An attempt to get us by InGen soldiers has been thwarted by us. They tried to fight back at us and they briefly retook the Raptor paddock, but we retaking it back and we have annihilated the InGen mercenaries. Now they will pay for it with what we about to show you now."

Cullen then switch the camera to the Mosasaurus stadium, where Zara, tied to the crane, is dragged above the lagoon. She was screaming in terror and was kicking her legs around. Claire was stunned and shocked to see that it was Zara on that crane. "Oh, my god. No." Claire muttered in horror as she is not prepare for what she is about to see.

At the Mosasaurus stadium, Zara continued to kick her feet around and her eyes were filled with deep terror as she screamed. "NO! PLEASE, NO! NO! GOD, PLEASE NO! DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!! NO!!!!!" Then the Mosasaurus came out and ate the screaming Zara. All the hostages in the stadium were immensely horrified when they saw the Mosasaurus chomped Zara to death.

At the bunker, Claire was horrified when she saw Zara got eaten by the Mosasaurus. "Holy god!" Claire muttered in horror. She was overwhelmed with shock after seeing Zara got chomped to death by the Mosasaurus. She put her right hand on her mouth as her eyes were filled with sadness. Owen was stunned and aghast when he saw Zara got eaten, even though he didn't show it on the outside. Barry was equally stunned by the terrorists hand-feeding the woman to the Mosasaurus. Zach and Gray did not like their facial expressions and are worried that something horrible is happening.

At Karen's workplace, Karen, along with two FBI agents with her, watched in shock when they saw a Mosasaurus eating the woman Karen did not recognize. Then they see the Mosasaurus going back to the water, making a huge splash as pieces of Zara's arms fall into the water. A FBI agent, a Caucasian man in his 40s, looks at Karen sympathetically and said to her, “Maybe you shouldn't watch anymore of this."

Karen, seeing the agent's sincerity, said somberly with a trace of worry in her voice, "I don't have any other choice, but to watch these horrible shows to know if my sons or sister will end up like the others." She didn't want to see her sons or sister to be the victims of the terrorists' feeding shows, but knew there are no other way for her to know if Zach, Gray and Claire would be killed by the terrorists.

After hearing what Karen said, the FBI agent nodded as the feeding show continued.

At the control room, Masrani and the other hostages were shocked to see Zara being fed to the Mosasaurus as it ate her fallen arms in the water. Wu, who was guarded by two terrorists, was also watching the horrifying show. Wu was utterly stunned that the terrorists would send the hostages to their deaths in the hands of the dinosaurs. Then Cullen switched cameras to the T-Rex enclosure where a young man and a young Asian woman, hands tied and on their knees, are shown. Then the T-Rex appeared in front of them.

Back in the bunker, Owen, Claire and Barry saw the two hostages, who are about to be killed by the T-Rex. Claire held her breath as she was prepared to see another violent showing. Owen and Barry held their breaths also for the inevitable moment as the drone above those poor hostages was catching this on camera.

The Asian woman screamed loudly when she saw the T-Rex coming at her. The scream attracted the T-Rex and she chomped down on her. She then shredded the woman until she swallowed her whole. The guy next to her screamed after witnessing the Asian woman's gruesome demise by the T-Rex.

Owen, Claire and Barry were utterly shocked and disgusted by the terrorists feeding those two poor people to the T-Rex. Then they watched as the T-Rex got hold the young man with it's mouth and chomped him dead. Then it violently shook his body and tore him apart. All three were utterly stunned when they saw the gruesome demise of those two innocent people.

At the Raptor Paddock, Hoskins looks at Nolan in disbelief that he and his people fed the carnivores hostages. Nolan was punishing Hoskins for his actions retaking the Raptor Paddock. Hoskins looked at the terrorist mastermind with a shocked facial expression, but Nolan gave Hoskins a smirk on his own face.

As Nolan watched and waited, the helicopter arrived in a jungle part of the wilderness where six hostages, shot in their knees, were dropped off by the terrorists and took off, despite the hostages' pleas.

The camera then switched to where the wounded hostages are. Owen, Claire and Barry realized that they are sending those six wounded hostages to the Indominus Rex. Claire wasn't sure if she was prepared to see the Indominus brutally killing hostages for pleasure. Owen doesn't like what he is about to see something gruesome again. Barry sighed as the hostages are about to be killed. Barry said to them as a warning, "This is going to be brutal."

At the wilderness, a drone was above the wounded hostages while the terrorists are filming everything. One hostage, a woman with long black hair, turned and saw the Indominus Rex come out of the trees, breaking it's camouflage. She screamed in terror and the other hostages see the hybrid coming at them. They were trying to get away from it, but they couldn't because of their wounded knees. Then the Indominus grab a elderly Latino man in his 60s on his leg with it's mouth. The man screamed as the hybrid tossed him into the trees, killing him instantly. Then the hybrid grabbed a young man with his enormous right hand. The guy was screaming words in German as the Indominus chomp down on him with it's teeth, instantly killing him.

At the control room, Masrani was horrified that the Indominus Rex had brutally killed those hostages. Lowery couldn't believe how the terrorists are doing such evil things to the hostages in Jurassic World. Vivian had tears in her eyes, but tried her best to keep control of herself. One of the other female controllers held hostage was quietly weeping when she saw the violent scene of the attacks. Wu, stunned by what he was seeing, watched in total disbelief that the men who seized Jurassic World had the thing he created killed hostages. Torres, Cullen and the other terrorists watched in amazement on how the Indominus Rex is killing those hostages like it did earlier in the first feeding shows. Wang looks at the Indominus with more interest.

Back in the wilderness, a young man in his 20s with long hair and a college jacket sees the hybrid coming at him. The man screamed at the Indominus Rex crushed him with his enormous right foot.

At the bunker, Owen and Claire were disturbed by how the Indominus kills the hostages when they saw how it stomped on one of the hostages. Barry felt disturbed by it also. Zach and Gray, who weren't watching the terrifying video, but are in the same room, are worried about the expressions of their faces. Then Owen, Claire and Barry see the hybrid closing in a long black-haired woman. The woman screamed as the Indominus Rex chomped down on her, killing her as she ate him whole.

At the Raptor paddock, Hoskins watched in shock as Nolan was using the Indominus Rex to kill those hostages. He was stunned that the terrorist mastermind would fed those hostages to it. Hoskins's facial expression was of deep resentment for Nolan, but couldn't make a stand against him since Nolan has got him on a short leash and threatened to expose his secrets to the world which would destroy him and likely put him in supermax prison. He would also become a target for those involved in his inner circle if that happens.

Back in the wilderness, the hybrid sees the black woman in her 30s and a Russian man in his upper 40s trying to crawl away, but their wounded knees prevented them from going further. Despite their efforts, the Indominus Rex grabbed the screaming Russian man with his mouth, chewing him in half. Then it tail-whipped the black woman, who went flying, screaming as she hit her right chest on the tree, mortally wounding her. Then she hit her head on the second tree, instantly killing her and fell flat to the ground.

At the bunker, Claire gasped in horror at the sheer brutally and violence the hybrid was killing those hostages, especially how it tail-whipped that poor woman into those trees. She jumped back a little and covered her mouth with her right hand. Owen was beyond horrified and angered that the terrorists would do something like that again to those hostages. Barry was equally shocked by such a brutal sight. Zach and Gray realized that they shouldn't see what was going on the tablet Barry had with him.

At the control room, Wu couldn't believe the thing he created killed those hostages with sheer brutally and didn't eat the majority of it because it was hungry, but rather killed them for sport. Masrani and the other hostages watched in horror on the Indominus violently killed those six hostages, just like it did with the first eight hostages. The stunned Masrani couldn't believe how these terrorists would sadistically hand-feed the carnivores hostages and stream it live for the whole world to see. His facial expression was on somber and sadness.

At Karen's workplace, Karen had a horrified look on her face on how the Indominus Rex killed those six people, similar to the first group of hostages to them. The FBI agent with her muttered in shock, "Oh, Jesus." The female FBI agent was shocked by it also. Then the camera switched back to Nolan standing out by the Raptor paddock.

Back in the Raptor paddock, Hoskins watched in shocked as to what just happened. Antonis watched in secret satisfaction pretending to be stunned as Nolan, who was standing the raptor paddock, continued his speech, "This is what happens when you mess with us again. This is what head of InGen Security Vic Hoskins and his InGen soldiers get for retaking the Raptor paddock & killing some of my men. Any military forces from the U.S., Great Britain, Russia, China and other countries launch an operations will endure the same thing again by us and retaliate with everything in our arsenal. Consider that your warning. Again, any military operations launch against us will result in more feeding shows and we will retaliate with everything in our arsenal. Only this time, it will have more people in those feeding shows than before. We will continue to show the world how dangerous, unpredictable and bloodthirsty these creatures are really are to the world and make sure no more dinosaurs to be cloned anymore. Thank you for your time." Then Cullen cut the feed once Nolan finished his speech.

Back in the bunker, after they saw in the horrible live stream has ended, Claire shouted in mixture of anger and despair, "OH MY GOD! Nolan, you asshole!!"

Owen, seeing that the devastating feeding show has finally ended, grumbled in anger, "Were the first feeding shows not enough?! These sociopaths just did it again."

"You should blame Hoskins, since he tried to retake the Raptor Paddock." Barry reminded them of the reason that the terrorists did another feeding shows was because of Hoskins retaking the Raptor Paddock and Nolan retaliated by doing another live feeding shows.

Owen somewhat agreed with Barry that Hoskins retaking the Raptor Paddock brought more harm than good. He knew if he saw Hoskins, he and the others with him will get him a taste of their minds. He then muttered, "Well, Vic did temporarily retake the their paddock, but the terrorists themselves should not have done this at all. They are tying the victims up so they can't escape from the carnivores. They even literally shot the hostages that were given to the Indominus Rex in the knees, just like last time."

"Not to mention, Zara was killed when they send her to that Mosasaurus." Claire then said in an angry yet somber tone. She was saddened by the death of Zara as well as everything that happened on the island. Upon hearing that Zara was killed by the Mosasaurus, Zach and Gray were stunned and, despite their dislike for her, felt that she didn't deserve such a gruesome fate.

Owen looks at her with somewhat of a worried look. He asked Claire with concern in his voice, "You knew her?"

Claire turned her face at Owen somberly and replied slowly in a rueful tone, "She assistant."

After seeing Claire's pained expression in her face, Owen felt bad for her since she had to witness Zara's horrible death on live stream. After a moment of silence, Owen asked, "Did she have your nephews before the attack?"

Claire looks at her nephew with some somberness and replied, "Yes...she had them when I had to work. if my nephews have not run away from her, they would have been captured..." As she said that, Claire looked at her nephews, feeling very fortunate to have them with her in the midst of the devastating siege in Isla Nublar. She realized if Zach and Gray hadn't ran away from Zara and left Main Street to go to the Gyrosphere Station, they would've been captured and likely, Nolan and his group of terrorists would have found out who they are sooner. Otherwise, they would have leverage Claire to do something she didn't want to do for them.

Upon listening to what Claire, Owen and Barry are saying, Gray was worried what to ask. Then he asked, "They are feeding the carnivores people?" He and Zach worried what their reply would be.

The adults didn't know what to say to them exactly. Realizing her nephews will know what's going on, Claire cautiously said to them. "...Yes, I'm afraid so."

Gray then felt upset that all those poor innocent people were fed to the dinosaurs by these terrorists. Gray was in tears as he said quietly, "Oh, goodness. Those poor people..." Gray felt a wave of fear and sadness upon hearing the situation. He was trying to control his crying down.

After seeing Gray's reaction as if he witnessed a murder, Claire feels bad for having him learn all that as a child and feels regretful confirming Gray that.

As Claire looks at Gray regretfully, Zach was equally shocked and terrified by how Nolan is feeding innocent people to the dinosaurs. He felt a wave of anger as he muttered, "How could they do this?! How could they do THIS?!!" Zach hits a nearby disconnected phone that was mounted on the wall. Owen, Claire and Barry kept an eye on Zach after he hit that phone as he was letting his emotions get to him. Gray, with tears in his eyes in distress, stood back. Then Zach continued while filled with high emotions. "Why did Mom send us here?! Huh?! She put us in this island that is now...overwhelmed by these maniacs!"

As Zach was saying that, Claire comes over to Zach. "Zach, please! Calm down!!" Claire said to him, trying to calm her oldest nephew down. Then she continued in a softer tone, "We have you now, okay? You and Gray are nowhere near those terrorists now, so relax." She was trying not to let Zach and Gray feel terrified by what's going on as she is.

"He's murdering people! So how can I calm down?!" Zach angrily stated. He was expressing anger towards Nolan and his goons for their actions yet he was trying to hide his tears of fear from going out. Gray was devastated upon seeing his brother's reaction and was distressed by everything is happening on the island right now. Tears came out of Gray's eyes in distress.

Owen came forward and said as sympathetic as possible, "I know. But you’re safe now. You have your aunt and younger brother with you."

After hearing what Owen said, Zach was slightly calmer. He looks Gray and sees him crying in fear as he was distressed despite his best not to show it. He then said in a slightly calmer tone, "But Gray is crying after hearing what Aunt Claire said. Aunt Claire is probably traumatized after watching those feeding shows. Oh, and not to mention, Mom is probably watching this and she may be scarred for life if we were one of the victims." Zach was trying not to cry because he was trying not to make himself look weak in front the others.

After hearing what Zach said, Claire knew that he was right that she was traumatized by she saw on those live feeding shows, including what happened to Zara. She felt terrible that her nephews are in this position because of the terrorists as well as the Indominus Rex attacking them. She also knew that Karen has to be freaking out over watching all of this happening and would be scarred for the rest of her life if she saw Zach and Gray become the victims of those awful feeding shows by Nolan. With this in mind, Claire had to get Zach and Gray out of the island safely for Karen, for them and for herself.

Owen knew that Zach was trying to give an impression that he is not weak and to avoid himself from crying in front of everyone around him. Owen then said softly to Zach while trying to get through to him, "Well, you’re crying too. But we’ll get you, your brother, and your aunt out of here."

After Owen said that, Zach felt like he was right. But decided he should not show it in from the others. "How?!" Zach asked with a mixture of confusion and anger.

Gray, trying to keep himself together, asked quietly, "There’s no way Mom would know this, is there..?" Gray was concerned that his mother never knew something dangerous would happen in Jurassic World when she send him and Zach over there.

Zach, still feeling angry over everything that is happening, stated, "We would be in this position anyway!"

Claire stepped forward and looks at him in the eye. She softly said to her oldest nephew, "Zach. None of us knew that they were going to take over the island. None of us knew they were going to do these feeding shows. Your Mom sent you here so that you and your brother can have fun, and so that I can spend time with you since I haven’t seen you for straight seven years. And I know all of that is ruined by these terrorists. So please, Zach. Calm down." She hoped that she got through to Zach so he can at least be calmer.

After hearing what Claire said to him, Zach was now calming down. Then he gently his left hand his aunt's left shoulder in appreciation and gently taps Owen's right arm in appreciation also. He went to where Gray is now setting and sat next to him. With all this settled, Owen and Claire went to another wall corner as Barry kept an eye out in case if any terrorists come after them.

As Zach sat next to him, Gray was crying quietly as he turned his face at his older brother, "Zach..." Zach somberly turned his face at Gray. Gray sadly admitted to his brother, "I'm scared..." Gray was terrified of the whole situation and feared that he may not see his mother again.

Zach looked at his brother and knew how he was feeling. He felt scared like him, even though he tried to avoid showing weakness in front of the others when he had that angry episode over the increasingly dangerous situation. Zach then replied somberly, "I know, little bro. I'm scared too."

Gray looked at him for a bit, still crying quietly. Then he held on to Zach who returned the hug and quietly cried.

As that was happening, Claire look away from Owen and Barry. She had a haunted look on her face. She sadly muttered, "We made this park to be safe for everyone from dinosaurs attacks, like what had happened to Jurassic Park here 22 years ago. We wanted to make it safe and enjoyable for the tourists. But these lunatics, they wanted to set a bad example of them to prove a point. So many people died in that attack and more will come later. This place will never reopen because of all this." Claire knew that the park will never reopen because of the aftermath of the siege, the deaths that occurred on the island and the investigations into the attack.

Owen knew that Claire was lamenting over everything that is happening right now and what will become of Jurassic World. But he also knew there is no time to lament over what will become of Jurassic World and there are more important things to do first. He stated to Claire in a firm tone, "Hey." Claire looked at Owen, who continued on, "That's not important right now. What matters now is that we got a large number of people trapped in this island, scared of these maniacs while their families back in the mainland, including your sister and her soon-to-be ex-husband are scared to death that they might see their love ones get eaten live on national television and will see them on YouTube for the rest of their lives. Now if you're finished and get your head in the right direction, we need to get you & your nephews safe and find a way to get these guys." Owen hoped that Claire realizes that there are more important things than the future of the park and focused on stopping the terrorists & save whatever lives they can before they can complete their deadly mission.

After listening to Owen, Claire felt more motivated. She was now more determined to protect her nephews whatever it takes. She looked at Owen in the eye and swore in much determination, "... You're probably right, Owen. I will have to defend them from these psychopathic maniacs, no matter what. We cannot let them kill anymore innocent people on this island. Protecting my nephews are my main priority right now."

"I knew you'd say that." Owen replied stoically, glad that Claire is more motivated to make a stand against the terrorists to protect her nephews. Claire gave him a small smile. After they composed themselves, Zach and Gray got up and see that Owen has motivated their aunt back into game. They was pleased with Owen on their side along with Claire. Barry smiled a little as Owen was getting through to Claire.

Owen, satisfied that Claire was now focused on what's more important, said to her, "Alright, put me in their shoes and let's figure out what they want with you. If it has anything to do with those feeding shows and that hybrid out there, what would they need you for?"

Claire was in deep thought to whatever the terrorists want with her. After a moment of thinking, "Eh...I don't know. I have access to a lot of things on this park. Emergency protocols, security codes and such. Anything is possible whatever these guys want with me. I, they have move the hostages to Main Street since it's now overrun by the terrorists and looks like they will heavily guard it since we saw them attacking it."

Owen thought to what Claire said and stated, "If they did move everyone in Main Street, it means it's has something to do with them and I don't like it since that monster the lab guys created is out there killing the hostages and the dinosaurs."

Claire sighed after hearing what Owen said. As Claire hung her head, She replied timidly, "Yes, I was afraid you say that." Then she raised her head and said to him, "Even with the ones that we saw in the pictures, it doesn't help narrow much down, although I'm sure Nolan has targeted Henry Wu and Vic Hoskins for different reasons." Claire suspected that Nolan has targeted Wu and Hoskins for different reasons.

Barry then stepped forward and said to them in a quiet tone, "Figured that out when we can. Right now, we should find a way to contact the military out there...somehow."

Both Owen and Claire agreed to Barry's suggestion. Then Claire looked at the door and thought of something. She said to the others, "That door that leads to the control room should help us out." Claire hope they can find something to use to contact the military.

Owen looked at the door and was deep in thought. Then he said to the others, "Alright, let me go in first."

Claire acknowledged silently. As Owen opened the door, he lets out the G36 rifle and didn't see anyone coming in. Owen motioned the others to follow him. Claire came over to her nephews and gently said to them, "Boys, come on." Both Zach and Gray silently nodded and they began to follow her. As they arrived in the door, Claire turned to her nephews and said in a tone above a whisper, "Come on." Then Zach came in first. Then Gray went alongside Claire as they followed Owen and Zach. Claire had her left hand on Gray's right hand as they moved along. Barry came in last, armed with the Remington shotgun. Then he closed the door behind him.

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