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Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World is an alternate universe sequel television series to the 2015 summer blockbuster Jurassic World. The creator of this fanfiction is Dinosaurus1, with the producers being BattleshipMan and RockyDaMann. Thanks will also be given to Diabolusaurus127 & MikeShatter150 for the logo artwork.


Three years have passed since the events of 2015’s Jurassic World. Benjamin Lockwood, Eli Mills, and the government are now planning and operating to rebuild the fallen theme park located at Isla Nublar, the legendary Jurassic World. However, former I.B.R.I.S. Velociraptor Trainer Owen Grady and former Park Operations and Senior Assets Manager Claire Dearing, with a line of friends both old and new, will attempt to challenge the operation and put an end to it.


Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World is a fanfiction based off of the Jurassic Park/World Franchise. It is based on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World: Dominion. The fanfiction will attempt to approach a new path of storytelling separate from the main canon storyline by using several elements from the franchise.

This fanfiction will take in the form of a television series, comprised of three confirmed seasons. What the show is about is that Benjamin Lockwood and Eli Mills from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have convinced the American and Costa Rican governments to join them in rebuilding the dinosaur theme park that was lost to time, Jurassic World, but Owen and Claire, alongside many new and returning characters, will oppose the reconstruction, attempting to shut down the operation through various methods.

Created by a fan of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Franchise, this fanfiction will explore what it's like if Jurassic World were to ever be reopened to the world, exploring the concept of the franchise's quote "Life Finds A Way" to the challenge by analyzing the themes of Man vs. Nature, Animal Treatment, Genetic Engineering, and the Ongoing persistence of achieving the goals. The fanfiction will idealize and imagine the endless possibilities of genetic engineering for many purposes of modern society and how corporations can use these possibilities and the consequences that may unravel if left unchecked.

Read on as this fanfiction reinvigorates the thrills, awe, and wonder of the franchise with ideas and themes used throughout the franchise alongside new ones, characters spanning from the first to the last films of the saga, and the dinosaurs that are beloved by many, alongside new species ready to shine in the spotlight.

Welcome..... to Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World.


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