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Jurassic World: Evolution 2 Is The Sequel To Jurassic World: Evolution. It Has More Creatures, More Stuff, And More Non Jurassic World Stuff.


Jurassic World: Evolution 2 Lets You Build Your Own Jurassic World...... Again! The Story Is That You Build Various Jurassic Zoological Theme Parks Not Just On Islands. But On The Mainland! First You Build Jurassic World Its Self On Isla Nublar, Then You Save The Dinosaurs From Ruthless Mount Sibo, Then You Get Dinosaurs Out Of The Cities, Then You Manage The Sanctuary Island, Then You Build Parks In Various Islands, Cities, Anywhere In Sandbox Mode.


The Game Was Announced In 2019. With A Release Date The Same Year As Jurassic World: War. The Game Since 2019 Was In Development.

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