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This is Episode 2 of Jurassic World II: Rebuilding Jurassic World.

Episode 2


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Scene 1

[One week later, in the Lockwood Manor]

An old man with a calmly upset expression on his face was resting in his bed with a defibrillator pole next to his bed. He had a white beard, with a bald top and white hair on the sides of his head. He wore a black shirt, with the rest of his body being covered by the blanket of the bed that he was resting in. He also had a polished wooden cane with a polished amber piece with a mosquito inside of it. He was inside his room, which had a fireplace and two lamps, one each at the opposite sides of the bed. There was also a window at the wall of his right side of his bed, next to the fireplace. It was daytime in the morning, with light shining through and brightening the entire room the old man was in.

The old man had something on his mind. He was visibly concerned about it. He just couldn’t stop thinking about it. He looked at some photos on the wall of himself and another old man that he knew well, both of who in the photo were very happy in that they accomplished something in the past. He then reminded himself of another goal he planned to achieve just recently, but now that achievement seems dubious because of something that happened. The old man then reached his arm for the amber cane with the mosquito in it, and held it in his hand. He gently slided his finger on the amber on the wooden cane, looking at it with an expression of uncertainty of his uncertain goal.

And then, someone knocked the door that led to the room.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Come in.

The door opened, and in came a fairly old woman who seemed to be a housekeeper. She wore a white dress. She carried a tray with food in it. The food on the tray was a fried egg, a bread sandwich with cream cheese, and a glass of orange juice, complete with a fork and a knife to cut the egg. She carried it over to the old man in the bed. She then laid the tray on the lap of the old man in the bed, and laid a large napkin next to the old man. The old man then thanked the woman in a soft spoken tone.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Thank you, Iris.
  • Iris Carroll: Always happy to help, Benjamin.

Iris gave a warm smile as Lockwood picked up the bread sandwich with the cream cheese inside it and lifted it to his mouth. Iris was content in an indulgent manner as she watched Benjamin eat the sandwich, savoring the crisp and fresh taste of his breakfast. Iris then decided to bring up a question.

  • Iris Carroll: So, Benjamin. I just wanted to ask.

Lockwood was chewing a bite of his sandwich when he heard that Iris had something to say.

  • Iris Carroll: Mills is talking to a man downstairs that is interested in participating the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

This has caught Lockwood's attention, prompting him to swallow the piece of the sandwich bread with cream cheese that he was eating.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Is that so?
  • Iris Carroll: Yes. It seems that he wants to help you, Mills, and your organization to challenge the lawsuits brought forward to us by the Dinosaur Protection Group about a week ago.

Lockwood paused, thinking about what happened on Isla Nublar 1 week prior. The incidents of some of his own wranglers mistreating the dinosaurs and not upholding the code for caring for the dinosaurs in general and the casualties involved with the Tyrannosaurus rex of Isla Nublar is what Lockwood was worried about. He was uneasy about Owen, Claire, and the Dinosaur Protection Group suing him, with another lawsuit he and Mills had to deal with on the same day prior to the incidents.

Iris saw Lockwood's expression, knowing well what he was troubled about. She tried to comfort him.

  • Iris Carroll: Benjamin, I understand. What happened on that island was terrible.

Benjamin shrugged off the mention of the incidents by Iris, intentionally moving on from the topic.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, no. No, Iris. Isla Nublar is filled with dinosaurs, so unexpected casualties like these were always likely to occur. They just had to be more careful with the Tyrannosaurus, that's all.

Benjamin grabbed the glass of orange juice and put it close to his mouth, drinking the orange-flavored refreshing and citric juice. Iris looked noticeably concerned that Lockwood just suddenly moved on from the topic, as if trying to downplay it.

Benjamin then put down the glass cup, grabbed the large napkin, and patted it against his mouth, sucking some of the leftover juice on his beard. He then grabbed the fork and knife to cut the fried egg into small, bite-sized pieces.

  • Iris Carroll: Anyways, Mills and the man are waiting for you downstairs. You should meet up with them soon.

Lockwood heard what Iris said as he pinched a small cut piece of fried egg with his fork and brought it close to his mouth, chewing it. After a few seconds, he fully chewed it and swallowed it. He then responded to Iris soon after.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I will. Just let me eat my breakfast.

Iris gave a caring smile, patient for Lockwood to finish eating the breakfast she gave to him.

[Downstairs in the Lockwood Manor]

There were two men together in the diorama hall where there were skeletons and statues of prehistoric creatures. They were in front of a statue that resembled a tan green medium sized theropod, with two tall vertebrate forming two humps. Alongside the statue model were dry low bushes populating the floor inside the diorama, with artificial sand as the base ground. The background painting of the diorama portrayed a daytime desert environment, with a mountain at the right side of the painting, with clouds floating in the sky, alongside some unidentified ornithocheirid pterosaurs flying in the sky background. On the ground in the background painting, there were more of these unusual two-humped theropods, almost like a pack, running and galloping into the distance, pounding ghostly sand dust as they run.

The two men seemed to enjoy the natural, nearly life-like diorama, with them smiling as they were discussing a subject.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: I do have to say, this is quite a splendid piece of art your partner has here.
  • Eli Mills: Why thank you, Mr. Eversoll. This was one of the dioramas that Lockwood had in his younger years, and ones that he wanted to clone by InGen. Like a wishlist as you would call it.
  • Gunnar Eversoll: Did he get the chance to clone this animal?
  • Eli Mills: Um, no. Aside from a couple of species represented in dioramas here, there is no case of this or the other species cloned by InGen.
  • Gunnar Eversoll: Ah, okay. Anyways, what kind of animal is this?
  • Eli Mills: Oh, this is a Concavenator.
  • Gunnar Eversoll: Hmm. A unique “oddball” predator from the Early Cretaceous Period.
  • Eli Mills: Yes. It looks astounding, doesn’t it?
  • Gunnar Eversoll: It does, not gonna lie. It really does. Looks a lot like taxidermy to me. In fact, it looks so good, I think I might sell this and the others to my buyers. Maybe they’ll like it.

Eli chuckled at Gunnar’s joke, while Gunnar grinned in care-free. Just then, a voice called Eli.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Mr. Mills.

Eli heard Benjamin call out his name and turned around. Gunnar heard Benjamin as well and faced an approaching Benjamin who was in his wheelchair while Iris was carrying the wheelchair by its handlebars, bringing him closer to Eli and Gunnar.

Eli reacted with a just-in-time attitude.

  • Eli Mills: Ah, Lockwood.

Gunnar's reaction and self-introduction to Lockwood was more in the tone of banter.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Well, well, well... if isn't the man of it all.

Lockwood warmly greeted back to Lockwood.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Hello. It is an absolute pleasure to be meeting you.

Lockwood reached out his arm to shake hands with Gunnar, with Gunnar almost immediately shaking hands with Lockwood, with Gunnar chuckling.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: So, you must be the man who wanted to help my organization?
  • Gunnar Eversoll: Why indeed, but first, I may need to introduce myself. I am Mr. Gunnar Eversoll, and I work as a private auctioneer, need some money, so I came tip-toe crawling here for a job.

Gunnar grinned a little at his own joke. Then Mills explained the rest.

  • Eli Mills: So, Mr. Lockwood, it seems that Mr. Eversoll here is wanting to join your organization as an investor.

Benjamin was listening to Eli explaining Gunnar's new addition to his organization. Eli then turned to Gunnar.

  • Eli Mills: And Mr. Eversoll, I would like to introduce my other workers here in the Jurassic World Restoration Society. This is Sir Benjamin Lockwood, the founder of the operation to rebuild Jurassic World, and this woman here is Iris Carroll, our advisor.

Iris then looked at Gunnar, with him looking at Iris. Iris then smiled.

  • Iris Carroll: It's very nice to meet you, Gunnar.

Gunnar then commented on Lockwood and Iris.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Well then, this sounds splendid.

Gunnar smiled as he finally got to meet Lockwood in person. Lockwood then asked Gunnar about his and his organization’s current state.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Now that we get to meet each other, I would want to tell you about our economic situation, since you want to be hired as an investor.

Gunnar was willing to hear out Lockwood’s issues.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: As you can see, a week ago, there was an incident involving the individual Tyrannosaurus of the island attacking and... “taking out” five men, making the rest of the team sent to capture it retreat.
  • Gunnar Eversoll: I know, I get it. That’s unfortunate, but hey, every construction site has at least one sometimes. It happens. Anyways, anything more?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: We’ve had multiple lawsuits since then, and while they didn’t completely destroy our funding, because I have a lot of money to back this operation because of the funding from the Costa Rican and United States governments, the lawsuits took a good chunk of our money and damaged our reputation to the public, and we will face a few more lawsuits. We can’t afford anymore of these.
  • Gunnar Eversoll: Well, I can certainly help you with that if you allow me.

He then gestured Lockwood to allow him to sign up for the Jurassic World Restoration Society. Lockwood noticed this.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, yes. Um, Iris, do you have those confirmation papers?
  • Iris Carroll: I have them in our office, so I’ll get them.

Iris then walked away to get the papers to sign Gunnar in to the operation of Rebuilding Jurassic World to become an investor.

  • Eli Mills: So, Gunnar? We would like to ask for your initial thoughts for our ambitious project.

Gunnar took the time of a few seconds to think about what he thinks of the operation. He then spoke it out.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Well, I wanted to express some things I had on my mind about this park. Initially, I had no interest in it due to being some dumb petting zoo for kids, but then I took a look at this... “potential” of the theme park, and then I thought about the rewards this could offer when complete.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Yes, Eversoll. I would like to inform you that if this theme park sees the light of day once more, it will be a theme park unlike any other. A truly astounding and revolutionary place, ahead of its time and the most dedicated and safest park since Masrani’s Jurassic World.

Gunnar smiled, liking what he heard as he was clearly interested.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Hehe... I like the sound of that. You got my vote.

Benjamin smiled after hearing that Gunnar was going to join the Jurassic World Restoration Society to assist him in the lawsuits despite the week-old incident. Mills smiled in approval as well.

  • Iris Carroll: I have returned. I apologize if I took too long.

Iris was walking towards Lockwood, Mills, and Eversoll with the confirmation papers. She was rather quick, and then stopped in front of the trio.

  • Iris Carroll: I’m here. Eversoll, your papers.

Gunnar smiled in a fancy tone as he took the papers from Iris’s hand, and took out a black pen from one of his pockets. He clicked the pen, revealing the sharp inked point and started signing his name on the paper.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: And a little bit of this... and... done.

He finished signing the paper, clicked the pen again, hiding the sharp inked point. He handed the papers to Lockwood. Lockwood smiled in satisfaction.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Welcome to the Jurassic World Restoration Society, Mr. Eversoll.

Gunnar chuckled.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Thank you.

Benjamin then stated in a tone of preparation.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s go. I’ll show you around the Manor.

Iris grabbed Lockwood’s wheelchair handlebars, turned him around, and strolled him so that he can present a basic tour for Gunnar. Gunnar and Mills walked behind them, with Mills introducing some things to Gunnar while the four people begin Gunnar’s tour.

  • Eli Mills: So, Mr. Eversoll, as you may know, the entire operation started on June 22, 2018, earlier this year...

As the four walked away from the Diorama Hall of the Lockwood Manor to the door at the behind of the large ceratopsian skull diorama, their voices could no longer be heard as the door behind them shut, leaving an echo throughout the Diorama Hall.

Not far from the Concavenator diorama, there was a little girl hiding behind a doorway, which is north of the front of the large ceratopsian skull diorama, where the base of the stairs can be seen. She has overheard the conversation. All of it. She then slightly showed herself as she moved from the cover behind the door that led to the staircase.

It seemed to be a nine year old girl with light brown hair and brown irises. She wore a white shirt with yellow, blue, red, and green horizontal lines. She also wore a red jacket with blue pants and black shoes. She had a curious look in her eyes, wondering what Lockwood said about a man named Gunnar joining this operation to rebuild a theme park named Jurassic World with excitation. Could this... be applied to the interview which she glimpsed a week earlier, she thought?

She had no idea what her grandfather was up to, but she heard it had to do with dinosaurs, as it seems.

Scene 2

A news flash then came on. It was BBC again, only with new information to highlight.

  • BBC Reporter: As we follow the development of the operation currently performing on Isla Nublar, we have some new updates regarding the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

The screen then flashed to Lockwood’s Manor, with multiple people outside and Lockwood and Mills could be seen alongside Eversoll, welcoming him to the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

  • BBC Reporter: Jurassic World Restoration Society founder Benjamin Lockwood has hired a new investor for his operation, Gunnar Eversoll, a man known for hosting auctions. This event can now let the Jurassic World Restoration Society deal with the lawsuits against them due to the incidents that took place on Isla Nublar a week prior, including a dinosaur specimen escaping into the uncharted territories of the island.

[San Francisco, California, Dinosaur Protection Group Headquarters]

The TV played on about the BBC Reporter's news on Eversoll being hired as an investor to fund the organization and fight the lawsuits. Just then, a woman with orangish brown hair was watching the TV. She was inside an office, filled with people working in it. There were windows on the side, letting the bright shining rays of sun come in. There were multiple posters that said "DPG", as well as "Stop Rebuilding Jurassic World", in response to what happened with the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

It was the HQ of the Dinosaur Protection Group. The place where every dinosaur rights activist who is against Lockwood's huge plan to rebuild the lost theme park on Isla Nublar and cares about the health of prosperity of the dinosaurs gathers.

Claire was watching the TV, forming a new plan in her mind after her protest on Isla Nublar about a week ago didn't work out entirely. Sure, she, Owen, Aiden, and her fellow supporters got the Jurassic World Restoration Society in trouble when they recorded evidence of dinosaur abuse as well as a major incident and Blue escaping, but Lockwood hasn't seemed to learn that the dinosaurs' freedom mattered more than the theme park, and he even hired an investor to fund his organization as well as to assist Lockwood in dealing with the lawsuits brought forward upon him.

  • Franklin Webb: Claire, what's the situation right now?

An African American man with a small black hair afro talked to Claire. He wore glasses, a dark blue jacket, a blue shirt with light blue horizontal stripes all over it, tan pants, and black shoes. He had a look of slight concern and dependence on Claire, asking her what she learned from what was shown on the TV.

He was Franklin Webb, the man responsible for the Dinosaur Protection Group's social media campaign. Claire just noticed Franklin, and then she responded casually.

  • Claire Dearing: Well, from what I've learned, they now have an investor.

A Hispanic woman overheard Claire's answer.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Hm. You'd think they learn anything after those incidents on the island. I mean, hold up, he's an auctioneer, and they actually hired him? Last time, our investors for InGen and Masrani were less shady than he is.

The Hispanic woman had short black hair, and wore red glasses like Franklin. She wore a yellow shirt with a shaded dragon picture in the middle of it, as well as a wristwatch on her right arm. She also wore blue jeans and red shoes.

She was Zia Rodriguez, the main paleoveterinarian of the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Zia looked up the investor, and his name was Gunnar Eversoll. She already learned that he was a private auctioneer before she looked up Gunnar.

  • Zia Rodriguez: His name is Gunnar Eversoll, by the way.

Claire learned this.

  • Claire Dearing: Thanks, Zia.

She then continued on with the plan she had in her mind, as she watched the news on the TV.

Suddenly, the elevator dinged. It opened slowly and stopped halfway, because of how clunky it is, but then a man came out the half-open elevator doors, softly pushing one of the doors. He was carrying a notebook with pen in his hands. He was Caucasian, with brownish yellow hair. He wore an orangish red shirt with a black and blue tie, and dark brown jeans. He also wore yellow socks and black shoes.

  • Aiden Moore: Alright, Claire. I gathered some information on the recent news right now.

He was Aiden Moore, the dinosaur expert of the Dinosaur Protection Group. He informs the public of the species InGen has cloned as well as provide facts of their real life counterparts to provide an educational basis for the public on these species.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh, welcome back Aiden. We know about Gunnar being hired.

Aiden was surprised, since he didn’t know that Claire, Franklin, and Zia already knew about Gunnar joining the operation as an investor, while he was out collecting information of the recent news of the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

  • Aiden Moore: Oh, really? Okay then, but I may have some interesting information you may want to see.

He gave Claire his notebook and put his pen in his shirt pocket. Claire read what notes Aiden had written in his notebook.

Notes as of September 30, 2018 on JW Restoration Society
  • Private Auctioneer, Gunnar Eversoll, hired for investing Isla Nublar Operation
  • Lockwood hired Eversoll because he was interested in the operation to rebuild Jurassic World, and to deal with the lawsuits.
  • Mixed feedback from the public.
  • Eversoll known to have discussed with Mills, with co-founder discussing his inclusion to debate with lawsuits after incidents on Sept. 23, as well as any future lawsuits.
~Aiden Moore

Claire then stopped and raised her eyebrows at Aiden's final note. “Eversoll known to have discussed with Mills”? “Discussing his inclusion to debate with lawsuits as well as any future lawsuits”? She then grew slightly annoyed that Mills must have hired Gunnar to have him not only be an investor, but also to help him deal with the lawsuits, both past and future.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Lemme see?

Zia grew interested and took a peek at Aiden’s notes. She then read what it said and read the last note. She knew that Mills would to Gunnar to assist him and Lockwood in any lawsuits that were against them.

  • Franklin Webb: What's it about?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Just Mills worrying about his own organization getting more lawsuits.
  • Franklin Webb: Okay.

Just as Franklin finished his response, Claire then returned to brainstorming her plan to counter the JW Restoration Society's plans. She then had an idea, and a thing on her mind which she needed to look up. She turned to Franklin.

  • Claire Dearing: Hey, Franklin?

Franklin noticed Claire call him.

  • Franklin Webb: Yeah?
  • Claire Dearing: Can you login to the Restoration Society website? I was thinking of something.
  • Franklin Webb: Umm, sure.

Franklin took to his computer to open a new tab and type the website of the Restoration Society. The website was a light blue background, with moderate cool blue silhouettes of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and construction equipment. There were tabs such as "Founders", "Staff", "Schedule", "Dinosaurs", "Mission", and other features of the website. There was also a "Sign Up" window on the bottom right screen, for anyone interested in joining the operation. Amidst the light blue background, there were news flashes of the organization, one of them saying "Gunnar Eversoll hired as investor for Restoration Society". Franklin hovered his mouse click over the "Schedule" tab and when the mouse click hovered above it, it extended a list of other things, such as "Construction Schedule", "Containment Schedule", and others. Franklin hovered the mouse clicker over the "Containment Schedule", and clicked on it. It then transferred from the main page of the Restoration Society website to another page, which has to do with the "Containment Schedule".

  • Franklin Webb: What for, Claire?
  • Claire Dearing: ...Well, I had something on my mind that I think could support our voice against Lockwood's organization, since the incidents a week ago. So at what time do they start one of those dinosaur containment roundups?

Franklin looked at the schedule. He found the answer.

  • Franklin Webb: This afternoon. They're going to be led by a guy named Joe Bann.

Suddenly, Claire somehow feels familiar about "Joe Bann". His name feels... familiar. She paused to remember the man's name. Suddenly, she remembered... and she was not happy.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh, no.
  • Zia Rodriguez: What's wrong?

Franklin and Aiden looked in concerned interest at what Claire thought.

  • Claire Dearing: It's some man Owen once partnered with when they were still in the Navy, and Owen knows him pretty well, and, well... to say the least, he's not exactly a gentle man.

Zia, Franklin, and Aiden took note of what Claire said, suspecting that he might not be the best person to use moral codes of capturing the dinosaurs.

Claire then returned to her point that she had in her mind.

  • Claire Dearing: Now, besides that, I have had something that I was thinking about, like I said. I would like it if the four of us talked in person somewhere.
  • Aiden Moore: Err, alright?

Claire stood up from her chair, leaving the News TV on. She walked somewhere else more private, with Franklin, Zia, and Aiden following her.

[Outside the DPG HQ]

It was a bustling city outside. Cars honking casually, traffic lights beeping from green to yellow to red, and people just walking on the sidewalks, going about their lives.

Claire, Franklin, Zia, and Aiden walked outside so that she can discuss her plan on trying to further elaborate the moral and objective wrongness of the Restoration Society's plan.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay, so, while I was watching the news, I thought of something that could help our organization, and I thought we could do a protest rally.
  • Franklin Webb: Rally support?
  • Zia Rodriguez: How though? Some people still support Lockwood's movement, even despite the incident with those men involved.
  • Claire Dearing: I'll explain. You and Franklin can use our social media to set up a speech elaborating why supporting the Restoration Society will lead more harm than good to the dinosaurs.
  • Franklin Webb: And what will you and Aiden do, if we go by this plan?
  • Claire Dearing: I will send Aiden to use his camera, like he did to those men treating Blue poorly, to record their men rounding up some dinosaurs and whether they do it ethically or not. I might send someone else with him. Me and Owen will try to make a divergence by inspecting the construction.

Aiden was reluctant about Claire's plan.

  • Aiden Moore: ...Hold on. Claire, are you sure about this?
  • Claire Dearing: I understand that we may be not informing them that we will record them, but they won't allow us anyways. They just don't want us to see that they're not treating their dinosaurs right, unlike what Lockwood promised.
  • Aiden Moore: This could get us sued if they find out.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Thinking about it now, Aiden's right. I would be careful with this if I were you.

Claire then thought about the idea. She didn't want to make herself look like someone bad or crazy for trying to record capturers rounding up dinosaurs. She wanted to approach this in the best way possible in the best version of herself, else she will remind herself of the dull version of her when she used to work at Jurassic World before it was shut down.

  • Claire Dearing: ...Okay, I'll think about it a little more. Until then, I'll call Owen for now.
  • Franklin Webb: Don't worry, I'll set up our social media.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Well, good luck, I guess?
  • Aiden Moore: Lets head back inside.

Claire, Franklin, Zia, and Aiden headed back into the DPG HQ by the door they came in.

[At a grocery store in San Francisco]

A grocery store located inside of San Francisco was filled with people shopping through the aisles for food. The people strolling the grocery carts were making metal bumping sounds. Purchases were made along with making beeps as food was scanned. Several food items were being grabbed from the shelves and put into carts. Some made crunchy sounds, like bags of chips, others made soft gurgly sounds, like yogurt packs.

An old woman put a chocolate cereal box onto her cart. A young boy wanted his mom to buy some ice cream. A Chinese man purchased a pack of crackers from an employee that scans items.

Just then, Owen was walking through the bread aisle, interested in buying some bread for himself. He then grabbed a pack of dry bread, seeing the contents it was made with. Just then, his cell phone ringed. He felt the vibration of his phone in his pocket. He temporarily put the bread pack back on the shelf where he got it from and took out his cellphone. He saw that it had the name “Claire” on it, with a green circle to call him and a red circle to disconnect the call.

  • Owen Grady: Aw geez.

He answered the cell phone.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, Claire. How’s it going?
  • Claire Dearing (on phone): Hey, Owen. What are you doing?
  • Owen Grady: Just here shoppin’ for some bread. You?
  • Claire Dearing (on phone): Well, I have something in mind for us, and I would like to tell you about it.
  • Owen Grady: Okay.
  • Claire Dearing (on phone): It’s about Lockwood and his operation.

Owen sighed, knowing the events that took place last week and how Blue escaped. He was “done” with this nonsense.

  • Claire Dearing (on phone): They hired a new investor, and are now planning a new round up expedition.
  • Owen Grady: Claire, why though? They’ll just shut down production eventually.
  • Claire Dearing (on phone): But Lockwood will make sure that his theme park makes it to reopening. Mills hired that investor to deal with the lawsuits on him.

Owen didn’t want to keep the conversation going on longer. He thought about assisting Claire in trying to highlight the bad things about the Restoration Society. He decided to help out.

  • Owen Grady: Well, okay. Alright, fine. I’ll help you. But only because I’m your “friend”.

Owen chuckled, keeping the fact that he and Claire broke up sometime ago in mind.

  • Claire Dearing (on phone): Anyways, I intend on taking you to Isla Nublar to like try and inspect the construction of the park, while Franklin will make a press video on trying to rally people to not support the Restoration Society’s goals. Aiden and another person can go and record the expedition on capturing the animals. Sounds like a good plan, Owen?

Owen thought about Claire’s intents. He has his own idea.

  • Owen Grady: I think I may have someone in mind that can help out.

Owen stood in the middle of the aisle, standing there with a small smile.

[At a neighborhood]

A neighborhood was present just near the city of San Francisco. There were kids playing on the street, as well as parents washing their cars or making barbecue on their grill.

An African American man was waiting for somebody to arrive at his location. He was bald, wore a green shirt, blue pants, and black shoes, but had a slightly bored look as the person that he was waiting for took his time. He checked his watch, seeing that it is 11:46, with the man he's waiting for not coming yet.

  • Barry Sembène: Il devrait être là maintenant. [He should be here by now].

He mumbled in French, as he was bilingual. He crossed his arms in boredom and leaned against the outer wall of a house in the neighborhood.

Just then, a car was slowly driving throughout the neighborhood, approaching the African American. The man inside the vehicle recognized the African American, and he smiled. He honked the car's horn with a quick few presses, with the African American noticing the car. He then saw the man driving the vehicle through the front window pane and recognized the man in the vehicle. He then smiled, with the man he was waiting for finally arriving.

The person in the car opened the driver's side of the vehicle, walking out and closing the driver's door. He then approached the African American man, with the African American approaching him in return.

  • Barry Sembène: Took you long enough, Owen.
  • Owen Grady: Good to see you again, Barry.

They then shook each other hands like friends, and patted each other's backs.

The African American man was Barry Sembène, an old friend of Owen who used to work alongside him at Jurassic World in training the Velociraptors. He was already aware of the reconstruction of Jurassic World, and even the incident that took place last week.

  • Barry Sembène: So, it's about the park, right? Lockwood, and...
  • Owen Grady: Yeah, and Claire needs some help. I didn't call you from France to come here a week ago for nothing.

Barry chuckled.

  • Owen Grady: We don't have much time. Come on, lets go.

Barry followed Owen to the vehicle. Owen opened the driver's door, while Barry got into the passenger's seat which was next to the driver's seat. Owen started the car, and turned around, being careful with the houses while he was turning it around. When the car turned around, Owen drove it and was driving for the exit out of the neighborhood.

As Owen was driving, he wanted to cook up a conversation.

  • Owen Grady: So, Barry. How's it been?
  • Barry Sembène: It's all been good. Nothing major, really. How has it been on your part?
  • Owen Grady: Oh, just chill, really, aside from the operation they're doing on Isla Nublar.
  • Barry Sembène: I get it. Especially with that video you sent me.
  • Owen Grady: Yeah, they're just really stupid.
  • Barry Sembène: I know, but you should be careful with how you approach situations like these. You might get yourself arrested or filed.
  • Owen Grady: Yeah, I know.

Owen had the image of those wranglers zapping Blue when she was behaving aggressively to get out of the cage. He just couldn't tolerate anything bad happening to Blue, especially with all the good things he experienced with her, when she grew up throughout their life. The moment when he trained Blue and her siblings when they were juveniles was one example.

When the event occurred, Owen was sure that Barry, who worked with him in training Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie, would have the same opinion as him, and contacted him while Barry was in France at the time. Barry came over to California by plane, and he arrived just a day and a half ago, now ready to join the opposition against Lockwood's mission to rebuild Jurassic World.

As the car drove out of the neighborhood, they were heading to the dock which led to Isla Nublar, waiting for Claire and Aiden over there.

Scene 3

[At the dock of San Francisco]

Claire and Aiden were waiting for Owen and his other friend to arrive. There was a plane to take them to Isla Nublar. Claire was patient, while Aiden was rather concerned with how the plan was going to work out.

Just then, a car arrives to the dock where Claire and Aiden are at.

  • Aiden Moore: Claire, here they come.

Aiden gestured to Claire that Owen and his friend arrived via car. Claire reacted with an in-time look on her face.

Owen got out of the driver's side of the car, while Barry, the person with Owen, came out of the passenger's seat.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen!

She noticed Barry approach her, and she was surprised at him being with Owen.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh, Barry.

Barry noticed Claire and recognized her.

  • Barry Sembène: Mrs. Dearing! Long time no see!

Claire brought her arm out to greet Barry again after a long time since they saw each other. Barry then shook hands with Claire. Claire smiled.

  • Claire Dearing: Barry! What are you doing here?

Owen heard Claire's question and he answered her.

  • Owen Grady: He's here to help. I brought him over from France.

Claire heard what Owen had to say, and she was glad that Barry has come to help.

  • Barry Sembène: I know about the incident this past week, and it's just wrong to handle the dinosaurs like that. Especially Blue.
  • Claire Dearing: Well, Barry, I'm glad that you're here to help us.
  • Barry Sembène: You're welcome. And who is he?

Barry referred to Aiden, who just noticed him now.

  • Aiden Moore: Hi! I'm Aiden Moore, the dinosaur expert of the DPG.
  • Barry Sembène: Hey there, Aiden. I'm Barry Sembène, and I'm Owen's friend.

Barry shook hands with Aiden, with Owen busting in the conversation by stating about his past with Owen.

  • Owen Grady: He and I used to work at Jurassic World, just like you and Claire did.
  • Aiden Moore: Okay, it's nice to meet you.
  • Barry Sembène: Nice to meet you too.

Claire smiled as Aiden was getting to know Barry. Barry then asked about Claire's plan.

  • Barry Sembène: Anyways, what was the plan of yours Owen is telling me about?

Owen crossed his arms, wanting to hear Claire's idea. Aiden already knows about Claire's plan.

  • Claire Dearing: Well, Franklin will make a new video that will try to gain support from the people to get them to back up the Dinosaur Protection Group against the Restoration Society.
  • Barry Sembène: Franklin? Who's he?
  • Claire Dearing: He's an intern of our group, alongside another person.
  • Barry Sembène: Oh, okay. And?
  • Claire Dearing: Owen and me will go to Isla Nublar to inspect the construction so far and make interviews, while you and Aiden can go into the wilderness of the island and follow the expedition to record them capturing dinosaurs. Aiden has experience with photography, so he can assist you.

Barry thought about the idea, and then he gave his opinion.

  • Barry Sembène: Ehh, maybe it could work, but it might not. I don't know how to tell if this will pay off, honestly.

Barry was unsure about the plan, but Owen asked about the expedition.

  • Owen Grady: When is this expedition?
  • Claire Dearing: Later in the afternoon, and... it's going to be led by a man named Joe Bann who you---

At the split second Owen heard the name "Joe Bann", he instantly recognized the name, and he widened his eyes and moved his brows upward in strong surprise. He dropped his jaw with his mouth muscles holding his upper and lower jaw together in complete shock.

  • Claire Dearing: ...might be familiar with.

Claire knew Owen would be "displeased" with the name, and Aiden was seeing what Owen's reaction will be. Barry also recognized the name and he turned a little upset, knowing Owen would not be happy.

Owen then had a slightly, but slowly growing, angry look. But then he tried to hold it with a sigh of calmness, being somewhat bothered

  • Owen Grady: This guy is working at Jurassic World? Really?
  • Claire Dearing: Yes, we do. You told us about him a long time ago and...

Owen was really annoyed about Joe. He voiced his stress to the trio.

  • Owen Grady: Joe and I used to work in the Navy back before I was hired for Jurassic World, and I cannot tell you how much of an irresponsible man he is. He has received multiple strikes for behavioral misconduct, he's very strict and doesn't give a damm about being professional. He has specifically proven to me that he cannot handle tasks responsibly and carefully, like say capturing dinosaurs or leading an entire team. You're telling me that Lockwood actually hired him for the reconstruction and will make him lead this expedition?

Aiden then wanted to ask a question.

  • Aiden Moore: ...So, are you like, "frenemies" or something?
  • Owen Grady: More than that, actually.
  • Claire Dearing: He sounds like he may not care for the dinosaurs' welfare.

Claire was concerned as she fears that the wranglers do not have the dinosaurs' needs in mind, like those wranglers who abused Blue and the juvenile Allosaurus a week ago.

Owen, who has calmed down a little, then made a remark.

  • Owen Grady: I swear, if he lays even a finger on Blue...

Then Barry reminded Owen about Claire's plan.

  • Barry Sembène: Don't worry Owen, we'll get back at this contruction with Claire's friend and the plan.

Owen then calmed down, and then agreed.

  • Owen Grady: Yeah. Thanks for letting me know. Lets go.

The four people then boarded onto the plane. The motors on the plane started to spin faster and faster, until the plane started to move. After traveling some distance, the plane took off and headed to Isla Nublar.

Scene 4

[At the Dinosaur Protection Group Headquarters]

Back at the DPG HQ, Franklin was setting up his camera to record his speech from the DPG, like how Claire intended. As he was setting up the camera, Zia came in.

  • Franklin Webb: Oh, hey Zia.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Hey there, Frankie.

Franklin noted Zia's humorous word of his name, but continued on with the conversation.

  • Franklin Webb: I'm just setting up the camera, give me a few moments, and it should be all good to go.

Zia noticed Franklin getting the camera ready for recording his speech, and wanted to say something to him.

  • Zia Rodriguez: So, how do you think this will go out?
  • Franklin Webb: Probably because the Restoration Society had the incident a week ago, they're more susceptible to criticisms, meaning we should be good.
  • Zia Rodriguez: So...what will your message say?
  • Franklin Webb: Don't worry, I already memorized all of it, and it's not that long but not too short. Two minutes to three at most.

Zia then asked Franklin another topic.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Maybe one day I can make a message like this, but about paleoveterinary. Maybe educate the public about the health of the dinosaurs.

Franklin took note of what Zia said, hearing her desire.

The camera was all set. Franklin was about to prepare his speech.

  • Franklin Webb: Okay, Zia, the camera is ready.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Okay.

Zia took a couple of small steps backwards to let Franklin do his thing. Franklin then got into the front of the camera. Someone needed to activate its record mode.

  • Franklin Webb: Oh, and Zia, one more thing. Can you press the record button on my count?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Sure thing, Frank.

Zia got behind the camera and had her finger on top of the record button.

  • Franklin Webb: On my call, you press it.

Zia focused on when to press the button, and Franklin then gave the signal.

  • Franklin Webb: Okay, I'm ready. Now is the time.

Zia pressed the record button. Franklin prepared himself.

And then, his speech video began.

Franklin Webb
Hello, everyone. I'm Franklin Webb, website operator and systems analyst of the Dinosaur Protection Group. I am here to approve a new message about the Jurassic World Restoration Society and their operation on Isla Nublar.
What this is about is that we were fighting for the rights and welfare of these animals, with their founder, Lockwood saying that he has a similar idea, but in a different way; to put them back into paddocks for their reconstruction of Jurassic World. However, they have proven that this is not the case, as you may see by our video which recorded some wranglers unnecessarily beating some dinosaurs with containment weapons when they were acting up.
What these animals really need is freedom, space, and all of their needs for their health, and before the Restoration Society set foot on Isla Nublar, they were already suffering due to too many species on the island, causing some species to fall back into extinction. We at the Dinosaur Protection Group have an alternate scenario; to cancel this construction and to give these animals assistance and safety from corporations and other companies with the opposite ideas.
This is Franklin Webb, for the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Zia stopped recording once Franklin finished his speech.

  • Franklin Webb: Okay, so what do you think?

Zia liked Franklin's speech, and even praised him.

  • Zia Rodriguez: I think that was really good. It's well-said.
  • Franklin Webb: Thanks. Okay, now lets post this.

Franklin took the footage of the video, and walked to his computer.

  • Zia Rodriguez: We'll see how this goes.

Franklin uploaded the video onto his computer. He went to YouTube, clicked the "post video" button, and put in the link of his video.

  • Franklin Webb: Let's make the magic happen.

He clicked the button, uploading it to YouTube.

Scene 5

[In a small airplane]

The ocean was vast and blue, and massive as well. The white stratus clouds soared through the sky, some transparent and easy to see through, and others being a solid white. The morning-transitioning-into-afternoon sun was giving off light rays which all reflect off of the water, creating a sprinkling flashy display of white and bright reflections off of the water, with waves going about the ocean, looking like ripples from high above the ocean.

A plane was flying high above the watery body that is the sea, heading for Isla Nublar which is not too far from where the plane is now. Inside it were Owen, Claire, Barry, and Aiden. Owen was looking out the window at the endless body of water, Aiden and Barry were having a conversation, getting to know each other, and Claire was on her phone.

Claire was seeing some YouTube videos, the results being about Lockwood and the Restoration Society, with one being about Ian Malcolm's reaction to the incident which took place a week ago. One video she searched was about the fact that she announced that she was going to Isla Nublar for another inspection, with multiple reactions about this. She watched one video and scrolled through the comments, with one saying "I bet those guys at the island will abuse those dinos again, and then Claire will be all like 'these people are cruel'. Lol.", and another saying "Okay, I'm a little concerned for this whole thing. Are they sure it can work..?". Some were for the operation, others hated it. She then saw one comment, and it was a notable one. It said "I will always stand by Claire and her Dinosaur Protection Group, no matter what. #Freethedinosaurs.". The comment put a smile on her face, knowing that there were people out there who cared for the animals on Isla Nublar just like her.

Just then, a text message appeared on the top corner of her phone. It was a message from Franklin. She clicked on it, which led her to her text app, and it had a text from Franklin. It read "Okay, Claire. The video is now online.". Claire was pleased with this news, as she typed "Thanks, Franklin. I'll see it soon.", and sent the message. Moments later, Franklin's response was "Zia and I wish you and the guys luck!". Claire was happy, with her sending a thank you response saying "Thanks! Bye!". Franklin texted back "Bye, Claire!". Claire then logged out of the text app and put her phone to sleep.

Just then, she asked when the trip will arrive to their destination.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay, guys, so how long is our trip to Isla Nublar for now?

Aiden grabbed the plane's tablet and looked at the GPS of the plane.

  • Aiden Moore: At least five minutes from right now, we'll be there eventually.

Claire kept that in mind.

Meanwhile, Owen looked out at the ocean. He had a somewhat bored look on his face, just looking out at the ocean and the clouds that spanned for miles above them, with seemingly nothing to be seen at such a great distance. Owen looked at a large clumped pile of thick, white cumulus clouds that were gathered. Just then, the wind slowly blew away the clouds as the plane got closer to the thick clouds, passing by the other, softer and more transparent cirrus clouds. Owen then saw what seemed to be a shape among the slowly-moving clouds. He was interested. Just as the cumulus clouds then turned a little more transparent, the shape then turned out to be a large figure, with what appears to be rocky formations... can it be? Owen looked even further, and when the clouds became transparent enough, it indeed is what the plane was heading for. An island. But not just any island. Isla Nublar. Owen took note of this and told the others about it.

  • Owen Grady: Guys, look. We'll be there in just a few short moments.

Barry and Aiden looked in Owen's direction, but couldn't see Isla Nublar because their view was blocked by Owen's head which was a small window, but through the other small windows in front of Owen, they could see a glimpse of the island.

  • Barry Sembène: We're almost there. Finally, after some time in this plane. Can't wait to stretch my legs.
  • Claire Dearing: Okay, everyone. Remember the plan. Owen and I can go have a little inspection tour throughout Main Street, while Barry and Aiden record the new expedition they're planning a little later this afternoon. We need footage of the expedition capturing dinosaurs to rally support from the public, alongside Franklin's video, which is now up on the Internet.
  • Aiden Moore: I'll get the camera ready.

Owen smiled in anticipation. He just couldn't believe he's going to Isla Nublar again.

The plane flew throughout the ghostly morning-to-afternoon clouds, with Isla Nublar ahead.

[On Isla Nublar, in the plane landing]

The plane was flying down as it was finishing its flight, now on Isla Nublar. The plane was going to land on an uncharted area where planes with construction workers for the rebuilding operation land. As the wheels came down slowly from the bottom of the plane, they touched the ground, rolling and rolling slower until the plane came to a full stop.

The plane's door then opened, with Claire opening the stairs of the plane and stepping out, with Owen, Barry, and Aiden closely following behind. Aiden carried the camera equipment he had.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay, so are we ready, guys?
  • Aiden Moore: Yes we are, Claire.

Owen and Barry looked at each other like good friends, knowing they will have to separate for Claire's plan to work.

  • Owen Grady: Well, Barry. Good luck.
  • Barry Sembène: Well, good luck to you two, man. Bye.

Owen and Barry shook hands and patted each other's backs as a way of saying goodbye for now.

  • Aiden Moore: We'll head to the Gyrosphere Valley, which is where they're holding the dinosaurs and preparing the expedition.
  • Claire Dearing: We'll see each other soon, Aiden.

Aiden nodded.

  • Aiden Moore: Well, hope it all goes well.
  • Owen Grady: Good luck with Barry, Aiden.
  • Aiden Moore: See ya.

Owen and Aiden shook hands in newformed friendship. Barry and Aiden then turned around, and left Owen and Claire to head off to the Gyrosphere Valley.

Owen and Claire then turned around, about to head off to Main Street.

  • Owen Grady: So, Claire... it's just us two now... alone, in the middle of the jungle...

Claire understood Owen's joke, even offering a smug smile. She then gestured to go to Main Street.

  • Claire Dearing: Come on, Owen. We don't have all day.

Claire then walked off, with Owen following behind. Owen had a question in his mind.

  • Owen Grady: So, Claire, do they know that you're coming here?
  • Claire Dearing: Yes, I made an announcement just yesterday.
  • Owen Grady: Okay. But do you think this can work?

Claire then paused and thought about the question she asked herself earlier when she was still with Aiden, Franklin, and Zia in San Francisco. She wasn't sure if it was the right thing, but she answered anyways.

  • Claire Dearing: Well, I do remember that they did abuse some of these animals, so they might deserve it. Anyways, lets go.

Claire and Owen kept on walking, with Owen wanting to bring up a different topic.

  • Owen Grady: So, Claire, I wanted to ask...

Owen's voice became fainter as the two walked together to Main Street to start their inspection.

Scene 6

[At Main Street]

Construction was going all around in the main hub of the used-to-be-open Jurassic World; Main Street. Many men were working inside this magical place. Hammers were striking nails in the metal structures of the buildings to keep them stable. Beeps from construction vehicles were heard loudly and clearly. Drilling nails, sawing wood, and moving objects each all made loud noises that echoed throughout Main Street.

Many men were inside Main Street and the Samsung Innovation Center, repairing the old and broken to make it look as good as new. The shops were also filled with construction workers, with men carrying clean glass and carefully placing them on the walls where they’re supposed to be viewed. Some construction flares lit up the scene as sparks of hot gas flew from the devices, as the workers who used these flares on certain shops of Main Street wore metal masks with thick eye windows to prevent the sparks from getting in their eyes.

A huge crane was next to the Samsung Innovation Center, lifting large panes of blue glass onto the cone of the Innovation Center. Down below, more workers were installing large pieces of amber onto the stands where they're supposed to be, originally shattered when the park was abandoned. Some other workers repaired the fences that surrounded the Mosasaurus Lagoon.

A man with a moustache and moderately whitish light brown hair was with other workers, laying out the map for the reconstruction of Main Street. He wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath and a blue tie. He wore black pants with white socks and black, classic-feel shoes.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, so this is where we'll place the pole with the monument on top of the Innovation Center, right?

It was Cabot Finch. He was the Construction Manager of the operation, overlooking the construction plans of Main Street alongside many other workers. One worker asked Cabot about the placement of this pole on top of the Innovation Center.

  • Vince Lowell: Yeah, that's what I recommend. May I also suggest that we upgrade and enhance the inner area of the Innovation Center, where we can work on the portraits, the attractions, and the Holoscape?
  • Cabot Finch: Yes, that sounds reasonable.
  • Vince Lowell: When we rebuild the park, we can make the Innovation Center the ultimate guide to the education of dinosaurs.
  • Cabot Finch: Of course, but for the layout of Main Street, maybe we can expand it by providing a new area behind the Innovation Center.
  • Construction Worker #1: What are you going to put in it?
  • Cabot Finch: I talked that out with Lockwood and Mills not long ago, and they said that we can "upgrade" Main Street by placing new areas around Main Street and behind the Innovation Center. What buildings will occupy the extra space isn't specific as of yet, but it's planned, for now, and we'll get to it when we finish making Main Street look as fancy as new.

Cabot was busy looking over the manual of the blueprint of Main Street. He tried to determine every detail that was going to placed in Main Street, wanting the result of it all to be perfect imagination that meets all standards. He eyed all details on the blueprint, brainstorming what to put in Main Street here and there.

  • Cabot Finch: What about the other attractions nearby Main Street? The Monorail, too?
  • Construction Worker #2: We're currently operating on those too, including the Tyrannosaurus rex Kingdom, the Pachy Arena, and we're fixing the Monorail as well. Those fallen trains will be a pain to pick up, though...

Cabot took note, glad that progress is going on very smoothly.

  • Cabot Finch: Also, how are the shops doing?
  • Construction Worker #1: We fixed the structure of those, but we're busy with the decorations and themes.
  • Cabot Finch: Anything left? The Hammond Creation Lab, the Hilton Hotel, the Lagoon fences, and others?
  • Vince Lowell: All are doing well, Mr. Finch. Their reconstruction is doing just fine.

Cabot was satisfied to hear that.

Just then, a construction worker came up to Cabot, having surprising news.

  • Construction Worker #3: Finch, sir!

Cabot noticed the worker call out his name.

  • Cabot Finch: Hey, I might be busy with something else right now, so may I be excused?

The workers nodded their heads, being alright with Cabot being temporarily absent. Cabot walked away, to the worker.

Cabot then reached the worker that called him.

  • Cabot Finch: What is it?
  • Construction Worker #3: There’s two people outside of Main Street that wants to meet with you.
  • Cabot Finch: Can you bring them here?
  • Construction Worker #3: Sure thing, Finch.

The worker then went to get these two people that wanted to see Cabot. Cabot waited as the worker took some time to get back to him with these two people.

Moments later, the worker arrived to Cabot with the two people, but their faces left an unexpected surprise on Cabot's face.

  • Claire Dearing: Excuse me?

It was Owen and Claire who were walking towards Cabot. He was very confused to see them here right now.

  • Cabot Finch: Mr. Grady? Mrs. Dearing? What on Earth are you two doing here?

The worker reach Cabot with Owen and Claire. Claire then stated why she and Owen are here.

  • Claire Dearing: Hello, Mr. Finch. We apologize if we interrupted any work you were doing here, but we have come here to do an inspection.
  • Cabot Finch: Like what?
  • Claire Dearing: Well, we just wanted to see how the operation was doing, mind you, since we want to interview on the current operation of Isla Nublar.

Cabot thought about Claire's response. He then replied unsurely.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh... okay? I can't show you everything, but do you want me to show you around Main Street?
  • Claire Dearing: Yes, of course.

Cabot smiled, but as he turned around, he suspected something was up with Owen and Claire. Why did they decide to come here?

  • Owen Grady: Did you hear about the news that Claire was coming here?

Cabot then realized why Owen and Claire came here, upon Owen's response.

  • Cabot Finch: Oh, really? I didn't, because I was working here on the island.
  • Owen Grady: It's fine.

As Cabot walked Owen and Claire to the Innovation Center, Owen and Claire saw more construction workers working on the ships on each side of Main Street. They were even repairing the fountains by wiring and connecting the water pipes, and the other decorative items such as fixing the buildings that had golden glass, and adding new ones like adding benches and prehistoric-themed flowers among the shops.

  • Claire Dearing: This all looks very nice...
  • Cabot Finch: Yeah, it really is. But I wanted to talk to both of you with something.
  • Owen Grady: What is it?
  • Cabot Finch: About last week... again, I wanted to apologize for some things.
  • Claire Dearing: We get it. You and the construction workers had nothing to do with the dinosaurs, but its those capturers and how they treat the dinosaurs is what concerns people like us.
  • Owen Grady: Plus about those people that... well, you know. But I'm surprised the whole thing hasn't even shut down yet because of this.
  • Cabot Finch: I got to admit, I'm surprised too, but the U.S. and Costa Rican governments seem to be supporting this with everything they can, despite the passing of those poor wranglers. I mean, that's on Lockwood, but y'know.

Cabot, Owen, and Claire reach the entrance to the Innovation Center.

  • Cabot Finch: So this is the Samsung Innovation Center, as you might know.

The Innovation Center was being reconstructed by the crane and workers on ladders and boards. Some tried to fix the metal brown boards and carefully install the blue glass onto where the materials belonged, others wiped the windows and brown metal of the old jungle debris that has grown on it during its time of abandonment.

The right side of Main Street was more damaged then the left side, and thus, has more workers trying to fix the right side. The workers also reworked on the pavement of the floor, making it as clean but prehistoric-themed as possible, without leaving a single crack.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, Owen, Claire. This is the Innovation Center, as you may know. May I lead you inside?
  • Owen Grady: Go right ahead.

Cabot opened the door for both Owen and Claire. They walked and entered, with Cabot being a polite man by holding the door for them to enter. As the two ex-lovebirds entered, Cabot entered with them, as the door closed, showing its ancient patterns abandoned long ago when Jurassic World fell.

[Inside the Innovation Center]

Many construction workers were inside the Innovation Center, rebuilding the inner inside of the Innovation Center.

The inside of the Innovation Center was a circular room that grew more circularly cornered as it went up. It had a circular stairway that leads up to a circular second floor, which covers the circular edge of the first floor of the Innovation Center. Owen looked behind him, above the entrance, and he saw a copper or bronze painting which had dinosaurs on the sides and a volcano in the middle, which looked like it was erupting. Claire just looked at the amount of people working on the electronic digital attractions, rebooting them as they were out of power. The inside looked crowded, both with workers on both floors and with dozens of attractions, such as multiple TVs, a Mr. DNA Show, a Fossil Dig mini-attraction, a hologram of prehistoric Earth which is being updated by some workers, a Pterosauria attraction, and some stands with downwards slopes on the top with names on their labels. Straight ahead through a platform in the center is a tourist attraction named the Hammond Creation Lab, with a bronze statue of an old man holding an amber cane in front of the Hammond Creation Lab.

Just then, Vince and some workers came in through the entrance with some blueprints under his right shoulder.

  • Vince Lowell: Alright, Mr. Finch?

Cabot heard Vince call to him. He answered.

  • Cabot Finch: Yeah, Vince?

Vince walked up to Cabot to talk to him about something.

  • Vince Lowell: So I made precise plans on the updated areas behind and around the Innovation Center. Maybe we can build an immersive Jurassic World-themed tunnel that leads to the two new areas behind the Innovation Center and in front of the mountain right behind Main Street, possibly with some dinosaur attractions, although that's unlikely, it seems.
  • Cabot Finch: Well...

Cabot thought about Vince's proposal and then he gave his answer.

  • Cabot Finch: I like the idea, honestly. But it needs some more thought to put into it to fully understand.
  • Vince Lowell: Good to know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go work on the Holoscape.

Vince went to the platform called the Holoscape, which was a hologram attraction which set up holograms of dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. He took out his wrench and screwdriver, used the screwdriver to screw out the nails, and opened the electric panel, which was filled with wires on the inside.

Vince then used his wrench to fix whatever part of the machine needed updating. Owen watched Vince work on the Holoscape, and Claire looked around at the inside of the Innovation Center being worked on by construction workers.

  • Claire Dearing: I don’t recall anything being damaged here, so why are your men working on it?
  • Cabot Finch: We just want it to look very fancy, neat, and upgraded when we rebuild the park.

Claire took in Cabot's response, and took a look around the place.

Owen walked up to the Holoscape where Vince was working on. Owen noticed that this stand with a downward slope was connected to a large circle on the floor, which was greyish white, and had some lights underneath it. He took a look at the panel, which had twenty eight circles, divided by two which equals fourteen on each side, with each circle containing a unique species. It was hard for Owen to tell what species were there, due to how dim the screen was after all of the time it spent untouched despite Vince repairing it.

  • Claire Dearing: Owen, can you here?
  • Owen Grady: I'll be there.

After observing the Holoscape long enough, Owen arrived to Claire and Cabot.

  • Owen Grady: I was just seeing things.
  • Cabot Finch: We're working on the Holoscape, as well as everything else in the Innovation Center. You can take a look at the things here if you would like to. Shall we move on?

Cabot walked forward, with Owen and Claire following him. Owen and Claire eyed each other about Claire's plan and how they can't let Cabot know.

  • Cabot Finch: Okay, so this is the Hammond Creation Lab, the place where all the magic happens.
  • Claire Dearing: Of course, where we gave birth to dinosaurs in Jurassic World.
  • Cabot Finch: And since you and Owen used to work here, I can allow you to see this again.
  • Claire Dearing: Thanks. Even though we have a major differing opinion here on the operation, we just wanted to see if everything is going alright. I'll ask more questions inside.

Cabot smiled, with him, Claire, and Owen entering, passing by the memorial statue of the old man with the amber cane. Owen watched the statue as he, Claire, and Cabot entered.

Scene 7

[The Gyrosphere Valley]

A long way from Main Street and the Innovation Center, on the west side of Isla Nublar, lied a vast and open green grassland, with some wind gently blowing by and waving the short blades of grass on the floor. Large greyish clouds soared above the sky, dark velvet green mountains in the far distance can be seen but are covered by the shadows of the clouds and some soft, see-through clouds, and a little minor fog covered the distance here and there, with exotic savannah trees in the distance as the background. Calls from birds and dinosaurs were heard far away. Some were nearby, only heard temporarily. Some echoed throughout the plains, causing natural, quiet, and mystique feelings.

A tow truck can be seen driving through the plains, making mechanical sputtering sounds with its engines that echoed throughout the grassland and interrupted the soft and natural sounds the animals were making. The tow truck was primarily black, with a silver white hood and primary pattern and a horizontal blue stripe going in the middle. It had black and very tough rubber wheels with silver grey centers. It had whitish yellow headlights in the front and orange lights on the back. On the passenger's side of the truck, there was a blue circle, with a silver white skeleton image of the head, arms, and front body of a T. rex in the middle of it.

There were two men inside the tow truck, wearing some armor and some blackish blue outfits. They both had a casual look, with the driver having his eyes on the front window to the plains, intending on reaching their destination, while the passenger had a bored look on his face. The passenger man then decided he wanted to cheer up the mood in the truck by turning on the radio and putting in a music disk. A song then played at low volume, with the passenger man raising the volume just a little bit. It was a rather classic song, singing from a first perspective point about how another person left the singer for another person. The song was called "Don't Remember You". The driver man noticed the song playing. He took a look at the passenger man, who gave a soft smile to lighten up the bored atmosphere. The driver man shrugged his shoulders, gave a soft smile, and focused his eyes on the plains. He didn't mind.

The tow truck had a handle equipped with a hook, and it was pulling a metal cart with four black wheels underneath it. It had fences and ropes with straps, which held a glass ball in place. This glass ball had two blue seats with seat belts and black back and seat cushions inside it, with in between the seats a cracked screen. Behind the top of the seats said the numbers "06" and behind the seats was a white but broad "V-shaped" upward facing beam, with the middle being at the bottom and has a wide angle. The ends of the beam connect to two vertical blue rings at each side of the glass ball. The spherical glass covering of the glass ball was see-through clear, but it was faded and even had some cracks due to all the time it spent abandoned.

The tow truck kept on driving, seeing the clouds slowly drifting by in the blue sky, and the wind gently swaying the grass and the leaves on the savannah trees, almost as if they were dancing and twinkling in the silent daytime. Some colorful birds, which were black with bright yellowish and reddish chests with red streaks on the back of their necks, flied about in the moderately-sunshine sky. They were Collared Aracari, a type of toucan native to Isla Nublar, and they made distant calls as a flock of them flied high above the ground the tow truck was driving through right now.

Just then, something was up ahead. The man driving the car noticed it. He was satisfied that he was about to reach his location. The man in the passenger seat noticed this as well. Finally, at last. The thing in question seemed like a grey object. However, as the tow truck drove more and more, the object seemed less like just one object, but rather... more than one object. There, slight clues slowly give away as to what the objects are, with one object being mechanical and a subtle grey, with the other object being smaller but still looking like vehicles. As the tow truck got closer, however, the objects became a little more clear; one was a truck with a large space inside it, the other two vehicles were cars, and there was even a truck with a cage with a dinosaur inside it on its back. The dinosaur was a medium sized theropod, at around 23 feet in length. It was a pale grey with some hint of subtle blue, had dim yellow stripes on the back, a faint yellow underbelly, and had subtle red backwards-facing crests. The theropod laid down on its belly in its cage, showing signs of being bored and tired. It slowly breathed in, and then slowly breathed out.

The tow truck was nearing with every meter it passed. Just then, men became visible and were next to the vehicles, just hanging out until they saw the oncoming tow truck. One of the men then walked forward at the pending tow truck, which came to a slowing stop as the vehicle came to a full stop in front of the group of men. The driver man rolled down his window, which let him talk to one of the other men.

  • Tow Truck Driver: Hey.
  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: How's it going, man?
  • Tow Truck Driver: Tell the guys we got another one of the missing Gyrospheres out here in this field.
  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: Okay. Copy that.

The tow truck driver then noticed the medium sized theropod in the cage.

  • Tow Truck Driver: Oh, and mind you, watch that juvenile Allosaurus.
  • Dinosaur Wrangler #1: Don't worry, we got this. We've been watching it for some time now.

The glass ball that the tow truck was carrying is a Gyrosphere, and the medium sized theropod in the cage was the juvenile Allosaurus that was involved in the incident about a week ago.

The tow truck driver rolled up his window, and started driving the truck past the men, the vehicles, and the juvenile Allosaurus in the cage.

Just then, a few meters away from the juvenile Allosaurus cage, there was a fence that covered a large area, but it was actually a large pen with tall fences. Inside it as the tow truck with the metal cart holding the Gyrosphere were many dinosaurs that were somehow inside it.

There were four ostrich-like dinosaurs, with moderately long necks, long legs, a tail, two arms with three fingers with claws, and a build designed for speed. They were tannish orange with a white underbelly, and they also had a brownish red on the top of their necks, shoulders, and tail, with brown vertical stripes on their tail and orange stripes on the shoulders. They also had a yellow horizontal stripe in between their brownish red neck and white underbelly. They were Gallimimus.

There were two herbivores with two long horns above their eyes and one short horn above the nose. They have a beak, and a large bony frill on the back of their heads. Their coloration was a tannish brown with grayish black patterns on their backs, frill, and legs. They were Triceratops.

There were two herbivores with large triangular plates on their backs, smaller at the neck and bigger on the back, and smaller again on their tail, which at the tip sported two pairs of white spikes. They were light green with a tan face, arms, legs, and underbelly. Their mouth was colored black, and their plates were orangish with two black horizontal streaks across their plates. They were Stegosaurus.

There was one herbivore that had spikes all over the animal, with short spikes on the top, and large spikes on the sides. The tail ended in a bony club, and they had beaks. The top was black, with some minor and subtle orange markings, with the underbelly being grey. This individual was an Ankylosaurus.

There was one large herbivore that was bigger than the rest, with a long neck, a long tail, and trunk-like limbs, with each hand ending with a claw, and the feet ends in four claws. The animal had a grey coloration, with subdued blue vertical stripes on the back and neck and a tannish underbelly and face. This was an Apatosaurus.

And finally, there were four herbivores which had crests on the back of their heads and were hadrosaurid in shape. The coloration was a subtle dark yellow, with classic brownish red crests, beaks, and backs, and white streaks in between the dark yellow and brownish red. One of them was a little sick but was overall doing a little better from the past 1 week. They were Parasaurolophus.

The tow truck passed by the large pen containing the animals, with the herbivores noticing the tow truck with the metal cart holding the Gyrosphere passing by. They saw the truck pass by, with the two people inside just casually driving past them. One of the Triceratops honked.

As the tow truck kept driving slowly, there were more large grey vehicles, especially with more men having body armor as well as tranquilizer guns, stun rods, tazers, and a variety of other subduing weapons. There were also beer cans, snacks, and even tents for these men to be in.

Just then, the tow truck with the metal cart holding the Gyrosphere then came to another pen, this time containing five similarly shaped Gyrospheres; two with broken holes on the glass surrounded by jagged edges of glass, with three that are electronically shut down. Some repairers were fixing two of the Gyrospheres by rebooting their electronic functions and taking apart the mechanics of one Gyrosphere to rebuild it as good as new. The pen was guarded by multiple soldiers, one of who noticed the oncoming tow truck.

  • Gyrosphere Pen Soldier: Hey!

The driver of the tow truck then stopped the vehicle and opened the driver's door, got out and closed the door. The passenger man then opened the passenger door and got out, and then closed that door.

  • Tow Truck Driver: We got Gyrosphere 06. Help us out in loading the Gyrosphere onto the pen with the rest you have.
  • Gyrosphere Pen Soldier: No worries.

The rest of the guards then moved towards the back of the tow truck, heading for the metal cart that the truck was towing, with the Gyrosphere that the cart held still in place of fences and ropes with straps.

  • Gyrosphere Pen Soldier: Gentlemen! Load!

Two of the guards opened the gates into the pen to allow the gentlemen to move the Gyrosphere into the pen. As two of the men opened the gates, the men inside the pen fixing some of the five Gyrosphere looked at what was happening, preparing for the arrival of Gyrosphere 06.

One of the men opened the back fence of the metal cart, with the back fence slamming the floor in a downward slope. The men then hopped onto the cart to undo the strapped ropes. As the group of men took off the ropes, they pushed the Gyrosphere backward, with it rolling down the slope and onto the floor before shortly stopping. The men then got behind the Gyrosphere and put their hands on the Gyrosphere.

  • Gyrosphere Pen Soldier: Push!

The driver, passenger, and the rest of the men then started pushing the Gyrosphere, taking some time before the electronic glass ball was pushed and rolled into the pen, with the men responsible for opening the gate now closing it. The driver, passenger, and the others then cheered for getting another abandoned Gyrosphere into the pen to be repaired.

  • Tow Truck Driver: How about we get a drink?

As the men agreed, they headed off to get some beer as more and more men were then seen preparing their subduing weapons for some kind of mission.

This place, filled with men with tranquilizer guns, electric weapons, and many more, and large and durable vehicles, was the camp of the dinosaur wranglers. This place is where they contained whatever dinosaur they had in a large pen, with a few others in cages due to their carnivorous diet or aggression. This place was also where they tried to find whatever Gyrosphere they could find to fix them here. This grassland that was on the west side of Isla Nublar was the Gyrosphere Valley of Jurassic World, with a small acre of land occupied by dinosaur wranglers preparing for their expedition today in the afternoon.

There was a blackish green tent in the front of the camp, closest to the fence that split the line between the grassland that was where the whole camp was, and the jungle, which leads to the unknown mysteries of Isla Nublar that lies beyond. The patterns were a more military-like tone, and inside it was a pretty dark space which the only source of light there was is a candle-lit lantern. Inside it were some chests and equipment, with three men having a casual funny conversation.

  • Joe Bann: And then the military commander was like "this is unacceptable behavior. How you went into battle unprofessionally was awful!"

The man who said that put together his fingers and open and closed his thumb, index and middle fingers up and down, almost in a mocking tone as he reached the quote of someone who said him that in the past.

  • Jett Moretti: Haha! And then what did you say?
  • Joe Bann: I said, "oh shut up, they knew anyways, and why not attack immeditately?", and then that was when he punished me for rude manners. Ah, the memories...

The man who said this was a Caucasian man in his late 30's. He had a more mature, adult look, with an FBI-type of look and an athletic body build. He had dark brown hair, green eyes, and wore a black jacket. He had blackish blue shirt, black pants, and heavy black boots. He had a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, a type of tracking device, on his left wrist, with a silver wrapping band with some shiny blue band on his right arm, which represents that he was the leader.

  • Declan Juet: You've done pretty much a lot of things in the past that got you into trouble, Joe. You should be lucky you're even hired here in the first place.

The second man who said that gave a small smile, as he and the third man were friends with the first man that laid out the conversation of his past in the military. This second man was also Caucasian, and was at his late 30's. He had a more adolescent look to his face, had brown hair that were combed upwards, had greenish brown eyes, and had a more ectomorph body build. He wore a military-style green shirt with brown patterns, dark brown pants, and black boots.

  • Joe Bann: Well, you've done a whole lot of things in your past, eh Declan? Moving out and in of InGen's businesses and the army, so you and Jett here, because of his involvement with the Marines, would have more chances of making it in than me. But here I am, because I'm that one guy Lockwood just couldn't give up.

The man then chuckled. He was the one with the band on his right arm. His name was Joe Bann. The man who was the leader of the dinosaur wranglers. He was put in charge by Benjamin Lockwood of putting sub-leaders of specific groups to go after, track down, and capture specific animals on Isla Nublar.

  • Jett Moretti: Well, despite your past offenses, you do get the job done. I mean, look at all the dinosaurs we have in our pen! We got most of them because they were wandering here in the Gyrosphere Valley.

Joe smiled, showing off his arms and trying to flex them to show how strong he is.

The third man smiled. He was Italian-American, in his middle 40s. He had a short moustache and beard, with brown hair. He had greyish blue eyes. He wore a grey cap, with a light green buttoned shirt, a dark green jacket, some greenish black pants with a black belt, black socks with grey tips, and grey zipper boots.

  • Declan Juet: Yeah. Shame we couldn't get the T. rex.

The second man that spoke is named Declan Juet, a friend of Joe Bann and second-in-command of the dinosaur wranglers for the Jurassic World Restoration Society.

Joe then got annoyed at hearing the word "T. rex", which reminded him of one his sub-leaders.

  • Joe Bann: Oh, don't even get me started on Matthew. He had to be a genuine imbecile if he really thought he had enough men to round up the rex. Like, "yeah, it's wearing out, let's keep fighting". That T. rex is seriously not easy to even get, unlike a lot of other dinosaurs on this island. It will wreck your team until you either retreat or get killed.
  • Declan Juet: Well, he could have done better, but where is he right now?
  • Joe Bann: In the hospital. He'll come out in a few short days, but I'll demote him if he does come back.

Declan paused, with the Italian man watching. Declan then brought up a thing he had in mind.

  • Declan Juet: It's not like the raptor was any easier.
  • Jett Moretti: You mean Blue?

The Italian man that spoke was named Jett Moretti. Another friend of Joe and Declan, and third-in-command of the dinosaur wranglers.

Joe sighed, as Jett reminded him about Blue.

  • Joe Bann: Yeah, yeah, that dumb raptor. It's almost impossible to get that animal. Fast, agile, able to swiftly attack. I know it's because she always smells where we are, but she is just a pest to even get. She even somehow smells our scent-masking environment spray.
  • Jett Moretti: Not to mention, that dinosaur group that's aimed at trying to protect it from the operation and the other dinosaurs from us.

Joe just scoffed upon hearing that.

  • Joe Bann: Who cares what they think? They're oblivious and whiny that we're building towards greatness, by keeping these animals in where they belong; pens.

Joe chuckled again. Declan seemed to be in agreement, albeit more polite than Joe's.

  • Jett Moretti: So, Joe. What time is it, again? The expedition starts at 2:00.

Joe checked the clock that was next to him, and it read "1:45".

  • Joe Bann: It's 1:45. We'll get started soon.

Joe then reached for some bottled beer that was next to him. He took off the already-opened cap and put the small hole on the top next to his mouth, drinking some crispy, golden beer.

Jett then had something on his mind. He wanted to ask Joe about his past in the military if he had any acquaintances.

  • Jett Moretti: So, Joe.

Joe put down the bottled beer and listened to Jett.

  • Jett Moretti: Did you have any friends back then in the military before us? Just asking.

Joe then laid back, putting his arms behind his head and laying one leg on top of the other.

  • Joe Bann: Well, not much, but I did know this one man.

Declan and Jett were curious to hear Joe's answer.

  • Joe Bann: I remember him when he and I used to work in the Navy together. We used to work with each other on a lot of operations in the Navy, but we never became true friends. He was just... irritating, always telling me what to do and not do, always scolding me, and it just reached to the point where we just didn't talk to each other anymore. He did his own missions, while I did mine. He resigned out a few years before I did, and we never saw each other again.
  • Declan Juet: What was his name?
  • Joe Bann: It's... Grady. Owen Grady.
  • Jett Moretti: Man, you were such a pro back in the old days, and yet you couldn't get this guy to be friends with you because he was cocky? Heh.

Just then, footsteps were heard outside, and were approaching the tent Joe, Declan, and Jett were in. It was revealed to be a man, as who opened the rag covers of the tent, letting in some sunlight.

  • Ken Wheatley: Hey, boss. We're getting ready, it's 1:53. We'll start in 7 minutes, so get to the other men.

The man was in his early 60's, wore a light brown cap, had a light café brown shirt, light brown pants, and a bullet band with tranquilizer darts. He also wore sunglasses.

  • Joe Bann: Oh, just give us a minute, Wheatley. We'll be there.

Ken then nodded and closed the opening of the tent, shutting off the sunlight.

  • Joe Bann: Okay, we should get started now.

Joe stood up, and Declan and Jett soon stood up as well. Joe put his hand on the covering rags, but he then wanted to state something on his mind.

  • Joe Bann: Oh, and guys...

Declan and Jett were ready to hear what Joe had to say.

  • Declan Juet: What is it, Joe?
  • Joe Bann: We have each other's backs. We can do this. Got that?

Joe smiled in preparation for the expedition. Declan and Jett acknowledged.

Joe then opened the tent with him, Declan, and Jett leaving the tent. They headed to a stage, where there's some large vehicles just meters to the left of the stage, as well as some small ones. The vehicles were next to the fence which led to the wilderness, some vehicles having large cages on their carriers. A little more to the left of the fence where the vehicles were facing was a panel that operated a gate with two sliding doors that, if activated, can open wide to let things through into the jungle and out of the camp. There were a large amount of men, about 33 in total, with many others staying behind to look after the camp and to keep the captured dinosaurs in containment.

One of the wranglers was at the front of the crowd of 33 men. He was looking at the stage, with some men up on the stage with tranquilizer guns in their arms. He was Columbian-American, and was in his early 20's. He had black hair. He wore a dinosaur wrangler uniform, some armor with a blue shirt and black pants underneath. He looked up at the stage, wondering where Ken was. Just then, he saw Ken coming up the stage. He felt happy, and walked up to him.

  • James Carden: Hey, Mr. Wheatley!

Ken noticed James calling out to him. He smiled, acknowledging him and knowing him for quite some time. Ken then walked up to the center of the stage, and then another high-appointing wrangler came alongside Ken. He had brown hair and a moustache. Ken then murmured next to him.

  • Ken Wheatley: Took you long enough, Nathan.
  • Nathan Calloway: I was just preparing, okay?

This wrangler was named Nathan Calloway. Both Ken and Nathan were awaiting Joe, Declan, and Juet to arrive.

Behind the fence, where it was at least 10 feet tall, had vertical steel poles extending from each other about 5 feet wide, and having several horizontal steel wires that spread from each other about 1 feet tall. Behind the fence was a very green jungle, filled with tropical plants, with some insects buzzing about. Just then, just underneath the shadows that were cast by the big trees, there were two men just slowly walking toward the fence. They stopped right in front of the fence, maintaining their cover to avoid being seen.

One was African-American, and the other was Caucasian, and they both had camera equipment as they were eyeing the situation with the wranglers and dinosaur capturers. The African American was in his early 40's, and he eyed on the situation with professionalism. The Caucasian was in his middle 20's, and he watched with determination.

It was Barry and Aiden. After some time after splitting up with Owen and Claire back at where they landed on Isla Nublar for Claire's plan to record the wranglers in their activities to rally support, they trekked through the jungles to reach the Gyrosphere Valley at where the wranglers are about to leave. They had their cameras ready to record, and Barry had his phone on his hand. They were waiting for the expedition to be announced.

Aiden whispered to Barry silently enough to not be heard, considering they were at a distance from the stage, in which the fence barricaded between the duo and the stage.

  • Aiden Moore: Barry, where's this leader? When will this begin?
  • Barry Sembène: It's almost 2:00, so it should start about now...

Barry and Aiden kept on watching the meeting of the dinosaur wranglers while hidden in the plants and bushes behind the steel fence. Aiden, as he held his camera about to press it when their leader arrives, had something on his mind.

  • Aiden Moore: Barry.
  • Barry Sembène: Yeah?

Barry awaited Aiden's response.

  • Aiden Moore: You think they might go after Blue?

Barry thought about Blue, and his past with Owen.

  • Barry Sembène: They would most definitely likely will. After all she's been through...
  • Aiden Moore: Owen told me that he had some experience with her, well four of them, right?

Barry then paused for a second. He then replied.

  • Barry Sembène: Owen and I used to train these raptors, to observe their intelligence. They were part of the IBRIS project, and... well, we had some good memories with them, but some were risque.

Barry smiled as he recalled his past with Owen and the raptor pack bred for Jurassic World.

  • Aiden Moore: I guess that because you and Owen trained them, they were pretty much docile, and combined with their intelligence, you'd have very interesting animals.
  • Barry Sembène: They weren't exactly tame, but there was this guy who wanted to militarize them...

Aiden then saw three men come up onto the stage of the dinosaur wrangler camp. Aiden's eye came with preparation.

  • Aiden Moore: Barry, it's starting.

Barry then took a quick notice. He had his phone in his hand and turned it on to his Text app. Aiden then started recording his camera.

At the stage, Joe, Declan, and Jett walked up the stage, where Ken and Nathan were at, in announcement of the expedition to capture more dinosaurs. The rest of the 33 dinosaur wranglers then paid attention to the three coming to the middle of the stage.

  • Joe Bann: Gentlemen! May I have your attention!

The wranglers kept quiet. Declan, Jett, Ken, and Nathan paid attention.

  • Joe Bann: I presume you all know that today at this very hour is when we head into the unoccupied areas of Isla Nublar to secure more individuals of the species on the island on the behalf of Benjamin Lockwood and Eli Mills.

The wranglers heard what Joe is saying, with Declan and Jett watching in modesty. Nathan watched casually, while Ken watched with his arms crossed in a stern tone. Behind the fence, Barry and Aiden were watching, with Aiden recording his camera. Barry was on the text app of his phone, ready to text Claire at any second when the wranglers leave.

  • Joe Bann: One week ago, we have had some incidents that declined the Jurassic World Restoration Society's reputation, not just in the general public's and activist movement's allegations against some men committing animal abuse, but also in some encounters with some species. Remember what happened with Team TRQ003 and the Tyrannosaurus.

The wranglers acknowledged what Joe said. James recalled his memory of the TRQ003 in Main Street, and the experience bothered him, expecting some people to not make it at the end of everyday at working at rounding up the dinosaurs.

  • Joe Bann: Nonetheless, we have some missions sent to us for today by the Jurassic World Restoration Society. You probably know the last remaining Velociraptor alive on this island, whose name is Blue. She escaped one week ago, with all our efforts put into capturing her right out of the window, and is now roaming these areas. However, be very careful. Her species is regarded as one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals on the planet, as well as possibly the most intelligent of all time. She has a very enhanced sense of smell, and her reflexes are extremely quick, resulting in previous failures before her final capture from the past week before she broke out once more.

Barry was seeing what Joe was saying. Him talking about Blue and how "dangerous" she is really got on his nerves. He kept his lips closed, but he could feel the top and bottom sides of his teeth pressing against each other in contempt. He knew about Joe, as Owen told about him before, and his unfit demeanors. He knows he'll do something wrong to Blue. Aiden just watched in concern.

  • Joe Bann: Do you have any questions?

One wrangler raised his arm.

  • Joe Bann: Yes?
  • Dinosaur Wrangler: Are we going after the T. rex again?

Joe then replied to the wrangler's question.

  • Joe Bann: No, not what happened after last week. We need to wait some time before we can get it, but not for today. Anybody else?

Nobody raised their hands. They were out of questions.

  • Joe Bann: Is that all? Alright then. Commence!

Joe walked down the stage, with Declan, Jett, Ken, and Nathan following in suit. The other wranglers, James included, then walked to their left of the stage. They prepared their subduing weapons, got into their vehicles, and prepared to go on the expedition. Some vehicles were 5 cargo trucks each with five large cages, 5 others were jeeps, 4 of them were trucks that could fit a lot of wranglers, some 4 were kart-shaped, there were 3 off-road cars with brown and green camouflage patterns, and there were some 6 motorcycles. Joe, Declan, Jett, Ken, and Nathan all went to the leading vehicle, which was a Jeep that led the other vehicles.

The vehicles then started to turn on the engines, creating mechanical vehicle sounds, as they all slowly moved forward. There were two men at the gate, which was a little more to the left of the stage in between the fence, with two sliding doors equipped with alarms. The two men activated the panel to open the gate, causing the alarms to blare into the distance.

Barry and Aiden were prepared for this. They saw the gate open, but they were pretty far from the gate, seeing as they were behind the fence to the right of the stage, while the gate was at the left.

  • Barry Sembène: Lets move, Aiden.

Aiden nodded his head. The two of them then started moving slowly away from the fence as they prepared to follow the expedition with their camera recording equipment.

The vehicles drove past the opening of the gate, traveling into the jungles of Isla Nublar with the intention of not only capturing some more dinosaurs, but with the hopes of recapturing Blue the Velociraptor, wherever she may be on the island.

Scene 8

[Back at the DPG Headquarters]

Back at the Headquarters of the Dinosaur Protection Group, people were doing their jobs inside the room. Franklin was on his chair and desk busy with computer work, looking through the comments section of the DPG forums, while Zia was sitting at her desk, overlooking Claire’s plan with her phone on the text app. They were both busy, anticipating the results from Claire’s plan which is expected to come later in the day.

Zia was seeing her phone on the Text app, with a text bubble with three dots. Zia waited for Claire’s response on her visit to Isla Nublar with Owen.

Franklin, meanwhile, scrolled through the forums of the Dinosaur Protection Group website, seeing the reactions to not just the group, but also some responses towards the one-week-old-incident and the DPG’s actions on suing the Jurassic World Restoration Society. The reactions were firm and serious, some debates and arguments being sparked between parts of the comment section.

Zia was seeing her phone on the Text app when Claire finally sent her a message, which was "Zia, we're on the island and the expedition began.". Zia texted back by texting "K, got that.". She then sent it.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Okay, Franklin.

Franklin heard Zia and he turned around to face her.

  • Franklin Webb: Yeah? Is the plan in motion?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Sure is.

Zia stood up from her desk, and walked towards Franklin's computer, wanting to see what Franklin was up to.

  • Zia Rodriguez: So, how are things on your side?

Franklin noticed Zia next to him, and he sighed softly in Zia's humorous tendency to poke into his business, but he didn't mind.

  • Franklin Webb: I'm just seeing the comments here. It's getting pretty serious.

Zia peaked at the comments, getting a good idea of what the comments are like.

Dinosaur Protection Group Forum
Tally9005: That video was horrendous to even watch. I felt bad for those poor dinosaurs...
Aslo: Ikr? Seriously, why'd they think this was a good idea?
LinnyHands: The JWRS said they care about the dinosaurs, and yet the video shown by the Dinosaur Protection Group shows the literal opposite, alongside those reports... thanks, DPG.
Kole: I beg to differ if this whole construction will even work at this point.
Read More Comments

Franklin and Zia were seeing the comments as they shone a not-so-favorable light on the Restoration Society.

  • Zia Rodriguez: That's a lot of buzz. Glad they're being exposed.
  • Franklin Webb: It's been like this. The whole controversy has been pretty major on the news.

Zia got up from Franklin's side and back to her desk.

  • Zia Rodriguez: I have some paperwork to fill out. The others are busy at Isla Nublar.

Franklin acknowledged Zia's response.

  • Franklin Webb: Well, I have some sorting to go through with our Internet promotions.

Zia acknowledged Franklin's response, sitting down at her chair, just sitting there casually.

Franklin checked the stats of the DPG campaign on the Internet, noticing quite the buzz being generated.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Franklin?

Franklin paused from his work, and turned around to face Zia.

  • Franklin Webb: Yeah?

Zia wondered about something which she had in her mind. She wanted to make it clear to Franklin.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Did you ever wonder what would it be like if Jurassic World never shut down in the first place?

Franklin was hooked on Zia's words.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Okay, don't get me wrong, Jurassic World being rebuilt would still be a bad thing, but...

Zia slowed down, trying to come up with the proper words, but Franklin knew.

  • Franklin Webb: I know that you wanted to be a hired paleoveterinarian. Sorry that your dreams got crushed.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh, Franklin. I'm happy to be working here, actually advocating for these animals' rights. I could... try to... see one in real life someday.

Zia's tone of voice slumped down a little, as she wanted to be a plaeoveterinarian for the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar, but the opportunity was never given to her.

  • Franklin Webb: But... you said you're a paleoveterinarian..?

Zia looked at Franklin with a "really?" look.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Bro. Do I look like I don't know anything about these animals?

Franklin was a little confused.

  • Zia Rodriguez: I've seen photos, magazines, reports, videos like the one Aiden recorded a week ago, but... y'know... it's just that you don't get the full experience by just seeing photos of them on a cover from a different place from the time where it already passed. Actually being there can truly give you the idea what it's like in that situation.

Franklin nodded in acknowledgement.

  • Franklin Webb: True. I get you, since I worked as an IT Technician at Jurassic World once. Definitely not a dinosaur handler like Aiden was, because... well, you know.

Franklin's tone got slightly nervous, as he brought up a mention of the dinosaurs.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Well, I guess everyone here used to work at the theme park. You just happened to be afraid of dinosaurs.

Zia smiled warmly. Franklin smiled a little too.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Anyways, how's our campaign on the Internet?

Franklin then got back on track of his current situation after the conversation with Zia.

  • Franklin Webb: Oh, right. Uhh...

Franklin took a look at the computer screen and put his hands on the keyboard and mouse.

  • Franklin Webb: My video is doing effectively alright so far, it should get mainstream media attention if you give it a few more hours.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Okay then.

Just then, a person came up walking to Franklin and Zia.

  • DPG Worker: Excuse me?

Franklin and Zia noticed the man coming towards them.

  • Franklin Webb: Yeah? What is it?
  • DPG Worker: It's something important.

Franklin and Zia were looking at each other in concerned curiosity on why the DPG worker was behaving urgent. Just then, they heard car honks outside. The soundwaves of the honks passed through the glass windows with square patterns and plastic horizontal window covers. The worker looked urged to see the event.

  • DPG Worker: Oh, they're outside.

The worker walked towards the window. Franklin couldn't get the concept of what was going on.

  • Franklin Webb: Pardon, but who's "they"?

Zia decided to do the same action as the worker did and walk towards the window. She lifted one of the covers with her fingertips and glared at what was going on outside with her eyes, behind both the glass window and the lens of the glasses she was wearing. When she did, she finally got what the worker was talking about.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Um, Franklin?
  • Franklin Webb: What?

Zia gestured Franklin to come over to the window, expressing a face of a lot of surprise but with confusion. Franklin didn't get Zia's expression at all, but looked out the window anyways. Franklin raised his eyebrows in a way of ambush.

Outside the building, there were many people, with B.B.C. News Reporters holding cameras and microphones, focusing on two people wearing tuxedos. They were smiling as they made their way to the building.

  • Zia Rodriguez: It's Eli and Gunnar.

Mills and Eversoll were expressing smiling faces as they noticed the plentiful reporters and cameramen surrounding them. They were outside the entrance of the Dinosaur Protection Group. The people working inside were all genuinely confused when they heard "Eli and Gunnar" and how they were outside the Headquarters.

  • Franklin Webb: But... what are they doing here?

The DPG worker heard Franklin's question and wanted to clear it up for him and Zia.

  • DPG Worker: They said that they want to see you.

Zia looked away from the window and in the man's direction, and Franklin was very confused as to why Mills and Gunnar were right outside their buildings.

[At the entrance of the Dinosaur Protection Group Headquarters]

The news reporters were around Mills and Gunnar as the two men tried to make their way to the entrance to the Dinosaur Protection Group Headquarters. They were crowded by the news reporters, who have cameras recording them as they were eager to have their faces live with Mills and Gunnar.

Mills and Gunnar were outside the entrance to the Dinosaur Protection Group Headquarters. Mills didn't mind the amount of news reporters that wanted to interview them; of course, they would act this way, because Mills and his partner Lockwood are literally very well known. Eversoll, however, preferred to not be so crowded.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: You could have just found a better way to regard their video. Walking in here was a good idea to you?
  • Eli Mills: Mr. Eversoll, trust me. Before people agree with the video, we can talk to them and sort this out.

Just then, Franklin and Zia were coming to the main entrance door to the DPG HQ to meet up with the two men. Mills saw the two because of the see-through glass of the door

  • Eli Mills: They’re here.

Mills tucked his tuxedo to look professional for Franklin and Zia. Gunnar just had a bored look, getting ready to be pulled into a situation he didn’t exactly need to be in.

Franklin opened the door, being surprised of the two. Zia couldn’t believe her eyes, but she was somewhat suspicious by the arrival of the two Jurassic World Restoration Society supporters.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh, hey there.
  • Eli Mills: Good afternoon, ma’am.

Zia put up a fake smile, with a side of sarcasm. Franklin tried to do the same, but they both knew they were reluctant of Mills’s and Gunnar’s visit to their own and Claire’s workplace.

  • Franklin Webb: You must be Eli Mills, Lockwood’s co-founder.
  • Eli Mills: Yes, of course.

Mills tried to be enthusiastic, but Gunnar was clearly disinterested, but he would join in anyways.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: To introduce myself, I’m Gunnar Eversoll, the JWRS’s new investor.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Yeah, we know. We saw on the news earlier.

Gunnar just shrugged casually. Franklin Gabe out his big question.

  • Franklin Webb: So, why are you two here? We were, um, very surprised that you two are here.
  • Eli Mills: Well, this may sound complicated, and we do not mean to interrupt any business you may have had, but we’re here because we wish to discuss the video you and your group posted earlier today, and we would like to clear things up so that there’s no misunderstanding about us.

Franklin was taken by surprise, as Mills’ response hit him out of nowhere. Just when he get he did something useful, it was now being compromised by the thing he was advocating against.

  • Franklin Webb: Oh, really? Okay...

Zia wasn’t entirely surprised, but she had only a small feeling this would happen. Maybe by TV or court, but not by a visit.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Where’s Lockwood?
  • Eli Mills: Mr. Lockwood is back at his manor, working with things. And may I ask is Dearing with you?

When Mills asked where Claire is, she and Franklin knew they had to keep their mouths shut to prevent their plan’s cover from being blown.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh yeah, she’s currently out, and she’s busy with a lot of things.
  • Franklin Webb: Yeah, she’ll be back later.

Zia noted Franklin’s response.

  • Eli Mills: So, can we start the interview?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh yeah, of course. We can talk inside.

As Franklin and Zia opened the doors to let Mills and Gunnar in, alongside the interviewers and news reporters. As Franklin and Zia were far enough, Zia pinched Franklin’s arm with her nails.

  • Franklin Webb: Ow..!

Zia whispered harshly to Franklin about his response.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Franklin!

Franklin then was confused, not knowing what ticked Zia off. He then whispered to Zia.

  • Franklin Webb: What?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Don’t say anything about Claire.

Franklin then got the idea. Behind them, Mills and Gunnar were preparing their interview. Gunnar felt that this situation was unnecessary.

  • Gunnar Eversoll: Did you have to bring me into this?
  • Eli Mills: Well, there’s misconceptions about you, so we can help them understand, alright?

Gunnar sighed, as they walked for their interview with the interviewers and news reporters behind.

Scene 9

[In the Hammond Creation Lab]

Whiteness with some laboratory objects can be seen as the inside of the room with screens can be seen as well. Technology robotics were seen as well, with a lot of science-themed objects inside. There were some construction workers inside, trying to fix what was broken in the lab.

Some men worked on the rebooting of the screens after they were blacked out from the absence of the presence of humans for a very long time. Some of the technology was somewhat damaged during the island's abandonment, but the workers are repairing these objects, as well as enhancing and remodeling the lab by adding new objects.

Blue screens with DNA symbols and other chemical symbols and formulas glittered throughout the holographic, futuristic screens. The breeze of cool air came in from the air conditioning vented in to keep the workers cool. In between the labs was a hallway, with see-through glass walls. When Jurassic World was still open, guests could walk down this hallway and see scientists do their work bringing dinosaurs to life. In memory, 2-5 dinosaurs were born in this lab every week.

A large wall with square-shaped pockets in rows and columns sits proudly in a section labeled "1: Extraction", with at least an object in every single hole. The objects were a slightly different shape from each other, but the objects seemed to be really old, as if dug up from the ground from a long time ago.

The objects is rough and shaped like a crystal, but it was actually a beautiful and glorious orange-yellow-brown, a mix of some primitive Earth colors, and each and everyone contained an insect inside, which looked to be a mosquito. This object is none other than amber, fossilized tree resin hardened up and buried since 65 million years ago, but not without trapping a mosquito with dinosaur DNA, which is fossilized and preserved for many years, only to be extracted, processed, and utilized by InGen and Masrani Corporation to be cloned into the dinosaurs that live on in Isla Nublar. As the park has fallen and was abandoned but is currently trying to be rebuilt, these amber relics remain in the lab, standing the test of time.

Owen and Claire were looking around in the Extraction section of the lab, where scientists before Jurassic World shut down would extract the DNA from amber. Cabot was enthusiastic about the location.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, nothing's better than revisiting the old times, huh?

Cabot chuckled in a light-spirit mood.

Owen, while seeing the technology of the hatchery, listened to Cabot's question.

  • Owen Grady: Yeah, it's been quite a long while. So, uh, how are you fixing this place?
  • Cabot Finch: The majority of the Hammond Creation Lab is actually in pretty stable condition, had it not been for a broken glass wall that we just fixed up sometime ago.

Owen had a memory, just three years ago, where he, Claire, and two kids that were family members of Claire, probably nephews, were running from something. As they were running for the exit, a glass wall behind them shattered as a thump was heard on the floor, with rapid footsteps as he, Claire, and the two kids ran through the hallway of the Hammond Creation Lab and dashed for the door of the Innovation Center. Just as they exited, two more creatures surrounded them, with the one that was pursuing them exiting the doors of the Innovation Center. They hissed at them, but they had cameras on their faces. Owen could remember, from that day from a long time ago, he soothed one of the beasts down, and the animal he managed to calm down by himself... was Blue.

  • Owen Grady: Yeah, I... guess.

Claire looked around the lab, reminiscing some thoughts of her used to be working here. She looked at the amber wall, the fossilized resin's golden and ancient existence, as the rows and columns lined up in perfection and beauty. She remembered how she talked to some businessmen about the Indominus rex, which she approved... it bothered her to think about it, but she hid it. She couldn't believe herself that she has come a long way and changed a lot about herself, from a corporate businesswoman and an assets manager, all the way to a dinosaur rights activist. Then she also remembered someone else who also used to work at Jurassic World but that person's whereabout are unknown. The person was a scientist, a geneticist, as Claire believed so, and then he delivered some words about the Indominus.

Just then, Claire looked at a keypad on the wall next to a vertical black line, accompanied by a parallel black line and two horizontal black lines on the top and bottom of the black lines, forming the look of a door, as if it weren't for the black lines. Two lamps were to the left and right side of this door. To Claire, it seemed... familiar. A flash of Deja-Vu whistled by Claire like a gust of wind, and then that feeling disappeared. She could tell about a dark blue room with light blue cylinders, but barely anything else. She tried to remember, as her curiosity peaked, and just as she may have gotten an idea...

  • Cabot Finch: Memories, Mrs. Dearing?

Claire lost track and looked at Cabot.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh, um... yes, sure...

Claire gave a soft smile, but wondered what the black lines and the keypad had to do with a faint memory seemingly lost in her mind.

  • Claire Dearing: By the way, Mr. Finch. What is in that room?

Claire pointed to the black lines, and Cabot took notice.

  • Cabot Finch: Hm. Not quite sure, since it's locked off by the keypad. Now that you say it, we haven't explored that room yet, although we can be sure that nothing's seriously damaged in there.

Claire acknowledged Cabot's reply. She then continued to look at the door-like form. Then her pocket felt a vibration. She reached her hand into her pocket. She grabbed her cellphone and held it in her hand, turning it on to see who it is.

Claire was surprised to see it was Zia. She saw the screen of her phone and saw the text "MILLS AND EVERSOLL ARE HERE AT DPG HQ.". The text conveyed a feeling of urgency, almost attention-grabbing, which Claire raised her eyebrows. Eli and his newly hired investor/lawyer were at Claire's organization headquarters? But why though?

  • Cabot Finch: Everything in here seems dandy so far, isn't it?

Claire swiftly put away her phone, intending to inform Owen later. She tended to Cabot's question.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

She didn't know what else to say.

Owen then had a new topic on his mind, in the form of a question to Cabot.

  • Owen Grady: So, Cabot. How long have you been here?

Cabot turned to Owen.

  • Cabot Finch: Here? On the island, or when I was hired?
  • Owen Grady: Could be both.
  • Cabot Finch: Well...

Cabot cleared his throat to prepare to answer Owen's question.

  • Cabot Finch: Since I was a high-quality construction manager, as well as a capable Public Relations manager, Lockwood chose me because he wanted Jurassic World's definition of architecture to be... "spot-on", as you would say. I spent most of my time on the island, having the workers here fix the things that needs to be fixed, and potentially be renewed for the grand reopening. That is, if that day comes.
  • Claire Dearing: How are you with Lockwood?
  • Cabot Finch: Oh, great! Lockwood is a really nice guy, you can tell he's trying to put in effort for all of this to work out.
  • Owen Grady: So, what about his “compañero” Mills?
  • Cabot Finch: Mills is really good too. He helps out a lot with the organization. He’s a pretty cool guy, if you ask me.
  • Claire Dearing: Okay then.

Claire smiled, although she knows that Mills and his lawyer, Eversoll, are at the DPG base. She wondered what they were even doing, but that was besides the point.

  • Owen Grady: So, anything else going on?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, not too much, I guess. We’re mainly working on Main Street, but attractions like the Aviary and Cretaceous Cruise are closed off for now. We will come back to them in the near future, but we also plan to update the park by expanding the amount of space we have on the island, and add new features to it all.
  • Owen Grady: Well then, what about the dinosaurs? What’ll happen to them when the reconstruction is complete?

Claire paid detailed attention to Owen’s question, and Cabot thought Owen referred to Blue, due to how he knows how Owen feels about her.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, like how Lockwood put it, any surviving individual animal alive will be rescued and placed back in their enclosures for their health and safety. Of course, we will also try to round them up with the most humane way possible, unlike that... incident...

Owen knew what Cabot was saying about.

  • Owen Grady: Cabot, you know how those men handled the dinosaurs.

Cabot paused, only for a quick second, and responded back.

  • Cabot Finch: Some... are just harder to handle than others, that’s all.

Claire knew about the dangerous side of the dinosaurs, but she didn’t mind that. Cabot then moved onto the topic to focus on him showing Owen and Claire around.

  • Cabot Finch: So, I think we got a good look at all this. Do you want to see more?
  • Owen Grady: What else are the workers fixing?
  • Cabot Finch: Well, we have the Monorail reparation. Mind seeing that?
  • Claire Dearing: Sure. We’d see more of what’s being worked on here.

Cabot smiled with happiness.

  • Cabot Finch: Well, glad to hear that!

Cabot, Owen, and Claire walked away from the lab and out the Hammond Creation Lab, intending to see the Monorail. The white rooms with scientific equipment and Amber remain, with some workers nearby.

Scene 10

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Old Version

[2 months later]

It was a dark room inside the Lockwood Bedroom in the Lockwood Manor. An old man was in his bed, resting with his eyes closed. His mouth was closed, he was quietly breathing, and with a defibrillator by his side on a table. Then the door opened of a younger but still old woman bringing him a metal table with a fork, spoon, knife, pancakes, biscuits, a bacon cheeseburger with eggs, and orange juice.

  • Iris Carroll: Here's your breakfast, master.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, thank you Iris.
  • Iris Carroll: You're welcome.

As Iris put the metal table with the food on his lap, Benjamin tried to lift his hands with the assistance of Iris. Iris, thinking about something, wanted to tell her master something.

  • Iris Carroll: Master, can we discuss something quite important?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh yes, we may.
  • Iris Carroll: It's about the construction of Jurassic World. My apologies for bringing it up, but this is something very serious.

Shamed, Benjamin closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, not wanting to hear the operation of Jurassic World.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: I don't want to hear the terrible disaster, I really don't want to.
  • Iris Carroll: I know it hurts, master... but please...

Benjamin paused. Then he spoke.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Alright, you may proceed, but slowly.

With that, Iris began the discussion.

  • Iris Carroll: Master, remember how I would think that there would be an incident if this construction continues? Well, it happened, two months ago. A lot of lives were taken, but despite this, the Judge voted to keep the operation alive. So I want to ask you this; I would appreciate it if you considered shutting down this operation before a second incident happens?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Iris, but would I do that? You know about my dead partner—
  • Iris Carroll: I know... I know how hard it is for someone to perish without you saying your final words to them. And I know that you want this rebuilt to rebuild his legacy. But Hammond, despite what you have done with your daughter, loves you. He was your partner, and he will love you... no matter what happens.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Thank you... but I want this rebuilt. It’s only that I don’t want any more casualties to ever occur, since the incident 2 months ago. I just want him to forgive me in death. I really do.

With those words, Benjamin had tears in his eyes. He would think that Iris would say “Is this what Hammond wanted?” or “Why would you do this for a dead man?”. But no, she was being really kind and calm, without any strong sense. She had an innocent tone for an old woman.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Thank you, Iris. But you may leave now. I’ll get up eventually.
  • Iris Carroll: Alright. Thank you for hearing my words.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: You’re welcome.

Iris Carroll then walked out of the door, closing the door behind her to ensure her master can rest well. Then she walked out towards the hallway, with Eli Mills appearing out of nowhere walking by her.

  • Eli Mills: Oh, hey Iris. How’s it going?
  • Iris Carroll: Good... but not too good, as you know. Of course, we are being condemned for the incident two months ago, and Benjamin is very stressed out. Ian will be testifying again today, but I don’t expect him to win the Judge’s favor, since this isn’t the first time the Judge ignored him.
  • Eli Mills: Oh. Well, hopefully everything gets better.

With that, they walked towards the front door, and it led to a ton of protesters outside dwon the stairs of the Lockwood Manor, some with signs that read “End JW Construction!” and “Lives have died; prevent more deaths from happening!”.

[In San Francisco, City of Northern California]

The scene then cuts to a city not far from the Lockwood Manor, San Francisco. Several DPG protesters were outside of the Dinosaur Protection Group center. They were all angry, shouting, and holding signs that read "Dinosaurs have rights!", "Leave Isla Nublar alone!", "End cruelty! End greed!", and "Stop caging dinosaurs!". They were on the sidewalk in front of the entrance of the DPG Center. Cars passed by them, honking because of all of the traffic. The protesters yelled for the car drivers' attention, showing their shouts and signs. Not far from the DPG Center was the Extinction Now center, doing the same things; yelling and holding up signs that said "Jurassic World=Total Death!", "Stop killing humans!", "Dinosaurs are dangerous!" and "The operation to rebuild Jurassic World must go extinct!". Cameras were everywhere, recording the protests live. There were massive crowds of people marching down the streets in the city of San Francisco, protesting the operation with signs of some deceased people that died during the incident 2 months ago. Then in the city, there was a large building crowded by several protesters with signs, angry shouting and disgusted looks. 10 Police officers wearing heavy metal anti-riot suits were preventing the protesters from getting into the building. One side of the crowd of protesters clash, yell, and swear at the other side in the same side. The riot officers had roadblocks in front of the protesters, preventing them from crossing over. It was insane chaos already, with so much loud noise from the protesters, car and truck honks, shouting, yelling, police sirens, helicopters flying over and so much more noise. The roadblocks divided the protesters into two sides, with a straight line going to the structure and a large circle like structure connecting the empty line between the two roadblocks to the entrance of the building. A man came up in the straight line, guarded by four riot officers, in which the protesters threw empty bottles of water, tomatoes, rocks, crushed paper and spit, in which the riot officers responded by waving their batons at the protesters. They walked up to the structure, with the riot officers guarding the man. As the man reached the entrance, he was met by two other men; the Californian Law Enforcement Leader and the Californian Government Leader.

  • Californian Law Enforcement Leader: Hello, Elijah Mills. It has been a relief to see you unharmed.
  • Eli Mills: Yeah, nice to see you too.
  • Californian Government Leader: Oh Jesus, the protesters are wild. They have been like this ever since the incident. My God, you're lucky to not be beaten up.
  • Eli Mills: Yeah... my assistant Iris helped get a car with the riot cops. Lets get inside to have a meeting.
  • Californian Government Leader: Sure thing.

Suddenly, a protester behind the road blockers next to the entrance jumped over the roadblocker he was behind, running straight towards Eli, C.G.L., and C.L.E.L.. A riot officer next to the road blocker the protester was behind noticed the running man, chasing him to prevent him from reaching the scared three.

  • Protester: YOU SON OF A BI---

Just as the protester was about to grab Eli, a riot officer by Eli's side hit the man's head, knocking him down to the ground. The riot officer behind the protester and the man that knocked him beat the protester on the floor with their batons.

  • Anti-Riot Police Officer #1: You like that?!
  • Anti-Riot Police Officer #2: Don't attack California's important people!

Then a third anti-riot officer came out from Eli's side, taking out a megaphone to speak to the protesters.

  • Anti-Riot Police Officer #3: This is an illegal protester congregation! The protesters do not have the right to attack important people of California! Leave now, or face federal penalty!

As the trio looked in shock, they got inside with the fourth anti riot officer, safe from the protesters for now. The third anti riot officer kept on talking outside, his voice muffled.

  • Anti-Riot Police Officer #3: You have thirty minutes to obey. If you do not, you will be sprayed by Carfentanil and Valium Tranq Gas!

Eli Mills looked outside the window, seeing the protesters rioting, throwing rocks at the window. Eli Mills looked away, not wanting to watch and possibly be hit.

  • Californian Government Leader: Alright, let's discuss some things with the others.
  • Californian Law Enforcement Leader: Yes. Let's go to the main room.

As they entered the building, they went into the meeting room, with some people there. Mills knew two people.

  • Eli Mills: Yo, Gunnar! Yo, Judge!
  • Gunnar Eversol: Oh, hey Mills. Insane out there, is it?
  • Judge: Oh, hey Mills. You arrived just in time!

Mills noticed another person he recognized.

  • Eli Mills: Lynn! Haven't seen you in a long time.
  • Lynn Daniel: Oh, hello Mills.

As they sat down with the riot officer standing, guarding the talking people, the group talks about the main issue of the operation to rebuild Jurassic World.

  • Eli Mills: Okay, everyone, so what are we dealing with?
  • Judge: Ian's testifying so many times in front of me is just going crazy. The petition by the leaders of DPG and EN is forcing me to change my mind. And now I heard rumors that Ian and the leaders of DPG and EN will be investigating us, because they call our movement stupid and something suspicious about us.
  • Lynn Daniel: These people are doubting our purpose. Of course it is to get it rebuilt to bring back something great. We're trying to bring the park back to its good old days. So many people remember it and we want to help. That incident back two months ago was just something that could have been avoided if Cabot didn't open that gate.
  • Eli Mills: Yes, but the protesters will think of it as something horrible and think of us as psychopaths. We had Lockwood and Cabot atone for the incident, let alone having them pay the victims' families and the movements against us, so we should be fine.
  • Californian Law Enforcement Leader: Sure... with only one problem. Protesters are raging over the incident, calling us low lives, scumbags, and stupid people for even supporting this. They claim we have no valid arguments supporting the reconstruction, they claim that we are deliberately ignoring the protests despite us being well aware of them, and even going as far as comparing our operation to literally the Holocaust. Right now, your supporters are on fire by the DPG's supporters and EN's supporters, and they are fighting outside, right now. The Californian Legislative, Executive including myself, and Judicial Branches are being insulted and accused of corruption and obstructing justice. They even recall the eight other cases where the Judge was accused of obstructing justice. What are you going to do to stop this? How can you prevent any more incidents like this?
  • Eli Mills: Don't worry; me, Benjamin, Cabot, Lynn and the Jurassic World Restoration Society are being funded by Gunnar, a man I knew long ago.
  • Gunnar Eversol: Yes. One time, one month ago, I saved your operation by lending you $1.5 Billion dollars to work with. I'm an auctioneer, so I can pull in tons of money by auctioning stuff to rich people who want fancy artifacts.
  • Eli Mills: And with Gunnar's donation and the money I'm raking in by Benjamin's science centers, we have hired mercenaries, ACU Troopers, more security guards, new tranquilizer weapons, wrangler vehicles, and much more dinosaur wranglers than ever before.
  • Californian Government Leader: And what are your updates with the construction site?
  • Eli Mills: Remember the species we caught two months ago? We captured at least 10 Pteranodon, 1 T. rex, 1 Spinosaurus, 1 Apatosaurus, 3 Triceratops, 2 Stegosaurus, 4 Parasaurolophus, 1 Ankylosaurus, and one Allosaurus. We originally had the Velociraptor known as Blue, but reports say that Owen intentionally freed Blue alongside a DPG worker named Aiden Ghyui. The hired mercenaries, with their leaders being Joe Banning, Derrick Henderson and John Moretti, and the dinosaur wranglers, with their leaders being Terri Royezi, Clayton Duncan and Codi Bailee, will set out an expedition to find Blue, alongside capturing more dinosaurs. In the meantime before this new expedition, our upgraded staff have captured more dinosaurs than before. We captured 4 more Pteranodon, 2 more Triceratops, 1 more Stegosaurus, 3 more Parasaurolophus, 2 more Ankylosaurus, and we are attempting to capture 2 more Allosaurus, which are on the run. Some new species we caught were three Pachycephalosaurus, additionally with some of the dinosaur wranglers attempting to capture one in the process, two Dilophosaurus, 7 Gallimimus, with more being chased down by the dinosaur wranglers, 10 Compsognathus and an attempt to bring down and capture a Brachiosaurus. The T. rex, Spinosaurus and Allosaurus that we currently caught are placed in the T. rex Kingdom known as Paddock 9, fenced into three areas so they don't attack each other, and the herbivores and pterosaurs are placed next to the entrance at the Gyrosphere Valley with the Dinosaur Cage Holders being there. That way, we can avoid future incidents on Main Street, where the majority of the people on the island are there. The Monorail, which is in the process of being rebuilt, is being armored with thick nets and fences to prevent pterosaur attacks on construction workers, as well as hiring a few pterosaur wranglers and security guards there. Oh, and lastly, we are planning to bring back the Indominus rex, as observers have found the Indominus rex's carcass in the bottom of the Mosasaurus Lagoon. We are preparing submarines to retrieve the fossil. However, we are unsure of the Mosasaurus's status; some thought it may have escaped, others have speculated that it starved, due to probable lack of food in the Lagoon the Mosasaurus is in, but y'know. We can be sure that it starved.
  • Californian Government Leader: And the protesters? What do we do with them?

Eli had an awkward look on his face.

  • Eli Mills: Well, Benjamin would tolerate the protesters doing their thing on Isla Nublar and to our center, the Jurassic World Restoration Society, even though I'd prefer to keep them off of both locations. But that's for a future discussion.

Meanwhile, there was a camera outside. No one noticed it. A person was recording everything they said. The spy wore a jacket to cover themselves. Another spy was next to her, wearing a jacket as well. The other spy whispered to the other spy.

  • Franklin Webb: Zia, do we have enough information about their meeting?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Not quite yet... lets wait for five more minutes, okay?
  • Franklin Webb: Okay...

As the two spies recorded the conversation, the group inside kept on talking.

  • Lynn Daniel: So in that way, we have enough men to secure good security measures. We have enough construction workers to rebuild the structures. We have enough scientists to reclone more members of each species we capture or encounter extinct. And now you have an expedition team to capture more dinosaurs and to find Blue. What's your plan?
  • Eli Mills: Well, we... start the expedition in approximately six hours from now, and the protesters will certainly not know. At all. Well, that's all I have to say.

When Eli ended his discussion, the Judge started his own discussion, with the spies finally calling their end of recording the conversation and leaving. Minutes later, they walked towards the DPG Center, cloaked with their jackets in the midst of the mass protests. They went in from the back door of the DPG Center. They entered, going up to a room which said "Head of DPG", and they walked up to a desk. Behind the desk was Claire, sitting with her looking at the two spies.

  • Claire Dearing: Franklin, Zia? Did you successfully record the meeting?
  • Zia Franklin: Yes, we did. Every second right up to when the Judge started his discussion.
  • Franklin Webb: They have literally no idea that we recorded them. Just like those other times.

Claire looked at the camera, and saw the video. She looked mysteriously and seriously, watching every second of the video with shouting and honking in the background, due to the protests. She heard about where they placed the carnivores, she heard about the "rumours" of them and others investigating the Judge, she heard about where they placed the herbivores and pterosaurs, she heard about the new dinosaurs captured, she heard about the new mercenaries, dinosaur wranglers and ACU Troopers, she heard about the Monorail construction, she heard about the revival of the Indominus rex from the Mosasaurus Lagoon, and above all, she heard about an expedition Mills was going to start dedicated to finding Blue and capturing her. She heard everything.

  • Claire Dearing: So, these people think that we're the ones that are wrong? That they can just plan everything secretly without us knowing..? Thanks Franklin and Zia. Keep up the good work. I will send this to Tyson and everyone else on our side, and form a meeting in my house.
  • Franklin Webb: You're welcome. See you.
  • Zia Rodriguez: You're welcome. Happy to help.

With that, they left, with Claire looking at the video.

[At Extinction Now Center]

Tyson was on his computer, searching up files. His phone then rang. He answered it.

  • Tyson Gern: Hello?

Claire answered.

  • Claire Dearing: Hey, Tyson.
  • Tyson Gern: Oh, hey Claire.
  • Claire Dearing: I sent Franklin and Zia to spy on the Jurassic World Restoration Society's secret meeting, and they revealed pretty interesting information with a video they recorded. I'll send it to you right away.
  • Tyson Gern: Oh, okay. Send the video to my Twitter.
  • Claire Dearing: Alright. Sending it to you now.

As Tyson went to his computer to see his Twitter and logged on, he received a notification of an upload. He went to the notification, and he saw Claire tweeting him the video. He watched it, hearing all of Eli's words in minutes, and replying to Claire on the phone.

  • Tyson Gern: When will they learn? They haven't stopped and listened to us. It's like they're ignoring our every warning, word and evidence.
  • Claire Dearing: Here, Tyson. We can make up a plan with my and your interns to counter their expedition once we get to that restaurant, where we usually form plans. Okay?
  • Tyson Gern: Alright. See you there.

Tyson hung up.

[At the restaurant]

Claire reunited everyone. Owen, Tyson, Wayne, Franklin and Zia were with Claire, forming a plan.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay, is everyone here?
  • Owen Grady: I'm here.
  • Tyson Gern: Here.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: What's this about?
  • Claire Dearing: Louis, I called you here for a very important discussion. I sent Franklin and Zia to spy on Jurassic World Restoration Society's latest discussion with founder Eli Mills and intern Lynn Daniel, alongside contributors Gunnar, the Judge, the Californian Government Leader, and the Californian Law Enforcement Leader. Franklin and Zia recorded footage of Eli's words, one of them being an expedition to capture more dinosaurs and to capture Blue.

Worried upon hearing that Blue will be tracked down by the expedition, Owen replied.

  • Owen Grady: No, no. I just freed her two months ago. I will not let them touch Blue.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Well, first off, Eli has mentioned that you and Aiden freed Blue. Second of all, we made up a specific task for you...
  • Owen Grady: Oh, really?
  • Claire Dearing: Okay, so the info we leaked also revealed that they captured more dinosaurs, with some being tracked down. Those dinosaurs are 2 Allosaurus, some Gallimimus, a Pachycephalosaurus, and a Brachiosaurus. Also to mention, they're repairing the Monorail, but they put armor around the Monorail to prevent and possibly capture more Pteranodon from flying near it.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: So, they're repairing the Monorail. What else?
  • Claire Dearing: Well, Franklin and Zia recorded Eli saying that they hired much more staff thanks to auctioneer Gunnar, who is funding them by getting money from auctions. He joined in a month ago after the incident two months ago, merely saving the operation from going bankrupt.
  • Franklin Webb: Well, to say, why would he do that? Why would he join them?
  • Claire Dearing: Mills said that he knew him a long time ago, although we did not have enough information to tell how. Also, Mills said he "preferred" to keep the protesters off of Isla Nublar and the Jurassic World Restoration Society Center.

Everyone looked in surprise.

  • Tyson Gern: So... he wanted to keep us off. Another sign of corruption.
  • Claire Dearing: Indeed. And they placed the Allosaurus, T. rex and Spinosaurus in the T. rex Kingdom to contain them there, where the rest of the dinosaurs and the captured Pteranodon are placed near the entrance of the Gyrosphere Valley.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: Yes... any more info?
  • Claire Dearing: Well, one thing first. Before today, I suspected and speculated that the Judge had some kind of membership with Mills and his involvement with the reconstruction. This video proves it all, and the Executive and Legislative leaders are involved as well. And now... I saved the worst news for last.

Everyone had suspense and concern in their eyes as Claire gave out word.

  • Claire Dearing: Eli has announced that they will be attempting to retrieve the Indominus rex in the Mosasaurus Lagoon using submarines.

Owen, Tyson and Wayne sat shocked. Owen immediately replied.

  • Owen Grady: You're kidding. Didn't they even remember what happened back in 2015?! This is a repeat!
  • Claire Dearing: It will be.
  • Owen Grady: I do not want a repeat of the destruction of Jurassic World if they brought that thing back! They're insane.
  • Claire Dearing: I don't know the reason for why they would do it, but money is all I can think of as the reason.

Tyson put his hands in his mouth with very deep concern. Wayne stared, very worried.

  • Claire Dearing: However, they don't know the Mosasaurus status, even though they assumed it dead.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Well... what can we do to stop them?
  • Claire Dearing: I have a plan in mind.
  • Owen Grady: What do you got?
  • Claire Dearing: I will disguise you as one of those mercenaries to spy on the expedition, make the tracked dinosaurs off of the dinosaur wranglers' signal, and to find and keep Blue safe before they do. Franklin and Zia will go with you.
  • Franklin Webb: Yeah. Aiden is on the island, and we'll cover for you.
  • Owen Grady: Okay. And you?
  • Claire Dearing: Me, Tyson and Wayne will go and pay a visit to the Judge alongside Eli without telling him about our recorded video. Oh, and we're bringing our lawyers as well.
  • Tyson Gern: Okay... but are you sure this will work out? What do we intend to discuss with Mills and the Jurassic World Restoration Society?
  • Claire Dearing: Their vote to keep the rebuilding alive and well, Eli's and Benjamin's true intents on the operation, and my confirmed suspicions that the Californian Government are involved with the Jurassic World Restoration Society. We will not stop until our petition to get the Judge to change his vote succeeds.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: Okay. Sounds like a good idea.
  • Claire Dearing: Is everyone clear on the plan?
  • Owen Grady: I'm all open.
  • Zia Rodriguez: It's clear.
  • Franklin Webb: Hopefully everything works out.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: I'm in.
  • Tyson Gern: Let's do this...

As they left the restaurant to part their ways, Owen, Franklin and Zia left the restaurant on the right side of the entrance, whereas Claire, Tyson and Wayne left the restaurant to the left side. Then a man with a camera then came out of the alley next to the restaurant, and then walked away, unnoticed.

[At the DPG HQ]

Claire was packing her bags to go to the building where she organized to have a meeting with Mills, the Judge and more. Then her telephone rang. She walked up to the phone and answered it.

  • Claire Dearing: This is Claire Dearing of the Dinosaur Protection Group, what do you need?
  • Ian Malcolm: Hello, Claire.

Claire heard the words in surprise.

  • Claire Dearing: Ian? Is that you?
  • Ian Malcolm: Yes. If you're wondering why I called you, it's because I want to arrange a private meeting with you and Owen at my house.
  • Claire Dearing: Why?
  • Ian Malcolm: I'll tell you when you and Owen get here. I'll give you my address.

Back where Owen is, he is at his wooden house which has upgraded with more wood and furniture now, but still is far from completion. His cell phone was ringing. When he opened his cell phone, it said "Claire". He proceeded to answer.

  • Owen Grady: Hey, Claire. How's your mission?
  • Claire Dearing: Owen, I called you because Ian Malcolm called and he wanted to have a discussion with you and me. He already gave his address, so can you come?
  • Owen Grady: Umm, sure. I'll come.
  • Claire Dearing: Okay. See you there at Ian's house.
  • Owen Grady: Bye.
  • Claire Dearing: Bye, Owen.

As Owen hung up, he told himself about the situation.

  • Owen Grady: Well, looks like I'll finish that roof later; gotta get to Claire.

[At Ian's house]

A car goes to a house in a suburb. Out came Claire and Owen, with determined but curious looks on their faces. They walked up to the front door, thinking about what Ian would say to them.

  • Owen Grady: So... what does Ian want to talk with us about?
  • Claire Dearing: I honestly don't know. We'll have to find out for ourselves.
  • Owen Grady: Okay.

Claire pressed the doorbell next to the door, sounding a doorbell chime throughout the house. It would be a few moments later until the door would open, revealing the mathematician himself; Ian Malcolm.

  • Ian Malcolm: Hello, Owen. Hello, Claire.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh, hey Ian.
  • Owen Grady: Hey. You live here?
  • Ian Malcolm: Why, of course I do. I live here because of some "issues" with the Judge.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh...
  • Ian Malcolm: Yes... we'll talk inside.

Ian took Owen and Claire inside to have a critical discussion.

  • Ian Malcolm: Sit here. This is where we will discuss.

Ian sat Owen and Claire on two wooden chairs, and he sat by himself on another wooden chair, placing his arms and hands on a wooden table in front of Owen and Claire. He began to speak.

  • Ian Malcolm: So first off, I will begin with Owen. And it is about, uh, Blue.

Owen had a prepared look on his face.

  • Ian Malcolm: Now, I have observed that you have some form of special bond between you and Blue. What led you to make this particular Velociraptor to know you? To not attack you and kill you in the first five seconds you are near her?
  • Owen Grady: Well, to make it clear, I imprinted on Blue when she was born. Well, when she and her siblings, Delta, Echo and Charlie were all born. She knew me, saw me as a father figure, and cared for me. It's like... we're inseparable. And now, those bastards just want to rebuild Jurassic World and capture Blue. They captured her for who knows how much time. And yes, if you are suspecting, then yes, I freed Blue alongside Aiden right before the incident. I just couldn't help it but care for her... and now they just announced they will be attempting to get the Indominus rex skeleton from the Mosasaurus Lagoon and will send an expedition to not only recapture Blue, but to also capture the dinosaurs that are on the run. Now recreating the I. rex and recapturing Blue are the two things that make me stand in the way of the operation.
  • Ian Malcolm: So, you share that form a bond with Blue and now you claim that she and you are "inseparable". Well, if you want to keep that title, you have to make sure she is fully tamed and trusted to not harm anyone. Although I do have a similar perspective as you on the Indominus rex. Now I focus on Claire.
  • Claire Dearing: Alright, what is it about?
  • Ian Malcolm: To explain, you made it very clear that you and your movement, the Dinosaur Protection Group, represents the ethical rights for these creatures, hence why you and the Extinction Now movement with Tyson, which represents the opposite rights for these creatures in which they should go extinct because they present a threat to our planet, in which I agree, directly oppose the Jurassic World Restoration Society, which stands for the reconstruction of Jurassic World and to recapture these creatures. So explain to me, what do you feel whenever you think of the Jurassic World Restoration Society?
  • Claire Dearing: ... well, to clarify, whenever I even think about the Jurassic World Restoration Society, I think that there is something severely wrong with the movement. Eli Mills, the man who I suspected that allied with the government and Gunnar, is the founder of the whole company. He founded it two months after the Judge decided to start the whole operation on Isla Nublar. Now, there is something wrong with him. My mind is racing with questions, such as "why is he rebuilding this, despite the tragedy that happened in 2015?". Also, I initially suspected that the Judge was somehow involved with voting for the operation to go on. To bring this up, me and Tyson started a petition to get the Judge to change his mind, yet everytime I bring it up to him, he constantly ignores me, almost as if he was hiding something... but now I know why. I sent my interns to spy on their latest meeting, and I found out that the Judge, California's Legislative and Executive leader are involved. Now I made up a plan to counter their expedition as well as to pay a visit to Eli and the Judge. I'm bringing my lawyers.
  • Ian Malcolm: Ahh, yes... I wholeheartedly support your petition and I testified to the Judge so many times to repeal the vote, yet I experienced the same pattern as you. I even testified today, but he has rejected me, like those previous attempts. He must not be listening to us. He clearly supports the operation after all. Now that is what I call not only ignorance, but also corruption. And I have something to tell you about Benjamin...
  • Claire Dearing: Yes, I know Benjamin literally is the head of this whole operation, and I know that he is supporting it too. The entire reconstruction lays on his hand. I also suspect there is something wrong with him as well. Why is he doing this? Money? Corruption? Just what?
  • Ian Malcolm: Actually, it's neither... and it is not what you suspect or believe. The reason Benjamin wants the theme park rebuilt is because he wants it rebuilt as a way to apologize his former partner, John Hammond, who he split up with long ago.

Owen and Claire were surprised at Ian's words. It truly was something they didn't expect.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh..... that's..... not so bad.
  • Owen Grady: Well... why is he just ordering the capture of Blue? I hope he leaves Blue and the I. rex skeleton alone.
  • Ian Malcolm: Actually, he orders the operation and orders which dinosaurs to be recreated; Eli is second in command, ordering the construction of the buildings and to capture dinosaurs. Meaning he's in charge of capturing Blue.
  • Claire Dearing: But wait, how did they split up?
  • Ian Malcolm: ... that's a question for another day.
  • Claire Dearing: Who told you this?
  • Ian Malcolm: That is also a question for another day.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh... but... he's still constructing the place. Is he even aware of the incidents that occurred recently?
  • Ian Malcolm: Yes... and he is very lamentative about it. He is suffering, regretting the incident and fearing another will occur. Nonetheless, he isn't all of a bad guy, like you suspected.
  • Owen Grady: But if he is behind this whole operation, yet he just wants to say sorry for his dead partner, then what are Mills's intents?
  • Ian Malcolm: That I do not know. However, judging by "whoever" told me, they're unaware as well.
  • Claire Dearing: Oh... well, as I said, my interns spied on Mills and the government, and I made a plan to counter their expedition; disguise Owen as a mercenary and free the tracked dinosaurs, as well as to find Blue and move her to a more secure spot on the island. Me, Tyson, Wayne and our lawyers, on the other hand, will go to the Californian Government Institute to plan a very important meeting to investigate their option, as well as to interrogate Mills' intents for the operation. And I just thought of something... maybe I can bring you as well.
  • Ian Malcolm: Oh, Claire..... well, my decision will have consequences... so I must choose one. And I certainly vote for going with you.
  • Claire Dearing: You are? Oh, that's great! I am very glad to have you onboard.

Claire turned happy, knowing that Ian will help her interrogate Eli and the government. As the trio came outside, Claire got to the car they arrived with.

  • Claire Dearing: I will drop off Owen at the airport to Nublar first, then I will bring you to our preparation room, where Tyson and Wayne will be waiting.
  • Ian Malcolm: Okay, do your things.

As Claire, Owen and Ian got in, an unnoticed man with a camera saw the three, then hid behind a tree, unnoticed. The car pulled away, off to the airport.

[At NBC News HQ]

Two news people arrived to a desk, with two other news reporters sitting.

  • Anya Danya: Oh, hello.
  • Huang Lyon: Hi, guys.

The two news reporters responded.

  • News Reporter #1: Oh hi.
  • News reporter #2: Welcome to the newsroom!

As Huang and Lyon sat down, they started a conversation.

  • Huang Lyon: Alright, so lets begin today's discussion. Starting with the reconstruction of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar.
  • Anya Danya: Mmm, yes.
  • News Reporter #1: So this will be an discussion regarding the incident that happened on September 13, 2018 and the massive chaotic protests in California. We will have our discussion about the protesters fighting each other right now which is the first thing we will be discussing, California's government, and the Judge's vote and our opinions.
  • Anya Danya: I will be leaving to Isla Nublar to get more live footage of the construction.
  • Huang Lyon: Me too! I was there once, got picked up by a pterosaur, thrown into the Lagoon of Jurassic World and had some minor injuries. But I am A-Okay!
  • News Reporter #2: Alright, then. Lets begin.
  • Anya Danya: So we put up the screen behind us. On one of the cameras on a NBC News helicopter, where we are seeing live footage of protesters, both on the Jurassic World Restoration Society's side and on the Dinosaur Protection Group's and Extinction Now's sides, clashing with each other in the wake of chaos in the Californian city that is San Francisco. The Police Force of California is threatening to use Tranq Gas, a new invention in which the operation used to ensure to put future dinosaur breakouts and attacks to a halt to save more lives. Now, whether this is ethical or not, we will see in this live footage on the screen.

The screen behind the four news reporters turned on to live footage with the four watching massive protests consisting of JWRS supporters, DPG supporters, and EN supporters. They were all acting insanely crazy, chanting out many lines, cursing explicit words at each other, holding up signs with some containing vulgar language, and punched, kicked and bit each other. It looked like a total civil war. There were officers with riot suits that are cornered and brought in the crowd by the protesters. A line can be seen where the protesters have their arms at each other. They were wrestling like savages, one protester trying to barge in one side, with another protester barging in through the other side. Then a police helicopter appeared on the camera, saying a message to the protesters.

  • Helicopter Megaphone User: You asked for it! We will now utilize our Tranq Gas weapon!

As the protesters below didn't care, a large device with a large hole came out of the helicopter. Some people signaled each other on the helicopter, ready to give the call to do it. Suddenly, a massive white cloud exploded from the large hole, heading directly at the protesters which were fighting. The gas reached the line of the protesters, clouding them from vision. When the cloud cleared, there were several bodies that fell asleep. As the news reporters were watching, Anya and Huang stared in awe, the first news reporter watched with concern and the second watched with seriousness.

  • Anya Danya: Okay... that was brutal.
  • Huang Lyon: Now there is some debate to whether make this invention illegal.
  • News Reporter #1: Couldn't agree more.
  • News Reporter #2: Well to be fair, they deserved it because they ignored the warnings up to this moment.
  • News Reporter #1: But they were trying to make a point.
  • News Reporter #2: They were fighting. Hence the Police Force of California wearing riot suits.
  • News Reporter #1: But that's not to say they deserved it.
  • Anya Danya: Okay, now we focus on the government of California. Guys, what are your opinions?
  • News Reporter #1: My opinion? The Californian Legislative is lazy to take action of what's going on. The Californian Executive is stupid and rock-headed. The Californian Judicial is dumb. Our government is a joke.
  • News Reporter #2: Couldn't agree more.
  • Huang Lyon: Well, it may get better sometime soon. Hopefully.
  • Anya Danya: Anyway, moving on to the last subject; the Judge's opinion regarding the reconstruction of Jurassic World.
  • News Reporter #1: In my opinion, I believe this is an act of an obstruction of justice; the Judge voted to start the entire operation on June 22, 2018, and there has been some heated debate by the DPG and EN to shut this down. It wasn't until six months later on December 13, 2018, to go to Isla Nublar to protest the reconstruction themselves. Sadly, the incident happened, injuring many lives and overall causing multiple casualties. Speaking of this today, it is February 4, 2019.
  • News Reporter #2: Obstruction of justice, you say? Well, this isn't the first time that the Judge has obstructed justice; he did it seven other times ever since he was founded in late 2001. Now, six of his cases are classified, but there was one so serious, it got attention. In 2011, a man was beat up by a woman just because that woman claimed the he "oppressed" her, when he didn't. The Judge let the woman walk free. The case started a petition to remove the Judge, but that failed.
  • Huang Lyon: Well, why is he supporting this reconstruction?
  • Anya Danya: We don't know. But I and Huang gotta go to Nublar to get some shots. It's been wonderful having this discussion with you two.
  • News Reporter #1: Well, see you. We'll sort the news from here.
  • News Reporter #2: Goodbye.

As Anya and Huang left to head for Nublar, the two news reporters looked as Anya and Huang left.

  • News Reporter #1: So, what do you want to highlight on?

[At Isla Nublar]

A white plane landed on Isla Nublar, rolling its way through the airplane path as it slowed down. Out came Owen, Franklin and Zia. Franklin and Zia were wearing their usual clothes as always, but Owen had a stitched mercenary suit with a little piece of paper in his hand. The paper had three names, Nicolas Andrews, Doug Coffey and Edward McFarland, with some notes. Those notes were by Claire with three names to pick as well as a "Good Luck!" note.

  • Zia Rodriguez: So, what name will you pick?
  • Owen Grady: I think Nicolas Andrews works the best. Gives off a bold, strong and manly expression.
  • Franklin Webb: Okay, Owen. Here's your Nicolas Andrews mercenary ID card.

Franklin gave Owen an ID card saying "Nicolas Andrews", with some age, birth date and status level.

  • Owen Grady: Hopefully this works.

Owen, Franklin and Zia ventured onward to Main Street.

[At the Californian Government Institute]

Eli Mills came in the C.G.L.'s room, with the leader looking a tad bit confused.

  • Californian Government Leader: Oh, what do I do?
  • Eli Mills: Oh hey. How's it?
  • Californian Government Leader: A bit rough. I'm so confused... the incident... the protests... the support... I'm so confused.
  • Eli Mills: Hey, hey. It's going to be alright. As long as you comply and work together with me, we can get out of this.

Suddenly, a knock on the entrance to the Institute was heard. One of the security guards opened the door. Behind the door was Claire, Tyson, Wayne, Ian and their lawyers.

  • Claire Dearing: May I speak with the Judge and Eli Mills?
  • Californian Government Institute Security Guard: Well, the Judge isn't here, but Eli is, as well as the Californian Government Leader.
  • Claire Dearing: Good. We are here to have a serious discussion and investigation. Call the Judge here so that he can discuss with us as well.

As Claire and the company walked in, Eli just came out of the room C.G.L. was in, surprised to see the people.

  • Wayne Louis Dind: There's Eli.
  • Claire Dearing: Mr. Mills...

As Claire walked towards the concerned Eli, she told a message.

  • Claire Dearing: I will be interrogating you to find out your true intents.

[Back at Isla Nublar]

Owen, Franklin and Zia walked through the Monorail tunnel. They saw some nearby construction workers, making loud noises of repairment. The men had hammers, wires, drills, electrical construction devices and more. As they walked out from the tunnel, they walked on the tracks as they saw large metal fences by their sides. Zia watched in amazement at all of the objects placed around the Monorail tracks they were walking on. Franklin saw Main Street from where they were, above in between the Lagoon and a beach just behind where they were watching Main Street. Owen kept looking forward, determined to embark on the expedition. Owen looked up, seeing multiple large thick nets with medium sized holes so light can pass. Just then, they encountered a woman standing in the middle of the tracks, watching the skies for danger and looking at the construction workers. She noticed the oncoming trio and walked in front of them.

  • Ashum Tulane: Um, s'cuse me, you three.
  • Owen Grady: Oh, hey, ma'am. We were just walking down to Main Street. Any directions?
  • Ashum Tulane: Um, sure. Just walk at the Monorail stop way over there.

Ashum pointed her fingers at a Monorail stop just near the Innovation Center, far off into the distance. It was at the left of the Innovation Center.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, okay. Thanks.
  • Ashum Tulane: You're welcome. But I have a question... who you might be?

Owen, Franklin and Zia watched for a few seconds, then revealed their names.

  • Franklin Webb: Uh, it's Franklin.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Mine's Zia. Franklin and I are both of a protester group on the island in Main Street right now.
  • Ashum Tulane: Okay. And um, who is he?

Ashum pointed at Owen.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, my name... is Nicolas Andrews, recent mercenary who will join the expedition starting in an hour from now.
  • Ashum Tulane: Okay, then why are you going with these protesters, sir?
  • Owen Grady: Oh yeah, there wasn't any other way I could go to Main Street, so I went with them instead.

Zia then joined in, saying something to avert suspicion.

  • Zia Rdoriguez: Yeah, there was no other way. We wish we would depart from him as soon as possible.

Zia nervously smiled, trying to keep Owen's identity secret.

  • Ashum Tulane: Oh...kay then. Well, do you need any more info?
  • Franklin Webb: No, we're good. Thanks.
  • Ashum Tulane: Okay, if you need anything, come to me. Have a good day.

As the trio passed Ashum, they continued on to Main Street.

[Back at the Californian Government Institute]

Eli, C.G.L., the Judge and their lawyers were all sitting in a room with Claire, Tyson, Wayne, Ian and their lawyers, having an intense discussion.

  • Claire Dearing: Explain why you kept the operation alive? Explain why you, Eli, founded the Jurassic World Restoration Society?
  • Eli Mills: Look, Mrs. Dearing, we know about the devastation of the incident, but that doesn't mean---
  • Tyson Gern: Listen Judge, you may have not voted for the operation to continue for nothing!
  • Judge: Excuse me, none of us wanted that to happen---
  • Wayne Louis Dind: Then why'd you continue? Do you want more incidents like that to happen?
  • Judge: Wayne, no...
  • Ryan Alid: Oh yes, what makes you so determined to get the park back up? Meaning that you have no care for the creatures on that island?
  • Californian Government Leader: We can explain, but only if you let us speak.
  • Claire Dearing: We have a petition for you to sign. If you do not accept it, we will investigate you. Is that clear?

The Judge gave a small unnoticeable look at Eli, trying to think of something.

  • Judge: Alright, alright. I'll have a look to it.

Claire took out her petition papers, handing them to the Judge.

  • Judge: Lets see here... well, so you're telling me so many times to sign your petition, correct?
  • Claire Dearing: Of course, Judge. It's for the better.
  • Judge: And explain that?
  • Claire Dearing: Your vote to keep the operation going is just unbelievably horrible. If you don't sign it to shut the operation down, what happens if another incident were to occur again? Much like the last one?
  • Eli Mills: Look, Claire---
  • Wayne Louis Dind: Listen here, we literally have a dozen of reasons against the rebuilding; what is your reason to rebuild it, hm?

Eli Mills tried to think of something.

  • Eli Mills: To clarify, before it went into disaster, it was such a profitable park, and we're capturing these dinosaurs so that they can't spread from Isla Nublar. Take the Pteranodon, for example. There are several dozen members of this species, and it is very much concerned that these pterosaurs will spread from Isla Nublar to Costa Rica, Mexico, South America, and most worryingly, the United States. Isn't that what you, Tyson, are concerned about? Protecting humans from these creatures?
  • Tyson Gern: So? Why not just prevent them from leaving the island and keep the population under control, rather than rebuild a fallen theme park to recapture them all?
  • Eli Mills: If you still haven't understood, take the Compsognathus as another example. Who knows how many members there are on Isla Nublar itself; there could be hundreds, breeding like rabbits as we speak. They may hop on our boats and be transported to all the aforementioned nations.
  • Tyson Gern: And the answer is straight and simple... keep the boats off of Isla Nublar. Your "reason" can easily be debunked. And don't say that Jurassic World was once profitable, because I'm pretty sure the public will remember what happened in 2015 and will certainly not fall for going back to a theme park which ended in disaster.
  • Eli Mills: It only ended in disaster because of the lazy security... and it was the Indominus rex that did all of the chaos, not the rest of the inhabitants.
  • Ian Malcolm: But it doesn't change anything. Jurassic World had its chance. Now let it stay in ruins, before yet another incident occurs there.
  • Eli Mills: It was all an accident, an accident that could have easily been prevented. Please give the rebuilding a chance. Please give Jurassic World another chance.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: And it seems, at this point, that you have forgotten what happened back in December of last year.
  • Eli Mills: What? I certainly did not forget what happened... and that incident could also have been easily prevented if Cabot Finch, the manager of the construction site on Jurassic World, did not open that gate.
  • Ian Malcolm: And what are you going to say next? That you have heightened your security despite you, uh, saying that when the incident happened and it failed? You will keep saying that over and over until to the point where no one believes you anymore.
  • Eli Mills: Mr. Malcolm, you are clearly underestimating our security measures, because now we have mercenaries, ACU Troopers, and even more Tranq Teams.
  • Claire Dearing: Which leads me to my point. So despite all of the incidents, you seem so determined to get Jurassic World back on its feet. You cover your blatant purpose with cute banners like "Lets get Jurassic World back to its good 'ol days!" and stuff like that. But I suspect something much more serious. Hence why we are here to interrogate you.
  • Eli Mills: Mrs. Dearing, you don't have to---
  • Claire Dearing: I am. Because I am suspicious of the Judge rejecting our petition so many times---
  • Judge: And I am looking at it right now.
  • Claire Dearing: Because I required you to do it with me in front of your face. Which leads me to my next question...

The group had an intense discussion and interrogation.

[Back at Isla Nublar]

Owen, Franklin and Zia approached the entrance to Main Street by stepping out of the Monorail Station left of the Innovation Center. They saw a crane lifting its arms high to the tall point of the Innovation Center, giving some construction workers there some wood to connect it to a broken wooden piece of the Innovation Center. They walked in front of the Innovation Center, past Gate A-5, seeing a large crowd of protesters in front of them. They walked directly towards them.

  • Franklin Webb: There's some protesters there. Let's head towards them.

As the trio walked into the crowd, Owen saw some familiar faces. One person called out to him.

  • Barry Sembène: Hey, Owen!

Owen's attention was turned to the person that called him out, so he followed. Franklin and Zia followed him.

  • Owen Grady: Wait... Barry?
  • Barry Sembène: Oh! Hey Owen!
  • Owen Grady: Hello, Barry. Long time no see.

Owen and Barry shaked hands.

  • Owen Grady: So, how you've been doing?
  • Barry Sembène: Good. I visited here a while ago, protesting the rebuilding.

Suddenly, two other people that looked like teenagers came in front of Owen and Barry.

  • Owen Grady: Zach? Gray? Is that you?
  • Gray Mitchell: Hey Uncle Owen!
  • Zach Mitchell: Oh, hi, Owen. I didn't expect to see you here.

Owen and Zach shaked hands. Gray hugged Owen.

  • Gray Mitchell: Oh, I missed you so much! And who are they?

Gray pointed at Franklin and Zia.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh, hi! Nice to meet you. I'm Zia.
  • Gray Mitchell: Nice to meet you too.
  • Franklin Webb: Oh, um, let me introduce myself. Name's Franklin.
  • Gray Mitchell: Nice to meet you too as well. This is my brother Zach.
  • Zach Mitchell: Oh, hey. Nice to get to know you.

Zach shook hands with Franklin and Zia. Owen then demonstrated and introduced the duo with Barry, Zach and Gray.

  • Owen Grady: These two are my friends, from the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Gray and Zach stood in surprise, Barry looking in interest.

  • Gray Mitchell: Oh... I never got to meet a member from the DPG! Our aunt is the founder, right?
  • Zia Rodriguez: That's right.
  • Barry Sembène: Nice to meet you Zia. You too as well, Franklin.

Barry shook hands with Franklin and Zia.

  • Franklin Webb: Nice to meet you too.
  • Barry Sembène: Name's Barry.
  • Owen Grady: Okay, so I'm here for a reason...
  • Gray Mitchell: Like what?
  • Owen Grady: Come with me. Lets go somewhere else more private.

Zach was in interest. Then a man from the distance noticed the six people and walked towards them.

  • Aiden Ghyui: Oh, hey Owen! Franklin! Zia! How are you!
  • Zia Rodriguez: Aiden! So good to see you! How was your time here while we were gone?
  • Aiden Ghyui: Good. And how's Franklin holding up?
  • Franklin Webb: I'm doing okay. The pain healed so I could walk out of the hospital.
  • Aiden Ghyui: Good.
  • Owen Grady: Hey Aiden. Guys, can we get to our plan?

Owen led them inside a building to have Owen's plan.

Owen and the crew entered into a Starbucks on the side of Main Street, sitting down.

  • Barry Sembène: So, what is it, Owen?
  • Owen Grady: Well, so Claire sent us here for a spy mission, hence why I am wearing mercenary clothes.
  • Aiden Ghyui: Well, if I recall correctly, Claire called Franklin and Zia to go onto mainland for a spy mission, am I correct?
  • Zia Rodriguez: Yes you are.
  • Franklin Webb: Yes. And we just got this huge info dump from the Jurassic World Restoration Society and Eli Mills, so much that I can only reveal so much.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Talk about how they plan to do an expedition to find and capture Blue, alongside many other dinosaurs.
  • Franklin Webb: Yeah, in about forty minutes, they plan to start a mercenary, ACU and dinosaur wrangler expedition. However, we came with back up...

Barry, Zach and Gray looked in interest. Aiden watched with reassurance.

  • Zia Rodriguez: We disguised Owen as a recent rookie mercenary, false-named him "Nicholas Andrews", and he will attempt to not only get the hunted down creatures out of the expedition's way, but will also attempt to locate Blue and lead her to somewhere else on Isla Nublar, far from the construction site here.
  • Gray Mitchell: Oh, so Owen is trying to save his raptor from getting captured? Cool...
  • Zach Mitchell: That's badass... hopefully your plan goes well.
  • Barry Sembène: So Blue was alive this whole time? I understand your point of keeping her safe. Good luck with that.
  • Aiden Ghyui: And what do we do while you are at it?
  • Owen Grady: You go with the protest, cover me. Alright?
  • Aiden Ghyui: Okay, that makes sense.

As they walked out, Owen walked away, as the rest of the group went into the protest to continue their protest.

Owen looked at his watch on his right hand, telling himself that he had 38 minutes before the expedition begins. He approached the Innovation Center, with its sign "Samsung Innovation Center" still intact, with the building being built by construction workers, piecing the broken fragments back together. He entered the building, seeing multiple construction workers with multiple equipment, making screeching noises. He saw the inside of the Innovation Center, seeing a circular stairway that leads up to a circular second floor, which covers the circular edge of the first floor of the Innovation Center. Owen looked behind him above him, and he saw a copper or bronze painting which had dinosaurs on the sides and a volcano in the middle, which looked like it was erupting. The inside looked crowded, with dozens of attractions, such as multiple TVs, a Mr. DNA Show, a Fossil Dig mini-attraction, some stands with downwards slopes on the top with names on their labels such as "Pteranodon", "Spinosaurus", and others. He also entered this large circle with white in the middle and grey in the edge. The white circle also had some form of lights on the floor. Owen saw another stand with a downward slope, much like those other stands, but instead of having a label which reads a specific species, it read "Holoscape". Owen looked at the Holoscape panel, which had dim light due to all of the time this stand has spent untouched. Owen saw up to twenty eight circles, with fourteen on both sides as if it were split in half. In the middle was a large blue circle, with words around it saying "Drag dino icon into this area". It was a bit hard for Owen to see the twenty eight dino icons, as the screen was a bit dim. However, he managed to see one of the dino icons hard enough to figure it out. He noticed a top right dino icon, seeing "Parasaurolophus" with an image of a Parasaurolophus. He figured out another dino icon on the lower left; "Edmontosaurus". He then recognized the words of another dino icon on the middle left; "Dimorphodon". That was all he could barely read from the dim screen. Then a construction worker approached him.

  • Construction Worker: Oh hey, sir.
  • Owen Grady: Oh, hello.
  • Construction Worker: Whatcha doing?
  • Owen Grady: Just checking out this, uh, whatever this is.
  • Construction Worker: Oh, that's the Holoscape. A hologram attraction back in the days of Jurassic World.
  • Owen Grady: Oh yeah? And what about it?
  • Construction Worker: I'm just here repairing the machine to get it back up and running. Here, I'll show you something.

The portly construction worker lifted his finger to the screen panel.

  • Construction Worker: Now, if I recall correctly, this here is T. rex, this is Triceratops, Parasaurolophus is here, and those four are Suchomimus, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus and Pteranodon. Wanna see something cool?

The man chuckled. He clicked on the "Allosaurus" icon, spawning a hologram of an Allosaurus roaring, making noise throughout the Innovation Center. He then clicked on the "T. rex" icon, spawning a T. rex hologram which roared throughout the Innovation Center. He then clicked on the "Spinosaurus" icon and it spawned a large sail-backed Spinosaurus, walking around the hologram circle. And lastly, he clicked on the "Apatosaurus" icon and it spawned a massive and gigantic Apatosaurus, bellowing and raising its head. Suddenly, a man called out to the construction worker.

  • Construction Operator: Hey! Don't go slacking off with the Holoscape!

The construction worker heard the man's orders and replied to him.

  • Construction Worker: Oh, sorry boss. Just having a little fun here.

The worker then turned to Owen.

  • Construction Worker: Say... nice meeting you. Name's Vince Lowell. What's yours?

Owen paused at that moment. Then he replied.

  • Owen Grady: Er.. it's Nicholas Andrews. A newcomer to the expedition. Signed up a few days ago. Will be joining on this expedition.
  • Vince Lowell: Oh, you just exploring?
  • Owen Grady: Yeah. Seeing the park since I'm new here.
  • Vince Lowell: Well, if you need directions, I can help you out. In there is the Hammoond Creation Lab, where its currently being restored. People I know are in there are Dr. Henry Wu and his assistant, Andrew Ditter.

Owen had a serious and loathing look on his face when he heard about Wu. Vince wasn't looking.

  • Vince Lowell: Poor chap has a bad reputation now, due to what happened a few years ago or so. Also, outside the Innovation Center but right next to the building is the T. rex Kingdom, where it currently holds the three carnivores we caught two months ago. They are quite fearsome, don't you say. And then, all the other creatures we captured are placed at the entrance of the Gyrosphere Valley, to make things more organized. And lastly, the Mosasaurus Lagoon is right off onto the distance, past all the buildings. I heard news that they are going to get the Indominus rex back, although I wouldn't do that if I were them. So that's everything you need to know.
  • Owen Grady: Alright, thanks Vince.

Owen approached the Hammond Creation Lab. Vince waved him goobye.

  • Vince Lowell: See ya, Nicholas! Good luck on the expedition!

[Inside the Hammond Creation Lab]

Owen walked down into the Hammond Creation Lab, determined to find Wu. It was a short hallway into a laboratory filled with technology and genetic equipment. The whole room looks like it was polished and has not aged, but only probably because it was recovered and rebuilt recently. He then saw a man in a white lab coat and approached him.

  • Owen Grady: Hey! You.

The man looked to see Owen in disguise.

  • Henry Wu: Oh, um sir---
  • Owen Grady: What are you doing?
  • Henry Wu: Excuse me, I'm just doing work. How dare you come barging in here like that.

Suddenly, Owen realized about his mission from Claire and almost spilled the beans on confronting Henry Wu.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, I apologize. I got order from the mercenaries.
  • Henry Wu: That's alright. Also, adding to the fact, I do not recognize you.
  • Owen Grady: Oh yeah, um, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas Andrews, and I'm new here, signed up a few days ago.
  • Henry Wu: Oh, you must be new here. My name is Dr. Henry Wu. Well, welcome to Jurassic World and the Jurassic World Restoration Society!
  • Owen Grady: Hehe, thanks.

Then, a voice called for Wu to come.

  • Andrew Ditter: Professor Wu! I need you here!
  • Henry Wu: Oh, I'm coming, Andrew!

As Henry walked away, Owen looked with calm but spiteful determination. Owen knew he was in front of the infamous Henry Wu in person. He decided to follow Wu.

  • Andrew Ditter: Um, Professor Wu, how do you work this thing again?
  • Henry Wu: How many times do I have to tell you? You spin to the right like this, but before you do that, you click this switch. Got that?
  • Andrew Ditter: Oh, thank you Professor Wu.

Owen came into where Wu and the man was.

  • Owen Grady: You need help there?
  • Andrew Ditter: Nah, I'm good.
  • Owen Grady: Um, Henry, who is this?
  • Henry Wu: Oh, that's my assistant and geneticist second in command, Andrew Ditter.
  • Andrew Ditter: Oh, hello sir. Nice to meet you.
  • Owen Grady: Hello, Andrew. Name's Nicholas Andrews.
  • Andrew Ditter: Hey, your surname is the same as mine.
  • Owen Grady: Oh, that's true.

The two chuckled.

  • Henry Wu: So? This is the Hammond Creation Lab. The place where we bring back life from extinction.
  • Owen Grady: So... what are you doing?
  • Henry Wu: Oh Nicholas, just polishing the chambers, preparing DNA Sample Holders and more. I'm quite busy right now.
  • Owen Grady: Well, I'm busy as well, as I'm about to head onto an expedition very soon.
  • Henry Wu: Oh, well, Nicholas. See you later. I hope we can meet again.
  • Owen Grady: Alright, thanks Henry. Sorry for the short time, but hey. See you after the expedition.

Owen entered the hallway which led to the Innovation Center. He had a stern look on his face. As Owen left, Henry Wu went back to his workplace. Andrew followed him.

  • Andrew Ditter: So, Professor Wu... was that guy the one you and the head of Jurassic World Restoration Society told me about? Just curious.
  • Henry Wu: Indeed, Ditter, indeed..... just an old friend with a different name.

Henry then chuckled in suspicion.

[Back at mainland, in the Californian Government Institute]

The discussion kept on going between the two sides of the lawyers and the representatives.

  • Ryan Alid: So, you want to explain where our messages are? We have them recorded by their date we sent them on.
  • Eli Mills: We did receive them, but unfortunately they have been settled and we won, according to the Judge.
  • Judge: True. I looked at them, and I figured that these could be easily overruled due to the amount of evidence and support on the JWRS's side.
  • Ryan Alid: So? Where are they?
  • Eli Mills: We were going to give them back to you, but unfortunately a storm occurred during the time of that delivery and they were accidentally lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Claire Dearing: And? You could have easily kept them safe from the wet rain.
  • Eli Mills: Hence why I said it was an accident.
  • Larry Armstrong: Do you even care about the people and the risks involved?
  • Eli Mills: We do, but we can ensure that putting these creatures in containment grids is the safest way to go.
  • Charles Connory: You barely have any security at all! Remember what happened two months ago?!
  • Eli Mills: Alright, everyone, this is getting overwhelming. Can we pace this just right?
  • Tyson Gern: Oh, relax. We have plenty of questions and marks about this. Such as that dinosaurs cannot be controlled and tamed to your benefits.
  • Eli Mills: Oh, but what about Blue? She was tamed by Owen.
  • Tyson Gern: Blue is different. Blue was raised by Owen in civilization ever since she was born, much like a pet dog. But the creatures on Isla Nublar aren't. They're wild monsters, who aren't afraid of humans.
  • Claire Dearing: That is true. I told him about Blue and Owen sometime ago.
  • Eli Mills: Yes, but InGen and Masrani Corp. made her; meaning we own her, not Owen.
  • Ian Malcolm: Oh, so just because you create something means that you own it like property?
  • Eli Mills: Oh, so if we don't own them, then who else will?
  • Wayne Louis Dind: No, you are wrong. These beasts have no place in our land, let alone our "ownership". Stop the construction, for everything is going to get worse.
  • George Herrera: Of course, even if you do manage to capture them, do you feed them any vital nutrients or treat them with welfare? Or do you simply stuff them into cages and they spend their time there?
  • Eli Mills: Pardon me, we treat our creatures with respect. How dare you accuse us of animal abuse.
  • Carol Sullivan: Oh sure, why would you say "how dare you" in a suspicious tone?
  • Eli Mills: Ladies and gentlemen, enough of this nonsense. Sure, what happened has happened, but how do you know it will happen again?
  • Gerard Evans: Well, look at the protesters on Isla Nublar and the number of species there are on that island. Do you even think it is safe?
  • Bhagin Ilgo: These creatures are dangerous, I can guarantee you that. So why are you rebuilding the theme park?
  • Claire Dearing: And getting to the context of rebuilding the theme park, if you know what happened has happened, you would not be rebuilding this in the first place.
  • Tyson Gern: After all, lets recount the history of incidents by InGen. First, there was Jurassic Park, which failed, then the San Diego Zoo, in which InGen attempted to capture creatures from Isla Sorna and place them in this theme park, which also failed, then that incident on Isla Sorna in 2001 solely because people went there and the creatures attacked them, and now Jurassic World which failed recently. That is very clearly not learning from history.
  • Claire Dearing: Which sums up my point... why are you rebuilding the theme park? Is there any reason for it?
  • Eli Mills: Well, to clarify, Jurassic World meant a lot to InGen and Masrani, which are almost bankrupt right now. We are gaining support, which goes to show that the people enjoyed the theme park when it was functional.
  • Claire Dearing: But do you want to guess who did not enjoy it? My nephews at the time of Jurassic World and my intern, Franklin. My nephews, when they were younger back in 2015, were almost killed, and my intern Franklin Webb was also almost killed two months ago. He couldn't even get out of the hospital for 1 month and a half! Do you think they would call the park "enjoyable"?
  • Eli Mills: Other than them, there are people who support our movement.
  • Tyson Gern: And for what reason? They will get themselves killed.
  • Claire Dearing: After all, we are here to interrogate you. Just what are your motives? And why is California's government supporting you?
  • Eli Mills: It's just some... history with Lockwood and the government. Nonetheless, you are just assuming another incident will happen despite another incident not happening.
  • Wayne Louis Dind: Yet.
  • Californian Government Leader: Lets be honest here, we may have to debate all afternoon, I'm afraid.

The debate continued on.

[Back at Isla Nublar]

Owen was walking away from the Innovation Center, frustrated that Wu was on Isla Nublar. Then, Owen heard a roar. Then another roar. And then another. He looked at this paddock with a large door in front of it. Owen was curious. He went to see the source of the roaring, which was behind a large gate. He heard more roaring. He then noticed a large gate with says "Tyrannosaurus rex Kingdom", and entered it, since this is the source of the roaring, he wondered. He entered the gate. He entered a log like structure, with windows. He peeked outside and saw something shocking. He saw a theropod roar. Owen instantly recognized the shape of the animal. It was... the T. rex. Roaring, drawing attention of some construction workers. He then heard a different roar. He saw the Spinosaurus bellowing. He then heard a third roar, somewhere where he couldn't see. He then left the log like structure, and walked back to the entrance. He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. "A T. rex, Spinosaurus and another theropod he heard?", Owen thought. Just then, he recalled his conversation with Claire and the others back on mainland. Claire told him this, Owen thought.

  • Owen Grady: Darnit… I'm just so overwhelmed with everything, I forgot some things. So the herbivores and pterosaurs are placed at the entrance of the Gyrosphere Valley. Gotta get ready for the expedition soon.

Owen reminded himself of the conversation with Claire and the others back from mainland, busy thinking about the many things occurring in his mission. He then recalled that in the T. rex Kingdom was the T. rex, Spinosaurus and Allosaurus. When he entered there, he felt like as if he was new to this. The experience of being in the situation made Owen react to what he witnessed as if he had no clue. Then he looked off of the distance, seeing the Mosasaurus paddock, saying to himself:

  • Owen Grady: This is just wrong. Recollecting the I. rex skeleton. Absolutely wrong.

Owen was very concerned about a repeat occuring if the I. rex was cloned again. Then he recalled his mission by Claire as he was walking away from the T. rex Kingdom.

  • Owen Grady: Okay. Mission by Claire for me. Go with expedition, find Blue and lead her away to a more farther part of the island, rescue the other dinosaurs that are attempted to be captured, and spy on the expedition.

As he was saying that, he noticed that he had a few minutes before the expedition began. So he directly went to the Monorail next to the Innovation Center and asked an instructor.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, uh, hey, sir. May I know where the expedition is?
  • Monorail Instructor: Right at the Gyrosphere Valley.
  • Owen Grady: Thanks, I am one of those who are aboout to board the expedition.

Owen left for the Gyrosphere Valley.

[Back at mainland, in the Lockwood Manor]

Benjamin and a young girl were in Benjamin's room, talking about something.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay, Grandpa. So my World Heritage teacher wants me to go to Costa Rica, take photos of the landmarks, and write my opinions on them. It's a school project.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Is that so, Maisie? Well, it's a long way from here to Costa Rica. When is it due?
  • Maisie Lockwood: In about two weeks. The project wants me to be as creative as possible when it comes to the landmarks.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well, have no worry. The airplane pilot I hired should have arrived by now.

As Benjamin said that, Iris walked into the room.

  • Iris Carroll: Master, the pilot is here.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Alright, Iris. Maisie, I want you to go with the Airplane Pilot, alright?
  • Maisie Lockwood: Are you and Iris coming, Grandpa?
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, sweetheart, we'd love to, but it seems we can't.
  • Maisie Lockwood: No... but why though?

Benjamin looked at Iris cautiously. Then Benjamin said to Maisie a reason.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Well... it's because of my legs, they can't move, remember? Plus, we are very busy with something.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Oh, I see...

Maisie was disappointed that her grandfather and caretaker cannot come with her to Costa Rica.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Oh, don't worry, Maisie. I'll give you a phone for you to call me with. When the weekend arrives, we'll go to that theme park of yours to cheer you up.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Well, thanks Grandpa.

Maisie hugs her grandfather, walks to the exit of Benjamin's room, hugs and says goodbye to Iris, and walks toward the entrance of the Manor.

Outside of the Manor, she meets a man in white clothes with a car near him. She walks up to the man.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Hello, sir.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Oh, hey there young ma'am. You must be Mr. Lockwood's granddaughter.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Yes. My name is Maisie.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to my airplane.

As the pilot said that, Maisie hopped onto the car and they left.

[Back at Isla Nublar]

Owen entered the Gyrosphere Valley, in which he saw countless mercenaries and many more people. He also noticed large cages which contained several dinosaurs. He saw large trucks with even more empty cages. The vehicles looked a lot like monster trucks and armoured cars. This sent a thought to Owen with Blue in one those cages, making him feel nervous for Blue. But Owen then reassures himself that Claire's mission to spy on and fool the expedition will succeed. Then he saw a familiar person that he recognizes and should be careful, as well as a new person.

  • Ken Wheatley: So, third-in-command, are you sure we have everything we need?
  • John Moretti: Of course we do, Ken? What do you feel, we don't have enough capturing equipment?
  • Ken Wheatley: Well, some of the species we are about to face poses quite a challenge to take down.
  • John Moretti: Which is why we have these big trucks with massive equipment. We have vehicles designed to take on and capture any of the creatures Mills and Joe has sent us to capture.

Owen heard the word "Mills" which rung a bell to him. He knew who Mills was. The man who wanted to capture Blue. And he heard another name, which is "Joe". Owen never heard of "Joe" before. Then he saw another familiar face with two other people.

  • Samuel Johnstonis: So, you two bros doing okay?
  • Terry Dutton: Yes, we are alright.
  • Mike Dutton: Yeah...
  • Terry Dutton: Hey, bro. You're going to do alright.
  • Mike Dutton: Yeah, it's just that I'm a rookie.
  • Terry Dutton: Yeah, must be hard for you. But we'll accomplish it.
  • Samuel Johnstonis: Well, good luck for you guys.

Owen overheard these two mercenaries and Sam. The mercenary brothers reminded Owen of Zach and Gray. He then saw five other people he slightly recognized off in the distance. He walked towards them, stopping at a distance where they wouldn't notice him. It was the Tranq Team, as Owen recognized their faces.

  • Matthew Ualey: So, guys, we should be ready in about a matter of minutes.
  • Sancha Mirta: Well, when we are done, we're sure to have a good amount. Hey Kol, what are the species that we tracked and will be capturing?
  • Kol Terng: Okay, so according to the heads of Jurassic World Restoration Society and according to what we got in the vicinity of the area, we need to capture 2 Allosaurus, one Pachycephalosaurus, more Gallimimus, and a Brachiosaurus.
  • Mariet Linda: And some species we captured?
  • Kol Terng: Oh boy, this is going to be a long one... 4 Pteranodon, 2 Triceratops, 1 Stegosaurus, 3 Parasaurolophus, 2 Ankylosaurus, three Pachycephalosaurus, two Dilophosaurus, 7 Gallimimus, and 10 Gallimimus
  • Auro Young: Wow, that must be a lot.

Until now, Owen could not remember how many species the JWRS captured, but with this conversation, he now knows how many. He did the math that the rebuilding crew has a total of 5 Triceratops, 14 Pteranodon, 3 Stegosaurus, 7 Parasaurolophus, 3 Ankylosaurus, 3 Pachycephalosaurus, 2 Dilophosaurus, 7 Gallimimus, and 10 Compsognathus. Meaning he had to get 2 Allosaurus, 1 Pachycephalosaurus, many other Gallimimus, and even a Brachiosaurus off the radar. And he had to get Blue and the others being hunted down out of the vicinity, alongside possibly whatever is in the area. He thought to himself that this was going to be an extremely difficult challenge, but he had to secretly get the creatures being hunted down into another area of the island, all while being disguised as a mercenary. Then, he saw people readying themselves, their sedation weapons and much more. He noticed a familiar person and two new people preparing a speech.

  • Cabot Finch: Hello, everyone. I have, err, made this announcement to announce the expedition right now, with Joe Banning, Derrick Juet and John Moretti being the leaders. So if anybody wants to sign up, you can sign here.

Owen recognized the man making the speech, which was Cabot Finch. Cabot's finger pointed to a signpost, where several men went to hop aboard on the expedition. Owen joined in.

Minutes passed, and Owen got to the front of the line. He was met by two men, one nearly bald with some black hair on top but strong and muscular, and the other with brown hair but looked tough.

  • Owen Grady: Oh, hello gentlemen.

The two men looked at Owen.

  • Joe Banning: I do not recognize you. Are you new here?
  • Owen Grady: Oh, yeah. I just signed up a few days ago, intend to join onboard for the expedition. My name is Nicholas Andrews, by the way.
  • Joe Banning: Hmm... so, what do we say Derrick? Do we let him in?
  • Derrick Juet: Well... I guess we could use some helping hands. I'd prefer if he would be the tranq-gunner.
  • Joe Banning: So, Nicholas... you may seem a little bit of a rookie, but if you want to help, then we're glad to welcome you and join us in recapturing Blue and the other dinosaurs we tracked.

Owen was surprised at Joe's welcome, despite his tough and manly nature. He wondered why the leaders of the expedition would welcome a very recent rookie into their expedition. But then he thought about Claire's mission with him and Blue. He couldn't say no.

  • Owen Grady: Well, let's get started.

Joe took out his arm to shake Owen's hand with welcome, and so, Owen got in one of the heavy capture vehicles. He had several other mercenaries around him with tranq guns, rifles and stun rods.

  • Owen Grady: So, you guys ready?

The mercenaries ignored Owen, minding their thing. Owen then felt the vehicle he was on moving. He knew that the vehicle was moving because they were getting ready. Owen felt determined, hoping to himself that he would find Blue before they do. He saw a bunch of other vehicles move as well outside his window. Owen knew the expedition began.

[Back at mainland, in the Californian Government Institute]

Claire, Tyson and other lawyers are outside of the room, trying to make up valid points for their rebuttal and arguments.

  • Claire Dearing: Okay, Tyson, so what else should we make up?
  • Tyson Gern: Err... something about the history of incidents, the hybrid and your nephews from Jurassic World?
  • Claire Dearing: Okay, good point. What else though?

Meanwhile, in the room, Wayne, Ian, Gunnar, Mills, the C.G.L., and the Judge are debating in the absence of Claire and Tyson.

  • Wayne Louis Dind: Listen, I don't know what is with you, but you can't keep on doing this.
  • Eli Mills: Look, we're not doing this without reason.
  • Ian Malcolm: And what is that reason? To rebuild this same theme park for fun? Or for a much more corrupt reason, I believe?
  • Eli Mills: And here comes the theory that we're doing something evil...

Wayne Louis Dind: We do have a bunch of many other facts alongside us, so don't try to play any tricks on us.

Eli was mildly annoyed at how Wayne and Ian suspected him of corruption.

  • Eli Mills: Look, I'm not dealing with this stuff, okay? Stop accusing our organization and me of corruption and dark reasons, since we were accused of that several times before you.

Just then, Claire, Tyson and the others came into the room.

  • Claire Dearing: Alright, Mills. We're ready.

Preparing himself, Eli put his hands together to hear what Claire and the others have to say.

  • Claire Dearing: So, this regards three things; the treatment of the animals on the island right now, the welfare of the construction workers if another incident occurs, and the possibility of another incident.
  • Gunnar Eversol: Ma'am, what are these points you may ask?
  • Claire Dearing: We will explain each of them in detail.

She prepared her first point; the treatment of the creatures on Isla Nublar.

  • Claire Dearing: I would like to point out the treatment the creatures are receiving on Isla Nublar, currently.
  • Eli Mills: Claire, we are trying our best to live up to the animals' medical conditions, so is that question really necessary?
  • Claire Dearing: And are you giving them free space? Or locking them in cages? That's what I want to know.

Eli is midly annoyed at Claire, because if he were to say something, Claire would start a long speech regarding the ethics of the creatures on Isla Nublar.

  • Eli Mills: Claire, believe me, we are giving our creatures the most care we can, alright?
  • Claire Dearing: How can we be so sure? As in, stuffing them in cages, depriving them of any free space?
  • Eli Mills: Claire, that is not even good sarcasm. It's so obvious. Regarding your point, of course we are not simply locking them in cages. The animals have some free space.
  • Claire Dearing: All of your animals? Or most? Because I would assume that you would lock up a few of your animals for "safety".

Eli tried his best to avoid a conflict with Claire so that she doesn't waste his time.

  • Eli Mills: No, we don't Claire. Sure, we take some safety precautions to avoid a repeat of the incident two months ago, but we respect our creatures, Claire. Moving on, What are another one of your points?

Claire Dearing: The safety of the construction workers.

  • Eli Mills: Our friend here, Gunnar, has been funding for the many construction workers, food, water, supplies, you name it, he got it.
  • Gunnar Eversol: It's true. I've been helping the operation out for quite a while.
  • Tysoon Gern: And I would like to speak to Gunnar about the welfare of those construction workers that support the rebuilding.
  • Gunnar Eversol: Well, make your point if you will.
  • Tyson Gern: So, Eli, with your funding, must have hired around one hundred construction workers over on Isla Nublar, am I right?
  • Gunnar Eversol: Sure thing.
  • Tyson Gern: Well, what if I were to tell you that you're putting about 100 construction workers at risk? Which leads us to our other point.
  • Gunnar Eversol: As Mr. Mills explained, we are giving the best of our care for these workers.
  • Tyson Gern: We've moved on from the welfare on the island, and we are now talking about the possibility of another incident on the island. What if the dinosaurs break out? What if something wrong goes unnoticed?
  • Eli Mills: Should we rule out that possibility? Because there is legitimately strong security 24/7 on the island, complete with tasers, tranquilizers, and much more. We are giving it all we got.
  • Ian Malcolm: But anything can go wrong, even the slightest details which you may be denying right now. It may happen sooner than you think.
  • Gunnar Eversol: I would like to point out that we learn from mistakes, and improve upon them.
  • Ian Malcolm: But even a single tiny mistake can lead to inevitable disaster, y'know.

The debate continued on as Claire and her allies use logical reason to deal with Mills' and his allies's reasons for rebuilding the theme park.

[Somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica, precisely 5 miles from Isla Nublar]

An airplane was flying through dim gray clouds.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Well, uh, Mrs. Lockwood? Looks like we are going to have a hard time navigating through these clouds. I'm not sure where I am currently leading us to.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Well, keep in mind that I am supposed to go to Costa Rica.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Yes, I know that, ma'am. However, I'm not really sure if we are even going the right way. It's been two hours since we departed from California, and I'm not sure if we are even going to California due to all of these dark clouds which are hard to see and my not-so-functional GPS.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Well, hopefully we're going the right way.

Then the airplane radio turned on, revealing some news.

"Hello, this is Costa Rica news, coming at you from CRN. Now there are reports that a thunderstorm has just passed Costa Rica, and is making its way to Isla Nublar, so if you are using any aerial vehicles, please refrain from using them and attempt to land. Have a safe day."

Concerned, the pilot expressed his opinion.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Well, we shouldn't hit that thunderstorm. Maybe it passed by now? Or are we safe from it, since a storm is heading towards Isla Nublar and we may be nearing Costa Rica?
  • Maisie Lockwood: Probably. Hopefully nothing bad happens. Also, mind you, but what is Isla Nublar?
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Oh, that? Err, other than that being an island, I don't know about it much, although I heard they are doing some kind of operation there, I heard?
  • Maisie Lockwood: I'm curious in this operation that they are doing.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Well, maybe we'll know one day.

The plane moved on, unknowing where it is headed.

[Back on Isla Nublar]

As a thunderstorm has arrived to Main Street, the people were under shades to prevent getting wet from the rain.

  • Franklin Webb: It's raining pretty hard today, guys.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Maybe it'll go away in an hour.

Barry, wondering how Owen is doing, asks whether Owen is doing okay.

  • Barry Sembène: Y'know, my new friends, I wonder how Owen is doing.
  • Franklin Webb: Yeah, if Owen wasn't arrested at this point, maybe he should be doing okay.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Hey, Frank. When is the weather pattern of today?
  • Franklin Webb: I'll check it out right now.

Franklin took put his phone to check when the storm will end. He then found out by opening the app.

  • Franklin Webb: Approximately, it is predicted that it should end in less than an hour.
  • Zach Mitchell: Good to know that. It sucks being here under some shade from the rain, standing around and doing nothing.

Then, Gray noticed something in the sky, flying towards Isla Nublar.

  • Gray Mitchell: Hey guys, look. Up there.

Gray saw what appeared to be an aircraft. And then, a thunderclap occurred, showing the silhouette of the vehicle and frightening Franklin a bit.

  • Franklin Webb: Oh my god. That scared me.
  • Zia Rodriguez: Really? You little wuss.

[Back at the pilot's airplane]

Worried, the airplane pilot expressed his increasing concern with Maisie.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Mrs. Lockwood? I want to inform you that we will be dealing with severe rain and lightning, so please, in case of an emergency, tighten your seatbelt.

Then a loud thunderclap struck, scaring Maisie and startling the pilot.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Umm, sir?! What's happening?! Is there lightning?!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: I regret to inform you that yes, we should be dealing with a thunderstorm right now. Which is why my GPS wasn't working, I guess. I don't know why I keep forgetting that my GPS doesn't work around thunderstorms, darnit.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Sir, I'm going to tighten my seatbelt.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Good thing. Do it.

Maisie tightened her seatbelt, worried if a lightning streak hits them. But then another thunderclap struck, louder than the first one. Maisie was fearful, as the thought of them going down scared her.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Umm, sir? Are we going to be alright?
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Yes, as long as we avoid any direct contact with any lightning---

Then, a lightning streak hit them, effectively hitting the wing of the plane, emitting a sound that was louder than ever.

[Back on Main Street]

Franklin, Zia, Barry, Zach, and Gray, witnessed the lightning streak strike the aircraft, lighting it on fire.

  • Zia Rodriguez: Oh my god! That's an airplane! What was that doing flying around?
  • Barry Sembène: What?! It hit that airplane! We need to alert the others!
  • Aiden Ghyui: Wait, what? Guys, what's going on?
  • Franklin Webb: An airplane was hit by lightning!
  • Aiden Ghyui: Oh no! That's horrible!

Barry told the surrounding people about the struck airplane. They were horrified. Franklin, Zach and Gray watched in awe as the airplane was slowly going down.

[Back at the airplane]

Desperate, the pilot and Maisie were struck in fear as they knew the plane was going to go down.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: We've been hit by an airplane! Brace yourself, Mrs. Lockwood!

Maisie was panicking, crying and screaming as she could see fire on the wing that was hit by the lightning streak.

  • Maisie Lockwood: We've been hit! We've been hit, sir!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Mrs. Lockwood, brace for impact!

As the doomed airplane went down, gliding through the sky slowly heading down. Maisie can see some land beneath them as they declined in height, seeing the heavy rain covering what looked like a crowd of people. But she was too scared to even talk.

[Back on Main Street]

Franklin witnessed the plane on fire slowly heading down, and it was high above the Innovation Center shortly after passing beyond it.

  • Franklin Webb: There may have been people in that plane!
  • Zach Mitchell: Oh crap! Did anyone see that?!
  • Gray Mitchell: I did! And it may not even be good for them!

[Back on the airplane]

As the falling airplane went past the Innovation Center, the nearly hopeless pilot and Maisie were dreaded.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: We're going to crash-land somewhere in the jungles! Brace for the crash-land impact, Mrs. Lockwood!
  • Maisie Lockwood: Help me!

Maisie closed her eyes shut out of fear. The pilot held her powerfully, not letting her go. As the plane was falling to a spot near a cliff, it dove fast.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Last time before we strike, brace for impact!

As the plane struck the spot it was going to hit, it left a loud boom and a semi-major explosion, primarily to the front of the plane. Fire was ablaze on the engine, scraps of metal flied through the air from the impact, and the plane wings broke. After the crash-landing, smoke was rising from the engine, and fire scattered from the front of the plane to the wing where the lighting struck. Heavy rain was landing on the plane as the rain persisted throughout Nublar, making the distance around the destroyed plane very hard to see.

[Back to the expedition]

As Owen and the rest of the mercenaries waited out on the rain, they made plans inside a truck on which dinosaurs to find and capture first.

  • Joe Banning: Alright, team. We are two miles away from the Innovation Center, supposedly where the dinosaurs we located are right now.
  • Derrick Juet: We should find the pair of Allosaurus located here.

Derrick pointed his finger to an area of a map, pointing at an area which presumably was where the two Allosaurus were.

  • Derrick Juet: I believe they were here, but then they moved farther away from us.
  • John Moretti: So? They may be like two or three miles away from us. We can capture them from here.
  • Joe Banning: Not with right now being nighttime, where it is harder to find them due to the darkness, as well as potentially being dangerous as we could get attacked by nocturnal creatures. Also, it is heavily raining, and even if it were to stop at some point in the night, we should not go out.
  • Luigi Colombo: So, if that is the case, we should begin our operations to capture the dinosaurs tomorrow, right?
  • Joe Banning: Indeed. At dawn, we begin our procedure.
  • Luigi Colombo: May I be reminded of what species we will be capturing tomorrow?
  • Terri Royezi: If I were to recall, Mills said 2 Allosaurus, 1 Pachycephalosaurus, some Gallimimus, and a Brachiosaurus; the two Allosaurus, according to Derrick, should be nearby, although I agree with Joe that we should begin tomorrow at dawn. However, I should remind you that our target species aren't the only ones in the area we will be exploring; Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, and even a few Stygimoloch have been sighted in this area, so maybe we should capture them as well.
  • Joe Banning: Not sure on your idea, since we may not have enough cages to put them in, especially the sauropod you mentioned; I recall some individuals of all but Stygimoloch, hopefully I'm pronouncing that right, being captured and in the confines of Jurassic World.
  • Owen Grady: So maybe we should capture a few of the five species Terri mentioned?
  • Joe Banning: Maybe you're correct, Nicholas.

Owen, who was playing along, tried to make himself look like a real rookie to the mercenaries.

  • John Moretti: Oh, and I wanted to bring up the blue raptor.
  • Joe Banning: Yes... what Mills calls this particular Velociraptor "Blue".

When Blue was brought up, Owen instantly paid attention.

  • Owen Grady: What about her? Do we capture her as well?
  • Joe Banning: Indeed. 2 months ago, Blue was freed by two jackasses named Owen Grady and Aiden Ghyui.

Owen noticed his own name get mentioned by the toughest mercenary in the expedition team, but let it slide without word.

  • Joe Banning: Those two punks worked for that childish stupid Dinosaur Protection Group, who believed that the dinosaurs should be freed. They can just shut up.

Owen tried to make himself appealing to Joe by falsely and disguisingly agreeing with him.

  • Owen Grady: Uh, yeah. That group can go screw themselves, I guess.

Everyone chuckled, seemingly oblivious to Owen's motives of rescuing Blue and working for the DPG by falling for Owen's sly "agreement".

  • Joe Banning: Anyways, back on topic. Blue is out there, although she was sighted recently by an explorer just a few days ago that she was nearby, albeit far as in nearby. We locate her, we surround her, and we round her up. Is that clear, everyone?

Everyone agreed, although Owen secretly disagrees and is determined to find Blue before Joe and his men, ACU Troopers, Dinosaur Wranglers and others do.

  • Luigi Colombo: Are we all set?
  • Joe Banning: Yes we are. Tomorrow at dawn, like I said, we begin. Get some rest for now.

As the heavy rain started pounding the ground, the mercenaries had umbrellas, leaving the truck they were in to move to their vehicles to rest in. Joe remained in the truck, which is where he will rest. Owen, disguised as Nicholas, tried to head out until he saw Derrick sitting at the tip of the back of the truck, watching the rain of the night sky.

  • Owen Grady: Hey Derrick.

Derrick turned his head around to see Owen.

  • Derrick Juet: Oh, hey Nicholas. It's just you.
  • Owen Grady: Shouldn't you be getting some rest?
  • Derrick Juet: Well, I was just thinking about something.

Interested, Owen sat down with Derrick on Derrick's right side, also watching the rain.

  • Owen Grady: So, are you ready for tomorrow?
  • Derrick Juet: Well, yeah.
  • Owen Grady: Well, that's good to hear. I would like to thank you and Joe for including me on the expedition, despite me being a rookie. It has been an honor and a dream going with you and feeling the adventure.
  • Derrick Juet: Good for you, but... I have something else in mind.
  • Owen Grady: Well, what is it?

Derrick paused, not knowing what to say as he looked and wondered at the millions of endless streaks of grayish clear blue-tinted water falling from the sky onto the ground.

  • Derrick Juet: It's about... Jurassic World itself.
  • Owen Grady: So... I'm interested.

Derrick was uncertain on whether he should tell this to Owen-disguised-as-Nicholas, but he proceeded anyways.

  • Derrick Juet: So, I had some history with Hammond's original park. Back in my early days of a young adult, I was one of those top mercenaries and cleanup workers at Hammond's park in 1994, capturing whatever species we could get a hold on. I also worked on Site B, or as you would know as Isla Sorna, keeping the animals in their cages, treating them properly and stuff like that. But then Hurricane Clarissa came, wrecked our operations on that island, and thus ending in chaos. I quit temporarily so that I could join the Police Force until I heard news in 1997 about a male T. rex rampaging San Diego. I then discovered soon that it was InGen's fault, because they were building a theme park on San Diego, instead of an island, where it's safer. However, I noticed that the person responsible for this wasn't Hammond, but rather Peter Ludlow. I rejoined InGen somewhere in 2002, transporting whatever surviving species was on Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar, until I noticed a few species I haven't seen before ever since I was absent. Sure, I can assume they cloned new species, but by the looks of them, they looked... odd and out-of-nowhere to me. But I didn't care. When we built Jurassic World back in 2003 or 2004, I retired from my status as a mercenary and joined the U.S. Army as a Navy SEAL. Then something happened with Jurassic World in 2015, shutting it down permanently. I don't know what it was, until I learned that it was a genetically modified hybrid called "Indominus rex" that brought down the park. I retired somewhere in 2016, spent the rest of my time with my family, and basically had a good life. Until in the middle of 2018, where it was announced that Jurassic World was to be rebuilt by Lockwood and Mills. And all of this time, I joined as a top mercenary, meeting Banning and Moretti along the way, and we have been capturing species alongside the dinosaur wranglers.

Owen paused, looking at Derrick with curiosity, as he knew and was associated with InGen's history.

  • Derrick Juet: And this is where my main... confliction, comes in. Ever since the first incident we had, I heard of this Owen and Aiden freeing the blue raptor, which is what they call "Blue".
  • Owen Grady: Yeah? Blue, who is Owen's Velociraptor?
  • Derrick Juet: Yes, like an oversized Velociraptor or some sort. Mills and InGen called it a crime, but to me... I feel like Owen did it out of love for his animal, out of the bond he had with "Blue". I would be ridiculous to say that Owen just couldn't let go of Blue, but... why would InGen just simply recapture the animal and keep it as an attraction, all by itself? Why not make more?

Owen was aware of what Derrick was saying, hearing about that he has empathy for Blue's relationship with Owen.

  • Owen Grady: So, you're saying you feel bad for Owen's raptor?
  • Derrick Juet: Well, in a way, not really... but this just shows that animals can feel pain, emotion, and suffering. I don't know about applying the San Diego incident to this operation to rebuild Jurassic World, and I also do not know about putting the animals we captured into cages, barely having any space, but...
  • Owen Grady: Well, I'm just a rookie, and I would feel bad for the dinosaurs, but hey. It's for a theme park we're building, am I right?

Owen tried to pretend that he enjoyed recapturing the animals for Jurassic World. Then Derrick said his opinion on Jurassic World.

  • Derrick Juet: I just feel so conflicted on whether I should even be helping rebuild this place. Recapturing an animal that is loved by a human who opposes the rebuilding? Rebuilding the place despite heavy protests and plenty of incidents before it? To me, I can say to myself that this is wrong. After all, John Hammond was a man who wanted to see his own vision come to life; dinosaurs being recreated, and I can have empathy for that. Like he said in an interview or so, these animals do require our absence, but what if they are being treated more cruelly and just taken as assets rather than living, breathing organisms? Like the animals I dealt with when I was on Nublar or Sorna in my young days. These creatures don't just require food, water and air to survive, they require space, protection and love.

Owen was surprised that Derrick secretly agrees with what the Dinosaur Protection Group is advocating for; the freedom and protection of the dinosaurs, and was also especially surprised at how Derrick feels empathy for Blue. But Owen couldn't accidentally reveal his true identity, so he put on a bored face, with Owen's inside being surprised and glad that a mercenary sent to capture the dinosaurs to rebuild Jurassic World had a secret opposing side.

  • Derrick Juet: However, I'm willing to simply follow the orders I was given by the Jurassic World Restoration Society to do.
  • Owen Grady: Well, that was a long speech. Anyways, we should get resting now.
  • Derrick Juet: You're probably right, Andrews.

As the two got up from the tip of the back of the truck, Derrick picked up his umbrella and went for his truck and which he will sleep in. Before he went to his truck, he said goodbye to the disguised Owen.

  • Derrick Juet: Hey, Nicholas. Good luck on your adventure tomorrow.
  • Owen Grady: You too.

As Derrick left, Owen went inside, amazed at how Derrick has a different opinion on the rebuilding of Jurassic World. As he left the truck Joe was in, he couldn't let go of the fact he actually overheard a top mercenary disagreeing with the rebuilding. Nonetheless, he went back to his resting place with his umbrella to rest for the night.

[Back at the airplane crash]

It was lightly raining, but it was still nighttime, which made it hard to see out into the distance. There is less fire on the plane which crashed, leaving nothing behind but burnt metal. Then, the door of the plane opened up in the air, with an arm reaching out and placing on the bottom of the plane, trying to climb out. Rain fell in the now-opened plane.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Oh, god! Oh goodness gracious!

He got out of the now-destroyed airplane, barely getting up with an injured leg.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Ow, my leg! Grrr! Mrs. Lockwood!

The pilot went inside the plane, in an attempt to pull out Maisie. Inside the plane, Maisie was cowering in fear, crying.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: It's alright, Mrs. Lockwood. I got you!

The pilot barely retrieved Maisie, as the fearful little girl clinged onto the pilot as he pulled her out of the plane. When he got her in his arms, he dragged her away from the plane, as the plane was still on fire, fighting against the light rain. Maisie was crying, unable to control her tears.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: It's alright. I have you now. There, Mrs. Lockwood. It's over. It's over.

Maisie, still in tears, spoke.

  • Maisie Lockwood: We've crashed! We've crashed!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: I know. But we're okay. We're safe now.

The pilot was trying to comfort and soothe Maisie as if she was his child. The two hugged each other in worry but nearly invisible relief as the light rain fell on top of them and the lit fire shone yellowish and orangish light at them. After a minute or two, the pilot looked around, attempting to seek shelter from the rain and the nighttime.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Mrs. Lockwood. We need to seek shelter as soon as possible. Right now.

Maisie, still traumatized after the plane crash, listened to the pilot and responded.

  • Maisie Lockwood: How?! Where do we go?!

Thinking of something fast, the pilot brainstormed to the idea of taking cover in a tree.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: I may have an idea. We'll find a tree to seek shelter in.

Desperate, Maisie agreed.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay.

Barely getting up, the pilot tried to stand on his feet albeit with an injured leg. Maisie also got up, staying very close to the pilot. The pilot started to move, but limped with a lot of effort. Maisie tried to help him move.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Thank you, Mrs. Lockwood. It's going to be a long walk until we find the right tree.

As the two slowly started walking, they went into the brush in front of them, hoping to seek shelter in a tree.

[Back at Main Street]

Everyone was packing up to leave Isla Nublar for the night, although they have seen and are talking about the plane crash. Barry told Cabot regarding the plane crash.

  • Barry Sembène: Mr. Finch! There's been a plane crash!
  • Cabot Finch: I see. I'll call Benjamin about the incident.

Cabot called Benjamin Lockwood on his cell phone.

[At the Lockwood Manor]

Benjamin was resting on his bed. Then he heard his cell phone on a cabinet next to him rung, with him grabbing it. He saw the name "Cabot Finch", and was worried about another incident. He then clicked the call button and put the phone on his ear.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: Hello?
  • Cabot Finch (on phone): Lockwood? Sir? I may have unfortunate news for you.
  • Benjamin Lockwood: Did one of the animals escape?
  • Cabot Finch (on phone): No. I'm afraid it is worse than that.

Deeply concerned, Lockwood asked for what really happened.

  • Benjamin Lockwood: What happened then?
  • Cabot Finch (on phone): There was a plane crash on Isla Nublar while a thunderstorm occurred.

Lockwood was speechless, in horror, trying to absorb what has happened. He had a look on his face as if he witnessed a murder.

[Back in Californian Government Institute]

As the people debated all night, they were nearing their end of the discussion.

  • Claire Dearing: Well, Mills. Looks like it's almost time for us to leave to rest.
  • Eli Mills: Well, yes, and---

Eli's phone rung.

  • Eli Mills: Wait, Claire, I have someone calling me. Give me a minute.

Eli picked up his phone and saw the name "Benjamin Lockwood" on the front. He was interested. He called Benjamin.

  • Eli Mills: Master, what happened?
  • Benjamin Lockwood (on phone): Mills... there was a plane crash on Nublar! And I believe it may have been Maisie and my airplane pilot!

Mills just gaped at those words, and paused.

  • Benjamin Lockwood (on phone): Mills? Are you there?
  • Eli Mills: Sir, yes. I'm just busy having a debate with my opponents. Have you told Iris about it?
  • Benjamin Lockwood (on phone): Yes! Can you tell anyone on Isla Nublar about it?!
  • Eli Mills: Well, I can contact the expedition taking place on Nublar right now, as well as a few search-and-rescue units.

Claire and Tyson overheard Mills' words about the expedition, knowing about it from the spied footage Franklin and Zia got for them earlier.

  • Benjamin Lockwood (on phone): Well, do it! I cannot afford them dead! This might ruin my operation!
  • Eli Mills: Don't worry, we will search for them as soon as possible. Relax, we will find them.
  • Benjamin Lockwood (on phone): Okay. Do it now!
  • Eli Mills: I will. Bye.

As Eli hung up, he told to the people in front of him about the end of their discussion.

  • Eli Mills: So, it's late.
  • Claire Dearing: Well, we will be back soon.
  • Eli Mills: Uh, sure.

As the opponents departed, Mills, Gunnar, Judge and the Californian Government Leader, as well as their lawyers who also left, stayed in the room.

  • Gunnar Eversol: So, Mills. What happened?
  • Eli Mills: There was a plane crash on Isla Nublar, and it is suspected to be Maisie and the pilot.
  • Judge: Oh no.
  • Californian Government Leader: Well, can you do anything about it?
  • Eli Mills: I can contact the security on the island to look for them, mainly Derrick Juet, who works with Cabot Finch, the expedition, and the rescue units.
  • Gunnar Eversol: Good idea to do that. Because who knows what would happen if something bad happens to them.
  • Eli Mills: It might end the rebuilding... so lets hope they are still alive.

[Back on Isla Nublar]

The pilot and Maisie struggled to get across the bushes and trees in the light rain falling above them.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Where are we going?!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: We're heading somewhere where we can find a tree to sleep in, so that we can be above ground.
  • Maisie Lockwood: How?! Your leg is hurt!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: It's alright, Mrs. Lockwood. I'll be fine.

The two were heading down the brush. They then walked into a deep jungle, where rain also fell into. The pilot tried to look up into the trees, trying to find one that could support their weight.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Come on, Mrs. Lockwood. Just a little longer.

As the duo brushed through the jungle, the pilot looked up just to find a tree that could provide them shelter.

  • Maisie Lockwood: What did you find?
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Mrs. Lockwood, I think we found a tree for us. Lets climb up.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay.

Maisie reluctantly agreed with the pilot. Maisie climbed onto the tree first, with help from the pilot, who barely could withstand his injured leg.

  • Maisie Lockwood: I have gotten up, sir!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Keep climbing! I'll catch up!

Maisie treacherously climbed the tree, with rain hitting her face. The pilot was following her. Maisie grabbed onto some vines, clinging onto them.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: You can hang onto the vines, Mrs. Lockwood?
  • Maisie Lockwood: Yeah!

Maisie almost slipped on one vine, nearing a moment of danger, but she breathed a sigh of relief. She continued climbing further up the tree, with the pilot barely hanging on.

It was a matter of time before Maisie reached the top of the tree. The light rain fell on top of the leaves that Maisie was under, providing shelter for Maisie from the rain. The pilot managed to climb onto the top of the tree via branches, struggling and all tired.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Mrs. Lockwood... we are at the top...

Out of breath, the pilot tried to breathe. Maisie crawled all the way to the tired pilot.

  • Maisie Lockwood: We're here. We made it!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Yeah... barely.

The top of the tree was quite hard to grip hard onto, as there were branches all around where Maisie and the pilot were sitting on. Rain fell, making the branches somewhat slippery, although there were enough branches to maintain some ground to support Maisie's and the pilot's weight. The pilot successfully got onto the branches, grabbing them with his arms while gently crawling his legs onto the branches, as to be sure to not hurt his injured leg further.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: I'm here.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay.

The pilot crawled all the way to the corner where there were several branches behind. Maisie crawled to him.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Sir, are you okay?
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Yeah, I'm alright, Mrs. Lockwood.

Still fearful after what just happened, Maisie turns around and looks at some light into the distance, seeing something off into the distance amidst the rain.

  • Maisie Lockwood: I see something!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: What is it?
  • Maisie Lockwood: Just some light. I can't tell.

Interested, the pilot took a closer look at the light Maisie is seeing.

  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: What is it like, Maisie?
  • Maisie Lockwood: It looks like a triangle with some light beaming.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Ah, looks like we won't be sleeping here after all.

However, the light went out, slowly dimming before turning off completely and blending in with the darkness and rain.

  • Maisie Lockwood: Sir, it went off!
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Well, nevermind then.

Disappointed, the pilot put his back on the branches behind him. Maisie turns around and looks at the pilot, feeling bad.

  • Maisie Lockwood: What now?
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: We may have to survive on whatever this place is until we can get help. For now, we wait until morning.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Okay.

The pilot closed his eyes then sighed. Maisie crawled to him.

  • Maisie Lockwood: I'm sorry for what happened. Now I can't get my school project done.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: Nah, it's alright, Mrs. Lockwood. At least you are safe and sound. And don't lose hope; we'll find a way out of here soon.
  • Maisie Lockwood: Well, goodnight, I guess.

Maisie crawled onto the pilot's body and cuddled with him.

  • Maisie Lockwood: I miss Grandpa and nanny.
  • Lockwood Airplane Pilot: We'll reunite with them soon enough.

As Maisie closed her eyes, the pilot looked out onto the rain, wondering how they would get out of this place.

[At the Innovation Center]

One of the workers turned off the Innovation Center's lights.

  • Innovation Center worker: There, turned off the light, for the night.

People were leaving the Innovation Center for the night. Vince was one of these people, which left the Innovation Center sort of sleepy.

  • Vince Lowell: Eh, time to go home. Been a long day in here, it's raining and nighttime now.

When the lights were out, everyone left. Vince was walking towards the exit of Main Street when he saw a group of people at a nearby restaurant which was at the side of Main Street.

  • Franklin Webb: You think Owen is going to be alright, guys?
  • Barry Sembène: He'll be fine. He's been through a lot.
  • Zia Rodriguez: So, I need to remind ourselves that Owen is disguised as Nicholas, in which they practically fell for it.

The name "Nicholas" rung a bell to Vince as he stopped and heard that word. He turned around, curious at what he just heard.

  • Vince Lowell: "Nicholas"? I know that name from somewhere...

Vince decided to get close to the group, hiding behind a wall and overhearing them, in order to hear more about this "Owen" and why they mentioned "Nicholas".

  • Aiden Ghyui: He may unfortunately have to sleep with those mercenaries and capture team, amidst in all of this rain. Hopefully he has a good time and hopefully he succeeds in his job of getting the dinosaurs off of the expedition's tracks, especially Blue.

Vince was all curious now, whispering to himself.

  • Vince Lowell: Blue? Who's Blue?
  • Zach Mitchell: Guys, this sucks. Right now, it's raining, and we just witnessed a plane crash.

Vince knows about the plane crash, which he and the other workers in the Innovation Center heard about.

  • Vince Lowell: Hope those poor passengers are alright.
  • Gray Mitchell: Maybe we can call Aunt Claire when we leave.
  • Zia Rodriguez: That's a good idea. She's back at California debating with Mills and other people.

Curious and interested, Vince overheard the words like he was overhearing some kind of plan.

  • Barry Sembène: Owen will make it back, and I'm hopeful he will get Blue out of the area the mercenaries are in.

Vince, at this point, was hooked to hear the word "Owen". He then recalled that conversation with "Nicholas" earlier in the Innovation Center, when he was toying with the Holoscape.

  • Vince Lowell: "Owen"? Owen? Who is Owen?

Vince wondered to himself that this "Owen" is indeed the same person named "Nicholas" who was joining the expedition. But it was dubious, as they could refer to someone else. Nonetheless, he left, unsure of what he heard.

Wu and Andrew were also leaving the Innovation Center, talking to each other about something important.

  • Henry Wu: Ditter, the operation to retrieve the I. rex skeleton will be performed tomorrow.
  • Andrew Ditter: I understand that. Meaning we and the upper heads can perform our secret work once the I. rex has been recloned.
  • Henry Wu: Indeed. But lets not talk about it here.

Henry and Andrew took out their umbrellas to cover themselves from the rain. They were leaving Main Street.

Barry, Franklin, Zia, Aiden, Zach, and Gray were also preparing to leave wherever they are. Zach too out his cell phone.

  • Zach Mitchell: Guys, I'm going to call Aunt Claire about the plane crash.
  • Barry Sembène: That's a good idea.

Zach turned on his phone and dialed Claire's number.

[Back at a car driving]

Claire was driving when she heard her phone ring. She picked up her phone and saw Zach was calling. She put the phone on her ear.

  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): Oh, hey Aunt Claire.
  • Claire Dearing: Zach? Is that you? Oh, well hey sweetie.
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): Hey. I just wanted to tell you that me and my brother are on Isla Nublar right now, we're leaving, but I wanted to tell you that there was a plane crash on Isla Nublar, and it landed out there in the wilderness.

Upon hearing that, Claire was stunned and overwhelmed.

  • Claire Dearing: What?! Oh my god!
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): We're heading back to the entrance of Isla Nublar.
  • Claire Dearing: Who is with you, aside from your brother Gray?
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): Well, I'm with Owen's friend as well as your interns? Y'know? Barry? Franklin, Zia, and Aiden?
  • Claire Dearing: Okay...
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): Oh, and uh... this might sound weird, but we know about you and Owen's plan to help out Blue.

Surprised, Claire paused.

  • Claire Dearing: ... Well, um... okay. Just don't tell anyone else about it, alright?
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): We won't.
  • Claire Dearing: Okay. Thank you. Anyways, see you soon.
  • Zach Mitchell (on phone): Bye, Aunt Claire.

Claire ended the call with Zach. She tried to process that there was a plane crash on Isla Nublar.

  • Claire Dearing: Oh my god... I should report this and call Tyson and the others about it.

Her car went away into the night, headed for San Francisco.

[Back at Isla Nublar]

The jungles around the mercenary camp were raining heavily again, with some flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. The mercenaries were sleeping in their beds in their vehicles, covering themselves from the heavy rains. Some were snoring as they slept. Owen, in his vehicle, was also sleeping in his vehicle, until he heard silent steps and some plants rustling. Owen opened his eyes, hearing the noise, and slowly got up. He looked outside his window, barely seeing the darkness of some plants rustling. Then a lightning flash occurred, revealing a tail going into the bushes and silent footsteps rumbling further away from where Owen was. Owen realized that the tail of the animal was right next to the mercenary camp. It was leaving. Owen had to get whatever that animal was away from the mercenary camp, preventing them from getting captured. He slowly got up from his bed, walked towards the vehicle's door in silent footsteps, and carefully opened the door. The rain fell in the entrance, stopping at beyond the entrance into the vehicle. Owen came outside, slowly closed the door and carefully stepped down the steps of the vehicle. Owen was wet already, with another flash of lightning followed by a rumble.

He silently followed the footsteps on the muddy ground, which were shaped like that of a bird, with three toes ending in claws. However, these bird-like tracks were very large, like that of a large theropod. Owen looked up to hear more rustling noises traveling away from him. Owen had to be quiet so that it doesn't attack him. Then a lightning flash occurred, revealing a silhouette of two theropod-like heads off into the distance. The brief flash also partly revealed more of the tail before the two heads disappeared into the darkness, with the only feature giving it away were the silent footsteps. Owen looked at the ground again, seeing the large bird-like footprints, but this time, he saw another track right next to the footprints; another pair of footprints next to the large ones, with these footprints being slightly smaller than the one Owen is one. But he then looked at his own feet and behind him, seeing that he himself made a track of footprints. But the heavy rain would cover them up, although Owen turned around to keep up with silent footsteps before the footprints were washed away by the rain.

Owen was following whatever these two animals were for some time, amongst the dense bushes, vines, and trees in the heavy rain with lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. He then heard a low growl in front of him. Owen stood still. He suspected the animals noticed him, but he could see the figures going near an area which, amongst the dark jungle, was brighter by a blue tone. Owen felt nervous, so he moved slower than he was before. He peeked out of the brush, and saw two theropods with a pair of crests on their heads. One which was larger than the other one and had osteoderms on its back made a low growl, and the other which was smaller and its back was smooth purred. Both stopped at a large pond. The smaller animal nudged its head on the bigger one, with the bigger one nudging back. The bigger one then lowered its head towards the pond. It opened its mouth, revealing several knife-shaped teeth and a blue tongue, and dipped its snout into the water. It then lifted its snout from the water, with its tongue moving back. The water was going into the animal's mouth. The smaller one did the same. The two animals seemed as if they were drinking the water. Owen observed the behavior of the two, and identified the two animals in a near-silent whisper.

  • Owen Grady: ...they're Allosaurus. A pair. Drinking water.

Owen was curious, but cautious about the two, wondering why they were not attacking each other. Owen looked at the tracks of the two Allosaurus, leading them to the pair. Owen noticed that the smaller foot tracks led to the smaller Allosaurus, which looked like a juvenile, and the larger foot prints led to the larger Allosaurus, which appears to be an adult.

  • Owen Grady: Relatives? Friends? Siblings, maybe?

Owen saw the gracefulness of the animals drinking water, but remembered about his goal to get these two creatures away from the mercenaries on Claire's behalf. He looked on the floor, found a small rock, and picked it up. He aimed it very carefully at the other side of the large pond. He threw the rock, with it flying through the rain, a lightning flash revealing the rock's presence in the air, and it landed, causing some rustling noise in the bushes on the opposite side of the large pond. A thunder rumble occurred. The pair of Allosaurus heard the rustle, looked at where the rock landed, and stared at the location curiously. The small one made soft purrs, whereas the large one made purrs slightly louder than the smaller one. The larger Allosaurus investigated the source of the noise, with the juvenile following the older one. Owen silently moved from his original spot, trying his best to not make a noise. He reached another bush to hide on, only to step on a twig. The large Allosaurus looked at the source of the noise, hearing the snapping of the twig. It stared at the bush Owen was in, not knowing that Owen was hiding in that bush. The small one sloped its head in curiosity, and the large one moved away from the source of the rock and was walking towards the bush Owen was in. Owen tried to think of something as the large Allosaurus came closer and closer with its silent footsteps growing slightly louder with each step closer. Thinking fast, Owen grabbed a stick from the ground and threw it to the water. The Allosaurus looked at the tiny splash the stick made. A lightning flash lightens the water, revealing the stick in the water. The Allosaurus investigated the stick by sniffing it. Owen slowly moved from the bush to retreat back into another spot. Just then, the small Allosaurus noticed a human-like figure, which was Owen trying to get back into the bush for safety. It looked at the nervously walking Owen curiously, not knowing the figure is Owen as the smaller Allosaurus confusingly sees him go back into the jungle while the large Allosaurus sniffs the stick. The large Allosaurus raises its head and yawns. It then walks away from the bush, with its silent footsteps moving away from where Owen is now. Owen sighed relief, knowing he was almost had an encounter between him and the mouth of the Allosaurus.

The Allosaurus then goes back to the smaller Allosaurus, with the smaller one purring. Owen took an opportunity to walk silently along the edge of the forest. The smaller one communicated with the larger one, with the larger one purring back. The larger one looked at the jungles where Owen is silently moving, with the rain making it hard to see. Owen saw the larger Allosaurus unknowingly seeing the jungles Owen was hiding in right now. The Allosaurus could not see anything beyond the covers of the jungle. Owen ducked and got on his knees. A lightning flash occurred, and a thunder rumble also occurred. The larger Allosaurus could see the light in the covered darkness, due to the lightning flash, but there was nothing. Owen crawled rapidly but quietly away from the pair. The larger Allosaurus stepped towards the bush where Owen initially was. Owen couldn't stand up else he will get spotted. Owen had to get out of there by crawling quietly. But then, he had an idea. If he crawled but the Allosaurus was exploring the jungles for the noises Owen made, then he might lead them away from the mercenaries, but it might risk his life. Owen carefully crawled through the dense jungles, making very soft sounds. The Allosaurus could hear the silent noises, but can't tell if it is prey. The larger one went to where the noises are being made by Owen, as he further gets away from the large pond.

Owen had to think of something was he was followed by the pair of Allosaurus. He crawled continuously, trying to make progress in getting away from the Allosaurus before they discover him. Another lightning flash and thunder rumble occurred, revealing light in the dense jungles. The pair of Allosaurus sees nothing so far. Owen's clothes make him blend in with the plants, not allowing the Allosaurus to see him. Owen kept crawling through the dense bushes, while the Allosaurus are just wandering in the direction Owen is moving, not knowing where Owen is. Owen had to find a tree to climb up in. He kept crawling, as the rain fell down upon him, making him harder to see. Then, the smaller Allosaurus purred, and the big Allosaurus turned around to pay attention to its sibling. Seeing an opportunity while the Allosaurus pair were distracted, Owen crawled carefully to the nearby tree and proceeded to climb up. Owen was risking his life at this moment, as a lightning flash could occur, giving away his position to the Allosaurus pair. Despite this, Owen managed to climb up the tree, although it made little noise as the Allosaurus heard it. The large one sniffed the middle of the tree Owen was on. The large one grunted, glared its teeth for a few seconds, and then looked up. Owen was thinking that the Allosaurus smelled him, thus detecting him. But the animal didn't find him yet. The small Allosaurus watched from a few meters away. Owen grabbed the branches and attempted to climb up, while the large Allosaurus kept on sniffing, focusing, and hearing carefully on the tree as it tried to hunt down Owen, determined for a midnight snack. Then a lightning flash occurred, alongside a thunder rumble. The Allosaurus had a quick notice, but failed to instantly see Owen. Owen held very still to avoid making movement, as the large Allosaurus just had a very small glimpse of Owen, but could not have enough time to make sure. However, the large Allosaurus was looking right in Owen's direction, without knowing he was there. The Allosaurus stood on its legs and lifted itself slightly further into the tree. The large Allosaurus was sniffing more.

Owen stood very still. He had a worried expression on his face, but tried to keep his breath quiet. He knows the large Allosaurus could not see him for now until a lightning flash occurred, which he hoped would not occur. However, he could smell the breath of the large Allosaurus sniffing for him. He can hear the growling and snarling. He can see the pair of red crests above the eyes, the blue tongue, the glaring lips revealing the teeth in which some of the upper teeth were sticking out past the bottom jaw, some saliva in the jaw, and the eyes which he can see clearly. The Allosaurus grabbed a branch lower from where Owen is with its three fingers which ended in sharp claws. It's almost as if the large Allosaurus knows that it is seeing Owen. And then, a lightning flash that came along with a loud thunderclap occurred. The large Allosaurus can clearly see Owen now when the light flashed. Owen yelled.

  • Owen Grady: No!

As soon as Owen turned around, the large Allosaurus roared in hunger, with threads of its saliva being launched from its mouth onto the tree's branches and Owen, due to the roar waves. Owen paced to get away from the now alerted large Allosaurus, as the Allosaurus clamped its jaws onto some branches, missing Owen by a few feet. The small juvenile Allosaurus became alerted, and came onto the scene by assisting its larger sibling into getting the nervous Owen. Owen climbed onto the branches, reaching higher and higher with each grip, getting away further from the Allosaurus. He then moved to another side of the tree. The pair of Allosaurus moved to the location of the tree where Owen is at. The small Allosaurus barked and snapped its jaws at Owen, whereas the large Allosaurus roared and attempted to bite Owen to get to him. Owen was nervous and worried, not just for his life, but also for Joe and his mercenaries back at camp who might hear the noises the pair of Allosaurus are making. Only the thunder rumbles and the hard rain can deafen the roaring by just enough so that the mercenaries don't hear the roars, as Owen hoped. Owen climbed farther into the tree, as the Allosaurus tried to get to him. When Owen reached into the top, the rain fell down upon his head, as he could hear the growls, snarls, barks, and roars of the two Allosaurus. Owen tried to find another tree so that he could quickly get on. He saw another one just next to this one, with a small distance between the tree Owen saw and the tree Owen was in. Suddenly, the large Allosaurus jumped and clamped its jaws in between the space between the two trees. Owen had to act fast and grip the branches towards the tree just a few meters away. He was at the edge of the tree he was on. He had to jump. But the large Allosaurus jumped again, clamping and missed Owen by a few feet again. The large Allosaurus fell on its feet, acting swiftly to catch Owen in its mouth. Owen had to prepare to jump to the other tree. He jumped.

The large Allosaurus jumped up, but Owen reached the tree just in time, and the large Allosaurus missed again. Owen then proceeded to go further into the branches and leaves of the tree. The large Allosaurus bellowed. The small juvenile Allosaurus went to the side of the other tree Owen just jumped to and raised itself, standing on its toes and trying to get to Owen with its mouth. Owen backed away from the juvenile Allosaurus's mouth, as the large adult Allosaurus tried to bite Owen, which Owen also backed away from as well. It was the two Allosaurus attempting to get Owen in a tree, as they shoved their snouts into the branches and leaves. Owen backed away into some covering leaves, out of the two Allosaurus's sights. Owen, trying to think of something, sat down on some more branches. Suddenly, Owen heard a crack under him. The branches were snapping at Owen's weight. Owen tried to get up and jump to other branches, but before he could do that, the branches broke, and Owen fell to the floor. Owen saw the two Allosaurus with their snouts in the tree, thinking that he was still in the tree. Owen got up and tried to make a run for it. However, the muddy floor due to the heavy rain gave away Owen's footsteps. The two Allosaurus, hearing Owen's unintended loud footsteps, removed their snouts from the tree and looked off into the distance. A lightning flash occurred, alongside a thunder rumble. It revealed Owen running away as fast as he can. Noticing the man for a snack, the large Allosaurus roared and went after Owen, with the small juvenile one following.

Owen was running, leaving behind lout damp footsteps due to the mud echoing his footsteps. Owen was at least making the two sibling Allosaurus move away from the mercenary camp by him being chased by the two, he wondered, but he also risked his life for this. Owen could hear the two Allosaurus behind him. Another lightning flash occurred, this time with a thunderclap. The lightning flash revealed some kind of grey wall. It was a dead end. Owen stopped at the dead end, which was the bottom of a tall cliff. Owen then heard some roars, and then growls. He turned around, only to see the large adult Allosaurus snarling at him and the small juvenile Allosaurus watching. Owen backed all the way until his back touched the dead end. The large Allosaurus came closer to him, glaring its teeth with saliva drooling, hungry to eat Owen. Suddenly, a screech was heard. The large Allosaurus closed its mouth, looked behind it, and saw a small bird-like dinosaur in the air lunging at the large Allosaurus, that had its silhouette revealed by another lightning flash which came along a thunderclap. The figure then landed on the large Allosaurus's back, scratching it which sent the large Allosaurus to roar in pain and try to bite whatever is scratching it. Owen watched in confusion, but the figure was grabbed by the Allosaurus by the mouth and thrown towards Owen, in which the figure instantly got up and bellowed at the large Allosaurus, which in turn roared at the figure. Owen saw a blue stripe across the animal, instantly recognizing the animal.

  • Owen Grady: Blue?!

The animal looked at Owen, and purred at him. Blue the Velociraptor. She merely saved Owen's life. The large Allosaurus roared at Blue for a fight, and Blue turned around, and roared defensively at the large Allosaurus. She made a threatening stance should the large Allosaurus come anywhere near Owen. The large Allosaurus snarled at the Velociraptor, while the small Allosaurus growled. The large Allosaurus, determined to get to Owen, lunged at the man and raptor, and Blue lunged at the large Allosaurus to defend Owen. Owen stepped back to the rock wall, witnessing the spectacle before him. Blue latched on the back of the large Allosaurus, whereas the large Allosaurus roared, trying to grab Blue in its mouth as the rain fell, a lightning flash and a thunder rumble occurred. The juvenile Allosaurus grumbled as well, seeing its sibling being attacked by Blue. It went after the Velociraptor, assisting its larger sibling. Owen watched, seeing an opportunity to get away by running to the left, but the juvenile Allosaurus went back and indirectly blocked him by shoving its leg in the way, as it lunged forward to join the battle to get Blue off of the large Allosaurus. Owen backed away, uncertain if he was going to make it out alongside Blue. Owen was very concerned if the mercenaries are hearing anything that the Allosaurus pair and Blue are making. They might come onto the scene at any given moment, with tranq guns and nets to take down the battling dinosaurs in front of Owen. There was nothing he could do but pray the mercenaries do not come at all.

Blue jumped on the head of the large Allosaurus, and the small Allosaurus tried to grab Blue with its mouth to get it off. The large Allosaurus shook its head to get the raptor off. Blue then jumped onto the back of the large Allosaurus, where the large Allosaurus suddenly turned its head around and tried to bite her off of her back. The small Allosaurus helped by lunging itself onto the back of its older sibling to bite Blue as well, only for Blue to hop onto the head of the small Allosaurus and slash it. The large Allosaurus directly went for Blue on the small Allosaurus's head, using its arms to push Blue off. Blue jumped to the ground and ran around the two Allosaurus to temporarily dodge them. Owen thought he could help Blue by shooting the Allosaurus, but he couldn't, since he would alert the mercenaries even more due to how loud the gunshot would be. The two Allosaurus chased Blue around the circle where they were fighting, trying to get to her. Blue jumped on one of the trees, climbed up out of sight. The Allosaurus pair looked up, tried to find her. Owen saw this as an opportunity and tried to get away, but to no avail, the large Allosaurus saw him after turning around to focus on Owen. As the large Allosaurus dashed towards Owen, Blue jumped on the side of the large Allosaurus's face to prevent the large Allosaurus from getting to Owen. The small Allosaurus tried to get to Blue as well to get her off the large Allosaurus. Owen ran off.

Rain fell as Owen ran for his life. He was making loud splashes of mud, with a couple of lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. Owen could hear the footsteps of the Allosaurus behind him, chasing him throughtout the jungle. As Owen ran, he then ran into this area where there was a small waterfall with some ground close below. There was a tree off into the distant, which had a winch around it, which led to a car. Owen looked at the car, curious but hurried as he heard distant but fast footsteps of the Allosaurus coming. Owen quickly dashed towards the car, opened the door, but found a human skeleton, with a lightning flash and thunderclap. Owen was spooked for a moment and closed that door, so he went to the other side of the car. Owen hid there, trying to hide from the oncoming animals. He barely saw the coloration of the car, as it was covered in dense vines and plant material, although he could tell the coloration was a white tone that looks like it has been rusted over the many years Isla Nublar was abandoned. Owen noticed a circle, with a T. rex skeleton in the middle. It said "Jurassic Park". As Owen moved towards the front just to take a peek at the oncoming Allosaurus, Owen noticed something, of a red coloration leaving two numbers. Owen pulled some of the vines, and it said "12". Owen looked at the brown covers surrounding the windshields Owen looked at the shape of the vehicle. It wasn't a car; it was a jeep. Then Owen heard a roar. He instantly ducked back behind the jeep. He heard footsteps with a loud splash of mud, as well as a lightning flash with a thunder rumble. Owen dared not to look to avoid being seen by the two Allosaurus. He heard snarling, growling, and sniffing, just like it was when they were trying to found Owen back in that forest. Owen can tell they were hunting for him. Owen then hopes Blue comes onto the scene to deal with the two. The large Allosaurus raised its head above the car, inspecting for any signs of Owen, as it tried to sniff him out amongst the rain that fell. The small Allosaurus went to the front of the car. Owen is cornered, and he knew he had to dash as soon as possible, as him being spotted by the Allosaurus soon are inevitable. The small Allosaurus then looked at the window and spotted the skeleton in the car. It looked interested in the carcass and even went to the driver's door. Seeing an opportunity, Owen dashed to the hill. The large Allosaurus noticed him and roared. Owen made his way down the hill and small waterfall as the large Allosaurus sprinting towards him, with the small Allosaurus just noticing the sudden ruckus and joining the large Allosaurus as well.

Owen made it to the bottom, barely getting away. He saw the tree with the winch as a get-away but the Allosaurus pair are closing on Owen as he just got around the tree, hiding behind it. The Allosaurus stalked towards him, but then a lightning flash and thunder rumble occurred, which partly revealed Blue jumping high in midair to land on the large Allosaurus's head. The two Allosaurus and Blue fought once again. Owen, hiding behind the tree, tried his best to rapidly come up with an idea. Owen could hear the fight, growling, hissing, snarling, roaring, biting, and scratching of the animals fighting. Owen then thought up of an idea. He turned around and looked at the car from behind the tree, as the Allosaurus duo and Blue fought, and figured that he can attract the Allosaurus by making noise. But he had to get Blue out of there, though. Owen whistled to get Blue's attention, pointed his finger to the brush, clicked his fingers, and whistled again. Blue went into the brush in the direction Owen pointed his finger, with the two Allosaurus following Blue. Owen then ran for it, directly running to the jeep. As he climbed up the small waterfall, Owen opened the driver door, thus seeing the skeleton remains again, and tried to honk the driver wheel. It didn't work, because the jeep was so old. Owen then had another idea; attempt to push the jeep over the waterfall and let it crash into the tree it was winched into. He heard Blue's roar, as well as the large Allosaurus's howl. Owen knew he had to act fast. He went to the back of the jeep and tried to push it over, but it wouldn't move. Owen looked down and saw a log blocking one of the wheels. Owen got down to remove the log to make the vehicle move and crash in the tree. The log was stuck, as the mud glued it and Owen tried to pull it as hard as he can. A lightning flash and thunder clap occurred. Owen could hear footsteps. Owen looked in front of him, and not far from him, next to the tree was the small Allosaurus, staring menacingly at Owen. It roared, charging for Owen. Owen dodged just in time, as the leg of the small Allosaurus crushed the log. Owen stared at the small Allosaurus, hungry. Blue jumped on the small Allosaurus's head, with the large Allosaurus charging in. Owen, seeing an opportunity and taking the chance, pushed the jeep without the now-crushed log interfering, and the jeep rolled its wheels down the small waterfall, gaining speed. It dashed towards the tree, crashing and making a loud noise that caught the two Allosaurus's attention. Owen immediately got into a nearby bush, and clicked his fingers to get Blue's attention. The large Allosaurus stared at the source of the noise, and jogged to the jeep, with the small Allosaurus following. Blue went into the bush Owen was in, hiding from the Allosaurus duo as they were diverted. Owen clicked his fingers to Blue, telling her to follow them. The two crept away, as the two Allosaurus sniffed the car for any sign of Owen or Blue. The large Allosaurus, not seeing Blue in which they just fought, roared with a lightning flash and thunder clap occurring.

The rain has somewhat lightened now, and the lightning and thunder rumbles have calmed, as Owen and Blue traveled far from the location of the two Allosaurus and got closer to where the mercenary camp was. Blue purred softly as Owen looked at her longingly, at her blue stripe and scars from the battle. Blue sniffed Owen, sensing something she didn't like. She snarled and hopped back a few feet away in distaste. Owen stood still, understanding what Blue disliked about Owen's clothes; the scent of mercenaries Blue did not recognize.

Owen Grady: Hey girl. It's alright.

Owen speaked smoothly and calmly, trying not to startle Blue. Blue quietly hissed, confused between Owen and the mercenaries' scent. Owen remained calm, keeping his movement still to keep up brave appearances. Blue softly growled in nervousness. Owen lifted his arm to pet Blue's muzzle to calm her. Blue hesitated by snarling because she was suspicious of Owen.

  • Owen Grady: You know me, Blue.

Blue slowly closed her lips, removing any sight of her teeth. She purred and quietly made clicking sounds. Her snout neared Owen's hand, sniffing it as she reluctantly accepted his hand to touch her muzzle. Owen's hand made contact with her muzzle, as she became progressively serene. She rubbed her head as she closed her eyes, trusting Owen more with each second. Blue made soft purrs, as she now trusts Owen despite his clothes smelling like mercenaries she did not know. Blue opened her eyes, looked at Owen with her slit pupil eye, and made more soft purrs.

Owen Grady: Hey, girl. There are capturers coming for you. You need to go to somewhere else on the island to be safe.

Blue, somewhat understanding Owen, had memories of her being tied down to that table when Owen and Aiden freed her. She made soft clicking noises in response to Owen's words. Owen slowly turned his head to the right, signaling Blue to leave. Blue understood and chirped in response. She walked away, turning her head back to chirp at Owen as a way of saying goodbye. She then dashed off into the raining jungles of the night, making silent footsteps as they grew fainter. Owen watched his raptor leave, making no comment. He then turned around to head for the mercenary camp. When he arrived, everyone was still asleep as if they heard nothing. Owen quietly moved from the trail of the two Allosaurus passing by all the way to his vehicle. He slowly opened the door, trying to not make sound, and then closed it. He moved slowly to his bed. He then checked the time, and it was past midnight. He lied on his bed, remembering that he experienced a dangerous life and death situation but it paid off for him because he did help in Claire's mission to get Blue and whatever animal near the mercenaries away from them. He closed his eyes, as the rain continued on alongside lightning flashes and thunder rumbles occurring.

[The next morning]

Dim, soft light was occurring. The pilot had his eyes closed, in repose. Some birds chirped in the distance, setting a calm mood. Then he heard giggling. And some plants being crunched. He slowly woke up his eyes, suddenly opening wide in complete shock. He could not believe what his eyes were seeing. He saw Maisie giggling while holding a large branch with leaves on it.



  • Owen Grady
  • Claire Dearing
  • Barry Sembène
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Franklin Webb
  • Zia Rodriguez
  • Aiden Moore
  • Eli Mills
  • Gunnar Eversol
  • Iris Carroll
  • Benjamin Lockwood
  • Cabot Finch
  • Ken Wheatley
  • Joe Bann
  • Declan Juet
  • Jett Moretti
  • James Carden
  • Nathan Calloway


  • Maisie Lockwood
  • Construction Workers (New characters)
    • Main Street Construction Workers
      • Innovation Center Construction Workers
      • Vince Lowell
    • Monorail Construction Workers
    • Attraction Construction Workers
    • Dinosaur Wranglers
  • Protesters
    • DPG Workers
  • Jurassic World Restoration Society Workers
  • Newsmen
    • News reporters


  • Allosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Gallimimus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Pteranodon
  • Stegosaurus
  • Stygimoloch
  • Triceratops
  • Velociraptor
  • Concavenator (as a statue diorama)
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (mentioned)

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