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This is Episode 1 of Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World.

Episode 1


Scene 1

Blackness occurred. Empty, blank blackness. Then the blackness turned white, with two red 3D sonars going in, before rapidly revealing a woman with blonde hair.

  • News Reporter: Three years after the fall of Jurassic World, the debate of Isla Nublar rages on. The debate is what to do with these dinosaurs that now inhabit Isla Nublar, since the disaster that shocked the world in 2015. The Masrani Corporation has paid out more than $800 million in damages to settle class-action lawsuits brought by survivors. Activist groups have mobilized around the globe in what has become the flashpoint animal rights issue of our time. One major example of an activist organization includes the Dinosaur Protection Group, which advocates for the rights of these animals and vocalizes that they deserve protection and care, whereas its opponent, the Extinction Now Movement, advocates for the extinction of the animals, by euthanizing them to ensure that these animals do not invade our world. Other decisions brought out by other people include leaving Isla Nublar and the animals that inhabit it alone, utilize the animals by transporting them to mainland to utilize them for human purposes, or, a decision which is recently gaining support since its debut in September of 2017, rebuild Jurassic World and put its animals back on display for their health. The U.S. Senate has convened a special committee to answer a debate of what to do with these animals.

The same two red 3D sonars rapidly appeared, showing activists holding banners that said "We can protect them", "We created them; how can we abandon them?", "Leave Isla Nublar Alone", "D.I.N.O.: Defend Isla Nublar Organization", and more, while they were outside of the U.S. Senate. A camera was on, showing a BBC News sign was at the bottom left of the screen, with a red line at the bottom with words that slowly travel to the left, such as "U.S. President Questions Existence Of Dinosaurs In The First Place". The scene then cuts to the Senate, where there were BBC cameras everywhere inside the U.S. Senate. An old man was at the top of a large bench, seated by multiple other men at the sides of the old man, which formed the shape of a crescent.

  • Sherwood: So who wants to express their next point regarding Isla Nublar?

A man in the back raised his hand.

  • Sherwood: You? Mr. Ronner Winslow?
  • Ronner Winslow: Yes, that's me.
  • Sherwood: Would you like to come up to testify?
  • Ronner Winslow: Why yes, I would, sir Sherwood.

Ronner stood up from where he was sitting, walked towards the bench, and sat down in front of Sherwood.

  • Sherwood: So, Winslow. What is your point about these animals that inhabit Isla Nublar?
  • Ronnie Winslow: Well, I would like to state my comment here in that I propose that we should recapture the animals to fit them for our daily lives.

After hearing what Ronner said, everyone made low muttering voices of controversy, surprised at the comment Ronner just made.

  • Sherwood: Silence, please.

Sherwood told the court to have silence. Ronner then continued on with his speech.

  • Ronner Winslow: Look, I know what I may be saying is unusual and quite potentially risky, but my point is, these creatures have the potential to be quite useful for modern society. Just imagine, you can use these animals for construction, companion pets, militarization, and so much more. These animals can also cost millions, if not billions, of dollars in research.

Sherwood heard what Ronner said, although he had a different question in mind.

  • Sherwood: Well, aren't these animals, according to the opposers of going back to the island, genetically modified versions of their real counterparts?
  • Ronner Winslow: Well, yes, that's true, but they still have the genetic code of their real selves somewhere in them, in which we can use that code to make contributions of paleontological science to the paleontology community that we just cannot discover in the fossils of these creatures. For example, lets say that this dinosaur that InGen cloned had feathers in real life, but how do you know what color that feather was? Well, you can extract a sample of that dinosaur cloned by InGen, remove the Null Allele inside the code, research its DNA, and applicate that to know what the color of that feather is. Do you understand what I'm proposing?

Sherwood thought of Ronner's point, deciding on it. He was unsure of the point, giving a facial expression of uncertainty. He then made his answer.

  • Sherwood: Hmm... I understand what you are trying to get the point to, but I find your reasoning behind your motive to be quite counterable.
  • Ronner Winslow: Well, yes, however, I am aware of the risks and I understand the opposition against my point, but what if they were to give it a chance and see where this goes? I run a genetics company, so I know this. This can lead to open sourcing, which can affect the world in a positive way.

Sherwood critically thought out Ronner's suggestion.

  • Sherwood: Interesting point you have there, although I would be a little careful with transporting the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar to the mainland for the globe to utilize and research them.
  • Ronner Winslow: I believe that is all I have to say regarding my viewpoint.
  • Sherwood: Well then. Anyways, thank you for sharing your viewpoint with us.
  • Ronner Winslow: Thank you, Senator Sherwood.

Ronner stood up from the testimony chair, and went back to his seat.

  • Sherwood: Anybody else that wants to share their viewpoint in helping us decide the fate of these animals?

A man raised his hand.

  • Sherwood: You?
  • Ian Malcolm: I will testify.
  • Sherwood: Well then, Professor Malcolm. Come on up to the testimony chair.

Ian, a man with silver grey hair and beard with black clothes with a tint of glass color, rised from his seat, walked towards the testimony chair, and sat down.

  • Sherwood: So, Malcolm, what do you say? Do these animals deserve to be left alone? Do they deserve the same protection given to other species? Or should we come in and determine their fate? What do you say would be the best course of action for Isla Nublar and its inhabitants?
  • Ian Malcolm: I may have a particular idea of which decision to agree with in the midst of the debate.

Everyone keened in to listen to the chaotician's response.

  • Ian Malcolm: I think that we should allow our magnificent glorious dinosaurs to be left alone, where nobody can touch them.

The crowd was interested in Malcolm's answer, making muttering sounds of silent indistinguishable dialogue, only for Sherwood to ask for silence.

  • Sherwood: Silence, please. And Malcolm, why do you think that should be the case?
  • Ian Malcolm: When you consider it this way, we altered the course of natural history.
  • Sherwood: So, what do you mean by that?
  • Ian Malcolm: Senator, with all due respect, what I mean is that in the last century, we amassed a landmark technological power and we've consistently proven ourselves incapable of handling that power. 80 years ago, who could have predicted nuclear proliferation, but then there it was and now we've got genetic power, so how long is it going to take for that to spread around the globe and what's gonna be done with it? It ain't gonna stop with leaving Isla Nublar alone.
  • Sherwood: I'm not sure I know what you are talking about.
  • Ian Malcolm: I'm talking about... man-made, cataclysmic change.

Sherwood was somewhat puzzled as to what Malcolm is trying to explain.

  • Sherwood: What kind of change?
  • Ian Malcolm: Changes like death. You don't know what it looks like until you're standing at the gates.

Sherwood now gets the picture, but wonders what Malcolm's dialogue has to do with Isla Nublar.

  • Sherwood: Alright, I may understand where you are coming from with this, but how does this apply to Isla Nublar and its inhabitants?
  • Ian Malcolm: You can quite easily see the events in the past regarding InGen and Masrani, such as the disaster of Jurassic Park, which I was there, the chaos that occurred in San Diego, in which I also was there, the incident which occurred on Isla Sorna, which this time I was not there but my dear friend, Alan Grant, was, and, above all, the total chaotic catastrophe of Jurassic World, which started with the Indominus rex escaping, and which ended in the death of Masrani's Corporation's founder, Simon Masrani, as well as resulting in the deaths of a myriad of other people, as well as countless injuries and so many other people who have been impacted by this event for the rest of their lives. Why go back Isla Nublar and possibly Isla Sorna when you can just stay away from them? No more human deaths that could have been preventable. No more chaos that regards Isla Nublar. No more incidents regarding InGen's cloned dinosaurs. No more, ever again.
  • Sherwood: ... I see. You do make a strong, valid point, but if we were to make the decision to simply abandon the island and leave it be, how would the animals that inhabit that island take care of themselves? As you can see, the Dinosaur Protection Group is vocalizing that the animals there are struggling to survive, so what is your response to this?
  • Ian Malcolm: I would like to make a statement regarding life itself first, and then apply that to the dinosaurs and creatures which inhabit Isla Nublar and their chances of survival. So, do you know how old Earth is? No? 4 and a half billion years old. There has been life on this planet for nearly that long, approximately 3.8 billion years. Everything from the first bacteria to us, life has evolved, adapted, and survived whatever conditions it faced in all of that timeline... and if there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it is that... life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life expands to new territories, painfully, perhaps even dangerously. But in the midst of whatever it is faced with..... life... finds a way.
  • Sherwood: Alright... I see... go on.
  • Ian Malcolm: Now as for the dinosaurs currently on Isla Nublar… I can understand the expression from groups like the Dinosaur Protection Group of sympathy for these creatures, but I would like to state something for them. These creatures were here before us. They survived on this planet for 175 million years, and Nature has selected them for extinction. And now, three decades ago, the genetic technology was created to bring them back, only to exploit them for some entertainment purposes. And look at how that turned out. And yes, I will include a response towards Winslow's suggestion for these animals. So, he thinks that he can just exploit these dangerous creatures for many other purposes that man needs to innovate further or be satisfied? Don't make me laugh. You know that change was inevitable from the moment when we brought the first dinosaur back from extinction. So how large and drastic would that kind of change be when these dinosaurs are used for open-source purposes? As awkward as the Dinosaur Protection Group's policy may sound, at least they would care by keeping the animals on the island. It's like we convince ourselves that sudden change is something that happens outside the normal order of things, or at least you could say, an accident, like a car crash. Or that's beyond our control like a fatal illness. We don't conceive of sudden, irrational, radical change as being woven into the very fabric of existence... yet it does. I can assure you it most certainly, assuredly is. If these animals are used, then it will surely lead to change and consequences so utterly massive, it would be beyond our control. Now, back to the Dinosaur Protection Group's question, seeing as how these creatures have endured a lot when they were isolated, seeing as how they broke through many barriers, and seeing as how they found a way to survive on that small chunk of rock off the coast of Costa Rica... I would say they would take care of themselves just fine. Unless, a sudden change, like Mount Sibo erupting on Isla Nublar for example, occurs. From there, we should just let Nature take its course and not have us, any of us, in fact, to be involved for once. Thank you for listening to my speech.
  • Sherwood: Impressive speech, Malcolm.

Malcolm stood up, and returned to his seat. As he did, Sherwood asked for one more viewpoint.

  • Sherwood: Any other suggestions?

Then, another man raised his hand.

  • Sherwood: You? Well, if it isn't sir Benjamin Lockwood?

A man stood up, grabbed the handlebars of a wheelchair which the man who raised his hand was using, and that man who grabbed the handlebars of that wheelchair strolled the man on the wheelchair to the seat in front of Sherwood.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Why hello, Senator Sherwood. Good day to you.
  • Sherwood: And that must be your assistant, am I right?

Sherwood pointed his figure at the man holding the wheelchair.

  • Eli Mills: Oh, yes. That's me. Eli Mills.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Why yes, Senator Sherwood.

Eli then went to sit down in a chair next to Benjamin's wheelchair.

  • Sherwood: Ah yes. I've heard about you lately by some people, so what are your intents again?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Let me tell you about our mission for these animals. Our statement and mission at the Jurassic World Restoration Society is to rebuild the fallen theme park which we are speaking of right now. There are three reasons for this; to commemorate Hammond's and Masrani's dream and legacy of a dinosaur theme park, to ensure the health, safety, and survival of these animals, and to show our generation of children these beautiful creatures.
  • Sherwood: So, you and the Jurassic World Restoration Society want to rebuild Jurassic World on Isla Nublar?
  • Eli Mills: Well, technically, me and Lockwood are the founders of this organization. Just saying.
  • Sherwood: I see. And care to explain why you want to do so, Lockwood?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well, to me, it matters what happens to these animals. I agree with the Dinosaur Protection Group that these animals are living and breathing. Awe-inspiring creatures of the past. And we cannot simply let them die surviving on our own. Of course, like Hammond said, these creatures require our absence, not our help, but may you look at the situation they are dealing with right now? Simply medicating them is not enough. There are a large number of species on that island, which all require food, water, and other survival needs, all while they all live on a small to moderately sized island which may not be big enough to sustain them all. However, I can theorize a theme park like Jurassic World will be enough to sustain all of their needs. Now yes, I am aware of the incident which occurred in Jurassic World with the Indominus rex, as well as all of the other incidents involved in InGen's timeline of cloning extinct animals, but in order to prevent failure, I will do what my former partner Hammond has done when he was operating Jurassic Park; ensure high security, using only non-lethal weapons on the animals, and conduct moral ways of capturing the animals currently in the wilds of Isla Nublar. So that way, nobody gets hurt, unlike what Malcolm said where death on either or both sides is inevitable.
  • Sherwood: Yes, I see. But aside from your security installments, is there any motivation you may want to do this? Can you describe your quote of memorializing Hammond's and Masrani's dream and legacy of their respective theme parks, the original Jurassic Park and the recent Jurassic World?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Ah yes... regarding Hammond... when we were young, we both shared this passion, John and I. A passion that I have not yet described. What fools we were... trying to run before we'd learn to walk, as all young men do, I suppose. But.. we learned. Unfortunately, in the end, it drove us apart. Life teaches us some hard lessons, doesn't it, Senator Sherwood?
  • Sherwood: Yes, but would Hammond and Masrani have wanted this?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: I can recall when Masrani said, before his unfortunate and sudden demise, that he wanted to promote Hammond's dying wish; a paradise of these animals, where they can live free and without anything that inhibits them. He did it by constructing Jurassic World over Jurassic Park which Hammond was operating on. And look at how that turned out until the incident occurred in 2015. A flawless, safe theme park, where there was no major incident for a straight streak of 10 years, an entire decade, when it began in May 30th of 2005. I want to revive Jurassic World, just like how Masrani and Hammond would have wanted. To continue on that legacy of a once-great dinosaur prehistoric theme park.
  • Sherwood: Alright. But you mentioned showing these creatures to our children. Why do you express importance on that?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: The reason why I place importance on children witnessing these creatures is because they are our next generation. For example, our generation of children when Jurassic World was still open grew up with these creatures. Saw their grace and majesty. Touched their real-feel skin. And heard their beautiful sounds. And now, these same children who grew up loving dinosaurs will now have to watch these beasts suddenly struggle for survival. Maybe even die due to a lack of resources. But we... if you just consider my suggestion... we can help them. For our children. Oh, what a gift.
  • Sherwood: Alright then. I see. Is that all you have to say?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Why yes, that is.
  • Sherwood: Does anyone else want to suggest? No?

Nobody raised their hands, as they were out of ideas.

  • Sherwood: Well, I will discuss this with the Judicial Court and see what they can come up with.

As Sherwood called court adjourned, everyone was muttering in the background over the debate which occurred. Benjamin and Mills were discussing with each other over whether they won Sherwood's convincement.

  • Eli Mills: Ben, that was a great speech you have delivered there. Hopefully this will be enough to make him consider our mission.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Why thank you, Mills.

Then, Ronner approached the two.

  • Ronner Winslow: Um, excuse me, you two. Are you the ones who proposed rebuilding Jurassic World?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, why yes. I'm Benjamin Lockwood, and this is my assistant Eli Mills.
  • Eli Mills: Oh, why yes. You must be Ronner Winslow.
  • Ronner Winslow: I would have to disagree with you on rebuilding Jurassic World. Not because it's risky, but because it is a waste of potential for these animals. I mean, using them as theme park attractions when you could utilize them for combat? Or to have them assist us in our daily lives?

Ben, who saw Ronner's point, calmly and politely disagreed.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Ronner, nobody wants that. There's an even bigger safety risk that comes with that. Also, it puts to expense the welfare of these animals.
  • Ronner Winslow: But you want to put them in enclosed paddocks and restrict the amount of space and freedom they have.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: These animals are struggling, and I want them all to live, so what other way can be done?
  • Ronner Winslow: These "animals" hold far more potential to be more powerful than today's animals, so they must be so strong, large, and even compatible, they have a high potential to be great tools for us humans.
  • Eli Mills: That is what you seem to think, only you do not consider the possible risk after it.
  • Ronner Winslow: But these creatures are worth millions, if not billions of dollars, I'm telling you this once many times, and I'm saying it again.
  • Eli Mills: Well, yes, that's true, but they would pull in a lot of profit if they were theme park attractions, only that is not our intent. That money can be used to spend for the care and attention for these creatures. Our intent is to secure these animals from people like you who want to exploit them.
  • Ronner Winslow: We're not going to exploit them---

Just then, Ian interrupted the trio, bringing up his own point.

  • Ian Malcolm: Actually, no. The three of you, Ben, Eli, and Ronner, are wrong. These animals cannot be exploited or even touched at all.
  • Ronner Winslow: Ah, Professor Malcolm.
  • Ian Malcolm: I need to say that both of your points are utterly dangerous ideas and should not have been proposed, as both will cause more human lives, with your idea, Mr. Winslow, being the more dangerous.
  • Ronner Winslow: And why is that, Malcolm?
  • Ian Malcolm: I believe that these creatures have the ability to cause mass chaos, Winslow. And Lockwood, I understand you want to help these creatures, but it cannot be done. Let them be, so that they and us will not be hurt.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: But Professor Malcolm, if we just have enough security, it can be done.
  • Ian Malcolm: That's what everyone says. And yet it's not functional.
  • Eli Mills: Or is it? Anything is possible.
  • Ian Malcolm: Oh really? Traveling through time? Traveling to the core of the Earth? Traveling to a galaxy billions of miles away from here? Tell me if those are possible, Mills.
  • Eli Mills: I was referring to the things here on the surface of our planet, like rebuilding Jurassic World.
  • Ian Malcolm: So? These creatures cannot be controlled.

Just then, a committee chairman walked up. Cameras turned on. The audience had a sudden silence. Benjamin, Eli, Ian, and Ronner looked at the chairman with determinism on who won. Tension was forming in the minds of many people on whose idea was going to be considered.

  • Committee Chairman: After thorough deliberation... the committee has resolved... to endorse Benjamin Lockwood's organization on rebuilding Jurassic World.

The court looked in surprise at the decision reached by the committee. Benjamin and Eli has heard that they have won, while the stunned Ronner and disappointed Ian looked at the announcement. Eli ushered Benjamin in a pleased and glad tone.

  • Eli Mills: Ben, we won. We won.

Benjamin slowly took in the announcement, believing he was in a surreal reality.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: We did..?

Sherwood called Benjamin and Mills up to the chair in which they previously sat to talk with Sherwood.

  • Sherwood: Benjamin Lockwood and Eli Mills. May you come up to the chair?

Mills grabbed Benjamin's wheelchair handlebars and moved him to the chair. Benjamin was surprised, but happy, that he won. Ronner was annoyed while he watched Benjamin go to the chair.

  • Ronner Winslow: This... is just not right. I don't understand. This is just stupid. How could Mills and Lockwood have won?

Ian was sarcastically concerned in a rather humorous way.

  • Ian Malcolm: ... And there goes my speech, straight to the garbage. At least it didn't go your way, Ronner. Wake me up when an incident on Isla Nublar during the rebuilding occurs.

Ronner looked at Ian in an annoyed tone. Sherwood praised Lockwood for winning the decision on what to do with Isla Nublar.

  • Sherwood: Well, congratulations, Benjamin Lockwood. You seem to be right on Isla Nublar and its inhabitants. We will indeed help them.

Benjamin took in what Sherwood said, still stunned about him winning. Then he smiled with pride and happiness, knowing he would make a difference for the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: All this time... all these months... thank you, Senator Sherwood.

The court applauded, knowing that the decision on what to do with the animals of Isla Nublar has finally been resolved towards rebuilding Jurassic World.

Scene 2

[3 months later]

An elevator is heading down. A woman with orangish brown hair was inside the elevator. She was holding a coffee cup holder on her right arm and a phone on her left hand. She was looking at the phone. Then, the elevator door opened, but only by a partial bit. This made the woman try to get through by going in between the gap of the partially open elevator door. Then the elevator fully opened, now showing the woman with several other people working, filling out papers, working on computers, and other things. There were posters that said "DPG", decorations, and several papers on a billboard. A Hispanic black-haired woman not far from the orange-haired woman was sitting in a chair, talking on the phone. The orange haired woman was giving out the cups of coffee to the other people in the office.

Zia Rodriguez: Claire.

The Hispanic woman noticed the orange haired woman and whispered to her to come to her. The Hispanic woman gave the phone to the orange woman.

  • Zia Rodriguez: It's Congresswoman Delgado.

The orange haired woman put the phone on her ear, now about to speak with the congresswoman on the phone.

  • Claire Dearing: Uh, hello. I'm the lead organizer here. Of course, but if I could just get a moment of your time...

The Hispanic woman raised her eyebrows. The orange haired woman smiled.

  • Claire Dearing: Great. Thank you.

The two woman gave each other a high five. Then the orange haired woman walked away from the Hispanic woman sitting in the chair she was in. Then an African American man with a small afro commented on the situation.

  • Franklin Webb: I was like 40 seconds, you're getting better.
  • Zia Rodriguez: You got to stop letting your mom shop for you.
  • Franklin Webb: You don't need to insult me every time someone pisses you off, Zia.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Dude, I'm a doctor. Not a telemarketer. What is your job again? You plug in cords, right Franklin?
  • Franklin Webb: It's actually more important where that sounds.

As Franklin and Zia were talking to each other, the orange haired woman kept on talking with the phone which had Congresswoman Delgado.

  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): So, Claire Dearing, are you the leader here?
  • Claire Dearing: Why yes I am, and I would like to ask you a question..?
  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): Yes, go ahead.
  • Claire Dearing: Do you have kids?
  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): Two girls.
  • Claire Dearing: Okay, so, your kids, alongside an entire generation, has grown up in a world where dinosaurs are living and breathing.
  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): And does this apply to the rebuilding of Jurassic World, Mrs. Dearing?
  • Claire Dearing: Why yes, it does. The Jurassic World Restoration Society has succeeded in convincing the government to rebuild Jurassic World, which leads to capturing the dinosaurs there, and I believe that there is a better solution to this; instead of rebuilding a theme park which should have stayed down, why not care for the creatures and their well being? This will not change unless people like you make a difference.

Congresswoman Delgado thought about Claire's suggestion, and then replied.

  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): Why... yes. I think your idea is valid.

Pleased, Claire happily replied.

  • Claire Dearing: Great.

With that, Delgado replied.

  • Congresswoman Delgado (on phone): I'll endorse your movement. Goodbye for now.
  • Claire Dearing: Alright. Bye.

Claire hung up her phone, and she shrugged at Zia with her hands in the air. Zia clapped her hands once in the air in victory.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Yes.

Just then, the TV Screen in the room turned on which said "Breaking News". It showed Lockwood and Mills, alongside many other people and some interviewers, in Lockwood's Manor. Zia called Claire and noted to her that the news is on.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Claire! It's on!

Claire dashed over to Zia's chair. Franklin turned around from his computer. Everyone payed attention to the TV screen. Claire grabbed the TV remote and raised the volume to make it loud enough for everyone to hear.

  • News Reporter: And now, we are recording a live interview with Jurassic World Restoration Society Founder Benjamin Lockwood and Co-Founder Elijah Mills.

Disappointed, Claire commented on the interview which was about to begin.

  • Claire Dearing: Lets see what they have to say about their dinosaurs.

[At the Lockwood Manor]

A crowd of people were in the Lockwood Manor, with some news reporters and photographers flashing their lights at Lockwood and Mills. A couple of interviewers were next to Lockwood and Mills, in which all four were sitting in chairs.

  • Interviewer #1: Hello, Mr. Lockwood. How are you?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: I am doing good.
  • Interviewer #2: Now, Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Mills, we are here to give an interview on how the rebuilding of Jurassic World, which is the mission of your organization, is currently operating, as well as those months of persuading the American and Costa Rican government to support and endorse you, as well as any sights into the future of your operation.
  • Eli Mills: We will gladly discuss this with you, of course.
  • Interviewer #1: Alright, so our first question; what was it like to try and get the government to help you?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: That was the most difficult part of this operation so far, since they were at first not allowing another incident to occur. It took me several months before they approved of my choice on the twenty-second of June in 2018.

Interviewer #2: Yes, and now, three months have passed since the vote to operate on Jurassic World, which today is September 23, 2018. How is your construction team doing?

  • Eli Mills: During those three months, we have improved the status of Main Street on there, thanks to our amazing construction team led by Professor Cabot Finch. The buildings and restaurants, as well as the iconic Innovation Center, have been majorly improved on their looks, as they are somewhat repaired, although it is a long way off from being completely finished due to power resources and material resources needed to make the buildings as perfectly rebuilt and authentic.

Just then, a little girl was viewing the interview from up the stairs in a shy manner. The girl seemed nine years of age, had light brown hair, and a curious manner. She had long straight hair, brown eyes, a red jacket, and a white shirt with red, blue, yellow, and green lines. She looked at the interview behind the corner of a wall in a curious way, wondering what the interview was about. However, another woman, being old but with black hair with a white dress, came up behind the young girl.

  • Iris Carroll: Maisie, your grandfather and other caretaker are being interviewed. Please go to your room.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Oh, yes nanny Iris.

The nanny and the girl walk away from the corner of that wall until they were out of sight.

The interviewers kept on asking questions to Lockwood and Mills.

  • Interviewer #1: So, what species do you plan to have for the theme park when it is rebuilt?
  • Eli Mills: Oh, we will not reveal that yet, although we have captured a few species on Isla Nublar.
  • Interviewer #2: Can you elaborate on that? What specific animals? And how did you track them, if you did?
  • Eli Mills: Well, that would be an interesting question, although I guess we can comment on it so far. We have some Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Parasaurolophus, as well as a few Ankylosaurus. Also, how we managed to locate the animals is by this method, where there was a tracking system in place at the park; radio frequency, ID chips in each dinosaur. So we accessed that system, and our ability to locate and capture those animals safely has increased.
  • Interviewer #1: Interesting. Also did you capture any predators..?
  • Eli Mills: We tend to keep that classified, but I guess we can reveal just one. There's this Velociraptor named "Blue" who was captured by our team. We identified her in that she survived the 2015 Incident, as her three other pack mates are deceased. Also, we can reveal that these raptors were part of the I.B.R.I.S. program, or Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study, created to study the intelligence of Velociraptors. Potentially, she is the second most intelligent piece of life on this planet, and she's the last of her kind. All other members of her kind are extinct, as disappointing as that sounds. Fortunately, we captured her for our theme park to preserve her.
  • Interviewer #2: Ah, I see. However, do you plan on recreating more raptors for this "Blue", or not?
  • Eli Mills: Well, we cannot reveal that for now, since we have many other classified projects that we are working on for our rebuilding of Jurassic World, but we will inform you in the future.
  • Interviewer #2: Ah, okay.

[Back at DPG Headquarters]

Claire just watched the TV screen, informed on what Mills is saying about Blue. She heard him say that Blue is the last Velociraptor cloned by InGen that is alive on Earth. She then thought about what they could do to her.

  • Claire Dearing: Blue is the last Velociraptor of her species? And they captured her? She's going to suffer in captivity and loneliness if no one cares. These dinosaurs will live in cages, devoid of freedom, if nobody cares.
  • Franklin Webb: We do.

Franklin and Zia stood next to Claire with concern. Claire looked at them, seeing that they care about the dinosaurs. Claire sighed, put her hand on Zia's arm and walked away.

  • Claire Dearing: Thanks, guys. Anyways, you can stay behind while I and other supporters of our group go to Isla Nublar.
  • Zia Rodriguez: We'll take good care of this place.
  • Franklin Webb: Good luck with your protest.

After that, Claire went to the center of the room.

Claire Dearing: Okay, everyone. Our supporters should be preparing for the protest tomorrow.

Then, Claire stopped at a man with blonde hair with a red shirt and brown pants reading a newspaper.

  • Claire Dearing: Aiden.
  • Aiden Moore: Yeah?

Aiden put down the newspaper, focusing his attention on Claire.

  • Claire Dearing: You should get ready for the protest tomorrow.
  • Aiden Moore: I've already packed my bags, as well as my camera to record anything interesting.
  • Claire Dearing: Great. However, before we go tomorrow to the nearest airport, I should get a friend of mine first and try to convince him to come, because Mills said in that interview about a particular Velociraptor which they have captured.
  • Aiden Moore: And who might this "friend" be?

Claire watched at Aiden with confidence, as she planned a visit to an old friend of hers.

Scene 3

[Later that day]

A car was driving through a street in between a forest. It was headed towards a destination. There were several pine trees which all combined into a forest, creating a beautiful imagery, with some mountains in the background. The car slowed down and came to a stop. Claire came out of the driver's seat, with curiosity but assurance. Aiden came out from the passenger's seat, wondering where Claire took him. Claire prepared as she gave out a gentle breath out of her mouth.

Claire and Aiden approached a man who was on a ladder, building a house, with the wooden planks exposed, and many other construction materials on the site. Flat but large wooden slabs, tires, and even an RV were present, with a windmill next to the RV. The man was singing a song as he was loudly hammering some nails into the wood, while he graciously sang about a romance song. Claire called out to the man.

  • Claire Dearing: Hey, Owen.

The man kept on hammering, not having heard Claire's call. Claire called out again, only a little louder this time.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen!

Having heard Claire's call, the man stopped.

  • Owen Grady: Oh boy...

The man turned around, focusing his attention on Claire and Aiden. Claire watched. The man smiled.

  • Owen Grady: Back for more, huh?
  • Claire Dearing: Can I buy you a beer?
  • Owen Grady: Did you bring them here, or we gotta like go somewhere?

Owen noticed Aiden right next to Claire.

  • Owen Grady: Who's him?

Aiden, noticing that Owen referred to him, responded.

  • Aiden Moore: Oh, me? Oh, I'm just one of Claire's interns for the Dinosaur Protection Group. My name is Aiden Moore.
  • Claire Dearing: It's true.

Owen Grady: Right... unless he's your new boyfriend, Claire.

Owen made the sarcastic joke as he chuckled, Claire was surprised at Owen's response, and Aiden was midly annoyed.

  • Owen Grady: Anyways, we gotta go somewhere or what?

[At a bar]

The scene then cuts to a bar, where there were multiple people. Some drinking beer, others playing pool, and some just sitting in their seats. Claire was laughing out loud with Aiden next to her in a seat, with Owen looking at Claire in the other side of the seat.

  • Claire Dearing (laughing): Seriously?! I can't believe that you left me!
  • Owen Grady: Replay the conversation in your head, alright? You said "You wanna go live in your van like a bum? Go ahead, Owen.", and I said "Okay.".
  • Claire Dearing: So how is it that you leaving me?
  • Owen Grady: Because I left. I left you.
  • Claire Dearing: You left because I told you to.
  • Owen Grady: And then I left. Because you didn't want to live in a van on the side of a road.
  • Claire Dearing: No, no, no, no, no, no, because you wouldn't let me drive the darn van for five minutes.
  • Owen Grady: I'm chivalrous. Now, what can I do?
  • Claire Dearing: You are so stubborn.
  • Owen Grady: Well, look at you, now you're saving the world.
  • Claire Dearing: I'm trying at least, you can't just run away from everything, Owen.
  • Owen Grady: So, you're, what, dating an accountant now? Insurance actuary? Your skin looks nice.

Claire paused and took in the compliment that Owen said about her skin, leaving a small smile on her face. Owen then kept on guessing who Claire is dating due to her absence from Owen for some time in the past.

  • Owen Grady: Dermatologist.
  • Claire Dearing: Owen.
  • Owen Grady: Does he check you for moles?
  • Claire Dearing: Stop.
  • Owen Grady: Ventriloquist?
  • Claire Dearing: Owen, seriously, stop.
  • Owen Grady: Or maybe the guy next to you, since he's your "intern" for that dinosaur loving group of yours?

Aiden heard what Owen said, feeling mildly annoyed by Owen assuming him as Claire's "boyfriend".

  • Claire Dearing: This is not why we are here, okay?
  • Owen Grady: Yeah, I know why we're here. Lockwood's little operation to rebuild Isla Nublar. Reconstruct the buildings, attractions, rides among other things, as well as recapture the dinosaurs to make them attractions again. What could go wrong?
  • Claire Dearing: I'm planning a protest there tomorrow, and I would appreciate it if you came with me.
  • Owen Grady: Don't. Plus, I'm not coming. Why not plan your little protest at Lockwood's manor?
  • Claire Dearing: The reason why I'm planning to go to Isla Nublar is because I already have gone to the Lockwood Manor and protested there; multiple times in the past, actually. I'm going to the island because I want to make my message more clear, see how these trackers are treating their dinosaurs so we can call them out if they mistreat the animals, and to show that we're not afraid to be next to dinosaurs to help them. I don't have a choice.
  • Owen Grady: What-- of course you have a choice.
  • Claire Dearing: So what, I should just build my own cabin, play pool, and drink beer all day while these dinosaurs get set up as theme park attractions again despite what happened three years ago?!
  • Owen Grady: Yeah. I like pool. Besides, it's not like the island's about to explode.
  • Claire Dearing: Well, yes, but they are recapturing these recently freed animals to make them amusement park attractions. This is cruelty!
  • Owen Grady: Well, Lockwood did say he wants to capture these animals in a moral way.
  • Aiden Moore: Look, Owen, you're not understanding the possibility of these people who may be capturing the dinosaurs in a cruel way. Rebuilding Jurassic World is a bad idea. Claire has a strong point.
  • Owen Grady: Well, sure, they're dumb, but if they want to start crap, let them. They'll soon learn their lessons when it eventually happens.

Claire moved on from what Owen said and onto another point she wanted to bring up.

  • Claire Dearing: Blue is alive.

Owen, surprised at what Claire said, responded.

  • Owen Grady: Jesus, Claire--
  • Claire Dearing: You raised her, Owen! You... you spent years of your life working with her.
  • Owen Grady: Well, yeah...
  • Aiden Moore: Have you heard or watched the news? Mills has confirmed that they captured Blue.

Hesitant to answer, Owen tried thinking of something to say.

  • Owen Grady: Well, she can smell you for a mile away, so I don't know how they did it.
  • Aiden Moore: These capturers that Lockwood and Mills hired are expert trackers and capturers, meaning they can locate every single dinosaur on the island and capture them. All because they managed to reactivate the island's tracking system.
  • Owen Grady: Ah, I see.
  • Claire Dearing: You're just going to let those mercenaries make her a theme park attraction without you?

Owen paused for some seconds, before finally answering.

  • Owen Grady: Well yeah.

Claire and Aiden were mildly shocked at Owen's response, pausing for a few seconds. Then Claire tried to comment on Owen's reaction with a slight motivation.

  • Claire Dearing: Come on, you're a better man than... you think you are.
  • Aiden Moore: So you would leave Blue to them and not care? You would let them capture every animal on Isla Nublar and let them set these animals as theme park attractions and not care? You would let them potentially create another hybrid, if they decide to, and still not care?
  • Owen Grady: You should write fortune cookies.

Claire, still disappointed on what Owen said, gave up.

  • Claire Dearing: Forget it, I...there's a charter flight leaving tomorrow morning for my protest on Isla Nublar. You're on the manifest. I just wanted to let you know. Aiden, lets go.

Claire stood up, leaving the restaurant behind. Aiden looked behind at Owen, giving a and let down disappointed look on his face. He then turned his head around and followed Claire out of the bar. Owen looked as he drank his beer.

[Later that night]

Somewhere in the woods, the dark blue sky with some stars were present. A van had lights on inside it. In the van, a man was watching a computer which was on, showing a younger adult Owen with four baby Velociraptors. Two of the raptors jumped next to Owen in the video, with the younger Owen throwing pieces of meat on the floor. The baby raptors playfully chirped and squeaked, with the two jumping next to Owen. Owen threw a piece of meat, causing two baby raptors to bump into each other. The older, current Owen was watching the computer screen, seeing his past life with these baby raptors. He had a look of redemption and guilt. One baby raptor, which had a blue streak across its body, called the other three baby raptors to stand in front of Owen. The three other raptors were playing with small objects when they came to jump next to Blue. They all looked at Owen. Owen then looked in more guilt and concern over denying Claire's suggestion on coming with her to protest the rebuilding of Jurassic World to potentially protest Blue's capture. Back to the video, the younger adult Owen held a piece of meat in front of the baby raptor which had the blue streak, only for her to grab a bag with her mouth. Owen, who was watching the video, then made up his mind.

[The next morning]

There were multiple people near a medium sized plane. Some were talking to each other, others were talking on their phones, and among other things. Claire had a disappointed look on her face. Aiden noticed her and he tried to tell her about Owen's decision.

  • Aiden Moore: It's fine, Claire. It was his choice.
  • Claire Dearing: How can he do that? Abandon Blue just so he can relax in his van all day?

Claire, Aiden and the other people boarded the plane. Claire sat in back row, still with a let down face. But then, a man rose from resting in another seat and is sitting upright in a seat just behind Claire. Claire turned around after hearing the man rise up.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen!
  • Owen Grady: I thought about you ever showing up.

Claire was still surprised at Owen changing his mind from the discussion they had yesterday, but she was glad. Aiden just got on board, only to see Owen.

  • Aiden Moore: Owen? So.. you changed your mind?
  • Owen Grady: Yeah. I'm coming.

As the plane started its engine and the nose propeller started to spin faster and faster until it reached full speed, it dashed through the road, lifted itself up into the sky. Owen, Claire, Aiden, and the many people onboard were headed to Isla Nublar.

Scene 4

[Later that day]

A plane was flying through the sky. Clouds in the background blended in with the light blue air and dark blue ocean below. The plane was headed directly for Isla Nublar. Claire looked out the window in awe at the green, lush cliffs of Isla Nublar. Owen looked in interest. The plane flied in between the cliffs. It then soared across the sky as it passed by a site in which it is being reconstructed on. There were several cranes and other construction equipment, as well as several men, fixing the Monorail, as well as some men fixing the Jurassic World gate. Sparks of fire were flying into the air as construction workers used construction heaters behind the letters of the Jurassic World Entrance Gate, putting them back in their place. Hammers were heard as construction workers pounded them on bolts and nails of the Monorail Track, as well as many construction workers fixing the Monorail just below the Monorail Track. The plane passed by the site and moved on. The plane is then facing a distant and faraway volcano, Mount Sibo. The plane then went down, preparing for landing on a smooth area of the island. It's wheels touched the ground as it slowed down, and then, for half a minute later, came to a full stop. Owen, Claire, and Aiden came out of the plane, alongside some other people. Claire noticed there were a few other, smaller planes with people exiting them.

  • Claire Dearing: Those people are going to join us with the protest.

Claire then walked from her plane, and led her fellow protesters to Main Street. While they were walking, Owen asked a question to Claire.

  • Owen Grady: So, Claire, why are we going to do this again?
  • Claire Dearing: To protest the reconstruction of this place, as well as advocating for the freedom of the dinosaurs that they captured, including your raptor, Blue.
  • Owen Grady: Ah, okay.

Claire, alongside Owen and Aiden, and her supporters, continued on walking to Main Street.

Scene 5

[Back at mainland]

Lockwood was in his bed, resting and reading some books about capitalism. He then heard his phone ring. He tried to grab it with his hand, and put the phone close to his ear.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Yes?

A man was on the phone in a mildly annoyed manner.

  • Government Member: Mr. Lockwood, we are dealing with some lawsuits given out by an opposition group, the Dinosaur Protection Group. May you come?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, why yes, I will.

Lockwood called his assistant, Iris.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Iris!

Iris came into the room after a few short minutes.

  • Iris Carroll: Yes, Lockwood?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Get my wheelchair. I'm going somewhere.

After some time, Iris got Benjamin's wheelchair, and she strolled his wheelchair to the entrance of the Manor. Eli has noticed this and walked up to Benjamin and Iris, who is about to open the door to the Manor.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Ah, Mills. You came at the right time. I need you to come with me to the Californian Government Institute.
  • Eli Mills: Oh, is that so? I walked to you to ask you where you were going. Anyways, why though?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: It's to help some people at that department to deal with some lawsuits the opposition groups have sent us. Oh, you know how they are with my plan, this not being the first time they did this.

Eli was displeased to hear this, feeling bugged by Claire and many protesters actively trying to dissent the operation.

  • Eli Mills: Well, I'll come.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Thank you. I knew I could count on you as my co-founder of this operation.
  • Eli Mills: You're welcome.

Iris opened the door for Benjamin and Eli. Iris helped Benjamin's wheelchair by carefully strolling it across the stairs. When Iris finally managed to get Lockwood down the stairs after some time, she strolled him to a black car, the Chrysler Town and County Driver, and Mills opened the door for Lockwood.

  • Eli Mills: I'll drive.

Mills took the driver's seat. Iris told Benjamin to have good luck.

  • Iris Carroll: Good luck, Lockwood.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Why thank you.

Mills started the car and its engines, and then drove to the Californian Government Institute, with Iris standing and waving goodbye at the car.

Scene 6

There were several dozens of people already at the location of Main Street, just in front of Mosasaurus Lagoon in Main Street. There were several cranes, construction cars and other construction vehicles, and many construction workers at the site, all doing their job of repairing Main Street but being slightly bugged by the protesters on the site. The protesters were chanting for the end of the operation, holding up signs that had hashtags from the Dinosaur Protection Group such as "They were here first". Claire led the protester group, with Owen and Aiden standing next to her. Claire had a microphone in her hands and put it close to her mouth, introducing herself and her group, as well as their purpose.

  • Claire Dearing: This is Claire Dearing, founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group. We are here to protest the reconstruction of the theme park Jurassic World and to advocate for its cancellation.

People were chanting "Free the dinosaurs" and "Stop the rebuilding", with signs showing a symbol of a green outlined Stegosaurus with three plates, each having a letter, the first which said "D", the second saying "P", and the third saying "G". The construction workers just kept on doing what they were doing, ignoring the protesters. A man with some white hair left one of the cranes and approached the protesters with a megaphone in his hand, which he put close to his mouth and spoke through it in a friendly and polite but curious tone.

  • Cabot Finch: So, what are you protesters here for, huh?

Claire heard Cabot's question and replied in her microphone.

  • Claire Dearing: We are here to state that the reconstruction of the formerly active theme park Jurassic World should not be rebuilt, due to the previous downfall of this park and the amount of lives lost in that incident which caused this park to shut down.
  • Cabot Finch: Or we can rebuild it with stronger security this time. Why don't you guys give this operation a chance?

Cabot had a good-spirited and humorous tone, chuckling after he finished what he said. Claire looked in seriousness. Claire put down her microphone and walked up to Cabot. Owen and Aiden followed.

  • Claire Dearing: You must be Cabot Finch, the construction manager of the reconstruction.
  • Cabot Finch: And you must be Claire Dearing, founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group, I see.
  • Aiden Moore: Yes, and we are here to protest the reconstruction ordered by Jurassic World Restoration Society founders Benjamin Lockwood and Eli Mills.

Owen just stood next to Claire with a stern look and his arms were crossed.

  • Claire Dearing: So, your boss is Benjamin Lockwood, alongside his co-founder Eli Mills, am I correct?
  • Cabot Finch: Why yes, Mrs. Dearing. The reason I am helping rebuild this place is because this was the place of many people's childhoods, where they could see these living dinosaurs up close and personal.

Cabot then raised his arm, pointing to a large skeleton which resembled a dinosaur with a long snout, a crest on top of its head, and a large sail on its back.

  • Cabot Finch: See this? I associate this Spinosaurus diorama skeleton as the legacy and future of this theme park. We rebuilt this skeleton since we found its pieces on the ground. We repaired and fixed it, putting it back in its place. I can compare that to rebuilding this theme park right here. We could bring those childhoods back and make this place great again, only if you and your people give it a chance.

Cabot gave a welcome and glad smile on his face, optimistic about the reconstruction's future. Claire was not impressed.

  • Claire Dearing: Cabot, I understand your point, but as much as we love dinosaurs, would we express that love by exploiting them in pens and cages as theme park attractions? That's not right, it's cruel. There is a much better and ethical way of preserving these dinosaurs and showing them to our children, and that is helping these animals thrive while keeping our space.
  • Aiden Moore: Claire is right. These animals can feel about their surroundings. They need wipe open space. They also need preservation by us, not showing them to tourists for money.

Cabot understands Claire's and Aiden's viewpoints, but he had a few replies in mind to share to Claire.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, Dearing, which is why we will install ethical rules for the public and the dinosaurs when the park is rebuilt. And we'll give them wide open space, so that the public can see these magnificent animals in their natural surroundings.
  • Claire Dearing: Only for some of the attractions of Jurassic World to happen to have enclosed spaces. The T. Rex Kingdom. The Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Pachy Arena. All of these attractions are examples of confined spaces.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, what about the Gallimimus Valley? The Gyrosphere Valley? They have pretty large spaces of grass. Besides, the Gyrosphere Valley are where they are holding the captured dinosaurs. They're going to send a few of them here for a small checkup.

Surprised, Claire, Aiden, and even Owen took in what Cabot said.

  • Claire Dearing: Wait, what?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, as you can see, they're going to transport just a few dinosaurs to the right side of the Innovation Center. But don't worry, we have an enforced gate to contain them should something ever happen. It's called Gate A-5, and it blocks access to the Innovation Center, and it's connected by two buildings before you enter the area of the Innovation Center. This is for security reasons, and it will be removed once the construction is complete.
  • Aiden Moore: Um, Cabot, do you think that's a good idea?
  • Cabot Finch: Hm? The gate?
  • Aiden Moore: No, no, sending some of these dinosaurs from the Gyrosphere Valley to where the direction that is right of the Innovation Center? Where there are people?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, I didn't suggest this, the higher ups did. And we have their cages ready. So, it should all be good.

Curious, Owen asked Cabot a question.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, Mr. Goody Shoes. What kind of dinosaurs are you going to move past the Innovation Center?
  • Cabot Finch: Mostly herbivores. A few carnivores, if you will.
  • Owen Grady: Is one of them a Velociraptor? Y'know, with a blue stripe?

Cabot heard Owen's question, with Claire and Aiden looking in curiosity to Cabot's answer.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh, you mean Blue? The Velociraptor our men captured a few days ago? Yes, that's her.

Claire was surprised at Cabot's response in that Blue was captured a few days ago by the capturers.

  • Claire Dearing: But Blue can smell you from a mile away, how did they capture her?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, I wasn't involved, but from what I heard, it took a lot of men, a lot of time, and certainly a lot of planning and strategizing.

Owen felt serious that the capturers managed to capture his Velociraptor, Blue. He had a stern look on his face, determined to figure out things with the capturers and mercenaries on Blue.

  • Owen Grady: Well, Cabot, would you like to know something about me?
  • Cabot Finch: Hm?
  • Owen Grady: My name is Owen Grady. I am a Navy vet and I used to work here at Jurassic World as a raptor trainer.

Cabot was hooked at what Owen said.

  • Owen Grady: Yes, I trained four dangerous raptors, Blue being one of them, and I even drove a motorcycle in the middle of a jungle with these raptors. Three of my raptors died, and Blue is the only one left. I just want you to know that I am Blue's alpha.

Cabot was surprised at Owen's backstory as well as his relationship with Blue and the three other deceased raptors.

  • Cabot Finch: Huh? So you're a raptor man?
  • Owen Grady: Probably. And I am most definitely concerned with the men working here capturing Blue.
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, so you care about your raptor. I see.

Aiden tuned in to tell Cabot regarding the tracking system and Blue.

  • Aiden Moore: So Cabot. I know that your men managed to reactivate the tracking system, but how did you do it?
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, in order to normally access it, we needed someone who knew the park very well to activate the code.

Claire knows that she used to be one of the people who worked for Jurassic World, being a former Park Operations and Senior Assets Manager, but she has since moved on, leaving behind her past of working at Jurassic World. She also knew that she had the ability to reactivate the tracking system herself if she was on the island, but she did not, as she is curious as to how the men working in the operation managed to reactivate it when she wasn't around.

  • Aiden Moore: Well, how did your men get into the system?
  • Cabot Finch: It took some hacking to do, and I mean a lot of hacking, since that system was hard to access without normal access.
  • Aiden Moore: Okay, then.
  • Claire Dearing: Well, Cabot, I just wanted to state that I am here to make sure that the dinosaurs are treated properly and to protest the reconstruction, but when are they arriving?
  • Cabot Finch: They should be arriving soon, and we will place them in some cages in a large space we have that is directionally right of the Innovation Center, from where we are standing.

Claire had an unsure feeling about their plan to move some of the dinosaurs from the Gyrosphere Valley to a space next to the Innovation Center. Aiden had a suspicious feeling about how they hacked into the tracking system. Owen was curious to see how his raptor, Blue, was doing since she was captured.

Scene 7

The Chrysler vehicle where Lockwood and Mills were inside were heading towards a building. The driver slowed the vehicle in a parking lot and stopped the vehicle. Eli opened the driver car door and then proceeded to open the car door for Benjamin.

  • Eli Mills: Lockwood, we're here.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Alright, lets see how we can solve this.

Eli got Benjamin and his wheelchair out of the vehicle and strolled his wheelchair to the building. Eli took the wheelchair up the ramp which the building had. When Lockwood and Mills were close to a large door, Mills knocked the door, and waited for an answer. A short time later, a butler opened the door. Mills greeted the butler.

  • Eli Mills: Oh, um, hey sir. We are here to resolve some lawsuits that the other government members told us about.
  • Butler: I see. Come on in. I'll notify the Californian Government Leader that you are here.

The butler opened the door for Lockwood and Mills. Mills took the handlebars of the wheelchair that Benjamin was on and then Mills strolled Lockwood into the building.

  • Butler: I'll notify the other officials that you have arrived.

The butler went away to notify the officials that Mills and Lockwood are in the building.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: So, here we are at the Californian Government Institute.

Benjamin looked around the building, seeing how neat it is.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: So, the place looks rather beautiful.

Eli then chimed in about the lawsuits.

  • Eli Mills: Alright, so they should be waiting for us to deal with the lawsuits against us.

Lockwood and Mills patiently waited for the butler to return and notify that the officials are waiting for them. Then the butler came through a door.

  • Butler: Mr. Lockwood. Mr. Mills. They are waiting for you.
  • Eli Mills: Oh, thank you sir.

Mills grabbed Lockwood's wheelchair handlebars and strolled him to where the other offficials were waiting for them.

When Lockwood and Mills arrived into the room, there were a few men inside the room, including a man sitting in a desk, seeing Lockwood and Mills get into the room.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Good afternoon, sir. How are you?
  • Californian Government Leader: Why hello, Mr. Lockwood. And you must be Eli Mills.

The leader pointed his finger at Mills, to which Mills replied.

  • Eli Mills: Oh, umm, yes sir. That is true.
  • Californian Government Leader: Come on in.

Lockwood and Mills came into the room.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: So, sir. About those lawsuits...
  • Californian Government Leader: Oh yes, sure. Here you go.

The leader handed over Lockwood a small pile of papers. Lockwood looked at the papers with humbleness.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: So, who are these papers from?
  • Californian Government Leader: It was from the Dinosaur Protection Group, Lockwood. From their lawyer named Ryan Alid.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Ah... I see.

Mills had a curious look on his face, seeing the lawsuit.

  • Eli Mills: So, Lockwood, may I see the papers?

Lockwood showed the lawsuit to Mills. The lawsuit read multiple sentences with a few paragraphs.

Dinosaur Protection Group Lawsuit by Ryan Alid
This is a message to the Californian Government Institute and the Lockwood Manor to ask that the C.G.I. Department, Benjamin Lockwood, founder of the Jurassic World Restoration Society, and Eli Mills, the co-founder of the JWRS, end the reconstruction of Jurassic World. The Dinosaur Protection Group has a reason to urge you to do so.
We have a reason to believe that the reconstruction of Jurassic World is not only illegal if it were not for the backing of the Costa Rican and American government, which we already sent a lawsuit to, but this practice is also cruel and harassing towards the dinosaurs and other creatures that currently inhabit, as it is required that in order for the theme park to reopen, the dinosaurs need to be recaptured from their locations and placed into pens, paddocks, cages, and attractions. We also suspect cruel treatment towards the already captured creatures. We will have no tolerance for this operation, as we rightfully believe the dinosaurs deserve to be free and left alone in the island they currently inhabit.
The Dinosaur Protection Group urges you to cancel the reconstruction of Jurassic World and free the captured dinosaurs back in the wilderness of Isla Nublar, as well as leave the remaining uncaptured species alone.
Lawsuit from: Dinosaur Protection Group Lawyer Ryan Alid
Lawsuit to: Californian Government Institute
Settle: $5,000,000
Legal Fees: $1,250,000
Signature: _________________________ (Leave signature on line)

After seeing the lawsuit, Benjamin sighed.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I can understand where they are coming from and how they feel about my operation, but we are not mistreating the animals.
  • Eli Mills: I know that, Lockwood, but are you kidding me? 5 million dollars?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well, I have much more than 5 million dollars anyways, so should we settle?
  • Eli Mills: We cannot afford to waste a lot of money on lawsuits from opposition groups such as the DPG. We will use legal fees on it. We need to spend as little money as possible on the lawsuits to prevent not having any money to fund the workers on the island, afford to pay vehicles, afford to hire more people, and much more.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well, lets go over it then. Lets see what we can do with this lawsuit.

Benjamin observed the lawsuit, looking at the sheet and figuring out what to do.

Scene 8

Owen, Claire, and Aiden was back in the crowd of protesters, in which they chanted for the freedom of the dinosaurs. Cabot was informing some construction workers next to him on analyzing a blue print of Main Street.

  • Owen Grady: So, Aiden. You work for Claire's dinosaur group, right?
  • Aiden Moore: Why yes, Owen. I'm the dinosaur study expert of the group, I help by informing Claire's organization about the taxonomy of these dinosaurs, their diets, their behaviors, and much more.
  • Claire Dearing: He's our Paleoreporter. He helps our group because he knows a lot about dinosaurs, and we use that to study the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

Owen seemed interested in quizzing Aiden in a fun way about a particular group of dinosaurs.

  • Owen Grady: You know a thing or two about raptors?
  • Aiden Moore: I do. Coelurosaur. Saurischian. Carnivore. Pack hunter. Part of the Dromaeosauridae branch. Related to modern day birds. And from what I can tell of Blue, she is highly intelligent.
  • Owen Grady: Nice. Also, about Blue... I'm her alpha.
  • Aiden Moore: I can see that, hearing about you after you were talking with Cabot.
  • Owen Grady: ... You want to know something about me? I used to, uh, work here at this place as a raptor trainer alongside a friend. We had four raptors; Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie. Three of them died after the park shut down a few years ago, and only Blue remains.
  • Aiden Moore: That's unfortunate to hear. I didn't know you had more raptors. However, I also used to work here as well.

Owen was a little surprised at hearing Aiden about his former job at Jurassic World before it shut down.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, really?
  • Aiden Moore: Yes, as an employee in the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo. I used to remember the days when I educated kids about the dinosaurs, let them play and handfeed the baby dinosaurs in that small petting zoo, and even help some young kids ride some baby dinosaurs.
  • Owen Grady: Hm. Say, Aiden, how did you get your job and what was your life like?
  • Aiden Moore: Well... I was born in 1993 and I lived in Oklahoma. I had a mother, father, and a little brother. I had a pet Beagle dog, which I named Jacob. When I was little, I was very interested in biology, and later on, paleontology, and I soon started taking classes in those areas. I received a graduate from college and from there, I got a job here at Jurassic World as an employee. After the park shut down, I have come to learn that these dinosaurs are valuable, and deserve rights like any other animal, which is why I joined the Dinosaur Protection Group and why I oppose the rebuilding of this place.
  • Owen Grady: Well, I can see your point.
  • Claire Dearing: And I would, um, like to state about my past here as well. I used to be the Operations Manager of Jurassic World, and I was, back then, focused so much on my career, that I did not see the value of these dinosaurs. Now, I believe that there is still a solution to make this better, by caring for these dinosaurs and giving them all of the supplies that they need.
  • Owen Grady: Well, I know that, Claire.

Just then, Aiden thought he heard a helicopter motor.

  • Aiden Moore: Hey guys... what is that sound?

Owen and Claire heard the helicopter motor too, slowly becoming louder.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen, Aiden, I can see a heavy lift helicopter coming this way... it's carrying something.

Just as Claire said that, Cabot left from analyzing the blue print to Gate A-5, the gate where it is connected by two buildings just before entering the outside area of the entrance to the Innovation Center.

  • Cabot Finch: Close Gate A-5!

One of the operation workers closed the three-people-tall gate, with red bulbs of light flashing on each opposite end of the gate, closing and blocking access to the steps to the Innovation Center. Owen, Claire, and Aiden came to where Gate A-5 is, alongside some protesters.

  • Owen Grady: Cabot, what's going on?
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, well they brought the dinosaurs in that area, and we're about to see some vehicles come and pass by the Innovation Center.

Claire was concerned by the fact that they will pass by the Innovation Center with dinosaurs in their cages to transport them to an area not far from Main Street for a checkup.

  • Claire Dearing: Cabot, is that a helicopter?
  • Cabot Finch: Yup. They finally arrived. Looks like we'll see how they do it.

Aiden looked through the grates of the closed Gate A-5. He heard the helicopter noises get louder and louder until he saw a heavy lift helicopter carry a cage.

  • Aiden Moore: Hey guys, what's that?

Aiden saw a large heavy-lift helicopter, the Boeing-Vertol 234LR, carry a large cage with vertical bars. He saw a medium sized dinosaur inside it.

  • Aiden Moore: Frill with small triangular spikes around it... three horns... it's a Triceratops.

Owen saw the Boeing helicopter as well, stunned at the sight of it.

  • Owen Grady: What are they doing? Why are they carrying that dinosaur by helicopter?
  • Cabot Finch: That's the only one they are using the helicopter on. The rest are being carried by trucks, and I'm sure I want to see this.

Cabot was interested in seeing the dinosaurs pass by the Innovation Center to the area they were designated. Claire was concerned about the workers carrying the Triceratops. The Triceratops inside the cage made moaning sounds of drowsiness.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh my god...

Claire then went to see the left side of the Innovation Center for any more vehicles coming, and there were seven trucks, the Oshkosh FMTV Cargos, with cages on their backs, three having more than one creature in it, and four with one creature in it. Claire was very concerned about the trucks moving the dinosaurs, and Owen, Aiden, and some protesters from the crowd came to the gate to see the trucks moving the dinosaurs. An Oshkosh Cargo truck carried a large cage on its back, containing a medium sized light green dinosaur with large plates on its back, a small head, and two pairs of spikes on the end of its tail.

  • Aiden Moore: That's a Stegosaurus.

The Stegosaurus was moaning, lowly bellowing in its cage as it had a large light brown blanket covering it. Its tail was cuffed right next to the first pair of spikes, preventing it from moving its tail to damage the cage. Claire saw how the Stegosaurus moaned and struggled in the cage, which concerned her. As that Oshkosh Cargo truck with the Stegosaurus passed by, another Oshkosh appeared with a different cage, this time containing two dinosaurs which looked somewhat like birds, with long legs, long neck, and a shape built for speed. They had an orange coloration with a murky reddish pattern on their top bodies and necks, and had a white underbelly. They honked and chirped at being stressed inside the cage,

  • Aiden Moore: Those two dinosaurs are Gallimimus. Built for speed.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh my god, how many dinosaurs did they capture?

Cabot watched with excited interest, seeing how the transport is playing out. Some of the protesters behind Claire, Owen, Aiden, and Cabot started to rile up, booing at the transport.

Another Oshkosh cargo truck carried a cage with two dinosaurs in it, but this time, they had a brownish coloration with a dark brown streak. They had a long but slightly downward curved crest behind their heads. The two animals called out and moaning.

  • Aiden Moore: Those two are Parasaurolophus. Rather shy creatures.

As the Oshkosh cargo truck carrying the two Parasaurolophus in the cage passed by, another Oshkosh cargo truck carried a cage with a rather spiky and armored quadrupedal dinosaur, with a tail that ends in a round club. The coloration was a blackish grey with the spikes being white. Its tail was cuffed to prevent it from smashing the cage side to side. The creature moaned in drowsiness.

  • Aiden Moore: That animal is Ankylosaurus.

The protesters were booing on seeing the dinosaurs they were transporting in cages, looking like they were mishandled. Then another Oshkosh cargo truck carried four creatures, with long beaks, a crest behind their heads, short but powerful legs and long wings. They flapped around their cages in aggressiveness, honking and screeching. They were colored grey with red on their heads and around their eyes, as well as tints of red on their wings.

  • Aiden Moore: Those four are Pteranodon.
  • Cabot Finch: It's really interesting seeing how our men captured these pterosaurs. They are hard to capture due to them being able to fly.
  • Claire Dearing: Cabot, this is wrong. This is what we came to protest for. Your bosses cannot put them in cages like this.
  • Cabot Finch: Sorry, Mrs. Dearing, but we're just doing our job.

As the Oshkosh cargo truck carrying the four caged Pteranodon passed by, yet another Oshkosh cargo truck was transporting a small but man sized dinosaur. It snarled, growled, barked, and called out while it was inside the cage. The theropod caught Owen's attention. The theropod had felt familiar to Owen. As Owen looked further, the animal had fast reflexes, but had a bluish-gray color with what appears to be a white stripe with metallic blue in the middle going horizontally from its eye orbit. As Owen looked further into details, the animal had a yellow eye with a slit pupil, and an enlarged toe claw on each of its two feet. Owen was surprised, then shocked, then slightly mad to see this animal in a cage.

  • Owen Grady: Claire?
  • Claire Dearing: Yeah?
  • Owen Grady: That's Blue. My raptor.
  • Aiden Moore: Owen, I can see---
  • Owen Grady: Aiden, I know. That's her.

Suddenly, the Oshkosh cargo truck carrying the animal stopped, blocking the view of the entrance to the Innovation Center. Blue wildly and violently bit, slashed, and kicked the bars of the cage, almost as if she wanted to get herself out of the cage. She roared, called out, and screeched as she tried to land blows on the sides of the cage. The man driving the Oshkosh cargo truck came out of the driver side of the car, and went around to the back of the cage. Blue went to the back of the cage and snarled viciously at the driver. The driver shouted at Blue in an annoyed angry tone.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Stop it, you stupid lizard!

Blue bellowed at the driver, as she tried to squeeze her snout and put her claws through the bars to get to the driver. The driver stepped back a couple of feet, and then took out his radio.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Comrades. I may need some assistance here in controlling this animal, please?
  • Animal Wrangler (Radio): Understood. We'll come there right now.

The driver put his radio away. Blue continued to snarl at the driver. Clearly annoyed, the driver took out a stun rod and activated it. The driver then stated in a stern and annoyed tone.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: You need to shut up.

Blue glared her teeth, then shrieked in savageness. The driver lunged his stun rod forward and zapped Blue, sending it back a few feet. The driver lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her again in order to calm her down. Blue roared, as the stun rod clearly enraged her. Meanwhile, behind Gate A-5, Owen, Claire, Aiden, Cabot, and the other protesters saw the driver using a stun rod on Blue.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh my god, what is he doing to Blue?!
  • Aiden Moore: Hey! Stop that!

Owen just watched in shock, and then turned angry.

  • Owen Grady: Hey! Stop tazing that animal right now!

The driver heard Owen's words, and looked at Owen. However, he did not properly hear Owen. He shouted in a clear tone so that he can hear what Owen had to say.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: What, sir?
  • Owen Grady: Stop using that stun rod!
  • Claire Dearing: Enough! Stop tazing it!

The protesters were riled up on the driver stunning Blue. The driver was confused, but then returned to a focused state once Blue tried to squeeze her snout through the bars and put her claws on the bars to get to the man again. The driver lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her. She lunged at the driver again, with the bars blocking her from reaching the driver, and he zapped Blue with the stun rod once more. The protesters were clearly angry at the driver for stunning a dinosaur right in front of their eyes. Cabot just watched with concern and feels bad for the raptor. Just then, another Oshkosh Cargo Truck came with a medium sized theropod in a cage. The theropod was a drab grey with a slight tint of faded blue, and had subtle yellow stripes on its back and a very faint yellow underbelly, and it had red crests which were on the head and on top of the eye, and curved backwards. The theropod roared, snarled, and bellowed as it bumped the cage side to side, bit the bars, and rammed the back of the cage as it turned around the cage repeatedly so slimly.

  • Aiden Moore: Guys, that’s an Allosaurus. Juvenile one.

The juvenile Allosaurus slammed the sides of the cage repeatedly, causing the Oshkosh Cargo Truck carrying it to stop just closer to the gate Owen, Claire, Aiden, Cabot and the others were behind, as well as passing by the Oshkosh Cargo Truck carrying Blue and stopping. The driver of the Oshkosh Cargo Truck carrying the Allosaurus cage came out of the driver's side of the vehicle and came next to the right side of the juvenile Allosaurus cage. The juvenile Allosaurus gaped its jaws around the bars, attempting to reach the driver. The driver tazing Blue called out to the second driver.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Hey! Can you help me over here?
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #2: Uh, sure. I'm concerned about this animal, though.

The second driver that drove the truck carrying the juvenile Allosaurus came to the driver with the truck that was carrying Blue. Then, four more men that the first driver radioed came with cattle prods and a couple of tranquilizer guns.

  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: You need to control this animal?
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Yes, please.

The four dinosaur wranglers, as well as the two Oshkosh drivers, took out their stun rods and activated them. Blue roared at the men. Owen was getting increasingly concerned, as well as getting angrier at the men who are about to taze Blue.

  • Owen Grady: Hey!

The first driver lunged his stun rod at Blue first, making her jump back and trying to bite the stun rod going into her cage. One dinosaur wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue again and the raptor tried to bite the stun rod used on her. Another dinosaur wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, only for Blue to bite behind the tip of the stun rod and try to pull it away from that dinosaur wrangler, but the driver driving the Oshkosh vehicle carrying Blue lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her and making her let go of the former dinosaur wrangler's stun rod. The protesters were booing on the men tazing Blue, even making an uproar.

  • Claire Dearing: HEY! Stop that! Stop tazing that animal!

Claire then noticed that Aiden held his camera out, with a red light on a small hollow bump just part of the camera.

  • Aiden Moore: I'm recording this.

Claire then understood that Aiden was recording the men tazing Blue so that he can expose how the dinosaur wranglers on Isla Nublar are really treating their dinosaurs. Meanwhile, a dinosaur wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue in the cage, with the raptor avoiding that by jumping back. However, the men split up and group of three went to the right side of the cage, whereas the other group of three went to the left side. The Oshkosh driver who drove the truck carrying the juvenile Allosaurus lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her. Blue shrieked in pain and fury. Another dinosaur wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her again. Blue glared her teeth, having enough of the men zapping her.

  • Owen Grady: Enough!

Cabot just watched in neutrality, not knowing what to do. Claire shouted and yelled at the six men. She took out her megaphone and spoke in an intervening tone.

  • Claire Dearing: This is dinosaur cruelty! Enough of stunning that dinosaur!

The protesters booed, causing backlash. The six men noticed the protesters watching them, but Blue snarled at the men, trying to claw her way through the bars to get to one dinosaur wrangler. That dinosaur wrangler noticed this and lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping Blue and causing her to go back. Owen watched in anger, and he couldn't take watching his raptor get stunned anymore. He grabbed the bars of Gate A-5 and started climbing them. Claire noticed this and questioned what he was doing.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen! What are you doing?!
  • Owen Grady: I'm going to stop them.

Meanwhile, one of the four dinosaur wranglers lunged his stun rod at Blue again, zapping her again. Blue roared and barked in anger. The driver that used the Oshkosh truck that carried Blue's cage lunged his stun rod at Blue, zapping her once more and sending her back a few feet in her cage.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Enough, you violent reptile!

Blue shrieked at the driver, clearly aggressive towards him after he and his men stunned her multiple times. Then a dinosaur wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, zapping her. Blue bellowed. Meanwhile, Owen reached the top of the gate, and jumped from the top, landing on the other side. Claire and Aiden watched in amazement, Owen looked back with no time to lose, but Cabot noticed Owen on the other side.

  • Cabot Finch: Hey, hey, what is he doing?! He shouldn't be on that side! Owen, don't go there!

Cabot was alarmed, as he feared Owen might get himself hurt in the situation. Meanwhile, Owen passed by the back of the Allosaurus cage, with the juvenile Allosaurus watching as he passed by, then turned to clawing and attempting to bite the lock that was attached to the animal's cage. Back at the main situation, the driver that used the truck to carry Blue then started to calm down but still with an annoyed tone. Blue has not given up yet after all that zapping. A dinosaur wrangler took out his tranquilizer gun, aiming at the agitated Blue.

  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: I'll put you to sleep, you little---

Just then, Owen grabbed the tip of the tranquilizer gun, pulled it away from Blue's direction, and held it strongly.

  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: HEY!

The five other men noticed Owen intervening the dinosaur wrangler from shooting Blue with a tranquilizer shot. The dinosaur wrangler then shook his tranquilizer gun from Owen's grip and barked at Owen.

  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: Why are you here?!

The Oshkosh driver that used the truck to carry Blue's cage then got in the argument with Owen.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: What are you doing?! Are you stupid?! We are handling a dinosaur here!

Owen then responded in a stern but matter-of-fact tone.

  • Owen Grady: Well, you are handling this dinosaur very wrong. Stop tazing this animal repeatedly, and don't shoot it to put it to sleep.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: That doesn't mean you can intervene.
  • Owen Grady: Do you not see these protesters calling you out?

Owen pointed to the crowd of protesters, with the driver watching. Claire, Aiden, and Cabot watched from behind the gate.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver: Why don't you go back there?
  • Owen Grady: Because I cannot permit you to shock this animal.

Blue snarled at the driver that was using the truck to carry her cage in anger. A dinosaur wrangler was about to lunge his stun rod at Blue again, only for Owen to act fast and hold the stun rod and pull it back away from Blue to prevent the dinosaur wrangler from zapping Blue.

  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: Hey stop it!

The driver then planned to take matters in his own hands.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Sir, if you don't let us contain this animal, we might have to report you to administration to arrest you for trespassing.
  • Owen Grady: Look, let me explain. I was a former employee of this park and trained animals like these, and I would like to ask you that you and your men are agitating this animal more by using stun rods on it. Also, you are accused of cruelty for repeatedly tazing and abusing this animal.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: This dinosaur kept on bumping the cage and moving the truck I was driving the whole time, and it's been like this the whole ride! Look, I have to get back on schedule, can we just end this conversation?

As Owen and the driver were arguing about Blue, the juvenile Allosaurus clawed the lock at the back of the cage, nearly breaking it. As it tried to scratch the lock, it bit the side of the lock, partially crushing it. Then, the lock snapped and broke, falling to the floor. The juvenile Allosaurus then launched back to the front of inside the cage, grunted and snarled. It then lowered its head. Then it charged towards the cage door.

  • Owen Grady: Look, can't you at least understand that I trained this animal before?
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Well, if you could control this thing---

Then a loud metallic smashing sound was heard. Owen, the driver, and the other wranglers looked in the direction of the loud noise. Then what they saw shocked them. The juvenile Allosaurus landed on the floor outside the back of the cage, and then huddled down for a few seconds before getting right back up, looking around it at the protesters, noticing the wranglers, and then roaring at the wranglers. The protesters were shocked by this, with some of them screaming. Claire was stunned at such an unexpected event occurring, and Aiden was shocked at the event about to unfold. Cabot was alarmed as well, even radioing other wranglers in nearby areas.

  • Cabot Finch: Code-19! We have an escaped asset in the middle of Main Street, cornered by Gate A-5 and the two other transport gates! Activate now!

The wranglers prepared their tazers and tranquilizer guns as the juvenile Allosaurus crept towards the wranglers. Owen was shocked as well, but he noticed Blue roaring at the juvenile Allosaurus. Owen went to the cage to try to connect with her.

  • Owen Grady: Blue! Hey girl! Calm down! It's me!

The wranglers lunged their stun rods and held their tranquilizer guns in order to threaten the juvenile Allosaurus to back off, but the juvenile Allosaurus sized up the wranglers, clearly oversizing them by 23 feet in length. It then hissed and snarled, and then, lunged at the wranglers, roaring.

One of the wranglers lunged his stun rod at the juvenile Allosaurus, managing to zap it and make it step back a few feet. Then another wrangler lunged his stun rod at the juvenile Allosaurus, only for the animal to bite the middle of the stun rod, yank it and the wrangler in midair, shake it, and throw the stun rod and that wrangler to the side. Jus then, the driver that used the truck to carry the juvenile Allosaurus lunged his stun rod, managing to zap it again, but not without aggravating it.

It tried to bite one of the men, but another wrangler lunged his stun rod at the animal, zapping it and making it step back. The juvenile Allosaurus roared in pain, with the protesters behind Gate A-5 watching in worry. The driver that used the truck to carry Blue took out his tranquilizer gun and loaded it with a dart. The animal then lunged forward, with the driver with the tranquilizer gun just narrowly dodging.

Owen, while trying to calm Blue down in her cage, notices the juvenile Allosaurus, which missed at biting the driver, lunge directly at Owen. Owen got out of the way in seconds, and the jaws of the animal landed on the side of the cage, biting one of the vertical bars of the cage, and lifting the vehicle completely by a few feet and agitating Blue even more. The animal then let go of the cage, with the Oshkosh truck landing down on the floor on its wheels, with the cage shaking and the lock at the back of Blue's cage partially cracking. Blue was getting more agitated, roaring at the juvenile Allosaurus and while just trying to get out of the cage, the juvenile Allosaurus roared once more at the wranglers.

One of the wranglers tried to throw a lasso rope at the animal's neck. The man pulled the rope. Another wrangler lunged his stun rod at the animal, making it roar in pain. Owen saw the wranglers trying to take down the juvenile Allosaurus, alongside the others behind the gate. Blue growled and snarled, but then noticed that the lock behind her cage was partially cracked. Meanwhile, the juvenile Allosaurus tried to bite one of the wranglers and his stun rod, but the driver that used the truck to carry the juvenile Allosaurus shot a tranquilizer dart at the animal in the side of the body, with the sharp dart puncturing the animal's body, sticking on, and pumping fluid into the veins of the animal. The animal roared in pain, with a wrangler also lassoing another rope onto the juvenile Allosaurus legs, as it lifted one leg and the rope got under the leg and that wrangler then pulled.

The animal then tried to dash towards the gate Claire and the others were behind at to get away from the wranglers, only for the wranglers to pull the animal's neck and legs and knock it down. The juvenile Allosaurus roared and bellowed as it tried to get up, but the four wranglers and the two drivers lunged their stun rods at the animal's body and even shot a few tranquilizer darts at the animal. The animal was on its side, moving its legs and tail and stretching them out in shock and pain of the stun rods the wranglers are using. The drivers then kept shooting multiple tranquilizer darts at the fallen juvenile Allosaurus to put it to sleep. Aiden continued to record the event watching in worry and pity for the juvenile Allosaurus, with Claire watching in seriousness and disgust. Cabot didn't know what to do when he was watching the event play out, as the wranglers finally managed to bring down the juvenile Allosaurus.

The juvenile Allosaurus then stopped roaring, and dropped its tail and legs, succumbing to the sedative darts used on it by the wranglers. A wrangler gave one final lunge of his stun rod at the now-sedated animal, zapping it before getting no response.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: It's over. We took this dinosaur down.

The driver smiled, and two wranglers gave each other a high five without looking at each other. The driver then took out his radio and called more workers.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Come in, we successfully took down a juvenile Allosaurus, can you come and put this thing back in the cage it was in? We are way behind schedule with the dinosaurs we transported right now.

Claire yelled out at the wranglers for cruelly zapping and tranqing the young animal.

  • Claire Dearing: Hey! You shouldn't abuse that dinosaur!

The protesters booed at the wranglers and the two drivers. The six men looked at the crowd of protesters, wondering what they were saying. Owen just watched in shock of the six men taking down the juvenile Allosaurus, but then heard clawing and banging noises. He looked at Blue's cage and saw Blue, just behind the bars on the other side of the cage from where he was at the front of the Oshkosh Truck with Blue's cage, biting and clawing at the lock, nearly breaking it. Blue then looked behind her, snarled, and eyed the man who tazed her before he dealt with the juvenile Allosaurus, and returned to trying to break the lock. Owen noticed this and tried to dash towards Blue.

  • Owen Grady: Blue, don't!

Blue crunched the lock, breaking it completely. She bashed the cage door, jumped out of the cage, and turned around, running towards the man who tazed her. Owen, as he dashed at the middle of the cage but noticed Blue just escape, then tried to run towards the man Blue was targeting to stop Blue from killing the man to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. The man who used the truck to carry Blue's cage and who tazed Blue before the other driver came in was next to the sedated juvenile Allosaurus looked behind him as he heard oncoming footsteps, as he saw Blue charge towards him with the raptor's mouth open and claws forward. He screamed as he desperately tried to ready his tranquilizer gun in time. Blue screeched and roared, as the man was doomed as Blue dashed at him.

  • Owen Grady: BLUE, NO!!!

Owen got in front of the man in the nick of time. Blue stopped right in front of Owen, recognizing him for a second. She noticed Owen, and stopped acting very aggressive, although she still hissed and snarled. She stepped back from Owen and the man a few feet, being very cautious but still anxiously aggressive. Owen instantly put his arm up and tried to get Blue's attention.

  • Owen Grady: Blue! Eyes on me, girl! Eyes on me!

Blue then temporarily focused on Owen as the raptor trainer clicked his fingers. Claire and the others watched in amazement. Claire was speechless as she saw Owen, her ex-boyfriend, attempt to calm down Blue. Aiden watched in pure awe as he continued recording his camera of the entire event. Cabot was at first shocked, but then got slowly interested seeing Owen try to regain Blue's trust, and so watched with curiosity.

  • Aiden Moore: Franklin and Zia has to see this.
  • Cabot Finch: Huh, I wonder how this will turn out.
  • Claire Dearing: Come on, Owen...

Meanwhile, the man who was targeted by Blue then prepared his stun rod, as the other wranglers did, but Owen stopped the man by telling him to not. Blue was aggravated at the sight of the same man who used the stun rod on her.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, no, no! Let me try to calm her down. Let me handle her.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: You're insane. This dinosaur nearly killed me! You'll get mauled!
  • Owen Grady: Well, this animal is angry. At you and those other men with you. Really... very, very angry. Trust me, let me do this.

Blue growled at the man holding his stun rod, but Owen whistled to get Blue' attention.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, Blue... focus on me.

Blue opened her mouth and glared her teeth and had her claws ready to slash at any second. She stood in a warning position, hissing. Owen clicked his fingers.

  • Owen Grady: Blue, calm down. You're not in a cage anymore.

Just then, he noticed some wranglers just coming into Main Street in front of the Innovation Center, with tranquilizer guns in their arms. They prepared the tranquilizer guns and aimed at Blue. Owen shouted at the men aiming their tranquilizer guns from a distance.

  • Owen Grady: Hey! Don't fire your tranquilizers! Let me handle this animal!

Blue then turned her head to the Innovation Center and screeched at the men aiming tranquilizer guns at her, turning more aggressive as she was prepared to attack. Owen whistled and clicked his fingers to get Blue's attention once more.

  • Owen Grady: Hey! Blue. Look at me.

Blue, while continually snarling and growling, turned her attention to Owen.

  • Owen Grady: ... You know me.

Blue breathed heavily in aggression, staring at Owen for a few seconds. Then she took a few small steps towards Owen, seemingly letting her guard down. She slowed down, behaving very cautious. Owen held his arm up and held his guard up no matter what, so that he can try to get Blue to calm down to prevent her from causing a ruckus. She softly growled in anxiety and nervousness. Owen continued to hold his arm up.

  • Owen Grady: Blue... stay there.

Blue cawed, and then, with hesitation, chomped in front of Owen, with the raptor trainer not trying to flinch at all in front of the raptor. Owen tried to console Blue and prevent her from doing any aggressive movement.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, look at me, Blue. I'm here.

The driver who tazed Blue before the other wranglers arrived held his stun rod strongly, prepared for any attack that Blue will present. The wranglers just watched with their stun rods and tranquilizer guns aimed at Blue. Blue came a few inches closer to Owen as she took some very slow steps towards Owen, beginning to cease her stress. Owen whispered.

  • Owen Grady: That's it... eyes on me.

Blue purred, with her snout nearly reaching Owen's hand. She hesitated by moving her head back a few centimeters, but trusted Owen and moved her snout closer to Owen's hand. Owen's hand nearly touched and stroked Blue's snout when an alarm was heard from behind Blue. The raptor swiftly turned her head at the noise behind her. Owen then noticed too and he saw a construction worker trying to close the gate from where the Oshkosh Cargo Trucks carrying the other dinosaurs came from. Blue snarled, instantly turned around and then bellowed at the construction worker. Owen was alarmed, the wranglers then prepared their subduing weapons to stop Blue. Claire then watched in shock.

  • Claire Dearing: No, stop!

Aiden watched in shock and worry. Cabot was also alarmed as well. Claire was very concerned. Meanwhile, Blue charged at the closing gate in an attempt to escape.

  • Owen Grady: HEY, NO! DON'T AGITATE HER!

As Blue dashed towards the closing gate, a tranquilizer dart was shot at her back from behind. She screeched, tried to remove the dart. She roared at the wranglers who prepared their stun rods and tranquilizer guns to subdue Blue from escaping, as well as other wranglers with tranquilizer guns that came from the Innovation Center as they eyed on the situation. The construction worker stopped closing the gate and feared that Blue may cause chaos, leaving the gate from where the Oshkosh trucks came from slightly open. Owen was worried the wranglers may get Blue hurt. Blue went for the first wrangler she saw, as that wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, only for the raptor to dodge it and bite the middle of the stun rod and tried to pull it away from the wrangler, only to zapped by another wrangler with his stun rod. Blue jumped back, and was cornered by the six men who zapped her in her cage, as well as five more wranglers who came in as backup. The eleven men tried to surround Blue, with Blue roaring at them and got in her attack stance. Owen was shocked at the situation which was about to unfold. Claire and Aiden were watching in worry at the spectacle. Cabot was very interested in seeing how this situation will play out.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: GRRAHH!

The driver that drove the truck carrying Blue's cage lunged his stun rod at Blue, with Blue jumping back and evading another wrangler's stun rod which was lunging at her. Then another wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, zapping her and making her jump back. Then two more wranglers lunged their stun rods at Blue again, with one missing and the other successfully zapping. Blue screeched in anger, opening her claws on her front limbs and attempted to attack one wrangler. The targeted wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, only with the raptor narrowly evading the stun rod and biting the left hand of the wrangler that lunged his stun rod at Blue. The wrangler shouted in pain, with Blue attempting to jump on the wrangler, only for another wrangler to zap Blue with his stun rod. Blue jumped off of the man whose wrist she bit, becoming more agitated. The other men tried to corner Blue by coming closer to Blue with their stun rods aiming at Blue.

The driver that drove the truck carrying the juvenile Allosaurus cage aimed his tranquilizer gun at Blue, with the Velociraptor just noticing and dodged the dart which would have been shot at her. Blue roared, jumped a long distance, and knocked the second driver down. She slashed the driver's chest protector with her claws, and even tried to bite the driver's head, with the pinned driver trying to fight back by using his arms to push Blue's chomping snout away from his face. The driver that drove the truck carrying Blue's cage then shot a tranquilizer dart at Blue in the neck, which made her get off of the driver she was on top of, scraping her neck and head along the ground to try to remove the dart which was shot at her neck.

Blue then roared at the men, raising her claws and prepared to attack. She lunged at one wrangler, lifting her left leg to attack that wrangler with her enlarged second toe claw. That wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, hitting her stomach and zapping Blue, but she dived her toe claw onto the man's thigh, making a sharp pain to the wrangler which caused the injured wrangler to shriek in pain. The wrangler then got pinned on the floor with Blue on top of him. Another wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue, with Blue dodging, turning around to kick that wrangler, which missed, in the face and thus knocking him back to the ground, and turning around to face another wrangler which was about to lunge his stun rod at Blue.

The wrangler which Blue focused on for now lunged his stun rod, zapping Blue in the body. She roared and lunged at the wrangler, with her biting the leg of the wrangler and pulling him back onto the ground, which resulted in her getting on top of him. Then the driver that carried Blue's cage aimed his tranquilizer gun at Blue at a short distance, but before he could shoot a dart at Blue, the raptor immediately noticed, and turned around on top of the wrangler she was on, with her tail swiping the legs under the driver which aimed at her, causing the driver to fall on the ground and unintentionally fire a useless tranquilizer dart at the gate, with the dart striking one of the bars of the gate right in front of Claire. She jumped back, with Aiden surprised as well. Cabot looked at the dart which struck one of the bars next to Claire. Meanwhile, Blue snarled and shrieked at the driver who she tripped. The driver rapidly got up on his feet, and prepared his stun rod. He yelled at Blue.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: COME ON!

The driver then ran towards Blue, with the raptor dashing towards the man, and as the Velociraptor stood up high on her right leg and prepared to attack the driver with her left leg with her toe claw, the driver lunged his stun rod and zapped Blue's belly. The driver managed to dodge Blue's sickle claw attack as it dove down and her left foot stomped flat on the ground and he got to Blue's side. Blue then redirected her attention to the other wranglers, and as one tried to lunge his stun rod at Blue, she dodged the stun rod and bit the handle of the stun rod, trying to pull it away from that wrangler. She succeeded, pulling the stun rod away and making the wrangler lose grip of his stun rod. She shook it and threw it away.

Then the driver that drove the truck that carried Blue's cage lunged his stun rod at Blue, this time zapping her. She jumped back from the driver a few feet away and bellowed. As she charged towards the driver with fury and anger, the driver swung the butt end of his tranquilizer gun, slamming Blue in the left side of her head who was a few feet away. This knocked the nearly tired raptor about a few feet away from the driver, making her dizzy and shake her head a few times. She then rose up on her feet, with a few blood on the left side of her snout and her left eye partly closed, and she roared at the driver in even more agitation. Owen, while out of the battle, saw that the driver knocked Blue in the head with the back of his tranquilizer gun, and this infuriated him as the driver literally hurt Blue. Claire watched as well, as she watched in shock that the driver knocked Blue in the head. Aiden was astonished in a bad way as he recorded what happened. Cabot turned upset that he saw the driver slam Blue in the face, which was one of the dinosaurs that he didn't want hurt.

Blue bellowed at the driver while in pain from the blow the driver gave her, as one wrangler lunged his stun rod at Blue once again, zapping her. She stood back, roaring at the wranglers. The driver then prepared his stun rod again, ready to lunge at Blue. Blue bellowed and screeched, only for two tranquilizer darts to come out of nowhere and hit Blue in the side of her body. She screeched and jumped up, trying to shake off the darts which hit her. The driver that drove the truck carrying Blue's cage then looked at the dart's direction, and saw someone who he knew.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Hey, Wheatley! Thanks for the backup!

A man stood in between the gate the construction worker tried to fully close earlier. The man wore a cap. He had a light café brown shirt, with light brown pants. He had a bullet band with tranquilizer darts vertically across his shirt. He wore sunglasses, looked old, and had a serious look on his face, but with thrill on the inside. He eyed on the situation which was currently unfolding.

  • Ken Wheatley: Did I miss something?
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Ken, help me tranquilize this dinosaur!

Owen saw what happened when Ken tranquilized Blue, and was shocked by it. Claire and Aiden were also shocked by Ken's sudden appearance and that he shot five tranquilizer darts at Blue, nearly tranquilizing the raptor. Cabot was slightly relieved, but was still worried that Blue might hurt someone. The protesters watched in disbelief, and then shouted. Just then, Blue felt dizzy from the tranquilizer darts which were shot at her, but weren't enough to fully tire her. She charged towards the driver which drove the truck that carried Blue's cage with her claws held up, dashing with all the energy she had left, and roared in rage. The driver immediately noticed this and held his stun rod up. Owen was alarmed.


Blue didn't listen, and made one final run towards the driver. Ken held his custom tranquilizer gun at Blue and prepared to aim and fire another tranquilizer dart. Blue opened her jaw very wide, and she held her claws up ready to slash as she drew nearer towards the driver. The driver ran towards Blue with his stun rod up. As Blue lunged at the driver, the driver lunged his stun rod at Blue's chest, in between the arms. Blue's right leg with her toe claw on it stabbed the driver's right hip, whereas Blue bit the driver's right shoulder. The driver yelled in pain, Ken shot yet another tranquilizer dart Blue in the neck, and combined with the zap to the chest by the driver's stun rod, Blue gave out one final call and fell back on her back, then dropping to her side and laid on the floor, a few feet away from the driver, in defeat.

Owen watched in utter disbelief, then slowly became upset at the driver. Claire put her hands on her mouth in shock, Aiden was stunned as he recorded everything from the wranglers repeatedly zapping Blue and the juvenile Allosaurus multiple times unnecessarily to what happened as Blue was almost tranquilized, and Cabot watched as he was relieved the fight was over, but was not happy with how the wranglers treated Blue and the juvenile Allosaurus. Then two wranglers came to Owen and tried to lead him away from the event which unfolded.

  • Wrangler #1: Sir, you need to go back behind Gate A-5.
  • Owen Grady: But sir, they mistreated my animal, can you---
  • Wrangler #2: We'll let you later.

As Owen was led away to the gate, he saw back at Blue. The raptor was heavily breathing, quietly grunting in pain, and struggled to remain awake from the tranquilizer darts. She twitched her claws and flinched as she tried to stay conscious. The driver looked above her in stoicness, with Ken coming to the raptor on the ground. Owen was then led to the gate with one of the wranglers commanding the opening of the gate.

  • Wrangler #1: Open Gate A-5!

The gate from where Claire, Aiden, Cabot, and the other protesters were behind at slightly opened, letting Owen in. The gate then closed. Claire then told Owen about the event.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen, are you alright?!

Ticked off over the event, Owen replied to Claire in a pretendingly okay tone.

  • Owen Grady: Yeah. I'm okay.

Aiden was earnest about Owen and decided to tell him about the footage he was recording the whole time.

  • Aiden Moore: Owen, I recorded the entire event. Just so we can have proof.

Owen watched in a more apologetic way, but he was still slightly angered by the event and just gave no reply. Cabot then told Owen about his reaction on the event.

  • Cabot Finch: Hey, Mr. Grady, I was, um... impressed at you, err, saving that man's life and handling your raptor before... well, you know how it played out.
  • Owen Grady: ... I only saved him because I didn't want my animal to be called out for killing people.
  • Cabot Finch: ... Um... yes, I apologize for what happened. I will have a conversation with that man...

Owen then gave no response, not wanting to discuss this any further. Meanwhile, Ken was talking to some other wranglers that arrived on the scene, with the wranglers already in the area moving the juvenile Allosaurus back into its cage and replacing the broken lock with a new one. As the sleeping juvenile Allosaurus was put back into its cage where it was, the driver who drove the truck that carried the juvenile Allosaurus looked as he tried to deal with some claw marks on his chest protector and minor scratches on his face. He got onto the truck's driver side and drove the truck away to the destination past Main Street and the Innovation Center he was supposed to head to much earlier. As the first driver that drove the truck looked down on Blue, the raptor then stopped moving, being fully tranquilized. Ken then reported to a construction manager which then came onto the scene.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey, I have a particular dinosaur which me and my men have just captured, and we need to bring it to the checkup area, so can you open the gate behind me some more?
  • Construction Manager: Sure.

The construction manager then walked to the gate where Ken came from, and opened it. After some seconds, the gate fully opened, and Ken returned to the gate and walked passed it, going to deal with something and try to bring it. Meanwhile, a loud grunt was heard not far from where Ken was heading to. It was heard from all of Main Street. Behind Gate A-5, Owen, Claire, Aiden, and Cabot heard the loud echoing grunt. Some loud footsteps can be heard from the distance.

  • Claire Dearing: What was that?

As some uninjured wranglers moved the tranquilized Blue back to her cage, they too heard the loud grunt that was behind the left side of the Innovation Center. Just then, some trucks came into the view. They were not far away from the gate from where Ken came from. The trucks had ropes that were tied around something. The trucks were on the left side of the Innovation Center. Claire, trying to look from the bars, wondered what the trucks on the left side of the Innovation Center were trying to wrangle.

  • Claire Dearing: What are they doing?

Aiden recognized the loud grunt, and then thought up of all possibilities as to what the grunt belonged to.

  • Aiden Moore: The noise sounded from a large animal, and those trucks are wrangling something... large.

Then the truck's wrangling ropes pulled forward as if the trucks were struggling, another loud grunt was heard, and then a loud stomp occurred, shaking the ground. Owen and the others felt it, being surprised by it and being shocked at what those trucks at the left side are trying to wrangle. Just then, a dinosaur head came into view from the left side of the Innovation Center. The dinosaur head resembled that of a plant eater, but it was way high up in the sky, almost as tall as the Innovation Center. As it revealed itself more, it had ropes tied around its neck in which the ropes pulled to motion the dinosaur to move forward. The body of the large animal was a grey body with a faint tan underbelly and face with subtle blue stripes going along its neck and back. As Aiden saw the dinosaur being wrangled from the left of the Innovation Center, he recognized what dinosaur it was.

  • Aiden Moore: Apatosaurus. One of the sauropods of Isla Nublar.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh my god... what are they doing?

Then, Ken then came into view, armed with his custom tranquilizer dart, as the Apatosaurus gave out a deep bellow in distress of being wrangled to move to somewhere else. Claire watched in shock at the sauropod, but is upset that the trucks are wrangling it to move it somewhere. Ken aimed his custom tranquilizer dart at the sauropod and fired three tranquilizer darts at it, with those three darts hitting the large body of the Apatosaurus. The large sauropod grunted in pain from the three darts it was shot at. It stomped its large foot on the ground as it made its way past the Innovation Center, with the trucks and wranglers slowly moving right by the Apatosaurus as they wrangled it with ropes, lassoes, stun rods and traquilizer guns. Ken shouted at the men who tried to wrangle the sauropod and try to carry it to the area where the check-up dinosaurs were sent.

  • Ken Wheatley: Come on, men! Lets move this dinosaur to the holding area!

Some wranglers successfully put the tranquilized Blue back in her cage, as the original driver who drove the truck carrying Blue watched as he was injured as he sat on the steps alongside all the other wranglers which were injured during the battle with Blue. There were some medics to help them and tend to their injuries. Some medics were putting bandages around his right shoulder and hip. He tried to keep a straight face as he felt the pain of the bite mark on his shoulder and stab on his right hip. He was not happy about the entire incident starting, which could have resulted in someone getting killed. As the long tail of the Apatosaurus was starting to leave view and as the Oshkosh truck with Blue's cage with Blue inside of it drove away, the gate where the Apatosaurus came from started to close. An alarm was sounded before the gate fully closed, with the alarm stopping. As the Apatosaurus grunted and its long tail was nearly out of sight, the gate that led to the area where the dinosaurs are sent to started to close, with an alarm sounding.

The gate that led to the area where the dinosaurs were sent then fully closed, with the alarm stopping and the tip of the Apatosaurus tail being just above the gate as it was moving away. As that happened,the protesters got angry at what just happened. They were riled up and booed at the wranglers, although there were some murmurs of concern and worry over the incident. Cabot was feeling very unsure of what to do, but he was certainly not happy at the driver who drove the truck carrying Blue's cage. He then called.

  • Cabot Finch: Open Gate A-5! Protesters, please keep in your positions!

Gate A-5 opened. Its alarms blared as the gate slowly opened. Claire was in disbelief and was not happy with the wranglers irresponsibly attempting to contain the dinosaurs. Aiden remained in a composed but nervous state because he recorded the entire incident. Owen is slightly angered by the entire incident. Cabot fears that the incident may damage the reputation of the rebuilding. As soon as Gate A-5 opened, Cabot walked towards the injured wranglers on the steps of the Innovation Center. Cabot approached the one wrangler who drove the Oshkosh truck carrying Blue's cage. He was merely disappointed.

  • Cabot Finch: You, sir. We need to talk.

The wrangler with the stabbed shoulder and hip noticed Cabot approach him. Cabot then stopped in front of him. Cabot was rather upset over how the wrangler unintentionally started the incident.

  • Cabot Finch: Sir, I witnessed you caused abuse to a dinosaur, and you could have had someone killed.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Abuse? I was trying to make it stop.
  • Cabot Finch: No, no. You and another man, alongside other wranglers, made that raptor very stressed, making it less calm than it was before, and due to the other guy that assisted you, that juvenile Allosaurus escaped! And it could have killed someone!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: But we tranquilized it.
  • Cabot Finch: Sure, but you and the other men then engaged in a fight with that raptor. And look at what you did. You caused that raptor to injure your men, including yourself. If it wasn't for Wheatley---
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: The raptor was out of control, sir! What did you expect me to do?!
  • Cabot Finch: You agitated that creature when you and your men abused it inside of its cage. People would have died because of you!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: What the hell are you accusing me of?! Dinosaur abuse?! It nearly killed me when it charged towards me, AND would have then killed someone if it wasn't for that raptor guy!
  • Cabot Finch: Your actions probably will likely shutdown the reconstruction of this park! Everyone, including the Dinosaur Protection Group, witnessed what you did!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Oh, yeah?! What about that raptor man?! Do you think he would have prevented this from---
  • Cabot Finch: Mr. Grady had that thing under control! He managed to calm it down! You should have not interfered with him trying to calm that raptor!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Hey, I wasn't the one who interfered with him; some guy at the other gate tried to close that gate, and that dinosaur tried to escape! It wasn't my fault, I was doing my job!
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, and then why did you tempt and abuse it by zapping it in its cage? You literally could have kept on driving to the check-up area! Now look at what you did. One of the protesters even recorded you and your men, and look at what happened! Can you imagine what would happen if that goes viral?!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Look, sir, that animal kept on banging the cage over and over again, ever since I was assigned to transport it from the Gyrosphere Valley! It kept on annoying me, AND it could have broken the bars if I haven't checked!

Owen, Claire, and Aiden watched Cabot and the wrangler argue about the incident. They were clearly not happy. Owen looked at Claire, and Claire noticed, and then Owen looked at Aiden, with Aiden noticing Owen and Aiden nodded. The trio then walked towards Cabot and the wrangler.

  • Cabot Finch: You cannot just continually zap the animal with your stun rod, you have to use your tranquilizer gun first, and then use the stun rod if it attacks you...

Owen, Claire, and Aiden then arrived to Cabot and the wrangler.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, you three---

Owen closed his fist, launched his fist preparing to punch the wrangler, and swung his fist directly at the wrangler's face, knocking him back a few feet. As Owen gave out his punch and stood, Cabot reacted immediately to Owen punching the wrangler and put his arm on Owen's chest to prevent him from attacking the wrangler any further. Claire also reacted, but she just stood, focusing on the wrangler. Aiden was surprised at Owen punching the wrangler, as he did not expect Owen to do this.

  • Cabot Finch: Whoa, whoa, Owen! Calm down.

The wrangler, still recuperating from the blow Owen gave him, then looked at him in frustration.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: So, you wanna fight? Heh, you want to fight?!

The wrangler then attempted to fight Owen, but Cabot intervened and put his arm on the wrangler's chest. Owen then looked at the wrangler in a serious and upset way, as Cabot struggled to prevent the two from fighting. Some nearby guards and wranglers noticed this, and walked forward to the arguing duo until they stopped from a short distance, and they held their tranquilizer guns and stun rods to their thighs, ready to break up the argument.

  • Cabot Finch: You two, there's no need to fight. Break it up, please.

Owen then stood back, feeling slightly calmer, and letting Cabot put his arm down in trust of the two not fighting, but Owen was still angry over the wrangler's treatment over Blue. Owen then warned the wrangler.

  • Owen Grady: Stay away from my animal, you freak.

The wrangler, in disbelief over Owen's remark, then replied to Owen.

  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: You must be Grady, right? What did I do? First I get blamed on needlessly, and now I get punched in the face. Don't you see I'm injured thanks to your creature?! I was doing my job to prevent deaths from happening!

Claire then came in to counter the wrangler's argument.

  • Claire Dearing: No, you weren't doing your job! You led to your own men getting hurt and you needlessly agitated this man's animal by zapping it. Oh, and due to you being so focused on that dinosaur, the juvenile Allosaurus escaped.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Okay, first off, what does this man mean by "my animal"? Second of all, you tell your friend here to not punch me in the face, and you should acknowledge he illegally climbed the gate to stop me from doing my business!
  • Owen Grady: I saved your life, at least! What you did was uncalled for!
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Because it was "your animal", was it?!

Cabot then decided to interrupt the argument to add a point of his own.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, look, sir. I full well knew that Owen did climb the gate, but he had the raptor under control by taming it.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: And what after that? What next, huh?

Cabot didn't answer, as he didn't have anything next to say since he did not know what to do when Owen had Blue under control. Owen then broke the silence by clarifying to the wrangler.

  • Owen Grady: Listen to me. You literally tempted Blue to be aggressive by not only mishandling her, but also injuring her by slamming your gun on her snout. That's the reason why Blue attacked you and your men in the first place. You and your men caused this to happen.
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1: Oh, for.... oh, so are we going to say that this "Blue" of yours is a harmless cute pet when she is calm? Pfft, don't make me laugh. Carnivores are blind killing machines, it's just that you and your friends' stupid dinosaur loving group won't realize that.

Owen felt annoyed at the wrangler making his remark. Claire felt offended at the wrangler insulting her organization. Cabot looked at the wrangler in a surprised but upset way. Aiden then decided to join in.

  • Aiden Moore: Do you know anything about carnivores and how they act? If today's animals behaved like that, then here would be no ecosystems right now. Just because they eat meat doesn't mean that they are monsters. You can't just assume that the carnivores, including Blue, are killers...

Just then, Ken called out to Cabot at the gate where the trucks containing the dinosaurs went to.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey, Cabot!

Cabot turned his head to Ken's direction. He wondered why Ken was calling him. Owen, Claire, Aiden, and the wrangler looked in Ken's direction as well. Owen, Claire, and Aiden knew Ken shot multiple tranquilizer darts at Blue, but they knew that the major blame was on the wrangler. As Ken dashed forward to the arguing five, he stopped in front of them and breathed for a few seconds, he smiled at Cabot.

  • Cabot Finch: What is it, Wheatley?
  • Ken Wheatley: I, uh, wanted to tell you about the dinosaur we just captured. We have a tiny problem with it.

Cabot was then concerned. He asked Ken a question.

  • Cabot Finch: What is going on?
  • Ken Wheatley: Eh, it's a little too big to fit in the area we sent it to, and it's taking up a lot of space in that area.
  • Cabot Finch: Wait, what?

The news by Ken stopped the entire argument with the wrangler over the cruelty on Blue. Claire was concerned over what they were doing to the Apatosaurus which they captured.

  • Ken Wheatley: I'll, uh, wait for you in the check-up area. I gotta go check on the thing.

Ken then walked away, returning to dealing with the captured Apatosaurus and waiting for Cabot to arrive. The wrangler then walked away, not wanting to argue with Owen, Claire, Aiden, and Cabot again. Cabot then turned to Claire and asked her about his apologies over the incident.

  • Cabot Finch: Mr. Grady, Ms. Dearing, Mr. Moore. I apologize on what happened here. His actions are inexcusable, as well as the rest of my men here.
  • Claire Dearing: I do realize it's not entirely your fault, Mr. Cabot, but you should realize that the dinosaurs don't deserve to be confined and restricted like they have been when the park was open.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, err, I understand.

Feeling somewhat bothered and ashamed, he left Owen, Claire, and Aiden to deal with Ken and why he is waiting for him at the check-up area. Claire felt upset about what happened and how the dinosaurs are being treated by the men working on rebuilding Jurassic World. Owen felt what Claire was feeling, seeing his raptor, Blue, get abused in front of his eyes. He placed his hand on Claire's shoulder, feeling empathy for her. Claire then asked Aiden a question.

  • Claire Dearing: Aiden.
  • Aiden Moore: Yes?
  • Claire Dearing: Do you still have that video with you?

Aiden took out his camera and opened to the footage.

  • Aiden Moore: Yeah, I still do. To be fair, I'm glad there were no casualties, because it could have been worse.

Owen then motioned Claire and Aiden to go back to the crowd of protesters, whom were quite clearly furious over what happened as they chanted over the irresponsibility and treatment the dinosaurs received.

  • Owen Grady: Come on guys, lets go.

The three walked back to the crowd of protesters to continue the protest rally, clearly not happy.

Scene 9

[Back at mainland, in the Lockwood Manor]

Iris was walking down the Lockwood Manor Diorama Hall. There were statues of multiple dinosaurs on both sides of the walls, as well as multiple skeletons of dinosaurs populating the middle of the hall. She then stopped in the middle of the hall and stood there.

  • Iris Carroll: Maisie!

When there was no sound after her word echoed throughout the hall, she waited for a few seconds and then called out the same word again.

  • Iris Carroll: Maisie! Come out!

As Iris was standing, there was a figure dashing through some manmade plants in a diorama with two statues of theropod dinosaurs, one that is a greenish color with a reddish neck frill and reddish crests and the other is a basic theropod that is a faint orange with some faded stripes on the back, and has an enlarged second digit on each toe. Iris looked in the direction of the rustling, wondering what it was. Iris then turned to another dinosaur statue, this time representing a greenish and tan medium sized theropod with two tall vertebrate on its back that formed two humps. She noticed that there was a red plush monkey hanging from the statue dinosaur's mouth. Just then, Maisie hopped in front of Iris and scared her.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Boo!

Iris stepped back a few feet. Maisie giggled.

  • Iris Carroll: You silly sausage!

Maisie continued to giggle, as Iris confronted Maisie.

  • Iris Carroll: The death of me, you know one day my heart might really stop. Then what would you do? Go and live in the forest with the lions?
  • Maisie Lockwood: There are no lions in the forest.
  • Iris Carroll: You should go have a bath.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Really?
  • Iris Carroll: M-hm. So you go straight to your bath and to your room to rest.
  • Maisie Lockwood: But I don't want a bath.

Iris was surprised at Maisie not spelling the word “bath” in a more old English sense.

  • Iris Carroll: A-what? Queen’s English, girl. "Baw-th".

Maisie then repeated what Iris said to make her learn on how to spell "Bath" in Queen's English.

  • Maisie Lockwood: "Baw-th".
  • Iris Carroll: "Baw-th".
  • Maisie Lockwood: Baw-th".
  • Iris Carroll: Baw-th, not "bath", you're not a wild animal.

Maisie then played around by pretending to roar in Iris's face, spooking Iris for a second, and then Maisie giggled once more. Then, some knocking occurred in the main door of the Lockwood Manor. Iris heard the knocking and then told Maisie to go to have a bath.

  • Iris Carroll: Maisie, go take a bath. I have to do something.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay.

Maisie walked away to go take a bath. Iris then walked towards the door to see who it is. As the knocking continued, Iris unlocked the locks of the manor door, and opened it. Iris had a surprised expression on her face.

  • Iris Carroll: Oh! Why, it's you!

Ian Malcolm was patiently waiting outside the manor door, with his hands held together in front of his chest until Iris opened the door. He was satisfied with Iris answering.

  • Ian Malcolm: Hello, ma'am. Good afternoon.
  • Iris Carroll: You must be Ian Malcolm. How are you today, sir?
  • Ian Malcolm: Well, aside from getting a good morning, playing a piano at a bar, I wanted to visit Mr. Lockwood and have him answer a few of my questions.
  • Iris Carroll: Unfortunately, I'm afraid he's not here. He's at the Californian Government Institute.

Ian was mildly surprised at Iris's response on Lockwood's whereabouts.

  • Ian Malcolm: Ah, is that so? Well, how about I ask you some questions?
  • Iris Carroll: Oh why yes, of course. Would you like some coffee?

As Iris and Ian were in a luxurious table that belonged to Lockwood somewhere in the Lockwood Manor, Ian was sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee on the table next to him, asking questions to Iris.

  • Ian Malcolm: So, Mrs. Carroll, are you aware of what Mr. Lockwood is doing? Having a park that fell in ruins long ago rebuilt?
  • Iris Carroll: Yes, Professor Malcolm, and frankly I do support the operation, as it was his dream to build since a year ago or so.
  • Ian Malcolm: Okay, so I want to start by asking you a few questions before we get to the topic of the theme park being rebuilt. Mrs. Carroll, may I ask about Lockwood's past connection with John Hammond, the would-have been founder of the original Jurassic Park? I heard him mention his former partner, which was John Hammond, in that day the rebuilding was approved.
  • Iris Carroll: Ah, you mean John Alfred Hammond? Of course. Now, Professor Malcolm, I cannot say much, but what I will say is that, back then, the technology was created by Lockwood that Hammond needed to create, in order to make the cloning equipment to bring the dinosaurs to life when they were planning to build the original Jurassic Park.
  • Ian Malcolm: Hm. I can only guess that you and Lockwood knew how all that turned out.
  • Iris Carroll: Well, yes we did. Anyways, they did so for not only cloning dinosaurs, but Lockwood and Hammond were also behind a project named the Pachyderm Portfolio, way before they started cloning dinosaurs.
  • Ian Malcolm: Wait, "Pachyderm Portfolio"?
  • Iris Carroll: That project where they genetically modified an elephant to make it nine inches by twelve inches? It did have some setbacks, and it died unfortunately.
  • Ian Malcolm: Hmm... I see. I know that Lockwood and Hammond broke their partnership before Jurassic Park was almost built, as I also heard that when Lockwood brought up in that court a few months ago. Why did they fall apart and separate?

Iris knew what Malcolm was saying, but she didn't want to reveal it, as it was something that had to be kept hidden for Lockwood.

  • Iris Carroll: I am... afraid I can't answer that. But what I will tell you is the reason why I support the rebuilding.
  • Ian Malcolm: Well, here we go. Now onto to the topic that I wanted to ask questions about.
  • Iris Carroll: The reason why I would support the theme park being rebuilt is because many people have had their childhoods from that park. If only I could imagine what they felt when the Indominus rex broke out and ruined the park. However, if we brought back the park, then we can fill in the hearts of many people with joy and happiness. I want these people to be happy, and I want new children that get introduced to the park to experience what these people experienced as well. For example, Lockwood's granddaughter, whose name is Maisie, just loved dinosaurs. She knows about them a lot, and she even pretends to act like one. She would love the idea of Jurassic World being rebuilt.
  • Ian Malcolm: I get it, but you have to take into consideration that there are many people that hate this idea, and they will stop at nothing to oppose this reconstruction. Like me, for example. They believe that this idea of rebuilding Jurassic World is wrong, and it just will end in disaster because it would be like tampering with nature and its creatures all over again.
  • Iris Carroll: I didn't hear any incidents involving any casualty, despite that one Triceratops incident a month after the concept of rebuilding the theme park was endorsed, in which a few people were injured but fortunately, these injuries weren't too serious. I do agree with Lockwood's points.
  • Ian Malcolm: Anyways, moving on. What would your coworker, Elijah Mills, think about this operation? Why does he support it? Why does he want to engage in this act?

Slightly curious, Iris responded with an answer Ian didn't expect.

  • Iris Carroll: I do not know exactly why he supports the rebuilding of it, honestly. He does say to me he also agrees with Lockwood's points, but that's it; nothing that has to do with him.
  • Ian Malcolm: That's... a rather interesting question.

Ian grabbed the cup of coffee Iris offered him and put it next to his mouth, drinking the coffee before putting it down on the table again.

  • Iris Carroll: Anyways, what other questions would you like to ask?
  • Ian Malcolm: I do want to talk about Lockwood and whoever else is supporting this will just create another disaster. You have to have so much security, so many precautions and warnings, and so much maintenance, and yet it will just not work. Not only is this rebuilding another threat to involve people getting hurt - or worse, having casualties -, but it's also a waste of money by the government.
  • Iris Carroll: Well, don't worry, Mr. Malcolm; we have all of the money we have from the United States and Costa Rican governments to bring this project to life, as well as the security and maintenance to ensure no harm. I can guarantee it.
  • Ian Malcolm: Well, hopefully what you said is true, even though this project should never come to life. But I have to leave now. I do need to have a discussion with Lockwood.
  • Iris Carroll: Well, hopefully you enjoyed the coffee I gave you, as well as any answers I gave you.
  • Ian Malcolm: Oh, no, thank you. It's enough for me. For now, at least.

As Ian got up, he walked towards the exit of the Lockwood Manor, with Iris watching. At the stairs, Maisie was watching from a corner, peeking at Ian leaving the Manor before he closed the door and left. Iris gave a sigh.

  • Iris Carroll: Well, I guess that man is a little too worried about things going on Isla Nublar.

Scene 10

[Back at Main Street in the checkup area]

As the Apatosaurus tried to shake the restraints off of the wranglers that were trying to hold it in place, the wranglers slowly moved the Apatosaurus into the area of the check-up dinosaurs, where there were cages with dinosaurs inside that were seen when they were being transported past Main Street. It shook its large body as the wranglers kept lunging stun rods at its body and legs to keep it in place. The Apatosaurus then bellowed in pain from the electricity zapping it. The other dinosaurs were howling in their cages, as the juvenile Allosaurus and Blue were laying down due to being tranquilized from Main Street. The Apatosaurus moved its leg to the side, kicking the Gallimimus cage, lifting it a few feet and then falling back into its position, causing the two Gallimimus inside it to panic, rushing around their cages, honking and calling out continuously. As the tail of the Apatosaurus was whipping side to side, Ken and Cabot then just came in to the area.

  • Cabot Finch: What is the deal here, Wheatley?
  • Ken Wheatley: Oh, I just wanted to show you this large dinosaur we got here.

Ken pointed at the bellowing Apatosaurus, struggling to fit into the space of the area with the cages surrounding its legs.

  • Ken Wheatley: What's this big, long necked dinosaur called again..?
  • Cabot Finch: Apatosaurus.
  • Ken Wheatley: Oh yeah, that. We captured it, but now we are having problems trying to fit this thing in the check up area that we are in now, since the Gyrosphere Valley was too far from where we captured it.
  • Cabot Finch: And what do I do with it?
  • Ken Wheatley: I guess we need to move our dinosaurs in the cages and this big dinosaur to make space, although that would take some time.
  • Cabot Finch: Is that so? Well, we have a lot of work to do to prevent the dinosaurs from getting hurt.
  • Ken Wheatley: How do we do it?
  • Cabot Finch: Let me think of something.

Cabot took a moment to think of something of how to properly reorganize the dinosaurs inside the check-up area. He then thought up of something.

  • Cabot Finch: Here's what I think we should do; We should move the Gallimimus, the juvenile Allosaurus, and our blue striped raptor friend with trucks, as the latter two's cages are already on their respective trucks, although we need to load the Gallimimus cage up one.
  • Ken Wheatley: Alright, I can tell them to not load down the Allosaurus and the blue one.
  • Cabot Finch: Right. Then we can transport our Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus specimens with helicopters, since they are pretty heavy. Now, as for our Apatosaurus, we can have you and your men pull it to a corner of the area or something.

Just as Cabot was going to finish his plan, the tail of the captured Apatosaurus soared above them. It was very flexible, turning side to side very rapidly. It crackled its tail whip a little, causing a loud noise, as the wranglers tried get hold on the large sauropod with the rope and lassos, as it bellowed in stress from the stun rods that zapped its legs and body.

  • Wrangler #1: Keep this thing under control! Go for the legs! The legs! Watch the tail!

The Apatosaurus tried to shake free once more, but the wranglers' and trucks' ropes around its legs and neck restricted it. Cabot whistled in impressiveness at the tail and how dangerous it was. He then went on to finish his plan.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, as I was saying, we can keep the Pteranodon cage where it is.
  • Ken Wheatley: So, is it clear?
  • Cabot Finch: Yep. Pretty much.

Ken then tipped his hat, smiled,and nodded in acknowledgement. He then yelled out to his fellow wranglers the orders of Cabot's plan.

  • Ken Wheatley: Alright men, we got business to do! Load the Gallimimus cage onto one of the trucks!

Some wranglers heard Ken and heard his order. They went to the Gallimimus cage, where the two ornithomimids flocked around their cage in fear after being tipped over by the Apatosaurus.

  • Ken Wheatley: You men, keep those two carnivores' cages right where they are on those trucks! Now move them to the corner of the entrance to this area!

The wranglers acknowledged not to remove the cages of the juvenile Allosaurus and Blue from the trucks they are on, as the juvenile Allosaurus was still tranquilized as it lay on the floor of its cage, while Blue was still tranquilized, but is starting to wake up a little, as she opened her eyes a little and did a soft snort. The wranglers, along with the help of some machines, put the Gallimimus cage back onto one of the trucks. The drivers inside the Oshkosh Cargo Trucks backed the vehicles onto a corner in the area, being careful with the other cages of the other dinosaurs so as to not bump them. The Oshkosh truck that carried Blue's cage drove to the very corner of the check up area, near the gate of the entrance. The truck that carried the cage with the juvenile Allosaurus inside of it was parked next to the truck with Blue's cage. Lastly, the truck that carried the two Gallimimus in their cage was parked next to the juvenile Allosaurus cage. In Blue's cage, the raptor was slowly starting to wake up, awakening from the effects of the tranquilizer darts.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, that's one thing done.
  • Ken Wheatley: Alright men, now can we get a helicopter to pick up these herbivores here!

Ken referred to the Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, two Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus. The Apatosaurus was shaking its legs to break free from the wranglers. It again whipped its tail that made a loud sound. The wranglers all heard it, as so did Ken and Cabot, and the sound from the tail whip was so loud, it bothered with the ears of the people surrounding it. Inside of Blue's cage, Blue instantly opened her eyes, jolting from her resting position due to hearing the tail whip. She screeched as she was confused of what was going on. The juvenile Allosaurus then waked up and growled after hearing the tail whip, which bothered it. The other dinosaurs and the Pteranodon heard it and it sent them into a near frenzy, being bothered by the loud sound.

[Back at Main Street]

A loud sound was heard from the check up area. Owen, Claire, and Aiden, as so did the other protesters, heard it.

  • Owen Grady: What was that?
  • Aiden Moore: ... I think that was the Apatosaurus they captured. I know that diplodocids like the Apatosaurus had long tails that can be used for self defense by whipping their tails to make loud sounds that deter predators away.
  • Claire Dearing: Something's wrong.

Claire suspected something was happening in the check-up area by the wranglers judging by the loud sound that was made in that area.

[Back in the check up area]

Cabot and Ken were bothered by the loud sound the Apatosaurus made.

  • Ken Wheatley: Garh!

Cabot covered his ears in pain. The loud sound was as loud as a large lightning bolt, enough to send some shock to a person. After the loud sound passed, the wranglers continuously zapped the legs of the Apatosaurus with stun rods. The Apatosaurus grunted more in pain. Cabot and Ken then let their hands off of their ears.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, don't agitate the Apatosaurus too much. Okay, lets get that helicopter to move our large herbivores we assigned.

Ken then prepared to call the helicopter.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey you! Get that Boeing-Vertol 234LR up in the air to carry these dinosaurs now!

One of the wranglers boarded the Boeing-Vertol 234LR, the same helicopter used to carry the Triceratops cage back from Main Street, and activated it for lifting. One of the wranglers got in to activate it. The helicopter's wing rods slowly spun, then spun faster and faster until it is visibly a fast moving near invicible circle, as it generated strong wind. The helicopter was up, as it was getting near the Triceratops cage. One of its grippers that protruded from the bottom of the helicopter gripped the top bars of the Triceratops cage and lifted it. The Triceratops inside of the cage was agitated from the loud tail whip the Apatosaurus caused. It bellowed, slamming its two long horns against the side bars of its cage. The helicopter successfully lifted the Triceratops cage and transported it towards a small distance somewhere else. The cage was placed on the right corner of the opposite side of the entrance, with the Triceratops still struggling to free itself from the cage.

  • Boeing-Vertol 234LR Pilot Wrangler: Triceratops Cage in place.

The pilot wrangler then attempted to fly above the Ankylosaurus cage and try to move it in order to place it next to the Triceratops cage. The Ankylosaurus moaned in distress, unable to lift its tail club because it was chained to the bottom of the back of the inside cage. The helicopter then used its grippers to grab one of the top bars of the Ankylosaurus cage. It then successfully lifted the Ankylosaurus cage, moving it slowly to the area next to the Triceratops cage. As it traveled slowly, the wranglers used light rods to guide the helicopter on where to land the Ankylosaurus cage. As the helicopter carried the Ankylosaurus cage to where its supposed to be, the Ankylosaurus inside the cage broke the chains that was holding its tail and wildly slammed its tail on the sides of the back of the cage, damaging the bars. The helicopter was slightly knocked to the side from the slamming, trying to regain balance and control. Ken then used his radio to contact the wrangler piloting the helicopter.

  • Ken Wheatley: Watch the thing! It could break the cage!

The Ankylosaurus moaned in stress, trying to free itself from its shackles holding it down. The helicopter then lowered it just next to the Triceratops cage, in the left side. The Ankylosaurus was stressed, when some wranglers came close to its cage and used cattle prods on it, zapping it. This caused the Ankylosaurus to slam the inside back side of its cage with its clubbed tail, slamming the bars, causing one wrangler to load his tranquilizer rifle and shoot one tranquilizer dart at the Ankylosaurus. The Ankylosaurus quickly became agitated when the dart struck its shoulder, pumping the sedative liquid into its bloodstream. The helicopter let go of the top bars of the Ankylosaurus cage and then hovered to the Parasaurolophus cage with the two crested hadrosaurs inside it. The two Parasaurolophus honked and bellowed with their crests in stress due to the Apatosaurus tail whip. The helicopter picked the cage up and carried them over to where the Ankylosaurus and Triceratops cages are.

  • Ken Wheatley: Alright, we're making good progress, gentlemen!

Meanwhile, the Apatosaurus bellowed in stress, continuing to move its long tail side by side. The wranglers and vehicles holding it are struggling to keep it in place because of its heavy weight and strength. Just then, its tail got low to the ground, and aimed at a group of wranglers. The wranglers noticed this and they tried to avoid it.

  • Wrangler #1: LOOK OUT!

Jus then, the tail whipped just next to the wranglers, causing a whip sound that wasn't as loud as the first one, but a little louder than the soft whip it caused earlier. The shockwaves from the tail was sent out just a few yards away from the wranglers, knocking them back onto the floor. It shocked their bodies, nearly killing them.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh no! Somebody help those wranglers get back on their feet!

Cabot reacted to what just happened, Ken just noticed and took out his custom tranquilizer gun. He shot a dart at the Apatosaurus in its body, causing it to bellow in pain from the dart that it was just shot at. Ken radioed the wrangler piloting the helicopter to keep on transporting the Parasaurolophus cage.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey, you keep on doing what you're doing. Don't pay attention to what just happened with the Apatosaurus, we got this.

The helicopter already moved the Parasaurolophus cage with the two honking Parasaurolophus inside it just left to the Ankylosaurus cage. Then the wrangler piloting the helicopter radioed Ken. Ken took out his radio and contacted the wrangler.

  • Wrangler Helicopter Pilot: One more asset to go.
  • Ken Wheatley: That Stegosaurus.

Ken looked at the Stegosaurus and the cage it is inside of, with the large stegosaur being stressed out from the loud tail whip and trying to break free from its shackles and chains. The helicopter then moved to the Stegosaurus cage and gripped the top bars of the cage with its gripper. It then lifted the cage, with the Stegosaurus reacting to the lift up. It became agitated, bellowing, attempting to break free from the chains restricting it. Meanwhile, some wranglers are recuperating the wranglers affected by the minor shockwaves of the tail whip from the Apatosaurus. Cabot thought about going over there to help those wranglers, but just then, the Stegosaurus broke one of the shackles that was cuffed around its left arm and spread it out, pushing the side bars on the side of the left arm. The helicopter struggled with the Stegosaurus struggling to break free inside of its cage. The Stegosaurus then broke another shackle from its right foot, attempting to lift itself and break the shackles holding down its thagomizer double pair spiked tail. Ken noticed this and called out the other wranglers in the area.

  • Ken Wheatley: Men! We got a struggling asset in the cage that that helicopter is carrying!

Ken prepared his custom tranquilizer gun, aiming at the Stegosaurus, as so did other wranglers. Cabot took notice and watched what was happening. The Stegosaurus struggled to break loose, knocking the helicopter side by side barely. One of the wranglers aimed at the Stegosaurus and attempted to shoot the large stegosaur inside with a tranquilizer dart. The shot was fired, but it missed and instead hit the bottom of the cage because the helicopter was halfway uncontrollably swaying because of the Stegosaurus slamming the cage it was in which was shaking the cage. The Stegosaurus bellowed, almost breaking one of the chains holding its tail. Another wrangler attempted to shoot the Stegosaurus with another tranquilizer dart, but it missed and struck the side of the helicopter instead because the helicopter was swaying. Then, the Stegosaurus broke the chains holding its tail, freely swaying it side by side around its cage, stabbing and breaking a few of the bars in the back side of the cage in the process. It then tried to stand up with its left arm and right leg and slam itself against the sides of the cage, knocking the helicopter side by side.

  • Wrangler Helicopter Pilot: The asset is swaying the helicopter! We need backup!

Ken immediately reacted and aimed his custom tranquilizer gun at the Stegosaurus, and then shot a dart at it, successfully striking the body of the Stegosaurus. It bellowed in pain, slamming its thagomizer at the sides of the cage again, causing the helicopter to sway side by side heavily as the wrangler pilot desperately tried to regain control. The wrangler pilot then radioed Ken again.

  • Wrangler Helicopter Pilot: The rope carrying the asset cage will break! Tranq it NOW!!

Ken aimed his custom tranquilizer gun at the Stegosaurus again, as so did other wranglers, with each tranquilizer either being a hit or miss. Multiple tranquilizer darts struck the cage and failed to dart the dinosaur. A few other darts struck the Stegosaurus successfully. The Stegosaurus howled in shock from the darts sedating it. As the dinosaur started to get dizzy from the sedatives affecting it, the Apatosaurus was under distress from the helicopter being next to it. It raised its whip tail again and swayed it side by side.

  • Cabot Finch: Watch out!

Cabot covered his ears to prevent being bothered by a loud tail whip from the Apatosaurus, Ken just noticed, and the wranglers just immediately reacted when the tail of the Apatosaurus struck one of the machines used to close the gate that leads to the entrance of the check-up area. The shockwaves made the machine burst, producing an explosion that blew up from the machine. Cabot was in complete shock of what just happened, Ken raised his eyebrows and his mouth completely opened, and the wranglers zapped the legs of the Apatosaurus immediately upon them noticing the machine used to close the entrance of the gate of the check up area blow up due to the Apatosaurus tail whip. Blue, the juvenile Allosaurus, and the two Gallimimus instantly became distressed again, with the Gallimimus flocking inside around their cage while honking anxiously, the juvenile Allosaurus became distressed at hearing the loud explosion, and Blue joltingly reacted, becoming aggressive again and going into a frenzy.

[Back at Main Street]

While Owen, Claire, Aiden, and the other protesters were standing in Main Street in front of the Innovation Center, an explosion from the distance occurred. Owen just happened to notice it first, with his face being from confused to shocked at the sight of an explosion. Claire was shocked as well at an explosion. Aiden was stunned at seeing the explosion then quickly disappear into thin air, as some smoke rised from the checkup area. The protesters gasped in shock at what just happened. Owen looked at Claire, expressing his shock and confused expression on what was going on. He was worried if it involved Blue. Claire was then very concerned that there is an incident occurring as of now with the dinosaurs and the wranglers. Aiden was speechless as well.

[Back in the checkup area]

As the explosion from the machine that was used to close the entrance into the checkup area with a gate ceased into the air, the wranglers were trying to solve the near-incident occurring with the swaying helicopter and the aggressive Stegosaurus inside the cage the helicopter is carrying and the Apatosaurus thrashing its tail around. Cabot was worried that the protesters in Main Street would notice the explosion. Ken aimed his custom tranquilizer gun at the Stegosaurus once more, shooting the dart. Success. The dart struck the Stegosaurus on the body again, with the Stegosaurus inside the cage becoming more drowsy due to the sedatives. It then breathed heavily, shaking its limbs, and then slumped down inside its cage, swaying the helicopter downwards. The wrangler pilot then managed to regain control of the helicopter, stopping it from swaying side to side. It then flown properly and carried the cage to where it is supposed to go. The helicopter carefully lowered its grippers on the Stegosaurus cage down, putting it next to the Parasaurolophus cage. The helicopter then had its grippers let go of the cage, with it being overly stretched and nearly about to break due to the swaying. The helicopter then flown back to where it was before and then slowed down its wing rods, all the way until they stopped. The wrangler pilot then got out of the helicopter.

Cabot couldn't believe it. He saw the black smoke arising from the machine that the Apatosaurus struck with its whip tail. He feared that the machine was damaged or possibly destroyed, thus not allowing it to close, and that it would take several weeks, if maybe not, a few months, to fix it. But then Cabot remembered something. The wranglers that got knocked back by the Apatosaurus tail minor shockwaves. He looked back at the wranglers who were in shock from the minor shockwaves, with other wranglers assisting them. He couldn't deal with both the damaged machine or those wranglers that are in need of help. Just then, he noticed the Apatosaurus sway its tail again above the area, already in deep distress from the helicopter and Stegosaurus cage incident and the explosion. He was shocked and fearful about it causing more damage around the area. Just then, Ken aimed his tranquilizer gun and shot two darts at the Apatosaurus, striking it in the body. The Apatosaurus then bellowed, but then became somewhat dizzy from the sedatives it is being struck at. It then just swayed its tail randomly, trying to stand on its legs as stably as possible. The wranglers restricted the movement of the Apatosaurus by using rope on its legs, and zapping the legs of the Apatosaurus, causing more pain. The Apatosaurus then gave out another bellow, swiping its tail and causing it to strike the bars of the Pteranodon cage. The bars snapped upon impact, and the four Pteranodon freaked out at the tail breaking the bars of the cage. Cabot immediately took notice and watched in shock.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh no. Men! The Pteranodon cage!

The wranglers took immediate notice, and Ken looked at his side in the direction of the Pteranodon cage, as the four pterosaurs then nudged through the broken bars. They stared at the mercenaries in a startled but unintimidated way, opened their wings, and screeched and cried out as they flew from their cage for freedom.

  • Ken Wheatley: Take them down!
  • Cabot Finch: Guard those injured wranglers!

Ken aimed his custom tranquilizer rifle at the four Pteranodon as they dashed into the air from the cage. They flew around the air, flying around the Apatosaurus, distressing the Apatosaurus due to the pterosaurs causing an annoyance due to flying around its head. The Pteranodon screeched and flown swiftly, dodging the tranquilizer darts firing at them. One of them swooped down to near ground level.

  • Wrangler #1: Watch out for that Pteranodon!

The wranglers were ducking to avoid getting hit by the Pteranodon flying low in the checkup area. The three other Pteranodon were flying, circling around the area, dodging and avoiding the tranquilizer darts being shot at them.

  • Ken Wheatley: Tranq them down, men! Tranq them down!

One wrangler attempted to shoot a tranquilizer dart with his tranq rifle, but one of the flying Pteranodon swooped down and dive bombed that wrangler, knocking him back to the floor on his back. That Pteranodon then flew up again. The Pteranodon that was flying low swooped over Cabot, who reacted by ducking as well. Blue, inside her cage, roared at the pterosaurs flying around the checkup area, clearly being under stress as well. The herbivores honked and called out at the sight of the pterosaurs flying around, causing mayhem. The juvenile Allosaurus growled at the pterosaurs as well.

One of the Pteranodon swooped down on a group of workers, knocking them down on the floor, pecking them and flapping its wings above them. Another landed on the back of the Apatosaurus to rest after being tired from flapping around its once-unbroken cage among the three other Pteranodon. The Pteranodon that dive bombed that wrangler then flied high above the check-up area, with one wrangler aiming a tranquilizer rifle at it. That wrangler then fired a tranquilizer dart high above, but the Pteranodon was too high for the tranq dart to reach.

The Apatosaurus became more distressed by the Pteranodon circling around it. It swayed its whip tail, moving it upwards, preparing to strike its whip again.

  • Cabot Finch: Guys, guys, GUYS! LOOK OUT!!

Cabot covered his ears with his hands in preparation for the tail whip. Ken immediately noticed and covered his ears with his hands the second before the Apatosaurus struck its tail whip in midair once again, sounding a loud noise that deeply bothered with the ears of every organism surrounding it. It sent the caged dinosaurs, except the tranquilized Stegosaurus that didn't hear it, into a fearful frenzy after being so stressed by the loud sound again. It stunned the nearby wranglers who were trying to deal with the pterosaurs. The four Pteranodon then were instantly jolted into instincts. The Pteranodon that attacked the group of wranglers opened and lifted its wings to fly away, heading up fast. The Pteranodon that rested on the back of the Apatosaurus jolted from the surface of the sauropod's back and immediately into the air, flying away as well. The Pteranodon that was high into the air already flown off away from the tail whip. The Pteranodon that was flying low around the checkup area then was scared off and flown off into the air, calling out in stress. The Apatosaurus gave out a bellow and stomped its left foot against the ground, causing a shaking that lasted for a few seconds. The wranglers were too stunned from the tail whip to concentrate properly on tranquilizing the escaping Pteranodon. Cabot and Ken then took their hands off of their ears, with the tail whip noise being over. The wranglers were all grunting in pain from hearing the tail whip noise and being stunned by it. The dinosaurs in the cages, except for the Stegosaurus which is currently tranquilized, were all berserk from hearing such a loud sound. Cabot looked around, seeing the situation which has just happened. Ken, with his ears slightly hurting after covering his ears too late, slowly removed his hands from his ears.

  • Ken Wheatley: Ah.

Cabot was worried about everything, from the stunned wranglers on the floor, to the gate explosion, to the Pteranodon breakout, and then he saw three familiar people enter the entrance to the checkup area. This will likely spell trouble.

  • Claire Dearing: Cabot!

Cabot recognized that feminine voice from earlier. He was so nervous to prepare another discussion. As those three people approached Cabot, they were rather very concerned but upset.

  • Owen Grady: Mr. Finch, what happened?

Cabot was speechless for a moment, but then tried to think up of something.

  • Cabot Finch: Err... well... hard stuff, I guess?

Cabot replied nervously as the three people, who happen to be Owen, Claire, and Aiden, were face to face with him.

  • Owen Grady: We just witnessed an explosion back from Main Street, as well as some.. flying.. whatever--
  • Aiden Moore: Pteranodon.
  • Owen Grady: Exactly. We saw those creatures fly out into the air!
  • Cabot Finch: Well, Mr. Grady, we can provide a deep explanation for what just happened, alright?

Cabot was running out of words of what to say to Claire, the founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group, and her two friends, Owen and Aiden, as the Apatosaurus kept on calling out. Owen was rather concerned on what the wranglers did to Blue, if they did anything to her at all.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, what happened? Why did the Apatosaurus produce those loud noises? Why was there an explosion? How did these Pteranodon escape? What are you doing to the dinosaurs?!

Cabot was pressured, as he didn't want Claire, Owen, and Aiden to think that he and his men were mishandling the dinosaurs. He hesitated for a few seconds, and then responded carefully.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay. The Apatosaurus that our men brought in caused a lack of space for our other dinosaurs, so we moved our other dinosaurs around the checkup area to make more space, but then the Apatosaurus kept thrashing its tail around, causing one of our machines to blow up, and it even broke the Pteranodon cage, and caused all this to happen.

After hearing what Cabot had to say, Owen, Claire, and Aiden were shocked. Nearly another incident occurred.

  • Cabot Finch: Fortunately, there were no casualties. But some people were injured, like a group of wranglers I have to tend to.

The trio were slightly relieved, but still worried about what else happened. Owen then asked Cabot another question.

  • Owen Grady: We also heard a helicopter struggling. Also, why did you even bring the dinosaurs here in the first place? Now I want to know.
  • Cabot Finch: Oh yeah, the reason why was because we needed to check if they had any illnesses, such as a common cold or if they ate ferns that are unhealthy for them. Also, we tried to transport one of the dinosaurs, and it broke its restraints inside its cage, but we took care of it.

Claire took note that the wranglers brought the dinosaurs to the checkup area so that they can do a health analysis on the dinosaurs assigned on whether they had an illness or not. This was something that her organization was pushing for, the health of the dinosaurs, and this was something that the operation was doing as well.

  • Construction Worker: Hey, Mr. Finch! You need to check this out!

A worker called out to Cabot to inform him about the gate of the entrance to the checkup area.

  • Cabot Finch: Sorry, I got to do something first.

Cabot walked towards that worker, leaving Owen, Claire, and Aiden confused. Ken just watched the brief conversation and then walked slowly towards somewhere.

As Cabot then headed towards where the worker called him, the worker pointed his finger to one of the machines that were used to close the gate leading to the checkup area.

  • Construction Worker: That dinosaur struck its tail on this machine.
  • Cabot Finch: What's wrong?
  • Construction Worker: We can't close the other gate that leads to the entrance to here that is operated by the other machine opposite to the one that blew up.

As the worker said that, Cabot then expressed concern.

  • Cabot Finch: So you're saying you can't close it?
  • Construction Worker: It's jammed, sir.

Cabot then thought up of something.

  • Cabot Finch: How long can you repair the machine and fix the other machine?
  • Construction Worker: Uhh, a few days, probably?
  • Cabot Finch: I want that machine fixed in a jiffy, as well as fix the other machine. We can't work with the gates wide open like this.
  • Construction Worker: We'll try our best, sir.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, get to it.

The construction worker walked away from Cabot and towards the destroyed machine. Cabot was concerned that the gates being wide open could lead to problems.

  • Claire Dearing: Hey, Cabot!

Cabot heard Claire calling him.

  • Claire Dearing: What is going on?

Claire was confused, Owen watched Blue dash around inside in her cage and was concerned for the raptor, and Aiden watched in confusion as the dinosaurs were distressed in their cages. Aiden wondered if the loud sound is what caused this. Cabot walked past by Claire, being slightly annoyed at the moment.

  • Cabot Finch: We're just handling the dinosaurs as usual, like I said.
  • Claire Dearing: But why are they expressing distress signs?

Cabot looked at Claire in a surprised tone.

  • Cabot Finch: What?

Aiden looked at one cage with the two Gallimimus in it, and saw that the two dinosaurs were heavily panting, with their eyes wide open, pupils dilated. The two Gallimimus inside it honked and backed away from Aiden to the back of the cage. He wondered if it was the loud sound the Apatosaurus made.

  • Aiden Moore: Cabot, what was the loud sound that was heard throughout Main Street?
  • Cabot Finch: Oh yeah, that... was the sauropod, indeed.
  • Aiden Moore: Did you provoke it?
  • Cabot Finch: We tried to restrict it, so that we can get it under control, but then that is when... you know...

Cabot was out of words, and speaking out of nervousness. Aiden then looked at Blue, who snarled at him and being aggressive due to the near incident. Owen noticed Blue's behavior, looked at Cabot with a shame face, and walked towards Blue's cage. Blue snarled viciously as Owen approached her, when Owen slowed down a bit and tried to console Blue.

  • Owen Grady: Hey girl... it's me.

Blue snarled, but then closed her lips and closing view of her blade teeth, and then put her snout close to the bars that were in view of Owen.

Meanwhile, the Stegosaurus in its cage was moaning from the sedatives it received from that struggle with the helicopter. It was slowly opening and closing its eyes, drooling its saliva onto the cage floor that is just touching the bottom of its head. Just then, Ken appeared behind the cage, opening the cage to get in. He walked towards the Stegosaurus head, and crouched to reach the head of the Stegosaurus.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey there. You’re looking good now.

He stroke his hand through the head of the Stegosaurus with it reacting by moaning and moving its head slowly left to right. He consoled the Stegosaurus, with the dinosaur breathing softly and slowly. Ken then pulled out a pair of pliers from his backpack, opened them, and activated them. He put the gripping part of the pliers inside the mouth of the Stegosaurus, around one of its teeth. Ken then spoke in a low and soft, but determined tone.

  • Ken Wheatley: Open wide...

He then gripped the tooth of the dinosaur, and within seconds, ripped it right out of its mouth, causing it to yelp in pain. He then sat back, grabbing his hat in surprise, and then breathed while smiling in reward. Blood filled in the mouth of the Stegosaurus slowly, with pain coming in the nerves of the dinosaur and the teeth and tongue were wet with the blood. It moaned louder than before, but couldn't take action due to the sedatives restricting its body. Ken then smiled, holding the tooth in between the grippers of the pliers and seeing it with pride.

  • Ken Wheatley: You're going to feel that for a while now when you wake up.

The dinosaur then saw Ken's reflection, closing and opening its eyelids. Then, it closed its eyelids, succumbing to the sedatives. Ken then opened his backpack, and dropped the Stegosaurus tooth among other dinosaur teeth, some flat and herbivorous, others sharp and carnivorous. He then stood up from kneeling down, and walked towards the opening to the cage. He walked out, closing the gate and locking it. He then walked away, as the Stegosaurus drooled a mix of saliva and blood.

Scene 11

[Back at mainland, in the Californian Government Institute]

Lockwood was sitting down in a desk, with the Dinosaur Protection Group Lawsuit being viewed by him on a flat desk. The Californian Government Leader and Mills were standing next to him waiting for Lockwood's answer as to what to do. Lockwood carefully eyed the lawsuit, thinking about what to do with it. He then sat back, thinking of what to say regarding the lawsuit and why the Dinosaur Protection Group are sending it.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Um, Eli?

Mills heard Lockwood call out his name.

  • Eli Mills: Yes, sir?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: I need to regard some things about this lawsuit.

Mills walked towards Lockwood to see the lawsuit alongside Lockwood.

  • Eli Mills: What would you wish to say?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: I was wondering if we could think about how we can operate the park and its security when we rebuild it, as well as what it can bring.

Mills looked at him for a moment.

  • Eli Mills: Well, why is that so?

As he looked at the lawsuit, Benjamin was thinking about how the whole operation could turn out and its reception if it does come into fruition. He was thinking about the consequences of anything disastrous happening, and is secretly self-doubting his operation due to the probable backlash from opposers, such as the Dinosaur Protection Group. He wanted to be careful with every step he takes with his project, because he fears that one misstep can end everything of the operation.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Because... okay, so lets start about why the opposers are acting against our operation.
  • Eli Mills: And why would you want to talk about that?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Because I have been thinking about Claire and her visiting us some time ago---

Mills grew slightly annoyed at hearing Claire visiting the Lockwood Manor to talk to Lockwood about his operation sometime ago. He interrupted Lockwood and responded to him reasonably.

  • Eli Mills: Oh no, Mr. Lockwood. She doesn't know the potential that we have when we rebuild the park. She and her group are saying that we can't rebuild it because it would be "cruel" for the dinosaurs and that we would have to round them up in brutal ways. We can prove them wrong. In fact, we can prove all of the criticisms against our organization wrong.

Lockwood had some curiosity on what Mills told him.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: What makes you think that, Mills?
  • Eli Mills: Remember the budget you have for this park? Remember that you hired skilled staff to deal with everything on the island? Remember all the people that support our organization?

Lockwood then thought about all of what Mills said, and then he got the idea of what Mills was saying.

  • Eli Mills: Yes, that is what makes me think of that, sir.

Eli then proceeded to look at the lawsuit Lockwood had in his hands, willing to resolve it, but then Lockwood responded in an unclear tone.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: But Mills, it's just that I'm not so sure on how it will exactly happen if our men will handle everything. I believe I recall Malcolm saying something about chaos, in this case a possible incident with some form of fatality, being inevitable, no matter how we try to map it out.
  • Eli Mills: Sir, are you really believing in that man's chaos theory nonsense?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: I don't entirely blame him. There are those past incidents, as you and I know. But that's not my main focus. What I was really talking about was how we will manage it when that day comes when it is finally rebuilt. We do have to plan in advance when we achieve our goals, after all.

Mills then thought about what Lockwood said about planning ahead.

  • Eli Mills: Well, I can see your point. But imagine what rewards this massive goal for us can be. We can become very popular and gain millions of fans. We can make up for your hard-earned money spent on this project and earn billions of dollars. We will revolutionize the theme park industry, and possibly change the world! Don't you see, Lockwood? What we can do? After this far, three months since construction started, will you let that lawsuit by some group that is against our great idea stop you? Will you?

Lockwood thought about what Mills said and what it will bring, and then he responded.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: No, of course not, Mills. However, you have to be aware that what comes with great benefits comes with great challenges, and that not everyone agrees with our statement. Now, don't get me wrong, of course I will do whatever it takes to rebuild Jurassic World. But it's just that I'm willing to be very cautious on what steps to take for my project, in order to guarantee the safest route towards this project, just like the park used to say about itself, "the safest theme park in the world". It will take a long time, but it will be worth the wait.
  • Eli Mills: Okay, I can see that.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Anyways, lets get back to where we were.
  • Eli Mills: Ah yes. The lawsuit.
  • Californian Government Leader: Took you two long enough.

The Leader then sat down in front of Lockwood and Mills, and Mills sat down next to Lockwood. Lockwood grabbed a black pen, took off the cap, and laid it on the paper. He circled the part where it said "Legal Fees: $1,250,000", and signed his name on the line. As he finished writing it, he raised his pen and put the cap back, covering the ink-dosed pen. He saw the lawsuit's signature with his signed name and circle around the "Legal Fees" section. Lockwood handed the lawsuit to the Leader.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I officially signed the lawsuit. Thank you for your time.
  • Californian Government Leader: Oh, you're welcome.

The Leader took the lawsuit and he stood up from his chair. He handed the lawsuit to some men. Lockwood thought about what just happened and wasn't sure if he could describe his inner feelings, but he just went along with it anyways.

  • Eli Mills: Well, now that is done with.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Lets return to my manor.

Mills nodded, grabbed Lockwood's wheelchair handlebars, and moved him to the exit of the room.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Have a good evening, sir.
  • Californian Government Leader: Farewell, Mr. Lockwood.

Mills carried Lockwood in his wheelchair to the exit of the room.

As Mills carried Lockwood and his wheelchair out to the exit to the car they arrived with, Lockwood thought about signing the lawsuit to fight it. He felt conflicted on what to do.

Scene 12

[Somewhere in the jungles of Isla Nublar]

In the far and deep depths of the lush tropical jungles on Isla Nublar, a small shallow river was slowly slithering its way throughout the jungle, making soft burbling and watery sounds. The trees above blocked some sunlight, casting shadows on the jungle floor, with other open areas where the branches and leaves of the tall tress that are not covering allows rays of sunlight to light down, making a white reflection on the water of the small river. Calls from native birds can be heard in the dense canopy of the tress above the small river, and distant calls from large dinosaurs can be quietly heard miles away.

Just then, a leather black boot softly stepped on the surface of the small river, creating a low splashing sound. The boot belonged to a Caucasian man, slowly walking with multiple pieces of armor on him, including a hard bullet-proof chest plate, arm and leg armor, and neck armor. He had a weapon carrier backpack which carried a powerful Taser Rifle in one pocket and a electric stun rod in another pocket. He carried in one hand a custom tranquilizer dart, and in the other hand he carried a radio. He had a belt which had multiple pockets, one which carried a survival knife, and another that carried a backup tranquilizer pistol. On his left wrist, there was a small device with a map of Isla Nublar on it, with circle silhouettes on the map of the island disappearing and then appearing again. He had a determined expression on his face, looking for something.

Behind him were more people, each with armor and weapons of their own. One person behind him was a Hispanic woman with the same armor, but had a Coda Netgun, a device that can shoot out large nets. Another man next to the Hispanic woman was a Chinese man, this time with a Crossbow that was capable of shooting arrow darts filled with tranquilizer sedatives. Another African American woman appeared next to the Chinese man, this time armed with a grappling hook gun, with a hook attached to a string. Another Caucasian man was not far behind, and had some tranquilizer pistols. The rest were men and women, following to find and locate something, all armed with stun rods and tranquilizer guns. One man carried a large wooden box, with holes on the surface. There was quiet muzzled bleating inside, which sounded like an animal. They were all walking slowly, following the man in front's lead.

Just then, the man in front noticed something off into the distance. He put his radio in one of his belt pockets, immediately raised his hand, closed his fist, and held it up in the air. At that signal, the people behind him stopped walking slowly. He slightly squinted his eyes, trying to see what the object is. He moved slower than he was before, coming slowly closer to the object. Upon first glance, it looked like a large brown body with some scales covering it. Upon closer inspection, however, the Caucasian man noticed a large gorge bite in the middle of its body. Flies swarmed the large body both outside and inside of the large body, outnumbering it like piranhas. It was a carcass, still has fresh meat and unrotten, and taken out not long ago. The coloration was a subdued tannish brown with patches of subtle grey on the top of its body. The man observed the large body, and he noticed the head. It had a large frill on the back of its head, with triangular spikes on the edge of the frill. On the front, there were two large horns above the eyes, and one small horn above its nasal area. It also had a sharp beak for a mouth. The man walked towards the head, passing by the frill, and was now in front of the carcass. He observed it closer and recognized the animal. He identified it, murmuring it to himself.

  • Matthew Huber: Triceratops.

He noticed a bite mark on the lower neck of the Triceratops carcass. He slowly walked towards to what he saw, and is now standing next to the bite mark. He observed the bite mark and was thinking of what theropod bit this Triceratops in the neck and took it out, and ate some of it. Upon closer look, he identified the bite mark of the theropod on the island. He turned to the capturers that were following him, and walked towards them.

  • Matthew Huber: The Tyrannosaurus. It's not far from here.

The capturers acknowledged what Matthew said, knowing that the dinosaur they are looking to capture is nearby. One of the capturers, the Chinese man, commented on the dinosaur.

  • Cole Termer: Commander Huber, the last sighting of this dinosaur was when it was seen hunting down some Gallimimus. We couldn't capture it then, but it is an absolute must-have for the park, according to the heads of the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

Matthew turned around to focus on his mission, replying to Cole's comment.

  • Matthew Huber: Well, we will capture it for them.

Matthew then moved forward, determined to capture the dinosaur they are looking for. The other capturers followed. Just then, Matthew noticed something on the floor. He looked at a large footprint in the mud, sporting the shape like that of a bird; three toes. He knew it belonged to the animal they are trying to round up, providing stronger evidence the dinosaur is closer to the capturers than they expected. Matthew and the capturers moved on, following where the small river flows.

Some minutes passed, and Matthew checked his small device on his left wrist. He saw a blue square that was in the center of where the map displays, representing him, and there were several other blue squares on the map, which represented Matthew's fellow capturers. It was a tracking device, a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Just then, a yellow circle on the map of the tracking device appeared not far from the blue squares which were the capturers. Matthew stopped, as so did the rest of the people behind him, and turned around to them. He spoke to them in a cautiously low tone.

  • Matthew Huber: The T. rex is close by. Our tracking device says it.

The Hispanic woman decided to speak to Matthew about a plan in a relatively quiet tone.

  • Mariet Lindanes: Commander Huber, do we recall our initial strategy to round up the Tyrannosaurus?
  • Matthew Huber: The strategy we planned was to surround it, but we need to further discuss it in detail. The T. rex is very close from here, so we need to prepare to lay out our procedure. Yarrow and Mirren, come here. You, gentleman in the back, bring the crate with the bait inside.

The second Caucasian man and the African American woman came to Matthew, Cole, and Mariet, while the same man that carried the box with some form of animal in it came to Matthew and co.

  • Matthew Huber: Our unit man here will put out the bait in front of the Tyrannosaurus to lure it. Lindanes, Termer, you two will be around the Tyrannosaurus in the left side by 4 meters. Yarrow, Mirren, you two will be around the Tyrannosaurus in the right side by 4 meters as well. Me and the others will lunge when we baited it. You got that clear.

They all acknowledged. The man with the crate moved forward slowly and Matthew came next to him. Auro Yarrow and Sancha Mirren got to the right side of the jungle, while Mariet and Cole went to the left side and they all moved forward. Matthew, the man with a crate with the "bait" inside it and the rest of the men then moved forward slowly.

A few moments later, Matthew heard deep, animal-like breathing. He immediately took notice and tried to locate from where the sound came from. He looked from where the breathing came from and pointed his eyes at a cave, just a few dozens of feet away. Inside it was all dark, not able to be seen, but Matthew, according to his wrist tracker, knew exactly what was inside it. He and his other capturers closed in, arming themselves with the tranquilizer and electric weapons they were carrying. The man alongside Matthew then put down the crate he was carrying, and then opened it. He pulled out the "bait". The bait was a small goat, with white fur, small horns on top its head, and had hooves. It had a muzzle on its snout as it bleated desperately as it was handled. Matthew grabbed the goat, trying to break free as it was frightened. The man with the goat as bait took out something else from the crate; a ground hook with a rope and collar. Matthew and the man walked forward, getting slightly closer to the location of the yellow circle.

As the capturers came close, they encountered a small cave with a wide entrance that shelters from the sunlight, which is the source from where the deep breathing came from. Matthew noticed this and he saw that all of the other capturers are in place. The man stuck the ground hook deep into the ground, tying one end of the rope on its handle, and tying the metal ring connected to the collar with the other end of the rope. The goat bleated desperately, as it was muffled to prevent making loud noise. It struggled to break free from the man that was carrying the crate with the goat and the equipment inside it. Matthew noticed this and punched the goat, trying to make it quiet. The man that carried the crate then attached the collar on the goat's neck, so as to secure it and to prevent it from moving far from where the ground hook was placed into the ground. The goat tried to break free, but to no avail. Matthew and the man that carried the crate then silently retreated to some nearby bushes. They ducked to blend in with the leaves of the bush.

  • Matthew Huber: When the asset comes out of that cave, we strike.

The man that carried the crate and was ducking next to Matthew acknowledged. Matthew then took out his radio and said a starting position in a low tone.

  • Matthew Huber: Everyone in their positions?

The capturers acknowledged. Matthew stared at the cave where the deep breathing came from, patient should anything happen.

Scene 13

[Isla Nublar, in the Check-Up Area]

As the men in the checkup area chained the legs of the restrained Apatosaurus, the sauropod bellowed once more, trying to shake loose the ropes trying to hold it. The workers cuffed the chains to a stand, holding the sauropod in place. The wranglers stood back, and watched as the Apatosaurus call out and tried to break free. The other wranglers tried to tie the chains to keep the locks in place. The sauropod struggled, bellowing, and tried to break free. One wrangler launched his stun rod at one of the legs of the Apatosaurus, zapping it.

In the meantime, Owen, Claire, and Aiden were in front of Cabot, discussing their concerns over the dinosaurs in the check-up area to the willing-to-reason Cabot.

  • Owen Grady: So you're telling me that these dinosaurs have been triggered by that loud crack that that Apatosaurus made?
  • Cabot Finch: It was entirely unintentional. We tried our best to handle the animal with the utmost caution, but it produced that, well, loud sound with its tail and here we are with the dinosaurs amok in their containment cages.
  • Claire Dearing: Look at what happened. Now these dinosaurs are fretting around in the cages you’re handling them. Do you even know the ethical protocol?
  • Cabot Finch: Mrs. Dearing, please, of all things, do not underestimate our handling of the situation. We do know about the ethical protocols. We have gone over it a lot before we even started this project. It’s only not easy at all.
  • Claire Dearing: But these dinosaurs are animals here. You know how hard it is to handle life like this.
  • Cabot Finch: I do apologize for any accidents the sauropod may have caused, but our expert animal handlers can guarantee the utmost safety we can provide.

Aiden then butted in, pointing out a flaw in the execution of transporting the dinosaurs around the checkup area.

  • Aiden Moore: I would like ask how and why the dinosaurs are clustered like this before they were repositioned.
  • Owen Grady: That Apatosaurus took too much space. You shouldn’t have brought it in.
  • Cabot Finch: Wheatley brought it in. We only tried to reorganize the dinosaurs with what space we have.
  • Claire Dearing: Thus resulting in a commotion that we presume happened while we were in Main Street.

Cabot knew that Claire and the others know about the explosion, the whip cracks the Apatosaurus made, and the Pteranodon flying loose.

Just then, some men with medical suitcases passed by Owen, Claire, Aiden, and Cabot and headed towards the cages that were near the entrance to the check up area, where the cages belonging to Blue, the juvenile Allosaurus, and the two Gallimimus. Owen noticed these men.

  • Owen Grady: Who are these guys?

Cabot reacted with optimism at the arrival of these men with suitcases.

  • Cabot Finch: Ah, about time the medics arrived.

There were four men. One of the men set down the medical suitcases onto the floor. Blue eyed at the four men with her slit pupils and snarled at them, as a warning sign in case the men pose any threat to her. One of the men noticed Blue's signs of aggression, and warned the three other men to be wary of Blue's behavior.

  • Medic #1: Be careful.

Cabot commented on the four men.

  • Cabot Finch: These four men are the medics. They are here to see if the dinosaurs are ill or have any diseases so as to prescribe and treat them.

Claire understood that the rebuilding had some good intentions for the dinosaurs, but she sticks with the fact that the dinosaurs inhabiting Isla Nublar should not be contained.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, I understand you want to help these creatures, but won't you and your bosses realize that you are taking away their freedom by capturing them and placing them in paddocks.
  • Cabot Finch: Look, Mrs. Dearing, the reason why we are capturing these animals is because we care about them. If you want more explicit detail, I can say that these animals may or may not survive alone in the wilds because the ecosystem here is pretty unbalanced, which may impact the fate of these creatures. We're helping by placing things back in order so that these creatures can live on in peace. After all, they were in captivity before the park fell down more than three years ago, and they may not understand all of the basic survival instincts due to everything given to them easily.
  • Aiden Moore: Well, what if they did learn to survive on Isla Nublar? You have to know that animals in nature around parts of the world adapt and sometimes evolve to survive in the conditions of the habitats they are in. For example, take Charles Darwin's principle of "survival of the fittest", natural selection, adaptation, and that kind of stuff. Animals find ways to survive by adapting to their conditions, with the ones that have specific traits being more likely to survive than the ones without those traits. The same can go for the animals that InGen cloned here on this island. They may be raised in captivity, but they adapt to their environment to survive, thus not really needing any human assistance. Or as Malcolm would like to put it, "Life finds a way".

Cabot understood what Aiden said about his viewpoint about the dinosaurs trying to survive on Isla Nublar which contradicts his viewpoint that dinosaurs need the humans to survive.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, you do make some decent points there, but they're dinosaurs which were recently cloned. Not animals that were here for who knows how much time.

Just then, Blue growled at one of the medics and snapped her jaw at them from inside her cage. One of the medics stepped back.

  • Medic #2: Can you make this thing calm down?!

Blue bellowed, warning the medics to back off to so that she can avoid any possible injury. The medics then thought about the other dinosaurs and have decided something.

  • Medic #3: I think we should start with the herbivores first so as to start with the carnivores later.
  • Medic #4: That's probably a good idea. After all, the V-L-C specimen seems to be pretty healthy for now.

Owen noticed that one of the medics used the term "V-L-C" to describe Blue. He asked Cabot what this term meant.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, Cabot. What does "V-L-C" mean? Does that mean Velociraptor?
  • Cabot Finch: Ah yes, precisely. That's called a codename.
  • Claire Dearing: Codename?
  • Cabot Finch: Yes, basically a codename is a dinosaur name shortened to just three letters so that it can be simple to identify that dinosaur. Velociraptor has "V-L-C", for example. Another example is the Triceratops population having "T-R-C" as their codename.

Claire felt unsure on using three letter codenames to describe the dinosaurs, so she spoke about it.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, are you sure on using those "codenames"?
  • Cabot Finch: Do you feel anything is wrong with it?
  • Claire Dearing: By using those codenames, you are supporting the ideal that these dinosaurs are assets, not animals. I strongly feel that is not right.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, we need to spell these dinosaurs' names somehow, and the codenamesmake it easy.

The four medics arrived to the cage that contained the Triceratops.

  • Medic #1: Begin the diagnostic of the "T-R-C" specimen.

The Triceratops snorted inside of its cage, somewhat panicking of the four medics nearby. It slightly moved its body to the other side of the cage to avoid the reach from one of the medics. One of the medics tried to put his arm to touch it, but noticed that the Triceratops tried to move away from it, and pulled his arm back from inside the cage.

  • Medic #1: Big tough guy, huh?

Just then, one of the medics noticed a very small organism that was crawling on the body of the Triceratops. It was oval-shaped, had a reddish-brownish color, and sported eight legs. That medic then took out a pair of thumb forceps to take off the organism. The organism tried to bite through the hard skin of the Triceratops with mouthparts designed to cut through skin and suck blood. The medic aimed his forceps through the bars of the Triceratops cage and caught the organism with the two grasping ends and plucked it from the body of the Triceratops. The medic then brought his forceps holding the organism closer to him to identify what the organism was. The organism struggled to break free by wiggling its eight legs around and shaking its body from the grasping ends of the thumb forceps. The medic was able to identify what the organism was by looking at it.

  • Medic #2: A Tick. A Giant Nublar Tick. Dermacentorixodes nublarii.
  • Medic #3: Oh, one of five species of Tick on Isla Nublar?
  • Medic #1: Three of them hard Ticks, and the other two soft Ticks. Very common throughout Isla Nublar and the largest recorded species of Tick known to science. Capable of feeding on hosts, a very noticeable trait of parasites, and able to carry many diseases and infections. They often make their home in the warm and moist atmosphere of some countries in the world, like here on Isla Nublar, and are commonly located in the long grasses and dense overgrowth of the island. Its host prey are a wide variety of species inhabiting this island.

The medic that gave a lecture then took out a glass jar with some holes on the cover, opened it, and had the medic holding the tick with the thumb forceps place the tick inside.

  • Medic: #1: I’ll research this animal for later. You two, check the other specimens to see if they have ticks on their bodies. The other medics should arrive. You, we need to remove the ticks from the “T-R-C” specimen.
  • Medic #2: Understood.

The first two medics went to the back of the Triceratops cage, while the other two went to the other cages. Some more medics came onto the area. The Triceratops groaned in its cage as it did not have enough room to move around in its cage. The two medics got behind the cage, where the locked door is. The two other medics walked towards the Stegosaurus cage, where the Stegosaurus is still seduced with sedatives. They got behind the Stegosaurus cage where the locked entrance is. Soon, more medics arrived to the area to start diagnosing the dinosaurs in the checkup area, this time with tranquilizer darts to seduce the dinosaurs to put them to sleep so that they cannot cause a commotion while the medics do their business. Owen, Claire, and Aiden happened to notice the sudden number of medics in the area. Cabot was rather expectant of the medics coming.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, there must be more medics that are coming in.
  • Cabot Finch: Ah indeed. There were more than I expected, but that's a start.
  • Owen Grady: Most of these animals are still awake, these people will risk their own lives if they just go in there.
  • Aiden Moore: Cabot, while I understand the need to keep the health of the dinosaurs in check, this seems rather questionable. You are putting them in an area near people, when you could do it in the Gyrosphere Valley.
  • Cabot Finch: The ones that we picked were suspected of having illnesses, which could spread to other dinosaurs in that area, so we brought them here.
  • Owen Grady: But why here?
  • Cabot Finch: We decided this was the best location. All the other areas on Isla Nublar were closed off or have yet to be rebuilt, and the entrance to Jurassic World, Main Street, and the Gyrosphere Valley are the only locations that we're trying to fix right now, so this was the best place. That is, if they don't break out or you and your group can step back a few meters. He he, well, you know what I mean.

Claire was unimpressed with Cabot's response, as she was looking and studying at how the medics are diagnosing and treating the dinosaurs, so as to perform a proper constructive criticism when her investigation is done. The first two medics unlocked the entrance to the Triceratops cage, with the Triceratops inside slightly getting nervous at the two medics inside. Its groans were getting slightly more tense, shaking its head and its horns around, banging them against the bars. The medics took note of this behavior and stopped just before they could enter. The tail of the Triceratops was also wiggling around the bottom back of the cage, which could have tripped the medics should they have entered.

  • Medic #1: Careful. It's stirring up.
  • Medic #2: What should we do? What precautions should we use to treat this animal?
  • Medic: #1: I just got the idea.

The medic then took out a tranquilizer gun with some tranquilizer darts, planning to tranquilize the Triceratops. The medic fired some tranquilizer darts at the Triceratops, which the darts managed to puncture the tough skin of the ceratopsian herbivore. The liquid inside the darts were injected into the blood system of the Triceratops, alarming the herbivore.

  • Medic #1: It should take a few minutes.
  • Medic #2: When it goes down, we remove the ticks that roam about its body.

Claire noticed the darts being shot at the Triceratops, with the ceratopsian becoming more drowsy.

  • Claire Dearing: What are they doing to that Triceratops?
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, they need to put it to sleep to remove the ticks on it.
  • Owen Grady: Wait, ticks?
  • Cabot Finch: Yup. I heard those medics.

Owen grinned, thinking that ticks weren't a big deal and that the medics were just being too serious.

  • Owen Grady: Really? Ticks? How is that a big deal?

Cabot looked at Owen as if the raptor trainer was oblivious to the threatening potential ticks can hold.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh, Grady. You really think ticks aren’t much of a threat? Oh boy, let me tell you that ticks are capable of carrying and transferring blood-borne diseases, like paralysis and Lyme disease. Compare this to mosquitos, where they can carry malaria, dengue, and even the Zika virus, but only a little different. It can kill humans.

Owen was surprised at Cabot’s response and just learned that ticks can be incredibly dangerous.

  • Owen Grady: ... Okay.

Claire wanted to ask a question regarding on treating the dinosaurs.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, I just wanted to ask you in case your men are treating these animals from ticks. Do you have any anti-tick spray? That could be effective.

Cabot paused at Claire’s question, not sure if the medics had any anti-tick spray. Meanwhile, the Triceratops felt drowsy, and was starting to fall asleep due to the sedatives injected into its bloodstream. The medics noticed this and waited for the Triceratops to succumb to the sedatives.

  • Medic #1: It's going down.

The Triceratops then laid down onto the floor of the cage, unable to stay awake any further. The medics then made sure that it truly fell to sleep. After seeing that the three-horned ceratopsian was fully tranquilized, they opened the door on the back side of the cage. They then entered, preparing to remove the ticks on the body of the Triceratops.

Meanwhile, the other two medics already entered the Stegosaurus cage, with the Stegosaurus already tranquilized. They also found ticks crawling through the body of the Stegosaurus, and used thumb forceps to remove them. One of the two medics inside the cage found a tick just using its mouthpieces to break through a spot of the hard hide of the animal, sucking its blood to feed. That medic then grabbed that tick with his thumb forceps, and tried to pull it out by rotating counter-clockwise. The tick, sensing its attacker, fought back by sticking its mouthpieces to the skin of the animal and tried to rotate clockwise. But the force the medic used the thumb forceps on the tick heavily outweighed the force the tick tried to hold on, before being ripped straight off from the spot it was feeding on the animal. The medic then held the tick in his thumb forceps, with its waving its eight arms around, trying to break free from the thumb forceps. That medic then looked at the head of the Stegosaurus, and witnessed a mix of saliva and blood coming from its mouth.

Meanwhile, the two medics are already removing ticks from the Triceratops. As they plucked them off carelessly and harshly, the medics threw the ticks outside of the cage, as they wiggled their eight legs on the floor to get onto their underside to crawl away. One medic was on the right side of the Triceratops, and noticed a tick feeding. He used his thumb forceps to rip off the tick, causing some blood sucked from the Triceratops body to spill out and fall on the floor, with blood remaining on the mouthpieces of the tick. That medic then flicked off the tick from the thumb forceps and it fell on the floor. Owen, Claire, Aiden, and Cabot were watching the medics do their job. The lack of anti-tick sprays for the medics has answered the question Claire asked to Cabot.

  • Cabot Finch: Well... nope.
  • Claire Dearing: You really needed the anti-tick spray material. What your medics are apparently doing is not how you remove ticks.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, hey, at least we're trying to help treat the dinosaurs.
  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, it's not enough. Are you sure your own men are caring for the dinosaurs correctly, let alone do they have any experience?
  • Aiden Moore: After all, we did hear that guy call Blue a reptile. He does know that dinosaurs are not related to lizards, right?

Aiden questioned the amount of experience Cabot claimed the men had.

Meanwhile, some more medics were diagnosing the Ankylosaurus that was inside its cage, with the shackles holding its clubbed tail being broken. The bars on the backside of the cage were severely bent and cracked, due to the damage it has done when the helicopter was carrying it to make space in the check-up area. The Ankylosaurus, although more calm now, groaned in pain and drowsiness, thanks to the sedative dart that was shot at it from earlier. The medics could not enter the cage from the door on the back side because they could risk being struck by the clubbed tail. One of the medics outside was inspecting how the Ankylosaurus breathed, and observed if there were any ticks on the armored hide of the Ankylosaurus. Failing to see any ticks, the medic then observed if the Ankylosaurus had any sickness. He then saw a green substance on the tongue of the Ankylosaurus. He reached his arm inside the front of the cage, next to the ankylosaur's head. The Ankylosaurus, nervous of the hand, groaned louder, and snapped its beak to scare the medic's arm off. The clubbed tail was slowly shaking as a threatening display. One of the medics warned about the clubbed tail of the Ankylosaurus.

  • Medic #5: Careful about the tail.

The Ankylosaurus had its limbs shackled, thus unable to break free, but the Ankylosaurus struggled. The medic then grabbed the green substance that was on the tongue, and before the Ankylosaurus could snap its beak again, the medic pulled his arm away at the right time. He observed the green substance, and instantly identified what it was.

  • Medic #6: A chewed piece of a Bracken Fern. This dinosaur ate a lot, and it must be sick. Eating this plant in excess can be dangerous and poisonous, as it can result in sluggish behavior, just like this dinosaur is exhibiting right now. This fern can be found in many parts of Isla Nublar.
  • Medic #7: We need to heal it. Give us some anti-bracken medicine.

Claire overheard the medics' conversation in diagnosing that the Ankylosaurus was infected with the toxicity by eating too much bracken, which was present throughout Isla Nublar.

  • Claire Dearing: Bracken is common on Isla Nublar. Shouldn't they remove the ferns and replace them with a dietary alternative?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, it happens. Fortunately, that is curable. Our medics are curing it right now.
  • Aiden Moore: I bet they have some anti-poison for that animal.

Owen, not focused on the situation, looks at the other medics around the Parasaurolophus cage with the two crested hadrosaurs inside of it. As the medic outside were observing, one of the Parasaurolophus gave out a short, but loud sneeze. It then breathed heavily, with the other just keeping its distance with the little space it could get back inside the cage.

  • Medic #8: This dinosaur has the Cold. It's incurable by today's standards, but we can treat it.

The medic then took out a medicine and tried to feed it to the sick Parasaurolophus, but the Cold-infected hadrosaur stepped back and made soft guttural sounds of nervousness with its hollow crest. One of the medics then told a wrangler to shoot a tranquilizer dart to the sick hadrosaur. That wrangler then took out a tranquilizer dart, loaded it with a tranq dart, and shot the sick hadrosaur with it. The dart injected the sedative into the bloodstream of the Parasaurolophus, causing it to cry out with its crest. Claire and Aiden noticed this, and were concerned. Cabot also noticed it.

  • Claire Dearing: Cabot, don't you think this is too far? How you're tranquilizing the dinosaurs unethically?
  • Cabot Finch: Now, now, Dearing. We're doing our best to help.
  • Claire Dearing: Can we at least speak out about this? Because this is exactly what we came here for. To protest the treatment of the dinosaurs here. Okay, you and your men are trying to solve out the medical problems these creatures have, but you're doing it improperly.
  • Cabot Finch: Sorry, Mrs. Dearing, it's not like that.
  • Owen Grady: Well, yeah, maybe you should be more careful. Because maybe you're gonna... "piss them off".

Cabot understood Owen's sarcastic joke, but he was willing to respond to it by saying that the dinosaurs are currently under control.

  • Cabot Finch: Look, Grady, does it look like the dinosaurs are, err, panicking?

Owen then looked at the Apatosaurus, with shackles holding the sauropod in place. The Apatosaurus was calmer then before, but it looked rather stressed, and hummed. Owen heard some medics then call out to each other, and then took the attention of some medics approaching the Gallimimus cage with the two Gallimimus in it, the juvenile Allosaurus cage with the stressed animal inside it, and Blue inside her cage. The Gallimimus chirped as a warning sign, and stepped back. The juvenile Allosaurus growled, and Blue snarled and even screeched at the medics. One of the medics noticed the sudden aggression, and took out a stun rod to keep the aggressive but stressed carnivores under control. Cabot then looked at Owen's expression, understanding his concern. Owen looked at the medics, thinking of what could happen, with sarcastic pity.

  • Owen Grady: Those poor men.

Scene 14

[Somewhere in the jungles of Isla Nublar]

Matthew and the man that helped carry the crate that had a goat in it were patient in waiting for the animal inside the cave, in which he is seeing right now, to come out at any time. He continued to hear deep breathing from inside the small but tall cave, which was obscured by shadows inside, limiting visibility on what was inside. Matthew stared at the cave, softly breathing as he and the man that carried the crate with the goat in it waited inside the bush they were in. He put his radio in one of his belt pockets, took out his backup tranquilizer pistol from one of his belt pockets, and loaded his tranquilizer pistol with the tranquilizer dart he carried.

Matthew then received a signal on his radio. He grabbed his radio and contacted in a soft tone to not make any loud noises.

  • Sancha Mirren (on radio): Commander Huber, over.
  • Matthew Huber: This is Matthew Huber, come in, Mirren.
  • Sancha Mirren (on radio): Me and Yarrow are in our positions on the right side of the cave by 4 meters, over.
  • Matthew Huber: Understood. You and Auro, be patient. The asset will wake up any time soon.

Matthew put away his radio in one of the belt pockets. He waited for the animal inside the cave to wake up.

A few minutes passed, and a loud bellow can be heard. As soon as the sound existed, Matthew and the other capturers immediately prepared their subduing weapons. Matthew quickly grabbed his taser rifle and loaded it, with it causing a soft electrical sparking noise upon activating. And then, aloud footstep can be heard inside the cave. Matthew immediately took notice of the loud footstep. Sancha and Auro came slightly closer to the cave, while still hiding themselves in the vines and bushes. Auro radioed Matthew once more.

  • Auro Yarrow (on radio): It's coming out.

Mariet and Cole were moving slightly closer, ready to take it on, once it comes out of its cave.

Low guttural sounds can be heard inside the cave. Another loud footstep. And then another. The ground shook as each footstep took place, almost like a mini earthquake. And then, the creature revealed its head outside of the cave. It was a large and broad and medium-length snout, with bone-crushing jaws, teeth that were half lipped on the top and exposed coming from the upper mouth on the front, and had triangular brow lines above its eyes. It was a brown coloration throughout the body, and as it was leaving the cave, the body and neck had old and healed scars, almost as if it had gotten them long ago. The creature was a whopping length of 44 feet and 17 feet in height, had two muscular legs to walk on, and had two small arms with two small fingers. It opened its mouth and bellowed once more, stretching its tongue along the bottom of its lower jaw. It almost seemed as if the animal yawned, from napping for a period of time inside the cave from where it came out.

It was the Tyrannosaurus rex of Isla Nublar, having existed for a long time on the island. As it finished doing its yawning, it then noticed something move and made a subtle and muffled bleat. It was a small white goat, with a muzzle restraint on, and it had a collar on which had a metal ring which was tied with rope which was connected to a ground hook inserted deep into the ground. The goat noticed the gigantic T. rex, and it hopped back in fear, desperate to get away. The T. rex, hungry after taking a nap, stepped forward with loud, ground-shaking footsteps to eat the goat. The goat tried to run away, but the rope that was attached to the ground hook and the metal ring of the collar prevented it from getting away. The T. rex opened its large jaws.

Matthew and his other men prepared to lunge at the T. rex when Matthew gives the signal and when the T. rex was eating the goat. But then he noticed the T. rex smell the goat, and it jerked its large head back. Matthew was surprised. The T. rex snarled after sniffing the goat. The goat was hurriedly pulling the rope attached to the metal ring on its collar. The T. rex received the scent from the goat of something... familiar. An organism that it recognizes and has encountered in the past. It then received that same scent from its surroundings and it smelled like that organism, in fact, multiple of them, were around it, close to it. It moved its head left, in Matthew's direction. Matthew was shocked. He kept a serious face, trying to give off a stern expression when he's sweating and his heart is pounding in fear and nervousness. He wondered how long the T. rex would keep looking in his direction and if he would be seen and attacked by the large carnivore. He slowly equipped his backup tranquilizer pistol, and aimed it at the T. rex, if it saw Matthew. He had a flash of thought that just barely came up to his mind, and it was the fact that if he kept still, then the T. rex couldn't see him, as its vision was based on movement. But he wasn't exactly sure if this was the case.

The T. rex then moved its large head right, in Auro Yarrow's and Sancha Mirren's direction. After some time, the animal then focused on the goat once more. The goat was stricken with fear, pulling on the rope harder, trying to break it. The T. rex opened its jaws again, with teeth ready to maul the goat.

In Matthew's place, he was watching with a calm and stern expression when small bones were heard to be crunched and snapped, with the rope breaking easily like wet toilet paper. He heard multiple bites clamping. He saw the T. rex finish up eating the goat by swallowing the backside and legs of the goat, down its throat, until the goat was seen no more. Matthew gave the signal. Matthew checked his left wrist, where his Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch was. There was a yellow button on the tracker, and he pressed it with his finger. It sent the signal to all of the capturers.

Mariet Lindanes and Cole Termer quickly ran from the left side of the cave to the T. rex, with Mariet armed with her Coda Netgun and Cole with his crossbow with tranquilizer arrows. Cole fired a tranquilizer arrow onto the skin of the T. rex, with it immediately noticing and turning around to confront them. Auro Yarrow and Sancha Mirren dashed out of the bushes from the right side of the cave to the T. rex, with Sancha and her grappling hook gun and Auro with his tranquilizer pistols. Auro fired a couple of tranquilizer darts with his tranquilizer pistols, causing the T. rex to remove its attention from Mariet and Cole to Sancha and Mirren. Sancha pointed her grappling hook gun upwards into the trees, fired a grappling hook, and it carried her up onto the trees, where she gripped on a branch and climbed it to gain a height advantage over the T. rex. Matthew and the man that carried the goat crate jumped from the bush they were in and Matthew fired his taser rifle at the T. rex, stunning it.

  • Matthew Huber: TAKE IT DOWN, MEN!!!

The rest of the capturers, which were not far behind, ran with their stun rods and tranquilizer darts to subdue and tranquilize the 44-foot long tyrannosaur. The T. rex roared loudly as the battle between the T. rex and the 17 capturers commenced.

One capturer lunged his stun rod at the large theropod, making it step back. It snapped its jaws as a threatening sign, but another capturer lunged his stun rod at the animal again. Mariet was aiming her Coda Netgun at the mouth of the Tyrannosaurus, but couldn't due to the T. rex moving so much as it was snapping its jaws and roaring. Cole shot another tranquilizer arrow at the T. rex, but it missed and it struck some vegetation, wasting an arrow. Sancha, on the top of the branches, crawled throughout the branches to be above where the T. rex is, as she took out her tranquilizer rifle, which she had as backup. The T. rex was moving so much by stomping, roaring, and shaking its body, it is difficult for Sancha to aim her tranquilizer rifle to get a precise shot at the T. rex. Matthew fired another round of his taser rifle at the T. rex, zapping it. The T. rex roared loudly, as it swung its tail to trip a couple of capturers that were about to lunge their stun rods at it.

  • Matthew Huber: Keep firing! Take it down!

The T. rex opened its mouth, showing its broad snout and sharp knife-like teeth, roaring. Mariet, having a precise aim at the mouth of the T. rex, fired her Coda Netgun, releasing a large net with cylinders at the corners. The net struck the jaws of the T. rex, latching onto it and shutting its mouth. The T. rex struggled to remove it. Sancha aimed her tranquilizer rifle at the back of the T. rex, fired a dart, and it successfully struck against the tough skin of the animal. It grunted and growled loudly, still having its jaws shut by the net that was fired at it. One of the wranglers then lunged forward his stun rod on the right leg of the T. rex, causing it to lift its foot. The wrangler then lunged his stun rod again on the foot, attempting to trip over the T. rex by making it stand one foot, but then the T. rex stomped down its leg, crushing that wrangler underneath with its body weight of 9 tons. Matthew immediately noticed the death of the wrangler and called out to the others.

  • Matthew Huber: We have a casualty! Strengthen your forces!

Cole shot another tranquilizer arrow with his crossbow at the T. rex, and it hit the tough skin, but it fell off due to not enough force being applied. The T. rex snarled loudly and aggressively, trying to shake off the net that was stuck on its jaws. A few wranglers fired some tranquilizer darts with their tranquilizer guns, with some of them missing and striking the background vegetation, but a few striking the skin of the T. rex as well, with only one puncturing it. The T. rex turned around and charged its head sideways while it was turning around. It rammed one of the wranglers, breaking his bones from the impact that was made when the T. rex rammed him, sending him flying to a pillar of a tree, breaking even more of his bones and ending him on impact.

  • Cole Termer: We have had another casualty!
  • Mariet Lindanes: Lets take this beast down!

Mariet fired some tranquilizer darts with her tranquilizer gun at the T. rex. The T. rex tried to rub the net on its snout off of it by rubbing it on the ground. One wrangler then lunged his stun rod at the tyrannosaur again, agitating the large theropod. The T. rex turned around, and focused on that wrangler. Auro fired some tranquilizer darts with his two tranquilizer pistols repeatedly, with a few puncturing the tough skin while other darts just deflected off, not having enough force. One wrangler lunged his stun rod at the T. rex again, zapping it successfully.

  • Auro Yarrow: Mirren! Fire some backup darts!

Sancha kept her eyes focused on taking down the T. rex by shooting tranq darts with her tranquilizer rifle by shooting from the braches above. She crawled across the branches to get a precise shot. The T. rex noticed Sancha and raised its head with its net still stuck on its jaws. Sancha aimed her tranq rifle at the shoulder of the T. rex. She fired a dart and it struck the shoulder of the T. rex, causing it to growl loudly. The T. rex then aggressively pushed aside a wrangler with force, knocking him back, and it rubbed its jaws among the floor, trying to pull the net off. Matthew fired another round of his taser rifle at the T. rex, and it zapped the theropod. Just then, it successfully pulled off the net it had on its snout the whole time. Sancha fired another tranq dart at the T. rex, but missed, due to her imprecise aim. The T. rex then turned around, and approached a wrangler. That wrangler was firing tranquilizer darts at it, but they deflected off because of the tough skin of the T. rex. It was too late as the T. rex bit the wrangler, grabbing him by the jaws. The wrangler screamed in pain, as the teeth of the animal bit down on his metal armor and flesh. The T. rex clamped down on the wrangler a few times, ending him, and then threw him up to the top of the branches above it where Sancha was. Sancha was immediately alerted at the body of the wrangler being thrown at her.

  • Sancha Mirren: AH---!

The body broke through the branches with strong force due to the T. rex putting forceful momentum on throwing the body, hitting Sancha and knocking her down to the ground alongside the mauled wrangler and small pieces of branches and bark. Sancha looked up, was shocked, and dashed to safety before the T. rex clamped down on the body once more and threw the deceased wrangler onto a few more wranglers, knocking them back and hurting them.

  • Mariet Lindanes: Commander Huber, we're losing men!
  • Matthew Huber: But it's wearing out! Lets keep fighting!

Matthew loaded another round of his taser rifle and shot at the T. rex once more. This zapped the tyrannosaur, making it step back. A couple of more wranglers lunged their stun rods at the T. rex, with a few more wranglers on the opposite side of the T. rex lunging their stun rods as well. The T. rex bellowed as it was surrounded by the remaining wranglers, snapping at them to ward them off, but they ignored the warning signs the T. rex was making. One wrangler lunged his stun rod at the T. rex again, but this time, the tyrannosaur bit the handle of the stun rod, narrowly touching the wrangler's hand. It lifted that wrangler up in the air as tall as the animal was and shaking it wildly. One wrangler lunged his stun rod again, zapping the T. rex and throwing the stun rod and the wrangler that was holding onto it to the side. Auro fired some tranq darts with his tranq pistols, Cole fired some tranq arrows with his crossbow, and some more wranglers aimed their tranq guns at the T. rex. The majority of those tranq arrows and darts missed or deflected off of the tough skin, but some struck the skin and a few punctured it. One wrangler fired a tranq dart at the side neck of the T. rex, puncturing it. The T. rex bellowed in pain, slowly getting tired after all the sedatives put into it.

One wrangler then aimed his tranq gun from behind, intending to shoot it again. But then another wrangler lunged his stun rod at the back of the T. rex again, zapping it and causing it to turn around and focus on the two wranglers behind it. It swung its tail as it turned around and struck a wrangler that was in front it, slamming the top part of his body, including his head and neck, finishing him off.

  • Sancha Mirren: We have another casualty! I repeat, another casualty!

Sancha ran back, after hiding in safety from the T. rex when she fell down, with her tranquilizer rifle, and firing a tranq dart at the T. rex. The animal roared once more, causing it to turn around and charge at Sancha. Sancha grabbed her grappling hook gun and shot a grappling hook at the branches again, pulling her up. The T. rex raised its head and opened its large jaws to bite Sancha. She bent her knees and kept her legs up and barely avoided the bite of the T. rex, as it clamped its jaws loudly. Sancha swung away from the T. rex, and the grappling hook that clinged onto the branches above ripped through the fragile branches. Sancha fell down from the height she was traveling, causing her to fall down to the ground hard. The impact left Sancha's legs injured, as she crawled to the other wranglers.

  • Sancha Mirren: AARRGGGHH! I'm down!

Auro immediately noticed this and notified Matthew.

  • Auro Yarrow: Commander Huber! Mirren has been injured!

Matthew immediately ordered Auro to get Sancha.

  • Matthew Huber: GET MIRREN TO SAFETY!

Without speaking a word, Auro immediately ran to Sancha to carry her, but the T. rex charged towards the two wranglers. Matthew fired his backup tranquilizer pistol at the T. rex. The animal bellowed, and then redirected its focus on Matthew. It bellowed as it charged towards him. Auro got Sancha and picked her up as he carried her to a nearby bush for cover for now. As the T. rex was charging towards Matthew, some other wranglers got in front of him and lunged their stun rods at the T. rex. The T. rex raised its head and lunged down on one of the wranglers, biting him on the upper top of the body. That wrangler screamed as the T. rex bit down on his armor and flesh very hard, picking him up and thrashing him side by side, crushing his bones in between its powerful jaws, ending him.

  • Cole Termer: Another one of our men died!

Cole fired a tranq arrow from his crossbow at the shoulder of the T. rex, in an attempt to save the wrangler in the jaws of the T. rex, but it was too late, as the T. rex jerked its head up to fit the body of the deceased wrangler inside its mouth, clamping its jaws on the body and thrashing the body even more until blood could be seen on the front teeth of the T. rex. The animal then swallowed the body whole.

  • Mariet Lindanes: Take it down!
  • Matthew Huber: Give it everything you got!

The remaining 12 wranglers lunged their stun rods and shot their tranq darts in an attempt to subdue the T. rex. The T. rex bellowed once more. The sedatives being inside of its bloodstream, it grew tired. But it roared at the wranglers once more, charging towards them. The wranglers prepared to lunge their stun rods again, but the T. rex rose its head, going over the wranglers, and opened its jaws on Matthew instead. Matthew saw this and tried to make a run for it, and the wranglers got out of the way before they could be trampled over by the T. rex. Cole defended Matthew by launching another tranq arrow with his crossbow, this time on the side of the body of the T. rex. It struck the skin, puncturing it, causing the animal to roar in pain. Matthew fired a round of his taser rifle again, zapping the animal. This finally causes the T. rex to be aggressive, and open its jaws on Matthew. Matthew fired another round of his taser rifle, and it zapped the animal, but it just didn't care. It roared and rammed the commander of the wranglers very powerfully, knocking him back on the ground, severely bruising him and breaking a few of his bones.

All time that was happening in the fight stopped. All the other wranglers stopped and watched in shock and disbelief as their leader was injured. And the T. rex is right next to it, about to finish him off. Without him, the wranglers would be bound to lose to the T. rex and all their efforts and sedatives put into taking down the large animal would be for nothing.

  • Cole Termer: COMMANDER HUBER IS DOWN!!! I repeat, Commander Huber is down!!
  • Mariet Lindanes: Distract it while we think of something!

The other wranglers ran to the T. rex and lunged their stun rods at the theropod, causing to roar and attack them. Mariet and Cole ran to Matthew to try to cover him for safety.

  • Mariet Lindanes: Commander Huber! Do you copy?!
  • Matthew Huber: ...Grrnnn… Yes, I do.
  • Cole Termer: We need to strategize another plan!
  • Matthew Huber: No, Termer.

Cole paused, and Mariet looked at him with confusion. Both of them were thinking what Matthew meant by him saying "no".

  • Matthew Huber: We've already lost some men to this thing. I would keep fighting, but we'll lose more men if we do. We should regroup and run.
  • Mariet Lindanes: ...I think I have to agree.
  • Cole Termer: But the "T-R-X" specimen is tired and worn out. If we go on for longer, we might take it down.
  • Matthew Huber: I understand, but we are too. We're running out of non-lethal ammunition to fight this thing, I'm wounded and this thing will drive us out of its territory by finishing us off. We're growing weak. We need to retreat, and we need to do it now.

After thinking about it for barely a few seconds while the wranglers yelling, stun rods zapping, tranquilizer guns firing, and the T. rex grunting were all occurring in the background. Then, Cole decided. He nodded his head in agreement.

  • Matthew Huber: Get Yarrow and Mirren. We're getting out of here.

Mariet and Cole stood up and ran to the wranglers.

  • Cole Termer: RETREAT! I repeat, retreat!
  • Mariet Lindanes: RUN BACK!

Cole equipped his crossbow to shoot some warning shots of tranq arrows to distract the T. rex. The animal focused on him and it bellowed. Mariet went to find Auro and Sancha. The wranglers were running away on the command of Cole. A few seconds later, Mariet and Auro carried Sancha and they walked as fast as they could past the T. rex. The animal noticed the three wranglers and approached them, but Cole distracted it by shooting another tranq arrow at it. The animal then focused on Cole and it roared at him. Cole ran for his life. A couple of wranglers were carrying the injured Matthew, while Auro and Mariet carried Sancha. The T. rex stepped forward, following them. The remaining 12 wranglers ran and fast walked faster than the T. rex could follow them. After they were far enough from its territory, it stopped stepping forward.

The wranglers, despite coming in a big number, lost to the T. rex. It took out five wranglers and the wranglers wasted some nonlethal ammunition, and they conserved it by fighting it no more. They failed in their mission. As the T. rex watched them leave, it then gave one long roar, triumphant in the battle. As its roar echoed throughout the jungle, it then gave the nearly-disappearing wranglers a glare with its yellow and black pupil eyes.

Scene 15

[Back at Main Street, in the checkup area]

The medics have already tranquilized and treated the two Gallimimus and the juvenile Allosaurus from the illnesses they had. Blue screeched in her cage as she clawed the vertical bars inside her cage. The medics loaded their tranquilizer guns and their stun rods.

  • Medic #1: You really think the "V-L-C" specimen seems sick?
  • Medic #2: We're about to find out.

Blue snarled as a threatening display to ward off the medics. One of the medics took out a stun rod and flinched it at Blue. Blue screeched aggressively.

Owen noticed this and grew concerned over the medics handling the situation. He walked up to them.

  • Owen Grady: Guys, come on. What are you even doing?
  • Medic #1: We’re helping it.
  • Owen Grady: Yeah, with those?

Owen pointed out the medics had loaded tranquilizer guns and stun rods. He was worried because they might aggravate Blue with the weapons.

  • Medic #2: We’re doing it for the best.
  • Owen Grady: You’re going to rile up my animal with those weapons. You do not understand how dangerous, intelligent, and unpredictable this particular creature is. I’ve handled her before, and I can tell you that if you even get close to her, it will not end well for you.

The medic just scoffed at Owen’s response, slightly smiling with his mouth open and taking it as just a joke.

  • Medic #1: Really?

Claire, Cabot, and Aiden noticed Owen and the medic arguing. Not wanting another fight after what happened with the juvenile Allosaurus and Blue recently, Cabot walked up to Owen and the medic.

  • Cabot Finch: Alright, you two. Break it up.
  • Owen Grady: Cabot, can you tell this guy to at least be careful with my animal here?
  • Cabot Finch: Look, Grady, let me reassure you that the medics will take care of your raptor as much as they can.
  • Owen Grady: Cabot, no. You saw these men just do their thing wrong. What makes you think they won’t mess this up?

Claire and Aiden walked up to Owen, Cabot, and the medics to join in on the conversation.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, We’ve had a few “setbacks” today, but to say we can’t handle this is wrong, as we have handled situations like this many times before.
  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, Owen’s right. There’s no telling how provoked this animal is here, including the stress she went through today.
  • Cabot Finch: Mrs. Dearing, we can take care of it.
  • Aiden Moore: Are you sure you’re not being overconfident? Tranquilizing her isn’t going to solve anything, it will make the situation worse.
  • Medic #1: Can we just get on with diagnosing the thing?
  • Aiden Moore: Just so as long as you are aware of the safety precautions of this animal.

Meanwhile, Ken was leaning on the wall of the entrance to the check-up area, with his arms crossed, wearing his shades and minding his own business. He heard Owen, Claire, Aiden, Cabot, and the two medics arguing, but he didn’t care. Just then, a young wrangler in his early twenties came up to him.

  • Rookie Wrangler: Hey, sir. You must be Mr. Wheatley.

Ken tipped his hat to acknowledge the wrangler. The rookie wrangler then asked Ken for some information.

  • Rookie Wrangler: I’m kind of new here. I applied for my application for the Jurassic World Restoration Society a few days ago.

Ken decided to welcome the rookie.

  • Ken Wheatley: Well, glad you signed up for this operation. Welcome aboard to the island, kid.

Ken smiled, having a little fun talking to the recent wrangler. The rookie wrangler then decided to ask Ken about the wranglers, since he is rather new and inexperienced to the operation.

  • Rookie Wrangler: Anyways, I heard you’re quite popular among the wranglers. So, I have a few questions, Mr. Wheatley. What do the wranglers do here?

Cabot turned to the rookie wrangler to answer his question.

  • Ken Wheatley: We’ve been hired by the Jurassic World Restoration Society to track and trap the dinosaurs which broke free ever since whatever that white dinosaur thing is stopped the park from functioning.
  • Rookie Wrangler: Do you mean the Indominus?
  • Ken Wheatley: Yeah, that.

The rookie wrangler then wondered about another topic he wanted to ask to Ken.

  • Rookie Wrangler: So, Mr. Wheatley. I know about Lockwood approving of this entire mission because he wants to, like, commemorate a dinosaur theme park in John’s and Simon’s vision, and a couple of other things. I wanted to sign up because I really liked Jurassic World when it was still open because it had these living dinosaurs which I loved. So capturing them and trying to put them back where they belong to reopen the park seems really cool.
  • Ken Wheatley: Yeah, kid? Well, to be frank, I never had any real love for Jurassic World. Always thought it had dumb dinosaurs that were just for kids. However, when Lockwood’s and Mills’ campaign presented many ideas for the park, I was kind of interested, but then when I heard that they were going to install the mission to recapture and contain the dinosaurs for when the park is rebuilt, I just happened to join. I’m a big game hunter myself, and I can tell you that there’s this essence of risk and thrill when going out hunting animals, and then there’s this. Hunting dinosaurs? Well, not really actually hunting them, rather tranqing them, but these creatures being bigger, faster, or just something new? I just couldn’t say no.
  • James Carden: Yeah. If you put it that way, it really does sound cool. Anyways, I forgot to introduce myself. Name’s James Carden.

Ken slightly smiled, raised his arm to greet James. James smiled, and greeted Ken by shaking hands with him.

  • James Carden: It’s nice to be meeting you.
  • Ken Wheatley: Good to meet you too.

Meanwhile, Owen, Claire, Aiden, Cabot, and the two medics still argued, while Blue who was inside the cage, had raised her lips to glare her teeth as a threatening display to the medics.

  • Medic #1: You’re wasting our time.
  • Owen Grady: Sir, I really don’t want to cause any problems, but do you see that animal snarling at you?

The medic then looked at Blue, with her snarling at him which proves Owen’s point about Blue being severely stressed from the wranglers and medics mishandling her. The medic had enough and told the other medic to try to diagnose Blue.

  • Medic #1: You know what, you go and diagnose this thing while I deal with these protesters.

The other medic acknowledged and went to travel behind Blue’s cage. The raptor then followed him, trailing the very right side of the cage which leads to her behind the cage she is in.

  • Owen Grady: Oh come on! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Cabot Finch: Don’t worry, Mr. Grady. It’ll be alright. Just trust me.
  • Aiden Moore: He has to be very careful in trying to even get close to her, otherwise this isn’t going to end well.

Claire just sighed, feeling disappointed after seeing how the wranglers treated the dinosaurs for herself and her group, the juvenile Allosaurus incident which involved Blue, the Stegosaurus incident, and the medics improperly treating the dinosaurs.

Just then, a construction worker came from the jammed entrance to the check up area and called out to Cabot.

  • Construction Worker: Finch! Finch, you need to come see this!

The medics stopped what they were about to do and looked at the construction worker’s direction. Cabot noticed the worker call out to him. Cabot called out, wondering what it is.

  • Cabot Finch: What is it?

The worker jogged to Cabot, with a very worried expression, desperately seeking help.

  • Construction Worker: Finch! We need you to come right now! Bring some medics!

Noticing the worried expression, Owen, Claire, and Aiden stared in a quick surprised state and wondered what just happened. The medics paid attention, with the first medic also looking at the worker’s direction and the other medic that was just about to unlock Blue’s cagelock before he heard the worker’s yells. Ken and James looked and wondered what is up with the worker being worried and in front of them.

  • Cabot Finch: Whoa, whoa, calm down. What happened?
  • Construction Worker: The TRQ003 Team that was set out to recapture the “T-R-X” specimen suffered some casualties, and they arrived here to seek medical attention! We need you and some medics!

After hearing the worker’s unfortunate news, Cabot reacted with shock and disbelief.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh... no. No... no, no, no... come on... Lead me to them.

The worker led Cabot to Main Street. The medics came as well, with the second medic leaving Blue’s cagelock locked securely. As Cabot and the two medics left with the worker to the front of the Innovation Center, Owen, Claire, and Aiden heard the worker. Claire could not believe her ears when she heard the worker say the word “casualties”.

  • Claire Dearing: Wha— what...?! Owen, something’s wrong.
  • Owen Grady: ... This won’t be good.

Claire then followed Cabot, with Owen following. Aiden began to realize the situation as he was trying to process what the worker said.

  • Aiden Moore: Wait, Claire, did people... oh no.

Aiden quickly catched up. Ken and James overheard the sudden conversation, with Ken being surprised and very interested.

  • Ken Wheatley: Wait a minute. I think something happened with the team that was supposed to go after the T. rex. James, wait here.

Ken jogged to see what the ruckus was about. He told James to stay where he is, on the wall of the entrance to the checkup area. But James was too interested, and slightly disturbed at the news of some reported deaths, to listen.

  • James Carden: I gotta see this.

He went past the entrance and followed behind to Main Street.

[At Main Street, in front of the Innovation Center]

There were already some medics in the front of the Innovation Center, trying to heal and recover some capturers of the 12 remaining capturers who were injured in the operation to take down the T. rex. The protesters were worried over what was going on. Cabot, the two medics, and the worker that came to them arrived to the scene. What Cabot saw would make him fear for the capturers.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh for lord's sake. What happened?!

Cabot dashed past the open gate which led to the checkup area and over to the capturers, worrying about their health. The medics followed behind. Cabot then rushed up to Huber, who was injured of a sprained leg and a few cracked ribs.

  • Cabot Finch: Matthew! What on Earth did you do?! What happened during your hunt for the T. rex?!

Matthew groaned a little in his pain, and tried to answer Cabot.

  • Matthew Huber: Finch, remember when I said that getting this thing was going to be easy? It seems I clearly underestimated it.

Cabot then noticed that the protesters are watching, worrying over what happened. He worried that the protesters might find out and make him and his operation have a bad reputation.

  • Cabot Finch: Men, close Gate A-5!

One of the workers closed Gate A-5, which led to the Innovation Center, leaving the protesters to see what happened blocked by bars.

The medics that came with Cabot and the medics already outside of the Innovation Center tried to heal the injured capturers from the fight with the T. rex. Owen, Claire, and Aiden followed not far behind into the front of Main Street, witnessing what just occurred.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh my God. What happened?!

Claire jogged over to see what happened, staying at a distance from the capturers. Owen and Aiden were right behind her. Owen then noticed some blood on some of the injured wranglers.

  • Owen Grady: Wait, is that blood? Are these wranglers injured?

Aiden watched speechlessly, as the capturers were getting healed by the medics. Claire came on over to Cabot to ask what happened.

  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Finch, what happened to these men?!

Cabot just noticed Claire and was afraid to ask her about what happened, since the five deaths that occurred in the T. rex could significantly damage the operation of the reconstruction of Jurassic World. Matthew took notice of Claire asking and told Cabot to not tell her.

  • Matthew Huber: Finch, no! Don't tell her!

Owen barged in by telling Matthew to not intervene, thus making Claire want to know more about what happened, since Matthew said to not reveal what happened.

  • Owen Grady: No! You have to tell us!

Claire was extremely concerned now that Matthew said to Cabot not to tell them what happened.

  • Cabot Finch: Well... you're not going to like this at all, Mrs. Dearing.

Cabot answered with a very nervous response.

[Back in the checkup area]

The wranglers were busy dealing with the other herbivores in the checkup area but Blue. She hissed and sniffed, scratching the front vertical bars of her cage, wanting to escape. Blue then turned around and noticed the cagelock that was behind her cage. She walked whatever space is inside of the cage to the back of the cage. She then thought of a way to break free, but she had to do it carefully so as to not draw attention from the other wranglers in the checkup area, who were distracted trying to deal with the herbivores.

[Back in Main Street]

Claire already heard what Cabot told her about what happened, and Owen and Aiden heard it as well. At first Claire was utterly shocked to hear it, Owen knew that at least some casualties would occur and they just became a reality, and Aiden was disturbed by the news that Matthew's team even attempted to capture the Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • Claire Dearing: So this team of wranglers just had some casualties to the T. rex? No...
  • Cabot Finch: The higher-ups planned this. They are the ones who track the dinosaurs on Nublar using their tracker which is on the island somewhere, and I had no idea this would happen.

Owen butted in.

  • Owen Grady: Oh come on, you knew that this would happen! That's a huge meat eating animal, what did your team expect?!

Aiden then added a point about the T. rex.

  • Aiden Moore: Grady has a point there. Your men should have known that they were going up against a 44-foot long theropod that is extremely powerful.
  • Cabot Finch: Well, look, what can we do about it..?

Cabot was nervous as the deaths could damage the operation's reputation.

  • Claire Dearing: See Cabot, if there's one thing that we must all accept of these dinosaurs is their instincts, in which they can use it... to kill. The T. rex is no different, and now look at what happened.
  • Owen Grady: Finch, there will be court hearings about these casualties, and it's not going to be pretty.

Soon, Ken appeared onto the scene, which James following him.

  • Ken Wheatley: What happened?

[Back in the checkup area]

Blue tried to not emit any aggressive sound of hers which could lead to attention to her. She tried to claw out the cagelock, damaging it. She tried to grip it, bringing it closer to her snout through between the gate behind the cage and the surrounding vertical bar. She used her intelligence to plan to break the lock as quietly as possible.

As she used her fingers tipped with claws to bring the cagelock closer to her snout, it made some subtle banging noise as it clanged softly against the bars. Blue opened her mouth, getting the cagelock into her mouth equipped with sharp teeth. And then, she clamped on it, making it crack a little but not entirely breaking it. She thrashed the cagelock around, trying to break it. Some moments passed, and the cagelock is still intact, but severely cracked.

Blue snarled as she tried to break the cagelock, but then not far from Blue's cage, one of the wranglers tending the Stegosaurus cage happened to notice Blue in the back of her cage.

  • Wrangler #1: ...

He couldn't see what the Velociraptor was doing, due to the distance and the vertical bars providing some cover. It seemed that Blue was... chipping on something, he wondered.

The cagelock was starting to break, as Blue gave it some final bite forces on the lock. And then, it snapped in her jaws. As Blue opened her mouth, pieces of what was the cagelock fell to the ground. Blue chirped as she proceeded to open the gate behind the cage with her snout.

[Back at Main Street]

Ken was amazed at hearing the news that Matthew and his team tried to capture the T. rex, but expressed sympathy at them for their failure and loss of five men.

  • Ken Wheatley: You and your team tried to accomplish something I would do, Matthew. But you messed up.

Owen happened to notice that Gate A-5 was closed, which prevented him, Claire, and Aiden from getting to the protesters' side on Main Street, which were behind Gate A-5.

  • Owen Grady: Can you open this gate to let us go to the protester side?

Cabot then worried about how this incident would affect the operation, along with the video footage Aiden took and eyewitness of the Apatosaurus damaging the entrance to the checkup area.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, looks like we'll pack up a lot of money to pay the inevitable lawsuits.

James overheard the conversation. He got a hint of what life will be like recapturing the dinosaurs and creatures of Isla Nublar and rebuilding Jurassic World in general. Claire then told Cabot what consequences would occur had the incidents become public.

  • Claire Dearing: Cabot, you and the founders don't have to keep this up. Shutting this entire operation down can lead to many benefits and prevent casualties like this, as well as leave these creatures in peace---

Just then, a worker screamed in horror.

  • Construction Worker #1: RAPTOR!!!!!

Everyone in the area was alarmed. Owen, Claire, Aiden, Cabot, Ken, James, Matthew, and all the other people in Main Street heard what that worker shouted. Owen knew well what the worker meant when he yelled "Raptor". More workers screamed, with Owen expecting his raptor to run out from the path to the checkup area, with the gates being wide open. Cabot just cried out to close both gates in between the Innovation Center steps.

  • Cabot Finch: CLOSE BOTH GATES!

As soon as Cabot shouted these orders, both the gate that led to the steps of the Innovation Center and the gate that led to the checkup area started to close. And then, a gray blur with a blue streak bolted through the closing gate that led to the checkup area, dashed right past Owen and co., and rushed right out of the closing gate that was on the left side of the Innovation Center. It then let out a screeching call.

  • Owen Grady: BLUE, NO!

It was too late. Both gates closed fully, and yet Blue was escaping by leaving Main Street. The wranglers immediately noticed this. Matthew bellowed a desperate order.

  • Matthew Huber: GET THAT RAPTOR!!!

The wranglers that were residing on Main Street immediately loaded their stun rods and tranquilizer guns. The gate that led to Main Street opened. Once it opened fully, the wranglers ran as fast as they could to chase and subdue the Velociraptor. Owen watched in shock. Claire and Aiden watched in serious unexpected surprise, wondering how Blue managed to break out without supervision. Ken and James came along with the wranglers to recapture Blue without question. Cabot just had no words to describe what just happened.

Cabot Finch: Who let that animal unattended?

The medic that kept Blue’s cagelock secure immediately spoke up.

  • Medic #2: Mr. Finch, I locked it!
  • Cabot Finch: Why... you know what, screw it. They’ll get her later.

The protesters that were behind Gate A-5 that was in front of the Innovation Center were worried over what happened. Cabot then talked to Claire.

  • Cabot Finch: Mrs. Dearing, I think you and your protesters should leave. There’s been enough incidents today and I deem it too unsafe.
  • Claire Dearing: ... well, I might just have enough evidence of dinosaur abuse that might bring down the operation.

Cabot just sighed, worried about the consequences.

  • Cabot Finch: Open Gate A-5.

Gate A-5 opened. Owen, Claire, and Aiden got through. Aiden then told Claire about the footage he had.

  • Aiden Moore: Dearing, I still have the footage.
  • Claire Dearing: Hopefully that should prove that the operation is unethical.
  • Owen Grady: Well, I would be surprised if this manages to go on.

Claire then called out to the protesters.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay everyone. Our protest is done here. The construction manager has deemed it too unsafe, and we should return to the mainland.

There were some worried expressions from the protesters. The protesters then decided to leave Main Street, with Owen, Claire, and Aiden walking away. Cabot just sighed, hoping that the wranglers would recapture Blue, but was concerned that the incidents that happened today might significantly affect the operation.

Scene 16

[Back at Mainland, in a North Californian Court]

It was nighttime, with stars glittering throughout the night sky. A North Californian Court appears with lights inside being on. Multiple news reporting vehicles and numerous news reporters are just outside the entrance. A news reporter was being recorded, holding a microphone and talking about the events which took place at Isla Nublar at the time the Dinosaur Protection Group’s protest took place.

  • News Reporter: We are here live at the court nearby the Lockwood Manor, where we will see a debate between Lockwood and Mills trying to defend their organization from the lawsuits that the Dinosaur Protection Group proposes. Multiple instances of incidents has occurred today on Isla Nublar, with one incident being recorded by a fellow Dinosaur Protection Group member.

Inside the court, multiple people were mumbling about the incident. Lockwood and Mills were there, alongside a Judge. Owen, Claire, and Aiden also happened to be inside the court, about to testify their case. Claire got up to one of the testifying stands and started to testify her case.

  • Claire Dearing: Good evening, everyone. I would like to introduce myself as Claire Dearing, the founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group.

The court then grew silent, prepared to hear what Claire will have to say.

  • Claire Dearing: Today, I have conducted a protest on Isla Nublar after hosting multiple protests at the Lockwood Manor for their ignorance on rebuilding Jurassic World, and me and my protesters have seen the wranglers and construction workers doing their job, and what we saw was something that we would like to share as awareness. I would want to point out that the Jurassic World Restoration Society's founders, Benjamin Lockwood and Eli Mills, has promised ethical treatment for the dinosaurs that they capture on Isla Nublar. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the case at all, as one of my interns, Aiden Moore, has presented video evidence of proof that the workers there are respecting nothing what Lockwood promised.

Aiden then came to Claire, handed his video camera with the footage of the juvenile Allosaurus and Blue incident, and attempted to project that onto a large screen.

Some moments passed, and a large screen just behind the Judge's stand, and footage of the wranglers repeatedly zapping Blue in her cage, Owen jumping over the gate to stop the wranglers, the juvenile Allosaurus breaking out, the wranglers using stun rods and tranquilizer guns to take down the juvenile Allosaurus, Owen trying to settle Blue down from attacking anyone, and the wranglers repeatedly zapping and shooting Blue with tranquilizer darts. Lockwood and Mills also watched as well. Lockwood could not believe his eyes as he watched some of his own men not uphold his promise of treating the dinosaurs well behind his back, as they will make the Jurassic World Restoration Society look bad publicly. Mills was very concerned and planned to defend the organization from accusations like this. The crowd watched in slight shock, but the news cameramen recorded as what occurred in the screen, as the news reporters were very interested.

  • Claire Dearing: This is what we warned what would happen. This is what we were fighting against. The standards to capture, let alone, contain these creatures must be unsafe and unethical, often violent in multiple occasions. These men clearly did not understand what ethical ways can be used to even perform this action.

Lockwood just watched in shock at all of this. First he already had to clear an already existing lawsuit by the Dinosaur Protection Group, and now he fears that even graver lawsuits will be filed against him and his organization just because some wranglers that worked for him irresponsibly committed ethical misconduct.

  • Claire Dearing: And that's not all. We also observed an explosion that came from the area where the higher ups arranged the supposedly sick dinosaurs, which was due to the Apatosaurus breaking it, and some of their Pteranodon flew free. We also happened to observe that the medics, while they did conduct some medical diagnoses correctly, their execution of treating these species were rather improper, such as shooting darts at them to tranquilize them inside of their cages, or not equipping tick sprays to remove the ticks.

The cameramen were recording what Claire had to say, and Mills was trying to think about what to say to Claire's points. Lockwood grew disappointed with his own men as he heard Claire's speech and saw the video recordings by Aiden.

  • Claire Dearing: That is all I would have to say, as my friend here, Owen Grady, will further elaborate on the unethical treatment of these creatures and the consequences that come with it.

Claire then stepped down from the testifying chair, allowing Owen to come on up to prepare his speech regarding the treatment of his Velociraptor Blue and the T. rex incident. Lockwood worried what Owen had to say.

  • Owen Grady: Erm, hi. I would like to, umm, say what I have to say about what Claire's protest has in their mind. Now, I'm not as prominent in their ideals as far as I'm concerned, but I would want to point out some things that would prove what Lockwood's organization has been doing wrong.

Lockwood was worried over what Owen had to say, but grew concerned with what Claire and Aiden revealed to him. He was really disappointed and concerned about hearing the incidents so far.

  • Owen Grady: You see, there was some flying... things, whatever they’re called, that escaped after an explosion in the check up area occurred. Whatever happened, we can be definitely sure that the wranglers aren’t even sure if they can even contain their own animals. There’s also the issue that they also improperly handled Blue, repeatedly shocking her, but then there was thus incident about the T. rex where a group of hunters had some casualties. There were seventeen men, but now there were twelve remaining.

Lockwood could not believe himself that he just heard that some wranglers died to the T. rex. How can he resolve this? Mills well knew that the casualties will severely damage the operation.

  • Owen Grady: That’s all I can say.

Owen stepped down from the testifying chair, leaving Lockwood aghast at what Owen stated. Mills thought about what he had to say in contrast to Claire’s and Owen’s points that the reconstruction is rather dangerously flawed.

The Judge let Benjamin rebutt on the points against his operation by letting him up on the testifying stand.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I... was not aware of any of these incidents, as I usually manage any topics about the Restoration Society in our base foundation in California. However, what I can say in response to these arguments is that I am very disappointed that my own men working on Isla Nublar are not upholding the Restoration Society’s policies. I apologize for any wrongdoing on the island, although I fear that it may not be enough. As a result, I will announce that whoever in the video was responsible for the mistreatment of the dinosaurs will be dismissed as punishment without pay.

The court heard Lockwood’s response, but Owen, Claire, and Aiden knew that Lockwood’s “apology” won’t make up for the responsibility of the casualties. Lockwood the stepped down, in impending worry, from the testifying chair. Mills, who was very resistant and dedicated to defend the operation, stepped up onto the testifying chair.

  • Eli Mills: I would like to state my point regarding the arguments that the Dinosaur Protection Group has presented against us. To begin with, even though we indeed promised the best for these animals and for the operation in general, the tasks of doing all this can be very difficult, and can result in sad incidents like these. That’s the reality of it, but if we can put in more effort and more caution into doing these tasks, then I can assure that we can prevent things like this from happening again.

Claire just watched in pity of Mills’ advice, noticing the court listening to Mills’ speech as the news cameras record him.

  • Claire Dearing: That’s what he says...

One of the news reported then asked Mills the current present state of the operation and if they can recover from the incidents.

  • News Reporter: Is there any chance that you and your co-worker can undergo the damages done?
  • Eli Mills: We might be struck with multiple more lawsuits by oppositions including the Dinosaur Protection Group and any families of the deceased workers, but we can manage this. Our dinosaurs that we captured are still well contained, except for the Velociraptor named Blue, who has managed to escape into the yet to be explored areas of Isla Nublar, unfortunately.

Owen heard Mills say that his raptor, Blue, outrun those wranglers that were after her when he, Claire, and Aiden were still on the island. He took interest, but decided to not speak and just hear Mills’s useless promise-empty speech.

  • Eli Mills: I understand that the situation we are in right now is very grave, but I am sure that we can resolve this. Thank you for allowing me to explain.

The news reporters then had many questions to ask to the rather-worried Lockwood.

  • News Reporter: Sir Benjamin Lockwood, is there any chance of incidents like this ever happening again? What can you say about the future of your operation to rebuild Jurassic World?

Benjamin took some time to make up his answer. He thought about his doubts of his theme park succeeding with the amount of backlash his operation is receiving, but then he thought about his promise to his deceased partner, John Hammond, and the promised and goals he declared when he began the operation. He said this.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I can... sense the future of this operation, and how it can bring pain, expensive methods, and possibly even disaster. But.. it may also lead to a revolution, glory, safety, care for these animals, and so many opportunities and possibilities. So I would want to clarify that the future of this operation may be unknown... but I can guarantee you that we will find a way.

Lockwood watched the camera with hope and optimistic pride, wanting to discover the endless possibilities of his operation and wanting the best for the operation, wondering of what lies ahead in the future.

[End of Episode 1]



  • Owen Grady
  • Claire Dearing
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Benjamin Lockwood
  • Eli Mills
  • Ken Wheatley
  • Iris Carroll
  • Cabot Finch
  • Aiden Moore
  • Matthew Huber
  • Cole Termer
  • Auro Yarrow
  • Sancha Mirren
  • Mariet Lindanes
  • Californian Government Leader


  • Ronnie Winslow
  • Franklin Webb
  • Zia Rodriguez
  • Maisie Lockwood
  • James Carden
  • Interviewer #1
  • Interviewer #2
  • Sherwood
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #1 ("Randy")
  • Oshkosh Cargo Truck Driver #2 ("Kim")
  • News Reporter
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  • Butler
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  • DPG supporters (New characters)
  • Construction Workers (New characters)
  • Tranq Team Members (New characters)


  • Allosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Gallimimus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Pteranodon
  • Stegosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Velociraptor

  • Spinosaurus (seen as a diorama skeleton)

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