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Jurrassic park:isla tyranno This is from the point of View of epi,a epidrendrosarurus.

I live in the trees of lake kantasatka,feasting on bugs and avoiding the evil.The evil are beings,like us,but they eat flesh of beings.I am neutral though,because I eat bugs,they are not plants or flesh.But the evil still try to eat me.The plant eaters,they attack me if they are scared.They are bigger than me though,even the smallest one are bigger than me.One of the times an evil attacked me,it did‘ent go well.I was injured.2 days later

I woke up somewhare wired.They weird beings called me ”epi” and kept me in a box.they fed me gave me shelter,and played and let me outside,and

I don’t know what play means,but it’s good.

One time they told me to leave and be free.

I did but it was close to my end.

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